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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vincent Eke
Vincent Eke is a professional children’s book writer, blogger and website developer. In addition to Mama’s Tales of Kanji - The Turtle’s Shell, his debut early reader-grade fantasy adventure storybook, he has also written another children’s picture book in this series, The Golden Bird and a new forthcoming series The Adventures of the Lovejoys for Lionpen Publishing.
Latest book: The Turtle's Shell

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Craig Settles
Craig Settles is an industry analyst and business strategist who helps private and public sector organizations implement broadband technology. Author of three books on broadband strategy, blogs and many in-depth analysis reports, Mr. Settles is a prominent national thought leader on executing appropriate strategies and tactics. He also hosts the radio talk show Gigabit Nation, and is Director of Communities United for Broadband, a national grass roots effort to assist communities launch their networks.
Latest book: Building the Gigabit City

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Juliette Nolan
I am a hypnotherapist and life coach who is passionate about giving people the tools and support they need to make positive changes in their life. I started out as a teacher of high school English and Drama and it was in that role that I saw, in action, how much our thoughts and beliefs affect our outcomes in life. My present career as a hypnotherapist and life coach gives me the privilege to work with people who are ready to take their lives to the next level. I want to help you to shine in your life. I write about the things that have made a huge difference in my own life. Change can be tough and our journey can be a rocky road. By sharing what has worked for me and my clients, I hope that you will disco ... read more
Latest book: How to Know When it's Time 2 Go

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adrianne James
Growing up, Adrianne couldn't get her hands on enough books to satisfy her need for the make believe. If she finished a novel and didn't have a new one ready and waiting for her, she began to create her own tales of magic and wonder. Now, as an adult, books still make up majority of her free time, and now her tales get written down to be shared with the world. During the day, Adrianne uses her camera to capture life's stories for clients of all ages and at night, after her two children are tucked in bed; she devotes herself to her written work. Adrianne is living the life she always wanted, surrounded by art and beauty, the written word and a loving family. As a young adult and new adult author, Adrianne Jame ... read more
Latest book: Overexposed

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sophie Rose Williamson
Sophie Rose Williamson, Author of "Here Come the Girls" and US Hit "Gypsy" and "Call Girls" to name but a few. Wishlist is out next year, as well as much more. Stay tuned She has been writing for years now, she loves books, books and books. But of course she loves all of her children, so much more xxx Love you guys, my babies xxxx
Latest book: Fairy Tale of New York

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Diann Russell
Diann Russell holds an MFA in Playwriting from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Her daily political column, DIANNY RANTS appears at All the Right Snark. Diann's agitprop Photoshop images have appeared not only at All the Right Snark, but also American Thinker and National Review Online, and she is a social media content contributor to Red Nation Rising. Diann owns -- the Conservative and Christian shirt design store. She lives in Central New York with her pitbull Mary of Bethany, her cats (don't mock) Buffy and Willow, and her Mossberg 12g.
Latest book: RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama

Follow me at my  Facebook Page N. Z. Kraime
Nicolas Z. Kraime was born in Serres (Greece) in 1984. He studied at the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia. He has worked as a Topographic Surveyor and as an IT Consultant. His first published story is 'The Scanning', a Science Fiction story set in the Paneia multiverse. Kraime is the creator of Kosmosyria, which is an aggregate of three, vastly different, worlds: the High Fantasy universe of Nimesia, the Science Fiction universe of Dark Galaxy and the ever-changing multiverse of Paneia.
Latest book: The Scanning

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Darrell House
Children’s author, poet, storyteller, musician and singer/songwriter, Darrell House wears a lot of hats. Described as Grizzly Adams meets Key West, he has a magnetic personality and is a powerful performer. Having presented in hundreds of schools and libraries, he is also a regular performer, nationwide, at Reading Festivals and Early Childhood Education Conferences. Miller the Green Caterpillar, his children’s picture book, is an inspirational story of setting goals, and his two CD’s of original music, Underneath the Cushions on the Couch and Makes Me Feel Like Singing are packed with original songs enjoyed by kids and parents alike. Speed-B-B-B-Bumps, a spoken word CD collection of mostly humor ... read more
Latest book: The Man Who Could Fix Anything

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jean-Claude Sensemat
Jean-Claude Sensemat is a french entrepreneur who was once 150th business fortune in France ( in the mid 90's) with his multiple tools companies. He already wrote some books about his experience (in french) : LA PATRONADE Editions Olivier Orban 1988 UN MOMENT DE GASCOGNE Editions La Gascogne 1997 LE DELIT D’ENTREPRENDRE Editions de la Mezzanine 2004 COMMENT J’AI SAUVÉ LIP Editions Entreprendre Robert Lafont 2005 FRANCE, YOU BETRAYED ME - Editions Duroi 2013 He also has been publication director in France for two newspapers: LA GASCOGNE (1995-2001) LE CAPITOLE (1999-2001) He is published in Quebec By les Editions Duroi If you want to read more about Jean-Claude Sensemat please visit his official b ... read more
Latest book: France quand tu trahis

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Lomé
EEN CHATMOMENT: LISA LOMÉ: Meneer… of moet ik zeggen: ‘mevrouw Marlowe’? CHRIS MARLOWE: Make your choice! LISA LOMÉ: Waar haalt u uw inspiratie vandaan? CHRIS MARLOWE: Uit het verleden. Nu eens uit een nog vrij nabij verleden, dan weer uit een iets verder verleden, en soms uit een combinatie van beide. Of uit boeken. Over geschiedenis, waar gebeurde sterke verhalen, dat soort dingen. Nooit uit mijn eigen leven, want in het leven van een auteur gebeurt doorgaans weinig dat het optekenen waard is. Tenminste toch niet als je het soort spannende en mysterieuze boeken wil schrijven dat ik schrijf. Ik haal mijn inspiratie uit de Geschiedenis, mijn beste, en schrijf dus bitter weinig autobiografisch. Al sluipt ... read more
Latest book: Dom Blondje

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Zoran Zmiric
Zoran Žmirić (Rijeka, March 10, 1969). A musician and writer, member of the Croatian Writers' Society. A finalist for 2008 Best Unpublished Manuscript with “Blockbuster”. A finalist for 2010 T-Portal Book Awards Novel @ tportal for the best novel. His works are translated into Polish and Italian. Published: Kazalište sjena (Adamić, 2002.) Tvar koja nedostaje - kompilacija više autora (Istrakon, 2002.) Vrijeme koje nam je pojeo Pac-Man (Meandar, 2005.) Blockbuster (VBZ, 2009. i AdPublik 2012.) Riječke rock himne (KUD Baklje, 2011.) Nova država Hrvatija 2033. - kompilacija više autora (Smashwords, 2014.) Lanac (Smashwords, 2014.) Snoputnik (Hrvatsko društvo pisaca, 2014.) Awards: "Literary Pen" fo ... read more
Latest book: Snoputnik

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bud Garso
I am an artist and entrepreneur. My favored mediums are skateboarding, poetry, photography, writing, performing, or whatever the moment calls for.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anthony Berry
Currently living in Hastings, East Sussex, UK. Originally from Ireland but lived most of life in West London. Schooled in Hounslow, OU degree, currently working for East Sussex Council.
Latest book: Chasing Rainbows

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Pownall

Latest book: How Do You Make Apps?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wanda Dyson
Wanda Dyson is the award winning, best selling author of five suspense novels and a true story that was released on Oprah. She currently lives in North Carolina where she is caretaker for her elderly mother and her disabled child. When she isn't writing or playing with her German Shepherd, she can be found renovating around the house.
Latest book: Abduction

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brian Klarich
I grew up in a middle class neighborhood in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. My father was a computer analyst and my mother babysat children out of our home. I also have two older sisters. I attended Catholic schools from kindergarten through high school. I was highly involved in the church as a young child and my parents were devout Catholics. I was even an altar boy for years. During and after high school I fell away from my faith, as many do, and lived quite a wild life. Partying and drinking became an everyday event for my friends and I. We were up for anything with no regrets. A few failed relationships later accompanied by a general lack of direction I began to lose myself. Despite my behavior, I di ... read more
Latest book: Kingsley

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.M. Sparks
My compliments are to my wife Lyn for doing all the work compiling all my writings from the past and formatting them here into eBook form. She is credited for each and every book cover as well. Concerning the children's stories "Little Girl Lyn" and "Little Boy Josh" she is credited for taking it upon herself putting all of these books together too. Her cousin Joy Estella makes all the preliminary sketch drawings and then Lyn takes it from there, spending hours of her time computer editing them into the illustrations that are in the books we can see here now. Much thanks and love to my wife Lyn for her work which brought things to life for me and all the readers to enjoy. I am a self studied Bible believer an ... read more
Latest book: Little Girl Lyn - Complete Series - Volume 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tyler Edwards
A freelance writer by trade, Tyler Edwards has been creating worlds for as long as he can remember. He grew up in the country outside of Ottawa, Canada, and amidst the pristine woods and fields, it was easy to imagine Elves and Demons around every bend. After that, making the jump to fiction writing seemed natural. He will not consider himself a true success until people are writing nonsensical slash fics about his characters.
Latest book: Human Again

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nikki True
Nikki True is an award nominated Sex Positive blogger, sex educator, sex and relationship coach, and radio personality. was created after finding that in today's society ,sex is still a very much taboo subject. Through the writing persona "Nikki True" I am able to help get people talking about sex in an open and frank manner while being witty, smart,and creative

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rebecca McKeown
Rebecca McKeown grew up in a small Western New York college town, which has inspired many of her fictional settings. A horror and fantasy junkie, McKeown creates stories about normal people thrown into very abnormal situations. She writes poems about whatever strikes her–heartbreak, a memory from childhood, a fictional character’s thoughts put into verse. McKeown’s love of poetry and literature goes beyond writing it, as she is also the Editor-in-Chief and founder of The Rampallian literary magazine.
Latest book: Bless the Bitter Night: Poems about Failed Love in the Modern World

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mickey Bryan
Wife and mother of three. Lives in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. My writing goes from one extreme to the other. From children's books to the exact opposite of a child's book. I have published one ebook, with several more in the making. Who knows what I'll come up with next? I love a good biography, and anything that makes me laugh. It's okay to laugh people! Don't be so uptight! Laugh, love, and live with no regrets.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Godfrey Traub
Godfrey Traub was born and educated in South Africa. After obtaining the degrees of Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law, Godfrey practiced as an attorney in Johannesburg until 1976, when he and his family emigrated, first to Canada and then to the United States. Godfrey’s father was born in Lithuania but was fortunate enough to have been able to emigrate to South Africa as a young man. The many stories he told his family about life in Lithuania inspired Godfrey to start writing North South North. Since emigrating to the United States, the Traub family has lived in Dallas, Texas. Godfrey owns a real estate development and management business in Dallas called Protea Real Estate, and when not working or sp ... read more
Latest book: North South North

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Diego Fortunato
MICROBIOGRAFÍA DE DIEGO FORTUNATO Diego Fortunato, escritor, poeta, periodista y pintor italiano nacido en Pescara (Italia). Desde muy pequeño vive en Venezuela, su tierra adoptiva, donde fue llevado por sus padres al huir de los rigores y devastación que dejó en Europa la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Cursó estudios académicos que van desde teatro, en la Escuela de Teatro Lily Álvarez Sierra de Caracas, Pintura en la Academia de Bellas Artes Modigliani, Leyes en la Facultad de Derecho y periodismo en la entonces llamada Escuela de Periodismo de la Universidad Central de Venezuela. Desde muy pequeño Fortunato fue seducido por las artes y la literatura gracias a la pasión de su madre, ávida lectora y pint ... read more
Latest book: El hombre de la cola

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Niki Becker
Niki Becker is the pen name of author, Ashley Nemer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson has been quoted by nationally recognized media outlets, such as USA Today, and was featured on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He was also the co-host of a television series distributed from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently based out of Birmingham, Alabama, Tony Robinson speaks to churches by request on Creation Science, God's criminal justice system, absolute morality, and the sanctity of human life. Tony is a graduate of a military academy and last served as an Army officer. His last duty was as the Executive Officer and Communications Platoon leader in a Field Artillery Headquarters unit. He currently assists in protecting our national security and community safety. He has held memberships i ... read more
Latest book: The Naked Truth: Revealing Things We Hide Behind

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Mitchell
Lisa Mitchell is an artist who delights in painting animals and people. She is also an Interior Designer with her BFA from Kean University, New Jersey. She combines these attributes in her work, providing clients with murals, faux painting and portraits. Lisa currently lives with her family of two girls and her husband. She also shares her life with many pets. All of the creatures in" Who Wants Cake?" were the Mitchell's pets at the time of its creation. She has just completed her next book about a boisterous chameleon named Clover. It will be out soon.
Latest book: Who Wants Cake?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Auteurs indépendants
Quelques auteurs auto-édités se sont réunis pour vous offrir un aperçu de leurs écrits. Extraits de romans ou de recueils, poésies, nouvelles... Découvrez leurs textes et... plus si affinités !
Latest book: Electrons Livres n° 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Samuel A. Wheeler
My name is Samuel A. Wheeler and I’m a Retired US Army noncommissioned Officer. That’s a statement which in itself brings me great pride. But no more pride than the more important statements, which are that I’m a husband to a beautiful Army wife and mother and the father of three amazing sons. All three of those sons, in fact, have also served in various branches of the United States Armed Forces and have made my wife and I proud grandparents as well. On top of my Active Army service, I also spent several years of my life serving as a Uniformed Officer for both the State of Washington and the State of Oklahoma, as well as working for a number of years in the Private Security sector. Someone once told me ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kae Elle Wheeler
Kae Elle Wheeler has a BA degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in Management Information Systems that includes over forty credit hours of vocal music. As a computer programmer the past fifteen years, she utilizes karaoke for her vocal music talents. Other passions include fantasy football, NBA & musical theatre season tickets, and jazzercise. Because to quote Nora Roberts to a one time question, if she worked out? Her reply, “You have to get off your ass.” Kae Elle began has been a member of the Oklahoma Chapter of Romance Writer’s of America and the RWA since March of 2007. She grew up in the Dallas area and definitely considers herself a city girl. She does not limit her travels to Writer ... read more
Latest book: Cinderella Series ~ the collection

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sawyer Bennett
Sawyer Bennett is the pen name for a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. She is married to a mobster (well, a market researcher) and they have two big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn't have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.
Latest book: On The Rocks

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bob Brotchie
An Englishman raised in Cambridge, UK, now living in Suffolk in the heart of East Anglia. A former paramedic of almost two decades I am also the founder of the ICE - In Case of Emergency concept - for mobile phone use in an emergency to assist responders ID the unconscious casualty. Now, I am a counsellor and business owner of Anglia Counselling, specialising in mindfulness, psychotherapy and CBT. A father of three sons, married to my second wife I am a keen business developer and social media player.
Latest book: Mind Mechanics - The Mindfulness Compendium

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Madeleine Ruh
Shorts stories writer. Auteur de nouvelles. Grande voyageuse. A vécu à New York et Paris.
Latest book: Xanadu

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nikki Narvaez
My name is Nikki Narvaez. I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, where I currently live with my husband, our two dogs, Bella and Oreo, and our cat, Cupcake. I have been teaching for four years, but I hope to become a full-time writer and stay at home mom one day. I am 27 years old, and have three older sisters who have blessed me with four nephews and one niece. In my free time, I love to write and play Texas Hold 'Em poker. I just released my first novel, a New Adult Fantasy/Paranormal Romance titled Envisioned. It is the first in the trilogy of The Elemental Prophecy Series. I am currently working on Book Two, titled Emblazed, as well as another Adult Paranormal Romance trilogy and a Contemporary Romance.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Betsy Randolph
Originally from New Mexico, Betsy considers herself to be an Okie-transplant after moving to Enid when she was 11. She currently lives with her husband in Guthrie, Oklahoma. She has a grown son, Bronson, step-daughter, Whitney and one grandchild, Cannon. Betsy worked in radio broadcasting for several years in Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and New Mexico before coming back to Oklahoma and attaining an A. A. S. in Journalism from Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa, where she wrote for the college paper, “The Maverick” and worked as the first female police officer for the city of Tonkawa. Betsy served twelve years in the US Army Reserves as a Military Police officer and Drill Sergeant. During the same time per ... read more
Latest book: Tokens of the Liars

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Debra Funston

Latest book: Behind a Pink Badge

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stacie Simpson
Stacie Simpson writes erotic romance with a paranormal twist. She has been an avid reader for many years but only recently discovered her love of writing. Stacie lives in Florida with Maximo, a wonderful man who provides much appreciated inspiration and encouragement. When she's not reading or writing she enjoys going to the movies, watching the Miami Heat play basketball and spending time with her adult children. Releasing the Dragon was her debut novel and she is currently working on the next book in the Myths and Legends series.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Gerard Small
New Jersey native James Gerard Small is a professional Graphic Designer/Art Director with over three decades’ experience in the advertising field. He has handled work for a diverse number of clients over the years, including Nabisco, Disney, Sony, and Campbell’s Soups, as well as many lesser-known clients. His creative efforts often include additional copy and headline creation work as well. He has belonged to different writers’ groups and has mostly focused in recent years on short stories and blogs as creative outlets. He is the author of two as-of-yet unpublished horror novels and is currently working on two additional books. “Darla’s Song” represents his first foray into the area of publishin ... read more
Latest book: Darla's Song

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adam Lowe
Adam Lowe is a writer, publisher and producer from Leeds, UK. He was 2013 LGBT History Month Poet Laureate and 2012 Olympic Poet for Yorkshire.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Redwood
Steve Redwood was born on a rainy day in 1943. It was still raining twenty-five years later, so he left the country in a huff, a raincoat, and a plane. Most of his life has been a textbook study of uselessness, large chunks of it misspent. He has avoided serious work by teaching, and marriage by running away. He is at present hiding out in Madrid.
Latest book: Fisher of Devils

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Kube
Enjoying the flow of life for the most part. Once in awhile I take time to write.
Latest book: Stuff Like Marbles 'n Things

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rachel Kendall
Rachel Kendall is a thirty-five year old writer and editor (ISMs Press and Sein und Werden) living in Salford with her daughter of much-messiness. The house is full of junk, dead things (some stuffed, others skeletal), books, a toy tea-set, an Iggle Piggle, a few cameras, many films, stacking cups, a couple of stairgates and a clanger. She collects animal-feet brooches and loves the printed word. ‘I think Rachel Kendall is a major voice. She is a highly talented author who should be read.’ — Richard Godwin

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Victoria Hooper
Victoria Hooper is the editor of the award-winning Polluto. She has been solely responsible for the continued development of the series since Issue 6.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Douglas Thompson
Douglas Thompson’s short stories have appeared in a wide range of magazines and anthologies, most recently Albedo One, Ambit, Postscripts, and New Writing Scotland. He won the Grolsch/Herald Question of Style Award in 1989 and second prize in the Neil Gunn Writing Competition in 2007. His first book, Ultrameta, was published by Eibonvale Press in August 2009, nominated for the Edge Hill Prize, and shortlisted for the BFS Best Newcomer Award. His critically acclaimed second novel, Sylvow, was published in autumn 2010, also from Eibonvale. A third novel “Apoidea”, has recently been published by The Exaggerated Press. He is a director of the Scottish Writer’s Centre and Marketing Manager for Eibonvale Pres ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tom Bradley
Tom Bradley is an American novelist, essayist and writer of short stories. He is the author of The Sam Edwine Pentateuch, a five-book series, various volumes of which have been nominated for the Editor’s Book Award, the New York University Bobst Prize, and the AWP Award Series in the Novel. His essays and short stories are anthologized extensively in America and in Europe.
Latest book: New Cross-Fucked Musings on a Manic Reality

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Deb Hoag
Deb Hoag has been writing professionally for over 20 years, starting at a weekly alternative newspaper in Detroit, The Metro Times. Her work there included editing, writing a column and organizing such events as the Detroit Music Awards and the newspaper’s yearly photography contest and Best Of issues. In the early 90s, Deb went back to school and was awarded a PhD in clinical psychology. Deb currently edits the Women Writing the Weird series.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frank Burton
Frank Burton was born in Lancashire in 1979, and started writing from an early age. His fiction has been published widely in the UK, Australia and USA. He was the winner of the 2003 Philip LeBrun Prize for Creative Writing. In 2008, he completed his MA in Creative Writing at the University of Chichester, which he passed with a Distinction.
Latest book: A History of Sarcasm

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Don Barrett
I grew up an only child in the 1950s on the beach in Santa Monica and experienced the explosion of rock 'n roll music and with it Top 40 radio. The men and women, who played the music, told the stories about the artists and became my imaginary brothers and sisters. My dream to be on the radio was crystallized while listening to my transistor radio. A blessed career of being a disc jockey, program director, national program director for legendary Gordon McLendon, and eventual general manager of WDRQ and W4 in Detroit and then launching KIQQ (K-100) in Los Angeles made dreams come true. After 25 years in motion picture marketing for Columbia, Universal and MGM/UA, I returned to my first love of radio and I bega ... read more
Latest book: Adventures in Airtime: Personal Stories of USA Radio People Volume 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charlie Wood
Charlie Wood lives with his wife, Kate, in Massachusetts. He enjoys movies, baseball, and comic books. This is his first novel.
Latest book: The Journals of Kara and Jason

Follow me at my  Facebook Page ROY ESKAPA
El Dr. Roy Eskapa es un psicólogo clínico que ha hecho una investigación pionera con naltrexona, usándola para tratar a los pacientes en colaboración con médicos. Desde 1990, el Dr. Eskapa ha trabajado en estrecha colaboración con el Dr. David Sinclairde El Método Sinclair (TSM) en la investigación de las causas y los tratamientos de la adicción. La mayoría de su trabajo se hacepro bono. También aconseja y ofrece conferencias a las ONG, el gobierno, organizaciones médicas y educativas e individuos sobrela forma correcta de usar el medicamento naltrexona y nalmefene (Selincro®). Esto es vital para el paciente dado que instrucciones incorrectas - como abstenerse de beber alcohol cuando se toman esto ... read more