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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Beverly D. Blanchard
email: Beverly Diana Blanchard is a First Nation Ojibway from Northern Ontario. She holds a degree in Economics from Laurentian University. A former Public Servant, she has been a consultant to First Nation and Inuit organizations in a variety of areas including homelessness, suicide and violence prevention, childcare, health, women’s issues, business planning and economic development. Published works include: A profile of aboriginal women-owned businesses in Canada (1995). Evaluation of the First Nations and Inuit youth employment strategy (2002) Beverly is a writer and personal development coach based in Sault Ste. Marie and Ottawa, Canada.
Latest book: Into the Waves: poems and other writings

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tanner Brooks
Tanner Brooks strives to take readers on a journey through the contrasts and similarities between different people and places, and what they can teach us about each other. A taste for cultural immersion and novel experience has taken him from Iceland to the Caribbean and London to Tunisia looking for transformative connections. After growing up in Sioux City, Iowa and Sun Valley, Idaho he received his BA in Political Science from Oberlin College in 2002. Interest in social issues led him to organizing, blogging, fundraising and program development for a range of political advocacy groups, election campaigns and non-profits. In 2006 he received his MA in International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of ... read more
Latest book: Love Notes from Tunis: Part Five

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cynthia Clampitt
I am a writer, traveler, food historian, and author, but I didn't start out that way. I started my career in the world of giant, international corporations. I did well and looked to have a stellar future--except it wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to write. After 10 years climbing the corporate ladder, I finally realized that, to pursue my dream, I'd have to quit. So, in my mid-30s, I walked away from status, a solid income, and a degree of security and launched out on the pursuit of a different life. In addition to saving enough money to support myself for a while, as I started over, I'd also built into my escape plans a six-month sojourn on the far side of the planet, to help me shake free of the corporate min ... read more
Latest book: Waltzing Australia

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Derek Achoy
Derek is a human being from Mississauga, Canada. He escaped York University with a BA in English and has been writing in circles ever since.
Latest book: Newfangled Death

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Gordon
Mark Gordon lives and writes in Newcastle, Australia and became a fan of apocalyptic horror after watching the Omega Man on television as an eleven year old. He has worked as a nightclub operator, disc jockey, band manager, photographer's assistant, construction worker, and high school teacher. He is currently working on the third book of the Feeder Chronicles, "City of Tears", to be released later this year.
Latest book: Diamond Creek Dogs

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Victor Ojeda-Mari
Aide-chimiste, gérant, formateur, informaticien, Victor Ojeda-Mari est avant tout autodidacte. Après la naissance de sa première fille, il commence à écrire et à proposer ses essais religieux pour publication. Après cette première expérience, il se lance dans le roman ayant pour thème central lindividu, la famille, la société, la politique, la religion, la spiritualité.
Latest book: Candide et l'Hindouisme

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Doug Long
Read "The Fool Who Invented Kissing (Shorties by Long)," an entertaining anthology of original, short-short stories by author and songwriter Doug Long. Doug lives on a small West Coast island, in Canada, where he struggles unsuccessfully to be self-sufficient. He is currently working on "Shorties by Long", Volume II. When not writing books or songs, Doug likes to do stand-up comedy at his local pub.
Latest book: The Fool Who Invented Kissing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emma Rider
An author of erotic romance, Emma Rider has been weaving stories since she was about five, writing and acting out plays about princes and princesses for her parents often. She has always dreamed of being a writer. When she was earning her Bachelors Degree of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences she tried other things, like acting and editing, but she always turned back to her true passions of reading and writing. She's always loved two things. Romance and the alpha male. She loves writing about every character. She loves their tastes, their talents and she can feel their emotions. On every project she tries to project each and every emotion down on paper. She sweetly interrogates them until they lick their lips an ... read more
Latest book: Finding the Way (A sweet romance)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Muhammad Nasim
Born in Bihar, India on 15.12.1946. Pakistani national resident in Karachi. Mechanical Engineer. Graduated from Bangladesh university of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka in 1967. Post-gradute study at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. Member ASME, ASHRAE, Pakistan Engineering Council, Fellow Pakistan Intitute of Engineers. Speciality HVAC and Mechanical design and Project management. Deep interest in Science, literature and religion.
Latest book: Angel's Whisper

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Upper Rubber Boot Books
In Canadian vernacular, Upper Rubber Boot is slang for a remote, possibly unhip, probably insignificant place, much like America’s Podunk. Upper Rubber Boot Books was founded in July 2011 to give a voice to writers working from a (metaphorically) remote place, and to that end we publish fine literary and speculative writing, with a special focus on poetry and short story collections, genres which have a particularly difficult time finding a home in the publishing world. Our editions are available as ebooks only.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Miriam Nesset
The author, Miriam Nesset, has been writing since the age of eighteen. She has had one of her Haiku poems published and self-published three books of Haiku poetry. In addition to Georgie Blake and the Bushie Sisters and Murder in Between, she has written another children’s book, Kat the Cat and a novel entitled Sea Smoke, soon to be published. A children’s historical novel and a second Georgie Blake book entitled Georgie Blake Meets Mrs. Gooseberry are in process. She is a Ragdale Fellow. Miriam Nesset currently lives in Maine, making occasional trips to London where her daughter lives. She is originally from Wisconsin and received her Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin, Mad ... read more
Latest book: Sea Smoke

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L P Simone
I've been teaching, reading and writing about the ancient Maya pretty much my entire life.
Latest book: The 2012 Prophecies: Heir of the Jaguar

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Loretta M. Miller
Loretta is a long-time metro Detroiter.
Latest book: A Time To See

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Stanton
Steve Stanton is a Canadian author currently serving as the President of SF Canada. His short stories have been published in sixteen countries in a dozen languages, and his sci-fi trilogy, The Bloodlight Chronicles, was published by ECW Press in Toronto.
Latest book: Goddess

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeffrey John Eyamie
Jeffrey John Eyamie wrote his first novel in Grade 3 and his second novel in journalism school. Thankfully, they are both locked away in hermetically sealed containers. A former child television star and grunge singer, Jeff once worked for Canada’s minister of foreign affairs, conducted a feature interview with Bob Vila while sitting on the john, gave the commissioner of the National Hockey League a dressing-down on national television, and won second prize in a literary beauty contest. He now writes screenplays. You can follow him on twitter: @eyamie
Latest book: League of Justified Vengeance - The Oddities: Book 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Darren Gowland
Darren Gowland was born in the North East of England in 1974. He lives with his wife Sarah and their 2 children (Soon to be 3 - January2013). Although he has been writing self-help and How-to books for 3 years he only decided to publish his work in February 2012. He has a passion for self-help information, relationships and the power of the mind and how it works.
Latest book: How to study for a test: The Google Brain System - 5 Steps To Pass ANY Test-Limited Edition

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Edward McKenzie
Edward McKenzie was born in Toronto, Canada on January 18, 1951 and moved to Phoenix, Arizona with his family in February of 1954. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelors in Social Sciences and from Arizona State University with a Masters in Education/American History. He was a middle school and high school social studies teacher for 20 years in Phoenix. Edward has been writing since High School journalism class. He self published the book, Scorpion's Sting. His latest book, Never Alone is available as an eBook. Edward is Vice President of Academic Business Consultants, Inc working with public education, nonprofits that support public education, and nonprofits supporting education/workfor ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Becky Meyer
23 year old college graduate currently living in Salt Lake City, UT with my sister. I am a communication assistant for the deaf and hard of hearing by day, and dreamer by night. I am a member of the LDS church and my faith is the most valuable thing in my life. Future goals include exploring the west, getting married in the Temple, and having children.
Latest book: January T Ride

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carolyn Steele
Carolyn has been a psychologist, a paramedic, a proof reader and several other things, not all of them beginning with P. A trucker, for example. She began writing the day she decided to try and see the world...doing both just to find out if she could. It made a change from teaching CPR to nightclub bouncers and designing wedding cakes. When excerpts from her first travelogue were published by the Rough Guides she decided to keep on doing both. Carolyn maintains that she is either multi-faceted or easily bored, depending on who is enquiring. Born and bred in London, England, Carolyn and her son Ben are now Canadian citizens and live permanently in Kitchener, Ontario. The Armchair Emigration series will compris ... read more
Latest book: A Year on Planet Alzheimer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charles Fudgemuffin
Charles Fudgemuffin is the author of the critically acclaimed 'Remember to put the bins out' note. Other less notable works include the alien comedy 'How To Save The World' books.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tina Dwyer
After living most her live in Europe, Tina Dwyer has now made El Paso, Texas her home! She dreamed about Melvin for over 20 years and is very happy that he finally is coming to life. She is also a published photographer and illustrator. Right now her photos are published in 2 different books and a third one to come out in late summer 2012!
Latest book: Friends For Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S. J. Qualls
I didn’t begin my years with aspirations of becoming a great writer. Writing stories is a relatively new thing in my life, but I have always been a writer, a letter writer. My sister used to call my fat letters to her manuscripts. How I wish I had them all, they would have made some great stories. I was born to two artists, in St. Paul, MN. I have lived in many places. I would love to call them all “home.” Artists can live anywhere, and we did, literally, from Northern Minnesota, to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, and Los Angeles, California to New York City with many places in between. I am a storyteller. My English education ended over half a century ago. If you find errors, think of me as a simple ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kate Gould
Kate Gould has worked as an editor, book critic, columnist, slush pile reader, writing competition judge, hotel critic, magazine editor, English teacher, and research assistant. She’s now commissioning editor and chief editorial consultanct at The Fine Line. She is the author of The Pocketbook of Prompts: 52 Ideas for a Story and the Perfect Word: The Fine Line Writing Course. Her book on flashers, Exposing Phallacy, is to be published by Zero Books and she is at work on another book about the other woman. She is also a Beethoven groupie and a rats, reading and writing devotee.
Latest book: The Pocketbook of Prompts: 52 Ideas for a Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Janet Swan
Historian and folklorist based in NE Scotland; writer of mystery/ police procedural/ family sagas - nearly all have a supernatural twist!
Latest book: Of Fish and Folk, Book 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mina Khan
Mina Khan is a Texas-based writer and food enthusiast. She daydreams of hunky paranormal heroes, magic, mayhem and mischief and writes them down as stories. Between stories, she teaches culinary classes and writes for her local newspaper. Other than that, she's raising a family of two children, two cats, two dogs and a husband. She grew up in Bangladesh on stories of djinns, ghosts and monsters. These childhood fancies now color her fiction. Her debut novella, THE DJINN’S DILEMMA was published November 2011. A second novella, A TALE OF TWO DJINNS, came out March 2012. Also, she is donating fifty percent of the proceeds of A TALE OF TWO DJINNS to UNICEF because education is important to her.
Latest book: Wildfire: A Paranormal Mystery with Cowboys & Dragons

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marjorie F. Baldwin
Marjorie F. Baldwin (aka "Friday") is a pen name used to write Science Fiction technothrillers, SF action/adventure series, some time travel short stories or novellas and old School SciFi. Friday's style will appeal to fans of Romantic SF (or SFR) since like Heinlein's character after whom she is named, she feels sex is part of the human condition. Of course, that assumes we're all human ^)^
Latest book: When Minds Collide (Phoenician Short #0.1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ella Medler
Ella Medler is a novelist who lives in Cornwall, UK, with her husband and two teenage daughters. Born in Transylvania, Ella started her writing career as a child writing comedy sketches which she then performed stand-up with her friends mostly during school winter holidays. After graduation, she travelled the world working in financial development and absorbing languages and cultures along the way. After a few years pursuing a traditional career, Ella drifted back to writing and the arts. Nowadays, she could be more often found in her local theatre, where she gladly helps with anything, from costume making to script writing, on a voluntary basis.
Latest book: Blood is Power

Follow me at my  Facebook Page CE Gordon
The author of the Art of Sound is CE Gordon. He has worked as a DJ, Sound Designer, Producer and Chief Operating Officer of an independent label in the South African music industry and shares more about himself in a section entitled "A Personal History" in the Art of Sound e-Book. The Art of Sound is the culmination of three years of work and research (the drafts of which were written in long-hand on A4 notepads) and countless hours of insomnia. The e-Book is designed to assist you visualize the space between the creation of and the music itself with an aim to stimulate creative thought. Download the first two sections of the Art of Sound e-Book FREE from Your questions and comments ... read more
Latest book: The Art of Sound – Creative Tools for Music in the 21st Century

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greg Hill

Latest book: The Family Tree

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Isaac Barber
Entrepreneur from Colorado. I work at home doing information products. I live with my wife and four year old daughter.
Latest book: Succeed Within Yourself Succeed Financially

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Reginald K. Write
Reginald Write is a Southern boy with a Northern edge. Hailing from GA, he currently resides in NY. He is a self-published ebook entrepreneur engaged in a hostile takeover of the ebook industry. The R. Write Revolution has begun! I LOVE and VALUE all of my readers and would like to hear from you! Sound off and let me know what you think. If you have any constructive criticisms, comments, questions, or snarky remarks regarding my work, drop me a line at, or by visiting my fan website, Also, follow me on Facebook @ Reginald Write. All feedback is welcome. Thanks

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bobby Bishop
About The Author: I am a regular person with a passion for children's stories! I think stories are the spice of life. When I had my son, I started dreaming up stories to share with him. Writing Children's Books: I love it. I cherish it. I especially love reading the books I write to my son. It is a very special time that we get to share together.
Latest book: Aesop's Fables: The Goose With The Golden Eggs (Illustrated)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steven Carlson
Steven Carlson attempted to escape the digital world by fleeing to Southeast Asia in Winter 2011. There, he was delighted to discover a sensual world of objects, textures, tastes, colors and scents. One day in Thailand, he noticed a fancy, faux fabric labeled 'pashmina'. That launched an obsessive quest that lead Mr Carlson halfway around the known world in pursuit of the real pashmina. In his guide, What is Pashmina? Seven Tests for the Real Pashmina, Mr Carlson offers the discerning shopper a standard for judging the quality any fabric labeled as pashmina. On his website, The Real Pashmina, Mr Carlson offers the world the highest quality of authentic pashmina fabrics, hand-woven to order in Nepal, in over ... read more
Latest book: What is Pashmina? Seven Tests for the Real Pashmina

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dave Rossiter
Dave Rossiter, Gilbert, Arizona, has been working with horses since he was ten years old. After college, Dave pursued a successful Ag-banking career while keeping his passion for horses intact by studying and mentoring with the early pioneers of Natural Horsemanship. Dave spent the last ten years putting on schools and clinics, as well as training outside horses. The lifelong knowledge gained from “old timers,” pioneers of natural horsemanship, and some more contemporary colleagues and mentors has been brought together to create the foundation of Dave’s “Horse Sensible Horsemanship” program. Dave has written it all down for you in his first book in the Horse Sensible series, written in support of his ... read more
Latest book: Foundations: Dave Rossiter's Horse Sensible Horsemanship

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cheryl Douglas
Cheryl began her professional career as a nutritionist, but she finally decided to follow her bliss and pursue a full-time writing career. Twenty-eight books later, she considers it one of the best decisions she's ever made. When she takes a break from her keyboard, it's to spend time with the other two loves of her life, her husband and son.
Latest book: Fast Track (Nashville Nights Next Generation 5)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul D. Marks
Paul's novel WHITE HEAT is nominated for a 2013 SHAMUS AWARD by the Private Eye Writers of America. While looking for clues on a murder case, P.I. Duke Rogers finds himself in a racially charged situation. The case might have to wait.... The immediate problem: getting out of South Central Los Angeles in one piece – during the 1992 "Rodney King" riots – and that's just the beginning of his problems. Praise for WHITE HEAT: "...taut crime yarn." -- Publishers Weekly A gripping tale of prejudice and deceit, set against the tumultuous backdrop of the 1992 L.A. riots. White Heat is all the title promises it to be. — Darrell James, award winning author of ... read more
Latest book: Angels Flight - A Noir Short Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Major
From the start, Laura Major managed her creative impulses by drawing, writing songs, poems, and short stories. While her interests in drawing and writing songs have waned, her love affair with the written word only grew stronger. It was the recurring memories of encouragement from an eighth-grade English teacher, a fellow classmate who said during a critical writing class, “I’m going to see your name on bookshelves,” and a destined encounter with Romance Writers of America at a chocolate fair that put her on track to fulfill her purpose. Laura currently lives in Arizona and develops online college courses when she's not creating her own stories. Multicultural fiction is close to Laura’s heart, so th ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Veronica Cummer
Veronica Cummer has been a witch for 20 years, more if you count growing up on a farm in rural Iowa, running wild in the woods, conjuring up storms, and turning pig´s teeth into magickal talismans. After moving to Minnesota, she was a staff writer and artist for several years for the now-retired Twin Cities magazine, Pagan Ink. Her work has more recently appeared in NewWitch and The Beltane Papers. Along with traditional European and British witchcraft, her interests extend to Haitian voudoun and the religion and culture of the Lakota. Besides non-fiction, she also writes fantasy and erotic fiction, poetry, does pen-and-ink drawing and dabbles in pottery. She has been a priestess of the Old Forest Craft for ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fern Alix LaRocca
Are you tired of being screamed at and made fun of? Welcome to the softer side of financial advice. I am Fern Alix LaRocca CFP® EA, publisher of Mindful Money Magazine available for ipad and iphone users in the iTunes Newsstand. Find valuable information at I have been a fee-only financial advisor for over 25 years, and I have a passion to promote financial literacy to build wealth and wealth beyond money. You can visit me at and you can sign up for my complimentary enewsletter. You work hard for your money now read my ebooks to get your money to work hard for you.
Latest book: The 7 Worst Pieces of Financial Advice

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Doug Turnbull
On a wintery Ohio morning in 1958, Doug Turnbull watched the television broadcast of America’s first satellite blasting off atop a Jupiter C rocket into the darkness above Cape Canaveral. From that moment, he was hooked on rockets and space travel, both what was being done and what could be done. As a youth he constructed a series of solid and liquid fuel rockets, on one occasion filling the house with smoke after conducting a static test in the basement. Future tests were banished to the back yard and while none of the rockets flew, their failures were spectacular. A victim of Math Deficiency Syndrome, his future as a professional engineer or scientist was limited. Nonetheless, while making ends meet in mor ... read more
Latest book: Tenderfoot

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Doug and Neesa Chapman
Neesa and Doug are a loving married couple living in a modest apartment in Greensboro, North Carolina. They spend as much free time as they can either writing, walking their dog, camping, or going to various sci-fi and fantasy conventions.
Latest book: Pirates of Tezomea Episode 6: Sexy Mad Science

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marty Allen
Marty Allen is located in Richmond, BC, Canada. Cordelia is his first full length novel. A first in a character series.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.W. White
Returning to the U.S. after living in England and traveling the world, R.W. White makes his home on a wooded hillside above the Susquehanna River in upstate New York, along with his wife and the animals of the forest. Having successfully published and marketed two novels, a biography and a memoir, he has recently completed his fifth book in nine years, a novella entitled, The Secret of Abetifi. Prior to writing fiction Bob published dozens of articles, essays and editorial commentaries. He has been a return guest on a local NPR station and been interviewed by local television stations. Known for his public speaking, he frequently appears before readers’ and writers’ groups, historic societies, libr ... read more
Latest book: The Chapel of Death

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alistair McIntyre
Alistair McIntyre is based in Houston, Texas, where he draws on his experiences growing up in both Scotland and the US to craft thrillers of all kinds. PHALANX ALPHA, a techno thriller, is currently his only work available through Smashwords, but more will make the transition from a certain other distributor! He's also a founding member of, a group of independent writers determined to conquer the internet through sheer imagination and grammatical prowess. Check out their website to connect with the authors and to learn what's next for the 4th Realm crew.
Latest book: Phalanx Alpha

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dianne Happel DiFrisco
Dianne Happel DiFrisco has four grown children, two lovely add-ins and two precious grandchildren. The family is scattered across the world, but they stay strongly linked. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband and an array of interesting guests (material shhh). She is also the favorite aunt of fifty-five nieces and nephews; it's hard work being the favorite. She has also authored: "My Carrick Irish Boyfriend," and "My City Boy." Sequels for all three are in process.
Latest book: My Green Grocer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emylee Bishop Sturk
Author emylee bishop sturk is a loving wife and mother of one. Being raised in the South and having lived all across the United States, she currently resides in the Midwest with her family.
Latest book: Tennessee Rain

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Penny Estelle
My name is Penny Estelle and I was an elementary school secretary for 21 years. I heard every excuse and story in the book when kids would be sent to the principal. I promised myself when I retired I would write stories about kids and that is just what I did. I am retired with my wonderful husband and we live on a fifty-four acre ranch in Arizona on solar and wind. I am the “greenest” person and I know, even if I don’t want to be!
Latest book: Solar - One Family's Reality

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson was born in Vidalia, Georgia—“The Onion Capital of the World”. His family moved to Florida at an early age to escape the stress of living in such a famous place. His fascination with humor was prompted by his election as Wittiest Senior in his high school (he was too chubby for Most Athletic, too ugly for Most popular, and too dumb for Most Likely to Succeed). Following graduation, he bluffed his way through college thanks to curricula outlines (think Cliff’s Notes) and buying the notes of students who had actually attended class. After college, he was drafted by the army and served with the Americal Infantry Division in Vietnam. However, he was shipped back to the states when it be ... read more
Latest book: Black Magic Woman

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adero C E Allison, PHD
Adero C E Allison, PhD Chief Inspiration Officer - Transitioning Adults plus® Capacity development is a term that speaks to the ability to help people and societies develop formerly unrecognized internal strengths. Dr. Allison’s career has utilized capacity development in her work with individuals and organizations. She has managed social service programs in Michigan and Oregon and has held faculty positions at the community college and university levels. Currently in Arizona, Dr. Allison is faculty with the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies. Dr. Allison has presented in state and national conferences on such diverse topics as diversity, disability access and seniors & disability. As a busin ... read more
Latest book: Making Your Difficult Move Exceptional!