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Owner of BeatsPerMinute Fitness. A mobile fitness company that provides programs available anytime, anyplace and from any device! + Certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association + Fitness Nutrition Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine + Certified in Weight Loss Nutrition and Sports Performance Nutrition with the National Strength and Conditioning Association
Latest book: The 21 Day Quick Trim Diet eBook

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PageSeos is a brand in the field of internet marketing services. We are excellent in our services with practical & goal oriented solutions. A perfect platform for you to take off your business & reach new heights.
Latest book: Select An SEO Firm For Your Company Carefully!!

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Visit our site for fundraising tips, sample fundraising letters, checklists and lots of how-to articles!
Latest book: Sample Fundraising Letters

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Thank you for downloading my e-book about dog worms! Visit for more dog health information and lots of dog stories!
Latest book: Dog Worms - How to Recognize and Treat Them - Even Before You See Them

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I was born in Anchorage Alaska and lived there until my grandfather started having problems with the cold. So my mother, brother, grandparents, and I got in a big blue bus and headed south in search of warmer weather. Although I was only six at the time, snow is one of the most distinctive memories I have. When I find myself surrounded by snow, I have the strangest sense of being home. After traveling south through Canada, my family moved around the Pacific Northwest several times before finally taking root. My grandparents would make their home in Corvallis, Oregon. My mother, brother, and I would eventually settle in Astoria, a small town on the coast of Oregon. My bloodlines are an eclectic quartet of Cher ... read more

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Lisa Marie has been singing for over 20 years at Weddings. She can help walk you step by step to start or grow your Wedding Singer Business. You can contact Lisa Marie if you would like a "Free" Consultation. Keep on Singing! Lisa Marie
Latest book: How To Make Money As A Wedding Singer

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After spending 25 years working for global corporations, Vittoria Orlova had an idea. She was compelled to write about the journey that many women experience over their careers - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Vittoria is not scared about taking risks and pushing boundaries – indeed that’s where her stories really come to life. Follow Kristina Belinsky as she faces all the hard truths of women in business in the passionate, emotional and spellbinding Boardroom Trilogy. The series will make you laugh, make you blood boil and maybe even leave you examining your own desires for love, lust, and power. Orlova is currently at work on her sequel - Boardroom Battlefields.

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorNoraB Nora Blackwell
Nora Blackwell is a writer from small town Alabama. A vertically challenged green eyed brunette who believes she was a mermaid in a former life. She has a quirky sense of humor and a wild imagination that she is not afraid to explore. When she is not doing so, and not caught up in the lives of her latest characters, she spends her time caring for her soul mate and her five fur kids. She is a fan of audio books, a music lover, a lover of the outdoors, an avid reader and short story weaver from an early age who has notebook after notebook of ideas and characters jotted from a brain that never shuts down. She can be reached at You can also find her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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I work in game design and have worked in CG, video games for over 7 years. I am now writing books and working on my own projects.
Latest book: Dreams Forgotten

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Michelle Ridlon was born and raised in Minnesota and began writing poetry and short stories when she was eleven years old. A voracious reader as a child, she could always be found at the library or a nearby lake reading a book. Michelle graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Bemidji State University of Minnesota in the field of psychology with a minor in criminal justice. She worked many years in a drug offender’s early release program and then worked as an in-home counselor for people with serious and long-term mental illnesses as well as teaching cognitive restructuring classes in the partial hospitalization unit. She is the author of the Valenti series novels. Her first in the series, “The ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  davidpardobl David Pardo
David Pardo was born one May day in 1980 in Alzira, Spain. His interest in the Terror genera began in his childhood and has continued through his teenage years until today. In February of 2012, Pardo published Pueblo de Sombras (Village of Shadows), which got to the first position in Amazon Spain's Fantasy, Terror, and Science Fiction genera and was one of the most downloaded digital novels of the year. In November of 2012, Pardo independently published his second work: a short novel in the zombie subgenera entitled Degeneration. With this second novel, Pardo's work again got to the first position in Amazon Spain and Mexico's Terror genera. It was also an Amazon Spain bestseller in 2013. In July of 2013, the a ... read more

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Latest book: Lost

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Annelise Marchand is delighted to share her personal fantasies with her readers! She lives in North Carolina with her husband, three dogs, and three cats.

Follow me on Twitter at  Brown_Elf D.S. Draeko
D.S. Draeko is a resident of the Pacific Northwest in the United States

Follow me on Twitter at  jamieewrites Jamiee Morgan
Jamiee Morgan was born in 1973 and lives in a seaside town in Sussex, England, with three of her four children, and Millie, her mental Jack-a-Poo puppy. She has longed to write a book since she was a child, although never had the courage to do it until she reached forty, noticed a smattering of grey hair, and figured if she didn’t do it now it was never going to happen. She balances her days with caring for her children, walking the dog, daydreaming about a life of travel to exotic places, and trying to figure out how to keep a minimalist home with three very messy kids.
Latest book: The Game of Love (a 20 minute Romance Book 1 - A Romantic Short Series)

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Από μικρό παιδί πάντα έγραφα ιστορίες.... και τώρα μου αρέσει να γράφω, μυθιστορήματα για αληθινά γεγονότα και μη.... και μυθιστορηματικές βιογραφίες ! Η πρώτη που έγραψα, είναι η δική μου μυθιστορηματική βιογραφία ! ! ! Γεννήθηκα και μεγάλωσα μέχρι τα έντεκα σε χωριό του Ν. Σερρών, μετά έζησα και μεγάλωσα στη Γερμανία, στην περιοχή της Ρηνανίας Παλατινάτου, μέχρι και τα είκοσι μου. Eκεί τελείωσα ... read more
Latest book: My own Alexander - Tribute

Follow me on Twitter at  animatedyouth Louise Kirby
Louise Kirby lives in Surrey with her partner Simon and runs Animated Youth, a small organization that works with young people on film and technology projects. 'This is our debut novel and we are looking forward to bringing more exciting titles as we develop Animated Youth as a publishing company. Writing the Others has been tremendous fun. I love how the characters develop and take on a voice of their own. Before you know it they are rampaging through the story bossing you about. The book cover has been beautifully illustrated by Amit Tayal I also have to say a big thank you to Rachel Medhurst, an author in her own right, who spent hours editing for me. Being dyslexic, editing anything ... read more
Latest book: The Others

Follow me on Twitter at  mariebilodeau Marie Bilodeau
Marie Bilodeau is the author of the space opera Destiny series and the epic fantasy series Heirs of a Broken Land. She has been nominated four times for Canada's most prestigious science-fiction literary award, the Aurora Award, for both her novels and her short stories. Marie is also a performing storyteller. She's told stories to a wide variety of audiences in theatre houses, tea shops, schools, bars and under disco balls. Find out more at
Latest book: Nigh - Book 3

Follow me on Twitter at  annabeljoseph Molly Joseph
Molly Joseph is the “vanilla” counterpart of New York Times and USA Today bestselling BDSM romance author Annabel Joseph. Annabel and Molly both love to explore deep and complicated relationships on the pages of their books, except that Annabel’s couples have BDSM dynamics, and Molly’s couples don’t. You can learn more about Annabel (and Molly) by visiting, where you can sign up for her newsletter to stay current on upcoming releases. You can also find Annabel/Molly on Facebook (, and Twitter (@annabeljoseph). You can write to either Molly or Annabel at
Latest book: The Edge of the Earth

Follow me on Twitter at  @SteveFriday7 Steve Friday
Author of suspense fiction, amateur astronomer and retired cat herder, Steve lives under the clear skies of rural Nevada with his wife, Clarisse and their yellow Labrador, Boomer.
Latest book: Selling Laura Poole

Follow me on Twitter at  LarryEColeman1 Larry E. Coleman
L.E. Coleman has dedicated his life to helping people. He has been a mental health and social service professional for over 30 years working in various positions for the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, The Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addictions and the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. His goal has been to help inspire and motivate people to take charge of their life, especially in the area of work, family and relationships. He co-founded Crowner-Coleman Publishing in 2006, a small press which focused on creating self-help books for men and women dealing with relationship and child custody issues. His online articles have been posted on, ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at Vina St. Fran
Hi. I'm Vina St. Fran, a Michigan native and I write contemporary romance stories for a mature audience. I am also Political Contributor for, which is an online news publication. Let me expound upon what drives me to write as an author. I like creating stories about powerful, kick-ass women who make it happen in the boardroom and the bedroom without apologies. You will find my novels may contain characters of different ethnic backgrounds who add spice to the plot, and makes for interesting reading. My female heroines are confident and charismatic, yet they are vulnerable when it comes to matters of the heart. The realism is heartfelt, for to love is to risk. They find certain situations push the ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  MLPahl Melissa Leo-Pahl
ML Pahl or simply Mel to her friends and family, grew up in coastal North Carolina. With the Marine Corps at her back and the sandy beaches beckoning her face on, she learned that nothing could hinder her imagination. She wrote and released her first novel, Zombies Don't Ride Motorcycles, a lil' zombie apocalypse novel that has the beginnings of a love story threaded in there, with her brother Matthew Leo in December 2014. (Written under the name Melissa Leo-Pahl) Not wanting to be stuck in one genre, ML Pahl decided to dabble in everything from Science-Fiction to Romantic Comedy and even Paranormal. Whiskey Diaries is book one in the One Night Only series and her first solo project. Not only is ML Pahl an ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  karakeenauthor Kara Keen
Kara Keen was that little kid hiding under the covers, reading with a flashlight. Later, when other girls were practicing cheerleading or hanging out with boys, she was still laying around reading. She knew nothing about flirting or sports, but she could whip up a stellar English composition or an article for the school newspaper in nothing flat, so that’s when the passionate reader became the passionate writer! While getting a journalism degree, she also got her prince and married him. Writing for a news bureau, a government agency, a New York publisher and other companies while raising two kids, Kara dreamed of writing a book. In 2004, she wrote two nonfiction books (under a different name) about sex, i ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  scheriwashere Scheri Cunningham
Scheri Cunningham publishes erotic fiction for your reading pleasure. She is a new author and excited to join this community. She resides in the midwest with her husband and kids. All characters are consenting adults.

Follow me on Twitter at  AshaAmellia L.D. Jude
Asha Cheatom is currently a senior at Full Sail University. She is earning her BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment. Asha writes for all ages although she prefers young adult audiences. She writes short stories, scripts, and is currently working on a novel.
Latest book: Glamour

Follow me on Twitter at  GradyJWoodfin Grady Woodfin
Grady Jane Woodfin is a writer currently earning her BFA in Creative Writing. She has several published works in literary magazines such as ThickJam and Crab Fat, and her piece, “Twizzlers,” is a PushCart Prize nominee. With her laptop and a cup of coffee in her hand, she works to bring strong, diverse characters to life and revolutionize writing in the entertainment industry.
Latest book: Wanna Hold Hands?

Follow me on Twitter at  look__itsBROOKE Brooke Hendricks
Brooke Hendricks is a screenwriter and fiction author from Savannah, Georgia. She focuses on creating relatable content for diverse audiences, and specializes in teen dramas and romantic comedies. When she’s not writing, you can find her overdosing on fruit, watching Netflix, or singing really off key to songs not in her native language. She is currently earning a Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelor’s of Arts degree at Full Sail University. You can find some of her published work in Crab Fat Literary Magazine, BLACKBERRY: a magazine, and Story Shack Magazine.
Latest book: One-Fourth

Follow me on Twitter at Kyle Dumont
Kyle Joseph Dumont is currently earning his BFA in Creative Writing.  He has a passion for developing immersive and engaging worlds, and he loves everything about the romantic tragedy genre. Kyle currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

Follow me on Twitter at  TheRealKutakuma Adam Kuta
Adam Kuta is an openly gay – and proud – writer with a passion for telling stories for youth centered on diverse casts, LGBT issues, and acceptance. With a focus on screenplays, teleplays, and video game scripts, Kuta specializes in interactive storytelling, edutainment, and creating strong characters with diverse backgrounds and unique voices. Kuta is credited as a game designer for two mobile video games. His literary work has been published in Crab Fat Literary Magazine, where he was nominated for the 2016 PushCart Prize. Kuta has also written several stage plays that were put up at the Center for Living Arts in the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois, his hometown. Raised in Davenport, Iowa, Kuta ... read more
Latest book: By Your Side: A Collection of Short Stories

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Ich war ein Laser-Stift-Enthusiasten, liebt es, Laser-Pointer zu spielen, Laserpointer auch gerne Wissen mit anderen zu diskutieren. Wenn Sie einen Laser-Pointer möchten, können Sie auf meiner Website, um zu sehen, was wir zusammen mit dem Laser-Pointer zu diskutieren.
Latest book: laservisier in germany

Follow me on Twitter at  @GallagherWitt Ann Gallagher
Ann Gallagher is the slightly more civilized alter ego of L.A. Witt, Lauren Gallagher, and Lori A. Witt. So she tells herself, anyway. When she isn’t wreaking havoc on Spain with her husband and trusty two-headed Brahma bull, she writes romances just like her wilder counterparts, but without all the heat. She is also far too mature to get involved in the petty battle between L.A. and Lauren, but she’s seriously going to get even with Lori for a certain incident that shall not be discussed publicly.

Follow me on Twitter at Elizabeth Spaulding
It is hard to imagine the lengths some will go to get their needs met. The Cock Cage in Bldg. 34 exposes a dark secret that lurks within Blue Cloud Technology's high-tech walls and threatens the very industry it once conquered. What happens when most of its employees become prisoners to someone else's legacy? Some can get a little cagey and are willing to abandon everything they once held dear. In this fast-paced, erotic tale of betrayal, nothing remains sacred, not even its prominent and well-respected Building 34.

Follow me on Twitter at  mikeyreiz Michael Reis
Michael Reis is a twenty year old man living in a small, farm, town, in Pennsylvania. Growing up, he continuously disappointed educators with lack-luster grades and interests that lay just out of the reaches of academia. After he finished his traumatic primary education, Michael sought work at comedy clubs and restaurants in the city as a performer, eventually reinvesting his earnings into opening an antique store. It is there, at his store, that Michael does most of his writing. He finds that being surrounded by dusty furniture and appliances that have outlived their utility, sparks his creative mojo and allows him to connect with stories that other might not have had the inspiration to think of. Michael conti ... read more
Latest book: Vassalhood

Follow me on Twitter at  Siegtheauthor Ann Jet Sieg
I'm a country girl with a city girl attitude. I love to write my dreams down and make them into stories and books. There's never a moment when I'm not creating and planning in my head. Whether it's designing a bean pole tent, trudging the the mud looking for mushrooms, or decorating a cake, I love adventures! Would you like to go on one with me?

Follow me on Twitter at  JAMenziesAuthor J. A. Menzies
While I’d hate to stumble on a real body under any circumstances, I have a thing about noticing the “perfect” locations for finding mythical bodies. In order not to waste this fascinating (and hopefully, unusual) skill, I decided to write mysteries. I’m a member of various writers’ organizations, including Sisters in Crime and Crime Writers of Canada. I also teach workshops for writers. I especially enjoy sharing some of my secrets on developing plots. (One of my favorite reviews, from Library Journal, called me a “master of plotting.”)
Latest book: Glitter of Diamonds: The Case of the Reckless Radio Host: A Paul Manziuk & Jacquie Ryan Mystery

Follow me on Twitter at  rafaelpinot Rafael Pinot
Nacido en Valencia en la década de los ochenta, crecí en el seno de una familia que trabajó muy duro para que nunca me faltase de nada. Siendo el mayor de dos hermanos, rápidamente desarrollé una enorme inquietud por el arte, más concretamente por el dibujo y la escritura. Más tarde, en mi juventud, cambié la primera de mis pasiones por la fotografía, considerándola una forma más atractiva de crear e inmortalizar la belleza. Al finalizar mis estudios convertí el mundo de la imagen en mi medio de vida. Pero nunca dejé de lado la escritura, algo con lo que no pensaba poder ganarme el pan, pero que valoro tanto o más que mi trabajo. Amante de los libros, la música y el cine, fuentes inagotables de ... read more
Latest book: Éxodo: 10 de octubre

Follow me on Twitter at  AmaliaEirini Amalia-Eirini Tzimopoulou
Amalia-Eirini “Melina” Tzimopoulou was born in Athens, Greece in 1964. A restless and free spirit from a tender age, she has always embraced life with wide-eyed wonder and creative zeal. While studying International Relations at the Institut de Hautes Etudes Internationales in Switzerland, she simultaneously followed a programme in Art History at the Faculte des Lettres. She lived in Geneva for nine years, during which time she worked for Promexpo Blenheim s.a. organizing international trade expositions, and later as an exhibit coordinator for Gallerie Salambo. Upon returning to Greece she was employed as the personal assistant and interpreter for the Tunisian Ambassador to Greece, followed by a position ... read more
Latest book: Beauty

Follow me on Twitter at  Tynxe Matthew Stelzer
Matthew Stelzer was born in 1980 in the suburbs of Chicago, IL but currently resides in Mentor, OH. Matthew is earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. He has a self-published fantasy fiction novel called The Search for Peace and Truth: New Discoveries and is working on his second in the series. His passion is fantasy fiction and mystery and writes screenplays, short stories, and novels. His writing influences stem from the works of Raymond E. Feist, J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Robert Asprin, and Robert Jordan.

Follow me on Twitter at  MarkWLindberg Mark William Lindberg
Mark William Lindberg is a queer author, artist, performer, and educator living with a man and a dog in Queens, NY.

Follow me on Twitter at  Jackson_D_Chase Jackson Dean Chase
Jackson Dean Chase is an author and poet bringing you bold visions of dark places. His books include: Writer's Phrase Book series: #1 Horror Writers' Phrase Book #2 Post-Apocalypse Writers' Phrase Book Young Adult Horror series: #1 Come to the Cemetery #2 The Werewolf Wants Me #3 The Haunting of Hex House #4 Gore Girls: Twisted Tales and Poems Jackson lives near Seattle with two cats and no fear.
Latest book: Post-Apocalypse Writers' Phrase Book

Follow me on Twitter at  evaseraphine E.S. Mercer
E.S. Mercer is a self published author and poet as well as a professional photographer and amateur artist. Formerly of the United States Air Force, E.S. worked as a Television and Radio Broadcaster, eventually turning her sights on print news. While in college, E.S. fell in love with creative writing and soon started her journey with poetry and short stories which were published in a few college journals. After school she chose to continue her perfecting her creative writing skills and self published her own Poetry book, Love, Hate and Self-Loathing. E.S. became inspired with the idea to write a novel after writing one of her poems,Requesting Your Fancy, in a darkest time in her life. Overcoming a lot o ... read more
Latest book: The Children of Caelum

Follow me on Twitter at  ChrisClevenger1 Chris Clevenger
Chris Clevenger has ministered for churches in Alabama and Tennessee and currently speaks at churches and events throughout the U.S. He is a freelance broadcaster, content creator, and the host of the Biblical Manliness podcast, which focuses on defining masculinity in a biblical way. Chris and his wife, Melissa Jane, currently live aboard The Lovable Little Bus, traveling and adventuring while living a life of biblical simplicity. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and studying, coffee, and trail running.
Latest book: Sons of Dust: The Roots of Biblical Manliness

Follow me on Twitter at  ayeshashoulders Ayesha L. Shoulders
Ayesha L. Shoulders is an ambitious woman who lives life to the fullest. She has a passion for writing jaw-dropping contemporary fiction that is relatable and sprinkled with a life message. Ayesha is the author of the novels When It’s Time to Walk Away and When Love’s Knot Enough (coming April 7, 2015). She loves to connect with readers on Facebook (Facebook/AyeshaShoulders) and Twitter (@AyeshaShoulders). She can also be contacted at
Latest book: When Love's Knot Enough

Follow me on Twitter at  acquija Jacqui Brauman
Jacqui Brauman is the principal solicitor and director of Theobald Lawyers Pty Ltd, in Australia. She has a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Accounting, Advanced Diploma in Taxation Law, and is currently completing a Masters in Applied Law (Wills and Estates). Practicing mainly in wills and estates, and property law, Jacqui’s career of 9 years has taken her from Central Victoria to rural New South Wales, to Sydney, and back to the outskirts of Melbourne. Jacqui’s primary focus in her wills and estate practice is to make sure young families know the consequences of not undertaking proper planning, and ensuring that their children are adequately protected, both physically and financially. Her message is simple ... read more
Latest book: In Case of Emergency