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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Scott Shoemaker
Scott Shoemaker lives in Minnesota.
Latest book: The Nightwatcher: Episode Four

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rob Dunbar
I'm an avid dinghy cruiser/writer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am currently finishing my first book "Little Boat, Big Sea" which chronicles my 600 nautical mile voyage in a 16 foot sailing dinghy along the open ocean of Atlantic Canada and the Northumberland Strait.
Latest book: A tranquil Day on the Strait of Canso

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Franklin Young
Franklin Young works and lives in Toronto where he is the proud husband of one, the proud father of two, and the proud companion to a West Highland Terrier who has mastered the Power of Super Snoring.
Latest book: S.P.O.T.S. (Super Powerful Organization of Terriers and Songbird)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page TC Davis
I am a retired pastor in the Presbyterian Church USA. During 31 years I served as a small church pastor, seminary professor, and pastoral psychotherapist. After retiring I answered another calling. I have become a photojournalist and website consultant. Presently I run an LLC,, which helps communities of faith, small businesses and not-for-profit agencies with easy-to-edit and inexpensive websites; and I teach media literacy so that their members become capable consumers and producers of digital information. I'm a Vietnam vet, and recently published a Smashwords e-book, Double Exposure: A Veteran Returns to Vietnam. My long term goals are to perfect my skills in photography and film making, ... read more
Latest book: Double Exposure: A Veteran Returns to Vietnam

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J. M. Zuniga
J. M. Zuniga has been passionate about reading since childhood, but it wasn't until one of her college English professors suggested J. M. write a book that the seed of writing was sown. Even then, it took J. M. another year before she actually decided to give it a try. Inspired by the surge of YA novels proliferating the book market, J. M. decided to choose that genre for her first project, Winter Rayne, which was published three and a half years later in August of 2013. During a break from writing Winter Rayne, J. M. began to write The Diamond Mini-Series, a dystopian mini series of two novelettes and one novella. The Diamond Mini-Series was first published individually, in ebook format, with the following tit ... read more
Latest book: Gwyneth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Serena Zane
Serena Zane currently lives with her husband and her son in the Northwest. Working full-time at a day job, she also plays hard, and spends her free time studying the Middle Ages in a re-creationist organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA). Much of her time is spent between training for heavy armored combat, learning about music in the 16th Century, and writing her novels. Serena started writing at an early age with short stories, and poetry inspired by her mother, a strong independent woman who loves to help others, and wrote her own stories. In 2009 Serena became a member of Romance Writer’s of America, and has been working on her craft with the wonderful members of the Olymp ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Susan Grace Napier
As the first anniversary of 9/11 came and went, Susan Napier experienced a deep depression. Searching for the source of her rising anxiety and loss of functionality, she came to the realization her emotions paralleled the trauma experienced in a 25-year abusive marriage. As a volunteer at Rose Brooks domestic violence shelter in Kansas City, she educated victims being treated in emergency rooms and helped them in finding immediate assistance. The author envisions family, friends, communities, and the nation coming together to support and save the lives of all victims in similar ways that Americans did for each other on 9/11. She has a passion to make this happen by doing presentations of “Listen – Learn ... read more
Latest book: Intimate Terrorist

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gordon Highland
Gordon Highland is the author of the novels Flashover and Major Inversions, as well as several short stories appearing in such publications as Warmed and Bound: A Velvet Anthology, In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1000 Words, Nefarious Muse, Colored Chalk, and others. He lives in the Kansas City area, where he directs videos by day and enjoys writing, recording, and performing music by night.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gustavo Enrique Méndez Rubio
Gustavo Enrique Méndez Rubio es orgullosamente oriundo de la Comarca Lagunera, región situada al norte de México. Gustavo, un hombre como tantos, común y corriente, que escribe desde hace varios años, encuentra en la ardua tarea de escribir el placer de vivir la vida. Dejándose atrapar por un mundo imaginariamente diferente y por la Gracia de Dios o rarezas del destino ha conseguido escribir algunos libros, logrando así, aplacar el gusanito impulsor que tienen aquellos que gustan del oficio. Actualmente vive en la zona metropolitana de Guadalajara, jalisco, en el occidente de México.
Latest book: La prisa del placer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ashley Lavering
A nomad at heart, I currently claim Nevada as my home. I have a wonderful husband and two young children that put up with my “writing time.” When I’m not pondering on a spell that will magically calm the ferocious winds that plague the air around me, you can find me, with notepad in hand, frantically jotting down ideas in those short moments between caring for my girls. Art and science have always been my yin and yang. Throughout my college career, I shifted between the two, but in the end I graduated with a Bachelors of Mathematics and Science from the University of Wyoming. Charging into adventures and discovering something new has always been a passion of mine, but as a teenager I use to run screamin ... read more
Latest book: Star Cursed : Curse of the Beast Book 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C.J. Hayden
C.J. Hayden, MCC, CPCC, is a San Francisco business coach who helps her clients build enterprises dedicated to social benefit and their own right livelihood. C.J. is the bestselling author of Get Clients Now!, Get Hired Now!, The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook, and over 400 articles on entrepreneurship, marketing, life purpose, and social change. As a pioneer in the coaching profession since 1992, C.J. was a founding director of the worldwide Professional & Personal Coaches Association (later merged with the International Coach Federation). She was also the founding editor of Being in Action: The Journal of Professional & Personal Coaching. She has taught coaches and coaching for The Coaches Training Inst ... read more
Latest book: 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ben Zackheim
Ben’s storytelling adventures started as a Production Assistant on the set of the film, A River Runs Throught It. After forgetting to bring the crew’s walkie talkies, losing Robert Redford’s jacket and asking Brad Pitt if he was related to Paul Newman (in front of Paul Newman) he decided that film production didn’t “speak” to him. Since no one else on the set would speak to him either he knew he needed to find work that required minimal human contact. Writing. THAT he could do. So he wrote Film and TV scripts for a few years, saw a couple produced and then made a lateral leap, which looked more like a clumsy stumble, into videogames (this was back when they’d take anyone who could say “joys ... read more
Latest book: Shirley Link & The Hot Comic

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Julian Wolfendale
Julian Wolfendale was born in Reading, England in 1964. Given up for adoption he grew up in rural Buckinghamshire. Following a troubled childhood and adolescence, with an unhealthy attraction to trouble, he joined the railway. Then after working as a manager for an international rail company in London for 13 years, he left to pursue his writing career. Tracing his natural parents at the age of 30, led to the discovery that his father was a 60's rock star. He now lives and writes at his home looking over the woods that, figuratively speaking, took him so long to get out of. His first book, Yeah Baby, was featured both at the 2010 London Book Fair and Glastonbury festival. His second book, Damaged Goods, ... read more
Latest book: Not Quite Classic Cars. Saved From the Scrapyard With a Rusty Spanner. Car Repairs on a Shoestring.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mary Rosenblum
Mary Rosenblum attended the prestigious Clarion West Writers workshop in 1988, where she sold her first SF story to Asimov's Magazine editor Gardner Dozois and her writing career took off. She published 8 novels with NY publishers as Mary Rosenblum in SF and Mary Freeman in mystery, was a Hugo and Nebula finalist, won the Sideways and Compton Cook awards, and received a lot of critical acclaim for her fiction, both short stories and novels. She began teaching writing, fell in love with that, and now works one-on-one with novice writers as a 'literary midwife' taking authors through drafts, final editing, publisher-matching, and self promotion of their books, to make sure it gets done well. She has twice ret ... read more
Latest book: Formatting for CreateSpace™ Using Microsoft Word

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lucy Cleary
I am a native Delawarean; I have lived in Germany, Savannah, Georgia and Washington, D.C. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I have three adult daughters and three grandchildren. I presently reside in Delaware with her husband Don. I am a Christian and retired Housing Manager for the Wilmington Housing Authority. I am the Proprietor of Mother’s Heart Day Care. I started my endeavor as a writer in 1992. “All I Had Was Your Birth Certificate. (and Memories That Remain} is my first book. It was my mother’s dream to find her missing daughter. This story has as prevalent impact on issues that affects our society today. "ABDUCTION"
Latest book: All I Had Was Your Birth Certificate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ja'ae Quancei
Author Ja’ae Quancei Bio Ja’ae emerged from an eclectic and morally strong background to become one of the most sought after new urban suspense Authors in the game. As an Urban Suspense Author, she captivates her readers’ attention and takes them on a roller coaster ride of emotions. She paints a vivid image of each character and leaves her readers eagerly anticipating the next page. Currently residing in NYC, Ja’ae is the CEO of ESW Enterprises, a Publishing & premiere Corporate Multi-Media Company. She is also the founder & Director of The New York Foundation for Abused Girls. A non-profit organization that provides assistance to the teenage victims of Sexual Trafficking. She is a Motivational Speake ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Zoltan Nemeth
Inspired by a European children’s book series, Zoltan and Rita Nemeth began writing tales that were based on their own real life ventures. When Jakey wanted to learn more about the process of making books, the parents quickly adopted a can-do attitude and decided they are going to publish the stories. The book captures the happiness and worries of being a kid, helping children relate to characters that are similar to them. The Nemeth’s love of children shines through each story, evoking the imagination and joy of childhood. These easy-to-follow plots don’t require long explanations or protection from bad dreams. The Stories of Jakey and Vicky serve as a relaxing end to the day, dissolving stress and tran ... read more
Latest book: The Stories of Jakey and Vicky

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G. Michael Epping
Dr. Gary Michael Epping Ph.D. received Bachelor and Graduate degrees in Business Administration, and was a University Professor for twenty-five years. After a radical spiritual transformation in the Brownsville Revival in the mid-1990’s, he has subsequently received both Bachelor and Graduate degrees in Biblical Studies and Theology. After ministering for eight years as missionaries in Thailand, the Eppings are now living on a ranch in Montana, where MIchael is a minister, rancher, and writer.
Latest book: Final Judgment Of Mankind

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Terry Wayne Martin
Born in Texas many, many moons ago, I had a very diverse upbringing. Dad was an agnostic metaphysicist that worked for NASA during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs and Mom was a Baptist preacher's kid. No wonder I was raised so crazy/diverse (choose whichever answer fits best). Raised on the science fiction of Heinlein and that generation, that is the sort of thing I generally gravitate toward in my own sci-fi writing. For my other stuff, I cannot place the blame anywhere, yet. I do not have a blog at present but projects I am working on can be found at
Latest book: Over the Wall

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bruce Reed Pullen
Dr. Bruce Pullen holds degrees from Rutgers University, Colgate Rochester Divinity School, Princeton Theological Seminary. and Palmer Theological Seminary. He has served parishes in Hopewell, New Jersey; Burlington, Iowa; Alton, Illinois; Westfield, Massachusetts; Williamstown, Massachusetts; New London, New Hampshire; Wyben, Massachusetts; and Warrenville, Illinois. Dr. Pullen was born in Princeton, New Jersey and ordained nearby in 1970. Judith and Bruce Pullen have been married for over fifty years. They have two daughters, Beth, who lives in Streamwood, Illinois and Bonnie who lives in Woodstown, New Jersey. Bonnie is married to Michael Eggenburg. They have two children, Seth and Brittany who is marr ... read more
Latest book: Discovering Paul in the Letters to the Thessalonians

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Stewart
John Stewart is a retired professional, well known in the welding industry as an expert in weld distortion practices. He authored several books for welders and fabricators but has since retired and now devotes his spare time to writing humorous anecdotes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim & Pete Jesson
Jim and Pete Jesson are PI's working around the U.S. We have a new book, The Next Act with 20 detective cases.
Latest book: Recollections of a WW II Coast Guardsman

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wendy A.M. Prosser
Indie Author, Vegan, Cat-Lover, Renaissance Woman
Latest book: The Vegan Cat-Lover 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marcy Eckhardt
Marcy Eckhardt is an Animal Shelter consultant, speaker and blogger. Her goal; to improve the quality of life for dogs, is carried out by helping Animal Shelters understand and embrace the value they bring to their communities. Marcy works with Animal Shelters to increase morale, community awareness and respect which results in increased adoptions and improved quality-of-stay for all animals.
Latest book: The Ripple Effect

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Broughton
Originally from England, I now live in Beverly, Ma. with my wife and two dogs. When I’m not writing I like to spend what free time I have doing genealogy.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Meagan Noel Hart
Meagan Noel Hart is a lover of all stories and is grateful she gets the chance to add her own to the mix. She has the privilege of twisting and molding the minds of young college students, and currently she resides in Baltimore with her husband, birds, and cats, but who knows where life will take her next? Meagan holds a MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore. Previous publications include “Better Off Gone” in Welter, Spring 2009 and a hand-made edition of _A Short Stack of Silly Shorts for the Morally Sidetracked_, which is in its 6th run at Atomic Books in Baltimore, MD.
Latest book: Twisted Together

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cydney Lawson
Hi! My name is Cydney and I am a self-published author of one available book, the first in a trilogy. In my spare time, I love to review my fellow indie authors' work (we need to stick together, right?), and I do that online with a youtube channel which is fairly popular, and goodreads, amazon reviews, and hopefully smashwords as well.
Latest book: Displaced

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Beckie Stevenson
Beckie's real name is Rebecca, but she get’s called (and answers to) any of the following…Beckie, Bek, Becca, Rebecca, Pip, Pippy or Stevo. Beckie is the author of 'Sorrow Woods,' the 'Existing' series and 'Noah and Me.' She is due to publish more YA, NA and Adult novels in 2015/16. She lives in Staffordshire, England, with her partner and two children. Beckie likes putting music on in the house and dancing around like a mad woman. When she isn’t playing with her children, doing housework, dancing around the house like a mad woman, walking, cycling, reading or writing, then she can be found working in an investment bank. Or sleeping.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C.H. Tweed
I am a grandmother and a retired Medical Technologist. I have been telling stories since I was in third grade and hogging the stage ever since. My home is North Carolina but I spent some time in Miami and Daytona Beach during my college days and I included some old haunts and locations that I remembered from that time. The Love Potion in the title is derived from that old shag tune Love Potion #9. I love the sea, the sand and everything related to coastal living. My next adventure with the handsome Cole Scott will have a location on the North Carolina coast. It gives me great pleasure to think I might be able to write something that others find interesting. My hope is that you will enjoy this book enough t ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Donnice Lewis Pitts
Latest book: Mermaid Boy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adonna Lane

Latest book: When The Gloves Come Off

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cristian Mihai
Cristian Mihai (born 25 December 1990) grew up in Constanta, Romania. And he’s still growing up, or at least trying to. Sometimes he writes. Sometimes he gets lucky and writes something good. He can’t, however, draw a straight line. No matter how much he tries. Not even with a ruler. And, please, don’t ever ask him to sing.
Latest book: Strangers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page florent marotta
Naissance à Firminy le 22 mars 1976. Florent Marotta passe son enfance dans la Loire, dans une petite ville proche de Saint-Étienne. Il se met à lire sur le tard, préférant l’écriture et les histoires qu’il s’invente alors, empreintes de mondes et de créatures imaginaires. Il crée les personnages qui le font rêver, qu’il aimerait croiser. Il admire au collège les enquêtes au climat si particulier d’Agatha Christie dont Dix petits nègres le font frissonner, et Sherlock Holmes parfois y pointe également le bout de son nez, plus tard apparaît Elizabeth George. Sa scolarité est inégale, pour ne pas dire inachevée. Il met un point d’honneur à obtenir son baccalauréat littéraire bien ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Morris Kenyon
Jet pilot, riviera jewel thief, international mercenary, spy, gigolo. I've done 'em all. In my dreams. I like writing crime fiction with a side line in erotica. Enjoy.
Latest book: Hardshellz

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roger Mayer
A Former Professional Baseball Player, Television Producer, Radio Personality, Record Company Executive and Father. Roger Mayer has led a Blessed Life, by all accounts. In 2005-2006, Roger went through a series of four major brain surgeries that changed his life. You can learn how he went deep within himself to find the tools to rebound from the personal and professional devastation of this experience in his book, Drain Your Brain, Find Your Mind. It is his sincere mission to tell you his story and bring you to the realization that, no matter what you are going through, you too can rebound to a life of Love and Abundance.
Latest book: Drain Your Brain, Find Your Mind

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William Andrews
William Andrews is a graduate in English and Criminology from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has a keen interest in anything well written from any genre, but has a preference for "dark" things, hence the name of his website, Facebook and Twitter pages and FREE Smashwords short story anthology, DARK CORNERS. The sequel to the scary-as-Hell psycho-thriller, FRIEND REQUEST, is coming soon. Watch this space...
Latest book: An Absence of Light

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Arielle Caldwell
I am a 28 year old Navy Veteran, mommy, wife, lover of all things pink, knitter, and photographer. I hope you enjoy reading my works. If you want to know more or to contact me, please visit my Facebook page. Thanks!
Latest book: Chasing Freedom

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Isobella Blye
I never imagined myself writing erotic fiction. The closest I ever came was a brief dream in my youth of writing a Mills & Boon novel. (If you think that's cringe-worthy remember I was YOUNG!)Back then I looked at all the sad people slogging away unhappily in their mundane jobs and pitied them. You see, I was special, made for greater things. I had no doubt my writing would propel me to the tops of the best seller lists and I’d live happily, if somewhat smugly, ever after. My 9-5 job was as boring as the rest of them, but that didn’t matter. It was all temporary. It soon became evident that finishing a novel was a little trickier than I’d hoped. The years went by, and I married and had two children. I al ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Young
Richard L. Young was involved in video and film making for over 20 years at Beech / Raytheon Aircraft. With background in electronic communication Richard started in studio control at local ABC TV station, from there on to Film and Video. Learned to fly at 16, involved in aviation with the Army as a UH1 Huey Crew Chief and later "air to air" photography and formation flying with all Beech Aircraft models. Not enough excitement on the job; volunteered time with local Rose Hill KS. city government for 11 years and as Mayor for 4 years.
Latest book: Noble Intent: The Cobra Attacks

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brendan DuBois
Brendan DuBois of New Hampshire is the award-winning author of sixteen novels and more than 120 short stories. His short fiction has appeared in Playboy, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and numerous other magazines and anthologies including “The Best American Mystery Stories of the Century,” published in 2000 by Houghton-Mifflin. His short stories have twice won him the Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America, and have also earned him three Edgar Allan Poe Award nominations from the Mystery Writers of America. He is also a one-time “Jeopardy!” game show champion. Visit his website at www.BrendanD ... read more
Latest book: Deadly Cove: The Special Edition

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Darle Jones
I’m a husband; a father, with two cats a dog and a mortgage. I’m in business for myself because I like to lead the way while helping others. My mission for this book is to "Help Entrepreneurs develop their sales skills so they can write deals and profit” As the President of NetPay2K International Corp I not only help business owners get paid but I also help people like "YOU" make real money working from home full or part time. You can help businesses owners save money by lowering their rates, or help them automate their business with a Touch-Screen POS System. You can help them accept payments online or help them Get Paid in the field with our Smart Phone Swipe System. Upfront money and long term res ... read more
Latest book: "Cornucopia of Cash" How to Profit from the Billion Dollar Credit Card Processing Business

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cynkay Morningsong
Cynkay Morningsong has been a Yoga practitioner since 1977 and a Hypnotherapist since 1989. As a teacher and counselor for over 20 years she brings to her practice many tools and years of experience to assist you in achieving your goals. She is a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Life Coach and Thai Massage Practitioner. Morningsong has a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis in Yoga Psychology, and works primarily with people in the process of significant life change.
Latest book: The Four Goals of Life: A Survival Guide for the Kali Yuga

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barbara Jayne
A spiritual advisor and born intuitive, Barbara has developed her gift of Clairvoyance to help others. The gifts of vision and intuition run through four generations of women in her family. It has been a lifelong adventure on this earth plane for Barbara. She has been a constant clear channel for the Guides, Masters, Loved Ones and now Light Entities. It is through this union that all was projected. She has the ability as a Clairvoyant to foresee, listen and act on the messages given to her. All wrapped up in her first book: Twilight of a New Day: A Catastrophic Event Please visit for more details Barbara is also the owner of several Businesses which helps maintain well being and ... read more
Latest book: Trajectory: Your Journey

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin Bucknall
I have worked at London University, Griffith University (Australia) and with the United Nations in Bangkok. I have lived in a variety of countries, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the UK. Recently I spend much of my time writing about motivation and study skills and also making videos about Chinese and Japanese culture. I also "entertain" the neighbours by practising the clarinet in order to keep my place as the lowliest clarinet player in the Da Capo concert band in London.
Latest book: Procrastination, Motivation and You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Iyad Hamadani
Biography Iyad Hamadani, a self-established writer, was born on November 1979 in Saudi Arabia. After spending his childhood in Lebanon, he moved to the United States of America at the age of sixteen. Living in multi-cultural environments inspired him to view the world in different perspectives. Throughout the years, he habitually developed an intense and unique interest in the subject of sexual pleasure. His approach revolves around the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of humans to enhance the overall divine pleasure. The quest to solve sexual frustrations found in people has led him to write about the fundamentals of ultimate sex. Live TV interview on MTV: ... read more
Latest book: أسراركِ إلى قمة المتعة

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chloe Behrens
Chloe Behrens was born in Hudson Valley, NY and now resides in the suburbs of Dallas, TX.  "I fell in love with writing as soon as I learned how to read," she says. "Picture books progressed into lovelorn poetry. Poetry turned into short stories, and then the Van Steenburgh Family began in my teenage years. The story began, and then it wasn't until my early twenties that the second novel in the series came out. The last novel in the series was written this year. It was hard to put it to rest after it being with me for so many years." Still, she triumphed on.  After the release of her Van Steenburgh saga, she penned two more books -- neither of which belong to a series. "Breaking Berlyn was so fun to tell be ... read more
Latest book: Forsaken

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Silas Longshot
Silas Longshot has nearly ten years in the security industry, eight years with a major airline, and ten years as an ASE master technician. A lifetime of mechanical and tinkering skills and six years in the R & D lab of a major company with worldwide sales and connections, developing prototypes and testing equipment. Experienced in engineering drafting, professional photography and technical instruction writing. Scenario counter planning is a strong skill in all background areas. A competition shooter in the Cowboy Action Shooting arena, thus the alias Silas Longshot.
Latest book: Surviving Urban Crisis

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rachel Henderson
I am a freelance writer born and based in the UK. I have written books on a variety of subjects which interest me. I like books that are short and to the point and therefore write my books based on this principle so that you do not get bogged down with page filling and pointless waffle, but get the information that you need, quickly and easily. I hope that you agree that this means readers can manage their time better and move on to actually applying the principles in the books.
Latest book: Collecting The Chalet School Books by Elinor M Brent-Dyer