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  • Succubus Unleashed, An Urban Fantasy (Telepathic Clans #2) on Oct. 09, 2012

    Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! BR Kingsolver's second book is everything I would have hoped from reading the first book in the series, The Succubus Gift. 1. This author is no one hit wonder--this book, too, has action, suspense, and fantasy. As in sexual fantasy, urban fantasy, and "Hey, I wish I were that rich" fantasy. Succubus Unleashed is a well thought out sequel. The plot is strong, and our favorite characters come along for the ride on a European vacation. Brenna goes to meet her extended family and spend a bit of her enormous inheritance. It picks up shortly after Book One, continuing the conflict of the Telepathic Clans while introducing new conflicts sure to be picked up in Book Three (not yet released). So far everything by BR Kingsolver is well-edited, nicely paced, and one of a kind. And of course there are more hot outfits, sexy scenes, and bad-a$$ fighting. 2. The main character Brenna embraces her role as not only a proudly sexual female leader, but also a priestess of an ancient Goddess. Kingsolver draws from Irish mythology and history to create a mythos surrounding the Succubus. The Succubus today are descended from ancient priestesses who used sex as a way to raise energy for worship of the great creator Goddess. This builds off of the themes of female sexuality, freedom and power begun in Book One. There is archeological evidence to suggest that a goddess culture existed in many parts of the world before organized religion developed. It's my personal belief that if society gave more acknowledgement to female divine power, sexual women wouldn't get all the crap that they currently do. Generally in modern America, there is a whole boatload of issues surrounding activity that is, well, pretty natural. I think this aspect of the book is ridiculously cool-- but then I am a sex-positive, Goddess loving pagan and proud heathen. Call me unusual but this is my kind of book! 3. Travel to Ireland, and Paris As I mentioned in my recent review of Everything to Lose---I adore books set in Europe. I mean who wouldn't want to not only be a powerful succubus heiress, but be jet-setting around the world?? Brenna also has a certain curiosity about the lives of cortesians. Now that she has embraced her sexuality, why not give getting paid a try? And why not in Europe? This subplot of the book would probably appeal to fans of Secret Diary of a Call Girl as it is quite glamorous. 4. Brenna's family sure is complicated. As so many new relatives are introduced, I can't say I remember everyone's name. I trust BR Kingsolver to remind me when I need to know in the next book. She did a good job of summarizing events from the previous book when needed, without going overboard. Brenna doesn't expect this but many members of her family are ready to hand her a heavy responsibility. Most of her Clan already sees her as a leader except there are some who won't make it easy for Brenna to take charge. These enemies make a stink in Succubus Unleashed, and will be sure to appear in the next book. 5. Crazy fighting. This is one scene that will strike fear in the heart of any man! I'm serious. Wow, BR's fight scenes are never boring. Brenna and her crew have take it to the next level. When a Succubus fights it is deadly, cunning and relentless. I really wouldn't mess with these women...they have a tough bark, better take a hint and avoid the killer bite. Please check out my other reviews if you like this one!
  • Everything to Lose on Oct. 09, 2012

    Plain ol' romance is a genre that I rarely read. Normally I either get my romance mixed with something else, or go straight for the erotica shelf when feeling frisky. But I enjoyed Natalie G. Owen's first book, Something to Live For, so I read her second, Everything to Lose. And it's a novella! 1. This book has mystery elements but not paranormal. Dane Marsh is a mysterious man. Apart from his travel-heavy career, this was the big things that caused his marriage to fail. The "strong but silent" deal got stale. Before she will fully commit to restarting a relationship with Dane, Lisbeth needs to know more about his past. And if he doesn't open up on his own, well then she will trick him into it. I like mystery and romance fine but they aren't the genres I get really revved up about. I preferred the magic in the first book, but that's just my taste. 2. Relationships should be based on honesty, but what if you have to lie to get the truth? It's an interesting concept. Lisbeth convinces Dane to accompany her on a 'work trip' that has nothing to do with her job. It is a handy excuse to get a grasp on his past. He doesn't really seem to mind in the end, but it's an unusual tactic. I suppose it is better than just giving up on the marriage as long as lying doesn't become habitual. 3. An alpha male reigns in the end, but Lisbeth is a strong lady. Going back to the whole lying-to-her-ex scene, Lisbeth has some gumption. Her husband is a career climber with a definite stubborn streak. He does only what he wants. She manages to maneuver him into a situation to get the information she needs to commit to him. Really, buying someone a ticket to Italy and giving them more attention then they thought they would get...not such a bad lie. The Italy trick is a clever device and I think it shows Lisbeth can stand up to her husband even if he is an alpha in the bedroom. 4. Alphas are a personal choice that every woman must decide for herself. Alpha males are not my personal bag, so it rates a little lower for me. I think I enjoyed the dynamic more in Something to Live For because the heroine was blind and the hero hurting. 5. Natalie G Owens always writes in awesome locations. Her first book was set in Malta. This one, Everything to Lose, begins in England and then jets off to Italy. Italy, a place I love.