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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jamie Mumblow
As a published author I write poems that are reflections of who I was, who I am, and sometimes I touch on who other people are. I relate to what others may be going through. I am often touched by a song, a picture I have seen, or a story I've been told. I sometimes write inspirational content as well as poetry. "My role in society, or any artist's or poet's role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all. " -John Lennon
Latest book: Life, Love, and the Reflection Thereof

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Penelope Anne Cole
Penelope Anne Cole ha enseñado en todos los grados y disfruta leerle a sus estudiantes. “La mejor manera de alentar a los niños a leer y a que amen a la literatura es leerle.” Cuando no está escribiendo o haciendo reseñas, la autora disfruta caminar con su perro, leer, y actividades en la iglesia. Cole es miembra de la Sociedad de Escritores e Ilustradores de Niños y una terapeuta de lectura certificada con “Read America.” Cole escribe reseñas de libros de niños en Biography – Penelope Anne Cole has taught at every grade level. She enjoys writing children’s stories to be read aloud. “Reading to children is the best way to help them love literature.” Whe ... read more
Latest book: Magica Mea (Spanish)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tom Wescott
Tom Wescott was born in Jefferson City, MO in 1973 and moved to Oklahoma in 1985. Along the way he discovered a love for music, film, and mystery..both of the fictional and non-fictional variety. While perusing horror novels at a used book store in 1997 he discovered an abandoned and misplaced non-fiction book tossed crookedly on top of the orderly row of novels. It was a book on Jack the Ripper. He took it home, read it, and wondered if he'd read the 'final solution'. So he went to the library and checked out a couple more books on the case...then a couple more...then he found this place called on this thing called the internet he was working to figure out. Over the next 15 years Wescott publish ... read more
Latest book: The Bank Holiday Murders: The True Story of the First Whitechapel Murders (Jack the Ripper)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anita Pauwels
Anita (Ani) Pauwels walked out of the dust in a semi-arid desert seeking a wider Universe beyond the beyond. She has worked in surgery as a scrub tech/circulator, nurses aide, in a flower shop, a chemical plant, a bronze foundry, and for 20+ years was a successful bronze artist and writer of prose, showing and selling in venues and galleries across the greater Southwest. In mid-careers, Anita and her husband took a two and a half year sabbatical with the Peace Corps, to work in Burundi, East Africa, where she earned the JFK Volunteer of the Year Award for Sub-Sahara Africa. She has written a non-fiction book, Turtle Tushies in the Land of Banana Beer, of their adventures teaching fish farming among a heart-w ... read more
Latest book: Turtle Tushies in the Land of Banana Beer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rena Manse
Hi, I'm Rena (as in Rayna). I write interracial Christian romance, and I like to think I'm filling the market for this well under-served genre. I'm passionate about igniting strong emotion through my writing, and hope you enjoy the adventure! As an ethnic female, I like to see realistic and relatable characters in my novels. I use everyday multicultural interaction to help form my characters' backgrounds and personalities. We're not always sweet or right, but we strive to hold on to God's values and not our own, and that's how we live victorious lives in today's world. Along with loving what I do in web design and writing, I have a Degree in Christian Studies, a Marketing Administration Diploma, and an Advan ... read more
Latest book: The Revealing Series (Then, There's Love / Never Like This)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nan McAdam
Nan McAdam has had a prestigious career in the agricultural and financial sales arena. She trained, coached, and mentored individual sales people, as well as sales teams, for over 20 years. As an author of two blogs, Nan has been a fan of self-improvement for many years, and has passed her knowledge of leadership, parenting, and how to live a more enriched life to the readers of her blog: She is, also, the author of an elder care blog: She has been published 78 times in different publications. Nan has spent over 15 years caring for elderly loved ones. In 2013, Surviving the STRESS of Your Parents’ Old Age, wa ... read more
Latest book: Surviving the STRESS of Your Parents' Old Age

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William Evans
William is from Wales. ‘Within the Glass Darkly’ was his first Gothic vampire novel, which is now available online. As a writer / lyricist, he has been involved in many musical theatre productions, including two previous shows broadcast on BBC and independent radio in the UK. ‘Dracula’ was his first collaborative musical theatre project this century. The concept CD is available from the Amazon and many other online stores. William’s second Gothic vampire novel, ‘Dracula, the Devil’s Nosferatu’ is now available online. He is currently writing the third novel in “The Glass Darkly Gothic Vampire Series”
Latest book: Dracula - The Devil's Nosferatu

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jane Zimmermann
I am fortunate that my life is filled with wonderful people and I am grateful that I have been able to experience many wonderful things. Whether it is visiting the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan, kayaking on the Rivanna River, or simply walking my dog, Fred, around the block, I am amazed by the world around me and I want to share this amazement with my readers. I also love a good mystery! So my stories are a combination of my wonder and joy of life with a plot that thickens... I have been a teacher, a stock broker, an accountant, a property manager, and a technical writer, among other things. I spent 13 years in Germany and I have lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, California, Vermont, Georgia, Tennessee and n ... read more
Latest book: Talking Waters

Follow me at my  Facebook Page W.R. Gingell
W.R. Gingell is a Tasmanian author who loves reading, bacon, and slouching in front of the fire to write.
Latest book: Masque (The Two Monarchies Sequence)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nadezhda Iskra

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tony Buxton

Latest book: Ecstasy of the Deep

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cindy P Dominguez
ulinary experience. After publishing “The Beef Lover’s Cookbook” that was sponsored by one of the largest companies in the Philippines, San Miguel Corporation, she embarked in her online career as an SEO writer and Internet marketer, and has created numerous ebooks and thousands of articles for her international clients. She was recognized as one of the Top 20 Ultimate Food Bloggers in 2012 by Sooo Pinoy which is a group that promotes national pride by appreciation of Filipino culture food. Cindy has won numerous culinary contests such as that of Cook’s Magazine, Del Monte Kitchenomics, and Aji-Ginisa, which is a product of Ajinomoto. Granddaughter of the prolific writer Jose Villa Panganiban who has ov ... read more
Latest book: ReFresh

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Darren Dyskord
Darren Wesley Doss-Walling who is now 28, was born at Riverside Hospital in late October. In his youth he had a passion for the creative arts and ever since several avenues were approached, from comics, short stories until he landed comfortably in music. From 2006 to 2010, Darren served during wartime as an forward observer. After a fifteen month long tour in Iraq, he left to pursue his own interest. In 2012, Darren reached out to an multitude of agents worldwide in which Emerantia from the Gilbert Literary Agency accepted his ‘work’. Carefully guided along his journey, the book went through several revisions - until its fateful completion. May 19 of 2014, He was signed to Family For Life Records from forme ... read more
Latest book: True Darkness: Awakening

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chrys N. Jay
Moonlit walks, dreamy beaches, love notes and romance - this is what fuels the love stories Chrys N. Jay writes.
Latest book: Rose

Follow me at my  Facebook Page AF Crowell
My name is AF Crowell and I am the new author of the Torn Series. Pushed, Book One Pulled, Book Two Torn, Book Three Never in a million years did I ever think I'd write a book, but I did. I self-published Pushed on Amazon February 17, 2015. I still find it surreal that I am an author. I find it even more crazy that other people love Pushed as much as I do. I live in Charleston, South Carolina, with my husband (aka the love of my life) and our two boys. We have two dogs, Diesel, a German Shepherd and Dez, a black Labrador Retriever. Until four years ago, I wasn't a very big reader. Since that time I've more than made up for it. When I'm not writing my own books, I average about 4 to 5 books a week. I love rom ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emma Wallace
Emma Wallace was born in 1980 and grew up in Carthage, Texas. Graduating from Southern Methodist University with a degree in education, the winds of fate took her to Nashville, Tennessee where she taught English at a public high school for eight years. After meeting her husband, the couple transferred to Birmingham, Alabama in 2011, where Emma took time away from her teaching career to raise her two children. Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia she spends her spare time throwing pottery and playing the violin. A true believer in the merits of public education, she fully intends to resume her teaching career in the future.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joretha Isby
Joretha has just completed her first screenplay, Once We Leave the Garden. She will also be directing the film. She decided to write this eBook, because as she was writing the script, the backstory of the main characters subconsciously developed in her mind. She felt that for every detail she wrote about them, in the script, an understanding of what actually drove the character to that point, developed. She felt is was necessary to share what she learned about the characters with the future viewers of the film. In her free time, Joretha enjoys exercising, reading, and spending time with her daughter, Elizabeth.
Latest book: Once We Leave the Garden: Inside the Minds of the Banished

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L.E. Horn
L.E. Horn considers herself to be a writer with an empathic focus. She has long been fascinated by our often unconscious connections to the natural world and loves to explore the qualities that we believe distinguish us from the creatures that share our planet. The Gryphon Saga series was born from the depth and power of such considerations. As the protagonist Lianndra discovers, the virtues that we value as humans can be found in some truly surprising places... Linda lives on a small farm in rural Manitoba, Canada, with her husband and a plethora of critter characters that, as she puts it, “inspire me by pointing out what should be obvious on a minute-by-minute basis. It keeps me both happy and humble.”
Latest book: Freefight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Beto Dias
Beto Dias (Roberto C R Dias) has a degree in Advertising and Propaganda from FAAP University (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado-Sao Paulo/Brazil). He is an English teacher trained in TEFL in the UK and has lived in England for 10 years. In Brazil, researched, wrote and produced over 200 educational films for preschools, elementary schools, high schools and teacher training. Also, he wrote and published 7 children's fables books covering topics such as the environment, friendship and respect.
Latest book: 77 Frases em Inglês com "Embromeixan Help" Volume 2 Áudio Disponível

Follow me at my  Facebook Page E.L Beth
I began writing dark erotica about a year ago. I found that it really irritated me how authors bring down their male leads and make love story's sappy. I continually began to feel unfullifed with reading. So I wrote a book how I like to read it. I find that although my stories are full on and seem a bit much, so many of my readers have connected to them. I try to tone it down ever so often in my books, but I find I write better the harder the material I write about.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Spike Evans
Spike Evans was brought up in Yorkshire. He is married and lives with his wife, Jo, and their cat, Fred, in a tiny terraced house crammed with ancient (largely non-functioning) musical instruments. 'Single To Morden' is his first novel. Three not-quite-sequels are planned; 'Cheek' is out now, 'Apeman' is due to be published some time in 2016, and 'The Oik' (very much in its embryonic stages...) should hopefully appear sometime... erm... soon..? Watch this space.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Oscar Araujo Leon
Oscar Araujo León es Escritor y Periodista por la universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Conduce talleres de narrativa y escritura creativa. Ha publicado los siguientes Libros: La agonía de Nuria (cuentos, 2014). La noche del murciélago (cuentos, 1998). Los ojos de la araña (novela, 2004). Cuentos peruanos - generación del 80 (antología de relatos de escritores nacidos entre 1947 y 1960 ). Como una espada en el aire (antología de poesía de la generación del 60, Prólogo y notas, 2000). Y, Excluidos del festín (artículos de crítica literaria, 1998). Tiene, asimismo, los siguientes Libros inéditos: El Encantador de Estrellas (novela juvenil), La Estación del Desencanto (novela), El Eterno Enigma ... read more
Latest book: El Eterno Enigma

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brad Grusnick
Brad Grusnick, a native of Wausau, Wisconsin, graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre. He studied Improv and Comedy Writing with The Second City Conservatory in Chicago and went on to write for several sketch comedy shows in both Chicago and Los Angeles. He helped create the stage show and podcast, Mohansen High School, with his improv group, The Fling. He currently writes for the Los Angeles sketch comedy group, Dry Hump Comedy, and the independent anthology series, The World of Steam.
Latest book: The Last Dance of Low Seward

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Simon McNeil
Simon McNeil is an author and online marketing communications specialist with a major educational institution. He is a life-long martial artist, has published several articles in Kung Fu Magazine and he’s probably a little bit too fond of kung-fu movies. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife, daughter and their fierce protector Oliver the shih-poo. His wife has happily laid out rules to prevent the sword-through-glass-lampshade incident from ever happening again. The Black Trillium is his first novel.
Latest book: The Black Trillium

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Parker Nessalk
Parker Nessalk lives in northern Alberta Canada with her two dogs and her horse. When she isn't writing at her desk she spends her time in the saddle enjoying the wild expanse of the peace country that she calls home.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.S. Chanz

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adrienne Woods
Adrienne Woods resides with her family on the East side of Joburg, Gauteng. If she isn't writing, she is reading and love to spend time with her two beautiful little girls. You can find out more about Adrienne Woods at
Latest book: Frostbite

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alexander Barenberg
Alex Barenberg was born in Russia. Since 1991 has lived in Israel. He has been working as an engineer in aerospace company, since the end of his military service. He is a fan of history, especially history of aviation. Started writing in 2009. Works in genres of hard science fiction and alternate history, for now in Russian only. Several books were published by Moscow publishing house "Yauza", since 2011. Александр Баренберг родился на Украине, после школы переехал в Москву. С 1991 года проживает в Израиле. Инженер, работает на оборонном предприятии. Служил в ЦАХАЛЕ. Увлек ... read more
Latest book: Голем из будущего. Книга третья - Последний поход Мессии (in Russian)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kay Botha
Besides drinking Roma Espresso and sharing her bed with two Great Danes, Kay Botha's passion lies within books.
Latest book: Hush

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Green
James Green is a writer, currently crime and historical fiction. The first book in his Jimmy Costello series, Bad Catholics, was shortlisted for a Crime Writers Association Dagger award in 2009. His current publisher is Accent Press. In his time he has been a farm labourer, coal miner, motorcycle courier, teacher and college lecturer. He holds an M.A. from Sheffield University and still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jamie Logie
Jamie Logie is a certified personal trainer and nutrition and wellness specialist who runs and the Regained Wellness podcast. Both geared around helping you take back your health
Latest book: Taking Back Your Health

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tysche Dwai
Tysche (TIE sh) Dwai was born to write erotica. Her other persona writes other stuff. She’s been at this for a number of years now, and is enjoying every minute of it.
Latest book: Western Ways

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charles Roig
Charles Roig is an author of six books in a series of novels dealing with the sea, spirituality, technology and love. Other accomplishments include a career as an Architect and Inventor. Schooled at the University of Illinois, his professional endeavors also include architectural design, technical writing and the creation of musical soundtracks.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer L. Kelly
Jennifer L. Kelly (1982- )was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She is currently a middle school teacher and professor of education. She has a Bachelor's of Arts in English with a writing minor, as well as a Master's of Arts in Education with a reading endorsement. Jennifer has dreamed of writing her own books since she was in elementary school, which resulted in numerous started and unfinished stories over the years. Her first novel to come to fruition, The Lucia Chronicles: Book 1: The Prophecy was written while participating in National Novel Writing Month with her 8th grade students in November 2013. In her spare time Jennifer enjoys yoga, spending time outdoors with her dog, writing, reading, and traveli ... read more
Latest book: The Beacon: The Lucia Chronicles Book 3

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Yvonne Ortega
Yvonne Ortega is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner, and a Clinically Certified Domestic Violence Counselor. She is the author of Finding Hope for Your Journey through Breast Cancer and a contributing author to The Embrace of a Father and Transformed. As a survivor of domestic violence, breast cancer, and the loss of her only child, she loves to speak to audiences in either English or Spanish about her journey in moving from broken to beautiful. Yvonne regularly conducts compelling, uplifting, interactive keynotes, workshops, seminars, and retreats for women who wear anything from designer suits to jumpsuits. She can be reached at and loves ... read more
Latest book: Moving from Broken to Beautiful: 9 Life Lessons to Help You Move Forward

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jordan Buchanan
Jordan Buchanan was born and raised in Virginia and retains her southern sensibilities but now resides in northern Michigan. Although she misses the Shenandoah Valley, living in the home state of the mighty Detroit Red Wings helps to ease the pain. She writes erotica with heart and has published three short stories, Ghost in the Machine, Viewer Discretion Advised, and Interview with The Mistress She is currently working on a novel, For Love or Money, and a novella, Xander's Garden. When she is not writing or watching hockey, Jordan enjoys spending quality time with her charming husband, three young adopted Lab mixes, and two older cats that now refuse to come inside

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Heather Couch
Heather Couch is a ‘Cincinnatian’, but was born a ‘Kentuckian’. She is a city girl with a southern heart. She began writing in fourth grade and has continued to write since. She has self-published one novel and co-wrote another. Heather has a BA in Music Education and is currently getting her MA in School Counseling. When she’s not working, at school, or writing she can be found at a local arts venue or supporting local college sports teams. She also enjoys traveling and being involved in her church. “Learn from the past, embrace the future, and live in the moment,” is the motto she strives to live by. She has gained strength from Christ, family, and friends to continuously pursue her dreams and ... read more
Latest book: Reciprocal

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hasheem Francis
Hasheem Francis is the Co-founder and CEO of Built To Prosper Companies. Hasheem Francis is a best selling author, keynote speaker, recognized industry thought leader, and an expert on executive business and leadership development. With two decades of entrepreneurial and leadership experience, Hasheem Francis is a leadership consultant and advisor to CEOs, business leaders, corporate executives, and community leaders across the country. His vast expertise in dealing with business change, along with his strong financial background and leadership development skills, enables him to provide unique and unparalleled counsel to a diverse range of industry professionals. Hasheem Francis has served as a founder, partn ... read more
Latest book: Built To Prosper

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeana Hawkins
I was born a farmer's daughter. My parents had farming on both sides of our families. I have had a remarkable life so far even though there were events and situations that could have held me back. Despite all the chaotic clamor including alcoholic and drug addicted parents and their divorce when I was 5 years old I prevailed. I still had my dreams and still do to this day. The day I turned 13 on the 4th of July, 1975, I was kidnapped into a prostitution ring where I was starved, chained and drugged. Almost dead when I was rescued, I managed to get my education at a fine women's college in Virginia, experience on Wall Street and paid for a two and a half month backpacking trip to Europe before the age ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Olivia Reid
Olivia has a Master's in counseling and a bachelors in Psychology. She has worked with abused children and foster care for almost a decade in settings including clinical/hospital, foster homes and the judicial system. She speaks two languages and is working on her third. Her backgrounds include Indian, Portuguese and American. Before 12th grade, she had already attended 16 schools all over the United States and in two different countries. She enjoys hiking the trails of the Rocky Mountains, horse back riding and German shepherds. Her passions lie in philosophy and the Bible, but most of all, in the heart of her God and King.
Latest book: Faith to Move the Mountain of the Heart

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Oney Foster Sweet
Oney Foster Sweet was born in Gibson, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, on December 13, 1841. At age 13 or 14, Oney’s parents sent him to Newark, New Jersey, to attend a “select school,” where he obtained a better education than most of his peers. While there, he lived with his “benefactor,” Robert F. Ballantine. (Ballantine, mentioned often in Oney’s diaries, belonged to the family that founded and operated the Ballantine breweries in Newark and was related to the Sweets through the DeWitt family in Nyack, New York.) When Oney completed his schooling, he went to work for a wholesale establishment in New York City. However, the Confederate blockade of Southern ports put Oney’s employer out of bu ... read more
Latest book: What the Private Saw: The Civil War Letters & Diaries of Oney Foster Sweet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marc Seraphs
Marc Seraphs fully realized becoming a writer was all or non-else after discovering the therapeutic awesomeness of writing at age seventeen. Once he decided on his path, he took creative writing classes with extensive self-tutoring. Before moving to the States—Indianapolis, Indiana—in 2006 at age sixteen, he spent a decent amount of time living la vida in the urban jungle of the tropical rain forest region of West Africa. He loved (and still loves) anything creative—writing poems and drawing comic strips with his math notes especially—“not a fan of numbers.” He feels transitioning from his place of birth to where he is now—no matter how tricky—presents him the opportunity of being in oneness wit ... read more
Latest book: The Alien: a Letter to Future Self

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mario Martínez Arrabal
Mario Martínez Arrabal was born in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a town near Barcelona. Since childhood he had drawn attention to the stories of science fiction and fantasy movies how both books. Being interested in science and technology subjects, he studied Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has written always stories, comics starting early and ending with science fiction stories, heroic fantasy, playing various genres. In 2015 he decided to publish his first book, a fascinating story of heroic fantasy, inspired by classics like Lord of the Rings, Record of Lodoss War, or Monster Collection. You can find more information about Neridian in: https://neridian.wordpress ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christopher Lentz
Christopher Lentz writes stories about how love changes everything. He loves living on the edge—of a continent that is. Having enjoyed far too much of Southern California’s endless-summer sun and survived the onslaught of office life, he decided it was time for an extreme career makeover at age 50. He’d made his mark as a corporate marketing executive before he began writing novels. He burst onto the historical-romance scene in 2015 with his debut love story, Blossom. He didn’t always love words (in fact, he still has scars from those stand-up-in-front-of-class spelling bees that he was an epic failure at), but did learn to master words out of necessity. He was convinced there was a novel hiding so ... read more
Latest book: Blossom

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chuck Barrett
Chuck Barrett is an Amazon bestselling author of the Award-Winning Jake Pendleton series—Breach of Power, The Toymaker, and The Savannah Project. In addition to thrillers, Barrett conducts seminars on the art of self publishing based on his book—Publishing Unchained: An Off-Beat Guide To Independent Publishing. Barrett is a Florida native, a graduate of Auburn University, and a retired air traffic controller. He enjoys hiking in the Rockies with his wife, Debi. They currently reside in Northeast Florida. Awards: —Breach of Power Winner of the 2013 Indie Excellence Award in Political Thrillers. Finalist in the 2013 International Book Awards Thriller/Adventure category. —The Toymaker Finalist in the ... read more
Latest book: Blown

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robin Glassey
Robin was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and currently resides in Utah with her family. Her current passion is writing science fiction fantasy novels set in the world of Fathara. A former psych tech at LDS Hospital and graduate of BYU, Robin is one of those odd people who returned to college to take classes just for the fun of it. Robin is addicted to taking pictures, eating French fries and watching Doctor Who.
Latest book: The Least of Elves: A Land of Fathara Novella (Prequel to The Azetha Series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kim Parker
Hi all. For a few years now I've been writing erotica privately, for my own satisfaction. Recently, I decided to enter the world of self publishing, so I decided to start by releasing some of my more recent work first. Aiming for at least one book a week for a low price, with a focus on shorter stories for a quick read.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M. L. Foran de Vivarais
Aiming around wondrously
Latest book: Minotaur's Labyrinth - A Tale of Revolution