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Church Doctor Ministries is a non-profit coaching, consulting, and teaching group with a mission to help others in Christian ministry become more effective. We provide tools, resources, ideas, and strategies to churches, pastors, ministry leaders and those looking to create a greater impact in the communities they are called to serve.
Latest book: The J-Dog Journey: Where is Life?

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I have been writing for most of my life and hopefully will continue to do so until I die.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gustavo Rivera
Soy Gustavo Rivera, Mexicano de nacimiento, adopción y patria. Crecido y educado en la casi extinta sociedad medica mexicana. Soy licenciado en Farmacia y actualmente estoy a punto de obtener mi grado de Doctor en la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela en Tecnología Farmacéutica. En el 2010 publiqué mi primera colección de poesía a nivel independiente por Lulú. De vagos recuerdos a escondidas redacta pequeñas experiencias, aventuras y enamoramientos prohibidos que sucedieron en mis primeros años de exilio. En mi segunda obra, Nunca es tarde para decir Te Quiero, introduzco una colección de poesías con nombres y apellidos y una historia un poco novelesca sobre las relaciones amorosas que no result ... read more
Latest book: De vagos recuerdos a escondidas

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Derek Alexander
I generally write something every day, I'll not pretend that it is always good but sometimes it's not bad. I have just published my first book on Kindle and would appreciate it if you would take a look at it (it's a steal at only 99 cents). Frankly I'd give it away if I could but after talking it over with my creditors we mutually decided that I should charge something. I guess I should say something about me, although I can't imagine why anyone would care, but my agent says that it's the "right and proper" thing to do, so here it goes. I spent most of my life determining exactly what I didn't want to do for the rest of my life. Some would say that's a waste of time but I like to think I learned a lot when I ... read more
Latest book: Death at the Downs

Follow me at my  Facebook Page June Kramin
Wife, Mother, Writer, Lunatic. Not necessarily in that order. June, who prefers to go by Bug, was born in Philadelphia but moved to Maui, Hawaii when she was four. She met her “Prince Charming” on Kauai and is currently living “Happily Ever After” on a hobby farm in a small town in Southern Minnesota. Her son and daughter are her greatest accomplishments. She takes pride in embarrassing them every chance she gets. Being hopelessly addicted to 80′s music is her super power.
Latest book: I'll Try to Behave Myself

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John A. Miller, Jr.
Before retiring in late 2004 John A. Miller, Jr. had worked for more than forty years in the fields of computers and telecommunications at several major corporations and universities. However, he always had a desire to write, so armed with a new computer in 1991 he sat down and began writing his first novel, Pima, which was published as a paperback several years later. Even though that paperback is long out of print John has continued writing as a sideline, first with five more novels in the Pima series, and then with several other novels and short stories. Because he had lived in southern Arizona for a total of nearly ten years, first while serving in the U.S. Army in the mid-1960s and later while working f ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J. G. Taschereau
I'm a native of Portland, Maine and currently reside in Orono, Maine while studying at the University of Maine. I got my B.S. in Chemistry in May 2011 and now I'm working on my Masters there in the same field. My major genre of writing is a mixture of contemporary fantasy and science fiction, as well as short stories with varying genres. I started writing almost ten years ago and focused mainly on writing fan fiction. When I got to high school I started focusing more on original work, and by the end of my senior year I had completed the first draft of my first novel. The draft sat in development until the summer of 2010, during which I worked on a few other short pieces. In 2009 I participated in National Nov ... read more
Latest book: OverWorld

Follow me at my  Facebook Page National Reye's Syndrome Foundation
Founded in 1974, the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation is a children's health advocacy organization dedicated to eradicating the incidence of Reye's Syndrome. We are a 501(c)3 charity, and your purchases are tax deductible. Our websites include:
Latest book: Coping With Family Stress After Chronic Illness or Death

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jessica E. Subject

Latest book: His Alien Virgin

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Franco Di Pasquale
Franco Di Pasquale nasce a Dudelange, Lussemburgo, nel 1966. Vive e lavora in provincia di Teramo. Scrive dall'adolescenza e legge libri da molto prima! La sua attività creativa va dalle commedie per teatro, alla poesia e alla prosa. Continua organicamente da più di un decennio ad annotare aforismi. Ha pubblicato con successo il romanzo La stagione più breve. A breve sarà pubblicato il romanzo Lo zimbello del paese vicino. Giovanissimo si appassiona alla fotografia vincendo premi importanti in Svizzera e Germania. La musica é un'altra sua grande inclinazione. Suona per diletto il pianoforte. In qualche sua opera multimediale la colonna sonora é frutto delle sue improvvisazioni musicali. L'imperativo della ... read more
Latest book: Sull'anima e altri pensieri

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Phillip Spar
Phil Spar was born in Yorkshire United Kingdom and although he has travelled extensively, it is the North Yorkshire moors where he feels at home. After spending ten years as an industrial mercenary working in the oil industry, Phil became a 'consultant' working with UK agencies in secret work mainly in the middle east. After many years dodging bullets Phil now concentrates on less dangerous pursuits and dedicates his time to wildlife conservation issues working in both in the UK and Africa.
Latest book: Live and Let Live

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vanessa Finaughty
Vanessa grew up in Cape Town, and still lives there with her husband of fifteen years, her baby daughter and plenty of furry, four-legged ‘children’. Her passion for the written word started her career as an editor and copywriter, and she part-ran a writers’ critique group for close on seven years. She's been writing ever since she learnt how, has always been an avid reader, and currently lives on coffee and cigarettes. Her interests include reading, photography, the supernatural, life's mysteries and martial arts, of which she has five years’ experience. Review copies of all Vanessa's books are available upon request, and fans are welcome to email her at - she loves to hear ... read more
Latest book: Legends of Origin 3 - Creator Species

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Graeme Hague
I've been a professional writer and musician since the 1990's (well... a working muso much earlier than that), meaning my first horror novel was published in 1993. I've since had another five novels published in Australia, all of which were also distributed through the UK by Hinkler Publishers. One of my books, Missing Pieces, has been very well received in Germany and I've since written another novel, A Clean Kill, for that publisher. However, because of my focus on the success in Germany I don't currently have books in print in Australia, a situation I'm not concerned about with the growing prevalence of Ebooks. I live in the south west of Western Australia with my wife Lisa and two dogs. I write books, freel ... read more
Latest book: Ghost Tales, Four Stories Of The Dead Among Us

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Raymond Simmons
From the Black Light Explosion Psychedelic era in the early 1970's around the San Francisco Bay Area emerged Raymond Simmons, afro-styled conga drummer extraordinaire. For the past forty years Raymond has played with dance classes, drum choirs, dance troupes, acting groups and reggae, blues and rock bands. He has had the pleasure of playing with Jimmy McCracklin, Carla Thomas, Marvin Holmes, Albert King and other greats. Raymond founded SELECT Records in 1981 with artists Masterpiece, Starlite, The Fabulous Playmates and The Original Ladies' Choice where he has been the featured percussionist. Raymond has released some of his famous techniques in Hot Percussion Licks. Raymond also endorses SELECT Maracas and SE ... read more
Latest book: SELECT Models 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jane Slavin
Jane Slavin is an actress. She lives in London, England. Writing on the Water is her first novel.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fred Kruse
Fred Kruse lebt in Norddeutschland und hat vier jugendliche Kinder, denen die Serie gewidmet ist. Er ist promovierter Physiker, arbeitet aber mittlerweile im IT-Management. Der erste Band der Serie Lucy »Besuch aus fernen Welten« ist sein erster veröffentlichter Roman. Zur Serie Lucy: Zusammen mit ihren irdischen Begleitern bricht das 16-jährige Mädchen Lucy zu einem Weltraumabenteuer auf. Anfangs glauben die vier unfreiwilligen Schicksalsgenossen noch, dass sie nur ihren Planeten Terra, die Erde, retten müssen. Im weiteren Verlauf der Odyssee, die sich in den folgenden sechs Bänden anschließt, müssen sie aber erfahren, dass es sich um weitaus größere Ziele handelt. Es geht um nicht weniger, als das ... read more
Latest book: Lucy - Die Rückkehr der Schatten (Band 6)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Latisha Patterson
A force to be reckoned with in the urban literary world, Latisha N. Patterson comes onto the scene with years of writing under her belt. The author of Airing Out Dirty Laundry, Latisha pushes through the door of opportunity with her motto, “can’t stop, won’t stop”, and hasn’t ceased to impress with her no-nonsense writing style. Latisha’s debut fictional novel, Airing Out Dirty Laundry, eases the reader in and out of erotica by intertwining real-life situations with love-hate characters who are forced to face skeletons in their closets. Inspired by events in her own life, Latisha’s Airing Out Dirty Laundry describes the effects of long-term relationships riddled with secrets. Born, raised and ... read more
Latest book: Airing Out Dirty Laundry

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Cort
Jim Cort is a New Jersey native who has supported himself by writing most of his adult life. His first published story was "The Reaper," which appeared in Rod Serling's Twilight Zone Magazine in September, 1982. The story was an entry in the magazine's first short story contest and finished in the top twenty from a field of over nine thousand. Throughout the eighties Jim sold stories, poems and articles to Twilight Zone, Reader's Digest, The New Yorker and other magazines, anthologies, and online sites. He has also worked as a corporate trainer and technical writer, and produced hundreds of manuals, training aids, and courses. In 1988 he began writing radio plays, which have been produced on audiocassette, an ... read more
Latest book: The Lonely Impulse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Deborah Foxford
Deborah Foxford has written since she could hold a pen. She began publishing science fiction shorts for magazines, followed by poems. Deborah evolved into mystery and detective shorts, culminating in her a series of psychothrillers. Deborah spends her spare time writing and studying the human mind. Deborah lives at home with her husband and 3 dogs in Arizona.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page KC Cooper
When I “disappeared”, it was because I had been in a bad car accident, couldn’t work, lost my house, and couldn’t pay my bills. Some of the unpaid bills brought the credit agency hounds who called at all hours of the day and night. But what kept me up at night was the thought of losing my car. Without a car, I wouldn’t be able to find a job, get groceries, or even get around. I couldn’t lose my car. On top of that, I had a particularly vindictive stalker who was intent on making my life hell. She had worked for the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department (in Northern California), so I couldn’t get a restraining order despite numerous attempts. Plus, she had contacts that made it hard to live an ... read more
Latest book: How to Disappear NOW

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frank C. Newby
I have authored eight books. The latest three are a trilogy called the Latin America Enigma Series. They are sold on Amazon Kindle and all e-readers. I live with my wife of 61 years in Las Cruces. NM. I write a daily Border Report for my many readers. I am a woodworker,gardener and an artist. I have been a teacher and administrator. I have climbed many of Colorado's mountains and hiked miles of its trails because I love nature and solitude.
Latest book: Medal Of Honor:From Antietam To Afghanistan

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Heather Hydrick
My name is Heather. I'm 16 years old. I love to write (ecspecially poetry) and I also love artwork. I am an Author and Publisher. Facebook: Twitter: @gagaowlqueen
Latest book: The Sad Little Flower [Revised Edition]

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth D'Onofrio
Elizabeth D’Onofrio was not born in a small cabin in the woods of Wisconsin; however, her dream to live in a dugout house on the banks of a small creek remains dear to her heart. As a pioneer wordsmith she has crossed the plains of tedium and writes rich and vivid stories that boldly pave the way for the new era of fiction. She currently lives in Arizona, having to be satisfied at present with sitting beside a small dry creek of pebbles in her Zen Garden. After the drama of ushering the adorable yet highly deadly critters of the American Southwest out of her Zen Garden, she finds the garden to be rather relaxing, except in the summer when the danger of spontaneous combustion becomes a caution. She has n ... read more
Latest book: Sword Striker

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wodke Hawkinson
Wodke Hawkinson is the name under which writing duo PJ Hawkinson and K Wodke produce their co-authored works. Both PJ and Karen have published solo works as well.
Latest book: Tangerine

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Betty Casbeer Carroll
Am retired federal employee (from Wright-Patterson AFB, OH). Currently prepare taxes for individuals during tax season, and write books (novels) for young adults in my spare time.
Latest book: Atheist in a Foxhole--One Man's Quest for Meaning

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William Jones
William H.Jones lives in southwest Michigan and enjoys reading,writing,women,and weed but not in that order.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S.C. Williamson
I am a mother of 4 with the oldest being 27 years old and the youngest being 3 years old. I taught in the public school system for 12 years before becoming a stay at home mommy with my 3 year old. I am a resident of East Texas but am Oklahoma born. I live a God centered, blessed life with my husband, our three year old, and little Jazzi, our miniture schnauzer.
Latest book: Where Did My Fairy Tale Go?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patrika Vaughn
Spanning a 25-year career as a writer, editor, publisher, lecturer, author and literary agent, Patrika Vaughn understands the written word and how to market it. She is also armed with an arsenal of tools to propel the works of aspiring writers quickly through today's prohibitive publishing arena and into the hands of readers. Awards: Order of Excellence, Who's Who in the 21st Century (Also listed in Outstanding People of the 21st Century and The International Authors and Writers Who's Who) Her 25 years of experience include every aspect of the trade: Professional Writer: Columnist and feature writer. Articles published in more than 100 national journals and magazines. Author of books, audio books and ebooks. ... read more
Latest book: Everything You Need to Know to Write, Publish and Market Your Book

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frank Méndez
Rudy Francisco Noguera Méndez poeta nicaragüense. Nació en San Francisco de Nindiri, departamento de Masaya: 12/03/67. Obras realizadas: “Poética Nacional” y “Tierra de Esperanza”. Poeta y comediante polifacético, propagandista comercial y político, ex miembro de la Casa del Artista Nacional (Managua. Nicaragua). Actualmente radica en Costa Rica donde labora como pescador artesanal. Cursó sus estudios públicos en una escuela conocida como Centro Escolar Tenderi. Sus conocimientos Literarios son sumamente empíricos arraigados en un corazón expresivo lleno de amor y patriotismo. La sencillez de sus versos y el consecuente impulso, de solidaridad altruista hacen de sus obras un lenguaje de amor h ... read more
Latest book: Poética Nacional

Follow me at my  Facebook Page The College Volleyball Coach
The College Volleyball Coach is a current NCAA Division I women’s volleyball coach with over 15 years experience, including power conference and mid-major programs from coast to coast. As a player, Coach was a National Championship winner and All-American honoree, a member of the USA National Team, as well as a professional in Europe and on the beach.
Latest book: Inside College Volleyball

Follow me at my  Facebook Page San Louie
San Louie is a quarterly publication available both in print and online, created by San Luis Obispo residents who are invested in their community and its cultural well-being. It's for people who love to read but also appreciate the respite of a provocative illustration or beautifully rendered map. San Louie explores the cultural, artistic and scientific goings-on relevant to the Central Coast while paying homage to its rich past. We respect our readers and hold dear the belief that small towns cater to big minds. Having said what we are and aspire to in no way precludes other topics or subjects of interest. We grow and change as the Central Coast does. And because we're online we're available to kindred spirit ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Janovy
About the author: John Janovy, Jr. (PhD, University of Oklahoma, 1965) is the author of seventeen books and over ninety scientific papers and book chapters. These books range from textbooks to science fiction to essays on athletics. He is now retired, but when an active faculty member held the Paula and D. B. Varner Distinguished Professorship in Biological Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research interest is parasitology. He has been Director of UNL’s Cedar Point Biological Station, Interim Director of the University of Nebraska State Museum, Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences, and secretary-treasurer of the American Society of Parasitologists. His teaching experiences include large ... read more
Latest book: Bernice and John: Finally Meeting Your Parents Who Died a Long Time Ago

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William McDowell
William McDowell was born on 21 September 1911 in Rawalpindi, then in British India, now part of Pakistan. His father, William Alexander McDowell, had served with the Black Watch regiment in the Boer War before being posted to India. McDowell senior had been demobilized in India and had joined the North Western Railway as a fireman/driver in the Punjab, but when war broke out in 1914 he was recalled to the Black Watch. He was travelling by train from Rawalpindi to Karachi to board the troop ship to take him to the war front when he contracted a fatal dose of ptomaine poisoning. The young William went on to spend most of his life in India, returning there to work in the motor industry before serving with the ... read more
Latest book: From the Diplomatic Bag

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shahnaz Khari
Shahnaz Khari was brought up in a wealthy British Pakistani household where she wanted for nothing. Her problems started when, at the age of 12, she was forced to give up school to become cook and housemaid to her brothers in her parents’ absence. She never went back to school. For Shahnaz, one nightmare followed another. At 18 she was forced into an arranged marriage with a man whom she quickly discovered to be a violent and abusive drug addict who stole her money and jewellery to buy drugs. No sooner had she begun to recover from that ordeal than her parents made her marry a teenage boy who turned out to be controlling, sadistic and equally violent. There followed a traumatic pregnancy and stillbirth, ... read more
Latest book: The Butterfly's Cage

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Liana Hakes-Rucker
Liana Hakes-Rucker lives in North Central Texas. She is married, has an elderly dog, and a cat who demonstrates poor hygiene. Liana works on the admissions unit of a Mental Hospital where she writes most of her first drafts. Liana lives a good life.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Durant
James Durant born in England (London) 1946 James (mostly called Jim or Jimmy) moved to Australia 1958 Now lives on the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads NSW Married to Sandra; Children Dalina, Raelean and Natalie. Occupation; worked in the Automotive industry, Electrical industry and Water industry. A football referee for 35 years (round ball) In general time spent in retirement consists of reading, writing, painting and when possible golf and fishing. Mostly time is occupied with relaxing and doing our own thing in retirement. The furthermost achievement would be our children and their success. Writing this book was a labour of love, keeps the body willing and the mind active.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jonathon Jones
Jonathon Jones was born in the Midwest, the middle of a corn field in central Illinois to be exact. His younger days can easily be described as a combination of seventies childhood fun and scenes from old Saturday Evening Post covers all rolled up into one. As life moved on, he achieved a BA in Art History, an MA in Library Science, and became a member of the Society for Collegiate Scholars as well as the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Jonathon currently resides in Florida with his girlfriend and near his family, whom he would like to thank wholeheartedly for giving him the hope and inspiration that he needs to make all of his dreams come true.
Latest book: Beneath the Bamboo: A Vietnam War Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Carrick
John Carrick grew up in northern Illinois, spent four years with the US Marine Corps and is the creator / author of the Ashley Fox novel series.
Latest book: Ashley Fox - Ninja Orphan

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M.T. Melder
I was born and raised in New Mexico. I have a very large family, and several brothers and sisters. The year I turned 16, my family and I, moved to Texas. I fell In love with the land, and found the man of my dreams there. Texas will always have a special place in my heart. Together my husband and I had three beautiful children. A little girl, we named April, and then we had twin boys. We named them, Justin and John. We moved to Tennessee for a quieter way of life for the children, and I think we succeeded. The cats in the book actually exist. Smoke and Icarus belong to the boys, just like in The Blue Sapphire. I also have a Boston Terrier, named Stormy. She is due to make an appearance, in the next book i ... read more
Latest book: The Blue Sapphire

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ciye Cho
Ciye Cho lives in Australia and works as a graphic designer. He writes YA novels in his free time--and his head is often lost in the clouds or some place far from reality...
Latest book: Rory

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laurie McAndish King
Nature nut abhors long walks on the beach, fears mosquito bites, enjoys taxidermy. Laurie McAndish King has tracked lions in Botswana, chased lemurs through the mountains of Madagascar, fended off leeches in tropical Queensland, and trapped sharp-taloned raptors in northern California. Laurie recently wrote an iPhone application about the San Francisco waterfront. Her work has aired on radio and been published in Smithsonian magazine and many literary anthologies.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gary Revel
I was born in Florala, Alabama on June 29, 1949. My mother and dad divorced when I was 5. We moved around a lot and my mother was married and divorced a couple of more times before I graduated high school in Bonifay, Florida in 1967, I enlisted in the US Navy and after receiving an Honorable Discharge moved to Hollywood, California. Below is a few details and facts of my life that is touched on in the book/memoir, TO LIVE OR MAYBE NOT. Playing poker with men in a rough and tumble southern juke-joint is not the typical activity of a 10 year old boy but it was for Gary Revel. Dancing with waitresses to Rock & Roll, Blues and Country music coming from the jukebox was also part of his usual child's-play. In High ... read more
Latest book: Milestones

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joanne Schoenwald
I grew up in Lafayette, Indiana and received my B.S. in Pharmacy in 1960. I practiced pharmacy for 44 years in hospitals and drug stores in Indiana, Arizona, California, Washington, Texas and Iowa. My husband, Ron, is a Professor Emeritus from the Univ. of Iowa. We are retired and living in Surprise, Arizona. We have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. My writing background came from the years I spent taking courses at the 'Iowa Summer Writing Festival'. I am currently working on a sequel to The Death Cart that I hope to call" The Monk's Treasure.
Latest book: The Death Cart

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S.R. Roddy
Married with five children, three cats and one very large dog she lives happily in a small town north of Austin, Tx. She is an ordinary housewife who spends most of her day homeschooling her four teenage children. From a young age she discovered a deep love for books that has encouraged her vivid imagination and touched her romantic spirit. With the help and support of her family she spends her spare time writing with the desire to share her creativity with other avid readers like herself.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christopher Obie
I was born and raised on a farm in northern North Carolina. My upbringing on the farm instilled certain values that I still hold dear to this day. It also gave me an appreciation for the land and the surrounding environment. I was formally trained as a Computer Scientist at N.C. State University, however, I have always been an “artist” at heart. I love to read, write and draw. Lately, I’ve primarily focused on writing with a special interest in writing fiction.
Latest book: Dumisai And The Covenant Of The Ancestors

Follow me at my  Facebook Page LaCricia A'ngelle
LaCricia A`ngelle is the author of Girl, Naw! a Christian novel published by His Pen Publishing. A Chicago native, this mother, licensed evangelist and top selling author is on the rise to the top! With a writing career that began when she was just a child, LaCricia A`ngelle quickly realized that God had blessed her with the ability and a unrelenting love for the written word. She has taken her childhood talents of writing songs, short stories and even a non-fiction book as a teen, which she tossed to the side because of fear, to a powerhouse novelist who has matured in her craft thanks to God’s continued grace and HIS pen, which helps her, put the words together. When asked about her genre of choice, LaCri ... read more
Latest book: Positive Deception

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.N. Pro
Javier Náñez Pro nació en Monterrey, Nuevo León el 9 de Abril de 1991. Estudió en San Pedro Garza García hasta terminar el Bachillerato. Según parece, él comenzó a escribir su primera novela, “La Redención del Asesino” a la edad de 16 años, y ocasionalmente publica artículos de opinión sobre temas de actualidad. Tiene estudios en distintas ciencias sociales en la Universidad de Harvard y El Colegio de México, y actualmente finaliza la Licenciatura en Derecho en la Facultad Libre de Derecho de Monterrey, ubicada en el municipio de Santa Catarina, Nuevo León.
Latest book: La Redención del Asesino

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Justin Webster
Justin was born in Florence, Ontario in 1972, the only child of Wayne and Joan Webster. Justin lived his entire childhood in Florence and that hamlet plays a part in nearly every story in Lore. Justin attended Dawn Township Central School and dated Tammy Robinson briefly in 1986. They never officially broke up so they may still be an item in spite of his marriage. He then went on to graduate from Lambton Kent Composite School in Dresden in 1991. He went out with other girls there whom he made a point to clearly define relationship beginnings and endings. From there, he attended Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. It was there where he met his future wife and they are still an item as far as he knows. After ... read more
Latest book: The Rescue

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Angus McIntosh
I grew up in KY, TN, MI, and NY. I got thrown out of SUNY Purchase for drug use and failing grades. I kind of graduated from Hunter College 3 years later with a double BA in History and Psychology. (I never filed for my diploma.) I considered attending grad school but studied martial arts and Zen instead. I earned black belts in both Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan and studied other arts less seriously. I read voraciously and can hold my own on most topics, except maybe math. I’ve washed dishes, worked in a warehouse, spent 4 years at IBM, managed and then bought for a chain of independent bookstores, been a personal trainer specializing in mind-body relationships, started and closed a dojo, founded a nonprof ... read more
Latest book: It Starts With Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gloria Clarke, RN
Gloria Clarke, RN, has been devising methods to comfort her patients, family and friends for over forty years, helping them adapt their environments to decrease stress and increase wellness. She lives in Oceanside, CA, with her husband and family. Gloria co-owns Natural Graces, Inc, a wellness healing center, with her daughter. She continues to provide comfort to her patients as a visiting nurse.
Latest book: Comfort Remedies (For Life on an Uncomfortable Planet)