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Michele Christie, Michele was born in London, growing up there initially, and later spending her teenage years in Buckinghamshire. She then trained as a nurse at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. She has enjoyed a varied career in nursing and latterly in renovating period properties. She lives in Deepest Darkest Devon with a Chihuahua and an African Grey Parrot. "I have been writing stories for many years but this era of Kindles and Kobos has given me the opportunity to publish some of them for others to enjoy. I love works of art by the Great Masters and the myths and legends that inspired them and decided to write a series of erotic short stories based on these but with a contemporary twist. I hope that y ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rosalys
Rosalys is a French author-illustrator. Her creations are the result of many influences, of her admiration for Western painting and of her passion for Japanese pop culture. She expresses herself by various media – artbook, children’s book, comic book, poster, exhibition – and always puts in the spotlight femininity and beauty.
Latest book: Berrie, the Magic of Pastry

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pamela Azzara
Hello, My name is Pamela. I am a mother of two grown children. A nurse, a holistic healer working with positive energy for distance healing meditations , hypnotherapist, life and spiritual coach, and I read Tarot - I am a ULC Minister, and Peace Ambassador through Monks without borders I hope you will find my book interesting, informative and helpful.
Latest book: Soul Cleansing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charming Man
Charming Man... exploring the thought provoking world of sensual romance through themes such as encounters between strangers, sexual fantasies, illicit relationships, voyeurism and more. Charming Man has been writing erotica for over fifteen years. It all started quite by accident, following the tragic death of his wife in 1998, when he was left with two small children to bring up alone, as well as manage his own software consultancy. While still in a state of shock and running on auto-pilot, he settled into a daily routine of dropping the kids off at day care, fulfilling his nine to five obligations, collecting the kids in the evening, feeding them, bathing them and putting them to bed with a night time sto ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vernon Siebert
Vernon Siebert worked as a journalist for over 30 years before retiring in Cape Town with his wife, Rita.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Natasha Orme
Natasha Orme grew up abroad as the daughter of a soldier serving his country and this meant that she spent her childhood years traveling to and living in foreign countries. From a young age she enjoyed putting her ideas down on paper and, as her talent developed, she found herself drawn more and more to writing. At the age of eleven she went to a military boarding school in Dover and here was where her writing really developed. Although it wasn't necessarily part of the curriculum, the love of making up stories fascinated her and, by the age of fifteen, she had completed her first novel. Natasha is now following a Creative Writing degree course at the University of Winchester in Hampshire, England.
Latest book: The Fullness Of Quiet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Francis Shettlesworth
Hi, I live in the mountain town of Chiang Mai in North Thailand. I write both fiction and non-fiction, primarily for my own amusement but also to help others. I own a small travel and tours company, am an Emglish Teach and an Oral Examiner ft Cambridge - ESOL. Chiang Mai is an extraordinary place and I hope that one day you will have a chance to visit. Francis Shettlesworth
Latest book: Chiang Mai Through The Looking Glass

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Johanna Rothman
Johanna Rothman, known as the “Pragmatic Manager,” helps organizational leaders see problems and risks in their product development. She helps them identify problems, seize opportunities, and remove impediments. Johanna was the Agile 2009 conference chair. She is the current technical editor. Johanna is the author of these books: - Manage Your Job Search - Hiring Geeks That Fit - Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects - The 2008 Jolt Productivity award-winning Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management - Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management - Hiring the Best Knowledge Workers, Techies ... read more
Latest book: Manage Your Job Search

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dr. John Scheel
Founding pastor of the LIghthouse Pentecostal Church, Beebe, AR in 1966. Has written two books, Women in Ministry, a defense of lady ministers, and KJV or KJB, which is a defense of the King James Bible.
Latest book: Women in the Ministry (4th Edition)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Clarissa Cartharn
Clarissa Cartharn has always had a deep love for language. Her pursuit of it has led her to attain a BA majoring in English Language and Literature, sought a career in English teaching for six years before finally becoming a lawyer. But when she took up the pen, she realised what she was really desiring for was the cathartic release of her wild imaginations via writing. Clarissa is interested in learning new languages and is currently on a quest on conquering Mandarin Chinese.
Latest book: Red Collar (Teaser)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Darjet
Darjet is a writer of poetry and prose. He resides in the South Pacific. Excerpts at
Latest book: The Bridge Burner

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tammy Doherty
Tammy Doherty writes Inspirational Romance. Her Western romance series is available now: Celtic Cross, Claddaugh, and Celtic Knot. She grew up in the family greenhouse business but decided to go into an animal related career and became a veterinary technician. Her husband is "The Perennial Guy", so she's back to being immersed in the plant business. Currently, she works for a veterinary distribution company, selling pharmaceuticals and supplies in the Northeast. Tammy shares a blog with critique partner Nike Chillemi ( There you can find information about the world of writing along with personal interest articles. Yes, writers have lives too. They just need to be remi ... read more
Latest book: Celtic Knot

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JB Stallworth
BIO: J. B. Stallworth was born in Baltimore, Maryland. For Stallworth, being raised in a city known for it's rich history and culture had it's benefits. At an early age, her passion for the arts was sparked through the love of reading and theatre. Later, she would enroll into Towson State University under the Communications and Theatre programs. At TSU, Stallworth cultivated an interest in biblical studies, research, history and philosophy. Unbeknownst to Stallworth, her eclectic and often esoteric interest would later become an integral thread in her writing style. Stallworth's natural storytelling abilities led her to the stage as a performer for various community on-stage productions in the Baltimore / W ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Troylene Russell
I have been writing since I was a little girl, beginning with poems, short stories and now novels. I grew up in a family who loved paranormal movies. I watched my first vampire movie when I was four years old. I remember being fascinated by count Dracula’s fangs. From there I started watching other paranormal and changeling movies. From my earliest elementary years I would go to the library and search for books that were age appropriate containing vampires and werewolves. At the age of thirteen; I graduated to the wonderful world of teen reading. I was finally given permission to read my first historical romance. There upon, I became engrossed within Historical and Sci-Fi Fantasy novels. As an adult, I am ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paula Hayes
Hi my name is Paula. I love writing and reading (hmmm a bit predictable...start again) Hi my name is Paula and I have four kids, nine rabbits and two dogs (mmm bor-ing and too mumsy...start over) Hi my name is Paula and I am obsessively fascinated with the past and history. I researched my WW1 veteran relative who served on the Western Front and found myself transfixed with his journey. I found an old photo of him together with an unknown comrade and created a whole story for the mysterious man. Did I mention the word obsessive? Anyway, I gave him some extra height, a chiselled chin and an afterlife that won't quit. It turned into my novel, The Underage Guide to the Otherside which I have published HERE! Yay! ... read more
Latest book: The Underage Guide to the Otherside

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Henry Knapp
I’m a former US Army Special Forces Team Leader. I’ve spent most of my time since I left the Army leading small teams of technology professionals in Europe, Asia, and the United States. I’ve led a number of teams that developed highly innovative, superbly reliable products. Around 30 years ago I began to realize that, although I seemed to have a talent for leadership, and seemed to gravitate naturally toward leadership of the people I worked with, I didn’t really know how to lead. That realization motivated me to begin an intensive study of the art and science of leadership. Over the years I’ve read dozens of books on the subject, attended workshops, and sought out mentors who could help me learn ... read more
Latest book: Ways to Lead

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Artamiss Caine
I am happily married with two children. I spend my time, reading, editing, writing, cleaning and obsessing over gushers!!! I have a need to be quirky and witty. Being reasonable is a side effect. -I live just south of nowhere (actually I live in South Florida)...20 minutes east of nuttsville...I never leave home without my tab, phone, wallet and straight jacket. -I have need to be quirky and witty..being reasonable is just side effect. -A woman needs three things in life: 1) A man to lift her heart up 2) A true friend when he lets her heart down 3) And a damn good bottle of wine when all else fails!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Write on Edge
Write on Edge: where inspiration meets community. Write on Edge (formerly The Red Dress Club) was created as a place for writers to gather, exchange ideas and learn something about the art of storytelling. We welcome any and all writers, regardless of level – anyone interested in writing has a place here. We are also open to writers of all genres: Fiction or non-fiction. Fantasy, young adult, chick lit, memoir – there are no limits. Even though we have changed our name, we still are inspired by a blog post by Jenny of The Bloggess about a red dress – thus the name of this blog. Jenny wrote: “I want, just once, to wear a bright red, strapless ball gown with no apologies. I want to be shocking, and v ... read more
Latest book: Precipice: The Literary Anthology of Write on Edge, Volume 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Peter Mehlman
Peter Mehlman, after whom a hypochondriacal giraffe was named in the Madagascar movies, lives in in Los Angeles where he writes essays, screenplays, NPR commentaries and hosts the Webby-nominated YouTube series Narrow World of Sports. He grew up in Queens, New York, and graduated from the University of Maryland before writing for the Washington Post and ABC's SportsBeat with Howard Cosell. He has written for Esquire, GQ, the New York Times Magazine and virtually every Conde Nast women's magazine because of his powerful grasp on what women want. He was also a writer and co-executive producer of Seinfeld. Associated with the show through nearly all of its nine-year run, he is well remembered for coining such te ... read more
Latest book: Mandela Was Late: Odd Things & Essays From the Seinfeld Writer Who Coined Yada, Yada and Made Spongeworthy a Compliment

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tom Kando
Tom Kando, PhD, grew up in WWII Europe, spending his formative years in Paris and Amsterdam. At eighteen he came to America as a lonely immigrant and a Fulbright student. He became a professor at major universities, taught in prisons and lectured worldwide. His memoir, A Tale of Survival describes his far-flung and sometimes harrowing experiences . He authored articles about crime, terrorism, psychology, sports, and travel in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Examiner and other venues, and nine books, including Leisure and Popular Culture, Social Interaction (C.V. Mosby), Sexual Behavior and Family Life (Elsevier) and Readings in Criminology (Kendall Hunt). Tom is an avid roa ... read more
Latest book: A Tale of Survival: From War-Ravaged Europe to the Promise of America

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Артём Коньков
Созревает поздно, но цветёт долго, - прочитал я ещё ребёнком в своём гороскопе. Возможно, эту программу я и заложил в своём подсознании. Если так, то всё стоящее, чего не случилось со мной до33 лет, ждёт меня, как Илью Муромца, впереди.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin T Boekhoff
Kevin resides in Farmington, NM with his wife Katie of 36 years, and his Yorkshire Terrier, T-Bone Dickens. He has done many things in his life from auto body repairman to Baptist pastor, which show up in his humorous stories. Once Parkinson's disease entered his life, he began writing creatively in earnest. Many have compared his unique sense of humor and writing style to Patrick F. McManus. Kevin has published two books. "I Forgot That I Remembered" is a humorous look at life with Parkinson's disease, and "Just Me: Humorous, Helpful & Odd," which is a humorous look at day to day life. He has had several humorous stories published in The Motor Market magazine (, Clever Magazine (www ... read more
Latest book: Just Me: Humorous, Helpful & Odd

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gregory Hadnott
I am simply a man who loves the Lord and has committed his life to serving Him in whatever capacity that He has determined and planned. I have a passion for HIs Presence and for His people. I am under the leadership and guidance of a great man & woman of God, Bruce & Loretta Farr and I am a part of a great church which is the Over Coming Church located at 2203 N. Columbia Ave in Indianapolis, IN 46205. God has gifted me with the ability and a love for writing, so therefore I have began a new and exciting venture in my life in becoming an author. I am excited in sharing some of the things that God has imparted in me and spoken to me.
Latest book: Lord I want to be a Worshipper in my heart

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jason Andrew Bond
National bestselling author Jason Andrew Bond grew up in Oregon and currently lives in Washington State with his wife and son. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Oregon and an MBA from the University of Colorado. When his first novel Hammerhead unexpectedly reached bestseller status, he dedicated twenty-five percent of his profits to disabled U.S. veterans. Jason's second novel, Mortal Remains is now available and will be followed by Hammerhead Resurrection. Jason takes a hands-on approach to writing. When SCUBA research couldn't wait for summer, he found himself certifying in Puget Sound's frigid January waters. Outside of writing and his family, martial arts are a ... read more
Latest book: Mortal Remains

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ted Thomas
Ted Thomas is a Florida based educator, publisher and author. Thomas is publisher and author of more than 30 books. His guidebooks on Real Estate have sold in four counties of the world. In the recent past, over 75,000 clients have carefully evaluated Ted Thomas’ QuickStart Introduction In Secured Tax Lien Certificates and have chosen to become associated with the market leader. Thomas’ Home Study Materials are international best sellers and draw clients from Europe and South America. After watching his parents work hard their whole life and die almost broke, Thomas decided it was time to dedicate himself to finding an investment strategy that would help senior citizens, as well as young people, avoid ... read more
Latest book: Your Start Up Guide To Investing In Tax Lien Certificates

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matt Mikalatos
Matt Mikalatos is the author of My Imaginary Jesus, Night of the Living Dead Christian, and the kids' fantasy novel, Sword of Six Worlds. He lives in the Portland, Oregon area with his wife and three kids.
Latest book: The Vampire in the Church Choir

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dixon Burns
Dixon Burns (Pen name) was born and brought up (or was it dragged up) in West Yorkshire, England. He worked in Textiles, the Mining Industry and is trained as a qualified Social Worker. He is married with a daughter. His writing credits so far are two published childrens stories on Amazon - Amy Pleb. This is a trilogy of stories, which are The Big Storm, The Tall Tower and Amy's Week of Disasters. And Amy Pleb and The Secret Tree. Dixon has been writing since the early 80's, and his work includes songs and short stories. But he claims that he often started writing these but rarely finished them. But when he got the idea for Amy Pleb, the inspiration came flooding in. He was prompted into writing a Children's ... read more
Latest book: Amy Pleb And All The Ghosts

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Taylor Tagg
Taylor Tagg specializes in emotional intelligence of the heart. He shows people exactly how to release the heavy weight of long standing resentments in order to gain permanent freedom and peace. Taylor also coaches people on how to reframe adversity and transform any personal liability or tragedy into their greatest asset.
Latest book: The Path to a Peaceful Heart: Tearing Down the Walls of Childhood Trauma and Finding Freedom, Understanding, and Purpose

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tim Ware
Tim Ware has been active in churches of various denominations for 40 years. He graduated from seminary with a Master of Divinity degree in 2011. Having become dissatisfied within denominational confines and more than a little disillusioned with the institutional church, God called him to withdraw from the institutional church and pursue an independent ministry. He founded and pastors The Chapel of Christ in Shelby, North Carolina, a non-affiliated alternative to the institutional church. Noticing the scarcity of genuine and worthwhile Bible study resources for the general public, he decided to offer the "Bible Study That Matters" series. He lives with his wife on a 5th generation family farm in western North Ca ... read more
Latest book: The Book of Revelation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carlos Roche
Carlos Roche was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, where he studied Travel and Tourism and foreign languages. He is fluent in five different languages including: English, Spanish (native), French, German and Italian. Carlos is a prolific writer and designer. He designs the covers of all his books. Since he moved to New York in the Fall of 1996, he worked in the hospitality industry, and also engaged in various business projects as an entrepreneur. As a writer, Carlos brings a unique perspective to his writing because of his multi-cultural background, practical experience in marketing, sales, graphic design and motivational speaker to entrepreneurs and people living with HIV. You can e-mail him at: c ... read more
Latest book: Reset Your Job Mindset

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dave Stone
Rev. Dave Stone has been a licensed minister with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel since 1974. He has served as a pastor in the US for 21 years, and as a missionary to Panama, Mexico, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico for 18 years. He is presently serving as the Area Missionary to the Caribbean for the Foursquare Church. He received his BA from LIFE Pacific College, and his MA from Fuller Theological Seminary. Dave has been married to his wife, Nancy, for 38 years. They have three married children, seven grandchildren. They presently reside in Puerto Rico.
Latest book: The Heart and Soul of God

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matthew Clayfield
Matthew Clayfield is an Australian journalist, critic, screenwriter and playwright. He has worked as a freelance foreign correspondent in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the former Soviet Union, and the Middle East, specialising in first-person narrative journalism, political commentary and analysis, and travel writing. In 2012, he covered the Russian presidential election from Moscow, the European economic crisis from Athens and Madrid, and the Arab-Israeli conflict from Israel and the West Bank. In 2010, he covered illegal Central American migration in southern Mexico and the drug war on the US-Mexican border. Prior to freelancing, Matthew worked as a reporter on The Australian newspaper, where he was shortlis ... read more
Latest book: Waiting On the Arriaga-Ixtepec

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sarah E. Seeley
Through two wonderful mentored research experiences, Sarah E. Seeley had the opportunity to work with dead sauropods and ancient odonates while acquiring her undergraduate degree in geology from Brigham Young University. She hopes to study more dead things in the future and contribute to scientific discussions about what makes life on Earth so amazing. In the meantime, she explores the bright side of being human by writing dark fiction.
Latest book: Maladaptive Bind (Novel Edition)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cally Jackson
Cally Jackson grew up in the small country town of Gatton. Her passion for fictional writing first emerged in grade two when she got in trouble for penning her own tale instead of copying directly from a story book as she was supposed to be doing – it was a handwriting exercise, after all. Cally now lives in Brisbane with the two loves of her life – her husband, Mark, and their dog, Lucy. The Big Smoke is her first novel.
Latest book: The Big Smoke

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L.M. Steel
Lee was born in 1982 in Rochford, Essex and lived on the outskirts of the village of Canewdon. At the age of six she moved to West Yorkshire with her parents, elder sister and younger brother, where they owned and ran a dairy farm. Due to the egg crisis of 1991 the farm and business was lost and Lee, with her family, was housed in Sowerby Village, with other ex-farmers, redundant miners and former military families. It was at Newland Junior School, that Hazel Hellowell first spotted Lee had a talent for creative writing and encourage her poetry, resulting in the local paper publishing her first poem: Weeping Willow at the age of 10. Moving onto Ryburn Valley High School Lee continued to write, but it wasn’t ... read more
Latest book: A Good Word

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John A. Economides
John Economides was born in Athens in 1962. He graduated from Athens College in 1981 and from the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace in 1987. He is a lawyer practicing shipping and banking law. A fervent exponent of progress, particularly economic and technological, Mr. Economides worked in the late ‘80s early ‘90s to modernize the Greek merchant fleet through the development of operational and technical quality standards. He promoted this through a club of young shipping professionals he launched, “The Newbuildings,” which argued that quality improvements would increase Greek shipping companies’ access to financial markets and improve economic performance. Despite reservations chiefl ... read more
Latest book: The Universe of Interactions

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dif Books
Dif Books Inc. New York, is part of the Dutch publishing company Brighter World/Dif Books BV from Rotterdam The Netherlands. The ten year old company is known for their famous magazine DIF. A journalistic glossy made by the most important journalists and photographers from The Netherlands. Dif Books also published the best selling series ‘52 easy ways’, the cross media project Goodies and has worked for a range of NGO’s in development projects for the Third World. Sustainability, Fair Trade, and a greener society are the important flags in the mission statement of Dif Books. Dif Books publishes the works of the Dutch American Writers Network. A group of four writers who have committed themselves to the ... read more
Latest book: The Wall of Fame Quest for her Father

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Freeman
Steve Freeman is not a journalist, nor a pundit, nor a political scientist, nor a Washington insider. So, he is free to say whatever he wants. No magazine or news station or University or political party can limit what he says. Plus, his work doesn’t read like an academic. Even though he has a B.A. in English, it takes him a decade to read any academia. He grew up in New York City, where he attended NYU. He moved to San Francisco like everyone used to do- after they read “On the Road.” He currently resides outside of Sacramento.
Latest book: Is America Stupid?: Legitimate Rape, an Illegitimate President, and the Politics of Nonsense

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cassandra Sturdy
Cassandra Sturdy is an author and transformational coach who creates books, courses and tools that help people to spiritually awaken and transform their lives, so they can transform the world. She believes this process should be fun, practical and easy to understand. Cassandra is also a co-editor of Conscious Life News. If she wasn't doing all this, she'd be exploring new planets. Cassandra has a degree in journalism and a background in mainstream media. She is qualified in a number of spiritual and transformational modalities, including: Master Practitioner of NLP, Results Acceleration Master Coach, NLP Trainer, First Degree Priestess, Core Shamanism, Reiki and Hypnosis. Cassandra loves great stories with tr ... read more
Latest book: The Twelve Attunements

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bryan Westra
Bryan Westra is a world-class trainer and author. He's published numerous books on persuasion and influence, Hypnosis and NLP, and he has a way with words and explaining things that makes him a great resource for anyone. Enjoy his books, and other published works at: Learn Well! Live Well! Indirect Knowledge Limited
Latest book: Write, Publish, Profit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tiffany Carmouche
Tiffany Carmouche When Tiffany Carmouché is not writing Romance novels, you can find her sculpting, traveling, teaching, singing, dancing, escaping in music or enjoying her family. From sky diving in Alaska to scuba diving in Hawaii, Carmouché loves to travel the world. Some of her adventures include riding camels in Africa, swimming under the stars in Puerto Rico, dancing salsa in Ecuador, and walking the cobblestone roads of Assisi, Italy. She has also found fulfillment working with the disabled and orphans in Argentina and Mexico. Her most cherished moments, however, have been watching her two beautiful daughters grow and strive to accomplish their own dreams. Despite all of these amazing experiences, ... read more
Latest book: Pictures, Lies and Promises

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gary Wetton

Latest book: Philippines Basics

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jae Oh
Jae W. Oh, MBA, CFP® , CLU® ChFC® is a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter, a Chartered Financial Consultant, and a licensed insurance producer. He is an expert contributor on, a website powered by Humana, one of the nation’s largest carriers of Medicare plans. He has a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with concentrations in Accounting and Finance from the University of Chicago (the top-ranked MBA program in the U.S. according to Business Week/Bloomberg, 2nd globally according to The Economist), and a Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. License numbers, accreditations, an ... read more
Latest book: Maximize Your Medicare (2015 Edition): Understanding Medicare, Protecting Your Health, and Minimizing Costs

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sherry Guyberson
I, like most people enjoy talking about myself, it can very well be a journey into self-discovery. But this is not fiction, and I am having a difficult time finding my flow to explain who I am. I was always weird and different; I could see and feel things in a way that was totally different to others. Not on a huge level but more than enough to know there was so much more going on than we could perceive. I always had a deep desire, like a fire burning in my soul, to learn more about the important things of life. I was always looking for answers, exploring everything metaphysical that I could get my hands on. I still remember fondly the glorious times sitting on the floor of the different libraries engrossed in ... read more
Latest book: Paranormal Summer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Austin Wimberly
Austin Wimberly is a writer who works as a software engineer by day. Sobornost is his first novel.
Latest book: Sobornost

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kanika Taylor Stephanie Williams
Kanika Taylor and Stephanie Williams are very proud mothers; they are sisters to one another as well as others, auntie’s, a wife and friends. Theses sisters were born and raised in New York City (Harlem) New York, than spent a grand amount of years living in Indianapolis Indiana but choose now to get back to the North side! In conversation with them, to create this profile, I became utterly impressed! These are two, Intelligent and talented young beautiful African American, head strong ladies. Then, personally I will add humorous! I asked, “What made you write this book? Turning to each other they laughed! This book was born from a personal conversation the two were having about their own personal relations ... read more
Latest book: Behind Every Man!!!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M.C Queen
"How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster Website, and book 2 information" Official Website Forum Twitter Facebook
Latest book: The Monster Exorcist

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Sauget

Latest book: Mortal Confines

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Subjuntivo
Docente, escritor, músico, hago ricas pizzas también.
Latest book: Roberto

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Enel Malakrist
The Lord appeared to Enel in a dream and commanded him to go and teach His people the word of truth. He prepared for that mission at Manhattan Bible Seminary with further theological studies in Atlanta. After many years service Enel was awarded the citation of Doctor of Divinity for his dedication to the Christian faith. The author then compiled the messages from the Lord in a book series titled “Let My People Know”.
Latest book: Heaven to Earth