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Poetry and novel writer, has already published many books and articles. Difendi il PC da sguardi indiscreti (Finson, Milano) Collana: Easy tech Leggere gli e-books (Finson, Milano) I libri elettronici, che si chiamino e-Books o e-Paperback, sono la nuova frontiera dell'editoria e stanno diventando sempre più diffusi in tutto il mondo, anche per il loro nuovo ruolo nell'universo della didattica. Il testo indica quali sono i formati più diffusi, da quelli completamente gratuiti a quelli a pagamento, quali software servono per leggerli, come vengono realizzati e in quale modo vengono distribuiti e resi disponibili per il lettore finale. Il manuale, partendo dalla generica definizione di ipertesto, attraverso c ... read more

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Brenda Ruth Contee is a mother, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, business owner (specializing in business-marketing & promotions), organizational consultant & motivational speaker. Contact Information:
Latest book: REJECTED INTO THE PALACE Overcoming Trials & Tribulations to Living out the Dreams & Purposes for Which You Were Created! BY BRENDA RUTH CONTEE

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Kathleen Antrim is the award-winning and bestselling author of, “Capital Offense.” As a political commentator and correspondent, she wrote for the “San Francisco and D.C. Examiner Newspapers,” NewsMax magazine, was featured weekly on HotTalk 560 radio, and the nationally syndicated, Battle Line. She has also appeared on such television shows as Hannity and Colmes. Her short story, Through a Veil Darkly, is featured in the anthology, “Thriller 2,” edited by Clive Cussler. Antrim is the Past Co-President of International Thriller Writers. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Writers’ Conference and is the International Thriller Writers’-USO Director. She’s currently wo ... read more
Latest book: Capital Offense

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Gianluca Mungo è nato a Crotone nel 1979. Dopo aver compiuti i primi studi a Catanzaro, si è laureato a Siena in Filosofia. Successivamente, ha compiuto studi anche ad Heidelberg, Firenze e Pisa, divenendo sia insegnante delle scuole superiori di secondo grado sia dottore di ricerca. I temi di suo interesse sono da sempre Platone e la filosofia classica.
Latest book: Il sole e il bene

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I would love to say that from the second I could use my fingers, I began to write, but I can’t. Sure there were times through my life when writing surfaced and fell away, but the truth is, I couldn’t even read all that well through most of my teens. Then one day, my father gave me a copy of "The Stand" by Stephen King, and even though it took me a year to finish, I did it. This experience changed my life. From that point, I strove to become the best reader and writer I could be. I was driven by an unbelievable passion to become a writer, and here I am. I truly started from the bottom and worked hard to become who I am now. I am a believer in the words. Reading saved my life. Writing made my life.
Latest book: The Underground Princess

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Madrid, 1965. Estudió Arte. Actualmente reside en la provincia de Madrid y trabaja en el departamento financiero de una multinacional. Según sus propias palabras: “Por accidente coexisto entre números y por vocación vivo entre libros”. Comenzó escribiendo poesía y cuentos para sus hijos. "Y en nosotros nuestros muertos" es su primera novela.
Latest book: Y en nosotros nuestros muertos

Follow me on Twitter at  meincupcake Meincupcake ist ein Online-Shop für hochwertiges Backzubehör. Auf finden leidenschaftliche Hobby-Bäcker und begeisterte Tortenkünstler hochwertiges Backzubehör von den bekanntesten Markenherstellern. Der von der Handke Media UG aus Köln betriebene Online-Shop bietet eine tolle Auswahl an Ausstechformen, Backformen sowie weiterem Backzubehör. Darüber hinaus können die Kunden des Shops auch vielfältige Accessoires für die Tortendekoration bestellen. Der Online-Shop besticht in erster Linie durch ein enorm breit gefächertes Sortiment. Backfans können auf aus über 5.000 verschiedenen Produkten wählen. So finden all diejenigen, die Torten, Cupcakes, Muffins od ... read more
Latest book: Kreative Tortendeko für Hobbybäcker und Tortenkünstler - Fondant, Blütenpaste & Marzipan

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pdmac is a diverse author, writer, and editor having published a book of poetry, edited a Literature anthology, served as managing editor of an archaeology magazine, and has had poems, short stories, articles, and editorials published in various literary journals, magazines and newspapers. His latest short stories appear in the Short Story America anthologies III and IV, Poets in Hell, and Issue #2 of The Mulberry Fork Review. He has a MA in Creative Writing from Emerson College, and is a member of the Georgia Writers Association. He has also sung back-up for Broadway plays, provided voice for radio plays, and acted and directed theater stage productions. In his off time, he and his wife race mountain bikes ... read more

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I'm a thirty-two-year-old female author living in Seattle, Washington. I'm married to the love of my life and have been for ten years. I come from Coos Bay, Oregon and moved to Seattle six years ago. I love it here and don't see us going anywhere anytime soon. I've been heavily influenced by contemporary writers like J.K. Rowling, Mary Balogh, Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, Laurell K. Hamilton, Anne Rice, Stephen King, and many many others. Indie authors who've influenced me (and these are just a few) are Jasinda Wilder, Michelle Hughes, Kristin Flynn, Katie Mac, Dawn Robertson, Ada Slowe, Melissa Brodky, Brandelyn Harris, Brandy Dorsch, and Brandy Jellum.

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Gordiano Lupi (Piombino, Italy – 1960). Periodista de La Stampa de Torino. Traductor de Alejandro Torreguitart Ruiz, Yoani Sánchez, William Navarrete, Felix Luis Viera, Heberto Padilla y otros escritores cubanos. Escribe ensayos sobre el cinema italiano para la editorial Profondo Rosso de Roma. Escribe sobre columnas sobre cultura y politica cubana, cinema y literatura italiana. Nació en Piombino en 1960, y es el editor de Edizioni Il Foglio Letterario. Traduce los escritores cubanos Alejandro Torreguitar Ruiz, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Heberto Padilla, Felix Luis Viera, Virgilio Piñera y Yoani Sánchez. Publicó varios libros sobre el cinema italiano, además de un blog con recen ... read more
Latest book: Calcio e acciaio, dimenticare Piombino

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Latest book: Alone

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Thanks for checking me out. Here’s who I am and what makes me tick… The boring stuff first– Born in California in 1989 and educated to University level. Been writing for almost five years and prefer to write romantic stories, but now writing only erotica stories. I love writing Long Stories and Preferably in Series which give me ample space for setting a good plot and character description for the story. Now the Interesting bits – Never married and no children which gives me plenty of time to enjoy my life and travel to other countries. Like to spend time with one of my elder sisters at her home in California USA and then move over to my younger sister’s place in Manchester, UK. I’m a self confess ... read more

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Nicholas Slade is a writer originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and currently living in Winter Park, Florida. He is studying Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. He has had numerous short stories published in an array of literary magazines as well as written and directed a short film that was screened at the August 2013 Enzian FilmSlam to a sold out crowd. As a child, he grew up reading the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, watching the films of Walt Disney, and reading the comic books of Marvel and DC. These stories, told on both screen and page, inspired him to become a writer. Nicholas hopes his work is able to spread the kind of wonder and excitement that expands people’s imaginations to ... read more
Latest book: The Girl in the White Hat

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Name, age, location? Chris Darwen, nearly 36, wherever we park the campervan for the night. What is it you actually do? I still do not know the answer to this! I'm the author of the Johnny Cooper, Championship Manager books, the presenter of the ROST: Blue Planet podcast presenter, co-founder of The Hot Yogi Shop and social media "guru" to name a few... Why did you decide to write a book? I was getting bored of being told "everyone has a book in them," I needed an excuse to be able to spend hours playing Champ Man without losing my relationship and I thought it would be fun to find out if I could become a self-published author. Turns out it was! Football teams supported? Real Oviedo, Luton Town FC and more ... read more

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Stephanie excels in the genre of fantasy, working her way into the sci-fi genre. When it comes to being recognized, she would be recognized for unique fantasy tales and easy to understand dialogue so actors and actresses don’t have a problem memorizing lines. No matter the genre, she would like to be recognized for her fast-paced scripts and novels so she always has the audiences’ attention. She wants to be able to bring one ideas to the big screen, knowing very well it will be difficult. She wants to be known for having action adventure in all her stories that can capture both the male and female audience. She always wants to keep the audience and fans interested with her new ideas so she doesn’t feel li ... read more
Latest book: Top 10 K-Pop Artists

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Crystal is primarily a writer of non-mimetic fiction, and she aspires to change the way women of presented and perceived in media. A writer of almost all formats, Crystal’s desires, as well as her stories, are not limited by the method of presentation. She is a strong writer of visuals and often applies mythological aspects to her writing, granting another layer of depth and wonder to the stories she tells. Currently, Crystal’s main project is her work titled Mob Princess, which she aspires to put onto the big screen as a feature film. Along with this, she is working in tandem with several others to develop an independent horror game, and hopes to see the project finished soon
Latest book: Faceless

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Robert James Virkler more commonly referred to as R.J. He was born of a rural upstate New York town. While in highschool he was a member of the drama club. The teachers who were in charge of the club were also teachers of the English department. When news of his enlistment in the United States Marine Crops they were shocked by the news. This caught R.J. off guard, during his tours to Afghanistan he filled his down time with writing. Leaving active duty he attended Full Sail University. To study the craft of screenplay writing, already lightyears of life experience ahead of most his peers. R.J. was able to convey stories of life altering events and messages of the importance a strong work ethic. That the rewards ... read more
Latest book: Tusks and Pucks

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Called "Queen of the Sweetness" (well, two or three people said it anyway!) Raine O'Tierney loves writing sweet stories about first loves, first times, fidelity, forever-endings and...friskiness? Raine O'Tierney lives outside of Kansas City with her husband, fellow Dreamspinner Press author, Siôn O'Tierney. When she's not writing, she's either asleep, or fighting the good fight for intellectual freedom at her library day job. Raine believes the best thing we can do in life is be kind to one another, and she enjoys encouraging fellow writers. Writing for 20+ years (with the last 10 spent on M/M) Raine changes sub-genres to suit her mood and believes all good stories end sweetly. Contact her if you're intereste ... read more
Latest book: Xmas Cake: A Modern Fairy Tale

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The first thing you need to know about this author is that the most important title I hold is “family man.” I have been married to my wife, Sheryl, for almost 20 years, and we have three amazing children who motivate and inspire me every day. We live in Arvada, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, close to where we both grew up. My second title is “teacher:” I have been a public school music teacher for 23 years, after earning degrees from the University of Colorado and the University of Northern Colorado. Actually, writing is a relatively recent development, starting with political blogging and doodlings about 14 years ago. That passion has grown over the years, leading to the completion of a collaborative ... read more
Latest book: The Accidental Christmas

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Andrew Jonathan Fine lives somewhere under the rainbow, in a magical place known as the Silver Valley located in the Idaho Panhandle. The place is built on love and compassion, which is the reason he came here. He dwells with his magnificent and loving wife, his charming and brilliant daughter, two cats who don't understand the word 'no', and one frankly hysterical Heeler/Chihuahua who doesn't either.
Latest book: Alouette's Song

Follow me on Twitter at  mkhutchins M.K. Hutchins
M.K. Hutchins is the author of the YA fantasy novel Drift (Tu Books, 2014). Her short fiction appears in IGMS and Daily Science Fiction. She studied archaeology at BYU, giving her the opportunity to compile ancient Maya genealogies, excavate in Belize, and work as a faunal analyst.
Latest book: Hidden Paths: Nine Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories

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Latest book: Saving Their Princess

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Latest book: Shifted Plans

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Hi there! I'm originally from Norway and moved to the United States in 2001. I hold a Master's degree in languages and taught Spanish at college level before settling in as an adviser at an art college in the South. I write New Adult fiction, sometimes with a paranormal twist—like in “Shattering Halos,” published by The Wild Rose Press in February 24th 2014 and in “Stargazer,” released by the same publisher November 21st, 2014. My first indie publication is the New Adult Contemporary Romance “Pandora Wild Child." I adore writing impulsive heroines, or maybe I should call them anti-heroines? Bad-boys, and good-boys running amok. Then, there’s the intense love, physical and emotional attraction ... read more

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In an alternate universe, Mamü Vies is a hunky carpenter. Here, however, he's a chunky university dropout and now a full-time writer and translator. An unapologetic fan of Guns N' Roses and J-rock. When he's not busy working on projects left, right and center, he's Malaysia's Most Dangerous Movie Blogger at Dog Pound is his first novel.
Latest book: Dog Pound

Follow me on Twitter at  eeleenlee Ee Leen Lee
Ee Leen Lee is the editor of KL Noir: Blue and has been published with Esquire Malaysia magazine, MPH, Monsoon Books Singapore, Intellect Books UK and Mammoth Books, UK. She writes crime, horror, science fiction, and the occasional film and book review.
Latest book: 13 Moons

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Peter Andre is a writer living in the Bronx, NY. His plays have been produced in Chicago and New York City. He splits his time between the living room of his apartment and the bedroom of said apartment. If you would like to join the hundreds of people who have him confused with a British same-named pop star, follow him on Twitter @PeterJAndre.
Latest book: Be a Man: How I Spent One Year Drinking, Shaving, Farming, and Fathering My Way Toward Masculinity

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Redemption is the debut novel of Jacklyn A. Lo. A few years ago, walking in the secluded forest, Jacklyn set a new, ambitious goal for herself― to make a feature movie. Inspired, she started to write a script, which eventually became a thick novel. The theme of the novel, provided by Higher Consciousness, has made the story unique and unforgettable. Jacklyn has a Master's Degree in Technology, an MBA in Finance, two years of High Astrology School, and years of self-study in New Age topics. Currently she lives in Europe.
Latest book: Redemption: Supernatural Time-Traveling Thriller with Sci-fi and Metaphysics

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We are a bookclub that run the review site. This features ebooks from Amazon UK which are temporarily free to UK Kindle users. Selected books will be chosen from these to review. Readers can sign up for the email newsletter, check the site, or follow us on Twitter for daily updates.
Latest book: Book Reviews - September 2014

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Beth Black is a twenty something student, hardcore reader, amateur demolitions expert, web culture maven, evil zombie evangelist and travel junkie. Oh, and she writes romantic erotica on occasion too.

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Megat Ishak has had several short stories published in Malaysia and Singapore. His first collection was Cannibal vs Ah Long and Other Bloody Stories (Storm Publishing, 2011).
Latest book: Dark Highways

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Jen Karsbaek began blogging at Devourer of Books in 2008 and is now an associate agent with Fuse Literary focusing on women’s fiction, historical fiction, and literary fiction. Her interest in people’s stories led her to get a B.A. in History at the University of California, Davis where she earned a reputation as a voracious reader. Upon graduation, her roommate, an English major, requested a list of Jen’s favorite books, and the rest, as they say, is history. Connect with Jen on Twitter at @DevourerofBooks. Read more about what she represents and view her submission guidelines at
Latest book: The Short Fuse Guide to Working with Book Bloggers

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Kris Williamson is a publishing consultant and writer. Born and raised in Florida's Tampa Bay Area, he fled America when the neo-cons took over, choosing to continue his studies in Australia. Eventually he found his way to Malaysia and has been tolerated there despite the lack of itinerant mat salleh in the 1Malaysia agenda. He has written professionally for a decade but only turned to writing for fun over the last few years. He founded the Southeast Asian-themed e-zine Anak Sastra in 2010 and still edits its quarterly issues. When not writing about himself in the third person, he talks about other people in the third person.
Latest book: Son Complex

Follow me on Twitter at  @emeralddragun R.A. Miller
R.A. Miller’s mother always told him to watch out for dragons and trolls. Especially the trolls, because they like to skin you, then they’ll roast you, usually with a little red wine. Oh, want to know about HIM, the author. Right. There's this thing called storytelling that R.A. Miller can't seem to get enough of, it's like an addiction. He has to tell stories and nothing makes him happier than to get his stories out to awesome readers, like you. Whether he’s publishing on Amazon as R.A. Miller or across the Internet as EmeraldDragun, he loves telling stories and blogging about what's on his mind. He works primarily in the genres of horror and fantasy, but has also written stories in science fi ... read more

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Born in Arlington, Virginia, Gayle graduated with a BFA in Theatre Performance from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1995. Stopping Inertia is Gayle's debut novel. She never meant to have anyone read it, see it or touch it. Stopping Inertia was Gayle's home remedy for insomnia and dealing with being a metropolitan transplant who quickly had to adapt to small town living after moving from Richmond, Virginia to Montpelier, Vermont. Gayle continues to start numerous stories and at the moment is knee deep in the middle of completing the other two Inertia books. Contact her on social media, she likes that.
Latest book: Stopping Inertia

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A child of the south, steeped in the mysterious aura that accompanies Spanish moss, mosquitoes and barbecue, Amelia has felt the urge to write ever since she was a little girl. Cats, dogs and children, not to mention a husband, get in the way, but she has eked out the time to write a unique combination of romance and action.
Latest book: Charlotte: The Practical Education of a Distressed Gentlewoman

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Michel Delmenico, nació a finales de verano de 1968 en la República del Cantón Ticino, estado perteneciente a la Confederación Helvética, comúnmente conocida como Suiza. Desde siempre tuvo una cierta tendencia literaria vocacional a partir del momento en que aprendió a escribir. Pasó su infancia y juventud rodeado de libros, únicas ventanas al mundo existentes en aquella época. A los catorce años emigra a España con la familia, país en el que sigue residiendo. El aprendizaje del castellano y, más tarde, del catalán -en Catalunya residió más de veinte años- le llevan a amar ambos idiomas hasta el punto de empezar a escribir y cosechar algún que otro reconocimiento en certámenes poéticos y de ... read more
Latest book: ¡BUENA SUERTE, AMIGO!

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Latest book: Taliasman

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Have grown up in Maine and love to travel and write.

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I am a public speaker and life coach and I love to deal with different personalities. I help people to maximize their potentials to achieve success in life. I love to travel and explore places as it keeps me feel rejuvenated.I appreciate the people and the heritage; the wonderful and well-preserved structures. I am eager to learn and adapt with the lifestyle of the people in the places I visit. I eat their food, I wear their clothing, I try to understand their language. I am a nature-lover and I l enjoy visiting wonderful landscape; the rolling-hills, lush greenery, the forest. I also enjoy swimming in a beach, visit a lake and other wonders of nature. I enjoy the sightseeing and the moment of reflection. Lif ... read more
Latest book: Heart's Desire

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TSAR Publications is dedicated to bringing to the reading public fresh new writing from Canada and across the world that reflects the diversity of our rapidly globalizing world, particularly in Canada and the United States. Our focus is on works that can loosely be termed "multicultural" and particularly those that pertain to Asia and Africa. We publish 6-8 titles of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction (literary criticism, history) per year.
Latest book: Bleeding Light

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Jo Rodrigues was born once upon a time, a long, long time ago — well, 1969 to be precise —in Moçambique. That would be on the East Coast: of Southern Africa! Soon thereafter, there was an ugly revolt and people were rather unpleasant to one another! The family suddenly found itself with refugee status and making a mad dash for the South African border. This was necessary in order to secure the safety of their collective necks. Jo’s home language is Portuguese but English is not far behind as a second language. There is also brief mention of a third language. It is an official South African language largely based on Dutch. He learnt Afrikaans at school, but people tend to laugh at his accent. Being a k ... read more
Latest book: Recycled Thoughts

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Under One Hour, LLC is a non-fiction book franchise designed to give readers a broad but thorough overview on a particular topic in under one hour. Under One Hour books are broken down into six 10 minute sections making it easier to read and learn on the go. Each section contains two or three main topics with sub-topics to explore.
Latest book: Personal Finance Under One Hour

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Caroline Bell Foster was born in Derby, England and with her family went on a six week holiday to Jamaica. She stayed for 18 years! Ever the adventurer Caroline bought her first pair of high heels in Toronto and traded her pink sunglasses for a bus ride in the Rift Valley at 18. She wrote her first short story on that bus and had it published the following year in a local newspaper. Caroline has always written in one form or another from a very young age. She started her first diary at age 7 and short stories and articles kept her occupied throughout her teens. Feeling the restrictions of short stories for newspapers, Caroline switched to full length novels letting her creativity flow. Caroline is also know ... read more

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ÖZ GEÇMİŞ: Cevdet AYVAZ; 01 Ekim 1982 yılında Trabzon ili Vakfıkebir ilçesinde dünyaya geldi. İlk, Orta ve Lise öğrenimimi Beşikdüzü’nde tamamladıktan sonra 2004 yılında Yüzüncü Yıl Üniversitesi Adilcevaz M.Y.O İşletmecilik (Finansman dalı) bölümünü bitirdi. Şiire daha ilkokul sıralarında başlamış olsa da gerçek başlangıcı lise ikinci sınıfta edebiyat öğretmeni Cemal SEZGİN’in teşviki ile yapmış oldu. Şiirlerinden bazıları çeşitli dergi ve gazetelerde yayımlanmıştır. 1990 yılında yazmış olduğu “YAZ GELİYOR” isimli ilk şiiri TRT İstanbul Radyosu çocuk saati programında okunmuştur. Yedi yıl (1997) sonra edebiyat öğretmeni Cemal SEZG ... read more
Latest book: Sevgisiz Koyma Beni (Şiir)

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Biyoğrafi Dünyayı ilk 66’da 66 numaralı memleketten gördü. Çocukluğu oralarda, gençliği 60 numaralı memleketin güzel bir köşesinde geçti. Birkaç yıl memuriyetinden sonra kısa dönem onbaşı yüksek rütbesiyle askerlik bile yaptı. Terhis olduğu günden tam bir gün önce liyâkatine binâen rütbesine bir pırpır daha eklendi. Sonra yolu gurbete düştü, bir türlü dönemedi. Diyâr-ı gurbette, Yapı Tasarruf Bankacılığında çalıştı. Gayr-i menkul finasmanı ve İpotekli kredilerle ilgilendi. Şimdilerde Termal Turizm Tanıtım – Pazarlama konularında yazıp çiziyor. Çalışma odasında masanın karşısnda bulunan dolabın üst rafının sağ kenarındaki, (son diplomay ... read more
Latest book: Nükteli Tebessümler

Follow me on Twitter at  daviddireauthor David Dire
David Dire is a British writer of science fiction with a hint of mystery and suspense. He is interested in dystopian themes, artificial intelligence, aliens, time travel and the evolution of the human species in potential future scenarios that may or may not occur. Mechanism of control within the psychology of the human race fascinate him, as does sociology and its development as a force of conditioning, which is at frequent times, not to the benefit of the individual. He knows the conflict that results from this tension is what makes for great stories that explore the human condition, with all its ramifications. Read David Dire's work today, for a trip into the unknown!
Latest book: Newlander

Follow me on Twitter at  BonnieLynSmith Bonnie Lyn Smith
Bonnie Lyn Smith is a writer, editor, and public speaker. She resides with her husband, three children, and two Shih Tzus in the Boston area. Together, they have lived on both U.S. coasts as well as the Marshall Islands. She regularly blogs at “Espressos of Faith” ( on everything from great books she is reading to parenting in the trenches, special education, mental health advocacy, the ultimate latte, dog antics, and how grace makes a difference in every part of the everyday. Her heart has long been devoted to discipleship and prayer ministry in its various forms. Currently, she enjoys learning about Christ with the Junior High School students she and her husband teach. Before that, ... read more
Latest book: Not Just on Sundays: Seeking God's Purpose in Each New Day

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Sarah Negovetich knows you don't know how to pronounce her name and she's okay with that. Her first love is Young Adult novels, because at seventeen the world is your oyster. Only oysters are slimy and more than a little salty; it's accurate if not exactly motivational. We should come up with a better cliché. Sarah divides her time between writing YA books that her husband won’t read and working with amazing authors as an agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency. Her life’s goal is to be only a mildly embarrassing mom when her kids hit their teens. You can learn more about Sarah and her books at or follow her antics on Twitter @SarahNego.
Latest book: Rite of Rejection