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I'm actually very shy and introverted, and can get really uncomfortable talking to people I don't know. And also talking about myself. Never been good at biographies. It would be a lot easier if I were describing myself in a third-person narrative, like a character in one of my books. Maybe that's how I should do this... At nearly twenty-seven years old, there was a lot that K.T. Chambers felt terribly inexperienced about. Boys, for instance. But there was a lot that she had experienced that most girls her age probably couldn't match. She'd lived in six different states, and a couple dozen different cities (military family, you know?) She'd held jobs in retail, tech support, and baking, among other things. Mai ... read more
Latest book: Energy: 101 - Orientation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charles Ugeh
Pastor Charles Ugeh is a man with a mandate to take the gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth by demonstrating the "Divine Life" to the people of the world and bringing them into its reality. He is the President and Founder of THEIOS LIFE INCORPORATED (aka) Divine Life Ministries International with headquarters in Lugansk, Ukraine. He is an anointed preacher, teacher and expositor of the word of God whose teachings have led several into the realities of the life in Christ. He is a father, a life coach, a mentor, a capacity builder, a motivational speaker, a leader to leaders and a pastor to pastors with a ministry spanning over seven years now! Periodically, he holds special meetings including: seminars, ... read more
Latest book: The Emergence of Champions

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K. A. Cross
I am an English writer from the historic university town of Oxford. I live with my supportive fiancé and our two children, who are my world. I spend most of my time rushing around between school runs, housework and working part-time at the weekends. It’s a bit hectic but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My passion is writing and has been ever since I was little, writing little stories as soon as I could hold a pen. Dreaming that one day I would have a book out there with my name on it. As I grew older and entered the grown up world I drifted away from storytelling. After the birth of my son, I was introduced to Wattpad. This site sparked the creative monster inside and I soon started writing again. Aft ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Hurst
David is a veteran of the Vietnam War. After his service in the military, he invited Jesus Christ to come into his heart. The Lord has led him into many wonderful places. He shared the gospel with the little children in Sunday school class. Later, he worked with the youth and brought the good news of salvation to the elderly at a nursing home. David attends the Dublin Church of God in Dublin, Virginia. In 1982, he received a very special award by the State Layman’s board of Virginia. He was recognized as layman of the year.
Latest book: Daily Inspiration Micro Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S. E. McKenzie
Shannan McKenzie is a 25 year old author based out of North Florida. A voracious reader, part-time Bath & Body Works employee, and Sacred Harp singer, she splits the rest of her time between yarn-crafts, writing her heart out, and photography trips with her husband.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tara Oakes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrea Holm
Born in Reykjavik, Iceland. Has lived in many countries and speaks many languages. Her writes reflect the splendors of Icelandic nature. A believer in individuality and equality. Writing has always been her passion and is now making her dreams come true.
Latest book: A Trip Into The Edges Of Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Udey Johnson
I'm a freelance writer of ebooks and blog articles dealing with travel, history, healthy living and art. While my travel writing certainly contains practical information to help people orient themselves to different places, I tend to go a little deeper into the historical context than the average guide book. My theory is the more you know about a place besides its location, the more you see. This is the same philosophy I bring to all the subjects I write about. My goal is to give readers a unique twist on each topic I address in hopes of offering a new way of looking at things that both challenges, and expands the perspective you arrived with. My professional background is in education as a teacher in everyth ... read more
Latest book: The Fasting Feast - a path to better health & mental clarity

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Steen
At 41 years old I entered the work of writing a seasoned human being. I've seen and done things well out of the ordinary with a 10 year career in the British Forces straight from leaving school. I currently live in Manchester UK with my gorgeous wife and 2 wonderful children.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Suzanne Wind
Suzanne lives in CT with her husband and three kids. Before kids, she was an international marketing executive in New York City. With a multi-cultural background, she was raised in more than six countries with four languages. Her career and living overseas taught her the importance of knowing and using the common language of manners and social skills to being your best. Today she's a mom with a mission, inspired to communicate social skills in a modern world to a new generation.
Latest book: The SMART Playbook: Game Plan #1 - Social Skill Basics

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas was born and raised in Detroit, and although currently enjoying the lack of snow and ice in Florida, remains a son of the post-industrial apocalypse. Throughout his childhood, Tom found solace in comic books, Star Wars action figures, movies, cartoons, and video games. His passion for story has carried him through his adult life. Tom is a college professor, author, blogger, poet, book reviewer, and spoken word performer. When not writing, Tom likes to drive fast and take chances. If life was fair, I would be dead. So three cheers for INJUSTICE! Tom has been published in Writer’s Digest, The South End, The Oakland Press, The Macomb Daily, Orbit, Anthropomorphic, and U. Magazine. He has also been ... read more
Latest book: Leather to the Corinthians

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Silence in the Library
Founded in 2011 by a group of authors, Silence in the Library, LLC was established with the goal of creating an environment that allows authors, artists, editors, and other publishing professionals to work collaboratively to showcase their work. Our model keeps the creative decisions, throughout the publishing process, as close to the actual creators (i.e. authors and artists) as possible. Authors are deeply involved in their projects from start to finish. By closely controlling the quality of inputs to the process, we ensure a high level of quality in the final product while allowing space for imagination to flourish.
Latest book: Vision of Shadows

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mary Ellen Ward
Homesteading, house-holding, farming, gardening, being a wife and mother, and yes writing, too, represent the majority of ways Mary Ellen Ward spends her days. Believing in living well and eating well and days that end in a feeling of accomplishment, finding ways to incorporate some of the most valuable old-school ways of life into a busy modern one is what she truly enjoys. She considers herself highly fortunate to be able to do so, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with others who are similarly inclined.
Latest book: Make-Ahead Mix Day Complete Recipes and Instructions for On-Hand Homemade Quick Mixes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Giles Milton
Giles Milton is the internationally bestselling author of Nathaniel’s Nutmeg, Big Chief Elizabeth, Samurai William, White Gold, The Riddle and the Knight, Paradise Lost, Wolfram and, most recently, Russian Roulette. His books have been translated into twenty languages. White Gold is currently being piloted as a major Channel 4 series. The Perfect Corpse is his debut thriller. He has previously written two novels, Edward Trencom’s Nose and According to Arnold, and three children’s books, two of them illustrated by his wife, Alexandra. He lives in London.
Latest book: The Perfect Corpse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kim Schubert
Kim Schubert has been accused of living in “lala” land on multiple occasions and believe me, she wishes it was true. No, contrary to popular belief she actually resides in Phoenix, AZ with her fantastically supportive husband and three dogs. Writing has been a secret closet hobby of Kim’s since she was able to read herself, she dabbled as she bounced from job to job earning a paycheck, not a living. All of that changed on July 3, 2011 when her little brother passed away. Writing was no longer a hobby, it was passion, a desire, a painful need to communicate all the emotions her subconscious was pumping out. Now she aspires to share her writings with the world.
Latest book: Dead Shifter Walking

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Teneca Meeks
I love reading, writing and fishing (yes fishing). Got tired of the mundane and decided to spice up my life. That's where I got the idea for Cat Eyes. Take a walk on the wild side with me you will not be disappointed.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alexander Antipov
Dr. Antipov completed a four-year surgical and anesthesia training at the prestigious Montefiorte Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York after receiving his D.D.S. degree from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry Southern California. He also served a Fellowship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Columbia University Harlem Hospital Center in New York. His surgical staff is highly-trained and offers expert care before, during and after oral and maxillofacial surgery. They are friendly, talented and devoted professionals, committed to their patients. He is an in-network provider for most insurance plans. His administrative staff is well-versed in health insurance policies and will hap ... read more
Latest book: Guide To Immediate Implants And Teeth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Serena Biggs
Serena Biggs is a happily married heterosexual woman with a high libido. Most of her stories are taken from fantasies she wrote when she was in her twenties. She had a lot of jobs that let her mind wander and her lust soar. Fantasies starring guys she had a crush on became the norm. She started writing them down so she could go back to them. They’ve been added to and fleshed out to make them sizzling reads. She likes to push her own buttons and tries to write things that turn her on yet make her uncomfortable. She lives in Canada with her husband. She’s not telling if they’ve tried any of the things in her stories or not but you can ask her anything else.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jessica Page
My name is Jessica Page, I' m a new author that may or may not have a minor addiction to reading novels (both YA and adult fiction), watching movies and television series, especially ones that have vampires, werewolves, and/or steamy romance is in the storyline. I live in Northern Ontario Canada with my husband and pets where I spend my days working in a 'pencil-pushing paradise' but I find myself writing Adult and YA fiction whenever I have a free second which never quite feels like long enough... but given the fact that my retirement will not happen for a very long time so I'll take what I can get in the meantime. I've always been an imaginative person (and admittedly probably a little neurotic) with a pass ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Cogan
Jim Cogan is a writer, musician, music producer and filmmaker living in the City of Bristol, United Kingdom. Primarily he writes in the horror, sci-fi, urban fantasy, comedy and speculative fiction genres, usually mashing up a few elements of each.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Erika Van Eck
I'm a California girl born and raised. I'm a mom, wife, friend, book nerd, writer, and blogger. I love coffee, music, and the smell of old books. I started writing poetry at a young age and fell in love with it. My writing has expanded from there and I can't wait to share it with whoever will read it.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sumiiruka974
Semiralla Hill is a writer from Texas where she lives with her two children.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul Anwandter
Paul Anwandter nació en Santiago de Chile el 19 de junio de 1956. Es casado y padre de dos hijos. Es Master Trainer Coach Integral, Master Trainer Internacional de Coaching, Master Trainer en PNL, Master Developmental Coach, Profesor de Hipnosis Clínica e Hipnoterapia y Consultor Internacional. Se graduó como ingeniero electrónico en la Escola de Engenharia Mauá de la IMT en Sao Paulo, Brasil, donde también pasó su infancia y adolescencia. Autor de los libros Un día cada día o la próxima estación (2005); Momentos mágicos o una guía para viajar en el tiempo (2006); Introducción al Coaching Integral (2008); Autohipnosis: Entrene su Mente (2009); Coaching Integral ICI en los Negocios.(2010); Dosci ... read more
Latest book: Como Conseguir lo que Quiero o Cuentos de Niños para Adultos

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Coyte Cooper
Dr. Coyte Cooper is currently an Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator in Sport Administration at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill where he teaches Sport Marketing courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. With a research line focused on "Innovative Branding Strategies in College Sport Environments," he has published 38 peer-reviewed articles, 8 book chapters, and the Marketing Manual. Dr. Cooper is also the founder and CEO of Elite Level Sport Marketing (ELSM), which is a firm that focuses on providing branding training to sport organizations, programs, and leaders. He earned his Doctorate in Sport Marketing & Management from Indiana University - Bloomington in 2007. He ... read more
Latest book: Impressions: The Power of Personal Branding in Living an Extraordinary Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sofia Velardi
Sofia Velardi is a New Jersey native, a wife, and the mother of two wonderful twin girls. When she's not writing, Sofia enjoys reading, shopping trips to Manhattan, and spending time with her family. Sofia is the author of The Betrayal Series: Abby's Guilt, Brianna's Secret, and Kyle's Revenge. Sofia realizes that The Betrayal Series is not a conventional love story. It deals with subject matters that some people may find controversial. But the story had been rattling around in her head for some time, and she felt she needed to put it down on paper and get it out there. The Betrayal Series is much more than a lesbian love tale. It is a story about the importance of family, overcoming great pain, learni ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Argiro Mantoglou
Argiro studied English and Philosophy at the University of North London, England and has worked as a literary critic on Athens newspaper Eleftherotypia for ten years (2000- 2010). She has, also, published numerous articles on literature and culture. She is the author of five books of fiction and two books of poetry. Her latest book “White Revenge” was shortlisted for the “Anagnostis” (“Reader”) Literary Prize, one of the most distinguished prizes in Greece. She has translated a number of novels including writers as Henry James and Virginia Woolf. She’s currently working as a translator for different publishing houses in Greece. She has been a member of the Committee for the National Translation Pr ... read more
Latest book: All On Zero

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Panos Tserolas
Panos was born in the middle of a typical Mediterranean summer in 1985 and grew up in Athens (from September to May) and the island of Evia (in the summers). This seasonal and geographic differentiation is quite significant in his childhood, since Evia still remains his center of inspiration and peace of mind; and is, of course, one of the most quietly beautiful corners of Greece. He had the inclination to read (more like, digest everything in printed form) and write from a small age, but his school years led him to Geology and to the University of Patras, in 2003. There, while studying and uncovering the mechanisms of the Earth’s processes, he was part of the student movements against privatization of Greek ... read more
Latest book: Περί Έρωτος & Άλλων Αναρχικών Συμπτωμάτων

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M Lashall Fitz Fitz
I am a writer and entrepreneur. I have over 20 years experience as a small business owner. I currently reside in Memphis, Tn.
Latest book: Apps that Make Money

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brian Hershey
Brian Hershey began his writing career by self-publishing a teen novel, Accidental Impact, to increase awareness about underage consumption and drunk driving; which saw coverage in the Herald-Star in his home town of Steubenville. Hershey later switched his focus to a more mature audience, writing the horror novel, Forgotten Sin. Hershey also served as one of the Best of Round Judges for the Regional Power of the Pen Creative Writing Tournament in March of 2014 at Princeton Community Middle School.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Denise Nicole Grixti
Denise is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Wellness Coach. She has a background in dance and has been in the fitness industry for the past 10 years, gaining qualifications from the Australian Institute of Fitness and working in London and across Malta. She is also a fully qualified Primal Flow, Street Fit and Metabolic Effect Trainer. Having a range of clients from corporate sites, leisure centers, outdoor group sessions as well as residents homes. Believe, Sweat and Inspire is her motto. She has helped many people to reach their goals to be lean and healthy so that they can look good, feel great, feel confident and live a healthy lifestyle long term!
Latest book: SHED THE WEIGHT - How To Lose Weight And Get Fit In A Healthy Way!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan is currently a computer systems engineer in new York, he started writing software at age 10, most of his life he spent tinkering with and building computers, at age 17 he got his first job with a computer company designing complex systems and has been doing it ever since.
Latest book: the digital mind

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barry Huggins
Barry Huggins is a writer and educator to the creative industries. His teaching revolves around writing, photography and digital technologies, primarily to clients from the publishing and broadcasting world, but also to individuals from a broad range of diverse backgrounds. His first fiction title, published in April 2014 is The Evanescence of Being. He is also the author of eight non-fiction titles covering photography, Photoshop and creative digital techniques. His books have been translated into seven languages. He is currently working on completing his second fiction novel which is scheduled for publication during 2014.
Latest book: A Late Monsoon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amber T. Darby
Amber Turner Darby was born on June 22, 1996 in Silver Spring, Maryland. After conquering her learning challenges, she discovered her talent of Creative Writing in the 9th grade. Since then, she has written many poems, haikus and this first of her three books so far. She graduated from Riverdale Baptist High School as a member of the National Honor Society in 2014. She will be starting her freshman year of College in the Fall of 2014. She is loved and supported by her mother, father, brother, over twelve aunts and uncles, church family and many friends.
Latest book: The Vase: Change of Fate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Signe Miranda
I love inspiring people to follow their hearts and express the songs inside of them. Leading The Song Creation Workshop with Taylor Abrahamse and doing private songwriting coaching has been an exciting way to witness people learning new ways to express themselves creatively through music and words. - Signe Signe Miranda is a singer, songwriter, musician and songwriting coach. She's the lead singer of Signe Miranda's Veranda, an alternative roots-rock band, getting ready to record their third album, and has released two band albums and one solo album, receiving radio airplay in across Canada, including on CBC and seven other countries, including the United States, Germany, Belarus, Macedonia, Columbia, Austral ... read more
Latest book: The Song Creation Formula: 7 Easy Steps to Writing Your Song

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Breigh Forstner
I am an AVID reader and write almost everyday. I have two young daughters and work full-time. I love rock n' roll music and writing about it most of all. Currently, I have released "Forever and Always" and my newest book "Straight from the Heart."

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Anthony

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lenovations Press
Lenovations Press - Comics Done For Fun We LOVE comics. We have stories to tell. It is fun for us to bring heroes and bad guys to life on the printed page and digital screen.
Latest book: Adventures of Track Suit Man

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jessica & Meagan Richards
Jessica Richards has been writing since she was 10 years old-from poems, to short stories, to completeing a novel with her sister, Meagan. She loves creating characters, writing music lyrics, and lives in California. Meagan Richards joined her sister Jessica in completing Haunted December and desires accomplishing much more with her. She enjoys creating new worlds for their novels and loves learning about animals. She also lives in California with her sisters and calico cat.
Latest book: Haunted December

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pascale Madeleine
Née à Paris Pendant quelques années elle apprivoise divers métiers de Paris à Marseille, puis à Lyon. Après une licence en Sciences de l'Education et un Master de Sociologie Appliquée au Développement Local, et après avoir enseigné durant quinze ans auprès d’enfants handicapés, en difficulté, d’origine sociale souvent défavorisée, dans un ITEP (Institut Thérapeutique Éducatif et Pédagogique), elle se consacre aujourd'hui à une association qui vient en aide aux SDF et sans-abri. Son inspiration s'ancre dans les chroniques, la cruauté des hommes ou dans les histoires familiales dans ce qu'elles ont d'universel. Son style est teinté d'humour, parfois noir et cynique,à l'image de sa fa ... read more
Latest book: Tzigane

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Graham Charles
Graham Charles DJ, Actor, Author, Presenter, Host of the T8 Robotic & Laser Show DJ (Current) Graham Charles is often a ‘Special guest DJ’ at various events around the world featuring, top names like, David Guetta, Paul Oakenfold. Eric Morrillo – Armin Van Buuren. Paul Van Dyke Past events 'Live' : 4 x Guest DJ performances for BBC TV’s ‘Eastenders’ Television show cast & crew (London- UK) BBC TV’s ‘Holby City’ Christmas Party Cast & Crew. Music Venues played at include, Stringfellows, Club UK, Ministry Of Sound, (London) Pink Elephant (Luton) Pink Coconut (Brighton) Venus (Nottingham) Limelight (New York) Number 1 (Paris) Le Pacha (Switzerland) X Club (Kos) Styx II, Stownes, Axis, Pushka, Num ... read more
Latest book: So, You Want To Be A DJ?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tressie Lockwood
Tressie Lockwood is the National Bestselling author of interracial romance. She has always loved books, and she enjoys writing about heroines who are overcoming the trials of life. She writes straight from her heart, reaching out to those who find it hard to be completely themselves no matter what anyone else thinks. Tressie resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her two sons and cute little dog. She hopes her readers enjoy her short stories. Visit Tressie on the web at or

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ioli Lionara
Βιογραφικό Όνομα, επάγγελμα, σπουδές, έτος γέννας, πόλη καταγωγής, πόλη διαμονής, οικογένεια και πολλά άλλα. Έχω αλλά δεν με κατέχουν. Όσο Είμαι εδώ, όσο συναντάω ωφέλιμα για τον κόσμο, τα συμπυκνώνω σε ευανάγνωστες σύντομες στιχοδημιουργίες. Δημιουργικά δώρα, από Αγάπη με Αγάπη, για τον κόσμο. Υπάρχω απλά και είναι η Χαρά μου. Ενώστε το νου σας με του συγγραφέα, υπάρχει ή όχι είναι μόνο ιδέα… ... read more
Latest book: Πο(υ)λιτικός Παραμυθόκοσμος

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hannah Warren
Hannah Warren was born in Paris (Fr.) in 1956 as a second child to a Dutch father and an English mother. She has lived in The Netherlands almost all her life but maintains strong ties with her own favourite triangle: France, UK and Holland. Hannah studied Dutch literature and Mass Communication at the University of Amsterdam and later obtained a B.A. in English Literature and Language and a B.A. in Translation from Rotterdam University. After having been a lecturer and a translator for many years, she now works as a staff member at the International Office of HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen. Her free-time is taken up by writing fiction, teaching Yoga and pottering around in the garden. After h ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin is a passionate and unconventional metaphysical thinker and writer who has been questioning reality since 1999. Writing on her blog Kelly Martin Speaks and speaking on YouTube she traces her journey from shyness to greater confidence. Kelly has explored many different paths from Reiki healing, Shamanism to Buddhism and now embraces a primarily mindful journey. After what felt like a decade of severe anxiety she took up mindfulness meditation and began to notice how much compassion and kindness lay in simply being with who she was, in that moment. Through practising mindfulness she began to emerge from a story of failure and fear to empowerment and greater confidence. She wants to encourage peopl ... read more
Latest book: When Everyone Shines But You - Saying Goodbye To 'I'm Not Good Enough'

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bernadette Sukley
Bernadette Sukley has been researching, writing and editing for over twenty years. Her work has appeared in newsletters, newspapers, magazines, and books. She’s edited sports, health, and lifestyle publications, and she’s interviewed Olympians and politicians. She’s also done research for medical associations and hospitals. Ms. Sukley compiled content for every sort of publication from medical brochures to marathon calendars. She’s been a vet tech, babysitter, aerobics instructor and a nurse’s aide. Her first book, A Saving Hurricane, caught the public eye in 2008. When she’s not writing, she is running, watching nature, or trying to make something pretty, tasty, or cool.
Latest book: Find Me A Woman

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lucky Simms
I have a cat. We are not on speaking terms. I live in Illinois. I have been writing for about 15 years under various disguises including "tech writer." Now I think we are called "indie writers" and that suits me just fine.