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Ángel Candelaria es profesor de música, y músico nacido en Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Su preparación académica incluye un Bachillerato en Música (4 años universitarios) con concentración en Educación Musical del Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico, y una Maestría en Artes con concentración en Computación Educativa de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Recinto Metropolitano. En la actualidad, Ángel trabaja como profesor de guitarra y cuatro puertorriqueño en la Escuela Especializada Libre de Música de Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Ángel ha publicado diversos libros en Amazon y otras tiendas en línea, tanto en formato impreso como digital. Algunos de sus libros son: Teoría de la Música: Nive ... read more
Latest book: 50 Herramientas Gratuitas para Creadores de Contenido: Una colección de recursos libres de costo para escritores, bloggers y autores de cursos

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorEYork Elizabeth York
Up and coming author Elizabeth York has been writing for about seven years. Located in the southeast, she spends her days drinking sweet tea on the porch with her laptop in hand. She has devoted her life to her family and her books. With the loss of her Father to cancer in 2010 she makes "Dear Daddy" dedication pages in each book and donates 10% royalties to cancer research. Take the time to get to know the characters and you will love them as much as she does.

Follow me on Twitter at  KatePaddington Kate Paddington
A native of Australia, Kate Paddington wrote her first work of fan fiction at age twelve. Today, at twenty-six, she has degrees in philosophy and chemistry and is currently completing a PhD in biophysics. She has published numerous academic papers as part of her research. Platonic is her first novel.

Follow me on Twitter at  Shashikant86 Shashikant Jagtap
Software Professional [BDD] Views are my own. Tools [Cucumber, Behat, Appium, Jenkins] Daddy,Organiser @SeleniumLondon meetup. Blogger.
Latest book: Practical Cucumber with Ruby Friends

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Working mum of two. Missing sleep. Trying to stay sane.
Latest book: Boz The Littlest Schnozzlebod

Follow me on Twitter at  eolsonfernandez Erik Olson Fernández
Erik Olson Fernández has many years of experience organizing for nonviolent social change as a Community Organizer and in the labor movement as an Organizer, Labor Representative, and Field Director with public education and health care unions. Motivated by the experiences of growing up with a single mother from Mexico, he has a long commitment to economic and social justice through nonviolent resistance. Erik has a law degree but has instead focused and devoted his life to organizing workers and community residents for justice. He is currently working to create Nuevo SNCC, the modern equivalent of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), a project that seeks to revive SNCC’s nonviolent legacy t ... read more
Latest book: My Trip to the Land of Gandhi: A Mexican-American's Journey to the Legacy of Nonviolent Resistance

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Kemila Zsange, RCCH has a full-time hypnotherapy practice based in Vancouver, BC. She blends her professional training in Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapy with her own spiritual awareness and wisdom, together with her gentleness and compassion. She is a skillful guide and facilitator for the journeys of past-life regression, future-life progression and in-between lives regression. Besides working with individuals, Kemila facilitates ongoing group recreational past life regression sessions in local community centre. She leads other workshops such as Metaphysical Hypnosis and Effective Intuition. She is a featured presenter at annual conference of Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists of Canada.
Latest book: Past Life Regression: A Manual for Hypnotherapists to Conduct Effective Past Life Regression Sessions

Follow me on Twitter at  WhippleMarc Marc Whipple
I grew up in a small town in Iowa which had, as so many small towns do, a library with librarians which were far better than it deserved. Thanks to them and my parents' indulgence, I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy and whatever else I could get my hands on. After studying physics and math in college, I semi-randomly decided to become a patent attorney. That too worked out far better than I deserved, and I've spent my career working for amazing companies patenting everything from jigsaw puzzles with fuzz on them (it's way cooler than it sounds) to highly complex methods of controlling the volatility of computer games (ditto.) But a person does not live by law alone, and my love of science fiction, f ... read more
Latest book: Cosplay Photography

Follow me on Twitter at  rich_pye Richard Pye
‘I can’t not write’, I’ve written, attempting to arrive at a convincing explanation as to what exactly it is that I’m doing here, and begin to shed some light on what you can expect from me. I’m sure that’s it. Well, maybe. I do know that the less I write, the more existentially desperate I become. I know this because my fiancé has told me so. What a truly awful word that is, for such a wonderful thing: Fiancé. Looks delightful on the page, all refined, sleek, concise, alluring. Say it aloud though, without wincing in pain, or affecting the accent of an indifferent Victorian gentleman of standing. “Madam, I’d like to introduce you to my…” what else? My betrothed; her what is pledged; th ... read more
Latest book: Deus ex machina: god from the machine

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Femi Adelegan is a time-tested bureaucrat and information manager whose technocratic instincts have kept him within the precincts of power for several years. For most of the 1990s through the turn of the millennium, (1994-2000) Adelegan, a journalist, publicist, administrator and writer, walked around the corridors of power as an image manager and spokesman to four consecutive governors of Osun State in Nigeria. He previously served (2003-2010) as Chief Private Secretary/Special Adviser on Policies, Programmes and Plans Implementation to the Governor of Osun State of Nigeria and has served as the Principal Secretary to the National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, one of the political parties in NIGER ... read more
Latest book: GOVERNANCE: An Insider;s Reflections on the Nigerian Polity

Follow me on Twitter at  goodstories_pub Cliff Keller
Cliff Keller was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the son of a Jewish father and Roman Catholic mother, which didn't work out. After multiple migrations between Florida and Wisconsin Cliff graduated from Florida State University while working for NASA at Cape Canaveral. Somehow aware of Cliff's progress, Richard Nixon designed to send him to Vietnam but Cliff avoided the draft and bested the president, who soon afterward became distracted by the Watergate scandal, by receiving an occupational deferment to work for then defense contractor, Texas Instruments, in Dallas. After eight years in Dallas (and earning a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering), Cliff spent the next 18 years in the construction business be ... read more
Latest book: For the Sake of His Name, the prophet Daniel's miraculous life in Babylon

Follow me on Twitter at  AmyRoseBennett Amy Rose Bennett
Amy Rose Bennett has always wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. An avid reader with a particular love for historical romance, it seemed only natural to write stories in her favourite genre. She has a passion for creating emotion-packed—and sometimes a little racy—stories set in the Georgian and Regency periods. Of course, her strong-willed heroines and rakish heroes always find their happily ever after. Amy is happily married to her own Alpha male hero, has two beautiful daughters and a rather loopy Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is a Speech Pathologist, but is currently devoting her time to her one other true calling—writing romance.
Latest book: Long Gone Girl

Follow me on Twitter at  lopaze Lopaze Lasane
Lopaze Lasane (a.k.a "Mr. Sharp Game"), is a dynamic consultant and a writer who is dedicated to helping men become more attractive to women. After traveling and meeting women for over a decade worldwide he decided to pursue his life passion by writing. His books are designed to give men straightforward rules as they pertain to relationships and dating without being politically correct. We have been conditioned to believe that relationships are based on spontaneity, luck and uncontrollable circumstances with emotions. In all areas of human activity there are always rules to maintain order. Understanding and effectively dealing with women is somewhat like a sport. The most successful men have mastered these s ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  expendable21 AE21
Anthony Esposito is earning his Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelor of Fine Arts at Full Sail University. Anthony writes in the horror genre and action genre and has also collaborated on the transmedia adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft horror story, “The Dunwich Horror”. In his spare time, Anthony is involved in the sports entertainment industry for over ten years and loves to cheer for his beloved hometown New York Knicks, Mets, Jets and Rangers. Anthony Esposito first started writing in his teenage years. His writing consisted mostly of poetry and short stories influenced from life experiences, horror films and hard rock/heavy metal music. Anthony continued his writing up until the year 2000 where ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  jcstockli JC Stockli
Choose your poison: Paranormal Fantasy • Romantic Horror • Dark Fantasy With A Twist? Maybe all of the above, and then some? Stockli strives to keep it dark and intimate, feeding off of those quiet moments where secret exchanges of eye contact scream louder than words. Her work consists of “perfectly imperfect characters and real-life grittiness.” She is inspired by music, the past, and possibilities. Happily Ever Afters are only achieved through the cost of some blood, guts, or a soul or two… if at all. Also an established full-time professional, Stockli has earned her BA in Art & Architectural History and MBA with a concentration in Marketing. Over the years she’s traveled, lived, learned, and m ... read more

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Sheila Horne started writing short stories and poems as a teenager. She graduated from the George Brown College Creative Writing Program and continues to participate in writing workshops and courses. Her articles, poems and short stories have been published in various magazines and anthologies. Most recently in The Inspired Heart Anthology, Editions 2 and 3. She has also been published in the anthology Arrivals and Departures. She co-authored Temple of Light, a book of poems about The Sharon Temple. She facilitates writing programs and is a member of The Markham Village Writers and The Writers’ Community of York Region. Her first novel, Sunshine Girls was released in March 2014. She is in the process of finis ... read more
Latest book: The Psychic

Follow me on Twitter at  wholisticmuse Christy Abram
Christy Lynn Abram is a Holistic Life Coach and Au-thor. Through her books, workshops and insightful arti-cles, Christy guides women through the process of find-ing peace, forgiveness and healing after trauma. Christy lives in Washington State with her partner and three children.
Latest book: Little Miss Somebody

Follow me on Twitter at  abc54371715 P. Wish
P. Wish is an author, illustrator and blogger.
Latest book: My Life in 3 Colours

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Follow me on Twitter at  Poarousasp Poarousasp Mistry
Happy go lucky, single man. DOB:-28th September 1973. In search of a matrimonial match, to get married, I found a new path of self discovery and self improvement. During this search process, I met up with many interesting, diverse ,unknown to me, very cute, charming beautiful matrimonial matches and then until last I had two dates with the most amazing girl and then she was no more interested in meeting me ever again. I lost her. Little did I know the last girl, the fourth date, who I met (until 29th April 2015) would affect my life, my thinking, my self improvement,the manner in which I view life so differently there onwards. I miss loosing her out, so I wrote this book in dedication to the process of matrimon ... read more
Latest book: My Matrimonial Matches -by - The Single Man

Follow me on Twitter at Xavier Toby
Xavier Toby is a writer and comedian. He writes for several newspapers, magazines and websites, and has performed comedy throughout Australia and overseas. He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and English from the University of Melbourne, a Masters in Creative Media from RMIT and he is a fully accredited electricity meter reader. Previously, he has also worked as a bouncer, kitchen hand, editor, waiter, engineer, admin assistant, copywriter and labourer. Sign up at the website to receive regular e-mails containing articles, updates and other silliness. ALL FOR FREE.
Latest book: Mining My Own Business Book 1 - Yell Out if You’re Not Here

Follow me on Twitter at  Chris__Thomason Chris Thomason
Chris Thomason is an engineer who started his career in the UK automotive industry. He emigrated to South Africa to work in the gold and platinum mining industry, and was fortunate to experience the transition to democracy first hand. He also spent time running a gold mine in Mozambique at the height of the civil war there. In 1999 he moved to Australia to live on Sydney's Upper North Shore where he worked in the area of business innovation. He returned to the UK with his family in 2006, and is the managing director of Ingenious Growth, a company that delivers ingenious business growth opportunities for their clients in a broad range of industries. A registered European Engineer, a Chartered Engineer, and a Fel ... read more
Latest book: The Delicate Force

Follow me on Twitter at  jfuller3 Jannette Fuller
Jannette Fuller is the author of Persuasion (Book One in the Ambrosial Acres Series). She lives in the beautiful and majestic mountains of Boone, North Carolina with her husband and children. And even though she loves coming up with fantastical ideas for her stories, and bringing them to life, she fancies other things as well: exercising, going on nature walks, watching Netflix, recording on Singsnap, drinking coffee, and she enjoys foot massages too, but that only happens when her husband's in the mood to give her one.
Latest book: Persuasion

Follow me on Twitter at  @RavenswoodPub Rich Douglas
Rich Douglas is from New Orleans, Louisiana where he has lived the majority of his life. He loves reading, writing, storm-chasing, traveling and drinking orange soda while he writes young adult fiction, urban fantasy and science fiction.
Latest book: Vampire World

Follow me on Twitter at  @boomerhighway Elizabeth A. Havey
A mother of three adult children, Elizabeth A. Havey now has the time to publish the stories and novels she has written and revised over the years. Graduating with a BA in English, Havey taught literature at the secondary level and later worked part time as a freelancer for McDougal Littell Publishing and proofreader for Meredith Books. In her early forties, she earned her RN and worked as a labor and delivery nurse, health educator and author of CEUs for nursing. Summers found her studying at the Iowa Summer Writing Workshops at the University of Iowa. Her short stories have appeared in little magazines including The Nebraska Review and Zinkzine. Havey welcomes you to read and follow Boomer Highway at http://b ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  vlad_bazarov Gökhan Çağlar
Ben Gökhan Çağlar... İnsan beyninin "BEN" olgusuna yarattığı algı tuhaf. Beyniniz hakkında düşündüğünüzde beyniniz kendini ayrı bir uzuv kendi dışında bir nesne gibi tahayyül ediyor. Canlandırmaya çalışıp üzerine yorulduğu şey kendisi olduğu halde. "BEN" dediğiniz şeyse onun size dair algıları ve algılara karşı tetiklediği eylem ve düşünceler yani yine kendisini başka dışta bir var oluş olarak algılıyor. Neyse ki, beynim hasarlı da rahatım, ben kimim çok iyi biliyorum.
Latest book: Kızıl Karanlık

Follow me on Twitter at Nicholas Head
Nicholas is an author, entrepreneur, app developer, and founder at AdSwirl Inc.
Latest book: App Making 101: Guide to App Development and Passive Income in Today's Crowded App Market

Follow me on Twitter at  jashford72 Justine Ashford
Justine Ashford was raised in Massapequa, NY and is currently studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is pursuing her dream of becoming a novelist. Toys of Misfortune is her debut publication.
Latest book: Toys of Misfortune

Follow me on Twitter at  Writer_JBTaylor J.B. Taylor
I was born in Indiana where I still reside with my three lovely dogs. I have published multiple stories and have a few produced into audiobooks. I am currently working on three stories.
Latest book: Dissimilar Shorts 4

Follow me on Twitter at  CharlesMcMill92 Charles McMillan
Charles Thomas McMillan was born in Navarre, Florida to an Air Force family. Growing up around the world and graduating from a military school, he developed a keen interest in both the Military and History. He wanted to join the Army, but found his true interests and aspirations in writing. On a regular basis he writes movie reviews for his personal blog and dabbles in fiction. His most recent accomplishment is a feature length script based on the Marvel Comics superhero, Punisher. At this time he is earning a Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelor of the Arts degree at Full Sail University.
Latest book: Movie Review: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Follow me on Twitter at  demacvirtual Celine Armenta
Tras cuarenta años de participar en muchísimas tareas relacionadas con educación- como escribir y montar obras de teatro escolares, organizar coros, lavar mesabancos, preparar prácticas de química, organizar excursiones, estar al frente de grupos de preescolar, secundaria, preparatoria y posgrado, dando clases de física, corte y confección, estadística, educación especial y otras materias- Celine Armenta afirma haberse ganado el título de educadora. Además, ahora vive de enseñar a futuros educadores y a maestros en servicio. Por otra, estudió biología- la profesión del asombro- en la UNAM, y luego, en la UDLA de Ciudad de México y en la Universidad Columbia en Nueva York, educación especia ... read more
Latest book: Misereres y exsultates

Follow me on Twitter at  SoulGuidedCoach Yol Swan
Yol Swan is an intuitive spiritual counselor, coach, and consciousness author living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. With more than 30 years of self-exploration and the spiritual guidance of enlightened masters, she now follows a path of self-inquiry mostly guided by intuitive wisdom and non-physical teachers. She spends most of her time helping her clients recreate their lives, enjoying her natural and cultural environment in the company of her daughter, and writing non-fiction and poetry.
Latest book: Songs of Light and Dark: Poetic Meditations on the Self and Random Haikus

Follow me on Twitter at  Valnessia Vall Anderson
Vallarie Anderson was born in 1974 in Houston Texas to Terry and Lydia Lint She has been married to Jim Anderson for 22 years, they have two boys Jake 22 and Gavin 19 a four year old grandson. Vall has been writing since she was 5 years old, it's her passion and her dream to become a successful author.

Follow me on Twitter at  gameplan2point0 Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick has been developing leaders since 1999 as a motivational speaker, business leader, and now author. She has been a key note and motivational speaker at numerous conferences, businesses, schools, University & National Teams and shared her powerful and practical tools to help others create an upgraded version of their life’s game plan to help them get to where they want to go. Stephanie is also the Director of Elite Camps– a basketball camp that she founded in 1999 in her last year of undergrad. She has successfully grown Elite Camps to become one of the largest basketball organizations of its kind in Canada. Elite Camps caters to over 3,000 athletes throughout the year. Stephanie balance ... read more
Latest book: Steve Likes To Shoot

Follow me on Twitter at  waynemoloney Wayne Moloney
Wayne Moloney is a business strategist who lives in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia with his wife, Gela, and children. With a passion for sales, marketing and business development, Wayne has enjoyed a career spanning 30 years and the continents of Australia, Asia and Europe, and has held leadership positions in these areas, as well as in the roles of General Manager and Managing Director. Wayne’s experience in managing and growing businesses is not constrained by industry. With a belief that business management and sales development are processes that transcend the specificity of a product and service, he has successfully applied his principles to businesses as diverse as construction, fluids handling, ... read more
Latest book: Your Roadmap to Sales Management Success

Follow me on Twitter at  VictoriaPurman Victoria Purman
Award-nominated and multi-published Australian contemporary romance author Victoria Purman loves books, wine, chocolate, sad country music, hard rock songs and stories with happy ever afters. Writing romance means she regularly gets to indulge in all those things – as well as being forced into online pictorial research for her emotional, funny and smart love stories. In 2014, Victoria was a finalist in the RuBY Awards (the Romance Writers of Australia’s “Romantic Book of the Year” Awards) for the first book on her Boys of Summer series for Harlequin MIRA, Nobody But Him. That same year, she was named a finalist in the category “Favourite New Author 2013″ by the Australian Romance Readers Associati ... read more
Latest book: The Millionaire

Follow me on Twitter at  Madeline_Ash Madeline Ash
Madeline has always lived in Melbourne. She is emotionally allergic to spontaneity, and yet doesn’t mind the weather that drags her into rain when she’s planned for sunshine. She likes to call this her wild side. She’s a Virgo, vegetarian, and once had a romantic suspense-style dream in which the hero was a shredded lettuce sandwich and the villain was a cherry tomato. The tomato got away. She took the dream as a sign that she’d better stick to writing contemporary romance. Her stories have spunky heroines, strong heroes, and as much dialogue as she can cram in. As for why she writes romance, she’s in a long-term relationship with the genre and writing such stories makes it happy.
Latest book: The Playboy

Follow me on Twitter at  AmyAndrewsbooks Amy Andrews
Multi-award winning and USA Today bestselling author Amy Andrews is an Aussie who has written fifty romances from novellas to category to single-title in both the traditional and digital markets for a variety of publishers. Her first love is steamy contemporary romance that makes her readers tingle, laugh and sigh. At the age of 16, she met a guy she instantly knew she was going to marry so she just smiles when people tell her insta-love books are unrealistic because she did marry that man and, twenty odd years later, they’re still living out their happily ever after. Amy works part-time as a PICU nurse and spent six years on the national executive of Romance Writers of Australia where she organized two nati ... read more
Latest book: The Hero

Follow me on Twitter at  margaretaosborn Margareta Osborn
Margareta Osborn started writing her first novel whilst sitting under a tree on a vast cattle station in outback Australia. She then swapped living on remote red dirt plains for isolated rugged mountain ranges and went on to write another four award nominated books, including a #1 Australian best-seller. Despite her brain always going into white noise at the mention of anything mechanical, she lives a dream life writing and farming with her ever capable husband, three rambunctious children and varying numbers of cattle, sheep, kangaroos and wombats. She adores Ariat cowgirl boots, sparkly Western jeans and anything to do with bling.
Latest book: The Cowboy

Follow me on Twitter at  abettel Adriel Bettelheim
Adriel Bettelheim oversees coverage of health policy for CQ Roll Call and has held senior editor and reporter positions with the company for more than 12 years. He also has covered business and government for Bloomberg News, PolitiFact and the Denver Post and was part of the PolitiFact team awarded the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. He is the author of "Aging in America: A to Z" and has appeared as a commentator on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, C-Span, BBC, NPR and local television and radio outlets.
Latest book: Medicare Revolution: Profiting from Quality, Not Quantity

Follow me on Twitter at  Author_Betty Betty Adams
Betty Adams lives in a particularly damp and remote corner of the Pacific Northwest and like a hobbit enjoys visitors so long as she knows them in advance and knows when they are coming. She was born sometime last century and will likely die sometime this century. She works winters on a small organic research farm when not writing and spends most of her time herding eccentric genius scientists (she is absolutely certain cats would be easier) with the help of her 4 year old Great Pyrenees Mix Sputnik. Summers she spends nomadically wandering the Pacific Northwest in search of material for her stories and a regular paycheck for a biology major (she is reasonably certain those are on the Endangered Species List). ... read more
Latest book: Dying Embers

Follow me on Twitter at  @NuclearHopeFilm Colin Scheyen
Colin Scheyen is an award-winning filmmaker and educator. Much of his work focuses on issues of media literacy and social justice. As an Educator, Colin has worked in both the public and private education systems in Canada and the United States to provide learning opportunities for some of North America’s most underserved communities. He received a B.Ed from the University of Alberta, a B.A. in English from the University of Calgary, and a M.A. in Educational and Cultural Studies from Athabasca University. Colin’s work as a filmmaker is an extension of his work as an educator. Nuclear Hope (2015), a film that discusses Canada’s nuclear waste issues, won the Rising Star Award at the Canada International F ... read more
Latest book: Beyond Media Literacy: New Paradigms in Media Education

Follow me on Twitter at Steven Jenkins
Steven Jenkins was born in the small Welsh town of Llanelli, where he began writing stories at the age of eight, inspired by '80s horror movies and novels by Richard Matheson. During Steven's teenage years, as well as being a black-belt kickboxer, he became a great lover of writing dark and twisted poems--six of which gained him publications with Poetry Now, Brownstone Books, and Strong Words. Over the next few years, as well as becoming a husband and father, Steven spent his free time writing short stories, achieving further publication with Dark Moon Digest. His terrifying tales of the afterlife and zombies gained him positive reviews, particularly his story, Burning Ambition, which also came runner up in ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  smqumberrizvi Qumber Rizvi
Qumber Rizvi, born July 18, 1995 in Mumbai, India, is a blogger, programmer, writer, web designer, software developer, and SEO expert. He completed his primary studies and moved to Lucknow, India, where he is living now completing his Intermediate to join ITs and MCA. Qumber is founder and CEO of Qumbr Inc. He is also an IBO and Distributor at Amway India.
Latest book: Wanderer's Diary: Daydreams

Follow me on Twitter at  motivatemylif Daniel Ndukwu
I am an incredibly optimistic individual that loves the world and has been fortunate enough to see more good than bad. I have embarked on an amazing journey that has allowed me to meet the best and brightest the world has to offer. My unusually optimistic demeanor is evident in everything that I do and I want nothing but the best for myself and those around me. Do not hesitate to join my mailing list of connect with me via social media channels cheers!
Latest book: The Call of Destiny

Follow me on Twitter at  jasonmbrooks Jason M. Brooks
Jason M. Brooks has loved writing since the day his third grade teacher read "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" to his class. Since then, he has pursued a dream of creating his own magnificent worlds that readers could get lost in. Jason enjoys helping other writers bring their dreams to print which is why he founded his own publishing company. He also blogs about the art of self-publishing on his website, When he's not hard at work publishing a book or writing his own, Jason enjoys spending quality time with his family, reading and watching movies. Jason and his family reside in Wisconsin. Jason enjoys hearing feedback from his readers. You can email him directly at jmbrooks@jaso ... read more
Latest book: Twins of the Prophecy (The Thrones and Prophecy Series - Book 1)

Follow me on Twitter at  davidtaj68 David T. Pennington
David T. Pennington grew up in a small northern California town called Paradise, but his home is in San Francisco. While his associate’s degree in computer programming has helped pay the bills, his bachelor’s degree in psychology has informed his writing. His love of fiction—mainly mysteries, science fiction, and thrillers—is balanced by his fascination with books on futurism, theoretical physics, and cosmology. Peer Through Time is his debut novel.
Latest book: Peer Through Time

Follow me on Twitter at  mslisalive Ms. Lisa Live!
Ms. Lisa Live! is a writer who uses her creative energy to give voice and meaning through her writing helping those along her journey.
Latest book: Time to Innovate

Follow me on Twitter at  Indiedaram India Daram
India Daram is an Indian born British writer. In true romance tradition, Mr.Darcy inspired her to think about passionate and heart-breakingly lovable heroes. When she ran out of books to read, she resorted to creating her own happily-ever-afters in her mind and this soon moved to fingers flying on her laptop. She loves creating feisty heroines that have an opinion on everything under the sun, strong and passionate heroes and stories with witty repartees. She is married to an all-in-one version of her own knight-in-shining-armour and Mr.Darcy and has two boys and a dog that her keep out of mischief.
Latest book: Married in Name