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Ilona Ciunaite and Elena Nezhinsky are the founders of Liberation Unleashed, an international network of people dedicated to guiding people to awakening from the illusion of separation. Both Ilona and Elena have seen through the illusory nature of the apparent separate self, which is nothing more than a mental construct—a concept that when thoroughly questioned clearly reveals that there is nothing behind the word ‘me’ at all. Ilona was born in Lithuania and now lives in the UK. She has a degree in psychology, but has never worked in the field; instead she works as a tattoo artist, running her own studio together with her husband. She is a simple and ordinary human with a mind set to focus on freedom for ... read more
Latest book: Gateless Gatecrashers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page O. Rashed
- – - Illumination Light of light shines bright Guides those with sight, wanes their plight Keeps steadfast on right – - - This foundation is my attempt at gratitude. I have been very blessed, and every blessing deserves to be shared. I am most thankful for light, for without it, I would be lost, eternally searching without knowledge of what I desire, nor where to find it. To show gratitude, I have dedicated myself to collect, build, create, and share the most luminous light I can. To give the gift that keeps on giving, the gift that gave so much to me. Imagine the sweetest, richest joy – how much greater is its euphoria if enjoyed and shared with others? Light builds upon light. The sharing of one li ... read more
Latest book: A Unique Elegy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wynn Perry
Having been a small town girl it gives me pleasure to return to one of the many towns that I've lived in over the years. Some haven’t grown much but others have thrived while keeping that small town charm. I hear people talk about big city life being the way to go, I still like a small town though. That may be why I can relate to the Jessica series so well. She gets to watch Springfield grow into a big, for the times, city. Anyone who’s ridden through the area today can see that Springfield is far more than Jessica could have dreamed. In The Orchard I have once again returned to a small town. Glenns Falls is an ‘everybody knows your name’ kind of town. But the lure of big city life is still there for ... read more
Latest book: The Orchard- Johnny

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul Kemprecos
My fiction-writing career owes it start to the bad navigation of an 18th century pirate. For it was in 1717 that a ship, the Whydah went aground, reportedly carrying a treasure. In the 1980s, three salvage groups went head-to-head, competing to find the wreck. The controversy over the salvage got hot at times and I thought there might be a book in their story. I developed my own detective, an ex-cop, diver, fisherman, and PI named Aristotle “Soc” Socarides. He was more philosophical than hard-boiled. Making his first appearance in “Cool Blue Tomb,” the book won the Shamus award for Best Paperback novel. After many years in the newspaper business, I turned to writing fiction and churned out five more boo ... read more
Latest book: Grey Lady

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sipho Mzolo
Fractured Hope is not an academic piece but a product of social activism. This book is not written by a political analyst or, a person with ambitions for high office. The author fits the standard description of a regular guy who looks in every way just like all of us in the township or in the suburbs, but has a distinguishing background both politically and socially that places him as eminently qualified to author a book of social commentary. Sipho was a firebrand political activist in his youth days, a distinguished trade unionist in the mid career; later a teacher at a business school as a visiting scholar. He is a mentor to the youth and a consulting elder to young entrepreneurs. He lives by a brand story ... read more
Latest book: Fractured Hope. South Africa reflects on the future of her children

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kish Knight
Debut teen thriller author Kish Knight, fantasy and contemporary novelist and creator of the YA Horror series, Dead-End Avenue, was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands. Always fairly imaginative, some of her early childhood writings included stories of puppies, blood and baby bottles. Luckily, her morbid interests were soon after refined, through a teenage fascination with Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine. After gaining her M.Arch in Savannah, Ga, she remained there, enjoying the ghost stories and old-world charm. She finally returned to the Caribbean after missing the sunshine and beaches. Her current round of busywork involves developing a plethora of design documents for the Dead-End Avenue novels. ... read more
Latest book: The Shelf

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jade Lloyd
I'm a Paranormal and YA Romance Writer. But I also, occasionally write Crime Romance novels too. A Werewolf In Love is my first book and it's the first in the 'Garrison Pack Series'. I live in Lancashire, England and I've been Home Educated all my life. I'm currently a student at University, studying for a Creative Writing Single (Hons) degree. I have two Diplomas; One in Fiction Writing and the other in Crime Writing and I'm currently taking a third diploma in Editing and proofreading. The main reason I'm self-publishing is to get my name out there and to share my books with my readers. I write for an escape of the everyday mimetic feel of life, and to give others the escape I had when I went through a ba ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aaron Riensche
Aaron Riensche lives in Seattle with his wife, Johanna. His first novel, Stowed Away: A Modern Pirate Tale, was loosely inspired by his extensive experience living, traveling, and working in South America. He holds a BA in International Studies from the University of Washington and a JD from Seattle University. He is currently working on his second novel.
Latest book: Stowed Away: A Modern Pirate Tale

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K.D. Kromminga
K.D. Kromminga has written internationally for two and a half decades. His ebooks are available in four languages. In 2012 he opened Asgardis Publishing as both a Indie Publishing House and Indie writers community with online collaboration tools and an online and download distribution networks. He is currently working on two novel Projects, the "Seraphs Call" (Godmakers #1) series with N.A. Spells, and his first English language solo effort "The Monster who Would be Queen"(Monster Bytes #1). His future planned projects are an EPIC fantasy called the "Wanderer"(Chaos Unity #1) with D.J. Tjarks, and solo "What is Death Among Enemies?"(Casefiles of Dani Spieler #1).

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roy Raymond
Roy Raymond works in the high tech industry as a consultant and business manager. He has also written for and produced theatre and worked in publishing and the arts. He currently lives on an island moored somewhere near Sydney, Australia, with his wife and three children.
Latest book: The Smart App

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alisha Adkins
Alisha Adkins is a native of New Orleans and has also lived in Dallas, San Francisco, and Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. Alisha holds a master's degree in education and worked as a secondary English and history teacher for ten years before escaping the profession. She has also worked as a bartender, owned and operated an eBay Powerseller store, acted as a forum moderator for a popular online game, and worked as an educational consultant for a major publishing company. She is currently pursuing her dream of writing and quietly starving to death. Written in 1998, Flesh Eaters was her first work of length. She maintains that writing it was her natural psychological response to teaching middle school. Alisha Adk ... read more
Latest book: Zombie Gras

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cherrone Davis
Born in Cleveland, Ohio and eventually traversing through New York before reaching Southern California, my roots were multifarious which in part, created the myriad of personalities that exist within my being. As a mother of two children with autism, my dedication to their lives are even more pronounced than the normal parent, however, my sense of humor and the light that burns inside of me because of my children, allows me to earn the reputation of being the oldest living 10 year old on the planet. I am an amusement park junkie, music lover, martial artist, avid sports fan, and a writer. I attended the University of California, at Santa Barbara as a film major before transferring to Columbia College Hollywood ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James McLachlan
James McLachlan was born somewhere between Peru and the Equator on a jet airliner. In his youth he gained two entries in the Guinness Book of Records. One for the fastest assent on K2, the world’s second highest mountain – with a time of 14 days – and the second for highest number of lies told about mountain climbing. In the last few years James has become sick of writing million dollar blockbusters, and now only writes books of limited appeal and worth. He currently lives in Tasmania, Australia with his pet wombat and somebody else's wife.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tami Porter-Jones
Tami Porter-Jones was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She studied Computer Science at the University of Utah and worked in that field for nearly a decade before taking a hiatus from life and pursuing her passion for writing. She wrote Words Like Forever, because it was the type of book she wanted to read. She has lived in several different parts of the United States as well as Manchester, England. Recently, she moved back to Salt Lake City, Utah and spends her time fighting for human equality and women's equality, when she is not writing. She also has recently developed an interest in slam poetry. She volunteers at the Utah Pride Center, attends rallies and tells anyone who will listen about the impor ... read more
Latest book: Invocation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eric Lochridge
Eric Lochridge is a poet and editor in Rapid City, South Dakota. He is the author of Father’s Curse ( FootHills Publishing, 2007), and the founding editor of After Long Busyness: A Poetry Blog. His poems have appeared in journals such as Paddlefish, Free Lunch, Slipstream, Diagram, Origami Condom and Main Channel Voices and in anthologies such as Beloved on the Earth: 150 Poems of Grief and Gratitude (Holy Cow! Press, 2009) and The XY Files: Poems on the Male Experience (Sherman Asher Publishing, 1997). Eric has received grants and awards from the South Dakota Arts Council, the Dahl Arts Center and the High Plains Writers of Rapid City. He holds a degree in mass communications from South Dakota State Univers ... read more
Latest book: After Long Busyness: Interviews with Eight Heartland Poets

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Norm Miller
Norm Miller lives in the Foothill area of California near Sacramento. He is a retired Deputy Probation Officer. He lives with his soulmate, his wife, Linda. Besides writing, his interests are traveling, fishing and spending time with his grandchildren.
Latest book: Canvasback Creek II The Journey To Boston

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L. Todd Wood
Todd is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has been an aeronautical engineer and an Air Force pilot. In the Air Force he flew for the 20th Special Operations Squadron which started Desert Storm. For the past eighteen years he has been an international bond trader with expertise in Emerging Markets. He has conducted business in over forty countries. Todd has a keen understanding of politics and international finance. He has been published in the Armed Forces Journal. He is a contributor to Fox Business, NY Post, The Moscow Times, Armed Forces Journal, Newsmax Money News, and others. Todd splits his time between NYC and Moscow.
Latest book: Delta

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M. Rasheed
M. Rasheed is a permanent vendor at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds and popularly known for his Cartoon Portraits, which enable lucky patrons to pose with their favorite cartoon characters and caricatured celebrities on poster-sized keepsakes in the artist’s fun & friendly drawing style. Highly prolific, M. Rasheed is the cartoonist behind the graphic novel series Monsters 101, and many fascinating web stories, which includes a YouTube channel featuring original Adobe Flash animated shorts. He received his B.F.A. from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan and is proud to admit that he was one of the “Dogs of 1-D” from The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art, Inc.
Latest book: Monsters 101, Chapter Six: "Pugroff"

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C. R. Taylor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Keith Webb
Keith E. Webb, DMin, is a Professional Certified Coach, author, speaker, and consultant specializing in leadership development. He is the founder of Creative Results Man-agement, a global training organization focused on equip-ping ministry leaders. For 20 years, Keith lived in Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore where he designed and deliv-ered leadership development programs to Christian lead-ers in over 30 countries. He is the author of Overcoming Spiritual Barriers in Japan and is co-author of Coaching In Asia: The First Decade. Keith blogs at
Latest book: El Modelo COACH Para líderes cristianos: Unas aptitudes de liderazgo eficaces para resolver problemas, alcanzar objetivos y desarrollar a otros

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Snedden
Jim Snedden's writing draws heavily on his diversified experience as an international business executive, newspaper columnist, college instructor, and self-proclaimed political junkie. A transplanted Southern Californian, Jim now lives in Arizona with his wife Beth.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicole McKnight
Nicole F. McKnight is an Alberta-based writer and a member of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta. When asked where her inspiration comes from, McKnight replies, “I think life provides you certain insights. Having worked in many fields has given me a variety of experiences over the years; a chance to observe people in different settings. Being a military wife and having lived across Canada—and in Australia—has opened my eyes to a world I would never have known otherwise. It has enriched me as a person and empowered my writing in a very significant way. I find volunteering extremely inspiring as well.” McKnight enjoys volunteering in classrooms or libraries when she can; she finds that it invigorates her ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Phillips
A native of Belfast, Ireland, I moved to Bologna in 2005 after many years travelling around Europe. Naturally, curious of my surroundings, I took an interest in what lay behind all the closed doors in this ancient city only to find hidden art treasures and incredible sights that many of its own inhabitants knew and still know little about. For this reason, I began recording these spectacular scenes and published them online through the medium of video and photography. After a few years of developing and tweaking this new found interest a pocket guide called naked Bologna, was born. Its main intention was to reveal the richness of Bolognese history through videos that would in future be accessed from smart phon ... read more
Latest book: Survival Tips for Living in Bologna

Follow me at my  Facebook Page B.D. Tharp
Award-winning author B.D. Tharp, an author and freelance writer for Active Aging and Generation Boom magazines. Tharp’s contemporary work of women’s fiction will have you laughing and crying as the ladies discover the truth about what makes a poignant but feisty family. The sequel, Patchwork Family is completed and will be coming in March 2014. A lifetime resident of Kansas, B.D. Tharp graduated Magna cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Women/Minority Studies and Fine Arts. Former President of Kansas Writers Association, Tharp has published a short story in the Sheridan Edwards Review; an essay in A Waist Is A Terrible Thing To Mind, an Anthology and over a hundred articles for various m ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lynette White
I am a native of Central Montana but I currently call Utah home. I strive, with varying degrees of success, to balance my time between work, writing, and my family. I am no stranger to writing. I have written several short stories, short plays, poems, and took a shot at song lyrics. I worked for a short time as a newspaper correspondent for two central Montana newspapers and I have done freelance writing for SEO projects, artist bios, and web sites The Enemy Within is my debut novel and White Fantasy is the access point to the Cyrus Peninsula and the twin cities of Salaria and Tarson. Once you cross that access point I know you will wait with baited breath for every turn. I have an unquenchable passion for l ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eric Copeland
Through our companies Creative Soul Records, Creative Soul Jazz, and Next Level Jazz, we offer artists across the nation and the world the opportunity for true artist development, full studio production in Nashville, TN using the top players, studios, engineers, and producers in music today. Our goal is to offer not only this outstanding production and development, but the record label services that can help artists reach a national and international audience. Eric Copeland has been playing piano, writing songs, and making recordings of his music since he was 13. In his college years, he became interested in jazz, heavily influenced by the vocal jazz and pop of Al Jarreau, the keyboard and synthesizer work of ... read more
Latest book: For the Creative Soul, A 52 Week Devotional for Creative Christians

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marisa Pullan
Marisa is a mother of two children and wife to a wonderfully supportive husband. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching sappy, feel-good movies.
Latest book: Allergy Friendly Seasonal Cookie Favorites

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrew McAllister
Everything to know is inside the Book of Chains, which is FREE here on Smashwords.
Latest book: The Book of Chains

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mina Witteman
Mina Witteman is schrijver van avontuurlijke jeugdromans en korte verhalen. In 2005 debuteerde ze met de jeugdroman De wraak van Deedee. Niet lang daarna volgden De Zonnegod en De Zielensluiper, de eerste twee delen van een waanzinnig spannende avonturencyclus die zich afspeelt bij de Navajo in de Verenigde Staten en bij de Kwakwaka'wakw en Tsimshian in Canada. Voor de Bobo schreef ze de verhalenreeks In de straat van Fiep, twintig korte verhalen bij illustraties van Fiep Westendorp. In hetzelfde blad verscheen ook de negendelige serie In de klas en het korte verhaal 'Drupjes grote reis'. Voor Ploegsma Kinder- & Jeugdboeken schrijft ze korte verhalen, zoals 'De koekjesdief', dat verscheen in Ridders, dino's e ... read more
Latest book: De wraak van Deedee

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chantal Dumont
De formation supérieure en psycho-pédagogie, Chantal a enseigné dans différentes universités (Genève, Nanterre, Franche-Comté, Lyon). C'est à cette époque qu'elle participe à un ouvrage collectif édité chez De Boeck Supérieur, sous la direction de Jean-Claude Manderscheid et Christophe Jeunesse (2007). Elle a également animé des formations en développement personnel. Dans le cadre de ses études doctorales, elle a particulièrement étudié le concept de l'intelligence émotionnelle. Elle travaille actuellement dans l'enseignement agricole et est de fait, très sensibilisé à l'alimentation saine et les aliments bio. Restant dans un mode de vie attaché au « vivre mieux », elle a suivi des ... read more
Latest book: 69 Recettes à l’Avoine - Desserts, Biscuits, Smoothies, Tisanes Remèdes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vonica Colt
Raised in an obscure, boring town and then sent across the country to continue her education, Vonica has experienced many highs and lows during her life. Always feeling a bit different, always a bit of an outsider, she channelled those emotions during a college writing class, won a few competetions, and decided to keep at it because it makes her happy. Quite naturally, she writes about things that interest her. Female empowerment through sexuality has become a major focus following her divorce in early 2013. While she writes literary fiction on the side, she is committed to removing the stigma of erotica, hoping to make it more than just another genre ghetto and transforming it into art. After a brief pause to ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melisant Scott
Melisant Scott is an aficionada of the romance genre. She has enjoyed reading romance novels for several years, alas she decided to try her hand at writing. She hopes everyone enjoys reading, Reluctant Heart, a story about a love triangle. Everyone knows love triangles are always complicated, somebody wins and somebody loses. Melisant’s hobbies include sailing, music, classic movies, her cats and home is Texas. To purchase other Melisant Scott books on the internet visit: Open Window Publications. Most of her romance books are available in both paperback and digital (e-books) formats. Be sure to follow Melisant Scott on Facebook or Twitter. Watch for the release of Melisant Scott’s next book, Forbidden P ... read more
Latest book: Reluctant Heart: Love Triangles Are Complicated

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jewels Maloney
Jewels Maloney, M.Ed., Ed.D Creativity, started learning from young children in the early 1980's in early childhood centers, and in the 90's became a professor of education. She felt a mission to assist teachers to develop their senses of awe, wonder, joy, and curiosity. Jewels taught teachers in the ways she wanted them to work with children. Creativity was the focus of explorations and collaborative learning so that teachers viscerally felt what is was like to be free to learn. Jewels co-founded The Sweetgrass School and the Harbin Community Child Care Center to demonstrate that we can trust children to grow and learn through play, nurturing environments, and independence. Jewels currently lives in Sedona ... read more
Latest book: Every Child is Holy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frank Stapleton
My name is Frank Stapleton and I am the co-inventor of the Screen Sweep. Chances are you have used my invention to clear the dust off your computer monitor. Over thirty million advertising specialty Screen Sweeps have been sold since 1997 and they continue to sell today. Over the course of my life I have worked as a draftsman, industrial designer, engineering designer, human factors specialist (ergonomics), and a model maker.
Latest book: How To Make Millions With Your New Idea

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dorothy Marie Tate
Dorothy Marie Tate is an author and full time family physician in Seattle, Washington. She has been writing since she was a young child and has been published professionally. She is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association and is in the process of writing a memior about her medical school experiences. She is a mother and grandmother. She enjoys the outdoors, birdwatching and traveling. She considers London her home away from home and hopes to go back very soon.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jesse Sublett
Author, musician and artist, Jesse Sublett has been a force in the music and culture scene in Austin, Texas since the late 1970s, when his band, the Skunks, were the vanguard of the new music scene there. Best known for his crime fiction series of Martin Fender novels, Jesse has also received high praise for his memoir, "Never the Same Again: A Rock n' Roll Gothic," with its riveting account of his life as a struggling musician, cancer survivor, and the murder of his girlfriend by a serial killer. Jesse also does ghost writing and has written extensively for nonfiction television.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Janet Miller
Janet Miller, often known as Cricket Starr, is the author of over twenty-seven titles at Ellora’s Cave, Samhain, Red Sage, and New Concepts Publishing. These titles include the 2004 PRISM award winning Violet Among The Roses, 2011 PRISM award winning Bad Dog and the Babe, and 2006 EPPIE award winning All Night Inn. She has two Romantic Times Top Picks and nominees for the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award for Beloved Enemy under her Janet Miller name, and Fangs For The Memories by Cricket Starr. Janet specializes in futuristic romance under her own name and futuristic, fantasy, and paranormal romance under the pen name Cricket Starr. Not all of her books are erotic, but she knows a good love scene when she rea ... read more
Latest book: Promises To Keep

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Priest
John Alexander Priest - born in 1958 in Netherton, near Dudley, West Midlands. One of seven children (three girls, four boys). Started writing in 1985 and had several articles published in National Magazines. First children's book published by Ginn & Co, Ltd., titled 'Naughty Nigel Runs Away'. Followed by 'Tom's Birthday Treat' and 'Answer The Phone Fiona! Latest on-line books for children are: Little Miss Straight Tail, a bedtime read for babies, Peter Challenge - Time Surfer, for children 8yrs-10yrs, and 'Jay-Pea-Eyes aka Junior Private Investigators', also for children 8yrs-10yrs.
Latest book: The Curse of Sea Shell Cave

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lillian Brummet
Lillian has fond memories of an early childhood in the US in California and Nevada and later growing up in the south-central region of British Columbia, Canada. Lillian has published two other books: Purple Snowflake Marketing and Towards Understanding. She also manages and hosts an online radio show – Conscious Discussions. Lillian was honoured with an award for "outstanding use of various media in ongoing outreach work to reduce waste in our environment" by the Recycling Council of BC. Seeds of Diversity also awarded her for volunteer contributions and she has been recognized by Columbia Basin Alliance For Literacy for her ongoing support. Lillian's efforts to promote conscious and green living has brought ... read more
Latest book: Rhythm and Rhyme

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Trevor Forest
Trevor Forest lives in Nottingham in the UK with his wife Doreen and two mad Springer Spaniels Molly and Maisie. Trevor is the author of 9 children's books including the Magic Molly and Stanley Stickle series. Trevor Forest is currently working on the third Stanley Stickle and the sixth Magic Molly books.
Latest book: Abigail Pink's Angel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ernie Bryan
Ernie Bryan is a top e-business, tax, and hospitality consultant.
Latest book: 43 Ways to Slash Your Income Tax Burden by Thousands of Dollars

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jane Kelly
I have lived in the Peak District for the last eight years. Since we have had Tilly (our mad black labrador), life has changed considerably. I am out walking two to three times a day and I love exploring new places. It's great to find a new pub or coffee shop that welcomes dogs and it's exciting finding new walks. I hope that this new series of Dog Friendly guides helps you to enjoy your time in the Peak District as much as we do! Jane & Tilly x
Latest book: Dog Friendly Bakewell

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Benjamin J Patterson
Greetings, My name is Benjamin Patterson Author of "Stuff Happens" and The Mariton. I am a new author yet writing has been a huge part of my life. I wrote my first book Stuff Happens after Hurricane Katrina and I enjoyed the experience so I decided to try my first fiction book. I hope you all enjoy and thanks for sharing the love of the written word.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anna Shone
Former English teacher, now full time writer. Brought my family up in France, now living near Cambridge in UK. I've written three crime novels, two classic British whodunits, the third non traditional using a child detective. I'm now working on a series set in the South of France with a very unorthodox, ballsy female detective.
Latest book: Secrets in Stones

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ron Wingrove

Latest book: Brid

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Meta Smith

Latest book: Crazy Rich

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ellie Cort
Ellie Cort began reading romance novels at age 12, and she promised to write her first romance novel by graduate school. She did. Ellie grew up on the summer-sun soaked beaches of Grand Haven, Michigan, and did not stray far from home. She currently lives with her husband, two daughters and two dogs (Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley) near Lake Michigan.
Latest book: The Marquis' Masquerade

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jörg Stroisch
Jörg Stroisch ist Immobilienfachjournalist. Er verfasste bereits mehrere Bücher über Immobilien. Außerdem betreibt er die Städtereise-Plattform miovista im Internet, die regelmäßig Minireiseführer herausgibt.
Latest book: miovista-Minireiseführer Ruhrgebiet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Phil Nicolay
Phil Nicolay is a well-respected Human Resource Specialist who suffered for over 17 years with Chronic Sinusitis. It made him feel terrible on an ongoing basis. Fed-up with being sick all the time and treated with prescribed medications that provided no resolution, Phil began to research the problem and discovered a natural cure for sinusitis. Because he suffered so much and assumed that others also may be suffering, he decided to share his home cure for sinusitis by writing a booklet describing how he cured his Chronic Sinusitis. He entitled his booklet The Chronic Sinusitis Cure.
Latest book: The Chronic Sinusitis Cure