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  • Demon Scorned on Nov. 25, 2011

    Well..I must say I'm a slow reader and I still read the book. I have the bad habit of reading several books at once. My review is not going to be very long. From what I've read I can say that this book is amazing. I was left speechless. In the beginning I was feeling strange about the book. For a fist time I'm reading about demons. Originally I decided to read the book only because I liked the Ebook Description, the cover and the names of the main character. Now i see that I really didn't made a mistake and this is a great book. I've never would have imagined that the demons would also have some classification as the angels. Dante is Demon of Justice and Bianca, Demon of Scorn. I've learned why Dante killed Bianka's brother and I really support him. If I was at his place I would do the same. I mean...come on. His sister is Demon of Virtue and Bianka's brother violated her and then she took her own life. It was normal of Dante to take revenge and kill Jacob, but I don't get why Bianka can't believe that Dante had a reason. It's a good think that Dante freed himself and in return captured Bianka. Maybe he will show her that what he did was just. He is Demon of Justice after all. .. And this is pretty much where I am with the book. More detailed review when I finish the book. This is a recommended read by me. The author's writing style is amazing and the created story...mesmerizing.
  • The Mating (The original Law of the Lycans story) on Nov. 25, 2011

    When I first downloaded this book...from here I was thinking. "This will going to be a book to pass free time. Nothing interesting. " But now after I've read it I must say this this book was amazing. Very interesting and surely I would love to read and re-read it many times. So several character caught my attention. First was Kane. The new Alpha who claimed his mate - Elise, daughter of another Alpha. Elise - a fine young woman with spirited heart. She is my favorite woman among the females. Later the author introduced us Marla. From the first moment when she showed her attitude toward Elise I knew that she must have something for Kane or she wouldn't be acting as a; sorry for the language but I can' say it any other way; bitch. She always gave Elise a hard time and tried everything to make Kane dump Elise and goes to her. I really hated Marla. But then when Kane asked Elise to try and befriend her...something was off. Rose appeared. Well she appeared early in the book. I liked her. A very nice matter she was an Omega. What happened in the end I didn't expect. Marla and Rose working together to kill Elise? I didn't expect to see Rose into this..she was so nice..and when she died falling onto the ravine? Well I was sad. I was pleased to learn that Kane's brother was innocent after all. I was disappointed only for one thing. I really expected Elise to conceive, get pregnant from Kane. The world Nicky Charles created is amazing. And if I loved shape-shifters and werewolves I adore the, will love them forever. And this is thanks to the amazing world Nicky Charles created.
  • Her Dark Angel (Her Angel Romance Series) on Jan. 07, 2012

    I read this book and I was amazed. Short but full of strong emotions. I love the idea about and angel serving to a human. This is a great book.