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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pamela M. Tuck
Pamela and Joel Tuck are a wife and husband writing team. Pamela is a native of Greenville, NC. She credits her writing to an upbringing, surrounded by southern storytellers. She began her writing career with poetry in elementary school. Inspired by teachers, family, and friends, she branched out into short stories and plays. She is enjoys writing stories for children, from picture books to middle-grade novels. Pamela received the 2007 New Voices Award from Lee & Low Books for a picture book story entitled "As Fast As Words Could Fly". Joel Tuck is a native of Philadelphia, PA. He joined his wife in the field of writing in 2005, when he became the voice behind "Sheldon". Joel studies various writing styles and ... read more
Latest book: Color Struck

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sue Trotter
Sue Trotter is a Stress Management and Confidence Consultant who runs Stress Management Workshops and works one-to-one with clients to reduce stress and boost their confidence in all areas of life. An experienced trainer and coach, Sue has a Management degree, has studied nutrition and food preparation and is a qualified Homeopathic Medical Practitioner. She is a member of the Association for Coaching and is an Accredited Trainer with the Stress Management Society. Sue is based in the Cotswolds where she lives with her husband, two sons and her dogs. In her spare time she is a Retained Fire-Fighter with Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service. Sue is currently working on a series of Stress Busting titles to ... read more
Latest book: Dinosaurs Eat Sprouts, a stress-busting guide to making fun, healthy food your kids will eat

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Antonio Marín Muñoz
Antonio Marín Muñoz. Lopera (Jaén, 1970). España. Licenciado en Derecho por la Universidad de Granada, ha participado en diversos congresos y jornadas de historia impartiendo distintas conferencias que han tratado sobre la Historia de España, y en especial sobre la Guerra Civil y la Posguerra Española. Es autor de diversos libros de naturaleza histórica, entre los que destacan "La Guerra Civil en Lopera y Porcuna", "Vestigios de la Guerra Civil en Lopera", "Posguerra en Lopera", "Asedio al Santuario de Santa María de la Cabeza" y "La reconstrucción de la provincia de Jaén bajo el Franquismo(1939-1957)". Además, ha colaborado en distintos medios de comunicación escrita y revistas especializadas con d ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Reyna Hawk
Reyna Hawk is a 45 yr old mother of one son and grandmother to one. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio she has had the passion for story telling and writing since her teen years. Reyna's main genre is romantic suspense although she does have works in the paranormal genre. Reyna currently holds an Associate of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Culture Anthropology. Reyna's work includes the following: The Valentine/Petrilo Series consists of five books: Looking Through Blind Eyes Reflection of Secrets Shattered Visions Haunted Memories Revealing Visions Seeing Karma. Angels and Arrows is a paranormal romantic suspense based on true accounts of paranormal activities. The Alter-Ego of Insanity i ... read more
Latest book: Revealing Visions

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jemimah Halbert
Jemimah Halbert is a creative writing Honours student at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in writing and a minor in editing, has edited for the creative writing ‘zine Underground, works for writingWA, volunteers at the State Library of Western Australia, and has recently started an internship with the Katherine Susannah Pritchard Writer's Centre. Keep an eye out for further works by this author on and visit her Facebook page to see artwork by the author.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kellie Barnes
A former small-college athlete turned big-city college graduate, Kellie Barnes is a devout not-quite-30something bachelorette (never say never) who loves making new friends and new experiences and sharing them with everyone. Not everything she writes is a true-to-life event, but they aren't all fiction either! Please come back for more stories and more adventures because this is going to get hot!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nancy Allan
Nancy Allan lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. With a formal education in television broadcasting and communications and a background in television production, she comes from a media where seconds count, where scripts are analyzed for power and word choices, and where these compilations create living memories. No matter what the media, Nancy never fails to be amazed at how words change lives and bring pleasure, tears, or laughter to so many. She says she looks forward to hearing from her readers. Visit her website Nancy is the author of "WINTER'S DESTINY" and her new release, "Soul Fire".

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeremy Lee
spOOk's art is owned by Jeremy Lee, a Canadian, currently living in Australia. Jeremy has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. Jeremy grew up in various parts of England including the picturesque Cotswolds. He picked up a camera before 10 years old, and distinctly remembers starting his first significant artwork at the age of six. Fascinated by colour, Jeremy spent many long nights and evenings learning the physics. It seems easy at first to explain why something is 'red' or 'green' but the more you look into it, the harder it becomes. As it happens, the study of colour leads you deep into quantum physics. This created an interest in electronics and he built an electronic organ at age 14. ... read more
Latest book: How to Draw Portraits

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Curtis Walker
Curtis Walker currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is an avid historian of both the Winnipeg Jets hockey club (1972-1996) and the World Hockey Association and he is a member of the WHA Hall of Fame advisory board. His first book, Winnipeg Jets, The WHA Years Day by Day, is available through and he is writing two more books on the history of the Winnipeg Jets.
Latest book: My Journey with Carli

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eric Henderson
A Delaware native, Eric Henderson is the creator of both the world's only anti-Bob Hope fanzine (SCAREBOB Magazine, in the early 1990s), and the early 2000s email-only story-zine, The Frantic Flicker. Eric spent eight years in Los Angeles, writing screenplays and working in independent film. Now he has a family and lives in Connecticut. Ashes to Ashes, Oranges to Oranges is his first book.
Latest book: Ashes to Ashes, Oranges to Oranges

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wrinklegus PoisonTongue
Loved as much as he is hated, Wrinklegus Ezekiel PoisonTongue is a freelance (or some would say “vigilante”) lawman, specializing in the apprehension of the worst of the worst spell weavers, who either cannot be caught by traditional methods or the authorities are afraid of altogether. PoisonTongue’s style is unorthodox, as not only does he often break the very laws he’s trying to upkeep, but he’s fonder of killing than apprehending! There are many who’d have him strung up by his scaly ankles and vanquished at the might of a thousand wands, but the problem is that he has an enormous amount of supporters. Between his stardom from his career as a novelist and painter (activities indulged in his moment ... read more
Latest book: Creatures, Smells, and Magykal Spells

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dawn M Turner
Dawn loves to write romance, suspense, women's fiction, and fantasy with a Christian worldview. She took first place in the Contemporary Romance category, as well as winning the Grand Prize, in the 2011 Writers on the Storm Category Five Writing Contest. She lives in the high desert of Southern Arizona with her husband of over 20 years and a variety of furry and feathered critters. She enjoys photography, crochet, cross stitch, spinning her own yarn from wool and alpaca, and lots and lots of reading.
Latest book: In God's Time

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Dadich
I've been writing since first setting pencil to steno pad at age 8. A year later, I began developing the world of my current series-in-progress, and even created its title, "The Silver Sphere." Now, with the support of years of experience, those early maps and back stories have progressed into what I hope is a fresh and entertaining take on the classic young adult fantasy adventure. Despite my frequent escapes into parallel worlds, I root myself firmly in my very real family and community. When not pacing the yard maniacally after every few pages of writing, I spend as much time as possible hanging out with my studly 9-year-old son, and my inspirational wife Jenna. I also coach several local youth sports teams ... read more
Latest book: Three Realms (3-Book Special Edition Box Set)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amelia James
I got hooked on trashy romance novels in junior high, but my mom took them away from me. She couldn’t stop me from daydreaming, though. After I got married, I wrote some of my naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine, which published two of them. I kept daydreaming and writing stories until my dirty stories turned into trashy books. I live in Colorado, but I’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When I’m not lusting after my next bad boy hero, I’m looking for inspiration in sci-fi and action movies, football players, bloodsucking lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks. I’m known as "Trashy Writer" at various social media sites. I call myself a trashy writer because I want ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lydia Mensah

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melissa Wareham
Melissa Wareham is mad about dogs! After leaving school, Melissa quite literally went to the dogs. She spent 15 years working at Battersea Dogs Home, a famous London dog shelter, where she met some colourful characters, both four-legged and two. When Melissa left the dogs' home, she moved to Sydney where she wrote a book about her experiences at Britain's best-loved dogs' home. Rescue Me - My Life with the Battersea Dogs was published in 2009. It reached number four in the Sunday Times bestseller list, was serialised in the Mail on Sunday and made into an audio book, read by Melissa. Rescue Me was adapted by Melissa for children and Take Me Home - Tales of Battersea Dogs was published in 2011 by Random H ... read more
Latest book: Winston Windsor and the Diamond Jubilee

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephan Flores
I have had pet rabbits for over 25 years, but I was not always an expert. I have made many mistakes in caring for my pet bunnies in the past, until I learned how bad it can be to do the wrong things. Now I am passionate about being a rabbit educator and teaching the public how not to make the mistakes that I have made. My wife and I volunteer at a couple local Humane Societies with the bunnies and are strong supporters of our San Diego House Rabbit Society. We enjoy our pet rabbits with our friends by having once a month meetings at the beach with our pet house rabbits. We also do many different outreaches to the public such as marching in the local parade with our bunnies and setting up booths to chat with peo ... read more
Latest book: The Bunny Lover's Complete Guide To House Rabbits

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Noyek
Noyek, a new author on the scene is no stranger to writing. Former news apprentice and avid reader, she is serious about her craft. As well, she is a model, currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Noyek is currently working on her next project.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Annamaria Bazzi
Although born in the United States, Annamaria Bazzi spent a great deal of her childhood in Sicily, Italy, in a town called Sciacca. Italian was the language spoken at home. Therefore, she had no problems when she found herself growing up in a strange country. Upon returning to the states, she swore she would speak without an accent. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Computers with a minor in Spanish. Annamaria spent twenty years programming systems for large corporations, creating innovative solution, and addressing customer problems. During those years, she raised four daughters and one husband. Annamaria lives in Richmond Virginia with her s ... read more
Latest book: Incantation Paradox

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jaye Edgerton
Jaye Edgerton lives in Columbus, OH with three ferrets, a dwarf hamster, an iguana, and a long-suffering roommate. Before deciding to take her writing seriously she spent a cumulative five and a half years working in bookstores and now knows far too much about books and authors she has never actually read. She currently works tech support, which is possibly even more soul-crushing than retail but at least pays the bills. When not at work she spends far too much time playing various MMOs when she really should be writing. Her unreasonable fascinations include office supplies, out-of-print sci fi/fantasy authors, and Transformers.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hugh Nicklin
Hugh Nicklin worked in England, Wales, India and the Balkans and finally came to the Languedoc in southern France to satisfy his curiosity about the last days of the Roman world. He studied Modern History at Oxford and has contributed articles to the Daily Telegraph and the Salisbury Review. He published his first book ‘History of Limoux’ in 2009. His latest book, recently published in various eBook formats, examines the history of the Lauragais region of Southern France, an often dark and intriguing place; around the 13th century the infamous Simon de Montfort, the Black Prince and other notorious figures from history patrolled the region practising their dastardly deeds. Hugh has managed to eloquently ... read more
Latest book: Jewels of French History Books, The Lauragais Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Hilleren
Does life imitate art or vice-versa? Either way, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Like her fictional character Eve, Lisa Hilleren lives in the Garden State and drives a red convertible. Her personal journey of self-discovery began 15 years ago, when she learned the power of emotional intelligence, which she has since taught to countless others in her role as a professional trainer. Be it through training or fiction-writing, Lisa is passionate about sharing the knowledge and tools that help women to discover and embrace their authentic selves. She welcomes emails and invites readers to join her community of like-minded Eve’s at Praise for Reconstructing Eve: 5-Star Review ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jaye Lewis
Jaye Lewis is an award winning inspirational author. She is also contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guideposts’ books, and other popular anthologies. Jaye lives and writes in her beloved mountains of southwestern Virginia. Jaye's website can be visited by going to and you can view her personal blog at Visit her Author Facebook page at
Latest book: Entertaining Angels ~ Moments of Surrender

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jon Robertson
Jon Robertson is the founder and publisher of Vegan Heritage Press. He is an author, editor, and publisher with experience in newspaper reporting, magazine feature writing, and photography. He was a book acquisitions editor for ten years and a magazine editor for six years. He has written ad and promotion copy for the publishing and theater trades. He is also a published and produced playwright. Jon's company, Vegan Heritage Press, is an independent, commercial book publishing company operating in Northern Virginia. A native of Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania, Jon attended the Pennsylvania State University and has a B.A. in English with minors in philosophy and education. He lives in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valle ... read more
Latest book: Permelia Lyttle's Guide to the End of the World

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jamie McKinven
Jamie McKinven, author of “So You Want Your Kid to Play Pro Hockey?”, is a former professional hockey player who played in the NCAA, ECHL, CHL and Europe. After hanging up the blades, McKinven spent parts of four years coaching the Kingston Voyageurs junior A hockey club and is currently running clinics in skill development and power skating. Over his career, McKinven scratched and clawed, sacrificed and laid it all on the line only to fall short of playing in the NHL, experiencing his ultimate dream. Along the way, while riding the buses, living paycheque to paycheque and spending the summers living in his grandmother’s basement, he discovered a great deal about life, love and the value of following thro ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Morena Caleb
I am a grandmother who loves to write, to read and to study the Bible. My book on King David did not come over night. It took a lot of praying, listening to the Holy Spirit, meditating and digging deep into the Word of God. It took years before I could put this book together. I hope it will be inspirational, instructional and most of all will lead others to a deeper relationship with God. I have always loved the Bible and reading it is a daily habit. I have been a Sunday school student for more than fifty years. I regularly attend Bible study. I am currently under the leadership of Pastor Arnold Wykoff of St. Joseph/Mt. Zion ministries in Fenton/ Kinder, Louisiana. I graduated from high school in St. Lan ... read more
Latest book: Finished to Begin

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joy Bassetti-Kruger
I began my library career at the Jhb. public library, and while I worked there part time, I also completed my Library Exams with the SALA. Then I was headhunted by Ekom, as I'd specialized in information retrieval and they needed someone to obtain current information on various projects for their engineers. Later I moved to Control Data, where I learned all about storing such information on their large computers. All the while, I also taught ballet, modern and Spanish, dancing in my spare time, as I'd trained as a dance teacher while still at school. After I married I ran two dancing studios for adults, where I also began to teach yoga and passive exercises. In my youth I danced for PACT for a while, but as ... read more
Latest book: Spider Lady

Follow me at my  Facebook Page CM Hawk
C.M. Hawk was born and raised in Northern New Jersey and received his B.A. in Political Science from Eckerd College. His interest in religion, spirituality, and politics began at an early age. As an experienced reader of many religious, spiritual, and political texts, Hawk integrates both knowledge and first hand experience. His first book, "A New Perspective: The Transformation of Yesterday's Politics Into Tomorrow's Spirituality" is a passionate critique of modern day problems associated with political structures and religious organizations, offering both solutions for personal growth as well as ideas for the betterment of society as a whole.
Latest book: Legends of Venesum: The Fight For The Future

Follow me at my  Facebook Page N.V. Finley
N.V. Finley is an American (US-type) who has lived almost half of his life outside of the United States, first with his family while his father was in the US Navy, then for three years while he himself served in the Navy, and finally as a student and self-professed ‘world-class bum.’ Much of his writing explores the relationship between US culture and the international community. He currently resides in Southeast Asia where he enjoys writing poetry and eating banana leaf curry.
Latest book: Occasional Poems of Melaka

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jessie Lane
Jessie Lane is the best selling author of The Star Series, Big Bad Bite Series and the Ex Ops Series. She writes paranormal and contemporary romance, as well as Upper YA Paranormal Romance/Fantasy. She lives in Kentucky with her two little Rock Chicks in the making and her over protective alpha husband. She has a passionate love for reading and writing naughty romance, cliff hanging suspense, and out-of-this-world characters that demand your attention, or threaten to slap you around until you do pay attention to them. She's currently working on her next two novels, The Demon Who Loved Me (Big Bad Bite Series #3) and Stripping Her Defenses (Ex Ops Series #2). Please visit Jessie at: ... read more
Latest book: The Frozen Star

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elle Swan
For years Elle wanted to die and couldn’t. In her darkest days she was 67 pounds overweight, addicted to drugs and alcohol, homeless and penniless living on the streets in California. After five years of being a depressed drug addict and alcoholic she was desperate to escape from being alive. On May 29th 2000, during an overdose in an abandoned van, her misery merged with death and Elle Swan crossed-over into the pits of hell. “But, when your soul knows you belong here,” she says, “it won’t let you go.” It was in that moment that she began to “elle- evate” and has been soaring high ever since. Her miraculous journey from deprivation and despair, to elle-evation and abundance is nothing short of ... read more
Latest book: Your Mind Over Habits

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Linda Akins Lee
Linda Akins Lee has had a life-long interest in genealogy. Researching the Akin family piqued her interest in all the lines descending from her great-great-great-great grandparents John Akin and Elizabeth McKinney and their eight children in Green County, Kentucky. The major migratory trends of American history are evident in the family's expansion westward. Mrs. Lee is interested in Kentucky history and has been an educator and librarian in public and private schools in central Kentucky.
Latest book: Brush Creek Chronicles: The Family of John and Elizabeth Akin

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L. T. Hewitt
Luke Thomas Hewitt was born on 20th June 1994 and has been bothered about it ever since. He began to convert this annoyance into books at an early age, and – upon discovering what it was – switched to writing instead. He started writing a book, aged 12, and came up with a plot a year later. His first novel, 'The Fez', was published when he was 17.
Latest book: The Fez-Followers Are Maladroit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dimitra Filippakou
My name is Dimitra and I am from Greece. I've been writing my own books since I was 14. Most of my books are indication of the fascination and interest that I have always had in the genre of mystery and fantasy. Currently I am working on my fourth book and at the same time I am translating my previous books in English since their original language is Greek.
Latest book: The Story of a Victim

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S.M. Knowles
S.M. Knowles was born in Elmira, New York where she was swept away in a whirlwind to the Land of Oz--Independence, Kansas. Her parents were relocating for working opportunities and decided that this would be the perfect place to start new roots. Little did she know that this place would contribute to the inspiration for the first book she wrote in her Rylee Everley Series. While growing up, S.M. would travel the roads around her house while imagining she was somewhere else. Her imagination would take her everywhere, making the long hot summer days seem shorter throughout her fantasies. At the age of twelve, she decided to write her first book. Filled mostly with dialog, she filled up one-hundred pages, front ... read more
Latest book: Awakening Dream

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Gillman
I write on a wide variety of subjects and I try to approach each with an eye to what others have missed. My book "101 Weird Ways to Make Money" (Wiley and Sons 2011) is my best seller so far. I like money as a subject, but I'm more passionate when writing about important social and political matters. I think Social Security should be replaced with something else, religion is dangerous, marriage should be eliminated as a legal institution, and flags are worth less than rags. I do not respect authority in any form, because I respect people and their rights as individuals. I think obedience to law is a matter of convenience, not a duty. Might never makes right, even when it is the might of the majority. I am some ... read more
Latest book: The Survival Guide for Interesting Times

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Timothy J. Meyer
TIMOTHY J. MEYER is wanted on five counts of piracy, two counts of brigandage and one count of enthusiastic corruption of the galactic good. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the local branch of the IMIS (Imperial Ministry of Interstellar Security).
Latest book: Six Days in Matsugi

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Paddier
EXCELLENCE IN TWO AREAS of ministry has been achieved by a few; it has been a rare genius who has been so gifted in three areas, but to excel in four capacities would seem near impossible...but it has been done two or three times in history. Reuben Irvin Paddier is a classic example, for he was renown as an teacher, a youth leader, a and an author. Besides his obvious gifts in all these areas, he is also a man of prayer, a student of the Bible, and an outstanding personal soul-winner. It is said that he daily read the Bible, having a good working knowledge of old and new testament. Some students of church history feel he is promoting personal evangelism than any other one man since the days of the apostles. Hi ... read more
Latest book: love & porn

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Terry Crofts
Terry Crofts was born in the UK where he worked for local government for many years. He has previously written several short stories, most notably, The Phantom Hangman, and The Legend of Flannan Isle, published by the Canadian based magazine, "All Hallows." He moved to Canada five years ago and "Syndicate of Secrets" is his first full length novel. It is the first book in a trilogy and several other projects, including a book of ghost stories are underway. His hobbies include playing bridge and writing full time.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kelly Yente
Growing up in Colorado, Kelly used writing as an outlet, though as an adult, it began to take on therapeutic role. Married and divorced by the age of 23, Kelly began writing again to make light of such a difficult time and to reach out to other young women who like to learn lessons the hard way. Blogs eventually turned into the idea of a memoir, though Kelly wasn't sure how to wrap up her story. It was a tarot reader who explained that she had to live it first, and so Kelly quit her job, sold her stuff, and set off for adventure in Costa Rica. Kelly lives in Costa Rica now with her beach mutt, Ron Burgundy, where she is living the next stories she will put to the page.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ben Romero
Benedicto Romero Ozuna nació en El Roble, Sucre, Colombia. Allí estudió escuela primaria. Inició la secundaria en el Instituto Colombo Venezolano en Medellín, Colombia y la terminó en el Colegio Vocacional de América Central en Alajuela, Costa Rica. Inició escuela de pregrado en Madison College, Madison, Tennessee, Estados Unidos, continuó en Antilliean College, en Mayagüez, Puerto Rico e iIngresó a Loma Linda University - La Sierra Campus, California, Estados Unidos donde terminó un Bachelor of Science (BS) en Administración de Empresas. Prosiguió estudios de postgrado en la Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, San Germán Campus, donde se graduó con Maestría en Administración de Empresas ... read more
Latest book: Si nada cambia

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ali Goldfield
I’m a psychologist by training but social media coach by passion, I particularly love teaching business owners how to use blogging and social media to increase audience engagement and connection. As the owner of ADR Social Media, my aim is to help small businesses understand the unique etiquette on each social platforms so they can reach out and build their community. I offer coaching and tutorials for the small business about SEO, Blogging, Social Network Integration, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube integration. My areas of expertise include Social Media Solutions, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and writing services, Social Network integration and customization, training and small ... read more
Latest book: SEO for Blogging: 10 Steps to SEO Success

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Uche Mbah
Uche Mbah, Author, Poet, Journalist, is a graduate of English Literature from the University of Nigeria Nsukka.He is an Expert Author with where he is a Platinum Author.His genre is generally spiritual and the paranormal. He writes based on his understanding on the work in the light of truth the grail message.
Latest book: Monsignor's Last Days

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.C. Dillon
You can thank A.C.’s first grade teacher for the interest in writing fiction. It was her casual comment on a mandatory daily journal, wherein she noted A.C.’s flair for storytelling, that planted the notion of writing full-length novels, poetry and short stories in an already overactive mind. A.C. went to work quickly, burning through reams of paper with an ever-scribbling pen before turning to computers at age 14. The boreal world rejoiced, and A.C.’s range of writing grew from simplistic children’s tales rooted in wish to horror stories, thrillers, and psychological studies of damaged men and women thrown together by circumstance. (Oh yes, and there was that novel-length X-Files fanfiction… but ... read more
Latest book: Collide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth Krall
I am the author of the contemporary romance novels "Too Close" and "Ship to Shore", and of an occasional series of short stories themed around holidays, called "Holiday Romances". Most of my career was spent as an editor, but now I work as a print and digital graphic designer. An unexpected side-effect of leaving editing was the resurgence of an interest in writing. My first novel, Ship to Shore, was published in February 2012; my second, Too Close, in January 2013. I grew up in Canada and lived in London, England, for many years. I have now settled in Sydney, Australia. My interests include travel, tall ship sailing and cocktails - not necessarily in that order. If you have read any of my work, I'd love to kno ... read more
Latest book: The Perfect Chocolate Martini

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sylvia van Bruggen
Sylvia van Bruggen is a fantasy/science fiction writer, poet, avid blogger and artist. She is the founder of Playful Creative, a website for creatives who want to learn how to get more creative by playing. She has self-published two non-fiction books, a novella, two poetry books, and her poems and short stories have been published in various magazines. She currently works on self-publishing a creative non-fiction/fantasy book called Ganesha's Blessing, and she works on publishing another poetry book. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband, three cats and several novels in various draft stages.
Latest book: Ganesha's Blessings

Follow me at my  Facebook Page MiQuel Marvin Samuels
Hi world, my name is MiQuel Marvin Samuels. I have always said, “I am a man of the arts”. I write, cook, draw, design, and sing, I am computer literate and I do business for a living; I am a photographer, and I love philosophy. This art of works I am about to introduce to you are years of dedicated love in passion. The method has a mixture of modern and old technologies. Take a glance through my eyes. And be a part of my heart. Be apart!
Latest book: To Computer Paint verse using Acrylic to Paint, Which is best for my artwork?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page jennifer foor
Jennifer Foor is a Maryland native. She lives with her husband and two children. When she isn't writing, she enjoys shooting billiards, camping and swimming.
Latest book: The Somnian (Book One Ascension)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrea Cefalo
Andrea Cefalo graduated with honors from Winthrop University in 2007 where she studied medieval art history, children’s literature, and education. She enjoys inspiring children of all ages to read and write through her workshops. The Fairytale Keeper, the first in The Fairytale Keeper series, is a medieval novel of corruption, devotion, and the origins of Grimm’s fairy tales. The first novel was released June 2012. The second novel, The Fairest of All will debut early 2014. Andrea resides in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband and their two border collies.
Latest book: The Fairytale Keeper Part One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daniel Beers
Daniel Beers lives with his wife and son in Tacoma, Washington.