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Latest book: Beginner 5K Running Program

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Growing up in situational poverty, violence was a fact of life for Marc MacYoung. Shootings, stabbings, robberies, beatings and gang violence were know as 'Saturday night.' In later years he engaged in professions where he was required to tell people 'no.' As in "No, you can't kidnap, rape and kill this woman." People who are prone to engage in these kinds of behaviors get upset when you tell them this. In the late '80s Marc began to write about what it takes to survive in violent and dangerous environments. His focus has always been those aspects that martial arts instructors don't teach and what advocates, lawyers and academics don't know. Specifically about how violence happens, how to avoid, de-escalate an ... read more

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PAS Intervention or Parental Alienation Support & Intervention is Federally Tax Exempt Charitable Organization approved accept tax deductible contributions under Sec. 501(c)(3) of the IRS. This charity was formed to help heal, deal and stop the snowball affect of Hostile Parenting and the psychological abuse that accompanies it. It is dedicated to victims and their families of Parental Alienation and it's syndrome. (PAS) What is PAS and HAP?  PAS is an insidious form of psychological abuse used during high conflict divorce. It is when one parent destroys the relationship between the children and their other parent or family using HAP or Hostile Aggressive Parenting. It harms the children permanently.
Latest book: Broken Family Bonds: Poems and Stories from Victims of Parental Alienation, 2nd Edition

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Mary Ann Loesch Bio Mary Ann Loesch is an award winning fiction writer from Texas. Her urban fantasy, Nephilim, was published in July 2011 by Lyrical Press Inc. She is also the author of Even This Shall Pass and the Bayou Myth Series which includes Bayou Myth and Bayou Scar. An avid blogger for All Things Writing (, Mary Ann has also contributed stories in the horror anthology, All Things Dark and Dastardly. While she loves dirty martinis and cuddling with her dachshund, she loves fan mail even more! Contact her through her website at
Latest book: Bayou Scar

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Heather Long
Heather Long lives in Texas with her family and their menagerie of animals. As a child, Heather skipped picture books and enjoyed the Harlequin romance novels by Penny Jordan and Nora Roberts that her grandmother read to her. Heather believes that laughter is as important to life as breathing and that the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are very real. In the meanwhile, she is hard at work on her next novel.
Latest book: Mischief, Mongrels and Mayhem

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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Faye Cross
My name, in full is, Faye Tempest Cross and yes I am a Vampire. I have lived so many years and no I am not going to reveal my age - a woman’s prerogative. I have been writing short stories and poetry for many a year but never sought to publish my works - however after speaking with my friend's and family, I came to realise I was missing out, so-to-say. And so my venture in self publishing began. As a Vampire its was obvious the type of books I should write about, which is noticeable in my first few books, however I always felt there was something missing and so I delved into different genre’s of books and also many book sites. I realised that fantasy and futuristic paranormal was my next step. Variet ... read more
Latest book: Essence Of A Dark Soul

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wayne Gill
A. Wayne Gill is the Managing Partner and CEO of Gill Law Firm, P.A., a law firm with offices in Delray Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and Atlanta Georgia. He obtained his B.A. Degree in English from Trinity College and his law degree from George Washington University. He is a sought-after speaker and author. His first book, “Tales My Grandma Told Me – a Business Diversity Fable,” has been referred to as the “Bible” of supplier diversity by many corporations and minority business enterprises nationwide. His latest release entitled “The Runner,” is a legal, edge-of-your-seats thriller. Inspired by his journey into the United States pursuing his legal career, combined by his faith as a minister ... read more
Latest book: The Runner

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Teacher in humanities in italian public schools. Writer of some philosophical texts, above all about the figure and thinking of Jordanus Brunus Nolanus, a domenican priest burnt at the stake in Rome in 1600.
Latest book: Against the Dictatorship of Capital. New Philosophical, Political and Educational Lines.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristina Stancil
Kristina Stancil is the owner of Thrillerz 13 Entertainment. She is a novelist, freelance journalist, and freelance editor. She was recently accepted into the Horror Writers Association. Her column, Supernatural Saturday Night focuses on horror movie and parahorror entertainment books.
Latest book: The Unknown

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Peter Harris
I am sometimes known (by those who approve of wizards) as The Wizard of Eutopia. I live in The Story Ark, an old army barracks on the main road of Kaiwaka, 'The Little Town of Lights' - blink and you miss it, only at night you can't because it has fairy lights everywhere. For twelve years I've been building, also on the main road (well, a little to one side of it), a sculptured ferrocement 'folly' called Café Eutopia. What is Eutopia and why should you care? Well, it's an organic café, a temple to Love Beauty Truth and Freedom, and a bookshop - not necessarily in that order. See photos. For lots more, taken by tourists from all over the world, just enter 'Cafe Eutopia' in Google images. The tourists love me; ... read more
Latest book: The 7 Colour Meditation - turn the pages and breathe in the colours!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Derek Beck
Coming soon...
Latest book: 1775 (chapter 1) (full)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jonathan Frost

Latest book: A Generation of Men

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Toni Kenyon
Toni Kenyon lives in Auckland with her husband-to-be (and their two dogs) her son (and his cat) - the goldfish is just squatting! She's a Registered Legal Executive by day and sings in a band by night. In her spare (yeah, right) time she hangs out with her imaginary friends. Toni loves to hear from readers. Pop on over and say 'Hi' any time, she loves company. When she's procrastinating, you'll find her on Facebook or visit her website at

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bruce Halison
Bruce Halison is a part-time writer, currently works at California as a teaching engineer. He is a story-bearer. In his point-of-view what made a story is the flow of the story and its details. It's definitely not how much irreverent details the author embellished his/her story. His style of writings can be described as clear and simple and "straightforward-to-the-point". The prose style is important in his writings but it doesn't necessarily be redundant and too "superfluous". Remember the motto of BRUCE HALISON: ********************************************** ********************************************** BRUCE HALISON - NOT 2 "R"s BUT 1 "L" ********************************************** ******************* ... read more
Latest book: Forbidden Dream

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dylan Cross
Dylan Cross is an independent author of erotica. His titles include Fair Trade, Road Trip and Left To Her Own Devices. Cross is a former Marine and software developer, and is the founder of the Erotic Authors Forum Facebook community. He can also be found online at

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roberto Carvallo Escobar
Nacido en México y con un gusto por viajar que lo ha llevado a estar lejos de su país por casi diez años. Su pasión por viajar es compartida con la Filosofía y la narrativa latinoamericana. Después de completar su doctorado en Filosofía (Epistemología), decidió incursionar en letras más ingeniosas para intentar lograr, desde su rincón del mundo, un muy humilde homenaje a los grandes como García Márquez, Cortázar, Saramago, Vargas Llosa, Octavio Paz y Fuentes.
Latest book: La rebelión de los pelones

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Graeme Ing
Graeme Ing engineers original fantasy worlds, both YA and adult, but hang around, and you’ll likely read tales of romance, sci-fi, paranormal, cyberpunk, steampunk or any blend of the above. Born in England in 1965, Graeme moved to San Diego, California in 1996 and lives there still. His career as a software engineer and development manager spans 30 years, mostly in the computer games industry. He is also an armchair mountaineer, astronomer, mapmaker, pilot and general geek. He and his wife, Tamara, share their house with more cats than he can count.
Latest book: Necromancer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tony Saylor
Currently, I am a student at Eastern Michigan University where I am studying Children's Literature and Theatre for the Young. I've been lucky enough to be able to author my own comic strip, "Bleeping Bacon Bits", in the college paper, "The Eastern Echo". I started writing quirky stories back in early elementary school, and I've continued to write them in various forms ever since. At one point I actually wanted to design video games, but then I learned the career I was pursuing was pretty much a living nightmare. Today I want nothing more than to write silly stories, make use of my strange imagination, and have fun with my friends.
Latest book: Viper Girl vs. The Poltergeist Pirate Opossum of Plundering Peril

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michelle Barbuto
Michelle Barbuto is, a Master Trainer/ Trainer Mentor for the T-Tapp method of fitness, and a Registered Nurse - specializing in Rehabilitational Fitness. Michelle enjoys being a Health Coach and helping others realize their goals in wellness and fitness. She is a domestic abuse survivor and is happy to be a single mom raising her 6 children.
Latest book: Bikini Body After 40

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jillian Smith
First Place Award for "Original Column" by the Illinois Press Association, 2011-12. 21 Schools is based on my daily journal and updates of five multi-racial foster children spanning 25 years. This book is written to assist in preparing people to become foster parents, to be a case study resource for the training or continuing education of professionals engaged in the foster parent system and to make the general public aware of the desperate situation of so many of our precious children. As the stories are told difficulties in the system will become evident. In addition to the account of six years of parenting the conclusion of the text contains a follow up twenty-five years later of the lives of these childre ... read more
Latest book: 21 Schools

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.D. Dewmer
T.D. Dewmer is a twenty year old writer of young adult fantasy and romance. He was creating characters at age five, building worlds at age six, and crafting stories at age seven, all within his mind and his stories have only evolved since. Dewmer attended school for the arts, where he studied creative writing and music. He also writes song lyrics and poetry in his spare time. Follow his blog at
Latest book: Dream Journal

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicki Ivey
Nicki Ivey lives in Eastern Pennsylvania. She has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming and currently is an integral part of the Marketing Department for a major real estate company. She is and has been an avid participant in National Novel Writing Month since 2003, has a strong writing voice, and enjoys writing novels and short stories as well as educational essays. You can read her personal blog at, where everything goes, and nothing is too trivial to write about. You may contact Nicki at, and she will probably reply on her favorite electronic toy, Pigeon Chaser.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Victoria Zigler
My name is Victoria, but most of my friends and family call me Tori. Feel free to do the same. Born in the shadow of the black mountains in Wales, I now live by the sea in the south-east of England with my husband, Kelly, a pair of rats named Skye and Star, a pair of gerbils named Bilbo and Baggins, and four Degus whose names are Jacob, Jasper, Jenks and Joshua. Having battled with glaucoma since birth, I now find myself completely blind. But I didn't let that stop me from chasing the dream I've had since I was a young child: the dream of being a published author. I've loved to read and write since I learned how, and always wanted to get my work published. Finally, in 2012, I made that dream come true by ... read more
Latest book: Rodent Rhymes And Pussycat Poems

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Janice Mann
Janice Mann is a multipreneur owning businesses that help promote healing and communication. She has been working with people for 35 years in helping professions. She is currently involved in private consulting and publishing. Transforming Fear and Anxiety into Power is her first book. Followed in a few months with Daily Affirmations for Spiritual Transformation. She is scheduling healing workshops, book signings and workshops accross the country. For more information contact her at
Latest book: Daily Affirmations for Spiritual Transformation for those in 12 Step Addiction Recovery

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Peter Boody
Peter Boody has been a newspaper editor working on eastern Long Island since the 1970s. He lives in Sag Harbor, NY with his wife Barbara. Most recently he published (as an ebook and Createspace paperback) the novel, "Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me," a realistic fantasy about Thomas Jefferson having to manage life in the 21st century He previously published "The Consequences of Longing," a novel about the mysteries of marriage and midlife, at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT, which offers the book through Barnes & Noble.
Latest book: Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lynx Wildwood
Lynx Wildwood is a Qabalist, Mystic and Magician. She is dedicated to raising awareness of religion/dogma free western Shamanism and Magic, and to helping people to work towards personal empowerment, spiritual transformation, and enlightenment. She runs courses on Qabalah, Tarot and Magic and works with people 1 -1 as a sacred psychotherapist.
Latest book: Lilith Rising

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patrick Hudson

Latest book: Panoptica

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melinda Lusmore
Melinda Lusmore lives in Brisbane, Australia but a passion for travel and a keen desire to explore the ‘back roads’ and tiny villages of France has taken her on a journey that few tourists experience. If you are considering a walking holiday in France, look out for her books in the series Ilovewalking France, visit her website or like Ilovewalking on Facebook for more photos.
Latest book: Ilovewalking France - The Burgundy Canal from Pouilly-en-Auxois to Saint-Jean de Losne

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roddy J Dryer
Roddy J Dryer is a professional truck driver as well as a prolific writer. He lives in Groveland, Florida. Make sure you check out his books available here at Smashwords. The Art of Roddyism is FREE! Sure, some find it wretched, but what do they know? Also, be sure to check out his website to discover more.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chema Mansilla
Chema Mansilla es licenciado en Bellas Artes. Ha trabajado como fotógrafo e ilustrador y actualmente lo hace como diseñador gráfico en la revista CINEMANÍA, donde también colabora escribiendo sobre cómics, literatura fantástica y de ciencia-ficción, y video-juegos. Colabora con diferentes blogs, además de ser el responsable del blog BAZINGA! en CINEMANIA.ES. Ha crecido rodeado de cómics y libros de aventuras, películas de John Carpenter o Sam Peckinpah y discos de los Rolling Stones. A pesar de haber terminado de crecer, sigue rodeado de libros, cómics y películas. En la actualidad le gustaría que el mundo fuera un lugar mejor para todos, y trabaja en su primera novela, que tal vez, sólo tal vez ... read more
Latest book: Occidente. ¿Una historia de Yáxtor Brandan?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Drake Vaughn
Drake Vaughn is the author of The Zombie Generation, along with many other pieces of dark fiction. His self-proclaimed "crinkled fiction" is a blend of horror, dark fantasy, and speculative fiction with a heavy psychological bent. His tales appear deceptively simple, but transform into a wild spree of suspense, madness, and trauma. He lives in Santa Monica, CA with his wife and a black cat named Shadow (who he is certain has come back from the dead on a number of occasions).
Latest book: Flatheads: A Crinkled Mind Novella

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Natalie Diroma
My passion is to guide people on the path of health and wealth from inside out. I believe that "Transformation" begins with you and the support of your coach and your loved ones.
Latest book: How To Get Wealthy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrea' Porter
Andrea’ Porter has eight years of experience in the business. She has written two novels, her work is featured in several magazines, and she has done interviews with well over a dozen of TV, and radio stations.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page vanessa gregg

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lois Wallace
Lois works her daytime job as a jeweler in Virginia Beach, VA. She writes in her spare time, sharing her experiences travelling as an exchange student and now as an adult. She enjoys long walks on the beach to contemplate plot points and develop characters.
Latest book: Sans Moutarde, An American Teen in Paris

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Annette Blair
A New York Times best selling author for Penguin Books, Annette Blair left her job as a Development Director and Journalism Advisor at a private New England prep school to become a full time writer. At forty books and counting, she added cozy mysteries and bewitching romantic comedies to her award-winning Historical Romances. She also stepped into the amazing world of self-publishing, and so far, she’s enjoying the ride. Contact her at: To find out when a new book is available, sign up for Annette’s mailing list at:
Latest book: Butterfly Garden - A Sensual Amish Historical

Follow me at my  Facebook Page LaToya Copher
I started writing this book after being incarcerated for over a year. Doing time gave me a window into my soul to find how I will define my life. My true spirit emerged, and ever since I have let my soul be my guide in. I always enjoyed writing. Expressing my thoughts and ideas on paper has been a hobby of mines for a long time. But before I was incarcerated, I never gave it much effort. Sitting in prison, having time to think, motivated me to pursue my writing dreams. My desire is to bring excitement to readers and I hope my love of writing can touch people’s lives in many ways. A Life of Greed is a novel meant to open people’s eyes about the root of all evil, MONEY. So many people will go to ext ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D.M. Cupp
D.M. Cupp was raised in Austin, Texas and grew up writing stories and bringing the characters in his head to paper. D.M. loves to read all types of novels, but his passion is romance. His goal is to create characters that are realistic and that readers can relate to, and keep the reader guessing as the characters take the reader on their story…hopefully leading to a happy ending. When D.M. isn’t writing he is spending time with his friends, family, and partner of three years and their two beautiful babies (a Chihuahua and a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix dubbed a ‘chiwinnie’).  
Latest book: Kiss Me at Midnight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page April D Miller
April Miller currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware with her husband, two beautiful daughters and two crazy dogs. When she gets a bit of free time, she loves to read and write. The Visions is her debut novel with plans of many more to come.
Latest book: The Visions

Follow me at my  Facebook Page frans tassigny
éditeur free-lance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cat Mann
Cat Mann is an Illinois author who writes teen and adult romance. She is happily married to a genius of a man and together they are raising two beautiful daughters. With her dog at her side, Cat obsessives over French music, witty films and lengthy novels. Cat’s books have been listed on numerous Amazon bestseller lists, including the Amazon Top 100, Literature & Fiction Fantasy Based Novels, as well as being a top contender in Mythology & Fairy Tales. To find out more about Cat’s projects and get dates on upcoming releases, find her on Facebook and follow her blog,
Latest book: A Promised Fate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Becky Carr
An avid reader slash amateur writer trying to put my name out into the writing ether however I can. I created a blog to put out ideas and brainstorming for my own work now expanding to tips, reviews, essays, poetry and fiction for other writers and readers trying, as I am, to find their path in the world
Latest book: The Ring

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nitya Prakash
Nitya Prakash is a versatile personality - a writer, a banker, a management expert, an investment consultant, software engineer, motivational speaker, media man, all rolled in one. He is the author of the much-hyped romantic novel 'Dear, I Hate You' and thriller fiction 'R.I.P. In the Name of Love'. He was born and brought up in the city of Nawabs - Lucknow, UP (India). He did his computer graduation from the University of Lucknow, Lucknow followed by an Executive Management Program from K.J.Somaiya Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai and also a Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Management from ICICI Manipal Academy, Bangalore. He is NSDL and AMFI certified, which enables him to work as an investment cons ... read more
Latest book: MAYA (Bhangarh Trilogy)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Louis Corsair
Louis Corsair is an eight year veteran of the United States Army. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles, CA and attends Long Beach State University. He also works at the Peninsula Center Library in Palos Verdes, where books have become his family. To him, writing is more than a hobby or a passion; it is the only way to exist—at times life itself.
Latest book: The Quantum of the Past: A Fantasy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth Moult
Elizabeth grew up in your typical Ontario, Canada city. She now lives in a small town in the north and writes novels and screenplays.
Latest book: Christmas at Home

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephen Dennis
S. J. Dennis The author makes his home in the Pacific Northwest and believes he does his best writing sequestered in a cabin on rural Whidbey Island. In his premier novel, Simone, the author draws on his knowledge of 20th Century history and his affection for members of the “greatest generation” to craft a story about the people he grew up with.; people who lived through the 1930’s, fought World War II in the 1940’s and raised the baby boomer generation in the 1950”s. “It seems so many books focus on dysfunctional people and families. I’m convinced there are actually some “functional” people out there and my characters reflect that. They are not flawless but their foibles are real and, somet ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alyssa Reyans
Alyssa Reyans is an American expat. Originally from the deep south, she converted to Islam in 1994 and moved overseas in 2005. She currently resides overseas with her husband and continues her daily battle with mental illness and the ghosts of her past.
Latest book: test

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Neil Arksey
As a screenwriter, head writer and producer Neil Arksey has been responsible for over 1000 episodes of TV drama. He has also recently produced the feature film Run To Ground. His novels are published by Penguin and Random House. The latest, Intelligent Life, is planned as the first part of a series. Neil is currently working on the sequel. For more information please go to
Latest book: Intelligent Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Juan Luis Vera
Juan Luis Vera Muñoz Plasencia (Cáceres), 1986. Arraigado en Pasarón de la Vera, un pequeño municipio cacereño, se licenció en Psicología por la Universidad de Salamanca en 2010, obteniendo también el título del Máster en Terapia Familiar y de Pareja impartido en dicha universidad. Actualmente, compagina su labor profesional como psicólogo con su gran pasión por la literatura y las artes en general. Juan Luis Vera Muñoz es un observador y admirador incansable de la complejidad de las relaciones humanas. En sus obras, el lector podrá descubrir situaciones y personajes con los que más de una vez se sentirá tentado de detener la lectura para realizar un inevitable ejercicio de introspección. "Vuel ... read more
Latest book: Vuelo de libélulas