Zada Leon


Zada Leon was born and raised in San Diego, California. Her family moved inland to El Cajon when Zada was 7, where Zada grew up and graduated from High School. Her favorite subjects in school were history, english, and creative writing, which she excelled in. She has always enjoyed writing and is, of course, also an avid reader.

Zada is the daughter of a female San Francisco police officer who later went on to become a private investigator. While Zada was still of elementary age, her mother joined the Worldwide Church of God, sometimes referred to as a cult. Zada was a family member, in this still controversial organization, until her early twenties, when she rebelled and left the organization.

Both during college, and her marriage, Zada lived and traveled extensively to England, Scotland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Mexico and Tunisia and about half a dozen states in the United States. In fact, her first year of college was spent in England, which she loved.

She now lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where she is raising her daughter, who is in college studying criminal justice and psychology. Her daughter’s father was a Federal Law Enforcement officer, giving Zada yet more insight into the world of law enforcement.

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