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Follow me on Twitter at  Andrew_L_Long A. L. Lorentz
A.L. Lorentz is a pseudonym for first time author Andrew Long. Andrew is employed as a marketing manager in Los Angeles. His spare time is spent writing, hiking or snorkeling. He has a BFA from The Ohio State University, and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Andrew spent many years drawing and painting sci-fi before writing about it. He has exhibited and sold art at Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, California.
Latest book: Dawn of Two Stars

Follow me on Twitter at  Dedicaces Errol A. Mullings
Errol Mullings was born on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica in the mid 1940's. He migrated to Canada in the late 1960's. He received child care training at George Brown college, Kensington campus in Toronto. He also studied theology at Manhattan Bible Institute in New York. Errol's spiritual connection, is the source of his inner strength. He is active in his church and his community. The author's first book entitled "Internal Barriers" was published in 2010.
Latest book: The Barricading Yoke Of Unforgiveness

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Noka Publishing House is Canada's leading independent publisher, producing approximately 250 new titles each year including literary and commercial fiction, a broad range of general non fiction, academic and professional titles and books for children and young adults. Imprints include Life is Positive.
Latest book: Thanksgiving Quotes - Give Thanks And Be Grateful

Follow me on Twitter at  apollpet Amy Pollpeter
As a forensic scientist with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Amy Pollpeter is well acquainted with the crime of sexual assault. Approximately 80% of her time is spent working sexual assault cases. She instructs law enforcement officers and forensic nurses on evidence collection in sexual assault cases. Her knowledge about this crime doesn’t come just from the cases she has worked in her 7 years at a state crime laboratory however; she is also a survivor of this crime and knows how great of an effect it has on its victims. In addition to her role as an instructor, she has become a liaison between the crime laboratory and the sexual assault response teams. She has a passion for speaking to publ ... read more
Latest book: When The Light Meets The Dark: A Journey of Finding God and Forgiveness while Healing from Sexual Assault

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Latest book: Winter Soon

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorDow Lisa Dow
Lisa Dow was born and raised in Peterborough, ON then earned her Bachelor of Arts (major Political Science) at The University of Western Ontario during the late 1980’s when big hair and off-the-shoulder shirts were considered the height of fashion. Shortly after graduation, gripped by the sudden realization that she had the political aspirations of a gnat, Lisa decided to utilize her natural organizational abilities in the ‘exciting, fast-paced’ world of Executive Assisting in Toronto. After a decade of ‘Assisting’ (translation: sending funny emails to friends and family while she was meant to be filing) and armed with nothing but now unfashionably big-hair, a box of After Eight mints and an idea for ... read more
Latest book: The Influence Of Now

Follow me on Twitter at  Perley J Thibodeau Perley J. Thibodeau
Perley J. Thibodeau was born and lived the first 45 years of his life in Bangor, Maine. He now resides in Manhattan, New York
Latest book: The Unexpected Trip

Follow me on Twitter at  grantcox Grant Cox
After working more than a decade in two of the largest churches in Central and Northern California, Grant Cox started, an online ministry devoted to helping dads become heroes in their own homes. His education in journalism alongside his passion for ministry give him a unique ability to communicate God's plan for marriage and parenting, equipping men and women to lead their families more effectively than ever before. He and his wife, Talacey, have one daughter. They live in the heart of central California.
Latest book: The 5-Step Adventure from Failure to Father to Hero

Follow me on Twitter at  paddyjdavitt PJ Davitt
Paddy Davitt is an award-winning chief football correspondent with extensive knowledge of the game built up from working closely with managers, players and owners in the English Premier League and the Championship. He has also covered professional football in the USA, Italy, Austria and France. His childhood passion for writing was sparked by reading the fictional football stories of authors such as Brian Glanville and Michael Hardcastle. Paddy grew up in the Midlands, England, and is a lifelong Coventry City fan. He currently works as a chief football correspondent for the regional publishing group Archant, where he covers Norwich City FC. ‘One Shot at Glory’ is the first in a series of novels featuring a ... read more
Latest book: One Shot at Glory (Part of the Dave Shaw series)

Follow me on Twitter at  karanbhasin95 Karan Bhasin
Graduated from St. Columba's School in 2013 and am currently pursuing BSc. Economics from University of London International Programmes. I am an upcoming economist who loves to read and write. I have had the honour getting my views published on various websites on numerous occasions. My key skills include public speaking, writing, econometrics and logical model building along with economic research. My areas of Interests outside academics include eating good food, traveling and interacting with people: while my areas of interests in academics include Macroeconomic Theory: Monetary Economics. Microeconomics: The notions of rationality and efficient provision of public goods. I am a strong believer in market econ ... read more
Latest book: The Theory of Origination and Termination

Follow me on Twitter at  jeremi1986 jeremy simons
Jeremy Simons lives in Grayson, Louisiana, with his wife and three daughters. His stories have appeared with Carnage Conservatory, Aphelion Webzine, The Horror Zine, Voices From A Coma, Hellfire Crossroads, October’s End, and the X3 Anthology. His debut novella Buried Alive is also available from Twilight Terror Press.
Latest book: Buried Alive

Follow me on Twitter at  bakernamedemily Sarah Wilson
I am a business administration major from Toronto, Canada with a passion for photography, books, music and baking.
Latest book: Scarborough Fare

Follow me on Twitter at  1lubeauty Janae McNeal
Janae McNeal, the owner of Lu Beauty Products, is dedicated to helping women and men achieve their hair goals. After sifting through what works and what doesn’t, and with a multitude of success stories under her belt spanning four years, she presents to you the best methods available to achieve your hair goals. Even using a few of these proven methods will cause a huge improvement in your hair. Using all of the information provided in this book will transform your hair and your life.
Latest book: Strong Healthy Hair That Grows: Hair Care Secrets For All Hair Types

Follow me on Twitter at  JohnBranning John Branning
John Branning is currently alive and holding on, but just barely.
Latest book: Selfie-Facing

Follow me on Twitter at  RachelPudsey Rachel Pudsey
Rachel has been writing stories since as long as she can remember. An obsession with Point Horror books led to her first novel being designed and written at the age of ten, though truth be told, it wasn't very good. The following years were spent reading thrillers, romantic comedies, fantasies, occasionally playing guitar, and dabbling in song writing, all the while continuing to write stories unworthy for print and developing her own style. A mixture of inspiring authors had a huge influence upon her mind: S. E. Hinton, Mario Puzo, William Goldman, C.S Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkein, Neil Gaiman, J. K. Rowling ... the list goes on. Many years have passed since she first put pen to paper, and many stories have be ... read more
Latest book: The Watcher of the Night Sky (#1 of The Aronia Series)

Follow me on Twitter at  edwardra3 Ed Antrobus
"If you can read, you can cook." That's my mother's motto. She taught me that, at its most basic, cooking isn't any more difficult than following a recipe.
Latest book: Recipes of If You Can Read, You Can Cook - Year II

Follow me on Twitter at Meryl Urson
Meryl Urson is a South African yoga teacher and a wife and mother of three grown children. In former years she survived a stint of English teaching in a boys’ high school, learned to type fast as a medical secretary, honed her olfactory skills while practicing aromatherapy and rejoiced at being a published writer. Her writings were products of the 80s and 90s before parenting won out over the pen. They included a book of short stories called Loaded, an illustrated children’s book called Vuyo’s Whistle and a children’s TV script called Nkathazo, which was translated into the Xhosa language and aired on South African TV. She also wrote several pieces of fiction and non-fiction for various South African ... read more
Latest book: Way Out In India

Follow me on Twitter at  slamranjan Randi Janelle
Randi is an author, photographer, performance poet, yoga instructor, cat whisperer... She calls Asheville, NC home, but has lived and toured in Australia and New Zealand, and understands the phrases "fair dinkum" and "keen as." She's starting an entertainment biz and coaching program along with writing The Story series. The second book, "The Story: Possession" is due out in spring of 2017. Follow her adventures at!
Latest book: The Story: Deviation

Follow me on Twitter at  ConsilienceUK Consilience Group
Consilience was founded in London by experts from various industries. Our mission of statement is to add the most significant value to our partners. Our areas of expertise includes consultancy , recruitment, market penetration, digital marketing and business development services. Our team of experts has significant experience in international and UK businesses. We are ready to help you locally in a globalising world.
Latest book: Chinese Wine: insights on a burgeoning industry in an e/m commerce context

Follow me on Twitter at  itskevinmangold Kevin Mangold
To say that Kevin Mangold is well rounded is an understatement. Prior to racing thoroughbreds among the best professional jockey colony in the world, Kevin was an accomplished actor. He has appeared on Broadway, in television sitcoms, commercials, music videos, and in the critically acclaimed Oscar-winning theatrical release, "Seabiscuit." Kevin has written a collection of short stories (There are No Grown-Ups) and three screenplays ("Conflict," "Putz" and "The Track," a script based on the world of horse racing.) His directorial debut was "The Apprentice Jockey," a documentary that describes – from the point of view of four jockey hopefuls – what it takes to become a professional race rider. Those who ... read more
Latest book: There Are No Grown-Ups

Follow me on Twitter at  leonardsbooks Leonard Wibberley
Leonard Wibberley was born in Dublin Ireland, in 1915. He was the sixth child of a schoolteacher and an agricultural scientist. At nine his family moved to London. Seven years later, when his father died, he went to work as a stockroom apprentice for a publisher and later became a reporter. After various jobs, he came to the United States in 1943 and engaged in newspaper work for ten years. While working for the Los Angeles Times, he published his first work, The King's Beard. Three years later he published his most successful book, The Mouse That Roared, which was serialized in The Saturday Evening Post, and later made into a classic film starring Peter Sellers. Wibberley lived in Hermosa Beach from 1949 unti ... read more
Latest book: Beware Of The Mouse (A Prequel to The Mouse That Roared)

Follow me on Twitter at  Justine_Avery Justine Avery
If you love where storytellers Neil Gaiman, Edgar Allan Poe, Roald Dahl, O. Henry, and Ray Bradbury take you, then you have a new name to learn and love... Professionally, Justine Avery is the author of countless reviews, travelogues, essays, short stories, and articles. Personally, she has been writing since first falling in love with reading and words themselves, always viewing everything happening around her--and in her imagination--in the form of images translated into poignant phrases and intriguing sentences. She has written under many different names in many different genres, and is finally coming "home" to write as herself. Avery has lived countless stories, takes note of the billions more all arou ... read more
Latest book: It Gets Easier (a Short Tale of Comical Catastrophe)

Follow me on Twitter at  justinpkavanagh Justin Kavanagh
Hi my name is Justin. I am love working out and motivating others to do the same, and to get in the best shape of their life. If I can do it, then so can you! With over 10 years training, I know exactly what it takes to build muscle, burn fat, increase strength, get fit and healthy and ultimately get an awesome body (without killing yourself in the gym or going on a super strict diet).
Latest book: V Cut Abs Training Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  Branko1955 Branko Rakic
Born and live in Slovenia. 60 years old.
Latest book: 5 Steps Cash Machine

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Best Deals for Diamonds, Engagement Rings Wedding Bands and Fine Jewelry, click or dial 1-877-244-6558. We've got the Best Prices Guaranteed.
Latest book: Trillion Solitaire Ring

Follow me on Twitter at  booksmango Leon Suny

Latest book: The Sims FreePlay Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  @TundeAwoyele Tunde Awoyele
Tunde Awoyele is a relationship and family life coach, author and conference speaker. A tireless advocate of godly relationship and sexual purity, I am committed to helping individuals, couples and organisations build valuable and lasting relationships. I am the founder of LETAL Relationship Centre (LRC), a faith-based non-profit organisation that aims to empower, inspire and equip singles and married with the knowledge they need to GET IT RIGHT and DO IT RIGHT in their relationship and marriage. LRC runs with a vision to raise healthy relationships, build great marriages and godly homes. LETAL Relationship Centre provides consultancy and counseling services for marriage counselling, relationship counselling ... read more
Latest book: Courtship 101: What Every Single Needs To Know Before Marriage

Follow me on Twitter at  aeonigni Aeon Igni
From spaceships to airships, captains to cyborgs, Aeon is always trying to reach for the life beyond ordinary in her writing. She grew up on an entertainment regimen of Art Bell every night and the X-Files on Sundays, which might have influenced her writing. Just a bit. Aeon's non-fiction background includes teaching English abroad in Korea and China for over eight years. She taught all ages, from kindergarten to continuing adult education at private English schools and three universities. She learned that encouraging students to use their imagination to research, discuss and write about their interests is the best way to ensure academic and personal growth. In fiction, Aeon writes predominately novellas an ... read more
Latest book: 101 Story Starters for Steampunk

Follow me on Twitter at  risaleinurokur osman karakılıç
Dütf. Aile Hekimliği Anabilim Dalı/ Asistan Dr. Osman Karakılıç Hacettepe Üniv. Tıp Fakültesi mezunuyum. Amacım, Bilim ilerlerken Kur'an'daki ayetlerin de gaybi bilgileri nasıl anlattığını ve Tek Tanrı inancını tüm dünyaya ispatlamak; çünkü ben bir Müslüman olarak şüphesiz ki Rabbime kulluk etmek için gönderildim ve en büyük vazifem de budur.
Latest book: Hadislerle Bilim

Follow me on Twitter at  jburgo55 Joseph Burgo
Joseph Burgo, PhD, has practiced psychotherapy for more than thirty years and held licenses as a marriage and family therapist and clinical psychologist. He earned his undergraduate degree in English Literature at UCLA and both his masters and doctorate in Psychology at California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles. Dr. Burgo has been quoted or featured as an expert on NPR and in publications such as USA TODAY, Glamour, The New York Times, and numerous other publications. As a writer on mental health topics, he is a regular contributor to The Atlantic and a frequent blogger for Psychology Today. As a fiction writer, he is the author of two published novels, both works of genre fiction released long ago by Pocke ... read more
Latest book: Snow White at the Dwarf Colony

Follow me on Twitter at  pointdozer Victor Leung
Victor Leung is a travel enthusiast who has used frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points to help himself and others travel around the world. After scoring a $5 USD first class flight from Asia to U.S., he was immediately addicted to the frequent flyer community. From New York to Iceland to Germany to Hong Kong to Malaysia to Thailand to Hawaii, Victor has experienced new cultures with his family, friends, and significant other, and he is looking forward to more exciting adventures ahead of him. What makes Victor even happier is that he is able to help his family, friends, and clients travel luxuriously for a fraction of the typical travel cost. By sharing his stories, concepts and knowledge on how to tra ... read more
Latest book: 5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget: A guide on how to utilize your wedding expenses in exchange for the ultimate romantic getaway (Travel Planning Book for Engaged Couples)

Follow me on Twitter at  CathleenTowns Cathleen Townsend
Cathleen Townsend discovered fairy tales as a child and never outgrew them. She lives in California gold country with her husband and two dogs, as well as a horse who’s firmly convinced that he’s the real top dog and a cat who’s sure he can take on any dog, anytime. Cathleen can be contacted at, and she tweets @CathleenTowns.
Latest book: Dragon Hoard and Other Tales of Faerie

Follow me on Twitter at  Mrjelane27John John Lane
John has long been a believer in characters that touch us by reflecting ourselves in their stories. He has spent his life exploring characters with his students. With a bachelors degree in Language Arts and Theatre, and a masters in teaching literature, his career has spanned the last thirty years. Each person who he explored character with through theatre, film, and literature has shaped his writing today. In his free time John is a marathoner who loves running under the clear Kansas sky with his wife and running partner. He crafts games out of scrap wood, creating mounds of sawdust in the process. And among talents and hobbies too numerous to mention here, he loves to read and be transported on far flun ... read more
Latest book: The Brutus Code

Follow me on Twitter at  DenverHarring Denver Harrington
Hello Smashword community! I am a novice writer starting out with my debute release Chaos Cipher, which is the first installment of a science fiction series. Born in Wigan, UK, I recieved my college education at St. John Rigby College and later Creative Writing BA at Manchester Metropolitan University. Afterwards I left the UK to study and work in Poland, where I received an MA degree in British Literature, specialising in Science Fiction. to find out more, you can visit my website at:
Latest book: Chaos Cipher

Follow me on Twitter at  govindjamtara Govind Pandit 'Swapnadarshi'
Govind Pandit, Post Graduate, living in Bangalore, India. Hobbies : Reading & Writing.
Latest book: अलबेलिया

Follow me on Twitter at  karenkincy Karen Kincy
Karen Kincy (Duvall, Washington) can be found lurking in her writing cave, though sunshine will lure her outside. When not writing, she stays busy gardening, tinkering with aquariums, or running just one more mile. Karen has a BA in Linguistics and Literature from The Evergreen State College. She is a member of SCBWI and RWA. Sign up for Karen's mailing list:
Latest book: Serpent's Tower: A Shadows of Asphodel Story

Follow me on Twitter at  authorcamillee Camille Elliot
Camy writes Regency romance as USA Today bestselling author Camille Elliot and Christian romantic suspense as Camy Tang. She grew up in Hawaii but now lives in northern California with her engineer husband and rambunctious dog. She graduated from Stanford University in psychology with a focus on biology, and for nine years she worked as a biologist researcher. Then God guided her path in a completely different direction and now she’s writing full time, using her original psychology degree as she creates the characters in her novels.
Latest book: The Spinster's Christmas

Follow me on Twitter at  marriedtoporn David W. Sokol
Married to Porn is my first book. Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be an author and follow the scholarly pursuits that have been calling out to me. It's fucking funny how life throws those spit balls instead. For the last 22 years, I've done everything EXCEPT write full time. I'm a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and I hold a BA in History with a focus on Judaic Studies. Truth is, I've learned more about the world and how things work through while standing in front of bar doors as a Bouncer and building people's bodies as a Personal Trainer. In all seriousness, what in a good God fuck is a guy with a degree in Judaic Studies going to do with a degree like that when being a Rabbi isn't an op ... read more
Latest book: Married to Porn

Follow me on Twitter at  StevenMouland Steven Mouland
The Children of the Zodiac series, "Frozen Path", "Frozen Souls", and "Frozen Mystic" are his big debut into the world of writing. This new and aspiring writer from the small province of Newfoundland and Labrador, is prepared to share his passion with the world and help others venture into a world of imagination and adventure. Steven has a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (Visual) from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, plus a Bachelor of Education, and a Masters of Education from Memorial University. Currently he is a teacher, but he would happily trade in his career to be a writer and artist full-time. As a huge fan of both Fantasy and Science Fiction, his imagination delves into worlds of magic and science, to ex ... read more
Latest book: Frozen Souls: Children of the Zodiac Book 2

Follow me on Twitter at  mikewattHCP Mike Watt
Mike Watt is a writer, journalist and screenwriter. He has written for such publications as Fangoria, Film Threat, The Dark Side, the late Frederick Clarke's Cinefantastique, Femme Fatales and served as editor for the RAK Media Group's resurrection of Sirens of Cinema. Through the production company, Happy Cloud Pictures, he has written and produced or directed the award-winning feature film The Resurrection Game, as well as Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut, A Feast of Flesh, Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation and the upcoming feature Razor Days.
Latest book: Movie Outlaw

Follow me on Twitter at  pixelsandpins Ashe Thurman

Latest book: A Red Ring of Light

Follow me on Twitter at  bearmanormedia Tim Atherton

Latest book: Leave It To Me... My Life In Music

Follow me on Twitter at  bearmanormedia Donn Trenner

Latest book: Leave It To Me... My Life In Music

Follow me on Twitter at  IAMPREGNANTSA Dumani Kula
Dumani Kula is originally from the township of Mdantsane near East London. He is a qualified medical doctor with an MBA from the University of London. He currently serves as an executive at Discovery Health in Sandton, Johannesburg. Kula is also a motivational speaker and a passionate advocate for youth empowerment and career development. He also serves as Director and co-founder of Kingdom Development Initiative (, a non-governmental organisation which supports youth, education, health and arts projects in impoverished communities. He is married to Nothemba, and they have two children.
Latest book: I am Pregnant

Follow me on Twitter at  VanessaLougoon Vanessa Lougoon
Vanessa Lougoon had always felt that she was going to write a book some day, but she never anticipated that her first would be a novel. As an allied health professional and energy healer, Vanessa has written for various Australian health and fitness publications, and blogs regularly. However, it wasn’t until mid 2014, during an evening beach walk with her dog, that she received a clear inner message to ‘get started’. Even though her first thought was, but I haven’t written a story since year 12, she was treated with a flow of synchronistic events that led her on her way. The Gift is the first book of the trilogy.
Latest book: The Gift

Follow me on Twitter at  RamanVeerappan Raman Veerappan
RAMAN VEERAPPAN is a lifelong learner and teacher, an aspiring doctor, and an entrepreneur, whose goal is to radically improve the worlds of health and education. His current mission is to help premed students get into medical school by avoiding the mistakes he made, and more importantly, by doing meaningful work and building strong personal brands. His passion for helping people build their personal websites fits right in with that.
Latest book: How to Build a Personal Website

Follow me on Twitter at  MegMcDonnell Meghan McDonnell
Meghan McDonnell lives in Walla Walla with the man she loves. When she’s not writing or reading, she spends time outdoors, solves crossword puzzles, and pretends to garden.
Latest book: Minor: The Journals of Meghan McDonnell