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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Yvonne Kohano
My current fiction work is in the contemporary romance and romantic suspense genres, with an upcoming psychological thriller series in progress as well. I'm a dedicated indie press author (and some would say control freak), and a proud member of Romance Writers of America and the Sacramento Valley Rose RWA chapter. For over 19 years, my husband John and I lived on a ranch where we used to raise llamas. After becoming livestock-free, we spent our time taking cruises, gardening, creating yummy dinners, and keeping our dog-kids happy. We recently relocated to northern Oregon outside of Portland, and we're happily submersing ourselves in the foodie, outdoor and entertainment culture. My Kindle Fire is never ... read more
Latest book: Love and the Christmas Tree Nymph: A Flynn's Crossing Seasonal Novella

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Roemmich
Mark Roemmich, President and CEO of Noble House Entertainment Pictures, has been involved in the pre-production, production and postproduction of feature films, television, commercials, PSA docudramas and Visual Effects since 1969. As the global film industry continues to expand and mature and new formats are developed, NHEP has moved quickly to satisfy demand for quality projects. Roemmich established NHEP in 1985 to develop and produce feature films, constantly working with prominent industry professionals to attract projects that are attractive to both the Major studios and the Mini-Majors. His vision is to keep NHE flexible and to establish co-production relationships throughout the world. Since NHEP's in ... read more
Latest book: Hour Measure

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Betty Shepherd
Betty Jane Shepherd was born in the mountains of Southeastern Ky. She was one of nine children of a disabled coal miner. She residents in Frankfort, where she has lived for the past twenty four years. She has published works in Kudzu Literary Magazine and speaks to churches and women’s retreats on occasion. She works as a Student Support Specialist for Franklin County Public Schools. She can sometimes be found in Language Arts classrooms reading excerpts from her book to students.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charles Lee
Charles Lee has always been a fan of stories with greater meaning than what the surface portrays. His love for profound fantasy began at a young age. His growing interest in thought-provoking stories ranged from a gamut of different areas of literature. These are experiences he’s cherished and evolved with for over a decade. It’s his key drive for creating compelling, unique, philosophical stories. When he decided to begin his own novel, The Way To Dawn, he originally had no intention of pursuing writing as a career. But when he fell in love with his own characters, he became inspired. He was so proud of his creations that he wanted to share this part of himself with others. In no time, writing soon became ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ashley Franz Holzmann
Ashley Franz Holzmann was born in Okinawa, Japan and raised in a variety of countries while his parents served in the Air Force. He considered attending art school, but is instead a graduate of West Point, where he enjoyed intramural grappling and studying systems engineering and military history. He majored in sociology and is currently a captain in the Army. Ashley speaks Korean, enjoys backpacking, and is the cook in his family. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife, two sons, and their two dogs. Beat Navy.
Latest book: The Laws of Nature: A Collection of Short Stories of Horror, Anxiety, Tragedy and Loss

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gary McGinnis
Gary McGinnis served with the Army in the Tet Offensive in 1968 as a Water Purification Specialist attached to the Infantry. He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and has received over ten years of therapy regarding war traumas. His perception of the war is drawn from mid-level combat, and prepares the reader to reflect on the psychological and spiritual aspects regarding the fragmentation of self relative to veterans from any war – especially relevant to the wars fought in Iraq and Afghanistan where soldiers have faced IEDs daily.
Latest book: Good for One Ride

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kim Cross LSCSW
I am a mental health clinician specializing in children's attachment and trauma assessment and treatment.
Latest book: Love

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Little Book of Poems
This book includes poems of uplifting and inspirational times, things and moments. The idea of producing the book, is not only to raise money for a brilliant charity, Kirkwood Hospice, but to be able to access a book to read, look and relate too whenever we want. I chose Kirkwood Hospice because it continues to help lots of families and individuals through difficult situations in their lives. I have also been affected by these difficult times and know what a difference Kirkwood makes. It helps us move on and improve the situation we find ourselves in. The help and support they give is worthwhile and I believe we should give back, so they can keep up the hard and devoted work in helping others.
Latest book: Little Book of Poems

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sharon Turner
Sharon Turner is a native West Virginian who has a deep love for the beauty and history of the state, a deep respect for the wisdom of the mountain people, and a profound love for God that colors her world, and everything she writes. She was raised singing shaped notes at her church and at home, and only converted to the round note system used today, when she went to what was then Fairmont State College, where she received a degree in Music Education. She also has a Masters in Communications from West Virginia University. She and her husband now live in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and have two children, four Grandchildren, and rescue small dogs. Story telling is a large part of West Virginia culture, ... read more
Latest book: Strangers to Grace

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patrick Hodges
I am currently a medical biller, and I live in Arizona with my wife, Vaneza. After years of writing for several different entertainment-related blogs, I am making my first foray into fiction.
Latest book: Joshua's Island

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Renzo Carosio
Renzo Carosio ha svolto il suo percorso di studio e lavoro nel contesto dell’attività finanziaria e gestionale delle imprese, nonché della consulenza direzionale di organizzazione aziendale. La sua passione per la cinofilia e lo studio della zoognostica del cane l’ha portato a tenere seminari e conferenze in Italia, Stati Uniti, Russia e altri paesi. E’ autore di oltre cinquanta articoli in tema pubblicati in Italia e all’estero e di un libro monografico sul Cane Corso. A metà del guado è il suo primo romanzo. E’ nato a Genova nel 1953, ma ama definirsi un cittadino del mondo.
Latest book: A Metà del Guado

Follow me at my  Facebook Page DEAN AMORY
Dean Amory, pseudonym for Edgard (Eddy) Adriaens was, born in 1953 in Aalst, Flanders (Belgium). He has been married since 1975 and is living with his wife and daughter in Nederhasselt-Ninove. Dean Amory publishes about coaching, communication, inter personal relationships, dating, etc... Most works are compilations including the most interesting aspects of the subjects treated
Latest book: Hypnosis: The Myths, The Truth, The Techniques

Follow me at my  Facebook Page South Main Media
South Main Media South Main Media is the publishing wing of Mindwatering & South Main Studios, focusing on books, new media, and music, all under one creative roof. Our vision is to be a cultural thermostat, setting the temperature in children's, youth, and adult literature, lyric, and sound.
Latest book: The Antediluvians by Abby Black

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tasha Black
Tasha Black writes romance with bite! Sign up to get updates and freebies!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Scarlet Darkwood
I’m a brand new author to the world of writing fiction. All my life I’ve enjoyed putting pen to paper, writing articles, letters, and even some non-fiction works. But I thought the skill of novel-writing belonged to the lucky few, not me. By taking the courses created by Holly Lisle, I focused on learning the ropes for telling a compelling story. About a year ago, I decided to close my eyes, grit my teeth, and go for it, trying my hand at novel-writing, never dreaming I’d pull it off. Finally I did it! I completed my first novel and began the process of publishing the work on Amazon in the Kindle Store. The journey has been truly amazing, unlike no other. The pleasant feeling of success encouraged me to ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Fischer, M.D.
Dr. Robert “Bob” Fischer is a psychiatrist and the Executive Director and co-founder with his wife Anne, of Optimum Performance Institute and the Roanne Program. He also serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, School Of Medicine in the Department Of Psychoneuroimmunology and the Mindful Awareness Research Center. Most importantly, he has a strong desire to reach and serve young people who are suffering from a variety of mental health issues, like Asperger’s, to help them discover their passions, transform, and to be equipped to build a life that they truly feel is worth living.
Latest book: A Developmental Perspective on Asperger's Disorder: Needs Change Over Time

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Neil Platten

Latest book: What time is it?!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page antonio mercurio
Antonio Mercurio nasce a Benevento (Italy) il 10/04/1975 dove vive fino all'età di 16 anni per trasferirsi poi in un paesino di provincia (Torrecuso). Si laurea in Economia e Commercio il 20/04/2004 presso l'Università degli studi del Sannio. Si appassiona dal 2000 al mondo informatico ed inizia la stesura di brevi tutorial in formato html e pdf che pubblica sul sito tutti riguardanti software per piattaforma Windows. Decide di aprire poi un piccolo blog in cui pubblica materiale sul mondo opensource. Inizia nel 2002 ad appassionarsi ai CMS e Ubuntu linux ed apre nel 2006 un canale youtube che cura ancora personalmente ed in cui si occupa di opensource in particolare joomla e linux. In questi ... read more
Latest book: Customizzare i templates Joomla con il framework T3

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cathy Walker
An avid reader since childhood, I used to wake up early in the morning to read before going to school. The books that first fired my imagination were the Black Stallion books by Walter Farley. My daydreams leaned toward finding myself stranded on a desert island with a black stallion only I could ride. Those daydreams helped me make it through, what I considered, the drudgery of school. Who wouldn't rather be romping in the freedom of the outdoors taming a wild stallion? As I matured, so did my taste in books along with my daydreams. Escaping into the pages of a book captured my attention and pumped my senses like nothing else. Unfortunately, I was always of the mind that I could never actually write a book. ... read more
Latest book: Sword Across Time

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cara J Alexander
Cara Alessandro (my star character) is the person I would have loved to have been (other than the murderer of course).

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Luca Tarenzi
Luca Tarenzi was born in 1976. He has a degree in History of Religions and was an editor and a tourism journalist before discovering his true calling as a fully committed daydreamer. Today he lives in Arona, Piedmont (Italy), with a veterinarian wife and numerous animals on a lakeshore infested with feral-looking swans and adorable river rats. He is a part-time writer, part-time translator, part-time literature and religion lecturer, and full-time geek as well as an avid roleplayer and a shamanic practitioner. His novels are among the most acclaimed urban fantasy books in Italy, and some have been published in other countries. In 2012, his novel Quando il diavolo ti accarezza (“When the Devil Strokes You”) ... read more
Latest book: Poison Fairies - La Guerra della Discarica

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lobo Carneiro
Aos quatro de abril de mil novecentos e quarenta e quatro d.C. no bairro de Pinheiros na cidade de São Paulo no estado de São Paulo num país chamado Brasil do reino animal gênero homo espécie dita sapiens segundo consta de relatos familiares foi parido em parto normal porém com bastante dificuldade e dor. Na Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo lhe concederam um doutorado em engenharia metalúrgica para que com alguma proficiência fosse ganhar e repartir o pão dele de cada dia. Na Faculdade de Filosofia Letras e Ciências Humanas da Universidade de São Paulo lhe concederam um bacharelado em letras para que fosse tentar convencer palavras a se juntar em frases e versos na talvez vã tarefa ... read more
Latest book: Yby katu, Yby poranga - Terra boa, Terra bonita -

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Audiation
The sound of the arts. Music magazine giving exposure to the freshest music sounds and talent, as well as discussing industry related topics. We aim to showcase the amazing unheard talent in the International & Underground music scene.
Latest book: Am001

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Conjure
Not want to disclose.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack A. Langedijk
Jack Langedijk is a passionate storyteller with contagious optimism and original ideas. He has delivered many ground-breaking workshops in leadership and listening to diverse audiences including elementary school children, families and corporations. Jack founded QUEST-I'm-ON, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to create and foster healthy relationships within schools, workplaces and homes. He received his BFA in Montreal at Concordia University and his MFA at York University in Toronto. Jack had also taught acting and directing at Concordia University and Ryerson University in Toronto. because is his debut novel which combines lessons learned from his own life with a fictional setting that articul ... read more
Latest book: because

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tamara Pratt
Tamara’s fiction and short stories have been published in USA and Australian anthologies and journals, including Queen of Crime Anthology and Tincture Journal, and she has placed in several short story competitions, including the Glass Woman Prize. In 2011, Tamara was awarded a Varuna Writers’ House fellowship for her crime manuscript, and has since gone on to pen young adult and adult fiction manuscripts. She is currently studying a Master of Arts (Creative Writing) through Macquarie University. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and three teenage children, and works full time as an IT Program Manager.
Latest book: The Story Makers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nathan Gregory
Nathan Gregory has 25+ years of experience in telecommunications and Internet technologies. Nathan is an accomplished motivator of technical and professional staff, and experienced technical team leader. He is a technology generalist with experience covering both hardware and software disciplines in many related fields. Nathan joined with fellow Northpoint alumni in 2011 to begin work on a business concept addressing network security in industrial environments, especially networked SCADA industrial control systems. He currently serves as CTO of the stealth-mode networking start-up. He was a founding partner of Northpoint Communications in San Francisco, where he served as Chief Network Architect, a role fun ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ginnie Carmichael
Ginnie is French-Canadian author who decided to use her second language to write. After getting her Interior Design degree, she decided to escape life with her boyfriend and start travelling. She is in Costa Rica right now, enjoying the beach and the sun. Another winter in Canada was too much for the lovebirds! Ginnie write in her spare time, between a bike ride into town and a hike in the jungle. She loves a good cup of tea and watching her favorite TV shows. She can’t go anywhere without her own ebook reader and loves to get lost in a good story. That’s why she decided to create her own.
Latest book: Summer Spark

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aaron Bebo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page onlinegatha
Publish your book, build a reader base and sell more copies. Available in both print and eBook formats in major online stores. Publish Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic and Poetry books in English & Hindi.
Latest book: Wings Of Imagination

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tammi Labrecque
Tammi Labrecque lives in Bangor, Maine with two kids, three cats, and dozens of fictional characters that keep her awake nights.
Latest book: SongHealer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.Y. Klermaine
I'm author J.Y. Klermaine and I write fantasy fiction stories. I hope they make you laugh, cry, smile, and gasp as you read along!
Latest book: Amalia By-the-Sea: Dancing With The Black Dragon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven
Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven (a.k.a. "Vango") is an award-winning Belgian photographer who travels the world in search of great images. Jorn is based in the American West and he has traveled extensively in Europe, the United States, Canada and Central America. His latest road trip has taken him from the Gulf of Mexico up to the Arctic Circle in Alaska, and all the way south to the Panama Canal. After graduating as a photographer from the New York Institute, Jorn started out as a wedding and portrait photographer in Austin, TX. Soon after, he focused on his true passion: wildlife and travel photography. His first book, "Follow Your Bliss: Road Trip into Central America," was published in 2014. Jorn's photography has ... read more
Latest book: Follow Your Bliss: Road Trip into Central America

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charlie Minton
CHARLIE MINTON (nicknamed "Chippy" by his friends) has spent many years in woodworking, DIY and hardware. His father, and his father before him, were master joiners. Working from a converted garage containing a large collection of woodworking gadgets and machinery, he has made wooden toys and reproduction antique furniture commercially. He lists his hobbies as reading woodworking magazines and worrying about his growing pile of offcuts that he can't bear to throw away.
Latest book: Build a Beach Hut for Your Garden

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Randy Taylor
Randy Taylor’s story is remarkable. His ability to connect with audiences and create lasting change is truly extraordinary. Extensive study over 30 years into the science of human behavior has allowed him to become one of the nations leading experts in human potential and leadership. Having escaped poverty, parent alcoholism and life on the streets Randy was able to overcome incredible odds. Beginning at age 28 he began a 20-year career that propelled him to the very top in Canadian broadcasting at CFRB 1010 and as the host of Summit of Life on Global Television. His level of expertise has won him several national broadcast awards. Twelve years ago Randy left broadcasting to form Taylormadeleadership. Throug ... read more
Latest book: The Lost Journals - Lessons across the shift

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joshua Elliot James
I am a fiction writer by passion. I always wanted to be a writer and wrote my first book at the age of ten. But life made me choose a career in software engineering to put bread on the table. Born in New York City to Immigrant parents I decided I wanted to see the world. My job gave me the freedom to work as a contractor in different countries and cities all over the world. I am married to a beautiful German Lady and has a little daughter. I decided to take a break from computer programming to follow my passion of writing Archaeological Mystery as I am also very interested in the history. Right now I am also dabbling with books in other genres which will be published soon.
Latest book: The Stolen Da Vinci Manuscripts

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Timothy Bond
I spent nearly 20 years deciding whether or not I wanted to be an author. My field is information technology, and I specialize on manufacturing systems. It's technical, challenging, and requires you to stay focused and current with changes in the industry. I started going to a fantasy world in my mind many years ago, and the adventures of Peter and Alexandra were my escape from the harsh technical world all around me. The twins were enthusiastic, energetic, eager to go out and explore their world, and willing to take on any challenge necessary. I have often said that I travel to the Upper Aren and come back and write about it, and I really do feel that way at times. My own eclectic interests fueled the twin's ... read more
Latest book: The Watcher's Keep

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aaron Alexander
Aaron Alexander is a world class movement coach and manual therapist. He regularly works with Olympic and professional athletes to achieve optimal performance and resolve pain problems.
Latest book: 10 Best Self-Care Techniques

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mao Zifu
Mao Zifu, Anteo esperantisto

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marek Borysewicz
Jestem polskim pisarzem i rzemieślnikiem artystą. Czegokolwiek się podejmuję, zawsze robię to z pasją. Urodziłem się w Polsce, tutaj mieszkam i tworzę. Powieść "Psychoobywatel" została wydana rok temu w formie audiobooka, od 13 grudnia jest dostępna jako ebook. W przygotowaniu mam dwie powieści, które również szczęśliwie powinny zostać udostępnione w formie elektronicznej.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emily Ann Putzke
Emily Ann Putzke is a 19 year old Christian, homeschool graduate and history lover. Besides writing historical fiction, she enjoys photography (especially photographing her nieces and nephew), reading, spending time with her family, Civil War reenacting, traveling and a good cup of coffee. She resides in New York State where she drinks in the beautiful autumns and tries to endure the long winters.
Latest book: It Took a War

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Lynn Ashworth
About the Author Laura Lynn Ashworth is an award-winning copywriter and political cartoonist. While helping an elderly family member with veterans administration paperwork, she ran across “the letters” and instantly knew of their rarity, freshness and historical significance. Although she received three publishing contracts within two months of sending the letters to major publishers, Ashworth decided to publish them herself on the advice of best-selling authors. She currently lives and works in a northwest suburb of Chicago.
Latest book: Letters to Loretta from the Radio Shack, A True WWII Teenage Love Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Zana King
Zana King is a stay at home mom of two teen boys and married to the love of her life. Their two German Shepherds take up a bit of her time as they seem to need more attention than the rest of her family. She is an avid reader of most genres of romance and loves getting wrapped up in a good book. When she isn't reading or working on her next book, you can find her playing in the woods with her family looking for gold.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Revista Letrina
LETRINA es tu revista de literatura (verso, narrativa, ensayo, C. literaria, foto, dibujo, comic y muchas otras locuras) en la que todos pueden colaborar.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ann Omasta
These bios are generally rather dry, so I thought I'd shake up the format a little bit. Here are ten not-so-interesting tidbits about me: 1. I despise whipped cream. There, I admitted it in writing. Let the ridiculing begin. 2. Even though I have lived as far south as Key Largo, Florida and as far north as Maine, I landed in the middle. 3. If I don't make a conscious effort not to, I will drink nothing but tea morning, noon, and night. Hot tea, sweet tea, green tea - I love it all. 4. There doesn't seem to be much in life that is better than coming home to a big dog who is overjoyed to see me. My other family members usually show significantly less enthusiasm about my return. 5. Singing in my bestest, loudest ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Madison Harris
Golden Globe winner Michael Moriarity called Madison a “Free Spirit.” One of Aaron Spelling’s top executives called him “A gift to the world.” Rare talent, the last true Renaissance man, Madison Harris. Blues singer, saxophonist, gallery portrait artist, professional boxer, a movie producer, writer (stage and screen), professional actor, director, composer, editor, jazz/hip-hop/exotic (Chippendale) dancer, one time novitiate in Catholic Seminary, pimp, street hustler, stock broker, Corporate CEO/President, philanthropist, author; “Who is” Madison Harris? A modern day Casanova; Casanova’s exploits pale in comparison to Maddy’s. One of Detroit’s original “Rude Boys,” Madison searched the ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Margaret J Carr
I wrote my first book, an adventure story, at 12 when recovering from a childhood illness. After leaving school I trained in cosmetics and skin care until becoming the chief perfumery and cosmetic buyer for a department store. As a wife and mother I wrote the odd article or short story for magazines but it wasn’t until the 1980’s I returned to writing fulltime and have now completed over twenty fiction novels, ranging from murder mystery series to a teen fantasy trilogy and historical family saga. One of my titles has been on Waterstones best seller list and another was translated for the Indian market. Ten years ago I was writing scripts for TV soaps and radio, including storylines for the popular soap op ... read more
Latest book: Teresa's War