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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael McGowan
Hello, I am Michael. I am twenty one years old and live in Hull. I have always wanted to have a go at writing horror and see how it goes. I have finally taken my first step with the release of my first short horror story 'Therapy Kills!' I shall be releasing follow ups sooner rather than later. Any feedback given on any of my stories would be welcome as I wish to develop my skills as a writer and see where this road of publishing will lead to!
Latest book: Remembering Tomorrow

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lakshman Singh
Brigadier Lakshman Singh, VSM (Retd.) was commissioned as an officer of the Indian Army, post-Independence in June 1955 from the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehra Dun, India. The young officers of that vintage were still trying to come to terms with the lifestyle of the bygone era, a legacy left by the British Army. A technical graduate competing with ex-cadets of the National Defence Academy and ‘direct entry’ compatriots, he managed to overcome numerous obstacles faced during training and later in the service. He has led a chequered career including a long tenure with the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) while in service and later with the Research and Analysis Wing, India’s ext ... read more
Latest book: Smiles, Tears And Heartbreaks

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Maltz
Steve is a Jewish believer in Jesus and well known in UK Messianic circles because of the success of his trilogy, The Land of Many Names, The People of Many Names and Jesus, Man of Many Names, which seek to explain Israel, the Jews and Jesus from a Jewish perspective. His latest book, "The (other) F Word" is starting to make a real impact in the UK, on the back of TV and radio appearances as well as promotions through conferences and church meetings. He works as a freelance web consultant for prominent UK Christian radio and TV ministries, currently Premier Radio and He has also worked as a tour guide (Jewish East End of London), software house manager, a systems analyst, project manager, software ... read more
Latest book: The (other) F Word : Faith, the Last Taboo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lacey Kane
I do not write romance! Let me rephrase: there is nothing even remotely romantic about my stories. What you will find in the pages of my work is BDSM, smut, often consists of dubious consent, and is sometimes rather harsh. My stories have been compared to those of JJ Argus. This is a much closer comparison, by far, than romance. Do not purchase one of my books, hoping it will be even remotely romantic. You will be disappointed. You might be offended. Additionally, the BDSM found within my stories is of a fantasy nature. In other words, my characters do not conform to the BDSM community's edict of Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Please do not attempt any act described in one of my books without first consulting ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lafe Langford
Husband and father of 14, Lafe Langford is a farmer / Rancher from Mexico with a life of adventure and inspiration to share while he’s not growing 40 acres of pomegranates. His premiere book: Kids Who Tell It Like It Is will tickle your funny bone as children share completely random and unprompted points of view! Lafe shares his writing as a passion, which has inspired many. His strong beliefs, personality and perspectives on life come through in refreshing clarity.
Latest book: Kids Who Tell It Like It Is

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephen Chiarelli
Steve Chiarelli (b. 1962) was born to a Scottish mother and first generation Canadian in North Bay, Ontario, Canada and grew up in Kitchener, Ontario. His first book, The Connected, was published in 2008. Currently he resides in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario.
Latest book: The Underpass - A Short Christmas Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bianca Sloane
Bianca Sloane is the author of the suspense novels, "Live and Let Die," chosen as "Thriller of the Month" (May 2013) by and "Sweet Little Lies." When she's not writing, she's watching Bravo TV, Investigation Discovery, reading or cooking. Sloane resides in Chicago.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jan J.B. Kuipers
JAN J.B. KUIPERS (Zaamslag 1953) is een ‘multi-genreauteur’. Hij publiceerde tegen de zestig (papieren) boeken en honderden bijdragen op het gebied van geschiedenis, archeologie, letteren, SF & fantasy, thrillers en jeugdliteratuur. In 2005/2006 was hij stadsdichter van Middelburg. Prijzen: King Kong Award (1983 [met Gert P. Kuipers] en 1987), Millennium Award (1997), Zeeuwse Boekenprijs (2005), Gorcumse Literatuurprijs 2004-2005. Essays, artikelen, verhalen en poëzie verschenen o.a. in Hollands Maandblad, Optima, Spiegel Historiael, De Tweede Ronde, Traditie, Archeologie Magazine; een aantal verhalen in buitenlandse tijdschriften en bloemlezingen. Als dichter was hij een van de eerste beoefenaars van de ... read more
Latest book: Het meisje van het Grote Hert

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeannie van Rompaey
Jeannie van Rompaey MA in Modern Literature, the University of Leicester, writes short stories, novels, plays and poems. Many of her short stories and poems have won competitions and her plays have been presented on the London fringe and in drama festivals. Originally from England, she now lives in Gran Canaria with historian husband, Tony, and they are both artists. Her daughter, Anieka Russell, is a hair and makeup artist for film and theatre based in London.
Latest book: Three-headed

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Karen S. Bell
Walking with Elephants was Karen Bell’s first novel, although she is not new to writing. After earning a graduate degree in mass communication she spent 15 years as an editor and writer of business materials. She says, “Inspiration for this novel came from my direct contact with the joys of Corporate America and the balancing act that comes with being a working mother.” With her second novel, Sunspots, she continues to be in awe of the magical and wondrous phenomenon called life. As an observer and obvious participant in feminine values and approach to our human challenges, she brings this perspective to her work. Fascinated by the mysteries of the unseen forces that perhaps play a role in guiding our c ... read more
Latest book: Sunspots

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Inma B.M.
The author was born on the 13th October 1977 in Barcelona, an Olympic city in Europe. She is studying Computer Engineering in Barcelona University. She currently lives and works in Barcelona. She burst into the book world in 2011 with Join me in blood, and she is writing the next book that continues the saga. As a creative person, she loves writing fantasy stories about vampires and magic...
Latest book: Join me in blood

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Spicy And Juicy
I just love making sex! And in the last few months I've discovered a new passion of mine, which is writing! I have a very creative mind and if we tie that up with the thing that I love sex then some nastyness is going to happen... All the nastyness is expressed in my books and in some of them there will be deep feelings too.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tommy S. W. Wong
Dr. Wong is the author of the book series "Wisdom on How to Live Life". He is also a civil engineer by training, and is a world-renowned hydrologist. Having lived a worldly life, he now lives spiritually in the midst of modern Singapore. Nowadays, he serves the world as a freelance engineering and personal growth consultant. He is also an editor and has authored books of four different genres: engineering, philosophy, self-help and spirituality.
Latest book: Wisdom for Living After Being Fired: How to Live Spiritually with Unemployment

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lance Leuven
Lance was aged only four when he was first bitten by the travelling bug. His older brother snuck him out the house late one night with a promise to explore 'the woods'. Sadly, they were discovered by a dog-walking neighbour before reaching their destination and returned to their angry parents. But it was too late; his sense of adventure had been ignited. Despite having visited many exotic places since Lance has never forgotten the tempting allure of what can be found 'just down the road'. On little more than a whim he spent the summer of 2010 travelling the length and breadth of the UK. Captivated by the wonders the UK has to offer he has continued to mix his travelling abroad with trips closer to home. Along ... read more
Latest book: Lance's Travels - UK

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tom Osborn
Hello world, I love to write, write and write. i am sixteen year old and I LOOK FORWARD TO A GREAT WRITING CAREER
Latest book: The Warlord Chronicles

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Naley Gonzalez
Naley Gonzalez is 20 years old and lives in Hartford, CT with her husband. She is artistic and an extrovert. She hopes to own a cat someday, but in the meantime spends her days writing and reading novels.
Latest book: Daisies On Graves

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K M Mittan
Raised on Nephi Moulton's ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, award-winning author k m mittan has first-hand knowledge of the area and the people who come to life in this biographical novel. A retired business owner and educator, she now lives in southern Idaho with her husband and a houseful of very independent cats.
Latest book: I, Nephi...

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Auburn Seal
Auburn Seal is a two-time National Novel Writing Month Winner and enjoys writing historical fiction and contemporary short stories. She went to Arizona State University (go Sun Devils!) and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three children. Her short story, The Strong One, is her Auburn's first self-published work.
Latest book: The Strong One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Asa-Mari Thompson
Asa-Mari Thompson is a second year, Pre-Law Philosophy student at Adelphi University, Garden City NY.
Latest book: The Princess And Her Blanket

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jason Derr
JASON DERR is originally from Richmond Va. But he has also lived in Florida where he got a degree in Film and Video Production and Spokane, Wa where he studied Creative Writing at Eastern Washington University. He received his MA in Theological Studies from the Vancouver School of Theology. His previous book, an ‘academic beat poem’ called Towards A Theopoetic Of The Cross was published by the Progressive Christian Alliance Press. He lives in Portland, Or with his wife the fiber artist Erin Derr (
Latest book: The Boston 395

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kolby London
Kolby has been writing all his life, but the Ancient Ones series is his first foray into serious writing. He plans to write more science fiction, as well as venturing into other forms of writing.
Latest book: Shane's Redemption

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dr. Stan DeKoven
Stan E. DeKoven, Ph.D., M.F.T is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist. San Diego, California, and a certified School Psychologist. Dr. DeKoven received his Bachelors degree in Psychology from San Diego State University, his Masters in Counseling from Webster University, and his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the Professional School of Psychological Studies. He has also completed a Bachelors and Masters in Theology, and his Doctorate in Ministry from Evangelical Theological Seminary. He is Founder and President of Vision International University: College and Graduate School Vision International Education Network 1115 D Street Ramona, CA 92065
Latest book: Marriage and Family Life a Christian Perspective

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Sheridan
Born in San Mateo, California, as the youngest of six children, Larry Sheridan occupied himself early in life by constructing stories through his imagination. In his 20’s he moved to New York City where he lived in Hell’s Kitchen (prior to the re-gentrification of the area in the 1990’s). While living there he gained much insight into the society of the underworld. During his Hell’s Kitchen years Sheridan travelled the world tracking and helping capture diamond smugglers. Though this is Sheridan’s first novel delving into a world filled with thrilling conspiracies, his experiences and inherent ability to capture and hold one’s imagination make this novel one you will not want to put down. Present ... read more
Latest book: A Work in Progress

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Russell Bradley, Nicolas Bradley
The Last Empire was co-authored by a father and son. This type of joint authorship, one of the rarest in world literature, has in this case proven immensely successful, allowing the authors to incorporate the perspectives of two generations on the described events. As a result, the story of a father’s return to his native country to help his son whose life is in danger has taken an unusually vivid and dynamic form. Having lived in Russia for a long time, the place where a significant part of the novel is set, the authors present the readers with the real face of a country overgrown with countless myths. As a result, The Last Empire, albeit a work of art, contains a candid account of events that occurred in t ... read more
Latest book: The Last Empire

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alice Gaines
Alice writes at the border of romance and erotica, in contemporary romance, historical romance, and paranormal romance. She lives in Oakland, California in a fixer-upper she never fixed up. When not writing, she busies herself with cooking, her garden, and playing with her cats and pet snake (not all at once!).

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Chitty
David Chitty was born in a seaside town in South East England. He grew up as all others do except that he had an affinity for stories. He didn't enjoy reading them and often found them boring. As time went on, David wrote more and more until a teacher destroyed his confidence in his writing by bashing his stories. For years he didn't touch a story other than for school work and when he eventually did try and pick up the metaphorical pen again he couldn't get the words out. Finding himself unemployed and stuck at home all day David Chitty decided to try to write a book. Eventually it was finished and an old love had been rekindled. After much work and much trepidation, David published his first real attempt at l ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ron Celano
Now retired from a major American auto company, Ron Celano has gone on to be a successful artist and writer. He has written several instruction books. They include subjects such as guitar instruction, colored pencil art, golf instruction and was one of the first to develop software for golf club and grip fitting (including manuals). His books are based on his hobbies and interests over a lifetime of learning. He is often quoted as saying "Learn about it, write about it, publish it."
Latest book: Henrietta's Journal

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack Bray
A former seminarian studying for the New York Archdiocesan priesthood in the '50s, I spent a career in broadcast television sales, followed in retirement as teacher, publisher, lay minister and for the last 20 years, free lance writer. Feeling the need to respond to criticism of Catholicism, I began writing letters to the editor that led to my column writing and web postings. They led to my first book "When My Catholic Buttons Were Pushed" Currently, living in Cullman,Alabama,my first novel "The Good Sheep" celebrating celibacy in the priesthood was followed by the sequel, a novella, "Immortal Enemy",that deals with the devil and temptation. I have just finished writing "Grove House" a novel about a r ... read more
Latest book: The Good Sheep

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Diathe Garnes
Diathe Garnes enjoys writing books that focus on uplifting others and encouraging them to live the best lives possible while seeking acceptance of self, others and God’s love.
Latest book: 30 Days in the Life of a Christian Woman

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeremy Perry
Jeremy Perry (born Jan. 21, 1977) is an American short story writer. He is the author of the frontier series Brothers of the Mountain and the contemporary short story collection Under the Willow Tree and Other Stories. He makes his home in southern Indiana.
Latest book: The Good Neighbor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rodolfo Leitón
I live in San José, Costa Rica, and like reading biographies, old science fiction and short novels. Also enjoy saltwater fly fishing and the great challenge of trying to train our indomitable Jack Russell Terrier, Benito. I work on the consumer goods industry, and write during nights and weekends. "I Took Panama: The Story of Philippe Bunau-Varilla" is my first novel, and it was translated into English by Nikki Settelmeyer.
Latest book: I Took Panama: The Story of Philippe Bunau-Varilla

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sandra Becerril
Realizadora de cine, guionista y novelista mexicana. México. 1980 Dirección de Fotografía en el Centro de Excelencia Educacional (1999-2002). Estudios de Fotoperiodismo en la Escuela Activa de Fotografía. Módulos Literarios I y II y Teoría y práctica del cuento I y II (SOGEM). Literatura fantástica y ciencia ficción en la Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana. Taller de cuento con el escritor Marcial Fernández. Creación Literaria en la Sociedad General de Escritores de México (SOGEM), Novela en la Universidad Iberoamericana, Perfeccionamiento del guión a través de la dirección cinematográfica (con Marcela Violante) en Cine Directores de IMCINE. Perfeccionamiento del guión con Gerardo Lara y T ... read more
Latest book: El nombre de las nubes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T. M. Carper
I'm the author of several thrillers featuring the employees of J. Carter & Associates, a firm that specializes in everything outside the law. Among those at J. Carter are a profiler, a con artist, an ex-FBI agent, computer hackers, and accomplished killers. STEAL YOU AWAY is my first standalone romantic suspense novel. It loosely ties into the J. Carter & Associates series.
Latest book: Breaking Point: A J. Carter & Associates Novel FREE PREVIEW EDITION

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hank Chapot
Hank Chapot is a San Francisco native living in Oakland. He is a gardener at U.C. Berkeley and an historian.
Latest book: The 1937 San Francisco Police Graft Report by Edwin Atherton

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joseph B. George
I was born in Ithaca, New York, and I was raised in New Bern, North Carolina. I graduated from high school in 1989, and joined the U.S. Army as an M-1 Tanker 2 months later. I fought in the Gulf War as an M-1 Tanker in the legendary 1st Infantry Division, also known as the Big Red One. We were awarded the Valorous Unit Award for extraordinary heroism in war. I graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree. The chair of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Dr. Sarah V. Kirk inspired me to write a book about the war, and my experiences. I wrote the book in the summer of 2003. I chose social work because I wanted to help other vetera ... read more
Latest book: Desert Storm: Dreadnought

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brenda Guiled
Brenda Guiled (rhymes with `wild`) is the author of non-fiction and fiction works for adults and children, published as books, curriculum materials, in newspapers, and more. As an illustrator, she works in watercolours and digitally. She studies and teaches kara-te, the life art of open/empty hand. She is married to Don Gillespie, has two grown children, and lives on Salt Spring Island.
Latest book: Winter of the Shifting Stars: Children's Story of a Lakota-Sioux Family, 1833

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Becky Black
Writer of science fiction and romance. I'm a published author of m/m romance with Loose Id, JMS Books and soon, Dreamspinner Press.
Latest book: The Battle of Hollow Jimmy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lesa Stember
Lesa Kelley Stember received a law degree from Emory University and practiced as a civil trial attorney for several years. She is now a full-time writer and mom and lives in Lititz, Pennsylvania, with her husband and two children.
Latest book: The Beauty of Grace

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Karen Cino
Karen is an author, poet and former journalist. "Life as a writer is fun, adventurous and can also be quite rewarding". Her years of being a freelance journalist at The Staten Island Register were some of her best. The afternoon, she received her newspaper and saw her article on the front page...well let's just say that the whole neighborhood herd her yelling in the middle of the street. I've been writing since I'm fourteen years old. I started my career by writing poetry, short stories and writing articles for the high school newspaper. After reading Jackie Collin's Lovers and Gamblers and Jacqueline Susann's, Valley of The Dolls, I knew I found my niche. I wanted to write women's fiction. I wrote my firs ... read more
Latest book: Reflections A Collection of Love Poems

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adrien Leduc
Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Adrien Leduc makes his home in Victoria, British Columbia. A graduate of Carleton University (BA '10), Adrien is an avid fan of Canadian history and hopes to write many more books in his lifetime.
Latest book: The Dumnonian Hoard: Rosenberg Twins Adventure #1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mormon Mommy Writers
We are a group blog made up of writers most of whom are also Mormon, and/or mommies.
Latest book: Choose to Write

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Delmus Phelps
A big HELLO! Welcome to my Smashwords page. My name is Delmus Phelps and having been an artist for over 35 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn a few tricks of the trade, and some great oil painting tips, lessons and techniques that will help you in this wonderful medium! Oh, and that picture there on your left, that's a self portrait on an 8" x 10" canvas, not a photo! It doesn't matter your age, your income, your ability, YOU CAN LEARN to master this medium! You will simply be amazed at what you can do using the techniques I show you in my books. Stick with me for a few minutes, and view some of the titles as I take you step by step with oil painting techniques that will get you there!
Latest book: A Real Art Lesson

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matthew Wildasin
I am very new at writing but I have a passion for the art, and I would hope that you could see that in my works. As I bloom into a more seasoned writer, I would love it if you would follow me on my journey. I am happily married to the love of my life Jamie Wildasin, I have a Jack Russel Terrier named The Cheat, and a cat named Mr. Meowgi. We all live happily in York, Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna River. I hope you enjoy my stories and thank you for inquiring!
Latest book: The Demon In The Glass

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gerard J. Nijhuis
Gerard J. Nijhuis was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to the United States in the summer of 1999. He has been an avid traveler between worlds.
Latest book: From Worlds Between (They Honored the Deer Trilogy)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Jackson
I was born in Sydney Australia in 1965. I moved to Michigan USA in 2001. I have two wonderfull children,and one grandchild who all still reside in Sydney. I began writing the Terran Chronicles Saga in 2010. For a detailed bio please visit
Latest book: Emma's Legacy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tralisa McNeal
I am a new and aspiring author from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a graduate of Indiana University. I write stories from my heart. I originally started writing as a way to manage life's daily challenges. I share experiences with the protagonist in my story Love Me Sane so often times these events were written from a first hand perspective. The reason this is a fiction book instead of non fiction is because not all of our experiences are exactly the same.
Latest book: Auntie Don't Leave Without Saying Goodbye

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kerry Jeffrey
Artist, poet, and comedian. I started to write a book at seventeen. This being it, it has been a long journey but a decent one at best. As a child, I was obscure in my relationships with friends and family which led to a form of depression in my teenage years. This is when a book and hopefully a great expression of who I am now and where I came from started to take place.
Latest book: Better Days

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sam Gething-Lewis
Sam Gething-Lewis is a professional treasure hunt designer. He has been creating puzzles and games since childhood, and as an occupation since 2000. Born in Hereford, United Kingdom, Sam was noted in his school report as frequently “day dreaming”, an attribute that he has adapted to further his career. He now is the owner of Treasure Hunt Design and consults on projects around the world and on British television shows such as Channel 4's Country House Rescue. At this moment he is gazing into the mid-distance somewhere and claiming that he is working.
Latest book: How To Make Your Own Simple Treasure Hunt

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M.J. Pullen
M.J. (Manda) Pullen grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Writing has always been a big part of her life, both professionally and personally. She studied English Literature and Business at the University of Georgia in Athens, and later Professional Counseling at Georgia State University in Atlanta. She practiced psychotherapy for five years before taking a sabbatical to spend more time writing and raising her brood. Since high school, she has also been an executive assistant, cashier, telemarketer, professional fundraiser, marketing guru, magazine writer, grant-writer, waitress, box-packer, HR person, and casual drifter. M.J. loves creating true-to-life characters who are flawed, relatable, and most impo ... read more