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Follow me on Twitter at  MariettaGAvery Marietta Avery
Marietta Avery has been a business professional for more than thirty-eightyears and is the General manager and Vice President of broadcast radio station. With over 38 years expertise in advertising, sales and finance. She oversees all aspects of the operation, including sales, marketing, human resources, administration and engineering. As a management czar, Marietta is highly organized with a solid comprehension in of all areas of broadcast operations. She created near constant revenue through perpetual relationships cultivations among her list of clients. A sales leader and advertising expert, she's delivered high-impact sales-closing strategies, converting them into financial windfalls. She has used her abi ... read more
Latest book: Wisdom for Business Success: Practical Tips for Aspiring Entreprenuers

Follow me on Twitter at  covenantofsoul Nadia Ballas-Ruta
NADIA BALLAS-RUTA is a mystic, writer, and a rebel for the Divine. Due to being born into a family of mixed ethnicity and religion, she was free to pick whichever religion she wanted to follow. As a result, the concepts of God and the Divine became huge subjects of fascination. At age 25, an intense spiritual journey began which included working as an attorney, initiation into the Ramakrishna Order, and so much more. To Nadia, spirituality is not a hobby…it is a way of life. She currently works as a writer and lives in New Jersey with her husband.
Latest book: Unorthodox Confessions: The Importance of Dharma, Karma, and Reincarnation

Follow me on Twitter at  Emerald_theGLD Emerald
Emerald is an erotic fiction author and general advocate for human sexuality as informed by her deep appreciation of the beauty, value, and intrinsic nature of sexuality and its holistic relation to life. Her work has been featured in anthologies published by Cleis Press, Mischief, and Logical-Lust, and she serves as a Facebook group moderator and assistant newsletter editor for Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW). She is an advocate for sexual freedom, reproductive rights, and the rights of sex workers and blogs about these and other topics at her website, The Green Light District (

Follow me on Twitter at Juliana Mae
Juliana Mae has self-published a book called In the Heart of an Unsocial Butterfly, been published in J-14 Magazine, written for school newspapers, reviewed books for Miss Literati, and one of her poems was published in a book called "Stars in Our Hearts". Juliana Mae is an 18 year old dreamer who loves music, literature, and adventure. Her debut novel is a book of short stories and poems, but she hopes to traditionally publish Young Adult romance novels.
Latest book: In the Heart of an Unsocial Butterfly

Follow me on Twitter at  writerstevens Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens is the author the Allison Coil Mystery Series—Antler Dust (2007), Buried by the Roan (2011), a Colorado Book Awards Finalist, and Trapline (2014). Stevens is a former newspaper reporter and television news producer. His favorite mystery writers are Patricia Highsmith, James M. Cain, Elmore Leonard, Ruth Rendell, Tony Hillerman, Raymond Chandler and Nevada Barr. He is a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Mystery Writers of America.
Latest book: Buried by the Roan

Follow me on Twitter at  JanHawke Jan Hawke
I'm Jan, English, retired but hoping to be writing full time from now on. I live near Launceston in Cornwall UK with husband Peter and Toby and Benji the Springer Spaniels - it's a tie between the boys as to who's maddest, but as I outrank all of them in being weird anyway it's not open to debate really. I'm physically lazy with things that don't hold much interest for me (so that's mostly housework and, increasingly, cooking...), but I love where we live, mainly because I chose it for being so quiet and off the beaten track, very close to the moors and quite near to the sea. I also love books, both to write and to read, the latter of which can be very eclectic (I enjoy Julian Barnes, Kate Atkinson, Jeanett ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  jackardiac Jack Kardiac
Jack Kardiac was born in Siloam Springs, Arkansas and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was raised on a steady diet of comic books, Twilight Zone episodes, and Alfred Hitchcock paperbacks. He watches Die Hard every Christmas and Peter Jackson’s King Kong once every summer. In reality, he likes to make people think, laugh, and change the world for the better. When he writes, he enjoys having people desperately running for their lives. Preferably from a giant monster. Jack currently lives in the remote jungles of Indonesia where he teaches Creative Writing to young, impressionable minds. And yes, he has a twin brother.
Latest book: Snapdragon: And Six More Short Stories with Bite

Follow me on Twitter at  JLilyCorbie J Lily Corbie
J Lily Corbie has no idea what she's doing and no idea what she's gotten herself into. She's the offspring of geeky parents and a lifelong geek herself. She's currently employed as a publications editor for a vague, yet menacing, government agency, where her work seems to rarely include any actual publications. She lives alone with a couple of cats and a couple of dogs. She writes sporadically and is making a habit out of shouting into the abyss.

Follow me on Twitter at  @PeteClarkBooks Pete Clark

Latest book: Tales from Midnight's Graveyard

Follow me on Twitter at  @SarahDaltry Sarah Daltry
Sarah Daltry is a varied author, known best for the contemporary New Adult series, ‘Flowering’, a six-title series that explores the complexities of relationships, including how we survive the damage from our pasts with the support of those who love us. As a former English teacher and YA librarian, Sarah has always loved Young Adult literature and ‘Dust’, an epic fantasy novel where romance blends with the blood and grit of war, is her second official foray into YA, following the gamer geek romantic comedy, ‘Backward Compatible’. Most of Sarah’s work is about teens and college students, as it’s what she knows well. Sarah’s passion in life is writing – weaving tales of magic and beauty. The ... read more
Latest book: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock: A Modern Reimagining

Follow me on Twitter at  LizLongAuthor Liz Long
Liz Long joined Brownie Girl Scouts in first grade, earned her Gold Award (the Girl Scout equivalent of the Eagle) in high school, and became a Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts at age 21. Naturally, this guaranteed she would only have sons. Despite a lack of Boy Scout knowledge so complete that she didn’t even know her pack number or what a den was, Liz became Cubmaster less than a year after her eldest son joined Cub Scouts. Since then, she has taken a lot of Boy Scout classes, read a lot of Boy Scout materials, and generally learned a lot about Boy Scouts. Liz is currently in her third year as Cubmaster and has three more years before she and her younger son move on to Boy Scouts, where she refuses to bec ... read more
Latest book: Cubmastering: Getting Started as Cubmaster

Follow me on Twitter at  lizwoodcraft Elizabeth Woodcraft
Elizabeth Woodcraft was born and grew up on a working class estate in Chelmsford, Essex. At a time of mods and rockers, Chelmsford was a mod town and she became a mod at 13, worked in the Milk Bar at 15, and danced to the music of Zoot Money, Georgie Fame and Wilson Pickett on Saturdays. She took her suede coat and small collection of Tamla Motown records to Birmingham University where she studied philosophy. She then taught English in Leicester and Tours in France. After that, she moved to London where she worked for Women's Aid, the organisation which supports women who suffer domestic violence. Women's Aid helped to bring about a change in the law - the Domestic Violence Act of 1976 - and Elizabeth's exper ... read more
Latest book: A Sense of Occasion

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesauthbrowne James J. Browne
James J. Browne has managed to survive for 51 years whilst having had many diverse and not necessarily interesting occupations. He has been, prior to leaving Blighty, a professional musician, a tour guide, road sweeper, recycling operative, telephone fortune teller, insulation installation operative, light bulb packer, antique dealer, waiter, sea shell salesman and barman to name a few. It was his brief career as a taxi driver that decided it was time to leave England behind and attempt to forge a new life on the continent. His book "The Three Grand Brits" outlines his rather unusual experiences as a chateau manager in France. James is presently exploring the Western Highlands of Scotland where he is engro ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  TomEngCoach Tom Eng
I know ‘struggle’ … Diagnosed with Alzheimers, my mother fell down her basement stairs, severely injuring her neck and spine. Despite emergency surgery, ‘mom’ would spend the remaining year of her life in and out of the hospital. I felt the guilt of not being enough in terms of taking care of my mother, taking care of my job, taking care of my family, and taking care of my adult brother (Joe) with downs syndrome. Joe had lived with mom his entire life. They were inseparable until the accident.After Joe moved in with us (me, my wife and two children), I realized just how unprepared I was for taking care of a special needs individual. My life quickly fell apart. Overwhelmed, I turned to life coaching ... read more
Latest book: The Power of Hypnosis: Change Your Life And Help Others In The Process

Follow me on Twitter at  michaelgrist Michael John Grist
Michael John Grist is a British science-fiction & fantasy author, and ruins photographer who lived in Tokyo, Japan for 11 years, and now lives in London, England. - His short stories have been published in Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Andromeda Spaceways, Ideomancer, Kaleidotrope, as well as in numerous other publications. He typically writes heroic science fiction and epic fantasy with a dark, surreal humor. He used to explore and photograph the modern ruined buildings of Japan, known as haikyo (AKA urbex), driven by a childhood spent re-enacting the adventures of Indiana Jones and the Goonies in the fields behind his house. Some of the 70 or so locations he's visi ... read more
Latest book: Ignifer's Rise

Follow me on Twitter at  ArmandViljoen Armand Viljoen
Armand Viljoen was born in 1989 and grew up on stories. When other children were playing tag, he was seeking out tales of fantastical lands and creatures. He graduated from North-West University with a B.A. in language and literature with an emphasis on English and creative writing. He lives abroad as an English teacher and writes whenever he can.
Latest book: Birth of a Mortal God

Follow me on Twitter at  dieselfitt Nader Qudimat
Nader Qudimat is a bodybuilder and strength trainer who has a love for pushing his physical limits and enjoys experimenting with various techniques in both strength and muscle training. Nader has unique insights and opinons to how the human body and mind works. His achievments are most compelling because he gained tremendous strength and size to his weak, toothpick-like body. You can follow Nader on Twitter (@DieselFitt).
Latest book: Breaking Through Limits - How to build muscle

Follow me on Twitter at  BlackPrintEnt BlackPrintEnt
Black Print Ent. is an music publishing, production and management company, a springboard for upcoming artists to help develop and launch careers in the entertainment industry.
Latest book: The Inc'd Mag Volume 1

Follow me on Twitter at  donttouchmyshi1 Riley Amos Westbrook
I am a man with too much free time. Started writing to pass it, with my lovely wife to edit and keep the ideas free flowing. We hope you all enjoy the books!
Latest book: Breath Of The Titans: Little Black Stormcloud

Follow me on Twitter at  BAConnors001 BA Connors

Latest book: Favashi

Follow me on Twitter at  iamxa Jordi Diez
Born in Terrassa, a millenary city near Barcelona, Catalonia, Jordi Díez has traveled all areas of Latin America, and has now settled in the beautiful Dominican Republic where he combines both his writing with work for the tourist industry. His first work of fiction, La Virgen del Sol (Ediciones B, 2007) is set at the times of the pre-Columbian Incan empire's expansion and documented during his own travels. The novel became an international bestseller receiving much acclaim from the press and the readership. His second novel, The pendulum of God (El Péndulo de Dios in its original Spanish version) reached over a thousand downloads through the platform and remained amongst the top ranked in the Span ... read more
Latest book: The Pendulum of God

Follow me on Twitter at  rachelleighgeek Rachel Leigh Smith
Rachel Leigh Smith writes romance for the hero lover. She lives in central Louisiana with her family and a half-crazed calico. When not writing, which isn’t often, she’s hanging with her family, doing counted cross-stitch, or yakking about life, the universe, and everything with her besties. There may also be Netflix binging . . . She is also an active member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, Romance Writers of America, and the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal chapter of RWA.
Latest book: My Name Is A'yen

Follow me on Twitter at  DMSinghwriting D M Singh
Dawn always found comfort in books as a child and from a young age and could be found reading or writing. Her first attempt at fiction was at 10 years old and was entitled Hippo In The House. Dawn wrote and illustrated the book about a little girl, who returns from home to find a Hippo in her bath tub and the trouble they get into trying to return the Hippo to the zoo . This was a turning point as Dawn decided that from that moment on the only thing she wanted to do was write, she also decided that she would never be an illustrator as her drawing skills were somewhat lacking to say the least. Fast forward a few years after school and Dawn married, had three children and completed a degree in cou ... read more
Latest book: Regina: The Monster Inside

Follow me on Twitter at  visionary_kids Sara Abraham
The co-authors Sara Abraham and Reda Jaber live in Ann Arbor, MI. Sara recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor's degree in Global Health, and now is pursuing a career in Education. Reda recently graduated from the University of Michigan with an MD, MBA, & MSCR, and now is the Director of Business Development at IncWell, an early-stage venture capital fund.
Latest book: Visionary Kids: Steve Jobs

Follow me on Twitter at  roxyqueenbooks Roxy Queen
Roxy lives in the south with her family, two dogs and a semi-feral cat. Her office window looks over a tree-fort and she secretly obsesses over the college-aged neighbor down the street. All of her books come from a moment that she's thought about or evolved from an idea she would like to read in a book. Those books usually end up being about hot guys and strong women and the fun times in between. Send her an email! She's awesome at replying back.

Follow me on Twitter at  The Stolen Rose Emma Russell
Emma Russell is the author of The Stolen Rose, a paranormal novella. She lives on the west coast of Ireland and spends her days writing, walking her dog and YouTubing dog videos.

Follow me on Twitter at  debyatsoseweasy Deby at So Sew Easy
Deby writes about sewing, learning to sew and the occasional sewing disaster over at So Sew Easy. Plenty of tips and tricks and free sewing patterns suitable for beginners and those just starting out.
Latest book: Sew this Wrap Front Top - free sewing pattern

Follow me on Twitter at OLUSOLA A. AREOGUN
Olusola Ayodele Areogun is an ordained minister of the gospel. He serves the will of God in this generation as author, teacher, church planter and mentor of leaders for the next generation with varied ministerial exposure and experience. He also serves as a father and cover to many up and coming ministries. He is the President of the Living Jesus Ministries Inc. and the General Overseer of the Life Oasis Int'l. Churches. His daily Radio TV programme, "Living By the Answer" is heard across Nigeria, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. Other outreaches include Web of Wisdom Ministers’ Conference, a bi-annual event to refresh and re-fire ministers of the gospel, Living Jesus Ministerial Trai ... read more
Latest book: Your New Life

Follow me on Twitter at  HadiBaghlaf Hadi Baghlaf
Latest book: Serene Kliks

Follow me on Twitter at  #trikha52 Arun Trikha
Working in India and Canada I have achieved excellent skills that can be transferred to any setup.Right from the ill-equipped chemistry labs in India to highly sophisticated labs of Canada I have published high quality results. More than 100 peer-reviewed research papers have been published in scientific journals of repute. As an in-class teacher to online-teaching and to modern virtual teaching I have worn many different hats. Apart from teaching various disciplines of Chemistry I have taught administrative procedures,human resources,professional skills and research methodology. Working as CEO of private career college I have exhibited the can-do and can-learn attitude. Organising and conducting meetings,recru ... read more
Latest book: Salt and sugar:our worst enemies

Follow me on Twitter at  MattCostanza Matto
Matto is a monk, an artist, an educator, and a writer who lives in Washington D.C.
Latest book: Freestyle Haiku and Zen Poetry - Chapter 1: Crickets and Storm Clouds

Follow me on Twitter at  MesdamesMayhem Mesdames of Mayhem
We are les Mesdames of Mayhem, a collective of dedicated Crime Writers who share one deadly mission: to thrill readers with our passion for Crime Fiction. Meet the Mesdames: Catherine Astolfo, author of the Emily Taylor Mystery Series Rosemary Aubert, author of sixteen books, among them the acclaimed Ellis Portal mystery series and her latest romantic thriller Terminal Grill. Jane Petersen Burfield, author of short stories (Blood on the Holly) and Communications professional. Melodie Campbell, author of Rowena Through The Wall, The Goddaughter, and other comic crime and time travel novels. Donna Carrick, author of 3 mystery novels: The First Excellence, Gold And Fishes and The Noon God, as well as 2 crime ... read more
Latest book: Thirteen, an anthology of crime stories

Follow me on Twitter at  sylvangatebooks Sylvan Gate Poets
We are a family of poets that share one soul when it comes to poetry. Our goal is to publish as much of our poetry as possible. That is, as much of the poems we feel are ready to wander into the world alone. At some point we all realized that the poet’s job is not just to write. The biggest task, the hardest work, is to disperse the words so they may find the readers that they were naturally written for. The writing comes easy. Finding where each poem belongs is the true challenge. We are undertaking that challenge through Sylvan Gate Books. We are a prolific group. Each month at least one new collection of poetry finds its way to publication. Sylvan Gate Books aims to keep our readers well fed with w ... read more
Latest book: The Open Gate

Follow me on Twitter at  mrbobdobolina Philip Wels
Philip Wels (1987-?) a native of Minnesota, now lives in Minnesota and has a job which involves helping students and cleaning up technological disasters. Inspired by his grandma to write something and become a bazillionaire, Philip set to work on his first book planning to "create something sellable in 30 days." Three months later, he finally finished his first book "Previously Awesome." He did not receive any prizes, awards, or even bazillions of dollars for this feat, but he did get 6 likes on Facebook, and that was enough to make him happy.
Latest book: Previously Awesome

Follow me on Twitter at  2800writrsblok Marquese Ford
I have not always had a passion for writing. It was sparked in me as a child but I did not take much stock in it. Now that I have realized writing can be fun and at times stress releasing my works have become habit. I've delved into sharing my work because I am curious to find out who else finds interesting the ideas floating around my imagination
Latest book: A Day at a Time

Follow me on Twitter at  angela_parish Angela Parish
I grew up in a small town during the ‘60s, as so many Americans did. My parents were Protestants but not very religious, so I had a lot of freedom to search many paths and areas of faith for myself. I did go to church with my father, where he sang in the choir and taught Sunday school to older children than I. Our Sunday school had a pleasant enough atmosphere though I wasn’t too impressed with it all. The kind teachers would tell us about Jesus loving us and also that God was our Father in Heaven and He, too, loved us very much. We were to believe in Jesus Christ so that we would go to Heaven when we die. The minister, on the other hand, seemed to concentrate on Hell and punishment if we didn’t live up ... read more
Latest book: Christian Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Practice: Your Key to Forgiving Yourself, Accepting God's Forgiveness, Releasing Guilt and Fear, and Finding Inner Peace

Follow me on Twitter at Tori Madison
Happily married and the mother of two, Tori Madison, is active in the world of philanthropy and finds joy in making a difference in lives of others. She is an avid reader, lover of life, and a breast cancer survivor. Currently residing with her family in Minnesota, she can often be found at Caribou Coffee or at the dance studio with her kids. With a well-known weakness for dark chocolate with sea salt and cheesecake, she also has a fondness for chips and fresh salsa. Writing a book was never on her radar. After a challenge from a friend to write 1,500 words the story came to life and a new opportunity to make a difference was born.

Follow me on Twitter at  catdolore69 Catherine Dolore
Catherine Dolore is a feminine firestorm of eroticism. Known as Cat by her friends, she travels those crossroads between dusk and the midnight of arousal. If you're looking for something several degrees above vanilla, then Cat's got a dollop of cream for you to take a lick at. Oops, did I say - lick. Well, of course, Cat Dolore's tales can quench a hungry readers' appetite. Cat dares you to take a stroll along the darkened alleyways and through marble passages within dimly lit villas with her. If you've got an itch for intensity, then Cat can scratch it. Or, maybe the vault of a certain masterful Italian will provide you with a more apt conclusion. Catherine Dolore awaits you. "There is darkness, there i ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  AugustHera Hera August
Sleeping Beast is Hera August’s first novel in the New-Adult Romance genre. In 2007, it all began when she dove into the world of fan-fiction, while she worked as a children's librarian. Her passion for mastering characters and plot grew and she studied English Literature and Creative Writing at University. After publishing several novels in Suspense Thriller, under an alias, Hera is excited to dip her toes into the pool of Romance. She is already in the works of planning her next New-Adult Romance book. When not writing, she can be found snowboarding with her friends, or watching romance movies with her three sisters—or, riding it real with the love of her life on the back of his Harley.

Follow me on Twitter at  KWDerrick Katharine Derrick
Katharine Derrick is a New Zealand writer, writing mainly for children and young adults. As well as having her original fairy tales available through various ebook stores, she has also been published in: Brian Edwards 'Top of the Morning' Book of Incredibly Short Stories, Shortland Publications, Learning Media and as Kathryn Jenkins at She is currently working on a fantasy novel for ages 9-12 and, when time permits, reviews New Zealand children's books and interviews their authors at
Latest book: The Rose and the Daisy

Follow me on Twitter at  JarvisWrites Jennie Jarvis
Jennie Jarvis is a screenwriter and novelist. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte. Her articles on craft appear regularly in “Writer’s Digest Magazine” and “The Florida Writer.” She currently teaches creative writing at Full Sail University.
Latest book: Crafting the Character Arc: A Practical Guide to Character Creation and Development

Follow me on Twitter at  jcconwaywriter J. C. Conway
J. C. Conway writes science-fiction, romance and fantasy stories for readers of all ages. He is a fan of great fiction that stretches the imagination and probes the depths of human understanding. He is also a complex-litigation attorney, a former high-school math and computer-science teacher, Vice President of his local NAMI affiliate, a husband, father, grandfather, and still a child in this world that is at once both crushingly clear and maddeningly mystifying.
Latest book: Silence of the Imbeciles

Follow me on Twitter at  everydayhenshin Keith Chapman

Latest book: The Raging Stars

Follow me on Twitter at  raymajoran Ray Majoran
My name is Ray Majoran. I was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1976 to wonderful parents: Steve Majoran and Elaine Gibbison. I am married to my amazing wife, Carolyn, and together we have a beautiful daughter named Adalai. “Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors, World…” is dedicated to everyone I’ve ever met, and to those of you who I haven’t yet met. I started planning it back in 1998 before Carolyn and I were married, and have wanted to finish it ever since. One thing I’ve learned in the last 16 years is that time is what you make of it. It’s easy to go through life having “good intentions” when it comes to delivering on things that you want to do or say. But it’s up to each of us to take the time ... read more
Latest book: Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors, World...

Follow me on Twitter at  JDHanning J.D. Hanning
Author: Sci-fi fantasy novel series, “The Traveler's Saga.” Artist/Designer: Celtic Journey Stones for meditation. Reiki practitioner. Harp student. Visionary. Starseed. Seeker. For more about the characters and progress of the books in the saga, or just to discover J.D. Hanning's writing style, read more in her Wandering Spirit blog.
Latest book: The Shopkeeper and The Traveler

Follow me on Twitter at  MandyBroughton Mandy Broughton

Latest book: The Cat's Last Meow

Follow me on Twitter at R. R. Washburn
R. R. Washburn has been an aspiring writer ever since her first grade teacher gave her a pen and paper and told their students to write stuff. Since then, she had been writing a variety of incomplete stories in notebooks until her family eventually invested in a strange contraption called a computer. Keeping at her writing nonsense, she successfully wrote a 175,000 word urban fantasy titled Call on the Lion at the age of fourteen. By the end of high school, she had written four novels that range from science fiction, to psychological horror, to supernatural. Washburn lives in the Portland area, where she has resided her entire life.

Follow me on Twitter at  eksposisi Salman Aditya
Salman Aditya adalah seorang pekerja kreatif yang bernama asli Salman Aditya Firaas. [1] Salman mengawali karirnya sebagai musisi Elektronik musik. Salman Aditya Firaas membuat proyek musik ini dengan mengambil dua kata depan namanya. Salman adalah kata serapan dari bahasa Arab yang berarti pelindung. Kata Aditya adalah berasal dari bahasa India yang berarti matahari.[2] Salman mulai membuat musik di rumahnya di Bandung, Jawa Barat, kemudian berkembang ke berbagai penjuru dunia melalui profil MySpace dan twitter nya. Dia menampilkan musiknya dengan bantuan dari teman-temannya.[3] Musik Salman Aditya terpengaruh dari rock & roll, gamelan & musik elektronik. Salman Aditya telah merilis dua album, Nano Carnival p ... read more
Latest book: Sake!