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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Derek Padula
Derek Padula is the author of The Dao of Dragon Ball, the first book to reveal the deep history, philosophy and ancient cultural roots of the world’s #1 anime and manga. Derek has been a fan of Dragon Ball since 1997 when he first watched the anime, and has seen every episode and read every chapter of the manga dozens of times. His love for Dragon Ball inspired him to begin martial arts training in Shaolin Gong Fu, and then Taiji Quan, Qi Gong, San Sau, Shotokan Karate, and Falun Dafa meditation. Derek earned his B.A. in East Asian Studies and a minor in Chinese from Western Michigan University. He studied abroad in Beijing, China where he trained with the Buddhist Shaolin Monks and a Daoist Taiji Sword Mast ... read more
Latest book: Dragon Ball Z 'It's Over 9,000!' Cosmovisiones en Colisión

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sasha S
Sasha S (pseudonym) followed the traditional path of University education and professional career for a number of years, before finally dedicating herself to her true passion of art and creative writing. Sasha S currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her three dogs and a horse. She is fit, active and young at heart… and is yet to admit her real age to anyone.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Erik Svendsen
Erik is a 26 year-old student and writer from Salem, Oregon. He loves to write horror and thrillers and specializes in short stories. Erik is very involved in social networking and reaching out to his fans and critics. Anyone with anything to share can get in touch with Erik on Twitter, Facebook, or at his website.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Foreman
I am British, living in Entebbe, Uganda, with my wife and two kids, and currently work as an independent security consultant in East Africa. As a Freelance writer I have been published in several UK and African magazines, including BBC Wildlife magazine, Soldier magazine, Combat & Survival magazine, SCUBA magazine, Church of England Newspaper, African Travel Review magazine, Land Rover World magazine, Your Dog magazine, Travel News and Lifestyle magazine (Kenya), What’s Happening in Dar (Tanzania), The Dar Guide (Tanzania), Daily Mail newspaper (UK), and others. My true story, ‘The Nomads of Sabalon’ was included in the 2002 edition of Chicken Soup for the Traveler’s Soul (USA), and my fiction story ... read more
Latest book: Atheism 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Reason and Enlightenment

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matthew C. Gill
The one thing just about anyone who has ever known me can readily admit is that I have always had a vivid imagination. At a young age I discovered that through writing I could share it with others and I have been doing just that ever since. After becoming disabled a lot changed in my life, but somethings never will. I am still a wonderfully lucky man married to a beautiful wife with 4 great kids and I still enjoy sharing my imagination. And it is something I will continue to do up until I can no longer lift a pencil.
Latest book: Gauntlet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bottom Drawer Publications
eBook publisher of romantic and erotic fiction. We publish books in the following genres - contemporary, historical, alternative lifestyle, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, thriller & steampunk.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page sonia blackwell
Sonia Blackwell was always an avid reader and her dream was to become a journalist. Circumstances however, caused her to pursue a different career path. This did not deter her from writing short stories and many songs. This eventually led to the production of a gospel album and now the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, to be a writer.She is the mother of two adult children and enjoys playing scrabble, dominoes and watching athletics.
Latest book: Tangled Up In Jesus

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pablo Ruiz
Pablo Ruiz Amo studied the International Baccalaureate of Switzerland Diploma at École Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel, Lille, France. He then went to London Metropolitan University and obtained a degree in International Business with honors. He got a Master in Commercial Real Estate Development by Roosevelt University, Chicago. USA Taken numerous courses in the various financial markets: fundamental analysis, Forex, Stocks and Trading Systems, Investment Funds, Venture Capital, etc. Licensed Real Estate Salesperson for the State of Illinois, USA. API - Spanish Property Real Estate Agent. Tax Consultant from the Graduate School of Business. Multiple real estate work experience internationally: Faron Sutaria, D ... read more
Latest book: Introducción a la Masonería

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dennis Bowen
A native Californian, Dennis Bowen has a long-standing commitment to international affairs, has traveled to more than 40 countries, and is a member of the World Affairs Council. Add to the mix his classified defense and intelligence community background, martial arts training, sports car track-racing, service with military amphibious forces in a war zone, and playing in rock bands, and it’s not surprising that this eclectic writer pens International Thrillers. When not traveling the globe to conduct book research, he resides on the Southern California coast.
Latest book: The Crystal Seduction

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Hansen
Larry D. Hansen is a published author who writes in a variety of media including, short stories, novels and screenplays. Larry has had two screenplays optioned, a TV pilot currently being shopped and several others scripts that have scored very well in competitions including, Temporary Detective, which was a top five finalist in the 2009 DiveBomber Radio Screenplay competition. Larry was the Screenplay Competition Director for the Slamdance International Film Festival for several years, and has worked for DreamWorks SKG, Boss Film Studios, and Ken Kragen among other notable industry leaders. He has also directed Hooters, Ted Talley’s (Silence of the Lambs) original stage play at the Stella Adler Theater in ... read more
Latest book: Temporary Detective

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cardyn Brooks
Cardyn Brooks is a book addict who loves her family and friends. She writes about loving and being loved because she believes ultimately, that’s what matters most in life. C. X Brooks is her alter ego who writes more explicit, emotionally intimate erotica about monogamous adults in love.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Katrina Sawa
Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. Katrina is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing™ System, JumpStart Your Business in 90 Days System and 7 Step Love & Money System of which she holds a live event on every year. She works with motivated entrepreneurs who want to start, grow and market your business the right way from the start. Katrina helps you move faster and more affordably towards your ultimate revenue and professional goals using online and offline marketing strategies, plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too! Katrina is a best selling author, speaker and award-winning coach who has been ... read more
Latest book: Love Yourself Successful

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor is an author from the United Kingdom specializing in Horror, working mostly in the field of the short story. Starting as a writer in his thirties he has had dozens of short stories published in print, from publishing houses large and small. And while the Devils Hand continues to thrive, his first novel, Shutter Speed, is available from from Nocturnal Press Publications, and Redemption, a novel he co-authored with Charles Day is coming 2014 from Black Bed Sheet Books.
Latest book: Conviction, The Devil's Hand: Book 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rosemary Augustine
A native of Southern New Jersey, Rosemary Augustine spent most of her adult life living in Colorado and returned to the Philadelphia area in 2001. However, when Rosemary relocated from her home in Denver to the New Jersey / Pennsylvania area, something different happened besides a change of address. Rosemary embraced the culture of the northeast with a flair for creativity which opened a new direction for her as an artist and writer. Rosemary calls herself a Journal Aficionado – her License Plate reads: “Journal” … She offers many creative workshops focused on art-filled play and creative writing taking your spirit to new levels. Her artistic endeavors include acrylic and watercolor painting, designin ... read more
Latest book: Journal to a More Creative Self

Follow me at my  Facebook Page thanos kondylis
Thanos Kondylis is a professional Greek writer. He studied for almost seventeen years Archaeology and History in Greece and Italy. In 2006 he received a PhD in Medieval European and Greek History from the University of Athens. He wrote numerous academic articles, participated in international conferences, and he is honored twice by the Greek Parliament for his research and books on Eleftherios Venizelos. He has written many history articles and novels. At least one of his novels (Crime in ancient Olympia) is translated also in Italian (Omicidio a Olympia, Gruppo Editoriale Mauri Spagnol, 2009).
Latest book: Simply a murder? (ENAS FONOS POLY APLOIKOS) (Short Story, IN GREEK, 2012, v. 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christian Wolmar
Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport and is the author of a series of books on railway history. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and railway events, and regularly appears on TV and radio. In 2011 was the captain of the Warwick team of graduates in Christmas University Challenge, which reached the final of the competition. He has spent nearly all of his working life as a journalist, and his interest in transport began at The Independent when he was appointed transport correspondent in 1992. Although he mainly concentrates on transport matters, he ahs covered many other social policy issues and has written on a wide range of subjects ranging from cricket to ... read more
Latest book: On the Wrong Line: How Ideology and Incompetence Wrecked Britain's Railways

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brenda Corey Dunne
Brenda Corey Dunne grew up in rural New Brunswick, Canada. She is a freckle-faced physiotherapist, proud mom of three avid readers, and wife to an air force pilot. When not working, writing or taxiing she can be found in the garden or the paddock with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other.
Latest book: Treasure in the Flame

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robin and the Honey Badger
Robin Far from being a mere featherhead, Robin is a mainstream scientist operating at the centre of current environmental concerns. His work has three main components: primary academic research, environmental consulting, and entrepreneurship. He has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters in the fields of ecology and soil science. Robin’s light and curious mind achieves an avian mobility among the many fields of biological knowledge, making surprising connections and delighting in new perspectives. The Honey Badger Restlessly digging beneath the surface, the Honey Badger is in constant search for the honey of a more fulfilling biology that mines the common ground of apparent ... read more
Latest book: Fomenting Resistance To Tyrannosaurs

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Justin Blaney
Justin Blaney is the #1 bestselling author of 6 books including Evan Burl and the Falling and the critically acclaimed photography journal, Fast Wide Open. He began attending college at 16, married his high school sweetheart at 17, and had three daughters by 21. While earning several graduate degrees and raising his young family, Justin founded more than a dozen businesses and nonprofits, making him a millionaire at the age of 25. He has since lost his fortune several times over, but through the ups and downs discovered the work for which he was designed. Justin’s passion is helping individuals and organizations develop and share their uniqueness, enabling them to achieve their greatest success in life and ... read more
Latest book: Evan Burl and the Falling, Vol. 1-4

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lacey Harbula
Hi! My name is Lacey Harbula. I am a mother of five beautiful children and married to the sweetest most supportive man on earth. We live in Maryland and enjoy spending family time together, hiking up Catoctin Mountain(Where my husband proposed to me.), swimming and relaxing. I have been writing since I was ten years old, and at the encouragement of my father began thinking about getting published. I currently do not have any of my books in print, but that is my next step! At this time I am on the look out for an agent!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kirkish
Laid back guy living in Florida, enjoying the sun, parks, sunrises and sunsets, stargazing, and talking to people online and off.
Latest book: Fooled

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lee Strauss
Lee Strauss writes science fiction and historical YA for mature YA and adult readers. She also writes light and fun stuff under the name Elle Strauss.
Latest book: Heart & Soul

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Toni Staton Harris
Staton Harris is an award winning contemporary fiction author who also blogs about television, film, hot topics, relationships and wine. She is also a certified wine enthusiast and consultant.
Latest book: Help, My Best Friend Just Got Married, Can We Still Be Friends?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maria Leahey
Maria Leahey picked up bus driving when her family was hit hard by the recession of 2009. She took on bus driving because she figured that job would never be outsourced overseas. The silver lining in this economic cloud was that she loved the job and wrote about it frequently on facebook. Friends and family encouraged her to collect her posts into a book. This is her first book. She lives in Texas with her husband and teenagers.
Latest book: Trouble Lives at the Back of the Bus

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thomas Roth

Latest book: Eli the Electron

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Quilters Newsletter
Quilters Newsletter is the most trusted source of news and in-depth information about events and people from around the quilt world. Our techniques and patterns reflect the hottest trends in traditional, contemporary, and artistic styles and challenge dedicated quiltmakers to expand the scope of their expertise. Quilters Newsletter adds to the ongoing written record of all aspects of quiltmaking that researchers, collectors, dealers, and conservationists will refer to for years to come.
Latest book: 9 Guides for Quilting Success

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joss Wulff

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sew News
Sew News is the go-to guide for the most current and relevant information that the sewing world has to offer. Come see us for fresh interpretations of timeless techniques, exciting projects and fabulous new products.
Latest book: Sewing for Kids: 4 Sewing Guides

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Love of Quilting
Love of Quilting magazine is known for clear and accurate instructions, inspiring projects, and helpful hints, tips, and techniques. Marianne Fons and Liz Porter are two of the most trusted educators in quilting, and they bring their knowledge and skills to every issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting.
Latest book: Keepsake Quilting Block Buster

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paper Crafts
As the leading card-making publication, Paper Crafts empowers its readers to make personal and meaningful connections through the art of paper crafting. We publish easy-to-recreate projects featuring the latest techniques, products, and trends by designers who are our readers. Through our clear step-by-step instructions, variety of styles, and our growing online community, we strive to inspire all paper crafters in an everyone-can-play community where all are welcome to contribute. Paper Crafts is an enthusiast-based magazine with worldwide circulation of over 170,000 readers. Each Paper Crafts publication is overflowing with innovative ideas for creating handmade cards, wraps, albums, and more.
Latest book: Paper Crafting Secrets that Make All the Difference

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Myrtle Siebert
Myrtle Rae Forberg Siebert came to writing through a deep appreciation for books, first as a child and later through participation as a teacher on a Ministry of Education Textbook Selection Committee. Ms Siebert’s Management and Foods is a ministry text and was the first book to achieve a much-coveted metric “M” designation in Canada. An education ministry contact led to her second work, Food for Life, published in 1994 by McGraw-Hill Ryerson for students at grade nine and ten level across Canada. She is a retired Registered Professional Home Economist who continues a special interest in management of time, energy and resources. A former teacher, she has enjoyed a wide range of careers including that of o ... read more
Latest book: From Fjord to Floathouse One Family’s Journey From the Farmlands of Norway to the Coast of British Columbia

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K.L. Toth
I am a writer, poet, and a lover of movies, art and wine! I can get lost in the pages of a good book or in the development of a character that demands to be written.
Latest book: A Test of Faith

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marilyn Komechak
Before working twenty years as a licensed psychologist and therapist in private practice in Fort Worth, Texas, Marilyn was on the staff of the Fort Worth Child Study Center, and was the Associate Director of the Center for Behavioral Studies at the University of North Texas. She holds degrees from Purdue, Texas Christian University and her Doctorate from the University of North Texas. During her work as a psychologist, she also served as a consultant to schools, businesses, and corporations. She had ten articles published in various professional journals. While maintaining her private practice office, she wrote a self-help book "Getting Yourself Together." The CD-ROM edition was introduced at the Chicago Bo ... read more
Latest book: Morals and Manners for the Millennium

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gary Lumpp
Award-winning screenwriter with scripts that include the international feature "Serbian Scars" starring Michael Madsen and the independently produced and directed "When Heaven Comes Down."
Latest book: Screenwriter Scars

Follow me at my  Facebook Page david caulkins
Dave Caulkins has been a student of the Great War (WWI) for more than twenty years.He's studied the major events and the people involved, and has visited several of the battlefields. He's read many books by participants and military historians. His sub-specialty is tanks; he's visited the Tank Museum, Dorset, England and read much about tanks and the WWI battles in which they were involved. He is a fan of and has read all 12 books of the Flashman series by George MacDonald Fraser (now, alas, deceased).
Latest book: Flashman In The Great War

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer L. Oliver
Jennifer L. Oliver was first bitten by the story bug when she saw Star War IV at the tender age of 5. Once she realized that her mind held the key to doorways of dimensions far beyond our own, she found sanity in escaping from the doldrums of the physical world to the magical places she created in her stories. After many years of working at a daily newspaper, she honed her writing skills in secret. Now Jennifer brings that same opportunity of escape and entertainment to readers of her dark urban fantasy and paranormal thrillers. She lives on Florida's Gulf Coast with her husband, two cats, and a Royal Bahamian Potcake dog that is half her size and thinks the world revolves around food and treats. When she's n ... read more
Latest book: Haedyn's Choice

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bryon Decker
I was born and raised in the small community Addison in Western New York, I now live in Bath, NY.I came from a large family, five sisters and two brothers. I am on my second marriage and have seven children of my own, with eight grandchildren. I'm not the author with several PHD's or Masters, I only have a high school with some college education. I enjoy writing and felt the need to entertain.
Latest book: The Strans Curse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Hill
At 18 years old, Richard Hill accidentally discovered a deeply hidden family secret: he was adopted. Many years later, he was startled to learn that he had a brother out there somewhere. What then began as a search for his mother and brother evolved into a decades-long search for his biological father. Blocked by sealed records, lies, and cover-ups, Richard eventually turned to a series of new DNA tests designed for genealogists. His groundbreaking use of this new science revealed his birth father’s last name and—more recently—helped him prove which of five deceased brothers had been his biological father. Richard has made it his personal mission to share what he learned with other adoptees and genealog ... read more
Latest book: Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Kellett
John Kellett was born in 1972 in Wiltshire, England where he has lived ever since. His debut novel Amaranth is a tale of Magical Lands, Witches and Wizards and written on request from his daughter, Shannon. A Project Manager by day, John wrote the book over several years as well as working full time and drinking heavily in the pubs of Melksham. He describes the writing of his debut novel as a labour of love.
Latest book: Amaranth - A Tale of Magical Lands, Wizards and Adventure

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marjorie Liu
Marjorie Liu is an attorney and a New York Times bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance—as well as comic books for Marvel. A nomad at heart, she divides her time between Beijing, the American Midwest, New York City, and Boston. Please visit her website at
Latest book: Where The Heart Lives

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dahiri Espinosa
Dahiri Espinosa, es ingeniero en informática, fundador de varias empresas y cofundador de la empresa GRUPO LDE, empresa propietaria de Cigarros HE. Posee una maestría en administración de empresas, y varios diplomados en redes informáticas, seguridad informática, auditoría de software, programación web y otros. Actualmente se desempeña como Encargado de Tecnología de una importante institución gubernamental, gerente administrativo de Grupo LDE y Gerente General de Ahiely Computer & Office Solutions.
Latest book: Exercises for Those Who Suffer a Disk Hernia

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Creating Keepsakes
Creating Keepsakes magazine is the leading magazine for inspiration and techniques for scrapbookers. Founded in 1996, this magazine presents expert advice and hundreds of ideas for photography, journaling, organization, and more to help readers create scrapbooks to share their stories with their friends, family, and generations to come.
Latest book: 9 Guides to Scrapbooking Success

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Doug Strider
I’m currently working on a pulp-ish sci-fi book to be released in four novella sized parts. I call it 'Space Danger!' and it’s going well so far I reckon. I hope you will eventually enjoy it. About me? I’m human, with a nose, arms, legs and all the other regular bits and I’m male (so include those bits in the previous list if you would). I’m a fan of ale, wine, sci-fi & fantasy type stuff, food, writing in pubs, laughing and loads of other things. I live in London with a more prolific writer, the bane of feet (cat), some of the more interesting sentient teddy bears around, door-slamming thunderous neighbours who I believe to be anger demons and, because it’s a poor old building, a bit of mould.
Latest book: Space Danger! Nemesis Mine

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Suniti Chandra Mishra
I am involved in writing poems, novels, stories and other useful books since my early youth. After graduating from Mithila University (India), I adopted a career as a language teacher and served at several schools. I further served as Office Secretary of the Continental Board of Baha’i Counsellors in Asia (Gwalior office) where I was responsible for independently handling correspondence with Baha’i and non-Baha’i international institutions and developing study materials. I also served, during the same time, on the Translation & Review Committee of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of India and translated a number of books including the Most Holy Book of the Baha’i Faith (by Baha’u’ll ... read more
Latest book: The Law of Natural Manifestation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Walter Frederick
Roger Boaden (aka Walter Frederick) was born in Newark, Nottinghamshire, England. He spent thirty years working for the Conservative Party, and during that time managed three election campaign tours for Sir Edward Heath, followed by three for Baroness Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher). He also held a number of key posts in the party's organisation. In 1988 he left to lead the successful campaign, widely supported by the general public, to modernise England's outdated and restrictive Sunday trading laws. He has two daughters from his first marriage, Vicki and Fiona, and five grandchildren. In 2002 after serious ill-health he moved with his second wife to France to live in rural Haute Vienne, to the south of Limoges. ... read more
Latest book: A Mole in the Hand