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Latest book: Taliasman

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Have grown up in Maine and love to travel and write.

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I am a public speaker and life coach and I love to deal with different personalities. I help people to maximize their potentials to achieve success in life. I love to travel and explore places as it keeps me feel rejuvenated.I appreciate the people and the heritage; the wonderful and well-preserved structures. I am eager to learn and adapt with the lifestyle of the people in the places I visit. I eat their food, I wear their clothing, I try to understand their language. I am a nature-lover and I l enjoy visiting wonderful landscape; the rolling-hills, lush greenery, the forest. I also enjoy swimming in a beach, visit a lake and other wonders of nature. I enjoy the sightseeing and the moment of reflection. Lif ... read more
Latest book: Heart's Desire

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TSAR Publications is dedicated to bringing to the reading public fresh new writing from Canada and across the world that reflects the diversity of our rapidly globalizing world, particularly in Canada and the United States. Our focus is on works that can loosely be termed "multicultural" and particularly those that pertain to Asia and Africa. We publish 6-8 titles of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction (literary criticism, history) per year.
Latest book: Bleeding Light

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Jo Rodrigues was born once upon a time, a long, long time ago — well, 1969 to be precise —in Moçambique. That would be on the East Coast: of Southern Africa! Soon thereafter, there was an ugly revolt and people were rather unpleasant to one another! The family suddenly found itself with refugee status and making a mad dash for the South African border. This was necessary in order to secure the safety of their collective necks. Jo’s home language is Portuguese but English is not far behind as a second language. There is also brief mention of a third language. It is an official South African language largely based on Dutch. He learnt Afrikaans at school, but people tend to laugh at his accent. Being a k ... read more
Latest book: Recycled Thoughts

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Archange Malonga is a devoted Christian, great believer in the Word of God and His promises. He takes joy in being used by God for His glory alone, to reach the lost, the broken, and the rejected. Archange Malonga is anointed with the gift of exhortation and of the spoken Word of God. He is a precious gift in the body of Jesus Christ, whom the saints and the world have yet to discover. He is happily married to his lovely wife Korene and he is a devoted father to his adoring given blessing from God, Elia, Ephraim and Canaan.
Latest book: The Church of Jesus Christ on the Move

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Under One Hour, LLC is a non-fiction book franchise designed to give readers a broad but thorough overview on a particular topic in under one hour. Under One Hour books are broken down into six 10 minute sections making it easier to read and learn on the go. Each section contains two or three main topics with sub-topics to explore.
Latest book: Personal Finance Under One Hour

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Caroline Bell Foster was born in Derby, England and with her family went on a six week holiday to Jamaica. She stayed for 18 years! Ever the adventurer Caroline bought her first pair of high heels in Toronto and traded her pink sunglasses for a bus ride in the Rift Valley at 18. She wrote her first short story on that bus and had it published the following year in a local newspaper. Caroline has always written in one form or another from a very young age. She started her first diary at age 7 and short stories and articles kept her occupied throughout her teens. Feeling the restrictions of short stories for newspapers, Caroline switched to full length novels letting her creativity flow. Caroline is also know ... read more

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ÖZ GEÇMİŞ: Cevdet AYVAZ; 01 Ekim 1982 yılında Trabzon ili Vakfıkebir ilçesinde dünyaya geldi. İlk, Orta ve Lise öğrenimimi Beşikdüzü’nde tamamladıktan sonra 2004 yılında Yüzüncü Yıl Üniversitesi Adilcevaz M.Y.O İşletmecilik (Finansman dalı) bölümünü bitirdi. Şiire daha ilkokul sıralarında başlamış olsa da gerçek başlangıcı lise ikinci sınıfta edebiyat öğretmeni Cemal SEZGİN’in teşviki ile yapmış oldu. Şiirlerinden bazıları çeşitli dergi ve gazetelerde yayımlanmıştır. 1990 yılında yazmış olduğu “YAZ GELİYOR” isimli ilk şiiri TRT İstanbul Radyosu çocuk saati programında okunmuştur. Yedi yıl (1997) sonra edebiyat öğretmeni Cemal SEZG ... read more
Latest book: Sevgisiz Koyma Beni (Şiir)

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Biyoğrafi Dünyayı ilk 66’da 66 numaralı memleketten gördü. Çocukluğu oralarda, gençliği 60 numaralı memleketin güzel bir köşesinde geçti. Birkaç yıl memuriyetinden sonra kısa dönem onbaşı yüksek rütbesiyle askerlik bile yaptı. Terhis olduğu günden tam bir gün önce liyâkatine binâen rütbesine bir pırpır daha eklendi. Sonra yolu gurbete düştü, bir türlü dönemedi. Diyâr-ı gurbette, Yapı Tasarruf Bankacılığında çalıştı. Gayr-i menkul finasmanı ve İpotekli kredilerle ilgilendi. Şimdilerde Termal Turizm Tanıtım – Pazarlama konularında yazıp çiziyor. Çalışma odasında masanın karşısnda bulunan dolabın üst rafının sağ kenarındaki, (son diplomay ... read more
Latest book: Nükteli Tebessümler

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Bonnie Lyn Smith is a writer, editor, and public speaker. She resides with her husband, three children, and two Shih Tzus in the Boston area. Together, they have lived on both U.S. coasts as well as the Marshall Islands. She regularly blogs at “Espressos of Faith” ( on everything from great books she is reading to parenting in the trenches, special education, mental health advocacy, the ultimate latte, dog antics, and how grace makes a difference in every part of the everyday. Her heart has long been devoted to discipleship and prayer ministry in its various forms. Currently, she enjoys learning about Christ with the Junior High School students she and her husband teach. Before that, ... read more
Latest book: Not Just on Sundays: Seeking God's Purpose in Each New Day

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Sarah Negovetich knows you don't know how to pronounce her name and she's okay with that. Her first love is Young Adult novels, because at seventeen the world is your oyster. Only oysters are slimy and more than a little salty; it's accurate if not exactly motivational. We should come up with a better cliché. Sarah divides her time between writing YA books that her husband won’t read and working with amazing authors as an agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency. Her life’s goal is to be only a mildly embarrassing mom when her kids hit their teens. You can learn more about Sarah and her books at or follow her antics on Twitter @SarahNego.
Latest book: Rite of Rejection

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Author, single mother, slave to chaos—I’m a jack-of-all-trades who’s constantly looking for my ever elusive clone. I started writing some years back, and it took me a while to realize I wasn’t destined for the padded room, and that the voices chattering away in my head were really other characters trying to take shape—and since they weren’t telling me to conquer the human race, I went with it. Though I suppose if they had...insert evil laugh. I love writing erotic novels. I love heroines who kick butt, heroes who are larger than life and sizzling sex scenes that leave you feeling just a bit breathless. I love hearing form other readers and can be found at

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CHAS WATKINS was born and raised in England and is a naturalized Australian. His children are all American, which he finds very confusing. He moved to Roatan nine years ago. He has an unused degree in electronics from Hull University in England and has somehow managed to work for many fine and good companies without being fired. After the raging madness of the dotcom world in California, he moved to Roatan to settle with his family. Chas currently pretends to work as a Realtor and Radio DJ. He reads an awful lot, watches the sunrise and sunset every day and consumes way too much coffee. He runs on the beach in the mornings, practices handstands, and lives happily on Roatan with his cat Gary and the children who ... read more
Latest book: Sosteniendo El Sol

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John Walker lee lives and writes in Cape Town, South Africa, without any cats

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I believe falling in love should be thrilling and easy.

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James Calbraith is a Poland-born British writer, foodie and traveller. Growing up in communist Poland on a diet of powdered milk, “Lord of the Rings” and soviet science-fiction, he had his first story published at the ripe age of eight. After years of bouncing around Polish universities, he moved to London in 2007 and started writing in English. His debut historical fantasy novel, “The Shadow of Black Wings“, has reached Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semi-finals in 2012. “The Year of the Dragon” saga sold over 17,000 copies worldwide.
Latest book: The Chrysanthemum Seal

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Megan O’Russell is thrilled to be publishing her premier novel The Tethering with Silence in the Library Publishing. Originally from New York, Megan is a professional actress who spends her time traveling the country for different shows. When not on stage or writing, Megan spends time with her beloved ukulele and her wonderful husband. To follow Megan’s writing adventures, you can visit her website at
Latest book: The Tethering

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Graduated from Frankenmuth High School in Frankenmuth, MI, class of 2012. I'm a young aspiring writer with dreams of writing great stories for the world to enjoy. Going to school for a major in English writing.

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Rori Shay is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). She lives with her husband, kids, and two proficient hair-shedders: Misch the cat and Gerry the 90-lb black lab. Rori studied public relations and marketing at the University of Maryland and received an MBA from George Washington University. She enjoys travelling, running, reading, pumpkin-picking, and snow-shoeing!
Latest book: Elected

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maria O'Hare
My name is Maria B. O’Hare. I currently live my son and partner in Spiddal, Galway, Ireland. I have always had a passion for research and writing and as a mature student with very little formal education; I finally fulfilled my dream of going to university. I graduated with 1st Class honors degree in Archaeology from Queen’s University, Belfast several years ago and went straight to PhD doctoral study, in the same subject. I finally graduated with a doctorate and have been doing freelance specialist work (pre-historic stone tools) for academic institutions and commercial archaeological consultancies since. I am now in the fortunate position, to be able to write and research from home and over the last whi ... read more
Latest book: The Epigenetic Caterpillar: An Alternative to the Darwinian view of the Peppered Moth Phenomenon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jason Barthelemy
Jason Barthelemy is the author of two novels, including Doguhn and The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn, as well as several short stories and the novella, Complete Remission. He was born and raised in Philadelphia PA. For more information, please visit

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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dave Lott
The founder behind this #PositiveRevolution is Dave Lott. Dave is an understanding optimistic. He believes in people and their ability to achieve. He has always had an overwhelming desire to help others grow and understand what makes people tick. From a young age Dave has been fascinated with understanding why people become who they are and how he can help those in need, create positive change in their lives. Dave tends to look at things in a simplistic manner and break them down to their core meanings in order to create a solution that real people can use. He is truly a "less is more" kind of guy, leaning to the side of simplifying your life, instead of complicating it. Dave’s writings don’t tend to ... read more
Latest book: Life Made Simple: Ten Commandments of Happiness Revealed

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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Douglas Sharp
Douglas Sharp grew up in South Eastern Utah in a little town on the Navajo Indian reservation. He spent much of his time hiking in the red rock desert around his home. This setting inspired many childhood adventures as he wandered alone, letting his imagination lead the way. Doug was always interested in the stories of the fantasy books his older brothers read but never interested in reading the books. The worlds of magic and swords fascinated him and he would bug his brothers to relate to him the stories they were reading, using elements of those stories in his wanderings and imaginary adventures. As an early teenager, he continued to rely on his brothers to discover the fantastic worlds others had cre ... read more
Latest book: Descendent

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ALEXANDRA MOODY is an Australian author who currently resides in London. She studied Law and Commerce in her hometown, Adelaide, before going on to spend several years living abroad in Canada and the UK. She is a serious dog-lover, double-black-diamond snowboarder and has a love/hate relationship with the gym. She can often be found on Twitter and Facebook, or you can visit her website at for further details on upcoming projects.
Latest book: Tainted

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Karen Brown is a triathlete, real estate professional, motivational speaker, author, and coach. She discovered her Divine Potential through realizing a lifelong dream of completing the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, and has built on her success to become a world-class Ultra-athlete. She currently lives in Colorado.
Latest book: Journey to Kona, A path to true potential

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Daniel Bates is a therapist who lives in Vancouver, Washington. He has earned a Bachelor of Science from Washington State University, and a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Western Seminary. Daniel has owned and operated his own small business Better Lives Counseling for the last 4 years. In addition to his therapy practice, Daniel is an artist, aspiring author, and podcaster ( Daniel is also husband, and a new father.
Latest book: Fatherhood, Despotism, Mystical Mutterings, and Other Unrelated Poems, Aphorisms, and a Short Story

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G.B. Gabbler is the other half (perhaps the better half?) to the pen name of "The Author" of the debut indie novel THE AUTOMATION, Vol. 1 of the CIRCO DEL HERRERO series - now out in print and ebook formats. The official website for G.B. Gabbler and B.L.A. is:
Latest book: The Automation

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Gabi was born in the UK and immigrated to Australia with two small boys and a husband in 1987. She first write her own autobiography in 2007 after discovering, aged 34, that she had been adopted. The cathartic writing of the Autobiography 'Registered Under Another Name' was sufficient to minimize the need to publish it. It is however being rewritten now and awaits editing. Her children's book, written in collaboration with Liam Phillips, was fun and completed under a different title. It has now been reedited and is being published as 'The Two Jays of Driblepit'. Gabi also writes documentary scripts, screenplays and novels in a variety of genre. Her two sons, now grown up and living in California, are profession ... read more
Latest book: The Two Jays of Dribblepit The Big Book

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I was born January 28, 1982, in Accra, Ghana. I have loved expressing my innate talents by way of writing novels and poems that speak directly to the soul of man. I read when I am not writing and love to philosophise. I still live in Accra and I remain single till the web of marriage catches me. I am open for that misery. You know more about me through facebook.
Latest book: Toothpick Love

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Firmly ensconced in the business world, I have a Masters in Business Administration, and SPHR certification. The business world has been good to me, although my passions lie with the written word. I wrote poetry from a small age and dabbled with short stories. I always dreamed of writing a novel. With the idea for Sinful Purity that dream became a reality. A native of Southern California I enjoy sunny days, and palm trees year around. I live with my husband and teenage son along with a very friendly Bloodhound and two mini Dachshund brothers. My son who has tried everything from the drums and guitar to football and drag racing can frequently be found written in to my books. I am an avid reader, sometimes ... read more
Latest book: Sinful Relations (Sinful Series Book 2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alan Norris
Alan was born in Poole, Dorset, England on October 1st 1948. As a child, he lived in Canada for a few years in what was then a tiny settlement called Malton near Toronto, Ontario. He went to his first school in the village, a one-room school that was quite basic but typical of the times, in those outlying areas of the Canadian countryside. Later in life he travelled to Western Australia where he worked as a design draughtsman and, in his spare-time, played drums with a very active band called ‘Unicorn’. Eventually, Alan returned to England, where he found a winter season of high unemployment and a frosty cold that he'd forgotten about. After a couple of dead-end jobs he joined the Royal Navy and quickly wor ... read more
Latest book: A Reluctant Warrior Volume One The Beginning

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“As a small child I dreamed of growing up to be a chestnut mare. I was terribly disappointed when I found out people couldn’t magically transform into animals but I got over it by immersing myself in the world of fairy tales and thus began my lifelong passion for reading and make-believe.” Lora was born in the small town of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta; the middle child of five girls. In 2006, she and her eldest sister moved to a hobby farm in the remote Kootenay area of British Columbia and for five years had several country adventures which included raising chickens and goats, encounters with wildlife and wrangling the neighbour’s horses. Currently she lives in BC’s Fraser Valley in a household of w ... read more

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Kate Canterbary doesn't have it all figured out, but this is what she knows for sure: spicy-ass salsa and tequila solve most problems, living on the ocean--Pacific or Atlantic--is the closest place to perfection, and writing smart, smutty stories is a better than any amount of chocolate. She started out reporting for an indie arts and entertainment newspaper back when people still read newspapers, and she has been writing and surreptitiously interviewing people—be careful sitting down next to her on an airplane—ever since. Kate lives on the water in New England with Mr. Canterbary and the Little Baby Canterbary, and when she isn't writing sexy architects, she's scheduling her days around the region's best f ... read more
Latest book: Underneath It All

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brothers Frank and Mark Epperson
Strange and Unusual Tales - Volume 1 is a wonderful collection of stories written by Co-authors, The Epperson Brothers. Mark Epperson served as a Department of Defense contract Convoy Truck Driver in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Iraqi Freedom for the United States Army. Mark is a former rescue squad member, and volunteer firefighter. He is trained in life-saving techniques, in food and water purification, and in survival in harsh environments. Mark holds belts in three different martial arts forms, and is an expert in the safe operations of various weapons. He is a massive supporter of both human and animal rights. Christian Counselor Dr. Frank Epperson is an Ordained Baptist Senior Pastor; ... read more
Latest book: Strange and Unusual Tales - Volume 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lori Connelly
I was born and still live in Oregon. Despite being a good student, my teachers complained about my tendency to daydream. The tales dancing through my imagination were frequently far more entertaining than real life. As far back as I can remember I made up stories, to calm my sister after a nightmare, entertain myself in boring classes and write in countless notebooks, many never again to see the light of day. I earned a BS from Eastern Oregon State College and married my best friend almost twenty years ago. I've three brilliant, handsome sons, one amazing daughter-in-law, a beautiful granddaughter and two spoiled dogs. When not writing I love to read, hike, camp, rock hound, and take long walks with my husban ... read more
Latest book: A Witch by Chance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R. D. Hale
I, as one of the more sensible voices in R. D. Hale's wretched brain, have been tasked with the responsibility of introducing you to the author and his debut novel - Sky City: The Rise of an Orphan. It is fair to say R. D. Hale is an idiot. Hailing from a council estate in a cold, wet place inhabited by football hooligans and dole bums, Hale was nothing short of a waste of space. He was disenfranchised due to genetic incompetence and unacceptable hygiene. And so he channelled his unjustified frustrations at the world in which he was trapped, by scrawling on his bedroom walls with you-don't-wanna-know-what. This process taught him a way with words (it is just unfortunate that 'way' is decipherable only to hims ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tony Bowman
Tony Bowman writes Horror, Science Fiction, and Thriller novels from his home in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a native of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, and grew up in Butcher Knife Holler (or, "down on Butcher Knife" as the locals would say). It was a magical place where witches, bigfoot, and UFO's were considered fact and no street lights blocked out the view of the milky way at night. Tony learned to read through comic books like Creepy, Turok: Son of Stone, and Superman. Later, he devoured the works of Heinlein, King, Bradbury, and Koontz. His beautiful wife Laurie is his biggest fan, and his beautiful daughter Sara is his inspiration. Tony has a few books to write, hopefully you'll enjoy read ... read more
Latest book: Vales Hollow

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roger Gordon
Roger Gordon was born in 1943 inSheffield, England, where he spent the first 26 years of his life. After obtaining his B.Sc. and Ph.D in Zoology from Sheffield University, he immigrated to Canada in 1969. He pursued a successful career as a scientist and faculty member at three Canadian universities and served as Dean of Science at the University of Prince Edward Island from 1997–2006. Author of approximately 60 scientific publications,Roger has also received awards in three annual competitions sponsored by the Prince Edward Island Writers’Guild for his literary compositions. He is now retired from academia and lives with his wife, Alison, and his family onPrince Edward Island. He has just published his fir ... read more
Latest book: Starting to Frame–a memoir

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Katie Sparks
At a very young age, Katie Sparks discovered the magic of books. She counted on weekly library visits and treasured receiving her first library card at the age of five. At six, she wrote her first story called Baby Carrie (still in her collection today!) Katie knew then that writing would be in her future. By day, she is an editor for the parent consumer line at a non-profit medical association and enjoys working closely with authors and industry professionals. Immersed in the publishing industry in both her professional and personal life is a dream come true. On weekends you will often find her writing and sipping coffee at one of the many unique coffee shops in Chicago, spending time with family and friends, ... read more
Latest book: Reality Natalie

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Emprendedor Dedicado a los emprendedores Autor
Latest book: Como ser mil eurista con un blog

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Siri Fawkes is my pen name, and I'm in my late twenties. I'm a stay at home mom, who loves writing and being able to support herself doing so. I write risqué erotica, focusing on taboo relationships My erotica writing started a few years ago, when an ex-boyfriend found some nasty stories I had written about having sex with one of my girlfriend's father. He liked it so much that I started writing them for him. One thing led to another, and now it's my bread and butter. I love writing taboo erotica! I hope you find them as enjoyable as he does. SIRI

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With this pen I write.
Latest book: Would You Like Flies With That?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chris Gonnerman
Chris Gonnerman was born in rural northeast Missouri in 1965, and has spent most of his life there. While his work is in various computer-related fields, his passion for games and for writing led to the creation of the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game rules in 2006. He has always written science fiction and fantasy, but only recently did he decide to publish his work.
Latest book: The Adventures of Solo Jones, Book 3: Magus

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stefan Emunds
Stefan Emunds loves to write spiritual fiction, but also non-fiction, screenplays, and poems when time allows. Stefan was born in Germany and enjoyed two years backpacking in Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia in his early twenties. For almost three decades, Stefan has pursued a spiritual career at B.O.T.A., a modern mystery school specialized on Tarot, Qabalah, Gematria, esoteric Astrology, and Alchemy. After getting married, Stefan chose a necessity-career in the telecommunication industry. Since then, he has worked as a business development manager in Europe, Middle East, and in Asia. 2012 Stefan finally managed to kick-start a hobby career as a writer. Around the same time, he stumbled upon the ... read more
Latest book: How Jesus Crashed a Christmas Eve Mass - a Short Story