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Follow me on Twitter at  jefferthomas82 Jeffer Thomas
I (Jeffer Thomas) am a professional loan adviser, graduated from the city London. I have been giving my deep knowledge in the finance field.
Latest book: 6 Month Loans – Get Bad Credit Loans No Guarantor with No Fees

Follow me on Twitter at  biggirl4lif Darlene Ward
Darlene Ward is a soon to be national best-selling Author. She resides in Houston, Texas. She has been a practicing Registered Nurse for over twenty years. She has a nineteen year old son who inspires her to go after her dreams! Her goal is to bring a smile to the faces of all her reader’s. She would like to motivate all women to fullfill their dreams no matter what obstacles they face in life! She is also a very out going person. And she can bring any party to life! Her personality is vivacious! She is a full-figured Diva with high confidence that is unsurpassed! Her ultimate goal is to be an inspiration to all the women around the world!

Follow me on Twitter at  mistressdede Mistress Dede
MISTRESS DEDE is not only an accomplished author but also a passionate practitioner of the art of female dominance. She is the founder and CEO of the “Forced Feminization Sissy Training School” and currently oversees various online training programs aimed at male transformation and feminization/sissification. Words from The Mistress: “I am a lifelong style FemDom who lives the kind of lifestyle that most people can only dream about. 36D-21-38. My body is built for worship, my personality commands respect yet my enigmatic nature will leave you wanting for more after every single interaction. In all honesty, submissive men are my predilection. Those I can easily turn into my playthings and into willing w ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  frabjouslinz Lindsey S. Johnson
Lindsey has an appreciation for dramatic flair paired with a sense of the ridiculous, which leads to things like getting a black eye via accidentally setting her sweater on fire when reaching for the wonton soup. She started telling stories to her best friend at an early age, mostly to justify creating elaborate forts for dolls. Lindsey lives in Seattle with her significant other and two cats named after sorceresses. Why have one black cat named after a villainous magic-wielder, when you can have two? A Ragged Magic is her first published novel; she is currently at work on the second book in The Runebound series.
Latest book: A Ragged Magic

Follow me on Twitter at  @caracarnes Cara Carnes

Latest book: Phoenix Rising

Follow me on Twitter at  FragrantSerenad Benny Augustine
Benny Augustine is a Banking Consultant who loves to read, write and travel. He loves to write poetic reflections and novels. His collection of inspirational poetic reflections over 3 decades is called "Fragrant Serenade".
Latest book: Fragrant Serenade

Follow me on Twitter at  ZombieZak Bill Snider
Bill Snider (aka Zombie Zak), a (mostly) humble creature of the night, the dead and things best left with the Bright. From the frozen wastes of Toronto, Canada, sprung from the shadow wrought, he walks between whispers and thought. Shambler of the Night, engineer of bubblicious blight; a deadpan desire for total and complete global domination sincere, is attempting to compile something bouncy and maybe not all here. Legions cover the planet from pole to pole, nothing mediocre you see, nothing quite so droll. Cookies, brains, bacon and zombies, oh my! Forsooth and gadzooks, you’re all going to buy. By word, by rhythm, something unseen, I leave you with these words pretty, but unclean. Wrap up your bubbles, y ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  MonroeArielTK Monroe Ariel
Monroe Ariel is a very passionate writer. She has always had a love for writing. At a very young age, she would always speak out on issues that revolve around being just and fair. She believes writing and expressing thoughts is one of the most powerful creations in the world. Monroe also believes that the lips are very commanding and sometimes we don't realize how much strength they have to bring about change and growth. Lips voice our soul, and it's one of our greatest assets. The Her OutSpoken Lips Series is a project that Monroe holds very dear to her heart, and there will be a second collection coming soon to Amazon and other venues. Writing is Monroe's haven, and she is living her dream by her works being ... read more
Latest book: Her OutSpoken Lips: A Collection of Poems Through the Eyes of a Woman Pushed to the Edge

Follow me on Twitter at  @MediateYourLife Ike Lasater
Ike Lasater is the co-founder, along with John Kinyon, of Mediate Your Life, a training company that helps people build better lives by changing how they respond to conflict. With extensive training in Nonviolent Communication, Ike teaches and coaches individuals and organizations in communication and conflict resolution skills and has trained thousands of people in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has served on the board of directors for the Center for Nonviolent Communication and the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California. Ike is a former trial attorney for 20 years who co-founded a thriving San Francisco law firm specializing in complex, multiparty commercial and environmental case ... read more
Latest book: Choosing Peace: New Ways to Communicate to Reduce Stress, Create Connection, and Resolve Conflict

Follow me on Twitter at  @GreenDragonBks Albert Hofmann

Latest book: Insight Outlook

Follow me on Twitter at  tuuliasaaritsa Tuulia Saaritsa
Tuulia Saaritsa is a writer and poet fascinated by the fantastical. Her short stories have been published by Crossed Genres and Circlet Press in print and online, as well as for free on her own website. Her latest project is a novella about children underfoot in a world at war with monsters.
Latest book: Me and Susannah

Follow me on Twitter at  RobbyBabyPoet Robert Matejko
I am a poet who has written poetry in university,about 100 pages worth, and then entered a period of not writing until I came across a site online, Creative Thinkers International, in 2008. Ever since that time, I have written consistently til the present date. My poetry covers the whole spectrum of genres and human experience, from love, sensual, and erotic poetry, to darker fare that I usually write and unveil in October, and more thoughtful, philosophical/metaphysical poetry.

Follow me on Twitter at  razielredel Rick Fox
I was raised reading from a very early age. I read the Hobbit until I was old enough for Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter until I was ready for Harry Dresden, and watched everything from Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z to Doctor Who and Firefly. My first and greatest love has always been for fantasy. Sci-fi is fun, but it's often more "serious literature" and that's never really been my thing. I want to tell entertaining stories, not preach at you. Magic sword wielding warriors, clever wizards, and great and terrible dragons have always been the heroes and villains of my favorite stories. Now I hope to make a few of my heroes and my villains your favorites. I love getting questions so please, drop by my twitte ... read more
Latest book: Fate's Pawn: Prologue

Follow me on Twitter at  timatcarterclan Tim Carter
Tim is a son, husband, father, reader, writer, and thinker.’ He also runs, grows vegetables, plays the guitar and Mandobird and works as a Priest ‘on the edge.’
Latest book: Being Sent: Jonah’s mission, God’s mission, Our mission

Follow me on Twitter at  MichelRouvere Michel Rouvere
Marié et père de trois enfants, Michel Rouvère est directeur commercial d’une société qui fabrique des machines agricoles. Son travail stressant et ses lourdes responsabilités l’ont poussé à chercher une activité qui lui permette de se délasser, tout en s’adonnant à sa passion pour l’histoire. Ayant toujours eu envie d’écrire, il a finalement sauté le pas après la naissance de son dernier enfant, avec un premier roman sur la Révolution Française. Depuis, il profite de chacun de ses moments libres pour explorer une époque et une civilisation différentes. Pour écrire ses livres, il se documente de façon très détaillée, puis mélange réalité et fiction afin de rendre ses intrigue ... read more
Latest book: A l'ombre de l'échafaud

Follow me on Twitter at  authorsrpierce Shenette Pierce
Shenette Pierce started writing poems and plays at the tender age of just 15 years old. Years later, her love for creative writing would lead her to enter, and win multiple poetry contests as well as publishing her first novella entitled "Agent Amador Lamon: Heart Healer."

Follow me on Twitter at  Easalle J.J.M. Czep
Born in small town Whitesboro, New York, J.J.M.Czep is the daughter of entrepreneurial parents. She spent much of her childhood wandering fields and swamplands surrounding her parents’ home. Content to create imaginary companions and adventures, she took to writing down the stories in her overactive imagination. To become a better writer, she belly-dances, participates in rapier tournaments, and cavorts with pirates, mermaids, faeries, and mystics. She shares her peaceful home with her cats and teenage son.
Latest book: Trolls

Follow me on Twitter at  fullnessofpower Rachel S. Heslin
Rachel S. Heslin has been immersed in the study of psychology since childhood. Her father studied under the mentorship of Milton H. Erickson, considered by many to be one of the founders of the field of hypnotherapy. Her essay on the impact of Dr. Erickson’s influence on her formative years appeared in the official Milton H. Erickson Foundation newsletter. Today, she applies his philosophy that we each have all the resources we need to live happy, fulfilling, and meaningful lives in her work with clients, helping them connect with what already lives inside them. Her upcoming book, The Obstacle IS the Path: How traditional goal-setting is setting you up for frustration, is scheduled for release in spring 2015. ... read more
Latest book: The Map of Your Life

Follow me on Twitter at  susannahgautier Susannah Gautier
I grew up on an Island, with no cable TV, Internet, or video games. Instead, I found my imagination ignited by the books I read, the drawings I made, and the natural world surrounding me. My love of books never waned. I majored in English in college and later found myself working in the travel industry and traveling the world, visiting places I had only read about in novels and history books. Those life experiences continued to fuel my imagination and I finally began to spin those stories in my head into books. I write books that are outside of reality as we know it. My worlds are as unique as the characters that inhabit them; the Underworld of Vampires, Weres, and Witches, a futuristic world with mind-bending ... read more
Latest book: Sacred Bonds

Follow me on Twitter at  @wallercf Charles Waller
C. F. Waller was born and raised in Southeast Michigan, but has traded in the ice and snow for a seaside town in Southwest Florida. He lives in a condo on the water with his wife, Tina, and their cat Charley. He was penned three books thus far, two will be released by CMP.
Latest book: Free Dive

Follow me on Twitter at  critical_kurt C.M. Lanning
C.M. Lanning is a journalist in Arkansas who is writing in his spare time. I'm trying to get a novel published, but in my spare time, I'm listing short stories online. Most of the genres he writes in are science fiction, paranormal, or slice of life. That doesn't mean he won't venture outside of his comfort zone from time to time, though. Pepsi > Coke, Friends > Seinfeld, and everything 90s tell readers everything they need to know about C.M. Lanning. His favorite movies are Blues Brothers, Twister, and Independence Day.
Latest book: As Long As She's Happy (Short Story)

Follow me on Twitter at  SanRemy Ron Millicent
Greetings, My name is Ron, and this little blurb is written in the hope that I can explain what my books are all about.. I have written three books – soon to be 4-5 – and they are really built around this core question: `What happened to us`? Why do some events `crush` some people, and yet others seem to be able to cope with the same event? And the people who `cope` – somehow wind up being wiser and stronger! It seems that there are two categories of people – in regards to their response to events: 1. Those that stay in that event, and relive it over and over – thereby increasing the misery – over and over 2. Those that can shut off that event – and move on. There are of course so many variation ... read more
Latest book: Lessons of Life - The Path to God

Follow me on Twitter at  hazel_butler Hazel Butler
Hazel is a twenty nine year old author, artist and archaeologist from Cheshire, England. She is currently in the final year of her PhD, which focuses on Gender Dynamics in Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Britain. She has been studying archaeology since she was sixteen, attending The University of Manchester for her Undergraduate course in Ancient History and Archaeology, then Bangor University for an MA in Celtic Archaeology and on to her PhD. She spent two years between her MA and PhD doing Corporate archaeology and research excavations, both in Britain and in Austria, and has two papers published in international journals. Since 2010 she has been working on a series of Gothic Literary novels, the first of w ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at Robert Ronning
Robert Ronning has built a respected reputation in the merchant processing industry in Canada, as the founder of PayVida Solutions. PayVida has become one of the largest and fastest growing financial technology companies in Canada, providing payment solutions for small business owners to some of the largest brand names and enterprise clients in the nation.
Latest book: Canada's Role in the Payment Processing Industry

Follow me on Twitter at  NBagadey Nathalie Bagadey
Professeur agrégé d’anglais, Nathalie Bagadey partage son temps entre ses deux passions, l’enseignement et l’écriture, tout en s’occupant de ses trois enfants, chats, tortue et poissons. Passionnée de littérature de l’imaginaire, elle travaille actuellement sur une quadrilogie d’héroic fantasy : “Une Autre Vie à Citara”. Vous pouvez la suivre sur son site , où vous serez chaleureusement accueilli. --- In English : Nathalie is a teacher who obtained highest academic–rank qualification in English (Agrégation). She loves teaching as much as writing and tries to juggle both, while taking care of her three children, cats, tortoise and fish. Her favourite kind of book ... read more
Latest book: Éclosia ou l'Écosse des légendes

Follow me on Twitter at  @GymmoJim Jim Morris
Jim Morris is a veteran who served three tours with Special Forces (The Green Berets) in Vietnam. The second and third were cut short by serious wounds. He retired of wounds as a major. He has maintained his interest in the mountain peoples of Vietnam with whom he fought, and has been, for many years, a refugee and civil rights activist on their behalf. His Vietnam memoir War Story won the first Bernal Diaz Award for military non-fiction. Morris is author of the story from which the film Operation Dumbo Drop was made, and has produced numerous documentary television episodes about the Vietnam War. He is author of three books of non-fiction and four novels. He has appeared on MSNBC as a commentator on Special O ... read more
Latest book: Death of a Hero, Birth of a Legend

Follow me on Twitter at  dauntlessindies Dauntless Indies
Dauntless Indies is a close group of best-selling authors working to assist and promote each other in the publishing industry. DI hosts seasonal giveaways, publishes quarterly anthologies, and supports individual artists (writers, graphic artists, bloggers) in the pursuit of their passions.

Follow me on Twitter at  TheArtistsRant Vince Volpert
Vince Volpert (signed as V.V.) is an independent artist. He has had several art classes throughout his academic career from the Chicago-land area. The artist’s work is influenced based on still life scenery (using acrylic and watercolor paints.) His paintings, from his short story book series (soon to be revealed and announced) is influenced by Rod Serling’s television series The Night Gallery (as well as The Twilight Zone), in which the artists, Jaroslav “Jerry” Gebr, and Tom Wright, painted abstracts or literal representations of the story being presented on the television series. V.V. uses multiple mediums for his work, which includes: fine tip pen work, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, water color p ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Hernanvglibros Hernan V.G
Joven emprendedor, que quiere dar a conocer sus obras por internet y ayudar a otras personas con ellas.
Latest book: Ayúdate a Ayudarte "Manual para ver la vida de otra manera"

Follow me on Twitter at Patricia A. Wolf
Patricia A. Wolf lives in Texas with her husband, daughter, and two English mastiffs (who act more like horses for her little girl). Aside from writing, Patricia enjoys reading every kind of romance book she can get her hands on, cycling behind her husband (so she can check him out), watching movies in the comfort of her home (which she doesn't get to do often since most of her time is spent chasing after a two year old, being a wife, and writing), and traveling (whenever possible, that is). Her current series are: Immortal Secrets, The House of Elysian, and The Miracle of Christmas. Patricia is currently working on a top secret new series that is sure to set your romance taste buds on fire.

Follow me on Twitter at  aaronmstephens Aaron M. Stephens
The author was born in Vietnam under a full moon and is the 7th son of the 7th son. His identical twin brother is the 8th son. They were both adopted into an Army family as infants. As a child prodigy he skipped grades and finished high school two years early. He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in business. His corporate highlights include college professor, director of marketing, and web designer. He is also an artist, painter, photographer, dancer, and singer. He currently resides in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in the United States of America. He is an active member of Mile Hi Church and sings in the choir. 10% of all profits are tithed to Mile Hi Church. This is the ... read more
Latest book: Angel Academy - Book 1

Follow me on Twitter at  halesamantha Samantha Hale
Growing up in a small town in Southern Ontario, Samantha Hale was an avid reader who fell in love with the written word in all its forms. She was fascinated with the way a book could take her away to another world and began writing herself, finding that she loved creating her own worlds just as much as she loved reading about the ones in her favorite novels.
Latest book: Everything Changes

Follow me on Twitter at  mmmadalaine M. M. Madalaine
M. M. Madalaine is an author and lover of paranormal and erotica. She has fun combining the two. Forbidden Dark is her first publication.

Follow me on Twitter at Jason Offen
From a young age, Jason was very interested in the experimental aspect of the creative process. He would spend hours creating elaborate audio recordings, doodling on pieces of paper, or writing completely zany stories. When Jason is not teaching English or writing, he's creating or performing music. He loves being in the wild outdoors whether it be walking, running or cycling. He currently resides in the UK but is considering upping sticks to go to either Russia or Spain (but he hasn't ruled out other countries!) He's unsure what the future will bring, but is ready to embrace it all with passion and energy
Latest book: Arthur Sawby's Interesting Stories - Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  sl_huang S.L. Huang
S.L. Huang justifies her MIT degree by using it to write eccentric mathematical superhero fiction. In real life, you can usually find her hanging upside down from the ceiling or stabbing people with swords. She is unhealthily opinionated at and on Twitter as @sl_huang.
Latest book: Hunting Monsters

Follow me on Twitter at  rkbotchway Richard Kwabena Botchway
I am the son of Anochi and the grandson of Agya'Ootwe. Of a mother’s son; To an aunt’s child; Grow we from the root of hustle; Toddler to affluence weaned; Weathered the storm; Across the facets of life; Through the ages grow; Student of life; Trust In Jehovah; A Realist; I am a Third Generation BOTCHWAY My name is Richard Kwabena Botchway
Latest book: M'ADWINDWIN (Poetry & Thoughts)

Follow me on Twitter at  mrstanleynwabia stanley nwabia
Stanley Nwabia, is a Nigerian media consultant with years of experience in broadcasting, advertising and banking. He has worked several media organizations and was a banker for many years. He is now the managing director/CEO of Firewood media, a multimedia production company and Ad agency. He writes and blogs for fun! Stanley is married with children

Follow me on Twitter at  lgoconnor1 L.G. O'Connor
L.G. O’Connor is a member of the Romance Writers of America. A corporate strategy and marketing executive for a Fortune 250 company, she writes adult urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance. She is currently working on the third book in the Angelorum Twelve Chronicles, Book of Four Rings, for publication in 2015. In addition, she is writing an adult contemporary romance series. L.G. lives a life of adventure, navigating her way through dog toys and soccer balls and loaning herself out for the occasional decorating project. When she’s feeling particularly brave, she enters the kitchen . . .

Follow me on Twitter at  ChiaraFromAbove Chiara Lo Giudice

Latest book: An Earth Angel's View

Follow me on Twitter at  caveofprogramming John Purcell
After studying a degree in science, I worked as a software developer for around fourteen years before starting my own online business. I now make a living mostly from selling video courses on computer programming. I was born in England but I've lived in various European countries; at the moment I'm in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, but plan to move to Berlin, Germany soon.

Follow me on Twitter at  PreciousTnovels Precious Tea
Precious Tea is an Up and Coming novelist hailing from the great city of Detroit, Michigan. Tea got her love for writing when she won her first grade poetry contest. Since then she has Gone on to write more poetry, Erotica and Romance. Precious Tea is a lover of all things Dramatically Romantic and is a veracious reader. Now at the tender age of 35 she is publishing her first Novel. Precious Tea is establishing herself as a great novelist and believes that she will continue to entertain you for years to come. You may Contact Precious Tea @ Twitter @PreciousTNovels

Follow me on Twitter at  MonkeyQueenBks Robert Dahlen
Fantasy novelist, all-around wisecracker and penguin aficionado. Lives in California with lots of penguins (no surprise), a tablet stuffed with e-books and works in progress, and a long-suffering wife. Hopefully working on more Monkey Queen stories as you read this.
Latest book: Of Introductions And Abductions: Monkey Queen Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  CPC504 Carla P. Cyprian
Carla P. Cyprian was born and raised in New Orleans, La. She began writing letters to her unborn daughter at the age of nineteen when she was three months pregnant. The letter writing soon became a journal of untold stories that turned into over three thousand pages. Unfortunately, Carla lost them all in Hurricane Katrina in 2005. But she kept them in her memories.

Follow me on Twitter at  TheGreatLou Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis was born and raised in Cheboygan, Michigan. From a young age, he discovered his love for both comic books and movies, as he would spend most of his childhood reading Spider-man and X-men and watching Universal Monster movies in his grandmother’s basement. After he graduated High School, he went to North Central Michigan College, where he received his Associates of Arts. Justin is now currently pursing his Bachelors in Creative Writing for Entertainment. In which, after graduation, he hopes that he will enter the industry and be able to write for the two mediums that he loves so much.
Latest book: Just One Win

Follow me on Twitter at  authoridjohnson ID Johnson
ID Johnson has always been a writer. Even as a teenager, she began to write novel length works. Though Johnson kept writing, somehow life got in the way and it wasn't until her children were school-aged that she began to focus on writing again, publishing two works in 2014. Johnson also works as a Reading Specialist at a local school district and runs an online boutique. Johnson lives with her two small children in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. When she isn't writing or making tutus, she enjoys spending time with her two little girls and her husband. She also has two dogs, Barkley and Duke, who carry on conversations with her children, much like Sven in Frozen. Johnson's first novel, Deck of Cards, is a medieval ... read more
Latest book: Cordia's Will

Follow me on Twitter at  ChampagneSloan L. Sloan
Lisa is a goal-oriented student, currently enrolled in Full Sail's Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA program. She enjoys reading a good mystery and loves writing them even more. She freelances as a Journalism writer. Her work has been published in her local Harrison, Ar. newspaper and she has written several advice articles. She is the Journalism coordinator, and editor, of a nonprofit organization call Art-a-zen Creative Media where she informs the public of up and coming local musicians and artists. In her spare time, she is composing a Suspense/Thriller novella called The Blue Glass Tree. The supernatural peaks her interest the most as a writer, and has become her main topic of writing. Upon graduation ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  ar_odom A. Odom
A. Odom writes and edits fantasy, young adult, and science fiction. She works as a content writer for a small Canadian press, and had a poem published in 2014 by Unfold. She is currently working on a degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She lives around the beaches of northern Florida with her cat and two crazy dogs.
Latest book: For Tomorrow: A Collection of Poems

Follow me on Twitter at  papatesky Jeramie Tesky
On December 8, 2003, I was driving just northeast of Midwest Wyoming. I had a head-on collision. The airbag and seat-belt did not function. I was immediately in a two and one half month coma. When I woke up I was told I had two broken femurs, two shattered kneecaps, a broken foot and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). I Need True Inspiration!
Latest book: You Can Climb a Tree

Follow me on Twitter at  LeonardDelaney Leonard Delaney
Fully ignoring the lame advice to "write what you know," Leonard Delaney uses a vivid imagination to overcome limited life experience. His unique blend of erotica, fantasy, and science fiction explores the lighter side of massacring good taste. His debut novella, Sex Boat, is two parts parody, one part satire, with a sprinkle of sea monsters. See for more information about Leonard, or email him at .