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Autumn (also known as Weifarer) is a travel and fiction writer currently based in Maine (though she wants to travel the world) where she lives in a small cottage lost in the woods, which she built with her husband. When not writing, house building, or traveling, she likes to take long hikes with her spouse and fiesty Cairn Terriers. Her work is featured on the adventure travel website No Map Nomads where she is the co-editor and writer. She is also a member of Guild of Dreams, which features her blog posts as well as those of eleven other fantasy writers. She is an indie author with four books currently available: the epic fantasy trilogy on elemental magic the Rise of the Fifth Order – Born of Water , Rule of Fire, and Spirit of Life, plus a book on the background to the world – Born of Water’s Novel Companion, and the adventure travel compilation Danger Peligros!. She has plans for many more novels. Check out blog and her Facebook page for updates or here for news on her current WIP!

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bucknell University in Studio Arts and English, Autumn once considered a career in illustration. After a few years of selling paintings while working as the manager of a gallery and custom framing store, a party and fine gifts store in Virginia, working retail at a gourmet kitchen store, being the head embroider at college clothing store, and finally waitressing for a year (hey it is hard out there as a fine artist… and a writer!), she decided to head back to University. After two years of intense science courses, this career path change led to a Master of Science degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from the University of Maine in Orono. Since graduating with her M.S., Autumn has worked for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. This is a great job that not only lets her help the environment and protect local agriculture, but also gives her a paycheck big enough to support her writing habit!

A wanderer at heart, Autumn’s desire to travel has led her to France while still in high school, a year abroad in Manchester, UK which led to excursions in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and around many parts of England, and more recent trips with family to Mexico (both the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico sides), US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Costa Rica, Saba, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, and four Canadian provinces (on motorbike!). She has plans for many further adventures both real and fictional.

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Born of Water
Series: The Rise of the Fifth Order, Book 1. Price: Free! Words: 112,800. Language: English. Published: August 27, 2012. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
In the buried archives of the Temple of Dust may lie the secret to defeating the Curse, a creature which seeks to destroy 16 year old Ria for the forbidden gifts she possesses. But it is from among the ranks of those who control the Curse where Ria will find her best chance of success. Only the Priestess Niri can save Ria from the forces that hunt her, if Niri doesn’t betray the girl first.

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  • Timeshaft on June 23, 2013

    Timeshaft is a great story with lots of action and drama. Stewart does a great job of tying up the complicated ends that time travel creates from the opening event to revealing the mystery of Ashday’s Child. The story is entertaining and fast paced, weaving through the past and present of a scifi version of our world, making you wonder where the destiny of the human race will lead. I think we already need WorldSave to ensure the future remains bright! I think the only failings is that I would have loved to have seen the dialogue snap a little more to match the intriguing situations. You just know these characters have a smart comeback, but they tend to stick to the facts. And I have to admit, I kept wondering how people from so many different times had no problem talking to each other. Perhaps I missed a simple explanation that a society able to travel through time can also unravel languages by being too caught up in where the story would take me next. Timeshaft is a fun read without being too long or too heavy into scientific explanations. All the loose ends are wrapped up (with just a hint of what else could be out there to wonder about a sequel), giving you a sense of happy accomplishment when you reach the last page.
  • Bladesong on Oct. 18, 2013

    Bladesong is book 2 of the Troubadour series, of which book 1, Song at Dawn with its mix of historical romance, intrigue, and adventure completely captured my heart and imagination. Dragonetz and Estela were characters I could not forget. Overtime, my appreciation for Song at Dawn actually deepened as I remembered the brilliant characters and settings that author Jean Gill had so masterfully created from the fabric of history. So of course, I was very excited to pick up book 2! Bladesong begins soon after the end of Song at Dawn. Dragonetz has begun his journey to the Holy Land, returning a sacred Torah in an effort to restore his wealth and reputation. But Dragonetz has already been ensnared by politics and factions seeking the book. In fact, the story begins with Dragonetz caught in a trap I felt had no solution. Estela also is facing repercussions from her love of Dragonetz and the feisty though slightly naive woman who graced Song at Dawn is absent in the first few chapters. I really was worried about there Ms. Gill was taking book 2. BUT, the plot quickly unfolds with many twists. The trouble plaguing Dragonetz that I was certain was unescapable twines through the book until the final resolution in the last chapter. Estela emerges again with her hopes and wits, naive enough to be a pawn but true enough to herself and love to find her way forward, perhaps not unscathed which only deepens her. The ending is everything the romantic in me wanted yet leaves me longing for a final resolution hopefully coming in book 3? I found this book more solid in following the main plot of the sacred book, Dragonetz, and Estela compared to book 1, which had a few subplots revolving around secondary characters, such as some political maneuvering that only vaguely touched on Dragonetz and Estela. The plot is trim and engrossing. Ms. Gil's writing is beautiful, crafting a historic setting with enough detail to give you a feel for the time without overwhelming the characters. Could my only complaint be Dragonetz is just a little too well known and wanted? But that fits a knight troubadour and though his fame is great, his character is human with fitting flaws. This is an excellent book with a great story. If you love historical romance and adventure, you must pick up this series!