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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Warner
Dr. Steve Warner is a mathematician and test prep expert who has been tutoring students in mathematics for standardized tests since 1999. During this time Dr. Warner has used the feedback from thousands of students to develop a unique system that can be used by anyone to drastically improve his or her math score in a very short period of time. Dr. Warner's philosophy is quite different from most experts in that he focuses on test-specific strategy designed to save time, avoid carelessness, and exploit the weaknesses of standardized tests, as opposed to spending valuable time on the conventional teaching of mathematics. Furthermore, Dr. Warner realizes that students at different score levels must be taught diff ... read more
Latest book: SAT Prep Math Survival Guide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mindy Mather
I have been writing stories since I was very young and have always enjoyed it. Creating my own characters and giving them a story is so much fun and I love that I can share them with people all over the world. Writing is my passion and I hope that you all enjoy my stories. I especially love reading and writing romance novels as those are my favorite kind of stories. I apologize in advance for any grammatical and spelling errors or typos that I may not have caught. Grammar has never been my strong point in writing and I do not have a professional editor to help me correct any mistakes I may make, but I do my very best.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brian Marggraf
Brian Marggraf has been writing fiction since the fourth grade. His first completed piece: a story about dragons, castles, and knights. Derivative, yes, but at age ten that’s ok. In 2002, he graduated from San Francisco State University’s creative writing program. His work has been published in Transfer Magazine and The Olive Tree Review. Dream Brother, his debut novel, was released in January 2014. He grew up in Ventura County, California, and now lives in New York City.
Latest book: Dream Brother: A Novel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Edward J George
Edward J George is retired from the Department of Defense Science and Engineering Corps he served as a Human Factors specialist in aerospace test and evaluation. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern Colorado in 1976 and a Masters Degree in Experimental Psychology from Montana State University in 1979. He is a collector of gambling literature and a student of gambling systems. He’s been a regular patron of Nevada’s casinos and a dedicated craps enthusiast for more than a quarter century.
Latest book: Secrets of Craps and Other Casino Games

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alexander McCabe
After graduating with a couple of useless degrees in law, Alexander McCabe wandered nomadically around the globe to experience the rich diversity of culture that the world has to offer. For the moment, it is Canada’s turn to provide a suitable abode for him and the wife he picked up along the way.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mosiur Rehman
Mosiur Rehman is a new author from India who has made his literary debut with his play "Aphrodite". It is the first Greko-Roman mythological play ever written and published by an Indian. The play Aphrodite is not only about a love story but it has sugar coated dialogues that hit the feminists(as said by some critics). The main aim to raise Hephaestus(because he is a minor character in the Greek mythology) is well fulfilled. Overall it is a story of deadly betrayal. Proud females like Aphrodite will always make mistakes and Innocent people like Hephaestus will always suffer and lament. Cries of Lamentation and the heart-burning pains are visible in the Epilogue. It is his masterpiece........
Latest book: Never fall in Love if you can't meet it's demands

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adrian D Roberts
Adrian D Roberts was raised in Essex, England until relocating to Northamptonshire in his thirties. When growing up he dreamt of being a Police Officer and managed to realise that dream straight from School. Dreams don’t always work out so after two years as a Constable he joined a Paper Merchant and begun to sell paper for a living. After fifteen years in sales and buying he decided to accept voluntary redundancy to work on his new dream of writing. With a daughter that he dotes on, he is a keen cyclist and reluctant runner. An avid reader of just about everything but majoring in Science Fiction and Fantasy his other hobbies include Karate, indoor climbing and arguing alternative points of view.
Latest book: Reason For Vengeance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shayla Hart
Hi there, I'll start by thanking you for taking time to visit my page. Well, as you already know my name is, Shayla. I am 28 years old. I am a professional Chef with Qualifications in Hospitality and Catering. I was born and raised in London, so the city is pretty much all I know. I have two gorgeous sons, I am happily married have been for a long time. My family are from North Cyprus, I am of Turkish heritage. I may not live in Cyprus, but I still call it home as I try to fly out every chance I get to see my extended family. I don't want to bore you with my life story, so let me tell a little about why I started writing. While I loved reading, I never thought of myself as a writer, nor do I have a fancy ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mandy Lou Dowson
Mandy Lou Dowson was born and raised in a small town in Ireland, in 1983. Family is a huge deal to Mandy. She has three wonderful children, and two dogs - a Siberian Husky who only does what she’s told if there’s something in it for her, and a little white Pomeranian who loves nothing better than to roll in mud, or worse. In her spare time, she likes to relax with a few glasses of wine and some karaoke. She has a keen interest in special effects make-up and is part of a dramatical society which puts on one show and one concert each year. Mandy started reading at quite a young age and her appetite for the written word has only increased with time. It would not be at all surprising to find her reading a ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page WJ Scott
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Wendy Scott has a New Zealand Certificate in Science (Chemistry), which allows her to dabble with fuming potions and strange substances, satisfying her inner witch. Wendy writes fantasy, children’s and romance novels. One of the creeds she lives by is to always – Live a life less ordinary! Please visit to learn more, read Wendy’s blog or to leave her a message. She loves hearing from readers.
Latest book: Fairy Dust (Bedtime Tale #1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jake Furie Lapin
Jake Furie Lapin, is a writer, entrepreneur, wine drinker and coffee addict based in New Jersey. Jake's writings aim to explore sexuality and sensuality, including the BDSM lifestyle, through the beauty of the written word. He is currently working on his first novel, The Spice of Life, which chronicles the many adventures of Jake Furie Lapin, a loving Dom, as well Kelli Lemberg, his sex therapist. Jake encourages all of his readers and fans to explore this website and check out his blog. Let him know your thoughts through your comments and feedback.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rachel Shuck
Rachel Shuck is a health coach certified with the International Sports Science Association and author of The “Shucking” Truth: Those Extra Pounds are NOT Your Fault! She has coached numerous people to their weight loss goals as well as filmed several videos for the website. A teacher at heart, she has taught nutrition classes at Missouri State University. An avid runner, she has run 4 full marathons, 10 half marathons and numerous 5k and 10k races and holds certification with the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Association and coaches high school track and cross country. Rachel has also taught and is certified in group fitness classes ranging from cardio-kickboxing to boot-camp. For ... read more
Latest book: Learning to Fly One Season at a Time: Summer Breakfast Season

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jay W. Belle Isle
I've always had an active imagination. So, I finally decided to take the stories out of my head and put them on the page. My debut novel, "Edgar Aeternum", is the first full-length "mind transfer" I've done. Given how much fun I had bringing Edgar to life, I expect there will be many more adventures in his (and my) future. Out in the "real world", I'm a non-practicing attorney and a recently downsized employee. At 46, I've concluded that the rat race can get along fine without me and I consider myself on "early retirement". Things happen when they happen; if this had occurred a year ago, I'd be a wreck. Now, though? All I can say is that I've never been happier! Like Edgar, I'm a huge foodie; sadly, I don't ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page dominic vonbern
Artist Designer and Author of the metaphysical field.
Latest book: The metaphysical field

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L.E. Joyce
L.E. Joyce is the real deal. At age six, she became the youngest student kicked out of her prestigious private school for writing dirty stories in her little blue spelling book. Not only did she use each of the words assigned that week and spell them correctly, she also managed to give three of her teachers starring roles in several of her tales. As a result, she kept her stories a dirty little secret until after graduate school where she earned an MFA in Creative Writing, and the right to write about whatever the hell she wants. Today, she divides her time (although somewhat unequally depending on the day) between her family, her writing, and her secret life as a dominatrix. Join her mailing list and stay up ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Scott McElroy
Scott McElroy is a trained and experienced teacher of French and owner of the resources page and blog, with experience in the age ranges of 4-18 within a school environment and further experience of teaching adults from different walks of life. After a 2 year period spent teaching English abroad I returned to the UK and was adamant that teaching was where I wanted to be, so I went to university and made it happen. Now I want to explore the world of online teaching, and I hope you will join me for the journey!
Latest book: The Importance of Language Learning - Learn French the FAST Way! EXCLUSIVE Discount Coupon Inside!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charles Morris
Charles Morris was a participant and chronicler as the internet revolution unfolded in the 1990s, and he draws on that broad experience in his writings about electric vehicles and how they fit into the technological revolution that is transforming society. As Senior Editor of Charged, the print magazine of the electric vehicle industry, Charles Morris is one of the world’s most respected authorities on electromobility. His daily blog posts, which cover every facet of the EV scene, including the technical, business, marketing, political and social aspects, number over 1,500, including over 300 on Tesla Motors.
Latest book: Tesla Motors - How Elon Musk and Company Made Electric Cars Cool, and Sparked the Next Tech Revolution

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John O'Riley
John O'Riley has been writing as far back as he can remember. He is an author of novels and an award winning writer of screenplays in the category of urban fantasy, comedy, science fiction and young adult. His movie feature screenplay, Cursed, is an Honorable Mention Winner for the 2012 Screenplay Festival. His most recent accomplishments include the screenplays New Earth, Pinky Swear, and Mutant Wizards in the 2014 Filmmakers International Screenplay Awards which made it to Quarter-Finalist status. Other recognition includes the screenplays Cursed, Project Pandora, Pinky Swear, Incipio, and Bad Sister which have been listed as Quarter Finalists, Semi Finalists, and Top Finalists in the 2013 Filmmakers Internat ... read more
Latest book: Inheritance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.N. Sheats
A creative mind trapped in a world of reality Jackie Sheats expresses herself in anyway that she can. From illustrating and writing to dancing like a mental patient while preparing dinner. Living in Maryland with her logic driven husband, their six cats, the dog, and a tank full of fish, Jackie spends her free time doing the backlog of housework and studying for her Masters in Illustration. A movie junkie, video game addict, and secret ninja in training she lives life under the idea that "if you don't know how to do something, go learn it!"

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Randy Krehbiel
A lifelong Oklahoman (except that one year) who has churned out many a first draft (and many a rewrite) of the state's history. Forty years of reporting on everything from high school football to state and national politics, national championships to natural disasters.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Delia Wynne
Writer, artist, and avid reader. I'm a native New Yorker now happily living in Alabama.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Veronica Ragland
Veronica M. Hart Ragland served as one of the statewide child support program directors for nearly six years after serving as an administrator for four years. During Veronica’s tenure (2003 to 2012), Arizona increased its overall standing from 51st to 27th place (unofficial standing) of 54 child support programs. The state narrowly avoided a multi-million dollar penalty for performance during her first year then catapulted to reporting the highest paternity numbers for many consecutive years afterward. Arizona earned a Most Improved State Award in 2008. Veronica served on several state and federal committees charged with reviewing and developing child support policy and guidelines and considering the impact ... read more
Latest book: What About Me? 17 Million Reasons to Collaborate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephanie Hoina
As a young girl, Stephanie would write about anything and everything simply because it made her happy. She parlayed her love of the written word into a successful marketing and communications career, while a host of never submitted or unfinished picture book and romance novels clogged up her computer’s hard drive. Stephanie resides in her hometown of the Bronx, NY, with her son, husband and crazy boxer pup named Bella. She continues to write simply because it makes her happy. Kissing Atticus Primble—which made a daring escape from her computer’s hard drive—is her first published novel.
Latest book: Kissing Atticus Primble

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mateusz Kucharski
Wiek- 19 lat Prowadzę stronę internetową poświęconą zdrowiu ( wciąż zyskuje popularność), wydawca i autor poradnika "Jak pokonać trądzik?", inne poradniki w przygotowaniu. Uczęszczam do szkoły medycznej w Krakowie gdzie obecnie mieszkam. Pozdrawiam
Latest book: Jak pokonac tradzik?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Will Jelbert
Almost a decade into a great career with Reuters, promotions, holidays around the world with a beautiful wife, and relocation to a place in the sun, I was deeply unhappy. Then things got worse. My marriage was dead and divorce loomed its ugly head. I started drinking, partying, sleazing - all heavily. I was caught between alcoholism and the pretensions of a playboy. Then things got worse. One afternoon I had a near-fatal bike accident, which resulted in an eight hour operation to reconstruct my face, and a year of follow up surgery. I no longer recognised myself. I couldn’t understand who I was or what I was doing. I took months off work, lost my ability to plan and prioritise, and became a case study for bo ... read more
Latest book: The Happiness Animal - Chapter 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Holly L. Lewitas
Holly Lewitas grew up in Bay Shore, Long Island in the 1950s as the middle daughter of two World War II veterans. She had an idyllic childhood just like the old commercial – as American as apple pie and Chevrolet, until she went to college in the 1960s, when, as she puts it, “all the influences came to bear.” The 60’s expanded her world, her view of life and taught her to stand up for her beliefs even in difficult times. Holly Lewitas has always been an animal lover by nature. She’s a registered nurse by training, and an avid mystery reader. Little did she know that her years of work in psychiatry and animal rescue would all come into play when she created the well-received Spunky Murder Mystery seri ... read more
Latest book: The Nose Knows

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ronny Herman de Jong
Ronny Herman de Jong, born and raised on the island of Java in the Dutch East Indies, survived four years in Japanese concentration camps during World War Two. A B.A. in English Literature from Leiden University in the Netherlands served her well during the rest of her life after the war, since she emigrated to the United States in 1972 with her husband, three children and their dog. Her mother’s secret camp journal was the basis for her first book In the Shadow of the Sun, published in 1992 and her memoir Rising from the Shadow of the Sun: A Story of Love, Survival and Joy, a five-star book on Amazon, published in 2011. On the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the end of the War in the Pacific, she publish ... read more
Latest book: Survivors of WWII in the Pacific

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Davide Rigonat
Nato a Gorizia nel 1974, nella vita sono co-titolare di uno studio di progettazione nel quale mi occupo di architettura, urbanistica e ambiente. Lettore appassionato fin dall'infanzia, dal 2013 ho saltuariamente vestito i panni dello scrittore componendo per lo più racconti. Senza particolari preferenze di genere, anche le mie storie spaziano dal noir al fantasy, dalla narrativa tradizionale alle opere sperimentali, ecc. Nel corso del mio primo anno di attività più di quindici miei racconti sono risultati finalisti o premiati in altrettanti concorsi e/o premi letterari. Ad oggi i miei racconti sono comparsi in circa venti antologie. Gestisco anche un piccolo blog chiamato "La Casa della Nebbia" (www.lacasade ... read more
Latest book: LA NEBBIA e altri racconti

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Danny Beaton
Danny Beaton is the author of Mal Winter and the Cloud Runners. He has been writing and drawing since he could put crayon to paper. There are some people who are born to write, and some people who are born to be Zoo Keepers, Danny has never believed in keeping animals behind bars so he became a writer. He’s written movies, short stories and even a poem or two. This book was conceived at the last minute for a writing assignment in High School and has since exploded from imagination to print. Danny currently lives in Sydney, Australia, but he tends to move.
Latest book: Mal Winter and the Cloud Runners

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dania Sonin
Dania is a Montrealer born and raised. She's been writing and editing since her late teens, and loves to help authors find their voice. Currently, she works as a freelancer specialising in social media, website content, and e-books. At an early age, she was interested in both horror and short stories, leading to her love of Stephen King and George Saunders. Her forays into fiction have been short stories as a rule to live up to her heroes. Most recently though, she is working on several genre novels, a new and exciting project for the young writer.
Latest book: Cheer Up, Jimmy: 3 Melancholy Short Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ashley Hodges Bazer
Ashley Hodges Bazer is the author of the sci-fi series, The Crown's Call. She’s often decked out in bellbottoms and grooving out on the lighted dance floor. Okay, not really, but she does have a thing for the BeeGees. She lives in Colorado with her husband and three children. After earning her bachelor’s degree in theatrical stage management from Arizona State University, she went on to work for Disneyland in that capacity. A love affair with books led her to work for several different bookstores. Currently a producer for an international daily radio program, she’s learning to balance working, writing, and momming duties. When she’s not writing, she’s crocheting or belting out Broadway show tunes. And ... read more
Latest book: Heralds of the Crown: Poison

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Caelia Sky
Caelia Sky loves romance, suspense, thrillers and has an obsessive fascination with the paranormal. As such, she loves to incorporate these genres into her own writing. Caelia Sky writes sensual romance with an erotic touch. Her favorite romance genres to write in are suspense, erotica, and paranormal, but she doesn’t limit herself to just those romantic genres. She loves to write strong character driven scenarios, along with the spicy, romantic love scenes that they lead to. When not writing, she is thinking of new story ideas, creating art, or having fun doing other things. To learn when she has a new book available, join her newsletter.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Mann

Latest book: The Stone Gate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Angélique Jamail
Angélique Jamail’s poetry and essays have appeared in over two dozen anthologies and journals, including TIME-SLICE, IMPROBABLE WORLDS, and THE MILK OF FEMALE KINDNESS -- AN ANTHOLOGY OF HONEST MOTHERHOOD. Her work was selected as a Finalist for the New Letters Prize in Poetry in 2011. FINIS. is her first major published work of fiction. She teaches Creative Writing and English to high school students in Texas. Find her online at and on Facebook and Twitter.
Latest book: Finis.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Raven Walker
Raven Michael Vincent resides in Michigan, is a proud member of the LGBT community and has practiced several branches of the Pagan faith in his twenty-six years. A lover of fantasy, horror, thrillers, and paranormal novels, and writer of fantasy and paranormal. When not toiling away on his novel, Raven likes to relax with some RP on, as well as draw, knit, paint, and of course, read. He also likes to spend time with his two snakes and his dog.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chel Coleman
Chel Coleman is an aspiring author and artist from Orem, Utah. Rising Tide is the first of a three part series, and her first publication. Chel started out as a local artist in Utah, selling custom oil paintings and illustrating/writing her own children's books. Chel is also a soon to be mother to a beautiful baby girl. You can access Chel's art or on Facebook at Art by Chel, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter for more information on her upcoming book, Rising Tide.
Latest book: Rising Tide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Leigh Michaels
Leigh Michaels has had a passion for children and teens since she was a young girl, and has been writing stories since she was six years old. Combining these two loves came naturally as a teen when she began writing short stories and poetry for teens. Leigh has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Wisconsin, and has had several poems published in anthologies. Leigh lives in Wisconsin with her husband and children, where as a family they pour their passion for children into the foster care system as licensed foster parents. Lies that Bind: Kaedyn’s Story is Leigh’s first novel publication. She has also written a book of poetry together with Kevin Bissett II, and a Juvenile Fiction book. He ... read more
Latest book: To Have a Family

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patricia A. Leslie
Patricia A. Leslie, great-granddaughter of a bagpiper at Queen Victoria’s court, is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in cultural anthropology, and also holds an M.S. in metaphysics from the American Instcitute of Holistic Theology, and a Certificate in Museum Studies from CSU, Chico. She is a Reiki initiate, and has studied the use of North American and Bach Flower Remedies. She has had a lifelong interest in spirituality, metaphysics, the paranormal, and Celtic folklore. And, of course, reading. The authors Ms. Leslie has found most inspiring include Sir Terry Pratchett, Ursula K. LeGuin, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Felix Salten and Marshall Saunders. She’s been reading ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eder Holguin
Eder Holguin is an Author, Entrepreneur and a tech savvy, out-of-the box player in the dynamic online marketing industry. With more than a decade of industry expertise, he has an in-depth background in operations, sales and marketing. His clients range from brand name Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups. Eder is the Founder and CEO of Ideal Media, a content discovery platform with offices in New York, London and Brazil under development. As a child, he left a frightening home life and lived homeless in the streets of Medellin, Colombia during the time of the Medellin cartel, when violence and drug lords ruled. His remarkable story details how he went from living on the streets to becoming a successf ... read more
Latest book: Dreaming of Hope Street

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kimberly Bernard
Kimberly Bernard was born in Macon, Georgia, but spent the majority of her childhood on Anna Maria Island in Florida. She returned to Georgia for her middle and high school years and graduated from Harrison High School in Kennesaw. While still in high school, she met her husband and they attended Georgia State University together. After college, Kimberly and her husband lived in Covington, Georgia for a few years before moving to Nassau, Bahamas. In Nassau, Kimberly became intrigued by the Atlantis Resort and the supposed mythical city it is modeled after. This became the inspiration for her first series, Lost Prophecy. They built a home that overlooked the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Kimberly gave birth to ... read more
Latest book: Lost Prophecy: Awakening

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A. Jameson
A. Jameson is an attorney and mother of two who lives in the Twin Cities. She discovered her passion for writing long ago when she often chose to write short stories for school projects. Often times in her youth, friends would ask her for a story as a gift for their birthdays as opposed to a material gift. Her love of reading and writing contributed significantly to her career choice as an attorney. Unfortunately, her time and attention was overwhelmed by school and work for many years, though her passion for writing fiction never waned, it simply a lay dormant. Recently she rediscovered her passion again and decided to try her hand at it with her first published story A Fire So Deep. She has a few other sto ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marcus Jarvis
Marcus Anton Jarvis was admitted to practice law in the State of Minnesota on May 10, 2002. He is licensed by the Minnesota Supreme Court and all Minnesota lower courts, such as the Minnesota Court of Appeals. He practices primarily in the areas of Immigration and Criminal Law. Mr. Jarvis practices Immigration Law before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its related administrative agencies; the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA); Federal District Court of Minnesota; and the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals. He has also been admitted to the Federal Tax Court in Washington D. C. He is the owner and sole partner of Marcus-Jarvis Law, Ltd. (formerly Jarvis and Associates, LLC, and Jarvis and Associa ... read more
Latest book: Un Guide Simple sur les Lois d’Immigration des États-Unis

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roland Gugganig
Roland Gugganig, born in 1965 in the Austrian town of Salzburg, literally made a career out of having fun as the morning show presenter on Austria's major radio network, then moved on to developing infotainment for German-language prime time television. He masterminded numerous TV specials and has co-written several European feature films. Roland Gugganig's media work has been honored with the Romy Award and New York Festivals' World Medal.
Latest book: Secret Mind Tools

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Prasant
Basically, I am an ordinary person having ardent interest in finding new things [research] in maths. My name is Prasant, resident in India. I practise numerology as full time profession, serving various film industries, sports world and all other fields which have numbers! I wanted the public, at large, to have the feel of new discoveries in maths and numerology [done by our lab]...One should not just blindly follow 5000 years old ancient [not even the modern versions] methods blindly. Those methods need highly interesting and scientific modifications. I am presenting my works in the form of books to you all. Enjoy the free ones..... and give me pleasure with the paid ones..... [numerology is my 'Profession ... read more
Latest book: Cricket Score Calculation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jason Conway
Jason Conway was born in Dublin and now lives not far from the beautiful south east coast of Wexford with his lovely partner Nicola. Jason loves martial arts and passionately teaches his style to the local community. Creating creepy and funny comics and characters since primary school Jason realised the value of reading and writing books at an early age when he was recovering from surgery as a child in hospital were books and comics greatly aided his recovery. Jason loves sculpting and creates sculpts of the characters in his books which is a wonderful way of bonding and identifying with his characters. A big fan of the unexplained and paranormal as well as philosophy and astronomy Jason loves his native coun ... read more
Latest book: The Gikkie Bokkers Book One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L A Kent
Rogue Flamingo is written by Louise Harrington and Andy Sinden, under the pen name L A Kent. Having graduated in Comparative Literature and French from the University of East Anglia, Louise has worked largely in the Information Technology industry as programmer, trainer, salesperson and sales manager. She travelled extensively when a global account manager, working in Europe, the US, South Africa, Australia and Canada. She has lived and worked in the UK, France and South Africa, and now lives in Cornwall. She is currently marketing manager of a small management consultancy. She has always enjoyed writing, and whilst before embarking upon Rogue Flamingo she had not written anything fictional since university, ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page dillonwarren
I am a school teacher in Seminole, Fl. I am a father , and enjoying raising my 2 month old son. I am currently writing in my free time for fun. I have published a free chapter of my book. This is far from done, and is a rough copy, but I am trying to get interest in my book so when I do release the final thing I have people who want to read it. I am not charging for the begining of my book. I am working through it at a slow pace because I work allot, and have my son when im not working. I do have the gofundme link on my page. I am not asking for money to read what I have of my book so far, but if you like it, and want to help me have some funds to take a short time off to write more than feel free to donate. An ... read more
Latest book: Old Folks Chapter 1