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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anne Nowlin
Anne Nowlin is the author of The Cornfield, as well as several other short stories that are soon to be published. She writes young-adult, horror, suspense, and family drama. She also writes freelance and works full-time as an accountant. Anne received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of NC at Greensboro in 2000. Originally from the small town of Mayodan, NC, Anne now resides in Winston-Salem.
Latest book: Mommy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anthony Schultz
Anthony Schultz is comic book, movie, and book aficionado, and enjoys spending his free time by furthering his inner pannapictagraphist by completing his Martian Manhunter and Orange Lantern collections. As a Spokannite and native of Washington State Anthony spends his off hours with family, friends, and his Wookiee of a Daschund, Norman. He publishes regularly on Amazon and Word Press and can be reached at all hours at
Latest book: The Well

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Romi Moondi
[The author is guessing you don't care about where she went to school and her favourite colour and blah, blah, so below is a brief summary of writer pursuits, followed by the fun part: ways to interact and find out more about the author on an everyday basis!] Romi Moondi is a Canadian writer who converted her blog "Year of the Chick" into novel form, and followed that with two more books in the series (and a prequel short story!). The most recent of these novels takes place in Paris, where she lived for six months in 2013 (after trading in her corporate job for an inspiration-seeking mission). The books can be described as edgy romantic comedies, where happy endings are not a guarantee, and where less-than-gl ... read more
Latest book: Never or Forever (Year of the Chick series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K. Victoria Chase
From childhood, K. Victoria Chase enjoyed writing stories and plays and reading Christian romance. She received degrees in Criminal Justice and Diplomacy and worked as a federal law enforcement officer for several years before deciding to try her hand at writing a complete novel. Today, K. Victoria Chase is an Amazon bestselling author both in the US and the UK. She writes both clean and Christian interracial romance. Visit K. Victoria Chase at Mailing List:
Latest book: Marked by the Mob (Virginia Justice Book Two)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marie Crist
Marie has taken an interest in the welfare of children for many years. Her own parents have served as guardians for the foster care system for more than a decade, giving Marie the opportunity to meet many children who have come from troubled backgrounds. All too often, the children Marie encountered were victims of sexual abuse, either at the hands of their biological parents or while living in one of the temporary foster homes in which they had been placed. Marie saw the lasting effects that a child who is the victim of abuse can carry well into adulthood and made the decision to be their advocate through her talents as a writer. With her childhood experiences and determined personality working together t ... read more
Latest book: Citizen Out

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bert Johnston
Bert Johnston is a retired pastor and presbytery executive who has left the writing of sermons for the writing of novels. When he writes of the trials and triumphs of pastors and their churches, he writes to entertain, not to preach, but hopes also to inspire. Bert lives with his wife Betty and their cat, Walter Mitty, in southern Alabama, where the waters of the Tensaw Delta flow through the marshes and empty into the beautiful Mobile Bay.
Latest book: Sunrise in the Cloud Forest

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Antrobus
David Antrobus was born in Manchester, England, raised in the English Midlands and currently resides near Vancouver, Canada. He writes music reviews, articles, creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry. The lessons he learned from working for two decades with abused and neglected street kids will never leave him.
Latest book: Endless Joke

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kate Dempsey
Kate Dempsey writes fiction and poetry and lives in Ireland. She has been collecting jobs for her author biography since she could read. She has worked as a coffee grinder, a terrible waitress in Woolworths, a Harrods shop assistant, a computer programmer, a technical writer, a writer in schools and a mother. She's lived in England, Scotland, The Netherlands, South West USA and now in Ireland. These diverse jobs and homes are reflected in her witty, observational writing, which is widely published in Ireland and the UK. Her short stories have been broadcast on RTE Radio and published in the Poolbeg Anthology 'Do The Write Thing.' She was shortlisted for the Hennessey New Irish Writing award three times and her ... read more
Latest book: The Last Cowboy in the East

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ross Goldstein
Ross E. Goldstein, Ph.D. is the author of Fortysomething: Claiming the Power and the Passion of Your Midlife Years (Tarcher, 1990). He was a practicing clinical psychologist for 15 years, but his own passion is cycling. Chain Reaction draws deeply on his personal experiences and observations collected on and off the bike in both the US and Europe. Ross received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and currently lives in Mill Valley, California. He has two children, the oldest of whom has just started his own bicycle racing career.
Latest book: Chain Reaction: A Novel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patricia Strefling
Patricia Strefling, author of four published romance books, enjoys writing stories that inspire and encourage. She loves to travel and crochet and is currently working three new novels. Mother of three grown sons and five grandsons. Patricia lives with her husband in SW lower Michigan.
Latest book: Lacy's Legacy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mariah Brinkerhoff
I love to sing and write. I plan to go to college and learn other languages and be an FBI detective.
Latest book: There's a man in my House

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Milda Harris
Milda Harris is a Chicago girl who is now living the dream in Hollywood. She loves watching movies and playing random sports like dodgeball and kickball. Between working in production on television shows like Austin & Ally, Hannah Montana, and That's So Raven and playing with her super cute dog Licorice, she writes young adult and chick lit novels.
Latest book: Doppelganger 2: On The Run

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L. Blankenship
L. Blankenship started writing animal stories as a kid and it's just gotten completely out of hand since then. Now she's out publishing her gritty fantasy and hard science fiction adventures. L grew up in New Hampshire but currently lives near Washington, DC.
Latest book: Disciple, Part IV

Follow me at my  Facebook Page camuccelli
Sou campositor,cantor,dramaturgo e toco violão.Agora estou inveredando pelo mundo dos escritores.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jan Morrill
Jan Morrill’s award-winning short stories and memoir essays have been published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books and several anthologies. She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize for her short story "Xs and Os," which appeared in the Voices Anthology. She recently completed her first novel, Broken Dolls, a historical fiction and is now on the journey toward publication. Her two children grown, Jan lives on a farm in the United States with her husband, two dogs and two cats -- that is, when she's not getting new story ideas while on a new adventure somewhere else in the world! For more information, visit her website at
Latest book: Captain Josie and The Whale

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Liz Jansen
I’m an author, writer, facilitator, and adventurer. My mission is to be known globally as a messenger of inspiration and authenticity, who walks her soul’s path, or in my case rides her path, with practical feet. All of my activities have a common focus: to create the space for others to discover and practice their greatness. I help people who are considering change, dealing with change, or going through life transitions, create the life they want. I work with them to discover how to build on their strengths, use the energy of resistance constructively, and move forward to create the life they want. Whether their experience is personally or professionally initiated, the learnings are transferable to all ... read more
Latest book: Life Lessons from Motorcycles - Seventy-Five Tips for Defining Your Brand

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Apollonia Castal
The Journey Began with Pip the Dragon When I was seven years old, a high school concert band came to my elementary school to give a concert. Although us little tykes were obliged to sit crossed legged on the cold of the gym floor, once the band began to play I was transported. I closed my eyes and let the music wash over me, and for the first time in my life I watched as stories appeared before my mind’s eye. I was introduced to a dragon named Pip, and as the music played, I became privy to her many adventures. It was not until two years later that I put pen to paper and wrote out Pip’s epic dramas, but in the meantime I entertained my younger brother and sister with tales of her exploits. As I grew, Pip ... read more
Latest book: The Tale of the Wind and the Rain

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aayush Gupta
I am a doctor, currently doing my post graduation in the field of dermatology, love writing. Mostly poetry, some prose and some short stories. Am currently writing a version 2 of this novel. Any suggestions/ criticism would be of the utmost value
Latest book: Those Angel Eyes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicholas Hedges
Artist and writer born in Oxford, England in 1971.
Latest book: Arthur King

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K. T. Fanning
K. T. Fanning was born in Montclair, New Jersey, on the first day of spring. She has lived in Oklahoma, Colorado, Illinois, Northern California, Southern California, and currently resides in the beautiful northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The author's adventures have taken her to most of the contiguous United States, both coasts of Canada, Nova Scotia, Mexico, Scotland, England, France, Egypt, and the Bahamas.
Latest book: The Catacomb Gourmet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrew Osta And Friends
Andrew Osta is a multi talented prodigy, born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1982. He immigrated to Canada in 1994, and graduated from the University of Toronto with double degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science in 2005. The same year, he began to paint professionally. Andrew developed a unique style of painting, where priority is given to color and composition, forms are abstracted, and symbolism is used extensively. Keith Widgor of SurrealismNow called Andrew Osta “A Surrealist Genius.”Andrew also received recognition from Shahla Rosa and other surrealist and visionary artists. In 2009, Andrew Osta exhibited his paintings in Peru at the 5th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference, sharing the exhibit ... read more
Latest book: Get Rich With Stocks: Daytrading Basics

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lindy Brown
Lindy Brown is the author and illustrator of several children's books including Light Shines in India, Tilly and the Tooth Fairy Race, and Idlewild Summer. She has also published articles and poetry.
Latest book: Idlewild Summer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tracy Reed Fridenmaker
I live in Southeast Ohio with my husband. I have a grown daughter who is my best friend, and a grown son who would make any mother proud. Both of my children have found significant others with children of their own, giving me two beautiful step grandsons.
Latest book: The Fridenmaker Project

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rice
I was born in Iroquois Falls Ontario - the fifth child in a family of six. Shortly after the war we moved to a small farm in Sharp Township and when I was five we moved again, this time to a small farm near the village of Charlton Ontario. I left school when I was 15 and, after working at many jobs in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver (as well as other places) I went back to school through a government sponsored program. After completing high school, I studied electronics at Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology. I was hired in 1971 by International Nickel Company as an instrument technician and retired in 2005 after 34 years. My wife died in 2003 from cancer, and both sons, Matthew and Andy, ... read more
Latest book: Keeper of the Sword

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Ives
I was one of these kids that was different; much further down the line i began to understand why. I became involved in healing in the 90s and that opened the gates to all kinds of new experiences. Was it fun? Was it scary? Did i know what i was doing? Yes. Yes. No. Over time i came to understand a great deal that was not seen in print but for me that was good; I did not develop or have any prior expectations to get in the way. What i have learned from Spirit I use daily and share with those ready to listen. So do i have all the answers? No of course not; the learning never stops.
Latest book: From The Inside Out

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S.T. Ray
S. T. Ray lives and writes in Bangkok where he works as an English language educator when not pecking away on the keyboard. Oh, how he loves to peck…This memoir is the authors first real stab at autobiographical writing...
Latest book: The Sub - Teaching in Thailand

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sara Goldenthal
Sara Goldenthal is a photographer, artist and animal behaviorist. Her book, TUCKER THE SPIRIT CAT, is inspired by real life events, and her deep love of a cat named Tucker, who is now a spirit cat.
Latest book: No More Scaredy Cat

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Addison Moore
Addison Moore enjoys writing young adult paranormal romance and is often fueled by Dr. Pepper.
Latest book: Burning Through Gravity

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eva Pohler
I write fiction for teens and adults and teach writing and literature at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where I live with my husband, three kids, two dogs, and two rats (Katniss and Prim, of course). I'm also an avid reader and book reviewer. I've always said I never want to give up reading for writing or vice versa. I want to do both. My favorite authors are Tracy Chevalier, Ann Patchett, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, Rick Riordan, and Stephanie Meyer. I have too many to name, but those are a handful of them. When I'm not spending time with the family, working, reading, or writing, I can be found watching The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Middle, and NCIS. I love to interact with readers and ... read more
Latest book: The Gatekeeper's Promise: Gatekeeper's Saga, Book Six

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David de Haviland
David de Haviland was a jackeroo in the Kimberley;a a jug-hustler in the Canning Desert,and worked in other parts of the Australian outback. After two years on patrols in Papua New Guinea he made his living as an actor and entertainer about the world before putting down roots (literally) in Queensland. When not tending rainforest orchards in the Noosa Hinterland, he writes. Presently, he is polishing another novel: FRIEND BEYOND DEATH. Watch for it on Smashwords.
Latest book: Friend Beyond Death

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Natasha Mackey
Natasha N. Mackey has worked in the ministry for over 15 years. She has worked in various capacities across denominational lines. Her life’s mission is to unify the Body of Christ and see the saints of God equipped, trained and brought to maturity in the faith. She is an anointed, powerful woman of God. Natasha N. Mackey flows in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When she lays hands on the sick, they recover. As she preaches, teaches and flows in prophetic worship, people are healed and delivered. She ministers both nationally and internationally and is an emerging speaker, author and singer/songwriter.
Latest book: Walking in Kingdom Authority: A Practical Jumpstart Guide to Kingdom Living

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kaoru Shinmon
Kaoru is an American self-help author, mentor, storyteller, public speaker and personal coach, who empowers’ people to change their lives and reach their hopes, dreams and aspirations.
Latest book: My Journey Stepping into Sunshine

Follow me at my  Facebook Page P.N. Elrod
Try before you buy! Sample reading for each story: P.N. Elrod is best known for her ongoing urban fantasy series, The Vampire Files, featuring vampire PI Jack Fleming. Set in post-Prohibition Chicago, Jack's first big case was to solve his own murder! There are twelve novels and counting from Ace Science Fiction. Elrod's sold more than 22 novels to Ace, Baen, Benbella, and Tor, and as many short stories to various publishers since 1990. She's edited several theme anthologies for St. Martin's Griffin, including the award-winning My Big, Fat Supernatural Wedding, My Big, Fat Supernatural Honeymoon, and Strange Brew. She's worked with the top names in the genre, includi ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cathy Yardley
I’m a writer. I adore genre fiction with a passion that defies reason, logic, and the laws of physics. I love the publishing world. Not all of it, and not all the time, but it’s a marriage that’s lasted over ten years and seventeen novels, and I still get tinglies thinking about it. I believe, quite vehemently, that you need to rock your art, but handle your business. I believe you can sell a lot without selling out.
Latest book: Rock Your Plot: A Simple System for Plotting Your Novel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tess Gregory
As a young child I was always reading. When kids were running around in the summer I would sit under a tree reading. My love for books never wavered, I lay in bed every night reading the next best seller. My favorite authors are; JK Rowlings, Jude Deveraux, Stephenie Meyers, just to name a few. I live in Northampton, PA with my husband of ten years, and my daughter, the youngest of three daughters. The oldest daughter has two adorable daughters of her own, and is attending college. The middle child is in college studying to be a marine biologist. I have spent many years traveling between, cheerleading practices, gymnastics classes, and marching band rehersals and performances. I have been actively invol ... read more
Latest book: More Than A Promise: The Wedding (2nd book in a 3 book series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Julie Ceaglske
About the author Julie Ceaglske, mother of two sons, is a registered child care provider and has been in the child care field for over 30 years. She has been awarded the prestigious Early Education Excellence award, is a participant in Iowa’s QRS, Child Net certified, PITC certified, and a child care specialist. She is the co-founder/author, along with Scott, her husband of 32 years, of the website: Her home child care business, Smart Start Child Care LLC, has been operating since 1989.
Latest book: In Home Child Care Business, A Quick Start Guide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ellis Weiner
Ellis Weiner began as an editor of National Lampoon, then went on to write for ten thousand magazines, including but not limited to The New Yorker, The N.Y. Times Magazine, Parenting, Child, Smithsonian, Chow, and, of course, Air & Space. He was an original columnist for Spy. He continues to contribute to the New Yorker and has been a frequent blogger on The Huffington Post. He has also had an extensive career as a writer and producer in children’s television. He and his wife, Barbara Davilman, are co-authors of Yiddish With Dick and Jane, Yiddish With George and Laura, How to Raise a Jewish Dog, How to Profit From the Coming Rapture (all published by Little, Brown), Arffirmations: Meditations For Your Do ... read more
Latest book: Atlas Slugged AGAIN

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark McCann
Writer, Anarchist, Alternative Hedonist, philosophical Shite talker, fitness apache & rogue animal of the human tribe.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mary Lou Danielson
Sit back, relax by a roaring fire, by the pool, or just in a comfy chair. Have a cup of tea or cocoa...or a nice glass of wine. There will be no monsters, mild horror, mild blood and guts, no war, or nightmares. Lull yourself in soft romance and contemporary relationships in the real world, and maybe partake of a few mild sexual scenes. You will be dredged in the emotions of the characters as they pursue love and overcome adversities, broken relationships, or grief and loss. Snuggle with a box of tissues for tears or laugher, but reserve a period of time for my stories to transport you to the land of contentment. Attention quilters: I am in the process of converting my easy to make, quilt patterns to ebo ... read more
Latest book: Quilt Pattern - Mock Cabin Star

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D.K. LeVick
Born Buffalo, New York; Education - University of New York; Engineer; Environmentalist; Writer; Novel - "Bridges - a Tale of Niagara"; - "Journeys across Niagara'
Latest book: The Man in the Painting

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JD Gillam
I love to read and write. I enjoy listening to rock music and really like geeking out! I write a column for the relaunched Starburst magazine called "Remake Hell" as well as contributing to UK genre magazines such as Shock Horror and SciFiNow. I dream of writing for people to enjoy - who knows, hopefully Smashwords can help me achieve that dream! Feel free to contact me via Twitter or Facebook.
Latest book: The Horn

Follow me at my  Facebook Page W.Wm. Mee
Wayne William Mee is a recently retired English teacher who enjoys hiking, sailing and walking his dog McDuff. But along with his wife Maggie, writing is his true love, the one he returns to to let his immagination soar. Wayne would like you to 'look him up' on FACEBOOK and click the 'Friend' button. The more the merrier! If you enjoyed his books, kindly say so on Facebook, Twitter, Tweeter or whatever other 'social network' you use. (Wayne tells me that 'word of mouth' still works very well!) Please keep an eye out for other novels by W. Wm.Mee. He has several finished and several more in the works. A gritty fantasy, a historical novel, and of course, more from his 'Ragnok' series about 'The Cleansing'. Than ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson and Maria Hartman are from Shasta County, California and have five children and three grandchildren. Our youngest child moved back home last year with a health condition, which required her to have a recommendation for the use of Cannabis. Starting the cooking of Cannabis was thru trial and error until the opportunity arose to write a cookbook from the requests of others that had tasted the foods we had prepared. Bryan being a Culinary Arts Major and Maria Hartman helping with the preparation of the foods to an delicious flavor they wrote the first book "Calm Effects, The Beginning which covers some sweets and treats, this book covers a different version of appetizers that came straight from ... read more
Latest book: Calm Effects: Cannabis Infused Sauces!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Allysha Hamber
Allysha L. Hamber was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Allysha is an established Author, whose inaugural book, has sold out on the East coast. Allysha’s self-published, debut novel, “Keep It On The Down Low, No One Has To Know,” is still rising to the top of the Urban Street charts. She now has four more novels under her belt. “What’s Done in the Dark,” “The NorthSide Clique,” “Mimika Avenue,” and the latest, “Unlovable Part 1 & 2,” the semi-biographical novel which tells the graphic details of abuse, molestation and teenage prostitution. At the age of sixteen, Allysha found herself living on the streets of St. Louis and eventually forced into teenage street life. Yet, Allysha manage ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kent Conwell
Kent Conwell grew up in the Texas Panhandle in the town of Wheeler, population 848. The West was an integral part of his life. The solitude of the Panhandle, which offered little more than school and work, encouraged his reading and writing as well as his exploration of the vastness of the rolling prairies, the emptiness of which carried the presentiment itself of mystery and death. A quest for adventure had been woven into his life by his grandfather, who had run away from his Tennessee home when he was 14. He bullwhacked his way to the Panhandle where he met his future wife who had traveled from Illinois to Texas. After moving to Fort Worth where Kent was more at home at the stockyards than school, he ea ... read more
Latest book: The Secret of Blackbeard's Gold

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dan Ronco
I was raised in Newark, NJ, then and now a tough place to grow up. My parents were hard-working people who wanted the best for my sister and me. I was in and out of trouble, but somehow did well enough to be accepted into the local college (now New Jersey Institute of Technology). I had great friends --- like brothers --- and we still remain close after all these years. After graduating college with a degree in chemical engineering, I attended Columbia University on a fellowship and earned a masters degree in nuclear engineering. It was my ticket out of Newark; I went to work for GE in Schenectady designing nuclear reactors for submarines, but it did not fit my temperment. On the other hand, developing co ... read more
Latest book: PeaceMaker

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristi Burchfiel
I never thought that the difficult times I found myself stuck in would result in a Bible study. As a young pastor’s wife, I found myself digging deep into the book of Ecclesiastes looking for answers to the questions that overwhelmed my life: How do I prioritize my life? What things should I focus on? What do I do when things don’t work out my way? How do I avoid having regrets later on? Those questions and the answers I learned paved the way for my first book Without Regrets. Since then, I’ve experienced the amazing truths that God has for us in the Bible and I am passionate about sharing those truths with others in a way that they can apply those truths to their lives. I write Christian Daily Devotio ... read more
Latest book: The Daily Devotional Series: Proverbs

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Johnson
James is a 20-year veteran of the New York City Police Department; he is a certified gang specialist and youth expert. James Johnson was successful in decreasing gang activity 62% in Brooklyn New York . After retiring in 2005, he relocated to Cary North Carolina and started Life Strategies Solutions Inc. where he continues to connect, empower and restore families. He is an author, presenter and life strategiest. In addition to the many hats he wears, he currently the trainer for Big Brother Big Sisters.
Latest book: How To Reach The Prodigal Child

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kimberly Prescott
After 20 years in corporate marketing with Fortune 500's and start-ups and everything in between, I have seen many amazing and enlightening marketing strategies. Some have worked. Some have tanked. But through it all I have found my place. Today, I write books on these varied experiences and am publishing my first of these in the next few weeks. My hope is to inspire others to greatness, to help companies grow and to shorten the journey into marketing automation as many are traveling this road right now. I am also an enchanted speaker who takes the audience on an adventure through real life experiences and into a world where anything is possible. May you enjoy the journey as much as I do each day.
Latest book: The Tiger and the Autobahn: A Journey into Marketing Automation