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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Orlando Rivera
Orlando Rivera has 25 years of experience in leadership and management. He served in the capacity of Consultant for Training and Development in various businesses in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and as an entrepreneur, he was a partner in The Cambridge Mill Inc. in Ontario, Canada. Orlando has also developed various enterprises internationally in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America. As a bilingual speaker, Orlando focuses on the area of human potential and personal growth. He has trained individuals and organizations in ways to redesign and redefine their vision of what is achievable personally and professionally, through motivation, inspiration, spirituality and metaphysical concepts. His mes ... read more
Latest book: My Conversation With 50 Dollars

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Boerius (Wilhelm Pretorius)
Agtergrond oor Boerius Die digter Boerius, Wilhelm Pretorius, is op 20 Augustus 1977 in die SAVF kraaminrigting te Potgietersrus gebore as die jongste van drie seuns van dr. Lets en Minnie Pretorius. Hy was nie groot gebou nie, maar sy hele gesig was altyd die ene ondeunde glimlag . Later ʼn regte klein ondeund. Baie lief vir musiek, was Wilhelm altyd besig met een of ander instrument of om te sing. Hy was altyd betrokke by ʼn revue of het in een of ander koor gesing. Aan avontuurlustigheid het dit hom ook nooit ontbreek nie: òf hy organiseer ʼn oorlewingskamp òf reël vir hom en sy Pa ʼn oorlewingstaptoer teen die Waterberge, waar hy die waterbottel verloor en ons hulle amper met ʼn ambulans moes gaan haal ... read more
Latest book: Gietoffers van my siel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ryan Barlow
Ryan Barlow is an American author, ghostwriter, and college professor. Ryan has been writing since he could use a crayon. He wrote his first book at the age of 3. It was a 50 page spiral notebook titled "A Compilation in Repetition", using loops which resembled cursive ‘L’s or ‘O’s or ‘E’s and sometimes ‘I’s, but it must have been cryptic and profound writings from within his burgeoning, complex mind. Ryan spent his youth in Applegate Oregon, and his formative years in Glendora, California, before baffling his future self and all of his relatives by majoring in criminal justice. Afterwards, he moved to Reno, NV, where he lasted only a few years before ending up back in California. This time it ... read more
Latest book: I Almost Died in the Grand Canyon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Audra Easley
Audra has worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years. She started an online animation 7 years ago which now has a small following. This is her first novel.
Latest book: The Sheagan's Last Dance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth Delana Rosa
Elizabeth Delana Rosa has always been a writer and reader. When she first learned letter and words in Kindergarten, she wrote about pigs who “groo” wings and became “butterfys.” Elizabeth knew way back then that she would have a love affair with books. They have overtaken her life and have been a constant companions. Now over 20 years later, that love flows over into writing blogs, reviews, poetry and fantasy novels. Her blog recently broke the 3000 followers mark.
Latest book: Queen of the Loch

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joseph J. Madden
I have been writing since the age of twelve. Born and raised in Queens, NY, I now live in Wisconsin with my wife, 3 daughters, two dogs and a guinea pig. I basically write what I would want to read. I grow tired of scanning the science fiction/ fantasy bookshelves of the local booksellers and finding only vampire tales, or books based on the latest video game. I am a child of the 80's, therefore my influences may be viewed as "cheesy" by today's younger audience. Star Wars, Star Trek, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and the original Battlestar Galactica have all, in one way or another, influenced my own vision of the future. I'm guessing that those out there with a nostalgic attitude probably share my POV. ... read more
Latest book: Other Worlds: A Collection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Epic Silliness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maggie Le Page
Hi there. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand (aka QuakeZone) with my partner, two children, and a snooty cat who thinks we're all her slaves. My days are spent running around after kids or doing one of my 'real' jobs, so my writing generally happens in the dead of night. (Morning? Ha! I'm a third-generation night owl. Enough said.) I love chocolate, hate being cold, and am ever fascinated by the possibility of time travel. Obviously, my ideal experience would be to wake up on a tropical island eighty years into the future, with an endless supply of chocolate on hand. There's nothing I love more than a good chat (except perhaps a good chat and chocolate - see the theme here?). So don't be shy - get in touch! ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pam Sheppard Publishing
Each book comes out of the crises and challenges of a walk of refinement in the wilderness, the valleys and the firery furnaces as led by the Holy Ghost. With 3 professions in operation simultaneously---a licensed therapist, a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and an author of 7 non fiction Christian books--each book is a testament of God's leading and anointing upon a former atheist.
Latest book: TO CURSE THE ROOT

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cole J. Freeman
Cole J. Freeman never initially dreamed of being an author. Instead, Cole has been blessed with an over-active imagination and a love of research that naturally led to writing entertaining yet believable stories. Cole has worked many professions. These include work with manual labor, law enforcement, and even highly technical endeavors like computer networking and the space industry. This breadth of experience helps Cole to relate to the feelings of the everyday person while understanding how things work in a large scale. Cole applies this experience to his writing and believes writing should be sincere, honest, and believable.
Latest book: Finding Jupiter

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lana M. Wiggins
Lana M. Wiggins is the author of Root. Sprout. Blossom: Life Bag of A Flower-Child and Notes from Refuge (Lana Maht Wiggins: Plain View Press, 2008) which chronicles her life in New Orleans pre and post-Katrina through poetic narratives. Lana earned her M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Louisiana in 2001, and has been published in a wide variety of literary journals, such as The Deep South Writer's Conference Chapbook, The Southwestern Review, The Smoking Poet, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Moondance, Dance to Death, Words-Myth, Rose and Thorn, and Knock, among others. She was nominated for the 2009 Kate Tufts Discovery Award, and was a finalist for the Marsh Hawk Poetry Award in 20 ... read more
Latest book: Root. Sprout. Blossom: Life Bag of a Flower-Child

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tiago Malta
A guy supimpa. I am a poet Carioca (almost suburban redneck), I know DJing by Goro (from dried chickpeas I have no money and no fun), multi-instrumentalist (no talent to play any instrument, but a lot of effort plays a lot), formed Psychology (gestalt therapist), and the course of x-ray technician and percussion, but that comes alive as Environmental Manager and composing soundtracks for games.
Latest book: Trovas Egoístas e outras porcarias

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephen Pytak
Stephen Pytak is a novelist who writes thrillers about the dark side of human nature. He also enjoys bringing his characters to life through art, photos and film. As of February 2012, he has written and self-published three novels; written 3 songs related to his characters and produced them with three different musicians; and directed 5 films of varying lengths. When not writing fiction, he works as a reporter for a daily newspaper. He resides in Pennsylvania.
Latest book: Katerina Blues

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephen Hazlett
Stephen Hazlett was born and came of age in New Jersey. He served for three years in the Army Medical Corps, including a year in Vietnam, after which he began a long career as a computer professional in California’s Silicon Valley. He currently lives in New Mexico’s Land of Enchantment, where he is pursuing the craft of a writer of mainstream and mystery novels.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ton'e Brown
Ton'e Brown is an inspirational storyteller, novelist whose writing career started after facing a few life challenges and decided to journal her journey and discovered she had a voice in writing. A voice that not only encouraged but inspired. To her acclaim she has two published books, Shared Gratitude, Bullies Exposed, including a non-published memoir story book written to her mother called, My Momma A Daughters Love. She is director of SNAP Atlanta Writers Group and creator of The Authors Coach Plus, where she councils and encourage other authors to deploy their God-given writing talents
Latest book: Rough Patch Twisted Fate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Donna West
I live in Ireland with my husband of 8 years who encouraged me to pursue writing full time. I have always loved to write and read. My writing reflects my heart and soul …me. I have 4 children who are the light of my life and 5 beautiful grandchildren who are, of course,perfect. I had a step-son with a beautiful spirit named Kjell ( ‘shell’) who was called home in 2008. There are also Zara, Mollie and Dixie small dogs who rule the roost in our home. The new book is ready and published. It is the sequel to this one!
Latest book: Willing The Wind: The Story Continues

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tina K. Burton
I'm a writer of short stories, articles and novels. My first book, Chapters of Life, was released by Crooked Cat Publishing in August 2013. I'm currently working on the sequel to Chapters of Life, called 'Pieces of Cake' and also on a thriller that involves cloning but with a surprise twist. When I'm not writing, I like to read, go for long walks across the moors, spend time with my family and cook.
Latest book: Chapters of Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jac Visser
I was born in Namibia and grew up on a farm. I joined the Military after leaving school and became a career soldier. I later left the military and went into automotive engineering. I was interested in health, fitness and nutrition from an early age so that when I lost my job at age 55, I decided to learn more about my interest, and start doing something about it on the internet. This fits in nicely with my lifelong ambition to help people especially neglected children and the elderly in my part of Africa.
Latest book: How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Gremillion
Always writing, always improving, always growing.
Latest book: Star Wars: Hunted

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M.A. Wolf
I first started writing back in 2003 and published my first book in 2012. I write Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels please enjoy and thank you for reading.
Latest book: The Freedom

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marty Love
I was born, probably a lot longer ago than you, in Bremerton, Washington. Many of you probably already know that Washington is on the west coast of the United States. That would be on the left side of a map of the U.S.A, unless you were born in Antarctica, in which case you probably don't know much about using maps. Some of you may be asking, "Can anything good come out of Bremerton?" Well, I don't know. I hope so. I was raised in a waterfront home on Puget Sound. Now some of you may be thinking I was a rich kid. I wasn't poor, but was definitely not rich, at least if money has anything to do with being rich. My parents bought the place at what must have been a very good price, even back then, and my dad who w ... read more
Latest book: The Smell of Evil

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pat Mattaini Mestern
Pat Mattaini Mestern who calls Fergus, Ontario, Canada home has authored twelve books, her favourite genre being historical fiction. She also writes travel, lifestyle and local history columns for a variety of national and international publications. The titles of her fictional works include: "Anna, Child of the Poor House" "Rachael's Legacy" (the sequel to Anna) "Magdalena's Song" "No Choice but Freedom" "Granite" "Clara"
Latest book: Magdalena's Song

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nikki

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jarrod Godfrey
I am a thirtyone year old parent of two perfect kids. I have always wanted to write and have recently finished my first story. I plan on writing many more and hope people find them enjoyable.
Latest book: Monsters Hope

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Leslie Hodgson
Leslie Hodgson (pronounced with a silent “g”, Hod-son) currently resides in the Seattle, Washington area with her husband and three young daughters. Leslie has always had a fascination with the night sky and has lived with horses her entire life. Her nickname growing up was “barn girl” as she was never far from her horses. She started a business combining two of her three favorite things: kids and horses. Her other favorite thing is writing, and she hopes to share the magic of the night sky, animal companionship and endless possibilities with you!
Latest book: Shooting Stars

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Published by Toni Newman at Smashwords 2012
Transgender Author Toni Newman has published her memoir I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman available now on amazon, barnesandnobles, kindle, apple, ipad, blackberry, kindle and kobo. Toni Nemwan is 1985 graduate of Wake Forest University with BA degree and currently studying law to become an Attorney to represent minority transgenders who are constantly mistreated by the police. Chapter 7 in her Book I Rise (Heart of a Woman) has been turned into a Film to be Directed by Keith Holland and Producers are Jay Gira, Alton Demore and Shahid Manning. Head Writer is George P. Saunders and Casting Director is Dea Vise of Billy DaMota Casting. The Publicist to the Book and Film is Kayo Anderson of Oh Yeah Net ... read more
Latest book: The Erotic Professionals-The Transsexual Mistress Account

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Consuelo Roland
Consuelo Roland turned to writing after being hijacked by the ghost of an undertaker. It happened late on a mist-laden Saturday evening driving away from a Kalk Bay music venue where the legendary Steve Newman and Tony Cox had just performed with their accoustic guitars. The Good Cemetery Guide is now available as an e-Book. Her second novel, Lady Limbo, is a psycho-sexual mystery available in leading bookstores and major online book sites.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Su Sareen
I started yoga 30 years ago and have been teaching for over 20 years. My first teachers were Iyengar trained, then I was introduced to the beautiful, simple and powerful discoveries of Vanda Scaravelli (through John Stirk, with whom I am still studying). I’m a member of the Association of Independent Yoga Practitioners (AIYP). Whilst my own style of yoga keeps developing, some themes remain constant, like listening to and working with the body and paying total attention to what is actually happening while using the breath and gravity. I write a regular column for Yoga & Health magazine based on visualisations to help the practice of yoga and the visualisations are also in Spectrum, the magazine of the Brit ... read more
Latest book: See How Yoga Feels

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Channing Allen
Channing Allen was born in Decatur, Georgia, and grew up just outside of Atlanta. He began working on "Wells Without Water" in his second year at the University of Georgia, from which he went on to earn a bachelor's degree in English and a minor in Religious Studies. He moved to San Francisco in 2010, where he presently lives with his twin brother.
Latest book: Wells Without Water

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wes Loder
Michael Wescott Loder, born in Pennsylvania, has hiked, climbed and caved his way across the United States, been an Air Force officer, photographer, park naturalist--and an academic librarian for more than 30 years. "Wes" has worked in eight different states, but is now retired and lives next to the family farm in a passive-solar, off-grid house he designed himself. There he gardens, writes, plays the Highland Bagpipe and watches his grandchildren grow. Wes wrote his first childrens' story when he was seventeen, and over the last quarter century has completed 19 other stories. He published his first YA novel, "The Golden Horn," in 2007 and "The Nikon Camera in America, 1946-1953" in 2008. "Beetle: A Biography ... read more
Latest book: The Bootlegger

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wojciech Usarzewicz
Nathan teaches psychic and spiritual growth, with tutorials, ebooks and articles. He's also a Reiki practitioner.
Latest book: The Art of Seeing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Boylan
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Latest book: Ireland: Banana Republic

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shane Grey
Shane Grey isn't Stephen King. He isn't even James Patterson. In fact, he's neither of those guys. His stories are about troubled characters trying to find meaning in life! They use sex, drugs, music, booze, and sometimes murder as a way to feel connected to humanity. He used to drink too much, now he smokes the weed and is often going on tangents about TV shows or movies, he talks about his opinions far too much. Shane was raised on a steady diet of sugary cereal, teen tv dramas, Tarantino films, pop rocks, Ninja Turtle ice cream bars, comic books, horror films, and bad parenting. But he makes me laugh, to put it frankly, he ain't no goddamn son of a bitch. He is either a genius or completely insane. That's Sh ... read more
Latest book: Boxes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R J Samuel
Site: Email: Twitter: @R_J_Samuel Facebook: R J Samuel was born in Nigeria, to Indian parents from Kerala. She grew up in different parts of Nigeria with a brief stint in boarding school in the Nilgiri Hills in India and occasional summers in Kerala, London, and New York. In 1984, she moved to Ireland to complete her medical studies and vividly remembers the shock of arriving at Galway Train Station on an icy October night. Despite that traumatic first meeting, she fell in love with Galway and has remained there since, apart from a 3-year episode in the southwest of France. She is an Irish citizen and now considers herself almost Irish as w ... read more
Latest book: A Place Somewhere

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mabel Van Niekerk
Mabel van Niekerk's main passion in life is travel. She enjoys writing about her many travel experiences and documenting reference books to provide information to prospective tourists. She is also passionate about crafting and enjoys writing reference books about the various crafts she has mastered and enjoys. Mabel has now turned her hand to writing books for young children, as she recalls the stories she told her own children many years ago.
Latest book: An Unforgettable Vacation In Rio De Janeiro

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ronnie F Strong
Ronnie lives and loves in Reservoir, a northern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. Ronnie is a working parent with a partner and kids. Ronnie loves music, likes going to the football, reading widely and great movies and television series. Many of Ronnie’s interests and daily experiences are woven into the erotically-charged world of The Laundromat Inc. This is where Petra, the central character goes about realising her interests and wants. Petra lives and plays in locales where Ronnie travels, works and visits.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin Rennie
My name is Kevin Rennie I live in Niagara Falls Ontario. This Ebook was inspired from the experience I gained taking a product I invented to market. I did this all on my own without any partners or working with a company. Most people who have a great idea for a product, "the average Joe", do not know what steps to take to take a product to market. Having done this on my own I am able to teach others via this ebook, step by step from the startup to the retail placement in the market. The average Joe after reading the book will be able take thier product idea to production, learn distribution, sales, and marketing strategies. I am an average Joe inventor entrepreneur, this ones for all the average Joe's out there ... read more
Latest book: Product To Retail

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael McCombs
Michael P McCombs was an executive at the Gillette Company, and Procter & Gamble climbing to Vice President of Sales in his 26 year career. He was also an Executive Vice President of Sales at the Colibri Group and Vice President of Sales at Philips Electronics. Mike travelled on average 60% of the time as a Sales Executive. This required a strong discipline to “stay” in condition. He is now a Senior Partner at Trade Partners Consulting. Mike was a two time NCAA Division II National Champion swimmer, an avid Cat 4 bike racer and currently is an All American Triathlete and ranked #1 in the Nation for the Aquabike event for his age group.
Latest book: S.T.R.A.T.E.G.Y. Playbook for Executives to Stay Healthy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Buddha Zhen
Richard began studying Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Tai Chi in 1980. His record company, Shaolin Records, was staffed with interns who received free daily Gongfu and Taijiquan lessons. This earned him the Buddhist Kung Fu name in 1994 of Zhen Shen-Lang, "Spirit Wolf of Truth." Known mostly as Buddha Zhen, founder of Buddha Kung Fu, Shaolin Chi Mantis, and the nonprofit organization for troubled youth, Tai Chi Youth, Buddha Z has been inspiring, guiding, helping, and improving the lives of kids, teens, adults and seniors through his books, poetry, music, podcasts, and Kung Fu / Tai Chi classes. After being bitten by a black widow spider in 2001, Buddha Zhen began a slow recovery that took several years by slowly a ... read more
Latest book: Tao of Taoism - Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page The Hippy Coyote
During the 1980s while performing the rock opera, COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD, Richard Del Connor become nicknamed by the newspapers, and other performing rock bands such as The Cult and Michael J. Fox as, "The Coyote." "The Coyote" became the rock'n'roll name of Richard Connor until 2007 when he upgraded to "The Hippy Coyote" of American Zen, America's First Buddhist Rock Band™. From 1990 to 2008, Coyote performed and worked and recorded albums under several names including Rory G, Tom Calder, Steve Hixon, and as a recording engineer, Don DelaVega. Those album, book and movie credits can all be attributed to Richard Del Connor. In 2007, The Coyote has decided to simplify his life and only operate under only th ... read more
Latest book: Coyote In A Graveyard - The 1984 Screenplay

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Billy Garrett
Billy Garrett is a retired general contractor living in Bend, Oregon. He loves playing the guitar, fishing off the Oregon coast, writing and most of all playing with his five wonderful grandkids.
Latest book: Behind Sight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J Rocci
Since 2006, J. Rocci has published romance stories ranging from contemporary to steampunk to fantasy. A voracious reader from a young age, Rocci currently has a career in research and lives near Washington D.C. with the love of her life and their furry children. She often indulges the whims of her best friend -- and Muse -- when writing, and loves giving her characters happy endings.
Latest book: Crocodylus Acutus

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J Louis Frey
J Louis Frey has been an auto racing fan for over 40 years and continues to attend races. He collects racing books, magazines, and programs. Frey is married and has two children. He loves all types of racing from Sprint Cup to sprint cars!
Latest book: Field Hockey Primer for Parents

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sue Simonich
Born in Salt Lake City, Sue Simonich grew up exploring Utah. Her ancestors pioneered the state in 1847. Her writing is inspired by the majestic mountains and red rock country, where there is an ever changing palette of color and culture. She attended the University of Utah and earned a BA in Art History. An avid historian and student of horticulture, she is interested in a wide range subjects. Currently, she is working on several projects, both fiction and non-fiction and has published web sites, blogs and books on family history. She lives in the Great Northwest with her husband. NOTE: The latest copy of "Painted Skies" has a slightly updated title. "God's Painted Skies." Revisions uploaded in July o ... read more
Latest book: Painted Skies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Philippe Roy
Philippe Roy est un écrivain spécialisé dans les genres de la science-fiction et du fantastique. Depuis 1995, il a publié dans diverses revues littéraires, telles que Imagine…, Moebius et Solaris. Convaincu de l’avenir de la diffusion numérique des livres, il dirige la maison d’édition les Chemins Obscurs.
Latest book: Le Roi Soleil

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Susan Thornton
Susan Thornton is a television producer for an educational channel in Maryland. In addition to her production work, she also enjoys the art of writing fiction. She relishes getting lost in a book, dancing when no one is looking, digging in the earth, an impassioned political discussion, sports, movies, theatre, and most of all ~ her family.
Latest book: From Time To Time

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.D. Williams
Being born and raised in the beautiful though gloomy Pacific Northwest, her writing tends to reflect the mood of one who spent too much time daydreaming out rainy day windowsills. A.D. Williams began writing free verse poetry when I was twelve as an outlet for early onset teenage angst, wrote the first draft her first novel at age 15, but when it was stolen a year later, she lost her taste for writing. In 2005, Williams picked up the pen again and was reminded of the therapeutic value of putting words on paper. After finding the first few poems flowed out fairly smoothly, she set out to create something of a story that had been tugging at her for years. From there the first draft of Rain's Fairy Tale sat coll ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Theo Barkel
My love for science fiction started in the seventies, with series like Dr. Who, Space 1999 and Star Trek. But writers as Arthur Clarke and Larry Niven, together with the German SF series Perry Rhodan, really turned it into a serious addiction. I started writing for the Dutch SF, Fantasy and horror magazine SF-Terra in 1995 and became chief editor around 2005. In the same time I grounded Uitgeverij Macc (Macc Publishing) and released the first part of the horror series Shadajaël. At this moment we have not only the second part of this series, but also the first Dutch Perry Rhodan novel in a lot of years. Besides my work for SF-Terra I've been a jury member for the Dutch Wrting contest Unleash award for several ... read more
Latest book: Achter de horizon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jon Rieley-Goddard
Jon Rieley-Goddard lives and works in Buffalo, New York, with his wife, Cathy, and their three cats, Chica, Bella, and Slava. He is a writer, photographer, and minister. Before embracing the call of the Word, he was man of many words -- a copy editor on daily newspapers. The Mystery Man Murders is his first novel.
Latest book: The Mystery Man Murders

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Neil Sweetman
I am an Irishman with a mad passion for writing fiction that is mostly character driven, i like these characters to drive the reader into my own designs of madness. Some of my other passions include good metal and cheap beer.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Angela MacDonald
After struggling with dyslexia through grade school Angela began homeschooling in 8th grade. For an assignment for creative writing she learned a new love for words. Unhindered by the "rules" she started to write and never stopped. The trilogy of Princes and Priests she originally wrote as a single book when she was 16. That was followed by Emperors and Exiles as another book. However, the confines of binding costs demanded she break them down into trilogies. She decided to stay as true to story and the original style of writing as possible and set to edits. With the help of a few good friends and her mother the books have found new life. This series is just the first to emerge from boxes of notebooks ... read more
Latest book: Revelations