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Vivian was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Vivian attended Agnes Scott College, at which time she studied Creative Writing. She now lives in New Orleans with her sweet dog Gracie and a boatload of her friends.

Vivian has been an autodidact from a young age, and to this day she'll read anything she can get her hands on - back of the cereal box, billboards, whatever. When she's not reading or writing romantic stories, Vivian likes making drinks from her Trader Vic's cocktail recipe book, snuggling her badly behaved dog, and going on daytime adventures in and around New Orleans.

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Smashwords book reviews by Vivian Wood

  • Ain't Settling: A BBW Romance on July 29, 2013

    Short, steamy, and sweet! Veronica Hardy's Ain't Settling is set in on a lushly detailed working ranch out west, a place where 'real' cowboys roam. The scenery is a gorgeous backdrop for the brief, pulse-racing story of smart city-girl Holly and Jensen, a mysterious hottie that runs the ranch. Ain't Settling may be a short story, but it packs a big punch. The characters are complex and captivating. The sex is hot and satisfying. Ms. Hardy outlines the beginning of a little mystery, which I assume will be developed as the series continues. This makes for a some great erotica because the author managed to pull me into Holly's story and make me care about her life and opinions; this made Holly's attraction to Jensen more sexy and fun to read. I couldn't stop turning the pages, and when I finished the story all I wanted to do was read more. I will absolutely follow this series to see what's in store for Holly and Jensen.
  • Hang On: Book 2, Ain't Settlin' Series on Sep. 15, 2013

    Hang On, Book 2 of Veronica Hardy's "Ain't Settling" series, is simply a great short read. Hardy continues the story of voluptuous Holly and her sexy cowboy-cum-love interest Jensen. Jensen is the real deal; tall, toned, tan, and with the boots and reserved attitude that trademark a cowboy. Holly is sweet and thoughtful, if a bit insecure around hunky Jensen. This second installment shows us a little more about the two main characters, and lays a trail of breadcrumbs… nothing is spelled out, but I saw hints of what might happen in the next couple of books. As the characters grow, so too does the tension between them; their passion comes to life in these pages. The sexy scenes are steamy and compelling. The plot pulled me along, and I was surprised to realize I'd sat and read the whole thing straight through without realizing it! The story ends on something of a cliffhanger, so I can't wait to get my hands on the next book. All in all, another excellent piece of erotica from Veronica Hardy.
  • Maxed Out on July 06, 2014

    This fun, sexy story is about naughty sometimes-dominatrix Tabitha and handsome CEO Max, an unwitting match made in heaven. Tabitha works at Max's company, and she's working as a dominatrix cam girl just to make ends meet. Max calls her into his office with a proposition that no girl would ever turn down, and it turns steamy from there. Plus, there's a romantic ending! It's a spicy, a little sweet, and definitely a great read. The writing is good, and the book is very well edited. Five out of five!