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Larry Pitts was born in Florida, USA in 1981. He has been teaching English abroad for the past 9 years. He has taught in Korea, Japan, and briefly in Thailand. He has been living in Korea for the past 7 years with his wonderful wife and he is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first born son. Working at a university in Korea has allowed him time to travel around Asia and pursue side projects such as writing books and creating websites. He enjoys reading, scuba diving, good conversation, good beer, and new experiences.
Latest book: IELTS Study Guide: Quick Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

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About the Author Sheri Ann Stanley is the author of Soulful Journey: Walking with Faith after my Near-Death Experience Sheri had a near-death experience at age eight that had a profound affect on her entire life. Sheri has spent the past 20 years writing about how it affected her spiritually, mentally and emotionally. She was recently interviewed on The Talkzone online radio with Lee Wittings for IANDS(International Association Near-Death Studies) where she spoke candidly about her near-death experience. IANDS featured her story in their online newsletter comparing her experience to the blockbuster movie Heaven is for Real describing her childhood near-death experience. She lives on the rocky coast of M ... read more
Latest book: Soulful Journey: Walking with Faith after my Near-Death Experience

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emmanuel Mukwaira
I've always had a passion for helping people and also I love to entertain so I thought what better way to express my passion than through writing. I'm kinda new to this whole writing experience so I will be publishing free to read books, you are welcome to download as many times as you want and please do leave a comment or review that way I can better my writing skills and presentation at any area which needs correction, hope you enjoy!
Latest book: I Want More

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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Glenda Horsfall
Glenda Horsfall was born and brought up in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. From an early age, she was an avid reader. She became engrossed in reading romance novels in her early teens and promised herself that one day she would sit down and write her own. That dream has now been achieved with the publication of her first novel, ‘Playing for Keeps’. A tale of Domination and submission, the story is also a romance with a Happy Ever After ending! Glenda now lives on the Fylde Coast of England with her own hero. She has a grown up son and three beautiful grand-daughters. Having worked for many years as an accountant, she loves being able to let her creative imagination run wild as she creates romantic ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Zoe Monaco
Travel. Luxury. Adventure. Sex. These are the things I live for, what I crave when I’m alone, bored, just out of bed, working. If you’re like me, you crave these things too. You have the occasional wild fantasy. Maybe you fantasize about being whisked off by an incredibly sexy stranger with a foreign accent for a weekend on a private yacht. Or maybe you dream of finding the person you love most in the world on a quiet street in Paris, being wooed and deeply satisfied over and over again. I write to share my own fantasies with you. The stories I tell often involve travel and luxury, always steamy sex, sometimes love and romance. I hope you find excitement and adventure between the pages of my books and, e ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vivek Pereira
I studied at St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra, and later at M.M.K College where a poem appeared in my examination paper much to the chagrin of the Economics professor. I have contributed humorous short stories and thought-provoking poetry to online websites like and ( Rose Garden and Minefields, a compilation of some of my finest poems, short stories and essays, was published in 2010. Do read my blog "The Vivekean Times" at for reviews and excerpts of my latest books.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page N. N. Light
N. N. Light was born in Minnesota, lived in Southern California only to move to chilly Ontario, Canada to marry her beloved husband MR N. She is blissfully happy and loves all things chocolate, books, music, movies, art, sports and baking. Part of the proceeds of Princess of the Light will go directly to food banks in order to feed the hungry and help those in need. With only 6,122 books sold, N. N. Light will be able to set up a monthly endowment for the local food bank. Most of the time you can find her on Twitter (@NNP_W_Light) or getting new ideas on how to spread the Light on Pinterest ( For more information or to connect, please check out her website: www.princessofthelight ... read more
Latest book: Princess of the Light

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roy A Higgins
Roy A Higgins is a retired electrical engineer and educator. He lives with his wife in rural Lancashire. Higgins graduated from writing vocational publications to writing novels.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thomas Cannon
Thomas Cannon’s story about his son is the lead story in the anthology Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Autism. He also has poems and short stories published in print and electronic journals. Cannon did, in fact, work at a hospital pushing food carts. There are three more things that are true. He sometimes felt invisible. A doctor once acted as though the elevator should let him go his floor first. He would hang out with a great guy and bullshit while his friend smoked. Okay, there might be more things in life that are true. However, his novel is fiction. Things did come true after he wrote them. For example, he left a place of employment (not a hospital) and the employees did try to form a union ... read more
Latest book: The Tao of Apathy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page SK McCauley
S.K. McCauley grew up as the youngest of six children in Baltimore, Maryland. A child of the 60's and 70's she describes her upbringing as, "a carnival that took place in the eye of a tornado." Never quite sure what was real and what was fantasy, she once charged the stage when her sister was an actor with a prop gun. In her early teens, "fun crazy" took a turn for the worse when her mother was diagnosed with a mental illness that would eventually lead to her death. S.K. has two grown children and is living in England with her "Twin Flame." Now fifty years old, and recently retired from the corporate world, she will be traveling with the love of her life throughout Europe and Africa via motorhom ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ray R. Ellis
Ray R. Ellis is a world-renowned Canadian psychic medium
Latest book: Standing In The Shadows "The Light"

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J. Minerva Davis
J. Minerva Davis, born Janelle Marie Davis entered the world in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Currently living in Texas, she has had her own odyssey in life at the fresh age of twenty-seven, having been at the highs and lows and writing poems in the walls of homeless resource centers. A domestic violence survivor, this mother of three has refused to relinquish the dream of her thirteen-year project. Eyes of Gold began as simple, mindless doodles in middle school and has evolved through many phases and faced destruction by her aggressor. Repeatedly rebuilding her pride and joy potential series, she feels each destruction has allowed a stronger and more refined rebirth as she battled into maturity. She is a hel ... read more
Latest book: Rise (Eyes of Gold book 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ryan Hartung
Dr. Ryan E. Hartung spent most of his life growing up in rural Nebraska. After earning his Ph. D. in organic chemistry from the Ohio State University he then made a quick stop with his family in the garden state before finally settling in Tucson, Arizona. Ryan continues to live in Tucson with his wife Elizabeth, his two daughters Amber and Keira, their dog Ginger and currently untamed hamster Brave. He is the author of the World's Divide series of novellas among other novels.
Latest book: Water

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robyn LaRue
Robyn LaRue is a Montana girl living in Texas (by way of several beautiful sates). Blessed with an active imagination and mean crayon skills, she wrote her first opus just before kindergarden (on her brother and the nearby wall). Robyn and her husband live in a three-generation household with two cats determined to inject their fur in all food and drink. Shadows Wake is her first published novel.
Latest book: Shadows Wake

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brendan Murphy
Brendan Murphy was raised in Sheffield, England, with dreams of becoming a writer, and has written every day since he was nine years old. After reading medicine in London and psychiatry in Manchester, he moved to Australia in 1999. He is an Associate Professor at Monash University and has written widely on youth mental health. His nonfiction work on the development of football in Victorian society, From Sheffield with Love, was published in 2007. He lives with his wife, Katrina, and their children, Sebastian and Violette, in a sprawling property built for the composer, Dorian Le Gallienne. They share their garden with a mob of kangaroos, a wombat, two possums, any number of creepy crawlies, and some very feisty ... read more
Latest book: Beyond the Gloaming

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ora Rosalin
I am a writer. I would like to make a profit off this, who wouldn't? But even if I didn't the fact that people can view my words makes me a happy camper. Writing calms me and helps me meditate. Whatever I write I hope it is good and among deserving eyes.
Latest book: All In One: Characterization, Writing a Gripping Plot,Show Don't Tell,Query Perfection

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Liberty Speidel
Liberty Speidel has been a voracious reader since the age of ten after reading her first Nancy Drew book. But she was telling stories long before then with her figurines from Disney's Rescue Rangers. When she's not writing, you may find her gardening, baking, crocheting, or hiking—basically avoiding housework at all costs! A lifelong Kansan, she now resides in the Kansas City metro area with her husband, children, and chocolate Labrador.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jessica Albee
Jess Albee grew up and still lives in Massachusetts in United States with her husband, children and cats. She is married with two kids and she currently working as a certified nursing assistant. When she finds a spare moment, she lives her passion as an author.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Diana Cacy Hawkins
Diana Cacy Hawkins writes from a small mid-western town of the watchful eyes of the cat and dog. Diana Cacy writes in both the fiction and non-fiction genres, plus she enjoys writing content for business clients. She also manages Marion Margaret Press and Sidhe Press that not only publish her books but others. Cover artists: Ron Leming, Wonderburg Creations and Ravven Editor: Loretta Sylvestre
Latest book: Dancing Wind

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Janet K. Brown
I love Jesus, my husband, my children and grandchildren, my friends, church and writing, in that order. As a recovering compulsive overeater, I seek to inspire and encourage anyone with an addiction. I write mostly fiction with some non-fiction but always with a message of hope to the hopeless. I live in Wichita Falls, Texas.
Latest book: Divine Dining: 365 Devotions to Guide You to Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness – September

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Toni Aleo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Morley Ashland
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing? I grew up in a small village in Portugal. I always stayed at home searching adventures on T.V., but unfortunately, Portugal is not proficient in playing science fiction stories (but you have plenty of soap-operas). So I just grabbed a pen and paper and started imagining new and different worlds, and what I would do if I was there. In time it became natural to imagine and quickly describing them almost as real. From there to place awesome characters and give them a role in your story is a pleasure that few grasp with needed intensity.
Latest book: Amarillyan - Light Ravels

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kinsley Gibb
I'm a writer, an artist, a designer, a photographer, an avid craftsperson, an occasional chef, and a loving mom to three. I enjoy cupcakes, coffee and the beach or anything outdoors. I've been a romance junkie for as long as I can remember. Even when I was grounded, I'd sneak out on my bike to the local library...yep, I live dangerously. I like writing about happy endings because there's too much sadness out there already. Happy reading!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rebecca Hodgkins
Rebecca Hodgkins has worked as a lab gofer, a graphic artist and a nurse, among other things. Her stories have appeared in Everyday Weirdness, Cezanne’s Carrot, Niteblade, and will be appearing in Daily Science Fiction in 2014. Besides ‘Flight Risk,’ she is the author of a novella, “This Dance, These Bones.” Rebecca can be found in Colorado with her husband and twin boyos, a dumb-but-loveable Jack Russell Terrier named Sam, and a big, fluffy Norwegian forest cat named Grace.
Latest book: Flight Risk

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tilly Andrews
Tilly is based in the UK. Although born in the Lake District, Tilly now calls Yorkshire her home. Tilly has been writing erotica since 2004 and previously wrote for Sizzler. Her work has featured in various erotic magazines including Jade and Desire. This year Tilly has made the decision to go it alone as an independent. Tilly first became aware of the emotional and physical power of the written word as a child at the age of 12, she has never fully recovered from the pain of Ginger's death in Black Beauty. An avid reader, Tilly likes a variety of genres ranging from Homer to horror. Tilly has a degree in the combined humanities of Literature, History and Sociology and runs a boutique marketing agency when s ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Norbert J. Rottensteiner
Norbert J. Rottensteiner, geboren am 9. November 1964 in Wien, Texter, journalistische Tätigkeiten, Mitarbeiter in einer Werbeagentur, diverse Veröffentlichungen in Literaturmagazinen und Anthologien.
Latest book: El Goleador

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gandy Kalid Kachucha
My name is Gandy Kalid Kachucha, I was born on the 29th day of August in 1973 in Baghdad, Iraq. My family and I migrated to the United States of America in 1979 (Detroit, Michigan). My extraordinary life began at the age of three when GOD had awoken me after death and gave me a new life. My path through life was difficult, my dreams of the future were fantastic, my love for GOD was out of this world and my best friend for eternity is his Son. I grew up a hectic life, yet managed to remain on the path to truth and love. I became an IT professional more than 30 years ago and learned many other trades during my life. I am married with two wonderful children who are a GOD send. My destiny is to help as many ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert G. Williscroft
Dr. Robert G. Williscroft served twenty-three years in the U.S. Navy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). He commenced his service as an enlisted nuclear Submarine Sonar Technician in 1961, was selected for the Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program in 1966, and graduated from University of Washington in Marine Physics and Meteorology in 1969. He returned to nuclear submarines as the Navy’s first Poseidon Weapons Officer. Subsequently, he served as Navigator and Diving Officer on both catamaran mother vessels for the "Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle." Then he joined the Submarine Development Group One out of San Diego as the Officer-in-Charge of the Test Operations Group, conduc ... read more
Latest book: Operation Ivy Bells

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lamar Hull
Lamar currently coaches a 6th grade AAU team. Lamar Hull works in the Search Engine Optimization industry, helping optimize and rank websites in the search results. Lamar has a youth basketball website that inspires young players to follow their dreams. Inspirational Basketball is a great basketball resource for players, coaches and parents. Visit his website at
Latest book: The Beginner's Guide to Become a Better Basketball Player

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bec Dixon
Bec Dixon currently resides in Southern California

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Snyder
Steve graduated from UCLA with a B.A. degree in Economics and has lived in Seal Beach, California since 1972. After 36 years in national sales and sales management, he retired from Vision Service Plan (VSP) in 2009. Soon after retirement, Steve began his quest to learn about the World War II experiences of his father, pilot Howard Snyder, and his crew of the B-17, Susan Ruth, named after his older sister. It became his passion and has resulted after several years of dedicated research in his book, Shot Down. One result of his new career as a World War II historian is that he is a member of numerous World War II associations and is on the Board of Directors of the 306th Bomb Group Historical Association. In 19 ... read more
Latest book: Shot Down

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Danielle Imara
Danielle Imara is a British author, musician and performance artist who has completed a body of work using the name Nina Silvert. She is currently developing her theatre piece "Danielle Imara's in Jail" and performing with the band W.A.Y. and working on a sequel to CRACK.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dr. Tylor Ilori
TYLOR Ilori (Dr.) regarded as one of the leading figures in today's Nigerian public speaking and coaching industry. He is known to assist both corporations and Individuals ACTUALIZE their goals and success. He is creative thinker with ideas that challenge the status quo. He is a Success Actualization Expert to individuals & organizations with Strategic Leadership as his forte. With practical understanding of the science and art of human consciousness and how to use it to inspire individuals to achieve the perceived impossible, he assists thousands every year in conferences and meetings to live their greatness. In the last 6years, he has led, designed, managed and facilitated several Leadership/Managemen ... read more
Latest book: SAGE BIBLE - The 7 Mysteries (Spiritual Principles The Masters Know That Guarantee Any Type Of Success)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dave Wertheim
Dave Wertheim has been mentoring and discipling men for more than twenty-eight years. Raised in a Jewish family in the New York City housing projects, he came to faith in Christ at twenty-six. His own spiritual journey provides keen insights into how men struggle, process, grow, and ultimately are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Dave utilizes his thirty years of business experience in computer marketing and lessons from leadership in churches to relate and minister to men from all walks of life. Dave is Founder/President of Men U For Transformed Lives. He helps churches to develop thriving ministries for men, small groups, strengthening marriages, and discipling leaders. At Bayside Church, Granite ... read more
Latest book: Men U: Advanced Courses For A Transformed Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joanne M. Weselby
Joanne M. Weselby (1985- ) was born in Sutton in Ashfield, England and grew up a stone's throw from Sherwood Forest. A bookish overachiever, she could always be found with her nose in a novel, or her head in the clouds. As an adult, despite struggling with her health, she went on to obtain a first class BA (Hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University in 2012, at the age of 27. Upon graduation, she was awarded both the Five Leaves Prize and the Pat McLernon Prize for outstanding academic achievements in her chosen field. She now runs her own freelance business working as a writer, academic researcher and copyeditor.
Latest book: Citations Made Simple: A Student's Guide to Easy Referencing, Vol II: The Harvard Format

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Desi B. Moon
Desi B. Moon has been crafting stories since she could hold a crayon. Specializing in romance, subgenre is up for grabs as she has successfully written comedy, mystery and horror romances for various clients. A major theater junkie, Desi can be found watching or participating in shows around sunny Boulder County, Colorado. Desi and her husband share their home with two active offspring, three entitled cats, an attention demanding dog and two opinionated parakeets.
Latest book: The Morning After

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Veronica Bond
Veronica Bond is a Certified Life Coach, Licensed and Registered Dietary Nutritionist and certified fitness instructor. She lives in Washington State with her husband and 2.5 children.
Latest book: The Oligoantigenic Anti-Inflammation Diet Plan (The O Diet): 3 Easy Steps to Discovering Whether or Not You Have Food Allergies and Developing a Healthy Hypoallergenic Anti-Inflammation Diet For Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page RaviKumarG
Hi! I am Ravi Kumar G, Founder of FitArena. . I am a self-taught Fitness Expert, a Martial Arts Student, a Computer Science Graduate and an Awesome Human Being who can turn you into a better you, for Life. With so many years of experience and knowledge about Health, Fitness and Nutrition which I gained through many other senior professionals, my own research, I like to share my knowledge with others through my books, blog and courses. Being born in a sports persons family it has added more fuel to my passion. I make the best products available in the market by combining both theoretical and practical approach to a situation. For more info, visit-
Latest book: 7 steps to kick start your Fitness Journey

Follow me at my  Facebook Page King B
King B. is an accomplished writer even though Temptations: Confessions of a Dead Man, The Rise to Power of Manoshua Johnson is his first novel. He became a published magazine columnist while writing at Screen Magazine. He is also a screenwriter of television and film. This novel is a prequel to King B.’s successful television soap opera “Temptations” which began on cable and eventually made it to PBS (WTTW in Chicago). Since his TV show he has written and directed five films as of the release of this novel. He is also songwriter and playwright. We look for much more from King B.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anthony Morgan-Clark
I am an independent author and freelance copywriter. I have published workbooks on residential childcare management, based upon my decade-plus spent in the industry witnessing some very poor practice. I also have published books on CV writing, and on emarketing for small businesses. I have plans to publish two further workbooks this year, one on emarketing for small businesses and one on blogging for small businesses. I also am writing the first draft of "Longhope", a semi-autobiographical account of working in English children's homes as well as my (as yet) untitled colection of short fiction. Over the course of a varied and interesting career I have been a teacher, care worker, care manager, trainer and copyw ... read more
Latest book: CV Boot-Camp! Essential Tips To Create A Modern Standout CV

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nathan Roten
Nathan Roten grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, where he spent hours on end acting out the epic scenes playing in the theatre in his head. Knowing that he had to eventually grow up, he attended Appalachian State University, and moved on to be co-owner of 2 companies. In 2011, he began his official writing career with the publication of his non-fiction book, Embark. Now, with the desire to be that imaginative kid again, he has come back to his love for fiction. Aegis: Catalyst Grove is his debut novel. He resides in the small mountain town of Boone, North Carolina with his beautiful wife and two children.
Latest book: Aegis: Catalyst Grove

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rowan Lefwyn
Rowan Lefwyn is an American Author and Philosopher of metaphysics, psychological social disease, and the complexity of individual self-empowerment in a collectively dis-empowered world. She speculates on these topics through the medium of fiction. When she's not writing, she gardens and horseback rides in Michigan where she lives with a petulant thoroughbred and two hens, Dory & Gray. Other titles by Rowan include Directive 303
Latest book: Loracle's Wheel: Guardians of the Fate Episode II

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chaz Brenchley
Chaz Brenchley has been making a living as a writer since he was eighteen. He is the author of nine thrillers, most recently Shelter and two fantasy series, The Books of Outremer and Selling Water by the River. As Daniel Fox he has published a Chinese-based fantasy series, beginning with Dragon in Chains, as Ben Macallan, an urban fantasy, Desdæmona. A British Fantasy Award winner, he has also published books for children and more than 500 short stories in various genres. His time as crimewriter-in-residence on a sculpture project in Sunderland resulted in the collection Blood Waters. His first play, A Cold Coming, was performed and then toured in 2007. He is a prizewinning ex-poet, and has been writer in res ... read more
Latest book: Being Small

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Margo Bond Collins

Latest book: Sanguinary

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christie Beckley
After many years of dreaming and studying dreams, the Lord spoke to me and told me to write a book on dream interpretation. In this book I have put over 60 dream examples from my own dream life (so you can learn from), and over 400 dream symbol meanings. Not only do I give you many of my dreams, but I give you their interpretation, and their fulfillment. Yes that's right! Many of them have already come true! When I was 5 years old I gave my heart to Jesus. Ever since then I have pretty much been in ministry my whole life. I grew up with a musical family and I was taught how to play the piano by ear. Then I met my husband who could sing. God has put us together and has used us to do praise and worship ... read more
Latest book: Dreams And Visions, Unlocking the Language of God

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Darling Adams
Darling Adams is a naughty author who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. She also writes spanking romance under the name Renee Rose. If you enjoyed this book, please contact her at to let her know or consider leaving a review.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodríguez is a Creative Digital Marketer who develops high-end digital campaigns for companies looking to transform their brand and grow their business further. He specializes in digital product and brand launches. Throughout almost two decades, he has created highly-performing launch campaigns for Fortune 500 and global brands, most of which have resulted in millions of dollars in sales in record periods of time. Alex has created strategic digital content for clients in 4 different continents and 3 separate languages (English, Spanish, and Mandarin). As a result of his strategic creative, he has been honored with some of the most distinguished awards in Web, Advertising, and Social Media. Alex heads ... read more
Latest book: Digital Bacon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Benjamin Nemopode
For English information please read the interview in English Ecrivain depuis presque toujours, je suis l'auteur de plusieurs romans à tendance ésotérique, une trilogie mystique: Voyage(s), Passage, et Il est une fois O. J'ai aussi edité un recueil de poésies : Alors que je ne suis rien. Grand voyageur j'ai vécu à Paris, Londres et Montréal. Hindouiste de religion, ma vie n'est qu'une recherche mystique. Mon oeuvre est un grand jeu de pistes, je publie romans, essais et poésie, mais aussi sous d'autres pseudos, dont les noms sont reliés à mes écrits... A vous fans de me chercher... Merci de me lire Je suis par ailleurs candidat à La Web-TV-Réalité à venir en octobre 2014 sur le web: L'acad ... read more
Latest book: A Different Outlook On Bipolar Disorder [Ups And Downs To Buddha State]

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gregory Wright
Greg is a writer of speculative fiction and other transcendent writings. He writes in order to present new concepts and perspectives that can help expand a reader's perspective on life.
Latest book: Golden Prophecy: Prelude to the Gray Soul Saga