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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Akasha Rainbow
Beautiful, amazing, cosmic, light-filled, radiant, Akasha, Mother of Angels and Warriors, Ambassador from Hyperspace and The Dragon Realms, Angel of Nothing and Lover of an Earthbound Ultra-God. ;) “Whatever you think you are, you are more than that. And when you expand to contain that new thing you think you are, you are a thousandfold more than that. You are endless and infinite and the light that gives birth to the light and with all my heart I know this to be true.”
Latest book: Awaken the Flame: A Book of Love, Kundalini, and Liberation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ron Moses
RON MOSES is the author of The 15 Secrets of Millionaires. He is a sought-after motivational speaker and success coach, and has been a Lic. Real Estate Agent for over eighteen years. Moses reached the top 3% of over 58,000 Prudential Real Estate Agents nationwide. He is a multi-million dollar month club producer and has sold over $75 million in real estate. He has received over 40 top lister, top producer, and super producer awards, including twice-recipient of the prestigious Chairman’s Circle Gold award, and four other national production awards. Moses has over twenty years’ experience in sales, marketing, negotiating, and business. Ron Moses lives in Chula Vista, California, with his wife, Letic ... read more
Latest book: The 15 Secrets of Millionaires

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lizzie T. Leaf
Award winning author, Lizzie T. Leaf started life in Kansas, continued her growing in North Carolina, and currently shivers through the winters in Colorado. She has numerous e-books in varying lengths and her first print book, Struck by Lightning, won dual 2007 Beacon awards, in addition to being a finalist in two other contests. In addition, Making Christmas, a Christmas Historical novella set during the Civil War won Love Romances Café Best Historical and the 2012 Aspen Gold for Best Novella. Beyond Magic, the first book in the Magical Love series won the 2012 Award of Excellence Best Paranormal/Fantasy/Sy-Fi, and was a finalist for Best Paranormal in the Aspen Gold. Since discovering the fun of writi ... read more
Latest book: The Nutcracker Returns

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dave Kirk
Canadian, as much as possible, for the time being. Worked in computers and manufacturing. Downsized, terminated, and had several employers go bankrupt, on me (including myself). Lifetime commitment to books, current events and trivia. Politicians are the real soap opera. I like fantasy and sci fi and will write that. My golden retriever uses all of my spare time.
Latest book: Princess Daphne and the Child Stone

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anna Shenton
Anna Shenton (1954) grew up in Staffordshire, England.Experiencing an interesting upbringing by her English father and German mother fueled her imagination with bundles of home-truths. Her desire to write materialized after bringing up her own two boys. She also has four stepsons and several adorable grandchildren, so to say the least,there is no shortage of inspiration. Always known as a bit of a daydreamer in class Anna was determined to put her vivid imagination onto paper one day. After taking a home study course with The Writing School Of London, all those thoughts and ideas started to make print. Firstly with Star Letter Pages and Fillers for several Women's Commercial Magazines, receiving some wonderful ... read more
Latest book: Writing Spelled Out

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K.F. Breene
K.F. Breene is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary, fantasy and paranormal romance novels. When she's not writing, you might find her at a café, sipping wine and chatting with her girlfriends. She lives in San Francisco with her two children, one of which duped her into thinking he was a grown man. That was before her daughter came along, of course. She loves to hear from readers, so drop her a note at Sign up to her mailing list for new books and an exclusive preorder sales:
Latest book: Darkness Series Boxed Set

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Drake Travis
Drake Travis earned his Bachelor’s in biblical literature from Simpson University (now in Redding, California), and his Master’s in Literature (New Testament) from Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, New York. He was honored with the President’s Cup upon graduation from Simpson for having the most positive influence on college life. He was ordained in 1994. Drake received his doctorate degree in Christian Leadership in 2011. Drake has been an associate pastor of youth, worship, music, missions, and collegiates. He spent seven years as pastor to students at Central Washington University. During those years the “Salt Co.” grew from twenty-five to nearly one thousand students who were involved in th ... read more
Latest book: Building a College Ministry That Rocks

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kurt Erkan
Kurt Erkan's quest is to walk the narrow streets of the human soul. He explores our triumphs and our weaknesses, our fearless leaps and our hesitations, our attempts to become better people and our submissions to darker desires - and how every choice we make can change the paths of those around us. He is fascinated by the inner compass we all have, and how its needle can swing toward the ultimate truth when it is fed by hope. Kurt Erkan believes that the best way to explore the inner world is by writing - namely via prose and poetry. The information discovered and riddles solved in these realms must be shared with other people who are on the same quest. Kurt holds a BS degree in civil engineering and lives in ... read more
Latest book: And Five, Six, Seven, Eight!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daniel R. Robichaud
Daniel R. Robichaud has lived in southeastern Michigan, central Massachusetts and southern Texas. He is a Rhysling Award nominated poet and the author of over one hundred stories, articles and poems, which have appeared in such markets as Shroud Magazine, Rogue Worlds, Goblin Fruit, Rage of the Behemoth, Green Prints, and WritersWeekly. Daniel holds degrees in both Physics and English, and his career path has reflected these passions. In addition to his numerous writing opportunities, he has been an Igor For Hire (aka a freelance research engineer), a substitute teacher, an automation engineer, and a neurophysiology lab manager. Daniel enjoys entertaining people with his words and stories. If you enjoy a good ... read more
Latest book: Chillun Got Shoes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Writing on the Wall
Writing on the Wall celebrates writing, diversity, tolerance, story telling and humour through controversy, inquiry and debate. WoW works with diverse communities across Merseyside, organising projects including Rebel Rants, Pulp Idol and Liverpool Young Writers, which culminate in an annual festival that brings together local audiences and the best local, national and international writers, artists and social commentators.
Latest book: Pulp Idol Firsts 2014

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Coty Schwabe
I was in marketing for 3 years. Until it took its toll on me mentally. I stopped shelling products out to people who didn't need them and switched to writing instead.
Latest book: Afterwrath: Part Two - Caw of Ravens

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William C. Dietz
New York Times bestselling author William C. Dietz has published more than forty novels some of which have been translated into German, French, Russian, Korean and Japanese. Dietz also wrote the script for the Legion of the Damned game (i-Phone, i-Touch, & i-Pad) based on his book of the same name--and co-wrote SONY's Resistance: Burning Skies game for the PS Vita. Dietz grew up in the Seattle area, spent time with the Navy and Marine Corps as a medic, graduated from the University of Washington, lived in Africa for half a year, and has traveled to six continents. Dietz has been employed as a surgical technician, college instructor, news writer, television producer and Director of Public Relations and Mark ... read more
Latest book: Rogan's World

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sonia Taylor Brock
I was born and raised in Southern Louisiana. I joined the United States Marine Corps at seventeen. While in the military, I went to Chaminade University of Hawaii and completed my Bachelors Degree in Business Management. I have two children and one grandchild. My youngest daughter was born with Down Syndrome. I have been active in the Down Syndrome Association, The Association of Retarded Citizens, The Special Olympics and various other organizations over the years. I have worked in various capacities in the Publishing and Public Relations fields for over seventeen years. They include IVAX Industries, The Cullman Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Facilities Safety Management Magazine, Creative Loa ... read more
Latest book: The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Butler
Mark Butler is an aspiring author from Texas. He served in the US Navy for four years, including a tour of duty as a combat medic in Iraq. Currently Mark works, attends school and spends his free time with his wife and son. Mark's other hobbies include: Basketball, Yoga, Muay Thai, competitive running and swimming. When he's not engaged in the activities listed above, Mark is an avid reader and writer.
Latest book: Dark Friends

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nitra Gipson
Coming from modest beginnings on the southwest side of Houston, Texas, Nitra Gipson was raised in a dysfunctional family. The repercussions of psychological, emotional, and physical abuse, sustained during her childhood, nearly shattered her life. Living her private pain and her uncle’s tragic public death by execution galvanized her interest in the law and the workings of the legal system. In December, 2008, she graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. In the interim, she sued one of the nation’s largest corporate entities after being falsely accused of committing a felony while on its premises. A sizeable award ensued from the verdict in her favor. Nitra defines her success and personal accomplis ... read more
Latest book: The Real Verdict, My Quest for the Freedom I Never Had

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Taleeb Starkes
Co-Writer/ Exec-Producer of an award-winning documentary titled, “Mothers of No Tomorrow,” which provides unparalleled access to the isolated world of mothers who have lost their sons to the pervasive violence that's seemingly omnipresent in America’s inner cities.
Latest book: The Un-Civil War: Blacks vs Niggers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hanspeter Weiss
Hanspeter Weiss, Dr. phil., wurde 1948 geboren. Er hat in Zürich Psychologie studiert. Er wohnt in St. Gallen und ist als Schulpsychologe für die Berufschulen im Kanton St. Gallen zuständig. »Das Unbewusste in der Kaffeetasse« ist seine erste Veröffentlichung im Ebozon Verlag.
Latest book: Das Unbewusste in der Kaffeetasse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Storm Ryder
Storm Ryder writes explicit sexual fiction set in SciFi & Fantasy settings. He believes that, just because it's smut, that doesn't mean it can't be well-written, & populated with fully-formed & relatable characters. But don't let his clean prose and proper grammar fool you -- when it comes to the sex, he lays it all out in graphic, lusty detail. If you hunger for fantastical explicit porno that's written to more than a high-school level, Storm Ryder is your man.
Latest book: Gears Of Desire: Steampunk Erotica

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Judy Janse van Rensburg
Judy Janse van Rensburg is an author, speaker, coach and psychometrist. She is passionate about creating lives that Rock for individuals and organisations.She has been working in the field of assessment and personal development for the past 15 years where she engages with a variety of corporate clients as well as individuals. She lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa with her husband and three daughters.
Latest book: Coaching Rocks- 5 steps to positive transformational change

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Mears
Lisa lives in the Tasmanian wilderness. She fell in love with stories and story telling when her parents read to her as a small child. The love of writing came later. After many years of procrastination she finally decided to "give it a go" and attempt a full length novel. Chosen was born. Soon she hopes to be able to devote more time to her writing.
Latest book: Empty Vessels

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul Zecos
The author, Paul Zecos has been an executive and CEO of successful electronics companies and holds an MBA from Harvard University and M.Sc.’s from Columbia University and from the Athens Polytechnic. The same author also has written THE WORLD ANEW, in 2006, that predicted the 2008 economic collapse, and in an attempt to prevent it, the book says on page 386 (third paragraph): “The Federal Reserve Bank….must reduce the leverage, by increasing the reserve requirements of Banks, thus reducing the probability of an economic collapse.” The author is a parent of two children. Alexander Zecos edited the book.
Latest book: The Theory of Everything for Everyone

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Craig Burns
Meet Craig “Burnie” Burns… Craig Burns – Burnie, as he’s known on set – didn’t become the go-to lighting guy in Orange County, Calif., overnight. His journey in the industry started at age 50. After putting in a decade of hard work, climbing every rung of his profession’s ladder and learning everything he could about working on set, he started collecting lighting gear piece by piece until he had enough to fill several trucks. With five large lighting trucks of his own, Burnie is now a premier lighting professional in southern California who is hired to work on commercial sets large and small across the country and internationally. His work can be seen in a variety of documentaries for channe ... read more
Latest book: No One Talks About Lighting the Elephant in the Room: The Business of Grip and Lighting

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ashley Ehlers
I'm a college student still trying to get a handle of the adult world. When I need to get away from it I lose myself in books, my own writing, and in spending time with my amazing boyfriend which he supports me to no end. Finding my passion in books has led me to finding a passion in writing my own fictional stories back in 2009, I have turned this into a dream career and going one step further I would love to open up my own book store.
Latest book: The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S. Thomas Kaza
S. Thomas Kaza is the author of two novels and a collection of short stories. His first novel, Cedric of RoseThorn, is a medieval adventure about a lord a the end of the world, his castle at the edge of an empire, and the bandits who are trying to take it from him. His second book, Lady Anna's Secret Garden, is a middle grader fantasy that follows the adventures of two brothers as they try to figure out how to use a magic wand to stop the destruction of a secret garden. The Good Story to Short Story Collection #01 is a collection of a dozen short stories in the fantasy, science fiction, realistic fiction, and ghost story genres. The author is now working on the sequel to Cedric of RoseThorn. He ... read more
Latest book: Cedric of RoseThorn: Book One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Octiva
Writing is my hobby. When I am not writing, am a software engineer. One min ... I do writing in my job as well, but not a story One min ... I write stories in my job as well, but not an entertaining one, I suppose Follow me!/sriprasad.sundaravaradan Use Coupon EQ98B to avail 100% off on my book Love happened twice- final proposal
Latest book: Love Happened Twice – Final Proposal

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer Stepanik
Jennifer Stepanik has been in the makeup and skin care industry for over 13 years now. Originally studying Naturopathy (the study of herbs, nutrition and complementary therapies), Jennifer then branched out into the beauty industry where she ran two skin clinics for more than 8 years. During this time she divided her time between glamorizing women with makeup and skin care treatments as well as recreating home spa experiences through the creation of homemade soaps, sugar scrubs, candles, skin care such as lotions, body butters and mineral makeups. Glamour is something that all women can experience.With the right techniques and understanding anyone can transform their appearance and really bring out the beauty ... read more
Latest book: Jabón Casero hecho Simple

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Josiah Payne
Josiah was born and raised in Paola, KS. He has two loving parents and four brothers. He is an avid sports fan and also enjoys faith, music, reading, and art. He is currently working at a Restaurant in the Kansas City area and self-publishing his work in hopes of making a living through writing. He has also made many contributions to society by volunteering at local homeless shelters and other Government programs.
Latest book: Understand my poetry. Understand my art. Understand this man. Understand thisheart.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ben Blake
I've been a writer since I was a kid, but only recently decided to publish on the internet. A few books will be coming now, since I have several backed up: what Stephen King calls "trunk novels". Away from writing, I like to watch football (soccer) and rugby, enjoy a drink and going to the cinema, and like good food.
Latest book: Troy: Heirs of Immortality

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeremy Kroeker
Jeremy Kroeker is a freelance writer, a speaker, and the award-winning author of “Motorcycle Therapy – A Canadian Adventure in Central America.” With his motorcycle, Kroeker has traveled to over 30 countries while managing to do at least one outrageously stupid thing in every one. He has evaded police in Egypt, tasted teargas in Israel, scrambled through minefields in Bosnia and Lebanon, and wrangled a venomous snake in Austria. One time he got a sliver in El Salvador. Kroeker was born in Steinbach, Manitoba in 1973, but he grew up in Saskatchewan. He spent most of his boyhood summers on a little dirt bike chasing gophers. As a young adult, he took a job as a long haul truck driver to fund a year of t ... read more
Latest book: Motorcycle Messengers: Tales from the Road by Writers Who Ride

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Leigh Bale
Leigh Bale is a multiple award-winning author of Contemporary Inspirational Romance, Historical Romance and Romantic Suspense. Her first published book won the prestigious Golden Heart for best inspirational in 2006. She is the daughter of a retired U.S. forest ranger, holds a B.A. in History with honors and loves working, writing, grandkids, spending time with family, weeding the garden with her dog Sophie, and watching the little sagebrush lizards that live in her rock flowerbeds. She has two married children and lives in Nevada with her professor husband of thirty-three years. Visit her website at
Latest book: The Silken Cord

Follow me at my  Facebook Page E. Edgar Price
Miss Price is an award winning author and burgeoning talent. As of this date, she has spent most of her career writing memoirs and short romantic fiction for contests. However, she has several novels in the works and has completed the first of many Young Adult titles in the fantasy genre.
Latest book: Sanctuary

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Rich
Hi, I'm Michael Rich. I was born in Glendale, California in 1962. I've lived in California my entire life and currently reside in Northern California with my daughter. I'm a single parent; my wife passed away in 2011. I have always enjoyed writing and I studied creative writing in college. So far I have published one novel, but more are on the way. I'm currently working on the second novel, which has a working title of "The Preserve." I am also going to publish a series of short stories that are already completed, but need editing and formatting. If you like this first novel, "How I Did It," you can look for the short story collection in early 2015. I also enjoy writing songs (I play guitar and sing), golf, an ... read more
Latest book: How I Did It

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christoph Fischer
Christoph Fischer was born in Germany, near the Austrian border, as the son of a Sudeten-German father and a Bavarian mother. Not a full local in the eyes and ears of his peers he developed an ambiguous sense of belonging and home in Bavaria. He moved to Hamburg in pursuit of his studies and to lead a life of literary indulgence. After a few years he moved on to the UK where he now lives in a small hamlet, not far from Bath. He and his partner have three Labradoodles to complete their family. Christoph worked for the British Film Institute, in Libraries, Museums and for an airline. ‘The Luck of The Weissensteiners’ was published in November 2012; 'Sebastian' in May 2013 and The Black Eagle Inn in October ... read more
Latest book: Conditions

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Duke Morris
Entrepreneur, business coach, marketing consultant. Helping small and very small business grow their business. Loves dogs.
Latest book: Text Message Marketing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paolo-Ugo Brusa
Born in San Marino, RSM, 1950, from Italian parents, Arturo Brusa and Maria Neri, I spent my school years in Rimini, 1958 to 1965, and Bologna, 1966 to 1974. Earned a doctoral degree in Philosophy from Bologna 'Alma Mater' University in 1974 (master thesis on the education of James Joyce). Enrolled in San Marino public schools soon after graduation. Taught Italian, History, and Geography in junior high until 1995, then History and Philosophy in high school until retirement in 2010. Works include also 'Parentesi', 1983, a collection of free verse, and 'Ripeness Is All', 2012, a gallery of pictures, both with long-time friend R. Faetanini ( Also, I’m proud to have devised and built, i ... read more
Latest book: Prosophy. After philosophy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paula Merensuo

Latest book: High Caves of Um Na Sha

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ciaran O. Dwynvil
Ciaran Dwynvil, the bard of gay erotic fantasy, writes for... the characters. “I'm their happy scribe and their personal bard. When they come to me, their story is already there and they just need an author willing to listen in silent midnight hours, paint their life with words and then sing about it on pages of the books. That's what I do and what fills my days with joy.” This approach to writing resonates best with thoughtful readers for whom character emotions and plots are just as important, (if not more) as the erotic aspect of the stories. The lines in Ciaran's novels flow like verses in a minstrel's tales from the time long passed. Like stitches on a tapestry they create intricate images for those wh ... read more
Latest book: Unalloyed Love Part 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrea Smith
Former operations executive with major global corporation who decided to pursue her lifelong dream of writing fiction. It is so much more 'believable' than 'Corporate America,' trust me!
Latest book: Silent Whisper

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carl E. Reid
With corporate travels from the mail room to the board room, Carl E. Reid knows what it takes to be successful. Carl is a member of Who's Who of Professionals, certified by the American Seminar Leaders Association and past President of NY chapter for Latinos in Science and Technology Association. He has over 40 years of business experience, including 29 years as a technology expert, 21 years as a business career coach. As a successful serial entrepreneur, Carl is founder and Chief Savvy Intrapreneur at Savvy Intrapreneur. As a professional blogger and social media strategist, Carl publishes Library of Congress recognized blogs and In addition to ... read more
Latest book: 10 Powerful Networking Tips Using Business Cards Global Extended Edition

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tim Kellebrew
Tim Kellebrew is a writer, publisher, and philosopher (when he's not doing his day jobs as a consultant, businessman, or psychotherapist). Tim has written content for Fortune 500 companies, internet moguls, professional sports teams and athletes, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and various ecommerce providers. His published nonfiction books include books about psychology, philosophy, and computer gaming. Other non fiction works are being planned due to Tim's wide range of education and interests. He is especially interested in emerging technologies and how these may affect future life. Recent publications include: A Brief Overview of Dialogical Psychotherapy (2012), and On the World as Misr ... read more
Latest book: On the World as Misrepresentation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andy Wang
Andy Wang has been trading and investing since 1998. He is the founder of, which is a financial, social network. You can find his bio at:
Latest book: Wouldn't You Like to Know Where the Stock Market is Heading?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ervin (Earl) Cobb
Since 2010, Earl has been the CEO and Managing Partner of Richer Life, LLC --- a digital media, trade book publishing and professional services company, headquartered in Phoenix. He spent the previous 34 years of his career in Fortune 100, Mid-Market and Venture companies as a Systems Engineer, Program & Project Manager, Management Executive and Technology Executive. Earl has held executive management positions with Motorola, The Reynolds & Reynolds Company and Wells Fargo Bank. Earl is the former President, COO and CEO of the high-tech start-up, MedContrax. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee State University and graduated from Arizona State Universit ... read more
Latest book: The Leadership Advantage: Do More. Lead More. Earn More.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tierra Allen
Tierra Allen is the creative mastermind behind the novels "Safe in His Arms" and the "For Better or Worse" series. She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and currently resides in Houston, TX. When she's not writing as-real-as-it gets fiction, she's editing works or operating her publishing company, Prettier~N~Person Creations.
Latest book: For Better or Worse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Stone
About David K. Stone: I was born in 1956 in Denver, Colorado, five minutes after my twin brother Robert. Yes, we’re identical. As the youngest of five children, and with a co-conspirator always at hand, I had many childhood adventures. My father was a machinist and my mother a homemaker. We weren’t rich, but we never felt poor. Planning to become a veterinarian, I went to Colorado State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. In 1981 I moved to Massachusetts to attend Harvard Business School. Two results of that decision have shaped my life since. I met my wife Carol through a classified ad. “Wanted, rush typist. Contact the Editor, Harbus News.” And I got my first job as a Pr ... read more
Latest book: Cloned Genes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cori Nicole Smith
CORI NICOLE SMITH holds BAs in both English and biology and an MA in English from West Virginia University. Her written works include the Martina Mackenzie series, of which 4 novels have been written (middle grade), Confessions of the Editor Brigand (adult), and The Knight and the Ninjas (children's epic poem). Cori's manuscript for Martina Mackenzie: The Diana's Eye was a semi-finalist, ranked in the top 100 submissions, in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest in 2008. She edited the novel Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet (authored by Dr. Shellie Hipsky), based on interviews from the radio show of the same name. Since October of 2005, Cori has worked as a technical writer and editor while writing ... read more
Latest book: Confessions of the Editor Brigand

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Keith "PK" Somerville
Keith Somerville, affectionately known by thousands as ‘PK,’ currently serves full-time as the Pastor of Congregation Development under the auspices of Senior Pastors, Rudy and Juanita Rasmus. PK’s sermons, filled with hard-hitting and relevant insight, have captivated audiences, motivated leaders, and enriched the lives of those who have heard him speak. Along with preaching and teaching, he gives leadership to over fifty-two ministries at St. John’s Downtown including Men’s, Women’s, Young Adults’, Senior Adults’, and Married Couples’. Civically, PK is a member of many progressive organizations and has had the opportunity to serve on several executive boards including the Learn Through Laugh ... read more
Latest book: Today I Will

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Howard Aldrich
Author Howard Aldrich was born in Cleveland Ohio and studied fine art at the University of Akron. He has written numerous short stories and has been featured in "O" magazine, “Cats” magazine, “Fresh Ink”, and a host of other small press publications. Howard also co-authored the cult comic, "Chakan the Forever Man: The Nightmare's Thrall" and won the 2003 short fiction contest for the magazine, "Marquis". Currently, Howard has two e-publications available. They are the novel, "Sonata", and the short story collection entitled "Phantasmarotica".
Latest book: Sonata

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jelani
Jelani is a Transformational Coach and blogger with more than 25 years of experience in helping others to creatively transform their lives. Jelani loves to spend his time traveling around the world learning new languages, people and cultures. He has traveled to more that 30 countries. Jelani received his Bachelor’s of Music from the University of the Pacific, an MA in Theater from California State Los Angeles and an MFA in Film Producing from UCLA. He is currently completing his PhD in Culture and Performance. He is a credentialed education specialist and continues to work with special needs children in the Los Angeles Public Schools. He will release his first series of children’s books in the Summer of ... read more
Latest book: Walking on the Edge of the Moon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rustin Petrae
I'm Rustin Petrae, a graphic designer out of Ohio. I was actually born in San Antonio, Texas but spent nearly half my life overseas. I grew up on Misawa Air Force Base, Japan and then went on to Seoul, South Korea and then onto Osan Air Force Base, South Korea where I graduated from Osan American High School. I loved that life. I loved living in a country where I was able to absorb different cultures and traditions. I learned a lot from that and I use a lot of what I learned in my writing. I started very early on. In fact, I can remember one of my elementary school teachers asking us all what we wanted to be when we grew up. My answer was that I wanted to either be a cartoonist or an author. Well, I didn't end ... read more
Latest book: Blood Ties: The Second (A Bane Pack Novel)