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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Becky Pedigo
Becky Pedigo is a stand up comic and writer. She has appeared on various television shows including "The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson", as well as having her own half hour Comedy Central special "Comedy Central Presents, Becky Pedigo." She was also invited to perform at the prestigious "Just For laughs" comedy festival in Montreal Canada. Becky has traveled abroad with the USO entertaining the troops and has worked in almost every state in the Union (including Alaska and Hawaii), driving through blizzards, floods and pestilence just to bring a half smile to the face of someone willing to meet the two-drink minimum. She continues to do so to this day... much to her delight and chagrin.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Braley
As the daughter of a retired sailor from the United States Navy, Laura Braley has lived all over the United States, but currently calls Virginia Beach, Virginia home. Laura describes her motivation to write, "I have to write. It's like breathing to me. All of these characters are bouncing around in my head, dying to tell me their stories. I just give them a voice." The mother of four and a grandmother of one, when Laura isn't writing and taking care of her family, she is also pursuing a Master's Degree.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Deane Young
Deane Young was born in California in 1963. He has been an Ordained Minister with the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee, since the year 2000. Deane served as associate Pastor for four years while stationed in El Paso, Texas. He ministered the Word of God and played the guitar while stationed in Kuwait, and lead Bible studies while deployed to Iraq. He holds a Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA), Cum Laud, and a Bachelor of Science Degree (BS). He served 22 years in the United States Army and retired in 2007 as a Sergeant Major, he is a graduate of the United States Sergeant’s Major Academy. He lives with his wife Shelia of 29 years. They have two children, Christopher and Shannon, and four g ... read more
Latest book: Not Forsaken!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rhea Cassels
M. Lee enjoys cooking, studying the Bible, enjoying God’s landscape with her playful terrier (a constant companion), and of course, praying for others. Her prayers encouraged Rhea Cassels who, like most caregivers, suddenly found herself caring for her ailing father whose conditions suddenly worsened. As a first-time caregiver, she learned so much that she emerged from the experience purposing to encourage and uplift and share useful resources with other caregivers.
Latest book: Though I Toil: Devotional Prayer for Caregivers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christine Hannon
Christine Hannon has been a professional hairdresser for 50 of her 67 years. At sixteen, she started her career that included hairdressing, makeup artistry and modeling. Then suddenly at the age of twenty three her life was immeasurably changed due to a drunk driver. Her career as she knew and loved it was changed forever. Working in a salon until it was no longer physically possible she then worked from home. Her book A Hairdresser's Diary shares many amazing stories on her journey. Her blog will give you much insight into her incredible life
Latest book: A Hairdresser's Diary

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Caprarelli
John Caprarelli was born in Los Angeles, California in 1957. Retired from the Los Angeles Police Department after working a cross section of assignments, his involvement in the infamous 1997 North Hollywood Bank of America robbery shootout was the pinnacle of a 27 year police career that earned him the Medal of Valor and National Top Cop awards. Between hobbies, he continues to speak at various venues regarding his career and life lessons learned.
Latest book: Uniform Decisions: My Life in the LAPD and the North Hollywood Shootout

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JZ Murdock
We have finished the re-edit of "Death of Heaven",. it's now ready for DL here. I now have several audiobooks out on Amazon, and iTunes - My first horror story was published was back in 1992 ("In Memory, Yet Crystal Clear"). I have short stories published in several anthologies including, "The Undead Nation Anthology"; "Rhonny Reaper's Creature Features Anthology"); "Mr. Pakool's Spice" in "Hunger Pangs: Dark Confessions", "Breaking on Cave Island" in "Giant Tales Two and Three Minute Tales" - "World of Pirates", and soon in another "Giant Tales" series anthology "Apocalypse" of ten minute stories with, "In The Shade". Screenplays: Gray and Lover; The Hearth Tales Incident ... read more
Latest book: Andrew

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack Durish
Jack was born in Baltimore in 1943. He is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam war, a sailor, a fisherman, and a grandfather; all the makings of a great storyteller. He was raised in Maryland on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay where he began a lifelong love of fishing, swimming, and sailing; avocations that he has practiced in more exotic locales including Hawaii, California, and Mexico. From rowboats to tallships, on deck and aloft, he knows the ropes and how to breathe life into salt water tales. Graduating from Law School at the height of the troop build up in Vietnam, Jack volunteered for the Army and earned his commission as a second lieutenant at the Infantry Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, G ... read more
Latest book: Vietnam: A Soldier's Journal

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Martini
Richard Martini (born March 12, 1955) is an award-winning American film director, producer, screenwriter and free lance journalist. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University with a degree in Humanities, attended USC Film School and is a 2008 graduate of the Master of Professional Writing Program at USC. Martini grew up in Northbrook, Illinois. His first documentary film "Special Olympians"[1] won the 1980 Mexico City International Film Festival. He then made his feature film directorial debut with the “quintessential 80’s comedy” (TNT) "You Can't Hurry Love,"[2] which featured the debut of Bridget Fonda. Martini was a Humanities Major at Boston University, attended USC Film School. His student s ... read more
Latest book: It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures into the Flipside Volume Two

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tiffany Ford

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T Drew
Well, here I am a single grandmother raising my 4 year old grandson after we lost his mom (my daughter) a few years back. I have 2 other grandbabies and one on the way from my eldest daughter and son-in-law. I’ve also had the pleasure of raising my 7 step children whom I consider to be my own after caring for them for 13 years. My eldest step son has blessed me with yet another grandchild for a grand total of 5 and counting. In 2008 I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an auto immune arthritic disease that affects the spine and hips. Due to this I’m unable to work a conventional job since I need to closely monitor my energy levels and be able to rest when needed. If I don’t do these things I will ... read more
Latest book: Darkened

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Linda Juliano
Linda Juliano writes with passion and description that will take your emotions and imagination on a powerful journey, yet she will never leave you with a heavy heart. Follow Linda for future fiction publications (novels and short stories). In the works - a contemporary romantic women's fiction novel.
Latest book: Cadence Beach

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nancy Howland Walker
Nancy Howland Walker is a full time SAG/AFTRA actor, writer, teacher and trainer who has been performing, teaching, directing, and producing improv since 1989. In Boston, she was the Artistic Director of TheatreSports and ImprovBoston (New England's longest running comedy troupe). In Chicago, she is the Executive Director of Chicago Improv Associates, which offers improv-based entertainment and corporate training. Nancy’s specialty is musical improv. She has sung short-form musical improv games with ImprovBoston, the International Improvisational Theater League, TheatreSports, Just For Laughs, and the Disney Cruise Line. Nancy has also sung in long-form improvised musicals with ImprovBoston and the Free Ass ... read more
Latest book: Instant Songwriting: Musical Improv from Dunce to Diva Part 4 (Diva Level)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Hubbard
James Hubbard grew up in small town, Pontotoc, Mississippi, and went back there to practice family medicine after his big city training in Dallas, Texas. After ten years of practicing in Pontotoc, he started a clinic in a larger nearby area, then sold the practice to move to Colorado Springs, CO. He currently practices part-time and publishes and He received his M.D. from the University of Mississippi, an internship in internal medicine from Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and an M.P.H. from The Medical College of Wisconsin. He is board-certified in Occupational Medicine and is a Fellow of the American Association of Family Practice.
Latest book: The Survival Doctor's Guide to Burns

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Julianne Harvey
Julianne Harvey is a writer. She released her first children's picture book in November 2011, B The Wonder Bear, about a young boy overcoming his fears by becoming a superhero when he smells his teddy bear. Her e-book, Authentic=Happy: A Guide to Dismantling Your Disguise had its debut on Smashwords in February 2012. She also writes screenplays, articles and film reviews. She is currently at work on a spiritual memoir, Falling Backwards Into Grace, plus a novel about marriage and a middle grade fiction book. Please see her website for more details and to read her inspirational blog. Thank you!
Latest book: Authentic=Happy: A Guide to Dismantling Your Disguise

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Susie DeFord
Susie DeFord studied poetry at Florida State University, and received her MFA from the New School University. Her work has appeared in BOMB, Poets and Artists, Mipoesias, Work Zine, Dog Fancy, Shampoo, the Anthology "Dogs Singing," amongst others. She has taught writing at Brooklyn Friends School, Berkeley Carroll, and the College of New Rochelle. Also a musician, she fronted the bands Terset and Wu Wei. Susie is a CPDT-KA dog trainer who lives in Brooklyn, where she runs Susie’s Pet Care, a dog walking, training and pet sitting business. She writes the blog Dog Poet Laureate.
Latest book: Dogs of Brooklyn

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lou Harper
Under a prickly, cynical surface Lou Harper is an incorrigible romantic. Her love affair with the written word started at a tender age. Lou's favorite animal is the hedgehog. She likes nature, books, movies, photography, and good food. She has a temper and mood swings. Lou is a loner, a misfit, and a happy drunk.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.L. Singer
Cerulean began as a writing project in my freshman year of college back in 1998. We were instructed to write in a journal everyday. After the third day I was bored of writing about my breakfast and the drive to school. So i began a story about my favorite topic, vampires. But with my own rules and odd traits. I simply wrote a book I would have wanted to find on a shelf. Class ended and it was thrown in a box and forgotten about for many years. In the fall of 2008 my father passed away and shortly after I was preparing for a move across the country. I came across the notebook that contained my story and felt like it was a sign. My father had always teased me about my never ending stories and in my hands I held a ... read more
Latest book: Crimson (Book Two in Cerulean Series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ralph Quinlan Forde
Ralph Quinlan Forde is a Holistic Medicine Consultant based in Europe.
Latest book: NutriWine ~ Wellbeing - Health - Climate Change

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristine Oseth Gustavsen
Kristine Oseth Gustavsen er født den 6. april 1990 og kommer fra Lier utenfor Drammen. I tillegg til å skrive, er hun stor fan av å drikke te, blåse såpebobler og gå barbeint om sommeren. Når hun ikke skriver romaner, kan det hende hun skriver noen noveller og noen dikt.
Latest book: Fiji Kitsune

Follow me at my  Facebook Page annette reid
Hi my name is Annette. I am a Author/Nurse in Alabama. I have been a Nurse for 23 years. I have been writing for 10 years about the ups and downs of life. I also blog for websites about the issues that we are facing in the world. Domestic Violence The Disease, The Sara Farraday Story: Consist of the horrific ordeals suffered by 4 different women. Their ture stories were combined to form a ficticious character by the name of Sara Farraday. The Nightmare of Sara Farraday, is a continuation of my first book. This mystery, filled with suspense, will definitely have you on the edge of your seat. My third book: A Trio of Deceit: is an incredible cat and mouse murder mystery, with tablespoon of paranormal activity. ... read more
Latest book: The Nightmare of Sara Farraday

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Waterman
John D. Waterman earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois. He later survived a 30-year career in the aerospace industry before researching and writing "48 Hours to Chaos."
Latest book: Inkling

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Arthur Evans
Arthur Charles Evans 21/03/1916 – 18/03/2011 Arthur Charles Evans was born in 1916 in the Wirral, Cheshire. The first years of his employment were at Lever Bros, soapworks at Port Sunlight, and then with the New Zealand Shipping Company. One voyage to Australia and then another to New Zealand convinced him he was not meant to be a sailor. To further his ambition to become a policeman, he enlisted in the Irish Guards in 1936. In May 1940, he was wounded and taken prisoner in Boulogne and spent the remainder of the war in prison camps in Upper Silesia. He returned to England in May 1945 and upon demobilisation, joined the Kent County Constabulary. Whilst still a Police Constable, and from 1956-1967 he ... read more
Latest book: Letters from Stalag VIIIB

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Priit Movitsh
I was born in october 17, 1989 in Estonia. I started to feel interested in reading and writing pretty early. This is my first published novel.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Schuch
I am the eldest out of 4 sisters and my family is my life. I love writing and reading. 'Something's Coming' is the first book I have published. Although, I have written several others in the past. 'If Only' was written for my 2 youngest sisters in hopes it will make them stop and think when it comes to being online. I hope all who read my writing enjoys reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to give a review, once you have read any of them.
Latest book: If Only

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Budding Writers League
The Budding Writers League (BWL) is a community-based, non-profit organisation set up to promote interaction, support, and learning between writers in Singapore. The product of two friends’ dreams, the League has been built on a shared sense of community, and is enabled by social networking technology. It is also supported by the National Arts Council. Through multiple platforms, both online and in real life, BWL reaches out to budding writers who would otherwise have been overlooked by the system. On, young writers have a place to showcase their works. Facebook pages and groups, on the other hand, help build a lively and engaging community with friendly chatter and irreverent banter. Wit ... read more
Latest book: A Cup of Coffee and a Suicide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Oliver
Hi My name is Lisa Oliver and welcome to my Author page. I am thrilled to announce that I have spent the last four months writing the first of my full length fiction novels - a gay erotic romance about shifters called The Reluctant Wolf. The book is the first of five in the series and I hope you come to love the characters of the Cloverleah pack as much as I do. The Runaway Cat, book 2, is now also available with book 3 coming out around April 14th, 2014. You will notice from my back list that I have spent most of my life helping people live the life they want to live and I recently launched my new book "The Happiness Diet: How to Lose Weight Quickly and With a Minimum of Fuss" both in Kindle and paperback fo ... read more
Latest book: Anxiety Alert: How to Reduce the Impact of Anxiety Attacks on Your Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Max Ryan
Max Ryan grew up in Port Perry and graduated from Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) in London, Ontario. Soon after graduating he took up a position with an engineering firm that did work at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (PNGS). It was while working there that he met many American contractors who specialized in nuclear contract work within North America. These men and women jokingly called themselves Nuclear Whores and the website in which they found work was called According to the online 'Urban Dictionary', a Road Whore is defined as: "A temporary worker from out of town. In engineering and construction, road whores seek out and find massive bonuses ... read more
Latest book: Life Stories of a Secondary Parent

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cynthia Vespia
Cynthia Vespia, "The Original Cyn," is an author, screenwriter, and freelance journalist. Her creative work is character-driven, designed to keep pages turning and hearts pounding. Writing mainly in contemporary suspense and epic fantasy, Vespia weaves varied genres into her work that deliver cross-over appeal for readers. She has been nominated for a "Best In Series" award for her trilogy DEMON HUNTER, and has won a "Most Artistic Trailer" award for her work on DEMON HUNTER: SEEK & DESTROY. The film rights to her novel THE CRESCENT have been optioned and is currently in pre-production. Her background is just as varied and offers a rich well of diversity from which to draw including work as a certified personal ... read more
Latest book: Demon Hunter: Heroes Call

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melbourne Writers' Social Group
The Melbourne Writers' Social Group is a group for writers to socialise--when they're not writing. The aim of our events are to enjoy the company of other writers in a social setting, share information about writing related events in Melbourne, create accountability for our writing, celebrate writing successes such as hitting a word count or publishing, discuss writing challenges such as issues with plot, dialogue, or discipline and enjoy a tasty beverage! We welcome creative writers of any format or at any stage of writing - whether you've just started a novel, play or collection of poetry, or you're a seasoned published or unpublished author.
Latest book: Holiday Season in Melbourne

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eric Fox
Eric Fox was born and raised in Texas. He grew up playing video games and reading comic books. After graduating from college he began his career in the world of computers and loved it, working for several corporate companies. It was during this time that he began to realize that he had a talent for writing.
Latest book: Time Rift

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elyse Draper
Elyse Draper, as a native Coloradan, brings a distinctive vision of the Rocky Mountains to life. When that sight is combined with her love of world travel, history, sociological sciences, psychology, and humanism, the outcome is a setting that spans the world and imagination. That aptitude when mixed with an educational background of law, philosophy, and French, brings the result of a fantastic yet realistic renaissance storyline, ultimately taking the reader on an exceptional journey. Working as a freelance journalist for, Elyse reports on the publishing world and supports Denver's local literary contributors as Denver's Author Examiner. Still living in Colorado with her husband and daughter, she ... read more
Latest book: Vindication

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ambiente Energia
Notícias sobre meio ambiente, sustentabilidade, tecnologias e inovação com foco nas energias alternativas.
Latest book: Newsletter Ambiente Energia - n. 102 - 16 janeiro de 2012

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Scott Smith
Scott C. Smith is a freelance writer from Portland, Oregon. Professionally, he served for six years as a journalist with the United States Navy. He has contributed pop-culture articles and reviews to the web magazine Blogcritics,, and "Awake" is his first novel.
Latest book: Awake

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alfredo Herrera Santana
Nacido el 30 de marzo de 1984 en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España. Licenciado en Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación de Blanquerna, Barcelona. Actualmente reside en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M.L. Bullock
Author M.L. Bullock enjoys the laid-back atmosphere and the spooky vibe of the Gulf Coast, especially the region's historic districts and sites. When she isn't visiting her favorite haunts in New Orleans or Old Mobile, you can find her flipping through old photographs or newspaper clippings in search of new inspiration.
Latest book: Shadows Stir at Seven Sisters

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Wright
R. Boardman Wright is an author of fantasy and science fiction based out of Northwest Arkansas. He is inspired by the world around him and often finds himself living out worlds of wonder in his mind. He currently maintains residences in Southern California and Northwest Arkansas with his partner, and is currently pursuing a masters degree in psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy.
Latest book: The Ice Queen

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alan Place
I am 55, Yorkshire born but lived in Bristol since 1963. Ex-RAF; some of my stories are from my service days. I write all types and class myself as a writer; not tied to a genre although most are ghostly with a twist.
Latest book: Holding Richmond

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Antony Bennett
The stories you'll find here vary from the spooky to the downright gruesome, but they all explore how ordinary people react to extraordinary situations. My first published story appeared in the collection "Nightmares 3" after encouragement from the wonderful editor Mary Danby, and after that my stories have appeared in various magazines - Fear, Xenos, Not One of Us, etc. I hope you enjoy reading the tales on offer here (all of them are free to download). And if you do, please contact me through my Facebook page or via Twitter - I'd love to hear from you.
Latest book: Deeper Than Blood

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alison Hill
After spending most of my youth in Chester, I moved with my husband and family to Norfolk. Shortly after, I joined a local evangelical church and became devoted to my Christian faith. After losing my husband seventeen years ago, I chose to walk closely with God and learnt what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. I have written two books, "A Little Piece of Heaven" and "To Live is Christ". I enjoy making new friends as well as being loyal to old ones. Seeing new countries is at the top of my "to do" list. I love being a mum to my two children even though they are grown ups. Being part of a church is really important to me and has played a key part in my life over the last twenty one years.
Latest book: A Little Piece of Heaven

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tony H Leather
I have been writing for many years - now have several e-books out, including threecollections of short stories, one novella entitled The Plot, one book of poetry and a volume of non-fiction pieces on sexuality. I simply want to reach the widest possible audience
Latest book: Dancing with the Devil and Other Twisted Tales

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Abhishek Ratna
Abhishek Ratna is a member of Mensa International (an IQ of 156 on castle scale), an alumnus of IIT Madras, an MBA in finance and marketing with extensive corporate experience, an active member of Association of Business Communicators of India and a certified Image Management Coach. Abhishek is gifted with keen observation skills and is passionate about Coaching for Success. He loves travelling and has been to over twenty countries across the globe for work and pleasure. Connect with Abhishek: Twitter - @abhishekr79 Facebook - Mail –
Latest book: Career Success A to Z

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Khurshid Alam
Khurshid Alam is a writer and editor with Contemporary Literary Review India
Latest book: Contemporary Literary Review: India Nimba Issue 1 Anthology

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matija Kočevar
Ime mi je Matija Kočevar in vodim prevajalsko agencijo Zvezda 11. Kot ljubitelj tehnologije in branja želim na e-bralnikih zagotoviti kar najširši nabor knjig in dobrih zgodb.
Latest book: Tat teles

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Richards
Rob Richards currently lives in Denver, Colorado
Latest book: Blue Pearls

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Storey

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dan Glover
I love speaking to Dan... these days he's a lazy bastard only working part time, spending most all of his time past midnight writing. Still, he once told me that he's worked at over 30 jobs during his lifetime and in a half dozen businesses of his own, from drudge work in filthy factories to scrubbing toilets to drilling wells to selling real estate. I understand Dan makes a claim to have been writing for many decades though it is my belief that he's only become serious about it in the last fifteen years or so. His writings have a tendency to make me cringe in their candor but I can't forget his stories - I suppose that's all we can hope for from any author. I guess I should warn you that there is a darkness ... read more
Latest book: The Art of Caring: Zen Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michelle Moklebust
Michelle has been writing since she was in middle school, but when the question of publishing came up,she always said, "Someday." In 2012, after battling breast cancer, someday became today and she released her first novel, Ghost Whispers. Her second Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel, Riptide, which draws from Michelle's lifelong fascination with the Atlantis myth, was published in 2013. She has also been a special education teacher and a photographer. When she isn't writing, you can find her reading or taking pictures. In addition to her novels, Michelle has written three short stories in the Chosen series. The third story, With a Flick of the Wrist, was included in the fundraising anthology, The Many Tortures ... read more
Latest book: Riptide