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Follow me at my  Facebook Page P. Zainul Abideen
P. Zainul Abideen is a very powerful orator in Tamil. He is prodigiously well-informed, eloquent, confident, true, honest, sincere, lucid, and simple in style, reaching Gods Message of Islam straight to peoples heart. With profound knowledge in Islam and clarity of thought he is continuously engaged in comparative study of religions. Especially, he serves the non-Muslim brothers and sisters in answering all their questions. In whatever form the questions are framed and whatever confusion might prompt the questions, he answers them right.
Latest book: மாமனிதர் நபிகள் நாயகம்

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lolly Pope
Lolly Pope has hidden her fantasies for way to long. It's time for them to be written. She writes erotica with a little twist. Too long she thought they were too weird to be exposed, but nothing good happens without taking a chance. The result of that taken chance are all this erotic tales that where swirling in her mind since she was very, very young.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Juan Brian Doyle
Nació en Buenos Aires el 27/12/1969. Estudió abogacía, profesión que ejerció en paralelo a su pasión por la escritura. Publicó Rubber Soul (Editorial Dunken - 2005) La Pandilla de la Calle Perdida (ICA - 2008) en formato papel. En formato digital ha publicado, además, Safari, Sinfonía en Constitución y Memorias de un Romano Cualquiera. Premios Concurso de Cuentos del Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires –2003 “Un Conflicto Sobrenatural” Galardonado con el Primer Premio El cuento “La Chalupa Submarino” fue elegido ganador por la consigna “Un cuento fantástico”. “La Pandilla de la Calle Perdida” fue seleccionada pa ... read more
Latest book: La Pandilla de la Calle Perdida

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Akshay Joshi
Howdy, This is Akshay Joshi, Founder of Web Designer Pad and author of "The Web Design Guide for Newbies" eBook.
Latest book: The Web Design Guide for Newbies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maria Victoria Pérez E.
Soy escritora y tengo numerosos libros publicados cuya temática es, principalmente infantil. Me interesa la visibilidad y la transparencia y trabajo con mi literatura para hacerlo posible.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lane Ethridge
Founder and CEO at Changing Lanes International
Latest book: Changing Lanes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rita Kairiene
- Rita Latvėnaitė-Kairienė – Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos, Tarptautinės vaikų ir jaunimo knygos organizacijos IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) narė. - Gimė Klaipėdoje, baigusi Vilniaus universitetą, grįžo į gimtąjį miestą. Dirbo ,,Lietuvos žvejo", „Klaipėdos“ laikraščio redakcijose, šiuo metu – Klaipėdos „Aukuro“ gimnazijos lietuvių kalbos mokytoja. - 2000 metais leidykla „Eglė“ išleido jos poezijos knygą „Rašaluotų pirštų pėdos“ apie literatūrą, mokytojų ir mokinių gyvenimą, gyvenimą apskritai ( N. Kepenienė. „Rita Latvėnaitė-Kairienė-mokytoja su burtų lazdele“- dienraštis „Klaipėda“ 2000-12-21; )“. - 2007 m. leidy ... read more
Latest book: Civilizuotos mintys apie karvę

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Will Gardner
About A Guy Named Will Yea, so my name is Will Gardner. It's the name I was given at birth. Standard naming procedure, from what I've been told. People in Arkansas pronounce it 'wheel' which is somewhat endearing, I guess...really depends on who's saying it. I began writing at the tender age of 16 in various online competitions. I'm not one to brag or anything, but I was highly, really, really successful...I mean, we're talking ground breaking levels of success here. In all seriousness, it was a fun, productive way to spend my time and flesh out a talent I had been gifted. Moving on to college, I majored in Creative Writing and wrote for the Texas Tech newspaper. While writing for the ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristin E. Smith M.A.
Kristin Smith is an award-winning life and business coach, trainer, educator, and writer. She is also a gutsy wife and mom on a mission to PLAY BIG! Founder of Kristin Smith Coaching, she is committed to help women and businesses transform dreams into realities.
Latest book: Get Savvy, Stepmom! 10 Secrets to Raise the Bar from Just Blended to Boldly Blended

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mica Furlow
A native from Fort Worth that moved to Houston in her teens is where Mica began writing and somehow lost the passion until recent years. She attended HBU Texas Southern University immediately after graduating from high school. After putting education on hold to raise her son and have a family, she decided to return to the classroom. Receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management, she took eight months off to pursue a Masters in Criminal Administration making her a twice alumni from the University of Phoenix. After the long nights of reading and writing papers, she rediscovered the passion for writing poetry.
Latest book: Emotional Rollercoaster

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melissa Wardwell
Melissa was born and raised in a small town in Mid- Michigan and resides there to this day with her husband, Jonathan, and their three children. After working in the bridal industry for nine in a half years, she felt God was calling her to quit the job she loved and come home and teach her children from home. When not teaching her children or keeping the house clean, she reads and has been known to pull the sewing machine out to make this or that for her daughter. In the fall of 2014, she became a Moms Mentor for the local MOPS Chapter. 2014 is also her first year in writing novels and has found great joy in it. She hopes that her books encourage and inspire you like others' books have for her.
Latest book: "What God Brings Together"

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Phelps
MICHAEL PHELPS, (the AUTHOR - NOT the Olympic Champion) began his writing career as Co-Author of 'DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE' with the iconic actors' first wife, ELLIE JANSSEN. Originally published in Hardcover by Lifetime Books, Inc. in December of 1994, with Paperback Editions released in 1995, 1996 and 1997. The book sold in excess of 1.2 Million copies, world-wide. Taking early retirement as Chief Investigator for a prominent Miami (Florida) Law firm, specializing in criminal defense, Mr. Phelps chose to embark on the challenging career of being an Author. He promised himself he would never co-author a book again, especially with the ex-wife of a celebrity. He chose to write novels based on something he ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.E. Plemons
Jay Plemons’ life is nothing short of ordinary. From an aspiring chef, carpenter, educator, musician, husband, and father, nothing ever seems too busy when adding yet another hat into the mix as a fiction novelist. With a degree in music business, and a minor in English from Middle Tennessee State University, the aspirations to continue his journey in the arts, has followed Jay to write the Last Light Falling series, which has not only touched on some of his personal experiences, but has also helped him further explore the heightened convictions of faith. Though his first love is music, writing has profoundly changed the way he expresses himself to others, which has recently impacted his son to follow in thos ... read more
Latest book: Last Light Falling - The Covenant, Book I

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hilaria Alexander
Hilaria Alexander is the author of Prude. She lives in Oklahoma City with her husband and kids. When she isn't working her full time job, she is reading, catching up on TV shows and making up story-lines in her mind. She is a self-proclaimed concert addict.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.D. Shields
People who know me have asked how on earth I find time to write. After all I have a full-time job, weekend contract work, a husband and four kids to take care of, so where does time to write fit in? Luckily, I’m a bit of an insomniac and my most productive hours are between midnight and five a.m. – It’s the perfect time to write! If I tried to go to sleep I’d just be laying there writing a story in my head to entertain myself; so why not just write it down instead? I have been writing stories in my head for as long as I can remember. I’m an avid reader, but if I find myself without a book handy I can pass the time by just writing a new story (or continuing an old one). Even though I’ve had the sto ... read more
Latest book: Into Shadow

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cole McCade
Cole McCade is a New Orleans-born Southern boy without the Southern accent, currently residing somewhere in the metropolitan wilds of the American Midwest. He spends his days as a suit-and-tie corporate consultant, and his nights writing romance novels in between fending off Tybalt, his geriatric cat. And while he spends more time than is healthy hiding in his writing cave instead of hanging around social media, you can generally find him in these usual haunts: * Email: * Twitter: @ColeMcCade * Facebook: * Website & Blog: * Tumblr: You can also get early access to cover reveals, blurbs, contests, a ... read more
Latest book: A Second Chance at Paris

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bree Pierce
Hi my name is Bree Pierce and I just released my first novella, Balloons in the Yard. I have always loved reading and writing. I started writing stories as a young child, but never published any until now. I also love to read, especially fantasy and paranormal books! Bree Pierce is a pen name.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.W. Reels
RW Reels My infatuation with writing was born before I ever took my first breath, somewhere on the rural plains of Eastern North Carolina, nourished by the adventures of my grandmother’s childhood. From the time I was only four or five years old, her memories gave flight to my imagination and fuel to my curiosities. Her stories widened my eyes to the fascinatingly bizarre in the everyday. As a young girl, my grandmother would bring her puppy with her to stalk rabbits every morning. The two of them would chase an unlucky long-eared rascal until it escaped into a hollow at the base of a tree, and she would run a stick around the inside of the opening as though churning butter. The spell of the sound and vibrat ... read more
Latest book: Metamorphosis: The Trey Parker Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anthony Woodward
I am an Australian Comic artist recently relocated to Canada, I have been drawing comics for around 15 years and in that time I have self published various comics, as well as contributed to various anthologies such as Tango and Conceived on a tram, and Dailies. I have also edited three digital comic anthologies titled ‘Chugnut Comics’. My comics are mostly autobiographical, I am interested in what might be called alternative comics, with subject matter that deals with real life characters.
Latest book: George Bloop

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kathleen Marie Lunetta
I am a professional fiction writer, who loves the Lord, Transformers and favorite Autobots are Optimus Prime and also Bumblebee. I also love cats and kittens. I love reading, playing games and making new friends.
Latest book: Destiny Calls

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David T Procter

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Juan Carlos Riofrío Martínez-Villalba
Juan Carlos Riofrío Martínez-Villalba (Guayaquil, 1 de marzo de 1976 - ), jurista y escritor ecuatoriano, descendiente lejano del primer novelista ecuatoriano, Miguel Riofrío (+1879). Siguiendo los impulsos de su sangre desde muy joven se dedicó a escribir, ganando concursos de poesía y cuento. Tiene tres carreras, una especialidad y dos doctorados. Licenciado en Derecho ecuatoriano y en Ciencias políticas por la Universidad Católica Santiago de Guayaquil, y también en Derecho canónico por la Pontificia Università della Santa Croce. Especialista en Derecho de las comunicaciones por la Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar. Doctor en Derecho por la Universidad Católica Santiago de Guayaquil y en Derecho ... read more
Latest book: Juegos de pluma. Técnicas literarias llevadas al extremo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marco Giorgini
Marco Giorgini è nato a Modena il 21 Agosto 1971 e lavora come responsabile del settore R&D in una delle più importanti software house italiane che si occupano di linguistica applicata. Dal 1994 coordina la rivista culturale KULT Underground e dal 1996 la casa editrice virtuale KULT Virtual Press; ha tenuto corsi e conferenze, e contribuito ad organizzare mostre e concorsi letterari e da marzo 2005 è autore di una striscia a fumetti sul mondo degli esordienti chiamata Kurt. Vari suoi racconti sono stati pubblicati su fanzine, e-zine, portali letterari e antologie digitali e cartacee. Ha all'attivo anche alcuni romanzi brevi, proposti però solo in digitale.
Latest book: Minimalia Vol. 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marilyn Cohen de Villiers
was born and raised in Johannesburg's northern suburbs, the youngest daughter of an extraordinarily ordinary, happy, stable, traditional (rather than observant) Jewish family. After matriculating at Northview High School, I went to Rhodes University in Grahamstown where I completed a B. Journalism degree. This was followed by a "totally useless" - according to my parents - English Honours degree (first class), also at Rhodes. I started my career as a reporter on a daily newspaper at the dawning of the turbulent 1980s. During this period, I interviewed, among others, Frank Sinatra, Jeffrey Archer, Eugene Terre'blanche and Desmond Tutu. I caught crocodiles; avoided rocks and tear smoke canisters in various South ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alan Hamilton
Alan Hamilton finds that real events, where there is 
a mystery or something unexplained, leave so much to the imagination they give the writer of fiction license to make it up. At heart he’s a conspiracy theorist though his head tells him accident is usually more likely – albeit far less interesting. As an antidote to the urge to write creatively, Alan is 
a publisher’s editor for non-fiction, academic books and journal articles. He lives by the sea in the South West of the UK. His hobbies are cooking and cryptic crosswords in the national newspapers, winning first prize twice in ten years.
Latest book: Stalemate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Odims Great
Famous as “World Greatest’, Odims Great is an internationally renowned motivational speaker and writer. He is a great intellectual and an inspiration to youths. He has authored several books and has served as an editor to numerous firms.He currently sits as the CEO and founder of Glads Foundations- an organization that aims at gladdening the heart of youths and aged worldwide. Advancing Despite Adversities is his first published book. The inspiration to write this book came while he served as his University’s student chaplain.
Latest book: Advancing Despite Adversities, Vol 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page P.S. Bartlett
Award winning author, P.S. Bartlett, was born on Valentine's Day many moons ago in South Baltimore, Maryland, less than a mile from Fort McHenry and Federal Hill. Her first novel, "Fireflies," was published with GMTA Publishing in 2013 and the prequel to "Fireflies," entitled "Hope From the Ocean," was published in March of 2014. She loves history and historical fiction. She gets her history fix via movies, television and of course, books although she enjoys reading almost every genre. Her motto is: "I'm taking a fantastic voyage. Won't you join me?"
Latest book: The Blue Diamond: The Razor's Edge

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S. S. Dudley
S. S. Dudley grew up in Wyoming, USA, an avid reader and lover of the outdoors. He started his first book (an epic fantasy hand-written in with a blue fountain pen…) when he was 13, but never finished it. At some point (as his mother recently reminded him), he decided that he needed to go do something (like get a job) for a while before he could, or should, write. So he went off and studied Spanish and Biology at the University of Wyoming, also earning a black-belt in karate and living for a semester in Bogotá, Colombia. Enthralled with science, he then went to the University of Illinois for graduate studies and spent time in Panamá and Antarctica. After graduating and spending three months backpacking thr ... read more
Latest book: Elf Hills

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rod Martin, Jr
Rod Martin, Jr. was born in West Texas, United States. He has been a Hollywood artist, a software engineer with a degree summa cum laude, a writer, web designer and a college professor. Rod Martin's interests have ranged from astronomy to ancient history, physics to geology, and graphics arts to motion pictures. He has studied comparative religion, worked as a lay minister and spiritual counselor, and taught ethics in college. While doing graphic arts in Hollywood, he also studied electronic engineering. In 1983, as Carl Martin, he published his first novel, "Touch the Stars: Emergence," co-authored by John Dalmas (Tor Books, NY). Later, switching careers to computers and information technology, Mr. Martin ... read more
Latest book: The Art of Forgiveness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Samantha Shaw
Samantha was an escort for a year and a half. She started as an escort and ended her career as a Mistress.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James DeSantis
James DeSantis figured out young he wanted to create worlds. Growing up he continuously gave life to characters in his work, and only expanding on them as the years went by. By twenty four he finally self-published his first title "Exterminators Infected". From fantasy to horror, James continues to develop his writing style. Slowly gaining a fanbase, he continues to create brand new universes for readers to get sucked in to. With titles such as "Sparks" and "Killing Your Boss" getting praise he continues to work hard. He will continue to tackle new genres in hopes of giving every reader a chance to dive into them.
Latest book: My Little Rabbit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Grace Anne Stevens
Grace Anne Stevens ( brings a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and skills, along with an openness, curiosity, and compassion to encourage people to live authentically and handle change gracefully. Grace is an experienced speaker, teacher, and trainer for corporations, associations as well as student populations on learning to handle change and transitions with grace, and living authentic lives. Grace holds a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University.
Latest book: No! Maybe? Yes! Living My Truth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anne Powers
Anne Powers is a lifelong artist who has delighted in all kinds of traditional media, multimedia and digital media. In past adventures she was the head of Roane State Community College’s Art Department/Computer Art and Design program in Tennessee, taught 3D Animation for Digital Media Academy for five summers at Stanford University, and conducted training in Cinema 4D for television networks including HGTV, DIY and Country Music Television. She has been the recipient of national awards in watercolor and digital media, including the American Watercolor Society and Best in Show in New York City's MacXibition. Examples of her work in traditional and digital media can be seen on her website at ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lizzie Jones
Lizzie Jones was born in the North East of England and spent her early years in Yorkshire, after her parents moved there when she was nine. She came to Manchester to study Economics at the Victoria University in the 1980’s and has lived in the North West ever since. Trained as an accountant, she has had a varied career including a brief spell in education. She set up her own business in 2010. An accomplished writer and blogger, "The 52 List" is her first book.
Latest book: The 52 List

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Susie Ellis
I am Susie Ellis, mother of four, a business & lifestyle coach & a qualified hypnotherapist. Over the years I have become increasingly interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle & avoiding pharmaceuticals. I am motivated by the fact that most people are unaware that their health is in their hands, that we are being sold to by the media... we do have a choice: & that is another website under construction Having had a lifelong interest in food & its affects on health; plus one of my children being cured of 'hyperactivity syndrome' by dietary changes, I have been encouraged to learn the truth, help others & share my vision with the world. Whether it is your business needing a boost or just 'new eyes' or your ... read more
Latest book: 10 Steps to a New You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer Yap Caspe
Jennifer Yap Caspe-Cocuaco adores children and loves telling them bed-time stories. She has been in media since 1997. Her articles and stories have appeared in Good Housekeeping, Entrepreneur Magazine, Readers Digest Asia and, among others. She has written, produced and directed for television shows such as the 700 Club Asia, One Cubed, Moving Mountains and an Asian children's show called Super Kids Club. Jennifer enjoys being a wife to Michael and a mom to Mishca Jadynn. She writes about the gift and joy of motherhood on her blog, The Mommy with No Nanny ( She wishes to see every mom in the world have the privilege of staying home and nurturing their kids during the formativ ... read more
Latest book: The Dog That Followed Me Home: A 32-page Rhyming Storybook for Dog Lovers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jamie Greene

Latest book: 2103

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nik August
Feet on the ground, head in the stars. The first child of very talented parents, Nik spent the formative years at an advertising agency in Manhattan, along side a father who allowed and encouraged creative expression. With an affinity for illustration, Nik spent hours immersed in any form of artistic conduct. Whether writing and preforming short plays for the family as a child, or memorizing movie dialog and old radio shows, Nik found imagination could be enhanced within the pages of books. Science Fiction held so much mystery and possibilities,. Nik read and read, until the desire to create the fantasy worlds became a driving force. Nik created over 40 comic book characters, then wrote and illustrated 4 or ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Denisu Jr.
I was in the 10th grade in my history class, and I had fallen asleep in class. This particular class had not only a girl I had a crush on, but a bunch of the cooler kids smarter kids were in that class as well. What better way to get in the dreaded "in-crowd" than act like a dummy(literally) and class clown I thought to myself, living such a lifestyle within that particular history class. If I wasn't asleep in class, I was simply slacking off to impress my classmates. Anyways, while falling asleep on my wooden desk that had a huge design of something I drew on it, I overheard one of the students ask Mr. Hunt(my 10th grade history teacher), "How is Dennis really in this class?". His response, coming as qui ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page oliveblue
Yvonne is passionate about positive change. She works with individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations to help them implement change, drive results and achieve their goals. She enjoys working with them to identify solutions and determine the right course of actions that takes them from good to great. She is an inspirational speaker, change management consultant, and certified John C. Maxwell coach & teacher on leadership principles. The invaluable experience she has gained from working with a diverse group of clients globally, as well as her formal education in coaching, entrepreneurship and organisational change management equips her with the knowledge and tools to help her consistently drive desired result ... read more
Latest book: The Change You Want! Change Your Mindset, and Change Your Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Julie Connolly
Julie Connolly is a certified executive and personal coach by the International Coach Federation. She founded her company, LifeRecrafted, LLC to specifically address the needs of individuals navigating divorce and other challenging life and career transitions. She does personal coaching in addition to leading workshops focused on divorce recovery, personal power, transition, and effective communication. Julie has a B.A. in English from Middlebury College, and received her formal coach training at Coach U. However, it is the real life training she received while navigating her own divorce, along with several major career transitions, and physical moves across the country over the past twenty years that inform ... read more
Latest book: Turn North At Divorce: 10 Steps To An Incredible New Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brandon Sharp
Brandon Sharp has lived his entire life in Fort Collins Colorado. He has always been interested in reading and writing fantasy, but didn't get as dedicated until he was sixteen. His inspirations come from D.J. Machale, J.K. Rowling, and Rick Riodran. He lives with his parents and three sisters as he attends college. Follow him on twitter @TheHuntCycle or on facebook on TheHuntCycle page!
Latest book: The Imundari Hunt

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Diego Alejandro Jaramillo
(Medellín, 1969) Máster en Literatura Latinoamericana (University of Masschusetts) y Doctor en Historia del Arte (Harvard University). Condecoración de la Alcaldía de Medellín, Colombia, 2008. Condecoración “Inca Garcilaso de la Vega al aporte cultural en Perú, Ecuador y Colombia”. Consulado del Perú en Guayaquil y Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Perú. 2009. Condecoración de la Universidad de Huánuco, por el impulso a las relaciones académicas entre universidades de Ecuador y Perú, Perú, 2011. Exposición de pinturas y esculturas: Bienal Trinacional de Arte (Colombia, Ecuador y Perú), Cuerpo Consular de Guayaquil, 2008. Conferencista en el área de Desarrollo Humano y Orientación Fami ... read more
Latest book: Entre dos. El matrimonio, escuela de felicidad

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mars Dumont
Mars Dumont was born in Poona, India. His father was an endocrinologist, and research grants took his family to Mexico City, Silicone Valley, Stockholm, Ann Arbor, and finally New York City. After graduating from the Bronx High School of Science, Mars traveled around Europe, spent some time in London and Prague, and finally landed in Florence, where he studied art and art history. He finished his undergraduate studies at Columbia College, with a major in art history and a minor in physics, and then got a Masters degree at Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture. Mars then spent many years doing architecture as a day job and playing electric guitar (for The Shameless Sycophants, Dark Blue and Linoleum Bl ... read more
Latest book: deepFreak

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Florence Morin
Formée en sciences appliquées et ayant un fort tempérament artistique, tant dans le domaine visuel que musical, Florence Morin a finalement décidé d'orienter sa carrière vers le milieu de l'édition. Comme écrivaine, elle sait créer des univers riches et prenants dans des genres aussi variés que la science-fiction, le policier et le roman d’aventure. Son premier polar scientifique, Machine et machinations, prévu pour juin 2015 et publié aux éditions Sémaphore, offre un ballet complexe entre l'intrigue policière et les problématiques environnementales qui se côtoient au fil des pages. Dans Les trois Terres, elle nous transporte dans un monde futuriste aux personnages attachants qui nous rappel ... read more
Latest book: Les trois Terres, Épisode 2 : Retour vers le salut

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L.S. Kilroy
L.S. Kilroy is an irreverent sort of person who likes to write about things. She grew up in Wakefield, Massachusetts, a sickly and sheltered only child who made friends with books at a young age, both out of necessity and genuine enjoyment. Early exposure to the classics fueled her own writing. She began making up stories and would stay up until all hours feverishly writing summaries and illustrating book jackets for ideas as they came to her. These she kept in an old Peanuts suitcase under her bed. At age fifteen a man in a bookstore asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she replied, “Writer,” without hesitation. Writer is a title that has driven her both personally and professionally. She ... read more
Latest book: The Vitruvian Heir

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dwarika2010
I am young aspiring writer from the small tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago. My dream is to one day win the noble prize for literature. The Hellion Chronicles is the first of my published works with a total of four books. I will be following it up with 'The Institution.' I look forward to writing for many years in the genre of Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and teen fiction
Latest book: The Hellion Chronicles

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aarif Qadir
The author is a PG in Plant Sciences and NET-qualified. His main interests are writing and social services. His maiden story-book titled "Nine H" is ready to hit the stands. He writes articles for national and local dailies. He is one of the great budding authors.
Latest book: How to Crack UPSC Civil Services Examination

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C. A. Broadribb
I've been writing since I was six years old. Of course, I didn't have anything published when I was six (aside from on the blackboard at home) but over time I've had short stories, articles and book reviews published in magazines, newspapers, anthologies, e-newsletters and websites. I’ve had a few competition successes too. I have an MA in Professional Writing, a Graduate Diploma in Journalism and a Bachelor of Science (Computing) degree with distinction. I also run The Best of Times short story competition twice a year.
Latest book: Sarah's Adventure + Bonus Short Story The Battle Of The Deities

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joonie Gee
Joonie Gee holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature Language and Philosophy. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, The International English Honors Society; as well as several other national and international literary honor societies. It is her empirical knowledge that causes her tales to resonate as they offer authentic insight that can only come from personal first-hand experience. Her raw, honest, no holds barred approach to storytelling is certain to tear at your emotions. A native or Brooklyn's infamous Red Hook Projects, Joonie Gee currently teaches Middle School Language Arts and she resides in Central New Jersey with her three sons.