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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amy Browne
Amy Browne was raised in the rolling hills of Athens, Pennsylvania. She began writing creative fiction in her teenage years, filling notebooks with stories of romance; adventure with a bit of horror tossed in. Ms. Browne is the mom of three children Amber, Alexander, and Timothy who continue to inspire and support her endeavors. In 2007, she began non-fiction writing for various online magazines, newspapers and websites. Her first published fiction story appeared in “Consequences” a short story anthology published in 2010, by the Circle 8 Writers group.
Latest book: Paisley of the Eternals Short Story Collection

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.R. Wise
I am a podcaster, movie and music lover, owner of the Talkingship website, and long time secret writer. I decided to sit down and force myself to finally put together a story and get it into people's hands. That happened with the release of my first novella, Deadlocked, on November 9th, 2011. For updates on my writing, news about upcoming projects, and to see a ludicrous amount of other fantastic things, head over to
Latest book: Deadlocked 8

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C. Nzingha Smith
C. Nzingha Smith is an author, publisher and entrepreneur. Her debut title, “Lust-Have Recipes, Aphrodisiac Cookbook: IN-Gredients for Stimulation”, features aphrodisiac recipes, poetry and imagery. Smith is also the Founder/Principal Writer at SNC2 INK, The Business of Writing, a written communications agency. SNC2 INK provides writing, editing and brand communication consulting solutions for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. C. Nzingha’s writes articles on relationships, pop culture, fashion and lifestyle topics for a variety of online and print publications. An avid traveler and foodie, C. Nzingha is currently preparing to release her second title, "In Love All By Myself" (Summer 2012). Sm ... read more
Latest book: Table for Two

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrew Daws
Andrew is the author of several novels, including 'Powerlines', 'Young Lions', and 'The Marble Boy'. He is also the author of a short story collection called 'August Blue'. In preparation, is another novel in the Powerlines series, focussing on the power of secrets and lies, and a new novel in which, to atone perhaps for his involvement in a a terrible death, a man returns to the memory and enthusiasm he once had for a retreat, over several months, in a small religious community in the Middle East. Andrew was born in Bury St Edmunds, England in 1962. After studying architecture in London and Glasgow, he has been a practicing and highly successful architect, working in London for several years. His buildings, d ... read more
Latest book: Voyages: A Novella

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Enridge Zera
Laura Zera is a freelance writer who has lived and worked in Cameroon, Canada, South Africa and the United States. She is a contributor to GoodFood World and is currently working on her second book, a memoir about being raised by a schizophrenic mother. Laura’s first book (written as Laura Enridge), 2004’s Tro-tros and Potholes, chronicles her solo adventures through five countries in West Africa. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Laura now lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and four-legged children.
Latest book: Tro-tros and Potholes, West Africa: Solo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shelley Lieber
Shelley Lieber is an author with a split personality. As The Wordy Woman, publishing consultant, she wrote "4Ps to Publishing Success" and "Publishing Made Easy & Profitable." Her wilder side writes erotic fiction under the pen name Elyse Grant. "The Prince Charming Hoax" is her debut novel. A third personality common to both Shelley and Elyse is Vegan Novelist, who blogs about vegan food and lifestyle. Shelley is what native North Carolinians call a “halfback.” Originally from New York, she moved to Florida, then to North Carolina. Shelley now lives in Asheville, NC, with her husband, who is remarkably patient and skillful at adjusting to her personality switches. If you're interested in knowing mor ... read more
Latest book: 4Ps to Publishing Success: Get Your Manuscript Off Your Desk & Into Print

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stewart Blair
Stewart is a full time writer and author, lives in Toluca Lake California and has masters' degrees in international economics and military history
Latest book: Winter at Monte Cassino

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Karen Cacciattolo
Karen was born on the island of Malta and used to write songs and poems throughout her childhood years. She wrote her first short story in her native language when she was twelve. Following a lot of requests from her friends, who loved reading her stories, she continued to write throughout her teenage years. Her inspirations came from real life experiences. Karen later decided to translate them into English and these are now being edited and published as Ebooks. Watch out for plenty more short stories to come!
Latest book: Hephzibah's Destiny (Short Story)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ryan M. Danks
Ryan Danks grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, hoping to become a comic book writer. After struggling against the closed doors of the comic book industry, he ventured into fiction writing and encountered a similar problem when he tried to get published. Since that time, Ryan has stopped asking others for permission to work. He self-publishes his fictional stories and martial arts texts and can be found musing about at
Latest book: Bushido

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Antonio Grasso
Antonio Grasso, a writer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin began writing at an early age where he enjoyed writing poetry and short stories. The Valley of Candles is his first novel. His writing is strongly based on things most of never see but are all terrified of and at some point wonder about. His other books include a six-volume set of poetry titled Deep Down written throughout his teens and early twenties. He has three boys and is an avid baseball fan of his hometown Milwaukee Brewers. Besides writing he also reads anything he can get his hands on and strongly believes that if you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time to write. He is currently working on his next book, Hayfield Manor.
Latest book: Fallen: Books 1 and 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Leo Biga
The die was cast when I developed a precocious command of fancy words at a fairly young age. That's when I also became a moderate reader, mostly of Marvel comic books, World Book Encyclopedia, Sports Illustrated, Life Magazine, and my older brothers' English Lit books. Praise from teachers for my fledgling attempts at essays and short fiction encouraged me to try more. A high school journalism teacher recruited me to write for the school paper. I majored in "J" at UNO, writing a bit for The Gateway, but getting most of my practical experience writing promotional copy for the campus film program I ran. Out of college my most valuable training ground came as public relations director at the Joslyn Art Museum. D ... read more
Latest book: Open Wide: Dr. Mark Manhart's Journey in Dentistry, Theatre, Education, Family, and Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ruth Carmichael Ellinger
RUTH CARMICHAEL ELLINGER was born and raised in the Ohio Valley, setting for her historical and inspirational trilogy, The Wild Rose of Lancaster, Wild Rose of Promise, and Sword of the Wild Rose. Ruth is twice recipient of American Christian Writers, “Writer of the Year” and 2010 Brandon Arts Council Award, “Artist of the Year” for Excellence in the Arts. She has received numerous writing awards for both fiction and nonfiction. The author’s unique ministry experiences have taken her and her family from deserts of Arizona to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, to the tropical banana plantations of Central America. She writes about her experiences in her blog, The Shepherdess. Ruth and her hu ... read more
Latest book: On A Snowy Christmas Eve: A Much-Loved Story.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Hart
Born in Birmingham UK in 1962, I almost immediately developed into a hyperactive demon. My mother taught me to read when I was about four; I assume to try and distract me from drawing on the walls. She placed a bookcase outside my bedroom door and I was instructed to read when I awoke before dawn. By the time I was eight I’d enjoyed all the children’s classics from Janet and John to Robinson Crusoe. My mother had made the connection between food colouring and hyperactivity by then, but my voracious appetite for books would never be subdued. By twelve I’d graduated to Lewis, Tolkein and Orwell, amongst many others and my imagination swelled under master tutelage. But my absolute beloved was Mr.Carrol’s ... read more
Latest book: The Toy Sorcerer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer Clare
Jennifer Clare is a smoking cessation expert, a writer, trainer, hypnotherapist and author of Stub Out The Habit - Quit Smoking Without Cravings or Regrets - available at
Latest book: Stub Out The Habit - Quit Smoking Without Cravings Or Regrets

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Joyner
Michael Joyner is a Native American of mixed Cherokee and Brothertown descent. His primary occupation if computer programming and systems administration. His current mission in life is creating and using effective learning materials for learning the Cherokee Language.
Latest book: Michael's Cherokee Reader - ᎹᎦᎵ ᎤᏤᎵ ᏣᎳᎩ ᎠᎪᎵᏰᏗ

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jo Ana Starr, PhD
My name is Jo Ana Starr; I am a writer and an avid reader, both of which have been my passions since childhood. As a young woman, I decided on a great "life plan" that would find me raising my children, working at work that mattered to me and by my current stage, to be devoting myself to writing and public speaking. My professional background includes various stints in marketing, including financial and communication services until I made the shift in 1986 to working full-time in my other great passion-metaphysics and the mind-body connection. I worked as a Certified Hypnotherapist, ran metaphysical symposium, and created the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy which I have been operating since 1998. ... read more
Latest book: Blueprint for Happiness:9 Steps to a Happier You!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michele Bardsley
Michele Bardsley is a national bestselling author of paranormal, romance, and mystery fiction. Writing makes her happy. So does her husband (The Viking) and their fur babies. She loves watching “Supernatural,” consuming chocolate, crocheting hats, reading books, and spending time with her awesome hubby.
Latest book: The Pack Rules 5: Loved by the Alpha (Hot Werewolf Shifter Romance Serial)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M J Johnson (Martin Johnson)
Martin trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has worked extensively in most areas of the acting profession. In recent years he has turned his hand to writing which he is equally passionate about. He tries to write at least something every single day. His other passions in life are reading, walking, music of all kinds, visiting art galleries, going to the theatre of course, and likes to watch a good movie (especially classic westerns) on DVD. He is married, lives in Kent, England and has one son, Tom Johnson, who designed the cover for his book.
Latest book: Roadrage

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elisabeth Storrs
Elisabeth Storrs has long had a passion for the history, myths and legends of the ancient world. She graduated from University of Sydney in Arts Law, having studied Classics. Her curiosity piqued by an Etruscan sarcophagus depicting a couple embracing for eternity, she discovered the little known story of the struggle between Etruscan Veii and Republican Rome and the inspiration to write the TALES OF ANCIENT ROME series. Researched and written over a period of fifteen years, THE WEDDING SHROUD and its sequel, THE GOLDEN DICE, vividly describe the world of Etruria, a fantastic civilization ultimately destroyed by Rome but which heavily influenced its conqueror's culture from republican into imperial times. The ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marketec Pty Ltd
Ian Walkley switched to thriller writing after a career as a social and consumer researcher and marketing consultant. He is a published travel writer and has previously authored and edited two books on small business. Ian's debut conspiracy thriller, NO REMORSE, is the first in a series, and he is currently finishing a crime thriller titled BAIT.
Latest book: No Remorse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page BonSue Brandvik
BonSue Brandvik lives with her loving husband near the Belleview Biltmore Resort -- the inspiration and setting for her recent novel series. She’s a hopeless romantic and an optimist. She believes we could learn a lot from our elders (even the long-dead ones) if only we would listen. She also believes historic buildings embody irreplaceable echoes of the past. She hopes people who read her novels will join the campaign to save the grand hotel from demolition so that one day, the Belleview Biltmore can reopen and, once again, welcome guests from around the world to “step back in time” and experience this phenomenal historic destination resort for themselves. She just published the first book in her serie ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gabrielle Bowen
Gabrielle Bowen is a successful Canadian author and poet. As founder of Luminescence Magazine, she is dedicated to publishing spiritually inspired literary works. She is the author of Insight, Soul Intuition, Soul Evolution, Soul Expression and The Invisible Inner Child.
Latest book: Insight, Soul Series Volume 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Linda Jones
I have been writing songs, poem, and poetry for the most part of my life. Novels can take one to places they have never been before it's adventures and relaxing at the same time. Writings is like painting bringing life and color to words as a painter does to their art.
Latest book: The Patient Rabbit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer A Scott
Jennifer lives in southern Alberta in the shadow of the Great Rocky Mountains. She lives there with her partner, a cat named Charlee, and a dog named Molly.
Latest book: The Tempest Within

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dawn Michelle
CONNECT WITH DUTCH AND TULIP If you enjoyed Dutch and Tulip let them know by visiting their Facebook page or drop them a line at Tulip loves making friends and Dutch...Well, Dutch just wants a kiss. There are more adventures on the way for Dutch and Tulip. Look for their next story, A HOLLAND FURST coming Fall 2012 Love and much kissing, Dawn
Latest book: A Holland Kiss

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jimmy Pudge
Born in the backwoods of South Georgia in a truck stop toilet, Jimmy M.F. Pudge came into this world on 6-9-1979. Incarcerated on several false charges in the past, he has extensive knowledge about the criminal mind and incorporates it into all of his magical tales of horror. Not sure if you’ll like Jimmy Pudge? Try the free fiction.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Janet Beasley
Hello - I'm Author Janet Beasley. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my bio. My exciting novels are best described as inspirational epic fairy tale adventures, suitable for the entire family. Hidden Earth Series is a 6 volume series. Volume 1 Maycly The Trilogy officially released on February 26, 2012. Maycly the Trilogy is now available in 3 separate books. Volume 2 Planet Land The Adventures of Cub and Nash released October 5, 2013. And Volume 3 Planet Water ~ Draugar of the Abyss is slated for a 2014 release. To discover excerpts, reviews, and how to purchase other books in the Hidden Earth Series please visit What things do I love in life? That would be scenic nature ph ... read more
Latest book: Authors in the Park Anthology December 16, 2012

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael A. Burt
I've lived in San Antonio, Tx almost my whole life. My fascination with writing started as far back as the 1st grade, but I've never tried publishing until now. Working on the Drowning In Exile Series has been a long road, but I'm finally making my dream come true. Since middle school I've been fascinated with vampires and werewolves. Thanks to a recent vamp/werewolf series that has exploded in popularity I was hesitant to publish just yet, but decided to go ahead. I've got a lot of work that will be available soon, and hope for the best. Another thing I've always been fascinated about is Zombies. Now that the Drowning In Exile Series is complete I've decided to do what I've always wanted, a zombie apocalypse s ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin George
Rowan University grad 2002 Father of 2 Lifelong daydreamer
Latest book: Comet Clement - The Movie (a post script)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Diana Henstell
Diana, who was born in a small town in Pennsylvania, lived for most of her life in New York where worked in publishing and was editor and chief of a major publishing company. She now lives in California, with her husband and her dog and her cat.
Latest book: Deadly Friend

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.K. Ryals
Born in Jackson, Mississippi, R. K. Ryals is a scatterbrained mother of three whose passion is reading whatever she can get her hands on. She makes her home in Mississippi with her husband, three daughters, a Shitzsu named Tinkerbell, and a coffeepot she couldn't live without.
Latest book: The Story of Awkward

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jamaal Branch
Jamaal is known for staying positive and determined in everything that he focuses on. Managing to attend college and work with extraordinary people in his company on a daily basis, he spreads positivity to business owners and start-ups worldwide. His friends and family can tell you that a smile on Jamaal's face brings a smile on your face. Jamaal is well known for his concept, "Maximum Belief Power", something that his friends hear him say a lot and are not surprised that he is now an author and motivational speaker. Jamaal did not start out as an author and speaker. Ever since he was a child he was an entrepreneur with a "never quit" attitude. He later took that same mentality and had four years of succe ... read more
Latest book: The way of the world The will of the mind

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vanessa Bartal
Vanessa Gray Bartal is an avid reader who also loves to write. She has written over fifty novels, including several series. She is a full time mother to her young daughter as well as an accomplished baker (for which her astoundingly handsome husband is truly grateful).
Latest book: Christmas With the Kings, Kings of Montana Bonus Book

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Velma Southerland
As a 20-year newspaper veteran (see, Velma Southerland is enjoying exploring new areas in the publishing world.
Latest book: Emergency Wild Bird Care [Article]

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephen Morley
Music and the British countryside have always been strong influences in my life and I have brought them together in my novel, Moses Trod. I have walked more miles than I can remember and I know all the areas described in the book. I am a lover of the many long paths that traverse the hills and valleys of this beautiful country. I am also an enthusiastic musician and songwriter with a long established interest in guitars. I believe in the virtue of music to cross boundaries and join people with its universal language.
Latest book: The Follower

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John-Paul Cleary
John-Paul Cleary lives in the small town of Stonehaven in the North East of Scotland with his girlfriend and four-year-old daughter. His debut novel Convergent Space peaked at number 1 in the Space Opera charts on Amazon UK in 2012 and has consistently featured in the top five for more than six months. His second book, Eleven Town was published in October 2012. It tells the story of a terrible disease spreading through the dystopian world of Eleven Town.
Latest book: Convergent Space

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mabel Cowie
Mabel D. F. Cowie was born and raised in Cowdenbeath near Edinburgh, Scotland, and it's her homeland that continues to inspire much of her stories. After graduating from Brigham Young University, she now lives in Washington State with her husband and three children. Mabel picked up the habit of storytelling from her father, who would weave yarns as they went for walks throughout the highlands and lowlands of Scotland. 'Neath Ancient Ruins Lie began as a bedtime story for her two daughters, but it grew in the telling into a series of three books.
Latest book: Prophecies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pamela Sirko
From Crescent City, California, to Campbell County, Kentucky, I’ve spent years of historical research to pin down the facts for this first novel. Hidden graveyards, Ohio riverbanks, pacific coasts, abandoned mansions, and Churchill Downs are just a few of the locations visited. Whether shoveling for buried tombstones, breeding racehorses, or searching through 1860’s archives, every resource has been sought to provide readers with a new angle involving hundreds of deaths during the 1800’s. In the past I have been a commercial artist in Minneapolis and Kentucky. I’ve painted artwork on over 2000 boats, pinstriped motorcycles, eighteen-wheelers, cars and trucks. I’ve lettered racecars, helmets, buil ... read more
Latest book: Mill's Folly, A Journey with Evil

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ruth Kyser
Ruth Kyser is a native Michigander--wife, mother, and grandmother--who writes Christian Inspirational Romance. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and enjoys reading almost as much as she loves writing. Ruth's Mission Statement: "My goal is to write stories that entertain, but more importantly, educate readers about Jesus Christ and His love for them."
Latest book: The Whispering Sentinel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Truth House Publishing
"Give me 26 lead soldiers and I will conquer the world." Benjamin Franklin In the days of Franklin, the printing press had enormous potential to change people's perceptions through books made available to the public. This is no longer the case, but the principle remains the same. The printed book or published ebook has the potential to influence, inform, and entertain people more than ever. Truth House Publishing was started by Alaythea Hamlyn in 2001. Alaythea has a BSc Honours in Chemistry and a Diploma in Fine Art, and 11 years of experience in book publishing. She also has had wide experience in teaching and training. She has travelled a great deal and has a passion for history and cultures of the world. Tr ... read more
Latest book: Chronologische Ausgabe der Bibel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page SAPTARSHI BASU
Saptarshi Basu, a Gold Medalist in Mechanical Engineering, has been in IT industry for last 7 years and has worked for top 3 IT companies of India. However, writing has always been first love, his passion. Love, Logic and the God’s Algorithm had been his debut novel. His second Novel, AUTUMN IN MY HEART published by Vitasta Publishing along with Times of India will be launched in November.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joshua Becker
Joshua Becker and his young family of four live in Peoria, AZ. They are just your typical middle-class, suburban family... minus the dog and relentless pursuit of physical possessions. After a conversation with their neighbor on Memorial Day 2008, Joshua and his family decided to pursue a minimalist lifestyle. Consequently, they removed all of their nonessential possessions. Eventually, over 70% of their belongings were sold, donated, or discarded. Their story has been featured on numerous media outlets around the world including the CBS News with Katie Couric. Joshua's blog ( has experienced phenomenal growth since its beginning. Through it, Joshua has inspired millions around the ... read more
Latest book: Clutterfree with Kids

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tami Brumbaugh
Tami Brumbaugh is a teacher and freelance writer. Although born in Colorado, she now lives with her husband and two daughters (and numerous pets) in Olathe, Kansas. She is passionate about writing uplifting, character-building stories for children and teens. She also thrives on writing stories about nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping people in need around the world. Several of these books were published by Beacon Hill Press and Rock Hill Press. Her short stories have been published by Pockets, On the Line, Celebrate, Shine Brightly, Partners, and Discoveries. Please continue to check for her growing list of ebooks.
Latest book: The Vine

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Darrin Drader
Darrin Drader currently works as a staff writer for 38 Studios, the video game company owned by famed Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. Before entering into the electronic gaming field, he worked as a tabletop roleplaying game designer, and has written books for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, D20 Modern, Oathbound, Reign of Discordia, and others. He lives with his wife, four kids, two cats, and one temperamental chihuahua.
Latest book: Thunder at Aridas (Heroes of Gracia episode 2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Henry Vargas
Mr. Henry Vargas – You can summarize me up in the following sentence – A man whose principle purpose in life is to add value to others lives by showing them how to love and through the many products or services offered by his affiliate companies. You’ll find that I have 3 main driving passions – 1) A passionate search for Truth and developing an intimate relationship with God, 2) A passion for Love and sharing the love that’s been given to me and 3) My passion for everything art, from music and writing to theatre and painting. You’ll see that many of the entrepreneurial and business ventures stem from these passions or a mixture of these passions and a past life experience. I hope that you’ll ... read more
Latest book: Making Love The Ultimate Guide to Real Love and Joy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Piera Sarasini
Born in Brescia, Italy. Moved to the UK in 1987. Lived in London, Edinburgh and Belfast. Educated at London University and Queen's Universtity, Belfast. Degree and Post Graduate Studies in Linguistics, Social Anthropology and Ethnomusicology. Moved to Ireland in 2000. Currently living in Dublin.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Samantha Cain
I'm a lover of reading, writing, friends, and family, especially my USAF Airman husband and our baby pooch, Lucy. My biggest desire is to be someone who makes an impression on others through my writing! I want to be remembered after I'm gone as someone who had big dreams and actually went after them instead of letting them pass me by. I hope you'll find the work I've poured my heart and soul into as entertaining and memorable. Thanks for giving my writing a chance (: MATT EAST DESIGNED THE COVER FOR TEMPTATION - for more information on his talents, please contact me!!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laurie Kellogg
Laurie Kellogg is a two-time winner and seven-time nominee for the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® award, the winner of Pacific Northwest Writers Association Zola award, and a Romantic Times American Title I finalist. She began writing to avoid housework and has since resorted to naming the dust-bunnies multiplying as fast as real rabbits while she plots love stories that are steamy, heartwarming, romantic fun.
Latest book: No Exchanges, No Returns

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.E. Chambliss
R.E. (Renée) Chambliss has loved stories all her life, enjoying a wide variety of genres and styles—from Diana Gabaldon to John Irving to Barbara Kingsolver to Tolkien. Her first short story was published when she was 10 years old and won the Young Authors Contest in Jack and Jill Magazine. When her youngest child was 18 months old, Renée started writing every day during nap time eventually producing her first book, Dreaming of Deliverance. "It was such an amazing experience—getting lost in a story like I've always needed to do, but this time as its author," she says. "I find the process of writing fascinating, compelling, sometimes the most enjoyable thing ever, and often completely frustrating. It ... read more