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  • Clockwork Twist : Waking on June 05, 2013

    "Only the broken heart of Clockwork Royalty can mend Twist, a man seemingly able to repair anything except himself" Read if you: Love a protagonist as tightly wound and complicated as the pocketwatch he bares Relish characters that are so colorful intricate they render persian antiques speechless Enjoy swashbuckling adventures, both above the clouds and below the sea Wonder sometimes if it would better to see the future or know the truth Avoid if you: Prefer dark alleys and malicious intrigue to carnivals in the sky and boilers with anger issues [seriously] Have an allergic reaction at the thought of djinn, pirates, ninjas and a kitsune running amok in the same book Believe steampunk demands complete and mindless obedience to victorian language and etiquette Spontaneously combust to any hint of sexuality other than vanilla hetero The Screws that bind: Pastiche of Arabian nights, Japanese folklore and piratical lore Supernaturals + Automatons Gentle humour, Soft sorrow Equal balance between Victorian and Colonial narrative impulses. Aftertaste: Sunlight, wonder and seabreeze (Also, cinnamon: no idea why) Lines to Adore: "There was something beautiful about the way the leaves of the single, huge tree in the center of the garden fluttered in the sunlight. The thin atmosphere made the colors seem brighter, sharper and deeper even with the occasional waft of mist that wandered through the open spaces. For a moment, Twist could perfectly understand why the princess and her family had wanted to build this palace in the first place" Author: Emily Thompson, female, artist. Personal Bias: Like Dark Victorian: Risen, Waking was a gust of fresh sea air in what can sometimes be a genre hamstrung by its own conventions. More than anything, true steampunk embodies the spirit of adventure: Exploration, innovation and Byronic idealism fueled by quasi science. It's Kipling and Keats on a crack binge. Clockwork Twist: Waking for me delightfully remained true to that spirit.