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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rickey Estvanko
I am 59 yeaes old, using the time of unemployment to put my thoughts into words and creating something for all to enjoy. I have many stories on paper that has been setting around for years. Now I am going to complete a dream and publish them.
Latest book: After 2014

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sinclair Sexsmith
Sinclair Sexsmith ( is an erotic coach, educator, and writer. They write the award-winning personal online project Sugarbutch Chronicles: The Sex, Gender, and Relationship Adventures of a Kinky Queer Butch Top at, have contributed to more than twenty anthologies, and edited Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica. They travel frequently to teach workshops on gender and sexuality.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page VERBAL ARTISAN
The Verbal Artisan is an extremely talented artist. She comes with the passion and aggression rarely seen or displayed by females and her unrelenting approach to issues faced by many individuals whether man, woman or child causes people to reflect internally to issues surrounding them. Her fearless approach to topics and dominating stage presence captivates audiences of all ages. She paints vivid images through words causing onlookers to feel the pain, joy, trauma or anger of each piece.
Latest book: OPEN MIC: Reflections of the Street part 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alexis Watkins
I'm an ex cheese pilfering, exercise-a-phobic who now lives a clean low carb life, lifts weights and skips breakfast. The result is a slow but steady transformation into a gal who is lean, strong, fit and healthy. I'm not finished just yet but the goal is to look good naked forever! I still get to cook great food and thought I would share some of our Lean Ape recipes with you!
Latest book: Lean Ape Living: The Ultimate Guide to Permanent Weight Loss, Getting Strong and Improving your Physique, and Looking Good Naked.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Funk
Jeff Funk has written music for twenty years published by some of the world's largest and oldest media conglomerates. His works have sold millions of copies internationally. His short stories have appeared in paperback and eBook anthologies published by Alyson Books, Cleis Press, Bold Strokes Books and Bruno Gmünder. As an actor he was billed as Crawling Man in the horror film Return in Red. He's the author of the Midnight Reader series.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Errey
Based out of the UK, I’ve been a coach since 2002 and have specialized as a confidence coach (under the moniker of The Confidence Guy) since 2007. To say I love being able to work with people on their self-confidence is an under-statement. I adore it. I’ve learned a heap about what real, natural confidence is from both my coaching work and my own life. But man alive, have I made some major screw ups in my life… I spent a year on anti-depressants when I was 20 and a cocktail of anti-depressants when I turned 30. Having spent way too long forcing myself into a professional role that didn’t fit me I had a breakdown at a level I didn’t even know was possible. I didn’t talk for 3 months because c ... read more
Latest book: The Code of Extraordinary Change

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sky Bailey
from Australia I love to delve into the cerebral erotic side of my brain which I am sure takes up three quarters of my grey matter. And hopefully entertain people at the same time. I hope for just a few short moments I can make you forget about the world around you. I love to drink wine eat chocolate and love the smell of the first rain after a long hot Australian summer. I hope you enjoy what I write. Sky Bailey If you would like to contact me you can find me on face book or at

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cristina Brondoni
Sono nata a Milano nel 1971. Mi sono laureata, con un certo ritardo, nel 2003 in Lettere moderne (con una tesi sul marketing e la comunicazione della Public Library di New York) all'università degli Studi di Milano (la Statale). Nel 1996 ho avuto la tessera di giornalista (con iscrizione nell'elenco dei pubblicisti) e da allora non ho più smesso di scrivere (compulsivamente). Mi sono occupata principalmente di serie televisive e di spettacolo con un paio d'anni dedicati a moda e politica (settori che ho prontamente abbandonato per tornare ai cari, vecchi, telefilm). Per scommessa con un amico ho tentato il test di ammissione all'università di Forlì (Roberto Ruffilli) per la laurea in Criminologia appliccata ... read more
Latest book: Come presentarsi a un colloquio di lavoro e fare bella figura

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Martin D Rothery
Martin Rothery (AKA Damon Rathe) started creative writing in September 2008 after enrolling on a creative writing course at the local college wanting to develop his writing style and ideas and has never looked back since. By June 2009 he had joined the Holmfirth Writers' Group and March 2010 he became the treasurer. After having had a few poems published, an article in a cat magazine and self published his first charity book Nonagenarians in remembrance of his grandparents and their writing, everything had been leading up to the first defining moment - the release of COWS!, his first novel. Since then, in 2012 he's started his own independent publishing company, Fishcake Publications (www.fishcakepublications.c ... read more
Latest book: The Ministry of Silly Poets: "I am not a poet!"

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Feyzeddin Alpkıray
1971 yılında Adıyaman’ın Kahta ilçesinde doğdu. Kubilay İlkokulunu, arkasından Kahta İmam Hatip Lisesini bitirdi. 1989 yılında girdiği İnönü Üniversitesi Psikolojik Danışma ve Rehberlik anabilim Dalı’ndan mezun olduktan sonra kısa bir süre Suruç Yatılı İlköğretim Bölge Okulunda Rehber Öğretmen olarak görev yaptı. Bu arada okur-yazar olmayı sürekli okumak ve sürekli yazmak olarak algıladığından hep böyle yaptı. Askerlik görevini Kayseri 1. Komando Tugayının 30 kişilik revirinde Psikolojik Danışman olarak tamamladı. Tekrar Şanlıurfa Suruç ilçesine döndü ancak çok geçmeden bir yayın şirketini idare etmek üzere Kayseri’ye taşındı. 2001 yılında ... read more
Latest book: E-Ticaretle Vitrinini Dünyaya Aç

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lord'Williams
Lord'Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He lived in some very active neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Bed-Sty (Bedford Stuyvesant), and The East (East New York). He is a man of God, long term husband, and father. In addition to a full time writing career. I am the C.E.O. and Chief Editor of Words To A Page Publishers (W2PP). he also work for New York State's OPWDD, where I provide counseling and direct care to these with various development disabilities. Besides working an 8 hour job, his education, his writing, blogging, book reviewing, and personal 1 on 1 spiritual counseling, he's an 24 hr. diabetic, He is a type 1.5 diabetic. We know you're probably thinking, 'what's an 1,5 diabetic?' ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Martin Reed
A chaotic and contradicting mess consisting of charisma, insecurity, ambition, indecisiveness and curiosity. Some day, all my swirling inadequacies will coalesce into a fruitful ball of coherence and I might even write about it.
Latest book: My Disjointed Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christopher S. McLoughlin
Soapbox is a publishing house owned by Christopher McLoughlin, Kurt Thompson, and Mark Collins.
Latest book: Meatgrinder- Junk Food

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christopher Gates
Born in Ohio, Christopher Gates has worked fighting forest fires in both California and Florida, he's volunteered with the Red Cross in Puerto Rico, and he's taught English as a second language in South Korea. He is currently earning a master's degree in English from an Ohio university. He started writing in his late teens and has completed dozens of short stories and two novels.
Latest book: Whiteout

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nikhil Dhingra
I like to play basketball, videogames, and hang out with friends. I currently write for Say What! Online and edit (editor-in-training) for Polyphony. My goal is to one day get recognized by a real publisher who could publish my book on a hardcover back, and I continue to search for the publisher that would accept my book: The Universal War.
Latest book: The Universal War

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wm Kane
My name is Wm Kane and I am a writer of short fiction…mostly. I first started writing a long time ago, when I was just a wet-behind-the-ears kid who loved watching old Westerns on television. I was particularly drawn to the plight of the Underdog, the ones who were always at the mercy of the guys in both the White Hats and Black Hats. Those were my people. Inspired by the old African Proverb about the Lion and the Hunter, I decided to write the stories that the Lions would have written if they had triumphed over the Hunters. In my imagination, the Lions’ stories would have looked a whole lot like High Noon, with Gary Cooper’s character standing in for the Lions. Over the years, I’ve gone throug ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Henry Givens
I was a pastor and a worship leader for ages. When I tried to slow down a bit, I got involved with Savannah Christian Church's Drama team. The idea of telling the story of Jesus Christ through drama and stories began to pull at me. I slowly started writing and began to enjoy it more and more. It's a very rewarding challenge.
Latest book: On Our Own Terms

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steven Browne
Steven E. Browne self-published one of the first books on computerized video editing. “The Post-Production Primer” was quickly adopted by several well-known universities. Browne revised “The Post-Production Primer” for the technical publisher Focal Press. “Video Editing” continued its original success being the primary text for many more university and commercial post-production classes. Browne wrote several additional books for Focal Press. “Video Editing” went through four full editions in its fifteen years of publication. Browne's sci-fi novel, “Protecting the Source” received an enthusiastic review from the American Library Journal. The book sold out its initial print run and was pitche ... read more
Latest book: The 3by3 Writing Method - Plan, Write and Finish Your Novel - The eBook

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K.A. Strange
Born in rural Oklahoma, Kaleigh Strange was immediately recognized as a big dreamer with a vast imagination.
Latest book: Liquid Walls & Solid Dreams

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daniel Whittaker
My name is Daniel. "A Night to Remember" is my first publication, and I'm very excited, and I have more on the way. Reading, and even movies, have always been a part of my life, so it isn't unexpected that I love to write. Writing for me comes from my experiences, but also from my active imagination. Life has had many ups and downs for me. I was born with blockage in my throat, causing severe obstructive sleep apnea. When I was 18 I received a Tracheotomy to go around the blockage. So the concept of sleep, dreams, and even the ways of fear have seeped into my subconscious. I just hope to not only encourage, but also to entertain people with what I write.
Latest book: A Night to Remember

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chris Kendall
Chris Kendall earns his bananas flowing as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), 100% Raw and Transitional Lifestyle coach, Kendalini Yoga Creator and Raw Food Chef. Following his passions Chris shares his bliss through running retreats, sharing at festivals, singing and most excitedly via consultation services, ebooks his new free Raw Recipes app and his Budding vision the TRA Dream (Creating donation based, Non profit Healing Learning Retreat centers) Paying it forward Chris offers all of his ebooks and services on a By Donation Basis. Learn more at Specialties Raw food application, nutritional education, fitness training, Play, Kendalini Yoga Creator, Meditation, Reiki pract ... read more
Latest book: TRA Retreat Treats

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D.A. Ayers
D.A. Ayers was born in Canada and currently lives near Toronto, Ontario. His book titled An Ugly Secret was written while he struggled severely with a body image disorder known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD.
Latest book: An Ugly Secret

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frank Gallinelli
Frank Gallinelli is the founder and president of RealData, Inc. (, a real estate software firm offering analysis and presentation tools for investors and developers since 1981. A graduate of Yale University, he is the author of several books on real estate investing and finance, including "What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow..." and "Mastering Real Estate Investment.” Gallinelli now serves as an adjunct assistant professor in Columbia University's Master of Science in Real Estate Development program, where he has taught real estate investment analysis since 2003.
Latest book: Mastering Real Estate Investment: Examples, Metrics And Case Studies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes is a freelance writer, proofreader and editor based in Chester, England. He is the author of the ebook A Devilish Pastime, a history of all forms of football – originally published in print (as A Develyshe Pastime), by Sportsbooks in 2009. He has also contributed to the When Saturday Comes magazine, and to websites such as, and eSports Media Group.
Latest book: A Devilish Pastime: A History of Football in all its Forms

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Edwin Harkness Spina
Edwin Harkness Spina is an award-winning author, speaker and mystic. His first book, Mystic Warrior, won the Independent Publisher Book Award for Visionary Fiction and a Nautilus Silver Book Award for Fiction/Visionary Fiction. (Deepak Chopra won the Nautilus Gold that year.) Ed is also the author of Mystic Secrets Revealed, The Future is Now, Escaping the Matrix, and a contributing author to the bestseller, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life (along with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale, and others). He is also the developer of Energy Center Clearing and Total Love Immersion. Prior to shifting his focus to writing and speaking, Ed was a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, software designer and business cons ... read more
Latest book: Travel to Enlightenment: Peru, Tibet and Bali for Personal Transformation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frederick Nurse
Fred Nurse Character and service: Married for 40 years and have six adult children and 9 grandchildren, I worship in Brooklyn, NY, Am a graduate of Hofstra University, School of Business Am retired from medical sales Am a current Board Member of the Brooklyn Council of Churches, Lecturer on World History Former Sunday School teacher and voted to serve three terms as an Elder at the Memorial Presbyterian Church of Roosevelt, NY, Am a community volunteer to serve the poor in Brooklyn Awards and Credits: Named, Man of the year by Memorial Presbyterian Church of Roosevelt, NY. Recipient of many awards with the Baxter Healthcare Div. Honored as Father of the year by the County Executive of Nassau County, NY Ho ... read more
Latest book: Coping with Seperation and Divorce

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joel Robitaille
Joel Robitaille lives with his wife and two sons in the Penetanguishene, Ontario area. Much of his inspiration comes to him while he's walking the dogs. Besides writing, Joel is currently a case manager for a local SFILP. He attended Wilfrid Laurier and Ashland Theological Seminary with the intention of writing books that encourage people to bring mindfulness to their spiritual lives.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Trevor Ripley
Trevor Ripley - Biography Born, educated and still living in Rotherham (a small town 6 miles from the industrial city of Sheffield), I left school at 16 years old having received a relatively poor education. I tried my hand at carpet fitting, microbiology laboratory technician, school chemistry technician and limestone quarrying (where I attained an education to be proud of - an HND in Engineering). A weird interest in watching surgical procedures on TV led to my career as a nurse and my current vocation – Case Manager (senior nurse) at Rotherham Hospital. It was whilst juggling my nurse training with bringing up two young girls, I started my new hobby; creative writing. Now whilst pursuing a Masters degr ... read more
Latest book: Lily Lovebug and the Unconquered Planet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L.T. Ryan
Lee "L.T." Ryan writes exciting, fast-paced thrillers and deep, dark psychological horror stories. He majored in Journalism, but opted for the early mornings and late nights of the Culinary Arts. His training then landed him in the clandestine operations of Information Technology. But a nagging itch wouldn't let the desire to write and publish the stories that played out deep in his mind fade away. Despite a grueling work schedule, a full time business, a family, and a sweet, but psychologically unbalanced pit bull, L.T. found time to write and is fulfilling his destiny.
Latest book: When Dead in Greece (Jack Noble)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Holly Elizabeth
Holly Elizabeth is an award-winning journalist living in Italy, and has worked at the forefront of newspaper reporting for many years, covering the biggest hard-news stories from around the globe. The Amalfi Alliance is Holly’s debut suspense novel, and Book Two in The Amalfi Alliance series is set for e-book release very soon. Holly is an avid writer, reads everything she can get her hands on, adores travel, and sampling world cuisine. She is also very partial to her Nikon D90. “The Amalfi Alliance is a fast-paced contemporary women’s fiction, featuring suspense and romance at every turn, and all set against the magnificent backdrop of the Amalfi Coast, Capri Island and Naples in Italy.”
Latest book: The Amalfi Alliance (Book One)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Howard Music
I've been a motorcyclist all my adult life. Enjoy writing, and have had short stories, poems, cartoons, and illustrations published in many motorcycle publications. I also write music and perform in various places in Denton, Texas, which is well known for it's eclectic music scene. I currently ride a 2001 Harley Sportster, which is a blast to ride on Texas back roads.
Latest book: Slick and Torry and the Cat

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Professor Paradox
Professor Paradox is the stage name of Mike Rawlinson who accidentally became a children's theatre performer and children's entertainer in the 1980's. He's performed at arts festivals, events and theatres throughout the UK, and he’s entertained at more parties than he can count, and certainly more than he can remember. And he knows what children enjoy and what makes them laugh. He's also been a writer, and before that a Teacher of the Alexander Technique, a busker with a one-man-band, and before that a studio potter and art teacher, and before that a research scientist, and he also lived and worked on an organic farm as a co-member of an organic farming cooperative. He now works mainly in schools perform ... read more
Latest book: Ice Cream and Spiders - A Story about Learning Two Times Tables (Multiplication and Maths Games Stories for Children and Teachers - Book 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sharon E. Meyer
Sharon (Daniell) Meyer was born and raised on Long Island, NY where she competed in State, Northeast Regional and National roller skate dance, and won 138 trophies, medals. In her early teen years, Sharon became the youngest dance skater to receive the prestigeous Gold Medal for proficiency in roller skate dancing. After graduation from Sewanhaka High School, Sharon attended Brownes Business School, and pursued a career as a legal secretary. In 1977 she moved to Waco, Texas where she raised her two sons and began a full-time career in residential real estate sales. In 1986 Sharon was voted "REALTOR of the Year" by Waco Board of REALTORS, and became President of the Waco Board of REALTORS in 1989. In 1994 ... read more
Latest book: The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse by Grandma Sharon, The Four-Legged Rock

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer F Netto
Jennifer F Netto (born 1977) is a Malaysian Independent Writer. Her first book, 'An Oddly Helper', was written while expecting her youngest child in 2009, a bed time story she created for her two older children. She idealised illustrating the book herself and it materialised 3 years later. Soon after publishing An Oddly Helper, she wrote 3 more books entitled The Boy Who Lived In His Toy, Belle and Her Beautiful Birthdays and The Girl Who Sneezed A Plenty, all of which were illustrated and photographed herself. Jennifer ended her career as Medical Laboratory Technologist to be a full time home maker and at that time she pursued a degree in English. She is a blogger - 'Venusian On Earth' (www.venusianonearth.c ... read more
Latest book: An Oddly Helper

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Loreen Doherty
Loreen Doherty began dedicating her life to finding ultimate ways to live as naturally as possible when she and her husband started a family in 1990. Upon learning that since 1930 over 75,000 synthetic, toxic chemicals have been introduced into the environment, Loreen began to source information to help reduce unnecessary chemicals in the home. Another huge priority for Loreen was to reduce spending on household cleaners and personal products so that she could afford to stay home with her young children. Becoming extremely disheartened at the amount of incorrect information out there, Loreen began to research extensively, test and experiment, and glean out the natural tips and remedies that were effective an ... read more
Latest book: Time Saving Kitchen Tips

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Claudia van der Sluis
Als schrijver heb ik de afgelopen 21 jaar talloze boeken, verhalen en interviews gepubliceerd bij verschillende uitgevers. Mijn bekendste boek is Moderne Heksen. Door de verschuiving in de boekenwereld leg ik me momenteel toe op de Nieuwe Media en heb ik besloten mijn eigen werk voortaan uit te geven. Mocht je een boek toch graag in druk willen ontvangen en is het niet meer verkrijgbaar in de winkel, dan is dat uiteraard mogelijk. Op dit moment werk ik aan een (autobiografische) roman of over waar mijn hart mij heen voert. Op Smashwords kun je wat korte verhalen vinden die ik in het verleden heb geschreven, zowel voor volwassenen als voor kinderen. De boeken die al eerder in druk zijn verschenen hoop ik lat ... read more
Latest book: De Secretaresse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sonnie Chamberlain
My name is Sonnie Chamberlain I am a truck driver and the father of world renowned drummer Matt Chamberlain. I was born in a shack along side some railroad tracks in southeast Missouri.I spent eight years in Navy. In. the 60's. After Navy was a drummer with some bands in Calif. Started doing drugs and that lead to my involvement with the motorcycle gangs. Had a violent temper and that lead to many encounters with the police. I deserted my family and after many years I excepted Jesus Christ as my savior and my life turned around.I tried to reestablish myself with my son but the damage had been done. I have other children but only one son. It is sad but i guess time will take care of it.
Latest book: Surrender

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.J. Wynn
J.J. WYNN is often mistaken for a teenager, but she enjoys the camouflage that allows her to be a part of the secret society of today’s youth. Infiltrating their inner circle, she uses the research to write books that recaptures the innocence of those Sweet Dreams series she devoured in the 80s. She loves weaving stories about heart-thumping school crushes—with a splash of teenage angst—and the thrill of first kisses. J.J. prefers caffeine, K-Dramas, and online shopping to daily chores and writing deadlines…but this teen at heart still finds time to play. When J.J. isn’t writing YA, she morphs back into multi-published author Jax Cassidy. She writes contemporary and paranormal romances for adults and ... read more
Latest book: Unmasked

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rächal Monigatti
Rächal Monigatti was born in New Zealand and studied History, Literature and Linguistics at Waikato University. She has been writing as a hobby for seventeen years but "The Tin Tsaritsa" is her first published novel. Rächal currently teaches English at high school in Auckland, New Zealand.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rich Meyrick
Rich was born in Wales and got hooked on travelling at an early age. After an extended university career, which culminated in a PhD from Cambridge and a postdoc at the University of Waterloo (Canada), he took up a scientific post at an environmental research institute in Germany. During a return visit to Waterloo, Rich met his wife, Sue. Moving back to Canada, he began writing his Jaspa’s Journey children’s novels, the first of which – The Great Migration – was published in March 2009.
Latest book: Jaspa's Journey 3: Jaspa's Waterloo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John King
John F King is a freelance writer based in the UK. He has completed creative writing courses at York, Oxford, London, Arvon and Skyros.
Latest book: Wise Guy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tamara Thorne
California native Tamara Thorne began writing at the age of nine months but no one understood her literary approach. Later, she took up writing about life on other planets, especially Uranus. Then, in sixth grade, she found a copy of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House and the course was set. Her first novel was published in 1991, and since then she has written many more, including international bestsellers Haunted, Bad Things, Moonfall, and The Sorority. In addition to upcoming solo works, Tamara is combining forces with Alistair Cross on a number of projects and they are currently giggling and slaughtering their way down various paths - dark, twisted, and psycho - to bring you the finest in ghosts ... read more
Latest book: Haunted

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cherry Adair
New York Times bestselling author Cherry Adair’s innovative action-adventure novels have appeared on numerous bestsellers lists, won dozens of awards and garnered praise from reviewers and fans alike. With the creation of her kick butt counter terrorist group, T-FLAC, years before action adventure romances were popular. Cherry has carved a niche for herself with her sexy, sassy, fast-paced novels. She loves to hear from readers. Visit Cherry on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kenneth Kee
Medical doctor since 1972. Started Kee Clinic in 1974 at 15 Holland Dr #03-102, relocated to 36 Holland Dr #01-10 in 2009. Did my M.Sc (Health Management ) in 1991 and Ph.D (Healthcare Administration) in 1993. Dr Kenneth Kee is still working as a family doctor at the age of 65. However he has reduced his consultation hours to 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. He first started writing free blogs on medical conditions seen in the clinic in 2007 on His purpose in writing these simple guides was for the health education of his patients which is also his dissertation for his Ph.D (Healthcare Administration). He then wrote an autobiolographical account of his ... read more
Latest book: Intestinal Parasitic Diseases, A Simple Guide to These Conditions

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicholas Ahlhelm

Latest book: F.OR.C.E. 4: Cyber

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Erica Stevens
Though my name is not really Erica Stevens, it is a pen name that I chose in memory of two amazing friends lost too soon, I do live in Mass with my wonderful husband and our puppy Loki. I have a large and crazy family that I fit in well with. I am thankful every day for the love and laughter they have brought to my life. I have always loved to write and am an avid reader.
Latest book: Broken (The Captive Series Prequel)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Seth Ferranti
Seth Ferranti, federal prison register 18205-083, is the Gorilla Convict Writer. In 1993, after spending two years as a top-15 fugitive on the US Marshal's most wanted list, he was captured and sentenced to 304 months under the federal sentencing guidelines for an LSD Kingpin conviction and committed to the custody of the Attorney General. A first-time, non-violent offender, Ferranti has served 19 years of his 25-year mandatory minimum sentence. His case was widely covered by The Washington Post and Washington Times, and his story was profiled in the pages of Rolling Stone and Don Diva magazine. His current release date is November, 2015. During his incarceration Ferranti has worked to better himself by making ... read more
Latest book: Rayful Edmond: Washington DC's Most Notorious Drug Lord

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carla Coon
Carla Coon has been happily married to her husband Darrell for 25 years, living in Upstate New York and raising their eight children. They are new grandparents to three baby girls. Carla’s first novel, THE GLEN, was born of a synergy of two great passions: religious studies and the outdoors. Carla Coon's professional experience includes working as Editor of LifeWork’s Magazine for NYSRTLC, where she also contributed a monthly column. Carla wrote in-depth articles for the National Catholic Register, and was published in the New Oxford Review, Catholic Faith & Family, the Press & Sun-Bulletin and more. In other positions, she was a Program Coordinator for a non-profit groups and Director of Religious Educat ... read more
Latest book: Back to the Glen - Book II

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Achilleas Mavrellis
I have spent more than 20 years publishing extensively in science and the last five writing fiction. I am passionate about world literature, the arts and travel, because I believe the reality of the human experience is far more exciting than fantasy. I am on a mission to bring this splendor back into public awareness. I want people in the 21st century to know that Byzantium was full of hardy people as well as magnificence. That there were ordinary people who lived bravely in difficult but exciting times and who showed great endurance in the face of adversity, sometimes rising to the highest positions in society because they dared to, not just because they were born to them. Many know that the Byzantines may h ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Adams
I've always been thinking of stories for as long as I've been alive. I have way, way, way too many to tell and far too little time to tell them. I joined UFOP: Starbase 118, a Star Trek roleplay-by-emails group, in 2010 and it was there where I learned my craft. But despite being one of the more active writers in the group and simming to my heart's content, I still couldn't tell all the stories I wanted to. It was only in 2011 that I actually started shaping and weaving those random, jumbling, chaotic masses of thoughts into coherent narratives and began self-publishing. Writing's my full time job now. I write a little science fiction, a little fantasy, a little humour and comedy, and a few other things all o ... read more
Latest book: Lacuna: The Prelude to Eternity