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Laydin Michaels is a native Houstonian with deep Louisiana roots. She finds joy and happiness in the loving arms of her wife, MJ. Her life is also enriched by her son, CJ, and her four fur children. Her love of the written word started very early. She has been a voracious reader all her life. Forsaken is her first novel.
Latest book: Forsaken

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eileen Sheehan
Eileen Sheehan lives in upstate New York where she enjoys the beauty of the Southern Tier mountains. When she's not unleashing her imagination at a computer keyboard, she can be found assisting her clients in her holistic business where she is known as Lena Sheehan; a.k.a. Psychic Lena. Although she strives to create a well rounded story for her readers, don't look for an abundance of horror in her work. An incurable romantic, she prefers to make love, not gore.
Latest book: The Vampire, The Handler, and Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John O'Riley
John O'Riley has been writing as far back as he can remember. He is an award winning fiction writer and the author of the Grumpy Old Wizards series, The Winters Family Psi Chronicles series, and the Wizards of Seattle series. His movie feature screenplay, Cursed, is an Honorable Mention Winner for the 2012 Screenplay Festival. His most recent accomplishments include the screenplays New Earth, Pinky Swear, and Mutant Wizards in the 2014 Filmmakers International Screenplay Awards which made it to Quarter-Finalist status. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and French and worked in and managed a variety of bookstores including Borders. He currently resides in Washington state and has a parakeet companion nam ... read more
Latest book: Invasion

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Isabel No
Isabel No (1971), nació y estudió en el continente Americano. Es Licenciada en Ciencias Políticas y Administrativas, especializada en Relaciones Internacionales y en procesos de gobierno, y correctora profesional de textos en idioma Castellano. Ávida lectora, es también escritora —bajo el pseudónimo Elizabeth Norlam—de novelas policíacas ambientadas en Galicia, en el noroeste de España, lugar donde vive en la actualidad.
Latest book: Enfrentados

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dee Woolridge
Dee Woolridge is the founder of The Heart Centered Institute, LLC where teaching is focused on new thought, personal growth, and transformation. A natural intuitive and people person, she has spent over 28 years in public service to her country and community as a Navy public affairs officer, both active duty and Reserve. Her private sector practice as a hypnotherapist, spiritual counselor, life coach, and energy healer originated over 25 years ago with the premature birth of her daughter diagnosed with autism. She studied meditation, energy therapy, spirituality, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, nutrition and other modalities to aid in the healing process of her family. Her work with Spirit Guides has been instrum ... read more
Latest book: Spirit Guide Connection 101 - Basics and Exercises for Beginners

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M.L. Flores
I am a 45 year old mother of three and grandmother of two. I am happily married and have recently moved to a beautiful homestead. I spend my time writing and homestead making which I am loving.
Latest book: Into the Mystic

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dr Victor Ferrao
Dr Victor Ferrao is the priest of Archdiocese of Goa and is teaching Philosophy at Rachol Seminary. He has doctorate in Philosophy from Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, in philosophy of science with specialization in science and religion dialogue. He has attended as well organized several conferences and seminars on Science and Religion Dialogue. He is Co-founder of Science and Religion Sangam Goa with Dr. Job Kozhamthadam S.J. He has published four books and edited a volume , Identity, Difference and with Dr. James Poniah . He has published several research papers in reputed and peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes and has been an active member of the Association of Christian Philosophers of India, He is t ... read more
Latest book: (Un) Thinking Nationalism: From India to (H)india

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amr Dabbous
Amr H. Dabbous is a prominent economist and a pioneer of technical analysis in the MENA region. Over the course of 20 years, Mr. Dabbous has managed to build a name for himself that has become synonymous with technical analysis. He is currently the Founder & CEO of Prodigy Quest Limited, managing clients' portfolios in equities, foreign exchange and the precious metals markets. Mr. Dabbous is also the author of two technical analysis books, several stock market articles and has been a regular guest at regional satellite and radio channels. His weekly analysis on "The Index" program, featured on the Sama Dubai satellite channel back in 2008, received the highest viewing among financial broadcasts as he called fo ... read more
Latest book: The 1-Day TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Expert Guide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page B.S. Gibbs
The author, B.S. Gibbs, is a mother of 2 children, an 11 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. The Peerless Seer is a first novel in the Emaleen Andarsan Series and a first novel for the author. The author's children helped provide creative ideas for the novel. As a family, we have had a lot of fun discussing what would or should happen to Emaleen and the other characters in this book. It has been the subject of many car rides on the way to various activities and to school in the mornings. We hope that our readers love this story as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Latest book: The Peerless Seer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vincent Thibault
With a dozen books published (mostly in French with traditional publishing houses in Canada), Vincent Thibault will soon stand out as one of Quebec’s most prolific writers of his generation. Humble translator, eccentric athlete, fascinated traveller, some of his fiction work has been compared to the great Haruki Murakami’s; his essay "Parkour and the Art du déplacement: Strength, Dignity, Community", tackling themes such as sports sociology, health, courage and creativity, was also one the very first books on the subject. He recently launched a new online platform called Meaning in Motion to promote the relationship between athletics and ethics, and between strength and mindfulness; the website, newsletter ... read more
Latest book: Meaning in Motion: A contemplative handbook for runners, dancers, parkour athletes, martial artists, yoga students and fitness buffs

Follow me at my  Facebook Page axeil flash

Latest book: Como Hackear al Tabaco

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Becky Parquet
Hello! I have used my experience, combined with my neverending sense of humor and positive outlook on life to create this repair manual for men frustrated that their dating experiences are turning out to be harder than expected. This subject is always a work in progress and I’m sure there are many others out there who have had similar or even more unique experiences. Please feel free to write to me on my website 'CONTACT' page at and share any experiences you’ve had. They can be frustrating, funny, downright silly or whatever! I would love to gather even more information from others to help clear up some of the confusion we have all had in the dating area-especially the online ones!
Latest book: The Leaf Children

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daniel Linden
Daniel Linden has been involved with martial arts for over 50 years. He is a 6th degree black belt in Aikido (Aikikai) and a teacher in his own school. His books On Mastering Aikido and Journey, On Mastering Ukemi are classics in the field and available from all the usual suspects. The Aikido Mystery Series with Sensei Parker is Mr. Linden's attempt to generate interest in Aikido, as the art has lost a great deal of popularity over the last couple of decades and he sees the mystery series as a chance to bring it back before the public's eye. They are also a hell of a lot of fun to write, he says. His literary novel, The Content of Character has been praised as a masterwork and depicts the life of a man sufferin ... read more
Latest book: On Mastering Aikido Today

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ray C Bradbury

Latest book: Me and GUNGA DIN

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Doris M. Lemcke
Detroit debutante/investigative journalist Iris Edwards gets more truth than she can handle when she tackles her rich and infamous grandfather’s tell-all biography. Partnering with his Ojibwa Indian doctor to find the old man’s “unforgivable sin,” they unravel an eighty year-old web of Machiavellian intrigues from an Upper Peninsula ghost town to an insane asylum and the Henry Ford Museum—to find a murderer, a hero, and a deadly secret that will rewrite history.
Latest book: Legacy of Lies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tudor Popescu
Tudor Popescu (8 septembrie 1930, Constanţa - 22 august 1999, Bucureşti), dramaturg şi prozator
Latest book: Ultima aventură

Follow me at my  Facebook Page PawCram Da Poet
Poetic expressionist, PawCram Da Poet demonstrates his words from the soul of a quiet man that speaks loudly. PawCram Da Poet speaks bold and clear. He conveys his thoughts, opinions and views of Love and Life. Sit back and take a poetic mental trip through his mind and see what he sees through the eyes. Experience the art and creativity of this masterful poet. Enjoy the journey.
Latest book: Loud Voice of a Quiet Man

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Latoya Bragg
I wanted to become a writer almost immediately after learning to read books in the first grade. Words and reading were extra special to me. I read books with a feverish fury. At the age of eight I read “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien and it was then that my passion to become a writer began to breathe. By age twelve I was reading three hundred pages a day along with writing poetry, raps and short stories. I kept a pen behind my ear and wrote on every thing. I invite you to start my journey with me. This is the beginning of my destiny.
Latest book: The Heart of Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Francis Baptiste
Francis Baptiste is a Author / Producer I mainly write fiction and sometimes sci-fi my books are usually a mix a both I love to try new things such as skydiving and other adrenaline filled things I am a huge fan of Coffee and cats I like to draw I also like movies I even plan to make my own Someday I do a lot of stupid stuff ask my friends lol If you want to contact me for some any reason whether it be for personal or business reasons feel free to write me at I usually respond back in a day or two unless it gets caught up in my spam folder
Latest book: Kamelot : Day of Awakening

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Delgado
Robert Delgado was a jolly friend, a promising football player and a staunch punk-rock fun. Nobody expected him to become a monk! However, at the age of 19, a sudden inspiration changed his life altogether - and two years later it took him into a Uruguayan forest to lead the life of a hermit. For three years he meditated and prayed in solitude, living in utter simplicity. During this period, Robert become close to a man of knowledge, who had a good number of followers in the country. Robert felt that this man could teach him. The man, however, requested Robert to join the Ramakrishna Order in the Buenos Aires Ashram where he himself had been trained. After eight years as a monk in that country, Robert finally f ... read more
Latest book: Los Rishis y el Libro de Secretos

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Angela J. Ford
Angela J. Ford is an imaginative and entertaining writer who creates stories of fanciful worlds that enable young adults to confidently believe in possibilities and overcome differences to be stronger together. Born in Ann Arbor, MI, and raised in Alabaster, AL. After high school, she moved to Nashville, TN, where she currently resides, to pursue a degree in Music Business at Belmont University. Although her career has not been largely focused on creative writing, it has been an integral part of her lifestyle. Brought up as a bookworm and musician, she began writing The Four Worlds, a fantasy action, adventure series at the age of 12. The storyline of those books was largely based off of creative games she play ... read more
Latest book: The Five Warriors

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Sahno
Michael J. Sahno began writing stories at an early age. Eventually, he was selected for Editor-in-Chief of his high school literary magazine. The quality of his work led to several honorary titles and academic awards by his senior year, which made it clear he was predestined to serve a role in literary excellence. Mr. Sahno earned his Bachelor’s from Lynchburg College and later went on to earn his Master’s in English from Binghamton University. After college, Mr. Sahno served in several management positions, including Director at a marketing research firm, Assistant Vice President at a Tampa-based mortgage company and college professor in the field of English composition. Sahno became a full-time profess ... read more
Latest book: Brothers' hand

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ada Kate Uchegbu
Ada Kate Uchegbu was born on September 30th 1980 to Mr Mike Uchegbu and Dr Ngozi Uchegbu. She is a Politician and a Writer in Nigeria. She is currently studying for a Master's degree program in Public Administration from the University of Roehampton, London.
Latest book: The Slaughtering

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ümit Uz
Yatan hastaların, el kumandası üzerindeki düğmeleri kullanarak farklı pozisyonlara getirilebildiği ve hastanın rahatça yataktan ayrılmasını sağlayan elektrikli, çok yönlü hareketli hasta yatakları imalatı tesislerimizde yapılmaktadır.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mohit Dhaka
MOHIT DHAKA, is an author, teacher and a spiritual Guru. Working in the field of spirituality, meditation, life and living. After a 20 year long career as a teacher of physics and mathematics, due to an inner calling, he turned into writer, and a spiritual mentor on modern life and living. He has done some workshop on success, health and happiness in MUMBAI, DELHI, NOIDA and MEERUT. He has already written three books and self-published online, 1. The Singularity “The Journey of Human Consciousness from Homo-Sapiens to Robo-Sapiens” This book is about the digital invasion in human life, how digital technology invaded our consciousness, and derailed human life.   2. The Science of Happiness “The ma ... read more
Latest book: A Lifetime of 7 Day's

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Miriam Beizana Vigo
Nací en mi amada A Coruña el 20 de agosto del año 1990. Afuera el tren transcurría por las vías, con toda seguridad el primer sonido que escuché en toda mi vida. Profesionalmente trabajo en una oficina de Administrativa entre semana y en la Cafetería de unos Multicines los fines de semana. También estoy estudiando Lengua y Literatura Castellana por la UNED. Adoro ver cine y leer, de estas dos pasiones nació este Blog de críticas 'Las mentiras que escribi', en el que comparto con vosotros mis opiniones sobre las películas que veo y las novelas que voy leyendo. Además de otros contenidos que pueden resultar de interés. Mi otra pasión, tal vez la principal, la que mueve el latido de mi corazón, e ... read more
Latest book: Marafariña Libro Primero

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ritesh Gupta
Latest book: The Blazing Trident

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barbara Roman
Author B Roman (aka Barbara Roman) has been in the creative arts since childhood. She began singing professionally as a vocalist in Philadelphia, PA and she performs with swing bands and pop music combos to this day. Her music has always informed her writing subject matter in both fiction and non-fiction works. She is also a composer and lyricist. Her professional writing career began back in 1971 as a fine arts publicist, newspaper feature writer, and author of books on the power of music as well as numerous children’s stories. B Roman’s inspirational adventure trilogy for the YA market, “The Secrets of the Moon Singer,” is available in both paperback and e-book formats. Her mystery thriller, "Wh ... read more
Latest book: The Secrets of the Moon Singer Adventure One: The Crystal Clipper

Follow me at my  Facebook Page ANTONIO ARTEAGA
Antonio Arteaga (Toledo, 1966) Considerado experto en nuevas tecnologías y redes sociales, ha escrito numerosos artículos técnicos y de opinión en prensa y medios especializados. En la vertiente de ficción ha sido finalista en premios como el Certamen Internacional de Relatos Breves del País Literario, el Premio Literario de Relatos Breves Ventura Morón o el Premio Internacional Grupo Lobher de Relato Temático, y ganador en otros como el Certamen ARE CCM de Relato Corto o el Concurso de Microrrelatos de la Cadena Ser. Autor también del thriller para adultos "Mensaje equivocado".
Latest book: El mercenario de Arkana

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Victor Chikwendu
Convinced of the truth and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Victor Chikwendu seeks to share it with the world. Victor Chikwendu is the author of several life-changing books, including: "How To Walk On Water," "A Very Present Help," "The Art Of Our War" and "This is ETERNAL LIFE" Eternal life, faith, spiritual warfare, and love are a few of the many aspects of Christian life and living which he has written on, and continues to write about. Victor also shares thoughts, truths, and revelations from the bible concerning a wide range of topics as Articles, frequently published through his blog. Victor Chikwendu believes that every word inspired by God is a part of Scriptures, and should be seen, read, heard a ... read more
Latest book: A Very Present Help: The Holy Spirit In You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sharon Bengalrose
Sharon Bengalrose is a medium and holistic healer based in Bristol (UK). Through her work with spirit, she loves to help people de-stress, find happiness and raise their positive energy levels. This is her first book, Utopia, she wrote it in partnership with Harold, her main Guide from her spirit team. The book has followed on from a previous joint adventure, ‘Inspiration Guidance card pack’ .
Latest book: Utopia

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Yuste
Escritor español, iniciándose en el mercado internacional
Latest book: Los cuentos de Pau

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A. L. Lorentz
A.L. Lorentz is a pseudonym for first time author Andrew Long. Andrew is employed as a marketing manager in Los Angeles. His spare time is spent writing, hiking or snorkeling. He has a BFA from The Ohio State University, and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Andrew spent many years drawing and painting sci-fi before writing about it. He has exhibited and sold art at Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, California.
Latest book: Dawn of Two Stars

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Errol A. Mullings
Errol Mullings was born on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica in the mid 1940's. He migrated to Canada in the late 1960's. He received child care training at George Brown college, Kensington campus in Toronto. He also studied theology at Manhattan Bible Institute in New York. Errol's spiritual connection, is the source of his inner strength. He is active in his church and his community. The author's first book entitled "Internal Barriers" was published in 2010.
Latest book: The Barricading Yoke Of Unforgiveness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Leslie J. Rose
Leslie J. Rose lives in Ashland, Oregon and has been a health and wellness educator for over 35 years. Infused with an ever-present curiosity, she remains an avid explorer and practitioner of alternative healing therapies, holistic-integrative health, organic, whole-foods education, meditation and the Eastern philosophy of energetic balance. She is continually fascinated by the awakening journey of living an impassioned life.
Latest book: Instinctive Health Inspired Living: Awakening Your Innate Brilliance: The Art of Creating a Remarkably Resilient Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page NokaPublishingHouse
Noka Publishing House is Canada's leading independent publisher, producing approximately 250 new titles each year including literary and commercial fiction, a broad range of general non fiction, academic and professional titles and books for children and young adults. Imprints include Life is Positive.
Latest book: The Little Book of Happiness: A guide to develope happiness, positive thinking, and happy life for beginners and experts. A book of most important skill called happiness.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amy Pollpeter
As a forensic scientist with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Amy Pollpeter is well acquainted with the crime of sexual assault. Approximately 80% of her time is spent working sexual assault cases. She instructs law enforcement officers and forensic nurses on evidence collection in sexual assault cases. Her knowledge about this crime doesn’t come just from the cases she has worked in her 7 years at a state crime laboratory however; she is also a survivor of this crime and knows how great of an effect it has on its victims. In addition to her role as an instructor, she has become a liaison between the crime laboratory and the sexual assault response teams. She has a passion for speaking to publ ... read more
Latest book: When The Light Meets The Dark: A Journey of Finding God and Forgiveness while Healing from Sexual Assault

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Grant Cox
After working more than a decade in two of the largest churches in Central and Northern California, Grant Cox started, an online ministry devoted to helping dads become heroes in their own homes. His education in journalism alongside his passion for ministry give him a unique ability to communicate God's plan for marriage and parenting, equipping men and women to lead their families more effectively than ever before. He and his wife, Talacey, have one daughter. They live in the heart of central California.
Latest book: The 5-Step Adventure from Failure to Father to Hero

Follow me at my  Facebook Page PJ Davitt
Paddy Davitt is an award-winning chief football correspondent with extensive knowledge of the game built up from working closely with managers, players and owners in the English Premier League and the Championship. He has also covered professional football in the USA, Italy, Austria and France. His childhood passion for writing was sparked by reading the fictional football stories of authors such as Brian Glanville and Michael Hardcastle. Paddy grew up in the Midlands, England, and is a lifelong Coventry City fan. He currently works as a chief football correspondent for the regional publishing group Archant, where he covers Norwich City FC. ‘One Shot at Glory’ is the first in a series of novels featuring a ... read more
Latest book: One Shot at Glory (Part of the Dave Shaw series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nick Nutter
Served with Lancashire Constabulary for 22 years. Lived in Spain since 2000. Established, developed and sold three successful businesses in Spain, two business centres and one magazine. Now embarking on a new project, a community website and writing. My interests are Andalucia generally, history and pre-history, geography and science and photography.
Latest book: The Sherry Triangle

Follow me at my  Facebook Page kostas andreadis
Author in Greek language of a book “A Manual for Underwater Guiding” in which he writes about all of his experience and passion for scuba diving. He presented a lot of original technical scuba diving articles in Greek, while simultaneously translating and presenting various articles by foreign writers. His articles have been published in newspapers, magazines, leaflets and on the Internet. He is the creator of the ''Conduct Code'' for scuba divers. He is the instigator of the ''Scubathlon'', an innovative sport conducted exclusively with breathing apparatus machines, and ''Powerscuba'', a vigorous exercising program for divers in a swimming pool. In the scuba divin ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Susan McGovern
Susan McGovern (nee Monahan) was born, raised and educated in Dublin, obtaining a Science degree in Trinity College. She taught for thirty-five years in Dublin, Achill and Dundalk and on her retirement took up writing. Vanished is her first novel. She is married with a grown-up son and lives with her husband, two cats and a dog in Dundalk, Ireland.
Latest book: Vanished

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Johanna Lime
Johanna Lime Marjo en Dinie schrijven sinds hun kindertijd samen dagboeken van personages. Hun voorliefde voor fantasy en sciencefiction ontwikkelde zich tot het bouwen van een eigen fantasiewereld. In 2011 besloten ze samen een roman te schrijven onder het pseudoniem Johanna Lime. Dat werd Schimmenschuw. Het boek kan als een opzichzelfstaande roman worden gelezen of als de voorloper van een serie. Er staan drie korte verhalen van haar in bundels van de Gentasia Awards.
Latest book: Paddy en Padda

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Karan Bhasin
Graduated from St. Columba's School in 2013 and am currently pursuing BSc. Economics from University of London International Programmes. I am an upcoming economist who loves to read and write. I have had the honour getting my views published on various websites on numerous occasions. My key skills include public speaking, writing, econometrics and logical model building along with economic research. My areas of Interests outside academics include eating good food, traveling and interacting with people: while my areas of interests in academics include Macroeconomic Theory: Monetary Economics. Microeconomics: The notions of rationality and efficient provision of public goods. I am a strong believer in market econ ... read more
Latest book: The Theory of Origination and Termination

Follow me at my  Facebook Page jeremy simons
Jeremy Simons lives in Grayson, Louisiana, with his wife and three daughters. His stories have appeared with Carnage Conservatory, Aphelion Webzine, The Horror Zine, Voices From A Coma, Hellfire Crossroads, October’s End, and the X3 Anthology. His debut novella Buried Alive is also available from Twilight Terror Press.
Latest book: Buried Alive

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Janae McNeal
Janae McNeal, the owner of Lu Beauty Products, is dedicated to helping women and men achieve their hair goals. After sifting through what works and what doesn’t, and with a multitude of success stories under her belt spanning four years, she presents to you the best methods available to achieve your hair goals. Even using a few of these proven methods will cause a huge improvement in your hair. Using all of the information provided in this book will transform your hair and your life.
Latest book: Strong Healthy Hair That Grows: Hair Care Secrets For All Hair Types

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rachel Pudsey
Rachel has been writing stories since as long as she can remember. An obsession with Point Horror books led to her first novel being designed and written at the age of ten, though truth be told, it wasn't very good. The following years were spent reading thrillers, romantic comedies, fantasies, occasionally playing guitar, and dabbling in song writing, all the while continuing to write stories unworthy for print and developing her own style. A mixture of inspiring authors had a huge influence upon her mind: S. E. Hinton, Mario Puzo, William Goldman, C.S Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkein, Neil Gaiman, J. K. Rowling ... the list goes on. Many years have passed since she first put pen to paper, and many stories have be ... read more
Latest book: The Watcher of the Night Sky (#1 of The Aronia Series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ed Antrobus
"If you can read, you can cook." That's my mother's motto. She taught me that, at its most basic, cooking isn't any more difficult than following a recipe.
Latest book: Recipes of If You Can Read, You Can Cook - Year II