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Smashwords book reviews by vmccarty

  • Voidhawk - Redemption on July 03, 2011

    Voidhawk 3 – Redemption by Jason Halstead is a steal for the price. This entertaining novella is for all of us who at the end of Voidhawk 2 – The Elder Race said “What the...? Rosh?!” and have been simmering in suspense for the next installment of the Voidhawk series. This book follows Rosh's adventures after he leaves the 'Hawk and while he has left them he can't forget them. As he wanders and works his way through life, seemingly to escape his past emotional entanglements, Rosh learns some life lessons, understanding, responsibility, and earns absolution and redemption. Rosh has grown as an individual, approaches life with his own code, and is “Rosh” through and through. So, Mr. Halstead, when's the next installment of your great Voidhawk series?