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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jade Herrera

Latest book: Girl on the Sidelines

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ian Barker
Ian has always dabbled in writing since leaving school. However, he spent almost 20 years working in IT before he discovered that writing about computers was easier than fixing them. He is a former editor of PC Utilities magazine and now lives and works as a freelance writer in Greater Manchester, UK. He doesn't own a dishwasher. Fallen Star is his début novel published by Rebel e Publishers.
Latest book: One Hot Summer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Shirey
I am a retired chemist with five children and seven grandchildren with lots of time to spend on writing. All of my stories have a strong female character. My other efforts will be coming out soon.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ahmad Azaban
Through the last several years of teaching Arabic as a second language to Westerners, I’ve seen many people struggle with difficulties due to cultural misunderstandings. To help my students thrive in their new home, I began to teach them about Arab-Jordanian culture. The help that they received encouraged me so much that I began a quest to compile the most relevant cultural information into one resource. Through years of observations, interviews, and research, my dream to help Westerners understand this great culture has come to fruition. I am pleased to present to you, Diwan Baladna. It is the first book of its kind. As a Jordanian, I want to bridge the gap of understanding between my own culture and that ... read more
Latest book: Arab culture from an Arab's perspective Diwan Baladna

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thomas Luchow
Erst 2010 habe ich das Internet von der anderen Seite kennengelernt und meine erste Webseite mit viel Krampf und Aufwand erstellt. Heute kann ich mit einem Lächeln auf diese Zeit zurückblicken.
Latest book: Private Krankenversicherung vs. gesetzliche Krankenversicherung

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bryan Serwatka
I was born in Killeen, Texas in 1985 and now currently live in Leeds, England with my partner. I am a musician and songwriter in Leeds-based band Backyards and Memorial Day is my first novel.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page abdur razzak
Latest book: Some Poetry Of My Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Natasha House
When Natasha House wakes up in the morning she's got one thing on her brain: writing. "How do normal people think? I mean wouldn't it be boring not having a book in your brain to entertain you?" Natasha works a "normal" job along with perusing writing. "I randomly grab a scrap piece of paper and furiously scribble. People probably think I'm nuts when I'm talking to myself, but I'm just talking to the characters in my head." Natasha is happily married. She enjoys singing. "I've written over thirty songs including one called: It's coffee time. What can I say I love coffee." Natasha loves writing different genre's including: sci-fi, romance, fantasy, middle grade, and paranormal. "If you read my book Superhero pri ... read more
Latest book: Grace Unbroken: a Christian Romance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mike Walzman
Mike Walzman's work has been published in several publications such as: BCN Week, We Feel Pretty, Zine Columbia and Feathertale. "The Fall To Freedom" is his debut novel. He lives in Los Angeles.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephen Richards
$TEPHEN RICHARDS, also known as The Golden Pen, is an international bestselling author of over 80 titles and his many successful self-help books have been translated into foreign languages. Personally, Stephen has helped over 250,000 wishing to change their lives. Prior to 1995, Stephen was penniless until he started using mind power and has applied the principles to help others turn their lives around. As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and stress counsellor, Stephen went on to become a member of the British Association of Counsellors and was affiliated to their Family Sexual Division, Disaster Team and Stress Counselling for Students Division.
Latest book: Cosmic Ordering Guide: Where Dreams Can Become Reality

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robin L. Baxa
Robin met her soulmate—literally!—in a hole in the ground during an archaeological field school. With the overwhelming odds that her soulmate was born in Holland and lived in Canada and Robin was born in the Midwest yet they still managed to find each other in the middle of nowhere Arizona is all the proof she needs to believe in a happily ever after. What’s life without romance? Especially when steamy sex is involved.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barbara Stahura
Barbara Stahura, Certified Journal Facilitator and award-winning author, knows that journaling holds the power to change lives, one sentence, one page at a time. She now guides people with brain injury and family caregivers in learning how to harness that power for themselves. Her book "After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story," co-written with Susan B. Schuster, MA, CCC-SLP, grew from her long-running journaling group in Tucson, Ariz., which she created after her husband sustained a traumatic brain injury. She has also facilitated journaling events for the National Guard, family caregivers, equine-facilitated experiential learning groups, writers, and others. Her memoir, "What I Thought I Knew," reveals how chan ... read more
Latest book: Brain Wreck

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Glass
Michael Glass is a dynamic speaker and trainer. He moonlights as an investment coach and blogger--two of his deep passions for serving others. Entrepreneurship has always ran in the blood beginning with his first job--newspaper delivery as a teenager. Michael continued to foster his entrepreneurial spirit by working his way through college by running a DJ business and promoting concerts and parties. Michael graduated with a Masters degree in education and began a teaching career. Shortly thereafter he was exposed to the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series by his older brother and then started teaching financial literacy. He created the Metro DC Cash Flow Club for real estate investors (whose membership soared to more th ... read more
Latest book: Are You Financially Literate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page AnEx Publications
AnEx Publications Home of Sam Spike the Dog Detective and The Karate Kids! Company Overview AnEx is a new book publishing company producing an eclectic selection of titles. We publish in Trade Paperback and eBook formats. Our areas of interest are Sports, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Sci-Fi and Childrens books. We are designed to take advantage of the digital age, which allows the small press industry to compete in profitable niche markets. Authors are encouraged to send query letters to Do not send chapter samples or manuscripts unless directed to by the publisher or one of our aquisition editors. -------------- Regional sales reps in all geographical areas of English speaking countries ar ... read more
Latest book: Tight Lines - Trout & Bass Fishing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Randol Batson
Reverend Randol Batson is an internationally acclaimed leader in new paradigms of spiritual healthcare. A lifelong Christian, privileged to work professionally with persons of diverse cultures and faith pathways, Reverend Batson’s experience of God and the spiritual dimension of life has grown far beyond the dogma and parameters of organized religion. Retired and living with his wife, Joan, in Sun City, Arizona, Randy is now an author, motivational speaker, personal counselor, and certified Group Leader for the world-renowned Spiritist hospital in Abadiania, Brazil, the Casa de Dom Inacio, to which he takes seekers for higher consciousness and healing through the intervention of the legendary trans-medium ca ... read more
Latest book: Holy Shift! Recovering from Christianity with the Help of Jesus

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Penny Graham
I have lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for most of my life. I have taught young children for over thirty years. I enjoy writing, traveling, hiking, yoga, theater, children, photography, music, bridge, and learning new things. As a children's advocate and believer in character clarification, I weave values into my writing. Please email me if you like my book and would like more!
Latest book: The Button Sisters

Follow me at my  Facebook Page CB Six
CB Six Six is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force’s Security Forces Technical and Geospatial Intelligence Schools. He served four years as an active duty Air Force Security Forces member, three and a half of which were spent in overseas assignments and deployments. His duties ranged from being an M249 machine gunner in the Middle East, to assisting the Secret Service’s preparation for President Obama’s 2009 visit to Ramstein, Germany. After completing his long tour overseas, Charles Six joined the 234th Intelligence Squadron and currently works as an Intelligence Analyst at Beale Air Force Base. His greatest passions are faith, writing, and every moment with his wife and children. He would love to hear from ... read more
Latest book: SHADOLIS: The King’s Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sue Brown
Sue Brown, MNM, CDBC, CPDT-KA, is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, and a Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. With over 15 years of experience, she owns Love My Dog Training, in the Denver, Colorado metro area, focusing on well-behaved and well-trained family dogs. She started her second business, The Light of Dog, in 2011 to publish books, ebooks, online training modules and other products. She is the author of "Juvenile Delinquent Dogs: The Complete Guide to Saving Your Sanity and Successfully Living with Your Ad ... read more
Latest book: Ask The Trainer: Answers to common questions about dog training and behavior issues, including jumping, leash manners, aggression, fearfulness, and more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dennis Weaver

Latest book: How to Bake: Edition 3

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Justin Sours
My name’s Justin Sours and I’m a 28 year old who initially learned how to play the guitar 15 years ago. I’m also a primarily self taught guitarist who’s learned everything from scratch.
Latest book: Guitar Made Easy: A Complete Step By Step Guide To Learning Guitar

Follow me at my  Facebook Page HK Savage
HK Savage has been a voracious reader of anything she could get her hands on going back to the second grade when she would set her alarm two hours early to read before school. Her passion for the written word has continued and flowed into writing going back nearly as far. Her books have fans in twenty countries on six continents with hopes of attracting attention on Antarctica if for no other reason than to check a box. Currently, HK is a mother, wife and black belt in Karate as well as an avid dressage rider with the cutest teddy bear of a horse in existence. Her three dogs, a Doberman puppy and two ancient Doxies keep her busy when she is not writing or working. HK has been an editor for several newsletters ... read more
Latest book: An Undying Oath

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.A. Howell
J.A Howell is an office drone by day, and a writer by night. Her love of writing took off when she was eleven years old and decided to fill a composition notebook with stories to read to her friends. Many years (and notebooks) later, not much has changed. She still loves writing and sharing her works with others. When she isn’t writing, she can often be found trying her hand at whatever artistic pursuit strikes her fancy. J.A. Howell resides in Apopka, FL with her husband and their menagerie of animal children.
Latest book: Mistaken

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nabeel Afsar
Nabeel Afsar is a writer & musician currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Born in Michigan, Afsar grew up in Boston and studied film & writing at Emerson College. He is also the lead singer of indie rock band White Lights.
Latest book: Psychonaut I: Mercury

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Taylor Lowe
I'm a 30 year old wife and mom but if you ask me I'll tell you I'm on my second 29th year...I started writing when I was fourteen. It was a fantasy novel that can be found on Wattpad and I may eventually pass to smashwords once I get a chance to seriously clean it up. Although my grammatical skills are a bit atrocious I'm working on improving and the few months that I've really taken writing on I've improve immensely. I love to read feedback on my books, good and bad! So don't be afraid to speak up!
Latest book: He's My Tank

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Benedict Beaumont
Benedict Beaumont has led several lives; IT engineer, Secondary School Teacher and Chef to name but three. He grew up in the south of England, but has travelled extensively. He divides his time between Asia, the Alps and Brighton.
Latest book: A Last Chance Powerdrive Part 4 Walking in the Footsteps of a Buddha

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Williamson
Writer, poet, wife and mother. Do you like odd tales that come from somewhere off center? Fantasy is my field and telling the tales of the odd my game. Come on over and try one out. You never know where my mind will take you. Open yours and let me in.
Latest book: Memories of Love

Follow me at my  Facebook Page CB Colin
1. Freedome, Love and „to laugh” are my passions 2. Friendship, Writing, Meditation and Nature are my hobbies
Latest book: Ieloharis Island: The Curse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christian Carvajal
Christian, aka "Carv," is an author, actor, director, and columnist in northwest Washington State. He was born in San Pedro, California (a suburb of Los Angeles) in 1968. His debut novel Lightfall was published on Friday the 13th, November of 2009. Carv wrote Lightfall in 2007, shortly after moving from Ada, Oklahoma, the home of his undergraduate alma mater. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Theatre emphasis) and Bachelor of Science in Math for Secondary Education from East Central University, followed by a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Direction from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. After graduating in 1997, he moved to Los Angeles to work in the film and television business. He star ... read more
Latest book: Rereading the Bible: Agnostic Insights into Genesis, the Gospels, and Revelation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C.J. Graves
Ah, the dreaded profile--right up there with root canals and query letters. Let’s see… I grew up poor, chubby, and fatherless in a small Pennsylvania town. (Ouch.) But none of this has stopped me from becoming super-wealthy, movie star svelte, and happily married, living in a fabulous area of North Carolina. (Okay, some of this may be exaggerated.) So what is the truth? What IS truth, for that matter? And how much does it matter for a fiction writer? Despite the deliciousness of these questions, they will have to be answered by greater minds than that of C.J. Graves. But here are a few bits of information that are mostly true: -I have a B.A. in Interior Architecture and Design from the University ... read more
Latest book: Diverted: A Jayden Morrow Mystery

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Margit Mikk-Sokk
Margit Mikk-Sokk is an Estonian journalist and writer. She has authored several books. She has worked for many years in broadcast media and print journalism.
Latest book: Horoskoop 2014. Sinise Hobuse aasta

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rakesh Singh
Hello Friends I am a Software Engineer and a Professional Internet Marketer or Entrepreneur for last three Years. I run my own Company i.e SR Groups and currently running my two associates, these are: SR Web Services; SR IM Training Group; Thanks (Er.) Rakesh Singh
Latest book: Follow Up Big Marketers and Experience the Life of Millionaires

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Massimo Marino
Massimo is a scientist envisioning science fiction. He spent years at CERN and at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, then had leading positions with Apple Inc. and the World Economic Forum. He is also Partner in a new startup in Geneva for smartphones applications, TAKEALL SA, and co-founder of an IT service and consulting company in Big Data Analytics: Squares on Blue. Massimo lives in France and crosses the border with Switzerland daily and multiple times, but no, he's not a smuggler. With family, he lived on both sides of the Ocean Pond and they speak three languages at home, sometimes in the same sentence even! They feel home where loved ones and friends are and have friends in Italy, Spain, France, UK, Switzer ... read more
Latest book: Daimones - Italian Edition

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marion Froome
Marion Froome injured her back severely at work in 2003. This incident turned her world upside down, for she was forced to spend most of the next seven years in bed. During this time Marion started to realise how ill-equipped she was to deal with stressful and challenging situations effectively as she battled with depression, frustration and suicidal thoughts, as well as the excruciating pain of her injury. In the search for answers, she has carried out extensive research in the fields of depression, stress and healing, completing degrees at Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate levels in Metaphysical Science. She is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when we apply sound principles to our lives. She has mad ... read more
Latest book: B.F.R.E.E.® The 5 Step Life-Changing Revolution - Tools to Create a Phenomenal Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joy Lightfoot
I am a stay at home mom with three amazing little girls. We love spending time together as a family! We love to go camping, fishing, doing crafts, and playing with our two dogs. I wrote this book for my girls to show them that they each possess amazing gifts that will allow them to make their dreams come true. I had never aspired to really "publish" a book, however when I showed my story to friends and family I was met with a great deal of support. I was told that this story needed to be shared with the world. I decided to go for it and so here we are! I hope you love this story as much as I do!
Latest book: The Three Princesses

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carrie Butler
Carrie Butler is an award-winning author, the owner of Forward Authority Design Services, and a co-founder of NA Alley—not to mention a recovering marketer with a penchant for superhero socks and Firefly. Time away from her desk is spent playing with her rescue pup, yelling at the TV during hockey season, and indulging in target-based recreation. Otherwise, you’re likely to find her glued to her chair, discovering new ways to share her daydreams... The Mark of Nexus series has appeared on Amazon bestselling, top-rated, and hot new release lists in various genres. It has also been mentioned in publications like USA Today and Writing New Adult Fiction—a recent how-to from Writer’s Digest
Latest book: How I Found the Write Path: A Compilation of Letters

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Ruggeri
Mr. Ruggeri spent over 35 years in commercial banking. The US Air Force sent him to Yale University to study Chinese for Cold War assignments after a lengthy stint studying for the priesthood. His recent decision to leave the workforce and its constant downsizing and merger upheavals came easily after having raised his two children and rediscovering the joys of writing, one of his first ambitions. He is the author of 12 published books. His adult two children, Kelly and Sean are successful in their personal and business enterprizes and are a source of unending pride. Mr. Ruggeri currently lives in Anaheim and spends quality time baby sitting his grandchildren.
Latest book: Winter Dreams

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Yas Niger
Yas Niger is a male Nigerian writer and poet of Hausa origins, has written unprofessionally for over two decades, prior to publishing. Yas has strong progressive traditional views and a Masters degree in Education. An activist and social media commentator, Yas writes on contemporary Northern Nigerian and African issues, as they reflect civilized virtues. He has a preference for simple poetry and unconventional literary prose. In a removed assertive manner, Yas reflects on secular relationships, as they relate to everyday living.
Latest book: Boko Haram: Western Values Are Forbidden

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charles D Martin
“I love writing about strong, intelligent, independent women … they are sexy and fun.” Charles Martin grew up in a small Ohio town. His parents were poor, but by working two jobs, he was able to put himself through college. He has been fortunate to enjoy much success in life. He had a distinguished career in venture capital and private equity, founding two highly successful investment firms that he managed during the decades of the 1980s and 1990s. Currently he runs a hedge fund, Mont Pelerin Capital, LLC, and serves on the investment committees of prominent universities. Mr. Martin has extensive background in finance and technology, and has traveled to the exotic locations featured in the novel. However ... read more
Latest book: Nadia's Obsession

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Denzel Anthony
I've been writing for almost three years now since senior year in high school. I enjoy writing about simple dramas that I envision in my head. To facilitate my writing so it's easier to create, I usually listen to different types of music and watch movies that I can use as a raw example.
Latest book: Water Town Near The Peaks Of Vacation Ideas In Colorado(Short Story)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cara J. Swanson
As the owner of Nighthawk/Raven Publishing, I offer services to other self-publishing authors such as editing, proofreading, book design, layout, and formatting, ghostwriting, and self-publishing consultation. I have published five books, to date, through my company. I have also ghostwritten one fiction and one nonfiction novel, and edited many others. As an independent writer, I have written two fiction novels; one non-fiction guide; and have three more fiction novels in the queue.
Latest book: The Long Journey: tales of a world yet to come

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ken Lord
Author of more than 60 works of nonfiction, fiction, biography, historical fiction, and YA. Senior citizen living in suburban Syracuse, NY. 40 plus years of computer experience and a comparable amount of adult education. ABA and BSBA from University of Massachusetts Lowell, EdM from Oregon State University, and doctoral credits from the University of Arizona. And, are you ready for this? An Avon representative for nearly 18 years, a top seller, well awarded, and "the cutest Avon Lady" in Tucson, Arizona.
Latest book: The Broken Rose

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Zack Murphy
Zack is a father of two young boys. That's what has defined him as a person for the past 5 and a half years, and he couldn't be happier about it. Every once in a while he enjoys wandering around wooded areas performing Shakespeare. Luckily every so often other people join him, and it becomes an actual show. He lives in Massachusetts, which means in the winter he's buried in snow, and the summer he's dripping in sweat from the oppressive humidity.
Latest book: On The 7th Day

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M. Saylor Billings
M. Saylor Billings is a writer and producer for Billibatt Productions. She lives with her family in Northern California. Other titles include: Saint Charles Place; The Disaster Relief Club; The Rot is Deep; Red, White, and Scotch; and Nobody, really, likes you. A guide to insouciance.
Latest book: Red, White, and Scotch. An O Line Mystery

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Donte Sharpe
I was born & raised in Richmond, VA by my mother who has done everything to make sure I was raised the right way. I have always been good with communicating in writing. My first book I remember was called "The Worst Day". I wrote it in the 4th grade at J.L. Francis Elementary School in Richmond. It won 1st place. I am a graduate from James Madison University in Harrisonburg Va, where I majored in Technical Writing. During my first semester taking Technical Writing classes, I earned straight As, something I've never accomplished before. That let me know there may be something with me writing. I thank God for blessing me with the gift to be able to write. It's therapeutic for me because it allows me to be abl ... read more
Latest book: From Admissions to Graduation: Real Advice for the New Student

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dominic Licorish
Dominic was born in Toronto, Canada and began writing when he was 12 years old. He never thought he would want make a career of it until he was 16 and realized computer programming was maddeningly boring. So, he channeled his energies into learning how to write well, and has been constantly practicing as much as he can. Dominic names (some of) his favourite writers to be Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Warren Ellis, and Alan Moore. He loves video games, movies, and Star Wars. He is currently attending the Writing for Film and TV program at Toronto Film School.
Latest book: Tales of a Century 2: Sleeping Beauty

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Soojin Chun
As a young and beginning writer, this is my first time ever to publish any of my writing for other people to see. I mostly enjoy reading and writing historical fiction. My favorite book would have to be Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I specifically like Medieval or Regency fiction, so if you find any of my writing parallel to that, that's where it comes from!
Latest book: Conqueror of Hearts

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elissa Ambrose
Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Elissa graduated from McGill University with a degree in English literature. She’s been a donut maker, a librarian, a computer programmer, and an editor—but always a writer. She currently resides in Arizona with her husband.