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Vickie lives at a peaceful country property at Guanaba - Queensland - Australia with her dog Cody. She is deeply devoted to her ascension process along with her love of Gaia and is available for spiritual empowerment one on one sessions..

Vickie is a former Multi Award Winning Photographer and Artist whose quest for her own healing and support for the return to sound mental health after a breakdown 25 years ago sent her on a mission for higher knowledge and spiritual understanding.

“After the breakdown my thoughts were racing and my counselor suggested that I take up meditation to help slow my mind down.”

“One day whist meditating I was given a glimpse of an awesome omnipresent inner intelligence. My experience of this energy was love, not a feeling of love, I actually became love. From then on I understood that once we give our ego’s the slip we get to experience our true essence. It was profound, beautiful and enlightening – A glimpse of self realization –“I was never the same again.”

After her initial experience her quest for spiritual enlightenment began, which has led her to expand her knowledge whilst incorporating many healing modalities, implementing Re-Birthing, gestalt therapy, meditation and channeling. Most of her healing has derived through her dream work. Her personal growth regime has extended well over 25 years.

“My deepest and most profound healing has come from exploring my dreams, this is the psyche in direct communication...Our dreams speak to us, guide us, and help us, they are an integral part of our healing process. Our nightmares especially are the psyche’s way of getting our attention. Never dismiss your dreams or nightmares.

“Through my journey I have come to know that each and every one of us is unique and gifted. Our contribution is crucial to the divine plan of humanity, especially now as we release our dogmatic beliefs and begin to communicate with source through our own channels and not through intermediaries as we were led to believe.”

We are all being challenged at this time to heal and to step out and be who we really are. In essence we are pure genius and pure potential, however for most of us discovering our genius and potential is achieved through the process of healing past emotional trauma and hurt.

If you have discovered this information in search for healing, wholeness, knowledge and understanding – you are about to embark on your own spiritual journey and tap into your unique personal genius that is encoded within you, awaiting expression....How Awesome and Exciting...!!!

Congratulations - Get ready for the ride of your life...!!!


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Spiritual Healing from Depression, Anxiety, Panic & PTSD.
Price: $11.99 USD. Words: 11,080. Language: English. Published: September 13, 2012. Category: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Mental health
Spiritual Healing from Depression, Anxiety, Panic & PTSD is a powerful Quantum Leap Healing Guide on the leading edge of human soul evolvement. Spiritual wisdom contains alchemy - higher consciousness that is easily assimilated by the mind because in truth we are higher consciousness.Spiritual truth is powerful, resonating with the deeper intelligence of our being causing the end of all suffering.

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