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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eb Netr
Eb Netr is my pen name. I live in New England, have been happily married for 31 yrs and have two children whom I love dearly. I went to the dog track for the first time in the late 70′s and fell in love with greyhounds and greyhound racing. Since then, I've been to most of the tracks in the US. have published a newsletter, and worked on developing handicapping systems to help other handicappers pick more winners and make more money. While I believe that almost anyone can pick winners at the track by investing time and effort, I think most people go to the track for entertainment, not to get rich. Of course, entertainment is more fun when we can pick some winners and go away with a little more than we arrived ... read more
Latest book: Greyhound Handicapping With Eb

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Colleen Spiro
Colleen Spiro is a Catholic wife, mother, stepmother and grandmother. She is a Benedictine Oblate and a certified spiritual director. She is also a speaker, leads retreats and works as a church secretary. Colleen loves to share her faith and encourage others through her writings. She has published her memoir and 2 ebooks about her life with God.
Latest book: First Things First, A Personal Retreat Journal

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chuck Miceli
Chuck Miceli combines his criminal justice background and fascination for severe weather in his new paranormal thriller, "Amanda's Room." Part mystery, part thriller, Miceli's novel merges details from his experiences in prisons and jails with facts about severe weather and violent storms. Then he adds his own mix of supernatural coincidences to act as a catalyst for this paranormal stew. Together, these forces set the stage for what happens in the story and in the lives of its characters. The book challenges readers to uncover the mysterious source of supernatural power in Amanda's room, and then takes them on a violent-weather thrill ride of thunderstorms, tornadoes, waterspouts, and hurricanes. Miceli serve ... read more
Latest book: Amanda's Room

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Karen de Lange
Karen de Lange is a proud geek and fantasy writer from North East England. Her first novel, Beneath Starlight, is available now through Amazon.
Latest book: Beneath Starlight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Keyth
Michael Keyth was born In Poland In 1984. He was raised only by his mother and having only one parent made his childhood different from a typical one. After graduating high school, he studied English language in Polish city of Legnica and made a Master’s degree in English language . Since 2006 he has been working as an English teacher in the very high school he graduated from. He has never stayed in a native English country for longer than two days, but even though he decided to write in English. Being Polish and not being influenced by books but movies and TV series makes his work different from American and British literature. His series of novels- A.S.A.T. , Anti-Supernatural Assault Team- is an action, ho ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carol Marrs Phipps & Tom Phipps
My name is Carol Marrs Phipps and I am a teacher turned author. I was born in Missouri, grew up mostly in Illinois and currently reside in Illinois. My book, Elf Killers, which I wrote with my co-author and fantastic husband, Tom Phipps, was released by Hellfire Publishing on July 15. It is available as both an ebook and paperback and is now currently Indie Publishedby Tom and me. We now also have the first four books in our Epic Fantasy series Heart of the Staff available in eBook and paperback formats available to purchase. Tom and I spent the lion's-share of our teaching careers in the Southwest U.S. (Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada) on different Native American Reservations. I believe we learned as much fr ... read more
Latest book: Elf Killers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hester Velmans
Hester Velmans is the author of two children's novels and a translator specializing in modern fiction. Her translation of Renate Dorrestein's A HEART OF STONE won the Vondel Prize for Translation and was a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers selection. Her translation of Lulu Wang's THE LILY THEATER was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. Her children's book ISABEL OF THE WHALES now has a sibling: the second in the Whales Series, JESSALOUP'S SONG (age 10 and up).
Latest book: Jessaloup's Song

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alisia Compton
Born and raised in Western New York, Alisia Compton divides her time between writing and her family. Her writing mainly consists of fantasy, supernatural and science fiction, but she has her moments when she delves into romance. Alisia loves hearing from fans, so don't hesitate to drop her a line at
Latest book: Twelve: After Midnight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Deborah Howard
DEBORAH HOWARD, Esq., M.S.O.D., founder and President of Guiding Change Consulting, Inc., is a change catalyst, coach, consultant, writer, and educator who is passionate about helping people transform in ways that enable them to access their inner wisdom, spark their passion, and tap into their creativity and potential. She evokes deep insight, clarity and new perspectives to empower, energize and inspire individuals, teams, and organizations to maximize their potential and enhance their effectiveness. Deborah has over ten years experience helping leaders, teams, and organizations with professional and personal development, leadership, team building, conflict management, diversity, strategic planning and over ... read more
Latest book: Repairing the Quilt of Humanity: A Metaphor for Healing and Reparation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lola St.Vil
Lola St.Vil is a Haitian born actress and writer. She lives in Hollywood with her husband, eats too much ice cream and loves being stalked online by readers: )award winning playwright and This if her first YA novel: )
Latest book: Guardians: The Fallout (Book 2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amy Butcher
Amy Butcher is a writer, artist, bodyworker, business consultant, and liminal guide who lives and works in San Francisco. Her debut novel Paws for Consideration showcases her varied skills in graphic design, illustration, and writing in order to capture a unique slice of San Francisco life. She is proud to say that this novel got its (very rough) start during National Novel Writing Month. Butcher’s short story “Touched” appeared in Best Lesbian Erotica 2012. Follow her many adventures at

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Toller
Larry Toller is Education & Administration Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church, Troy, Illinois and President of SecondWind Resources. Formerly, he was Associate Executive Director for the Illinois Baptist State Association in Springfield, Illinois. Prior to coming to Illinois in 2000, he was a policy adviser on staff with 2008 Presidential Candidate & former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. He has also served in business administration positions at the Arkansas Baptist Children's Home, Monticello, Arkansas and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Additionally, he has served in multiple staff positions in churches in Texas, Oklahoma , Kentucky and Illinois.
Latest book: Quit Talking: A Speech Fasting Experience

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J. M. Daniel
I'm from Pasadena, Maryland (Lake Shore). Don't ask me why, but for some reason many people call it 'The Dena'. Personally, that drives me a little nuts. I’ve lived in the area all my life, and absolutely love my little peninsula; I grew up fishing and boating on the Chesapeake Bay. I guess that's why I like to write stories about the area. I have been married to my beautiful wife Vicki for 11 years, and have two fantastic stepdaughters. It's because of them that I tend to create such strong female characters. Their strength and resolve gives me the inspiration, and young women will often times be the protagonist in my stories. I primarily write young adult fiction that revolves around sci-fi, urban-fantas ... read more
Latest book: An American Vampire: Blood & Wine

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rana Kelly
Rana Kelly was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1977 but didn’t stay long. Her mother raised her in Tampa, FL and her father spent summers with her in Europe. As a child she grew up on the backs of horses, most of her best friends were of the hoof and paw persuasion. She spent her working years as a veterinary technician working in emergency medicine and regular practice with two years spent at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. She’s a published author of fiction and poetry and an amateur artist. She has founded a charity for the victims of domestic violence called Hamlet's Red Hands. She decided to start this charity after years of abuse from her now ex spouse. What she fights is more than well known ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lindsay Clandfield
Lindsay Clandfield is co-founder of the round (with Luke Meddings), a collective of authors and creatives in language teaching materials. The round's first book on Smashwords is 52 - a year of subversive activity for the ELT classroom.
Latest book: 52: a year of subversive activity for the ELT classroom

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Caspar Frederik Riga
Caspar Frederik Riga, born in Sittard, the Netherlands, August 16, 1975. Studied the psychology of perception, has worked in European Book Towns and started writing at 33, a book about a tree learning math from the dead and a huge book on Mu and Atlantis. Around that time his theory of the indexical zero (everything you can point at is at rest with the universe) was completed within the confines of his mind, and he discovered the definition of a thing, and how to invent stuff, which led to a book about dreams on a metropolitan city limit. His first work to be published is a short story about a golden goat.
Latest book: Carmine Vermilion

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R. Russell Clarke
At a young age I began reading comic books and fantasy novels. This led to role playing games which led to storytelling. I began creating my own comic books when I was around 15 and found a love of the "four-color" hero in my blood. Having become recently unemployed I decided to re-explore stories that have been bouncing around in my head through out the years. My thanks to my wife Jessica, without whom I never would be able to stand, and E. L. Gross, without whom I never would have begun this journey.
Latest book: The Bard: A Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Zia Black
As the daughter of Stephen King’s biggest fan, it felt natural when Zia Black drifted to the darkness of crime and thrillers. Since childhood, her stories have shown the world’s twisted side. Against the predictable and mundane, she loves to be shocked and be shocking. People say it’s all been done before. Zia disagrees, and she’s ready to prove it. On most days, you’ll find Zia lurking in the shadows of her mind, fighting to bring the darkness out…
Latest book: The Dead Weight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thomas J. Morrow
Thomas J. Morrow, a native of southern Iowa, graduated from Phoenix (Arizona) College with an AA degree in political science; Arizona State University with a BA degree in journalism; and Columbia Pacific University with a PhD in marketing communications. Morrow spent more than 40 years working daily newspapers in Arizona, Oregon, and Southern California. He has owned his own public relations and advertising agency in San Diego, and was a daily columnist for the daily North County Times in Oceanside for nearly 20 years. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. Morrow has been a part-time travel writer for more than 30 years, and has written seven books, three of which are historical novels. ... read more
Latest book: Nebraska Doppelganger

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rebecca A. Rogers
Rebecca Rogers expressed her creative side at an early age and hasn't stopped since. She won't hesitate to tell you that she lives inside her imagination, and it's better than reality. To stay up to date with Rebecca's latest books, check out her website at or find her on social sites such as Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.
Latest book: Mind's Eye (Mind's Eye, #1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ryn Pitts
After careers in pharmacy, health administration and insurance, Ryn Pitts turned her attention to mystery writing, fiber arts and exploring her Scandinavian heritage. She lives with her husband in Fargo, North Dakota, one block away from the temperamental Red River of the North, where she is currently writing her second novel, Placebo.
Latest book: Deadly Benefits

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kieran Waldron
Kieran Waldron is a researcher on health subjects who lives in the UK. In 2003, he was diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes. He was forced to give up his job as a surveyor in the construcion industry the same year when diabetes started to affect his eyesight. After having a dispute with his doctor about how his condition should be treated, he commenced extensive research into the causes and treatment of type 2 diabetes. This led him to the cnclusuion that his condition can be successfully treated by adhering to a strict diet, exercising daily and taking food supplements. He now trades part-time on online markets; and has continued his research into how health problems such as arthritis, cancer, depression and ... read more
Latest book: How to Beat Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jen Smith
Originally from Rhode Island and born in 1970, Jen Smith spent six years in California then Six years in Ohio where she began the journey of recovery. Jen went back to school obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Business and a Masters Degree in Economics.
Latest book: Sick

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Philip Caveney
I have been a published author since 1977. I began with a book for adults called The Sins Of Rachel Ellis and went on to publish a whole string of thrillers through the 1980's and 90's. In 2007, my first children's book, Sebastian Darke: Prince Of Fools was published all around the world. My latest series is called Movie Maniacs and features a strange cinema where children can actually go into the movies and interact with the screen characters. All my children's books are available for the kindle, but The Talent is my first e-book exclusive.
Latest book: The Talent

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Randi Fang
Randi Fang loves all things vampire, probably because she is one. When she is not blogging or writing vampire fiction, she likes to interview other vampires and share their confessions with you which are typically erotic in nature. Vampires are sexy beasts, after all. Currently Randi is writing the following series: - Erotic Vampire Confessions - Beauty (A Monster Erotica series) My books pack a bite and are not for the weak at heart. They contain adult language, violence, and strong sexual content. You have been informed.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kameko Murakami
Kameko Murakami is an author and oddball who lives, works and breathes in a somewhat-haunted Victorian in San Francisco that she shares with a dog which appears out of thin air (but only when it wants to shower in her bathroom), a sometimes roommate who is fond of breaking and entering, and far too many dusty books to even bother with counting. She is the author of numerous author's bios for Smashword's Kameko Murakami Page, most of which ended up reading like postings on an internet dating website. Kameko Murakami also likes walks along the beach, making breakfast in bed and loving the same kind of obscure bands that you do. She used to date a Serbian with a handlebar mustache. She doesn't have the Serbian ... read more
Latest book: Jumpers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hope Tarr
Hope Tarr is the award-winning author of 25 historical and contemporary romance novels including OPERATION CINDERELLA, the launch to her "Suddenly Cinderella" series optioned by Twentieth Century Fox as a major motion picture. SCRIBBLING WOMEN AND THE REAL-LIFE ROMANCE HEROES WHO LOVE THEM is Hope's first foray into publishing (That Book, Inc). A compilation of 28 nonfiction essays by popular romance authors on how they met, wed, and love (over time) their real-life spouses or significant others,the anthology invokes the spirit and style of the bestselling "Chocolate for a Woman's Soul" series. All net proceeds from sales benefit Win, a NYC charity serving disadvantaged women and children. ( ... read more
Latest book: Scribbling Women & The Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dee Cohen
I'm a licensed social worker and certified yoga teacher. I run several blogs related to health and yoga. I give workshops on yoga, meditation and breathing for depression, anxiety and stress and also have 1-1 sessions that are customized for one's unique situation.
Latest book: Five Personal Journeys Beyond Addiction: Interviews With Former Addicts

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Isaacs
Laura L. Isaacs is a freelance writer and media professional. She has tackled editorial roles for both daily and weekly newspapers, and currently contributes to a wide range of online media sources including Fox Interactive via Canvas and EndPlay Reports, QuinStreet and Laura’s favorite color is pink, she loves rosé Champagne and she aspires to someday have a pet basset hound named Little Andrew Jackson.
Latest book: No Shelf Required: eBook Basics

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stan R. Mitchell
Stan R. Mitchell writes action-packed thrillers, which readers have compared to the works of Vince Flynn, Stephen Hunter, and Lee Child. Mitchell is uniquely qualified to become one of the next hottest, action-fiction writers in America, having the background of: [A] A strong writing history, topped off with a journalism degree and 10+ years of relentless, deadline-required writing in the newspaper business. [B] A real-world, combat experience. Mitchell, a former USMC Sergeant, earned a Combat Action Ribbon in '97 while serving in the infantry with Alpha Co., 1st Battalion, 8th Marines. (Operation Silver Wake.) Besides this mission into harm's way, his platoon also served as the Covering Force for the elite ... read more
Latest book: Sold Out

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Julie Jeffries
The Bronx was her birthplace but her heart was meant for California. Julie Jeffries made many moves in her life. Miami, FL, saw her through high school and her introduction to acting and professional dance. Manhattan was a revisit to her birth state where she pursued a singing career. Los Angeles led to Wyoming where she absorbed the background for her new novel Polecat Epoch. Sun Valley, Idaho made snow fun. A 36 day sail trip to Hawaii made her a confirmed landlubber. And presently, San Diego is the city where she flourishes. Julie has performed in little theatre, managed and performed in a successful country music band, written songs, earned an Associates in Arts degree from San Diego Mesa College an ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.D. Johnston
T.D. Johnston’s debut collection of a dozen short stories, titled "Friday Afternoon and Other Stories", is due out in the summer of 2012. His stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Short Story America, O. Henry, PineStraw and Civil War Camp Chest, among others. His first novel, "The Godfather Assassins", is also due out in the summer of 2012. He can be reached by email at
Latest book: Friday Afternoon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Abbey Rose
Abbey Rose is a 25 year old writer living in the deep woods of New England. Born in the Bahamas, this fiery island lady keeps herself warm with a good sip of rum and some sexy fantasies, and she'd love to share her seductive stories with you.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jacqueline Gardner
Jacqueline's love of storytelling began at an early age when she would make up stories with her grandma before bedtime. In early 2010, she completed her first novel and has been stuck on writing ever since. She resides in Colorado and loves hiking, writing, fantasy fiction, and all things cupcake.
Latest book: Besotted (Thoughtless Series #2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dennis Domrzalski
Dennis Domrzalski's greatest talent is helping everyone he meets come to grips with their own glaring shortcomings. He's been a reporter, author and editor since 1979. The native Chicagoan began his career at the fabled City News Bureau of Chicago. He now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Latest book: A Poet's Dilemma

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson was born in Devon, England in 1973. He lives in Teignmouth, just a stones throw away from the English Riviera, in a large converted nunnery. He loves to travel and has visited twenty-nine different countries, and lived in Mexico City, Mexico for far too long for a pale skinned European. He has also been married twice - and still refuses to say where he buried them. Why not add Glen Johnson as a friend on Facebook. From his author's page, you can keep up to date with all his new releases, and when his kindle books are free on Amazon. He checks it daily, so pop on and say hello! Don't be shy he's a friendly chap. Alternatively, check out the synopsis for all his r ... read more
Latest book: French Fries and Flamethrowers: Nine More Disturbing Short Stories about the Darker Side of Human Nature. Vol. 3

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D.J. Taylor
Hi, I am D.J. Taylor. I like to write. Stories, lyrics, screenplays. If it's made up of a collection of words then that's what I'm into. I currently live in Seattle with nothing but my thoughts and a bag of weed to keep me company.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page H. Nicholas Spinelli
My bio is nether all that long or all that interesting. I live in Bradenton, Florida, with my lovely wife, Cheryl, two cats, and just a short drive from my daughter, Michelle, my son-in-law, Andreas and the two greatest grandchildren in the world ¬ Nic and Sam. Prior to retiring, I paid for my writing material by working both as a sales trainer and sales representative for a major Pharmaceutical Corporation. As far for my education, I have two degrees but neither is in English. Since graduating from college though, I have attended two classes on writing at the University of Pittsburgh, taken several courses on line from The Writers College, Gotham Writer’s Workshop, and have completed a correspondence course ... read more
Latest book: A God of Foreign Lands

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K.Z. Freeman
I love writing fiction. My books are about people - how they can change, and in turn change the world around them.
Latest book: Psychonaut: The Nexus

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marsha Roberts
Marsha began her professional career as a scrub nurse in open-heart surgery, but her gypsy spirit wouldn't leave her alone. At 23 she walked away from that life to travel and seek new adventures. She worked as an art director, stage manager and film editor. Along the way she discovered a knack for selling creative projects and produced marketing films and elaborate Corporate Theatre presentations for IBM, Coca-Cola, Revlon, Georgia-Pacific and Domino's Pizza among others. This led the way to developing and producing a full theatrical production, "Letters From the Front," the only professional play to tour American military bases around the world. Her travels took her to Germany, England, Belgium, Italy, Spain, ... read more
Latest book: Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer and her Parable of the Tomato Plant

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tony Petracci
I've always been a writer. I grew up in New Jersey - about twenty minutes east of Philadelphia - reading anything that held my attention, which was quite a bit. I remember this one kid in high school who was dumbfounded that, at 15, I was reading SHOGUN. I graduated from USC's School of Cinema and Television, but it took me a few years to realize that what I needed to do was write, not direct. And since I need my ideas and intentions to remain intact in the final product, prose it is. So here I am. Let's see where this goes...
Latest book: Flecks of Tourmaline

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jon Rodz
I have loved writing for as long as I can remember and I have been collecting my work since my highschool years. Everything inspires me but some of my favorite topics are feelings/relationships, art, my family, and nature. Although I enjoy free verse and modern poetry, my favorite work is the classical and structured writings of many who are now sleeping in death, and I believe that this is evident in most of my poems. I easily find humor in many things and thus try to incorporate this in all I write; I'm especially fond of how irony can turn a good story into a memorable one.
Latest book: I Heard You Out Of The Corner Of My Ear

Follow me at my  Facebook Page HRU Yuya Assaan-ANU
Assaan is a cultural educator, empowerment lecturer, and initiated priest in the Yoruba tradition. He's owned and operated an African centered Rite of Passage organization since 2003 and has served as a professional developer for public schools, universities, and social institutions throughout the east coast training school administrators, social workers, and educators on the finer points of curriculum development and responsible cultural inclusion. HRU currently facilitates workshops centered on community building, Rites of Passage, African-centered curriculum implementation, and child rearing.HRU also, currently, serves as a spiritual advisor and natural healer.
Latest book: Suicidal Family: A manifesto for healing and avoiding the aftermath of cross cultural unions, and marriages in captivity; examining the definition of culture, how to find a mate, dating, problems in relationships, the causes of divorce, and how to di

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Filipa Leemann
"In the realm of reality, one is never so happy as in the realm of thought." Arthur Schopenhauer How right the old Schopenhauer was... And a child of thought and American Web-fiction is Filipa Leemann. Born and raised in Westphalia (Germany), she still lives and works there. Her goal? Creative, lesbian literature: a good, perhaps brave story, no ambitious (political) messages, no exaggerated eroticism and hopefully not more stereotypes than necessary. An entertaining mix of a little adventure and a little romance. Even if it's just a good read for a cosy evening... What you should know more about Filipa Leemann? She likes Swedish rock music and Dutch vanilla custard. She still likes American, lesbian literat ... read more
Latest book: Spielzeugsoldaten

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cate Masters

Latest book: Meilin and the Challenger

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brennen Ivy
I'm a U.S Veteran and currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, with my wife and two children.
Latest book: The Summer Drew Forth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mary Kerr
I began writing later in life after my retirement when I was gifted with a laptop. I'm the mother of three and the grandmother of four. I spends most days in my office at the kitchen table writing. I live in Iowa with my husband and two dogs. I love to write fun easy reads. Some are more romantic than others. A few have a goodly amount of suspense. I always add a little humor here and there, like life does. I promise you a good time, some fun and a happy ever after ending. Thanks if you decide to read me and thanks for checking me out anyway.
Latest book: Million Dollar Mistress

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gregory Kelley
Hi my name is Gregory Kelley and I am happy to say that for the first time I am so glad to fill this part out. I usually don't know what to say at this point of the profile Most of the time nothing too much is happening in my life or I don't want to tell too much because of privacy being a big issue. I have been out of work for the last four years for various reasons. I decided to finally to take a chance and tip my hand at writing. People said I had talent but I never really believed them but now on my first try I have two books being published in one shot. My books are called "FOR THE LOVE OF and FOR THE LOVE OF (VERSE TWO)". I am very happy about that. They are being published by Publish America who ... read more
Latest book: PERSPECTIVE

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer Comeaux
Jennifer Comeaux is a tax accountant by day, writer by night. There aren’t any ice rinks near her home in south Louisiana, but she’s a diehard figure skating fan and loves to write stories of romance set in the world of competitive skating. One of her favorite pastimes is travelling to competitions, where she can experience all the glitz and drama that inspire her writing. Jennifer loves to hear from readers! Visit for contact information and to learn more about her books.
Latest book: Crossing the Ice