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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kendi Thompson
I'm a recovering writer of television commercials, ad copy and promotional materials I've written for various businesses over the years. Recently, I discovered a passion for storytelling. I prefer writing stories that have a dash of mystery, a sprinkling of romance and plots that twist and turn. I've never liked reading a book where you can guess what's going to happen five chapters in. Somehow I always figure that stuff's deflating. When I write, I want the reader to be captivated and surprised. If I haven't grabbed you at Chapter 1, then let me know. SOUTH OF REASON is my debut novel. It takes place in the present, but ends up with an historical, mysterious feel with time travel and a twist of rom ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dr. Karen Janury
Dr. Karen January is an educator and author with (25) years experience in the capacity of High School Guidance Counselor and Behavioral Specialist in the CPS system, ten years as an Administrative Assistant in an Alternative High School, and an adjunct Professor of Psychology at Chicago State University. Early on in her teaching career she got a crazy idea to quit and see the world. She pressed the pause button and chose a second career as a flight attendant. This afforded her the opportunity to study other cultures, learn more about human behavior, and visit places she had only dreamed of. After (14) years of traveling domestically and internationally she returned to education. During this time Dr. January imp ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patricia Flaherty Pagan
After earning her MFAW from Goddard College, Patricia Flaherty Pagan founded the mission-oriented indie publisher Spider Road Press. Her short fiction has appeared in journals and anthologies including "Spry," "Robocup Compendium 2013," "The Pitkin Review" and others. Her poetry and essays have appeared in anthologies such as “The Light in Ordinary Things” and “Fierce with Reality." She edited “Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers.” She co-edited Spider Road Press’ "Eve’s Requiem: Tales of Women, Mystery and Horror" with author and educator Fern Brady.
Latest book: Eve's Requiem: Tales of Women, Mystery, and Horror

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tomicka Robinson
This Leo is a wife, mother and best friend. She currently resides in the eastern suburbs of Michigan. Mrs. Robinson, enjoys cooking, crafting, reading, writing and spending time with loved ones.
Latest book: Dr. Beaker and Clouds

Follow me at my  Facebook Page The Blokehead
The Blokehead is an extensive series of instructional/how to books which are intended to present quick and easy to use guides for readers new to the various topics covered. The Series is now dividend into the following sub series 1. The Blokehead Success Series 2. The Blokehead Journals 3. The Blokehead Kids Series Enjoy and we welcome any feedback to make these series even more useful and entertaining for you.
Latest book: Emotional Vampires: How to Deal with Emotional Vampires & Break the Cycle of Manipulation. A Self Guide to Take Control of Your Life & Emotional Freedom

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frye Martin
Frye Martin writes YA and adult fiction. Her writing is quirky. Sometimes it is just strange. Read along as she attempts to use a pen to understand the world. Be sure to take a book break this Thanksgiving. Use coupon code AJ57T to receive a 25% discount off of The Fall Collection: Back to School (good through the end of November).
Latest book: Bonfire of the Vanities: Strike

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amanda Black
Amanda Black was born and raised in the Midwest, where she still lives with her husband and spoiled-rotten dogs. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art before deciding that she actually needed to pay some bills, which is when she took a position as an ophthalmic technician. For the past few years she’s been a closet romance writer in her spare time and would love nothing more than to make it a full-time career. When she’s not writing her next steamy love scene, her interests include reading, sketching, and annihilating her friends and family in movie trivia.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mobi D'Ark
Mobi D'Ark was born in 1946 in Hampshire, England and grew up in post war, economically depressed East London/Essex. He left school at the age of sixteen to become an accountant and had a 40 year career in the world of global finance. During this time he lived and worked extensively abroad, primarily in South East Asia, West Africa, The Middle East, and North America. He concluded his career back where he started - in the city of London. Taking early retirement in 2,000, Mobi turned his hand to his first love, creative writing, and over the following 14 years he has written a collection of six Thai-based novelettes, a children's novel, a crime novelette based in the Middle East and two full length novels, bot ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jarod Powell
Jarod Powell is a filmmaker, actor and award-winning author. He was born in Sikeston, Missouri, and has worked in media and entertainment since 2006. He is best known for his work on the documentary "A Letter to a Terrorist," which garnered international notoriety, as well as his books: "Inheritance and Other Stories," and the poetry collection "Poor Man's Imaginary Friend." His debut novel, "Boys in Gilded Cages," is available in eBook format now. He resides in Los Angeles, CA, and Saint Louis, MO.
Latest book: Boys in Gilded Cages

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Virginia Cavanaugh

Latest book: Tempting Her Tiger

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Diamond Tip Publishing, LLC
It is our goal to help every writer become an author. We at Diamond Tip Publishing believe everyone has a story inside them, begging to be told. We take the writer who has been rejected, turned down and otherwise snubbed by traditional publishers and agents, and work diligently with them until their manuscript Shines Like A Diamond! We will then format, print, promote and market their work with as much care as if it were our own story. All of our books are available through E-book, physical copies and soon audio. Our unique 4-step editing process and special Hand-holding techniques bring a rejected story out of the shadows and turn it into a masterpiece the author can be proud to put their name on. We underst ... read more
Latest book: Room of Enchantment

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.D. Areli & R.Hagane
A.D. Areli and R. Hagane are a team of two Romanian authors. A.D. Areli is an excellent young writer of romance who has an upcoming book of her own. She prefers the dark thrillers. You can find her on the Facebook link. R. Hagane is a published author with a Children's book who loves fairy-tales and a good story. You can find her on the Twitter link.
Latest book: Belle and the Beast Chef

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S Lloyd
Normally I’m a man of few words struggling away a dull and frustrating day job, I write to take my mind off things and to try to make sense of life.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sunny Horizon
I like to draw pictures and make books.
Latest book: Alphabet ABC

Follow me at my  Facebook Page I.P. Stanišić
Igor Stanišić, diplomirani menadžer, rođen je 1975. godine u Zemunu. Dobitnik je Svetosavske nagrade 2008. godine na Bogoslovskom fakultetu SPC za rad na temu "Okultizam i stav Crkve". Knjigu "Sport i antički Rim", koja se bavi naučnim istraživanjem sporta u starom Rimu, objavio je krajem 2011. godine. "Pritajeno" je njegov prvi roman objavljen godinu dana kasnije. Naredne godine izlazi nastavak "Razotkrivanje - P2". Poslednji roman "Tražen" javnosti je dostupan od jeseni 2014. godine. Tokom radne karijere obavljao je poslove urednika u štampanim i elektronskim medijima, novinara i PR-a. Pisao je članke i sastavljao marketinški i copyright materijal za domaće firme, čime se i danas povremeno bavi. ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JR Smith
JR Smith resides in Pryor, Oklahoma with her husband David, dog Lucky, and some other family members. She graduated from Pryor High School in 2006, and received a BA in Communications from Rogers State University in 2011. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She loves anime and manga, video games, music, and movies. She started writing at a young age and was published in her local newspaper at the age of 13. Fate’s Crossing, part 1 of the Black Blood Legacies is her debut novel.
Latest book: Fate's Crossing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Xiomara Decaster Decaster
Xiomara Decaster from the Netherland Antilles. Owner of the magazine Abunda, a distributor of Syntek Global, a weath teacher. I write in my magazine about how to gain wealth, health, about beauty and stories with a message of moral value. As a Distributor: Syntek's main product is the XFT. XFT is a product that cleans the fuel system of your engine and helps it go much longer without servicing. It prevents the alcohol of your fuel to damage your vehicle. This damage preventions helps you save 20% of the gas you tank. You can use XFT in all vehicles. You can become a distributor or sell XFT. Sign up on the webpage:
Latest book: Exercise your way to a Million

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ana Lee
Ana Lee lives in Ontario, Canada with her family and two cats. Her parent’s were frequent readers of books like The Happy Hooker, Guess Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed, and Valley of the Dolls. Although, they thought they hid them well, Ana found them and had read them from cover to cover by the time she was 12. It’s no wonder that as an adult she’d have a passion for all things erotic. Through her desire to write buzz-worthy stories designed to provide nights of steamy passion for both women and men, she tries to bring her characters to life on the page. The intensely erotic scenes intertwined throughout her books will have your pulse racing as she rocks your socks off. Ana enjoys fantasizing and com ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.L. Griffin
R.L. Griffin published her first book in 2004. After that she focused on practicing law. A few years ago she began writing the By A Thread series, which is out now. Her goal is to keep readers on their toes, whether it's the plot twist or the book itself, her books are outside any box. There is a little bit of grit in most of her books and a ton of cussing. Most books are enjoyed better with a glass of wine, or whiskey, whatever your poison may be. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, kid and dog. She loves to travel and meeting readers.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nancy Roman
Nancy Roman grew up in Bristol Connecticut, attending local schools and graduating from the University of Connecticut, an English major with an MBA. Roman has managed to balance a successful career as a financial executive with her love of writing. Her essay, "My Perfect Mess," recounting her sweet experience with her sixth-grade teacher was included in Marlo Thomas' best-selling collection, The Right Words at the Right Time, Volume II. Ms. Roman's popular blog, Not Quite Old ( captures the humorous side of growing old. "Just what I Always Wanted" is her first novel. Roman lives in Litchfield Connecticut with her husband and several well-nourished cats.
Latest book: Just What I Always Wanted

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Linda S. Gunther Gunther
Linda S. Gunther resides in California. After growing up in New York City and attending Columbia University graduate school in Counseling Psychology, she had the opportunity to spend time in London, England. Linda started a new life in the U.K. where she married, gave birth to her son, studied psychotherapy and taught primary school. After six years, Linda returned to California, completed an M.B.A. and began her second career in Human Resources and Management Development. She has held leadership positions in several great Silicon Valley companies. Also an actress, Linda studied with the British American Drama Academy and Yale School of Drama at Oxford University. Linda has also authored another romantic suspen ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brittany Bromley
Brittany Bromley is the debut author of Finding You, book one in The Switched Series. After growing up in both the states of Tennessee and Mississippi, she now calls the wonderful state of Tennessee home. She can be found there with her amazing husband and three beautiful daughters usually watching entirely too much reality television.
Latest book: Finding You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alessandro Fusco
Alessandro Fusco è nato il 24 gennaio 1974 nell’alto Piemonte, fra due magici laghi e un crocevia di strade, ed è autore di romanzi, racconti e poesie. Passando attraverso un percorso di studi classici, si è interessato fin da piccolo alla storia, alle leggende, alla mitologia e al mondo del fantastico, rivelando, in età più adulta, grande entusiasmo anche per la letteratura, l’antropologia, le religioni, il folklore e l’esoterismo. Vivendo diverse esperienze nel campo del disegno, della pittura, della musica e della fotografia digitale, si è diplomato in grafica multimediale e ha lavorato nel campo del web design e in quello commerciale. Creatore del mondo immaginario di Ferhaven, ha esordito nella ... read more
Latest book: Il Sole di Alur III - Il Risveglio dei Lupi

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kellan Creed
Kellan is a debut Indie author from Chicago. He reads avidly and loves to write, though he is still honing his craft and has not written much. Expect great things of this brand-new author.
Latest book: The Hatchet Man

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barry Metcalf
Born in 1943 into a working class family with middle class aspirations, I began writing stories while at school, finally venturing into novels when I retired from teaching in 1997. The result was a series of murder mysteries set in Australia and featuring two unorthodox investigators, who work for the fictional Strange & Obscure Cases (SOC) Unit, an autonomous offshoot of ASIO. Encouraged by positive feedback, the stories flow easily and usually reflect my bizarre sense of reality and weird humour. When the muse’s ego is bruised, I bide my time, reworking old short stories into Sci-Fi novels and waiting for new ideas to evolve. The longest time I’ve gone without writing anything new has been eighteen month ... read more
Latest book: Broometime Serenade

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kris Keldaran

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patricia Campbell
I wrote my first novel at the age of six. It was titled “The Mouse,” and was two pages long—including illustrations! My mother saved that first edition and every now and then, I take it out and smile over it. When my beloved husband of many years suddenly died, I’d come home after a long day of work and write. Writing allowed me to pour out all my sadness. Then, the more I wrote, the more I realized I would go on. I would be happy, I had a lot of living to do, and love stories to tell. I’m published now in Romance novels and an anthology of short stories. But my first two manuscripts still reside on a CD somewhere in my house. I can’t bear to erase them because they’re mine, they’re loved, and ... read more
Latest book: Risky Business

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aubrey Cara
Aubrey Cara likes it sweet n’ dirty—romance that is. She adores writing about kinky characters finding their one true, naughty soul mate: to love, cherish, and get freaky with. Aubrey resides in Coastal GA with her wonderful husband, superhero kid, two hand-me-down dogs, and a fish that has survived against all odds. When she’s not writing you can find her sewing costumes, repairing leaky faucets, and dodging the PTA.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K.L. Kreig
Most authors will tell you that writing is all they’ve ever wanted to do. I guess I’m one of the few that don’t fit in that bucket. Writing a book was never on my bucket list until three years ago. On my list was: Climb the Corporate ladder. Check. Go to Europe. Check. Complete a half marathon. Check. Eat chocolate daily. Double check. Isn’t this on everyone’s bucket list? Catch up on two seasons of Games of Thrones in one day. Painful, but check. Lose five pounds. This will never be checked. And finally, devouring romance books at an alarming pace like the unashamed book addict I am…Over a thousand checks! Living in Nebraska with my soul-mate hubby, I pen my magic world at night, ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joy Romano
About Brazil Bronze Brazil Bronze Glow Bar founded by Sally Blenkey-Tchassov opened it's doors in 2002 in Soho, New York. At this time spray tanning was virtually unknown to many people. Brazil Bronze was one of the first companies to offer spray tanning and help to make spray tanning the successful business that it is today. We invented the "Sculpted Tan" and the "Cellulite Annihilator", two very popular treatments and we were chosen by Good Housekeeping Magazine laboratories to compare airbrush tanning versus spray tan booths (Brazil Bronze won hands down!) Vogue has called the Brazil Bronze Tan ":The Perfect Tan". Brazil Bronze is very different from other suppliers of airbrush tanning equipment. We ... read more
Latest book: Brazil Bronze Spray Tan Manual

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marian Ludewig
I have been selling a range of weight loss machines in South Africa since 2011 after I read an article about Madonna losing cm with the acoustic wave (ultrasonic cavitation) machine, and many people asked me if the machines will work for them. I had to be honest and tell them that machines cannot do the weight loss on their own, maybe cm loss, and it is not permanent. People are forever searching how to improve their bodies and health, and do shop hopping and searching for the real answer. I started to investigate a few eating plans. By starting to eat a high protein diet made me so constipated and made me realize that it was not such a good eating plan for me. I started searching for a diet I could use ... read more
Latest book: Rapid Weight Loss & Health Program: Discover The Secret Code Of Your Body Element Type To Know What Food Your Body Needs

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Woody Weingarten
Woody Weingarten can’t remember a time when he couldn’t talk — or play with words. His first poem was published in high school, but when his hormones announced that adulthood had arrived, he decided he’d rather eat than create rhymes (or even blank verse). So he switched to journalism And whadda ya know, the bearded, bespectacled guy has used big, small and hyphenated words professionally since jumpstarting his career in New Yawk City almost 60 years ago. Today he’s an author, columnist, reviewer-critic and blogger — despite allegedly being retired. During his better-paid years as a wage slave, he was an executive editor and writer for daily and weekly publications in California, Florida, New Jersey ... read more
Latest book: Rollercoaster: How a Man Can Survive His Partner’s Breast Cancer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cristián Londoño Proaño
Nació en Quito, 1973. Escritor de ciencia ficción, fantasía y poesía. Guionista, productor y realizador audiovisual. Inventó y desarrolló el concepto de la novela de fantasía andina, que se plasma en su trilogía de novelas "El Instinto de la Luz", su primera novela lleva el mismo titulo. Publicó las novelas "Los Improductivos" (2014) y "El Instinto de la Luz" (2011). Publicó los poemarios: “Desojare” y “Luna de Solitarios”. Obtuvo los premios: I Bienal de Joven Poesía Ecuatoriana Jorge Carrera Andrade y el primer premio del V Festival al aire libre del Municipio de Guayaquil. Escribió y dirigió las obras de teatro: “Amantes azules” y “Los Cirios Negros”. Escribió, dirigió y produ ... read more
Latest book: El Instinto de la Luz

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Angela Hammond
Angela Hammond runs her own small business as a web designer and online marketing consultant. She creates down-to-earth designs that resonate and hold beauty. She chooses to leave the usual jargon behind and concentrate on the things that matter. Angela moonlights as a yoga teacher, specialising in gentle hatha flows. Back when she worked full-time for others, she held positions in marketing and office administration, both for larger corporations and small not-for-profit organisations. She graduated university with a Bachelor in International Business and furthered her studies in Communication Design. At the time of writing this book, Angela is based in Brisbane, Australia. You can find out more informatio ... read more
Latest book: Conscious Online Marketing for the Modern Healer: Best Practice Tips for Yoga Teachers and Natural Medicine Practitioners

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M.T. Simmons
Milburn T. Simmons (M. T. Simmons) has found a passion for helping everyone excel with his or her finances. He has observed that many people lack the proper foundation for financial success. Simmons believes it is his responsibility to help these people reach their full potential. He has been able to do this through motivational tips on social media, financial consultations, workshops, and seminars. Prior to starting Broke2Rich, M. T. Simmons used experiences from his life and career as a qualification to empower others regarding their finances. Since leaving his hometown, Goldsboro, NC to complete his baccalaureate degree from North Carolina Central University, his career experiences have included: banking, w ... read more
Latest book: Broke2Rich: The Keys to Financial Success

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Samantha Scantlebury
Samantha Scantlebury is a British writer and 'The Angels are Talking to you' is her debut novel. Born in Hampstead London, she studied at The University of West London (Formerly Thames Valley University) where she graduated with a BA Honours in Accountancy and Finance. Samantha continues to work in the field of Finance, although she likes writing as it gives her the freedom to express herself. Book readers who enjoy Fantasy Fiction will find her novel brings a fresh contribution to storytelling as she gives interesting explanations of forces that cleverly disguise themselves as typical problems, which affect the lives of modern people. She sincerely thanks all her readers for showing an interest in her book. an ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin Michael Irvine
Kevin Michael Irvine is an independent filmmaker, writer, and film editor. His children's film, THE GREENSTONE NARRATED BY ORSON WELLES, is available on YouTube. His feature film, AS LONG AS IT TAKES, is currently in post production.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C.K. Mallick
C. K. Mallick performed and taught dance for seventeen years and worked in the cosmetics industry for fifteen. She currently lives and writes in Sarasota, Florida with her soul mate, two cats, and numerous visiting wild critters. She enjoys natural foods, eclectic workouts, exploring forests, and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. She believes in giving thanks daily for her infinite blessings.
Latest book: Valthea: I Read People

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jonathan Penn
Jonathan grew up in The South. While new to the world of writing, he has been inventing tales for at least fifty years. He was probably also making stuff up during the two years prior to that but, as this was his pre-verbal period, there's no evidence one way or the other. An armchair linguist, he has taught himself to ask, "Where is the bathroom?" in seven languages. He gardens, and enjoys red wines, theatre, cooking, singing and, of course, writing. Jonathan reminds himself every day how fortunate he is to have shared the best and worst of the last thirty-three years with the man of his dreams. He loves hearing from readers, so please add reviews at Amazon and Goodreads, and feel free to email him and friend ... read more
Latest book: Homme for the Holidays

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sabira Manek
An interior designer by profession as well as an artist has given a very fine dividing line and this is a breakthrough for me to follow nobody’s style but my own. I have been commissioned to licence my designs and works of art for commercial paper related products such as table napkins for Duni, greeting cards for Unicef, Woodmansterne UK, Charity Cards UK, Bridgeman Art Library. My portfolio extends to Christmas giftboxes, magazine illustrations, designer giftwrap, ceramics, fabrics and much more. Currently I work as a self taught artist who is discovering the beauty of the invisible and mystical and bringing it to life with bold and passionate colours. Proud to now add to my endeavours is my Debut artboo ... read more
Latest book: I Am Heartworks

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lynn Stookes
Lynn Stookes was born and raised in the amazing state of Texas, where she currently resides with her husband of four years. They have one son and two furry children, who create complete chaos she couldn’t live without. One day, Lynn took her passion (maybe obsession is more apt) for romance books and mystery shows to write her first romantic suspense novel, Fatal Obsession, Book 1 in the Harden Series. In her free time, Lynn enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on, spending time with her family and friends, coffee breaks, and country music. She is currently working on Sawyer and Dani’s story, the second novel in the Harden Series

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Spencer Seidel
Spencer Seidel’s love of reading and writing began as a child after he discovered Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His first novel, Dead of Wynter, was published by a New England publisher in 2011 and was well-received by critics and readers alike, earning solid 4-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. His second, Lovesick, published as an ebook in 2012, was equally well-received. When he’s not writing novels, Spencer enjoys playing loud rock guitar, something he’s been doing for over twenty-five years.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stasia Morineaux
Stasia Morineaux grew up in Southern California, pursuing faeries in the garden, hunting down things that went bump in the night, and seeking spirits in the local graveyard. She resettled recently in not-too-far-north-of Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, daughter, and their bevy of creatures…both real and “imaginary”. Mysterious dreams, copious hours of awesome music, and obscene amounts of coffee fuel her writing sessions. Stasia writes paranormal romance, chick-lit, urban fantasy, and dark fantasy. In her spare time she likes to relax on her balcony, feet kicked up, listening to the squirrels arguing with the crows in the trees. Please drop by her website for News, Photos, Future exce ... read more
Latest book: No Time to Cry

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lea Bronsen

Follow me at my  Facebook Page AmyBeth Inverness
Most of my stories are set on a human-colonized planet called "Kingdom Come" where group marriage is the social norm, and the diversity of human sexuality is embraced. I have two sides to my blog. The Inverness Press is a regular bloggedy blog. I post a SciFi Question of the Day every Tuesday, and an interview every Friday. I'm always open to suggestions and requests for interviews, even other pre-published writers. Under Loch & Key is the blog where I post fiction. Some short stories there are related to my Work In Progress, and others are random such as prompts from other sites. Many of the stories have adult themes such as sexuality, and so Under Loch & Key is only for adults. There are some images illustr ... read more
Latest book: Moon Dragons

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Terra Kelly
A romance nerd at heart, I tend to find inspiration in my dreams, or when walking my dog. My love for romance goes all the way back to when I was 15, and laying on my best friend’s bed reading romance books. It only took me 25 years to start putting all my stories on paper….well actually a computer. I was born and raised in Michigan, now live in the South in North Carolina. So my accent sounds like a Yankee with a slight Southern drawl. When I am not writing you will find me reading, or baking. My real life romance started when I was just 19. Now over 20 years later, my husband is not only my lover but my best friend. We only raise furry kids, we have one dog and two cats. Our animals are all rescu ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Linda LaRoque
Linda LaRoque is a Texas girl, but the first time she got on a horse, it tossed her in the road dislocating her right shoulder. Forty years passed before she got on another, but it was older, slower, and she was wiser. Plus, her students looked on and it was important to save face. A retired teacher who loves West Texas, its flora and fauna, and its people, Linda’s stories paint pictures of life, love, and learning set against the raw landscape of ranches and rural communities in Texas and the Midwest. She is a member of RWA, her local chapter of HOTRWA, NTRWA and Texas Mountain Trail Writers. Linda writes contemporary western romances, time travel romances and futuristic romances. Shattered Vows is her fi ... read more
Latest book: Shattered Vows

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frank Sullivan
Frank Sullivan lives in Ireland. A Graphic Designer and Illustrator by profession, he is a keen writer, artist and sailor who has lived and worked in various locations, travelling extensively to places like Hawaii, French Polynesia, Europe and South Florida. Over the years he has edited a trade magazine and written many articles and short stories, as well as illustrating for various magazines and newspapers.
Latest book: Deadly Shore