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Angela Lockwood-van der Klauw was born in the Netherlands. She learned her trade as a jeweller and gemmologist at the Vakschool Schoonhoven before moving to Edinburgh as an apprentice jeweller. There she met and later married her husband Adam. Angela ran her own jeweller’s shop in Edinburgh for ten years before she and her husband moved to the south of France in 2011. Like Cameron, Angela prefers the climate there, but often thinks about the town she left behind and its people. Cameron’s story was born in the spring of 2013, a very wet spring during which Angela found herself climbing the walls, frustrated that she couldn’t go out and have her usual long walks along the seafront. Seeing his wife’s frus ... read more
Latest book: Language in the Blood

Follow me on Twitter at  @DW96 David W Robinson
Another pen name for David Robinson
Latest book: Flatcap on Sex

Follow me on Twitter at  booksmango Chef Tummy
Chef Tummy is a teacher, travel writer, songwriter and cook who specializes in making Thai food. He is the “Marco Polo” of Thai food and completed a 6,002-mile Thai food tasting motorcycle tour all over Thailand. He has taught Thai cooking to 1,000 people from 30 countries. He occasionally takes a glass of restorative Sang Som to settle his nerves and provide inspiration for writing Thai-Ku. He lives in Koh Phangan, Thailand and will continue to do so until asked to leave.
Latest book: Farang in Thailand

Follow me on Twitter at  Catherine Hughesgrow_careers Catherine Hughes
Catherine Hughes is the founder of the Grow Careers website, a self-help career information resource that applies lifelong career development in the context of a school, with intended audiences of students, parents or guardians, past students and school staff. She is currently a Career Counsellor at a school where she is responsible for career development programmes and interventions for students from Years 7-12. Catherine has achieved a PhD in vocational psychology, which included a study of adolescent career maturity and selected antecedents of career maturity across Australian and Thai cultural contexts. She has worked as a career practitioner in a variety of settings, including vocational rehabilitation, ... read more
Latest book: Careers Work in Schools: A Primer for Career Development Facilitators

Follow me on Twitter at  servicebeast Shawn Sylvester
Hi everyone, my name is Shawn. I have been a FOH trainer for over a decade now. I have worked in several different types of houses and would like to share with you what I have learned over the years. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the business and want to help you grow.
Latest book: The Training You Didn't Get In Training

Follow me on Twitter at  happyindianwife Shruti Gupta
The author, Shruti Gupta, is a talented young woman who was born on the April 1st, 1987 in India. She holds Engineering degree in Computer Science, Post graduate diploma in Finance from Dublin Institute of Technology and Masters of Systems Science from University of Ottawa. She is a Systems Analyst by profession and lives in Canada. Writing is her hobby and passion. She also has many blogs: Shruti's point of view Happy Indian Wife Baby's diary pages
Latest book: My Pampered Baby

Follow me on Twitter at  richardwiener Richard Wiener
Richard W. Wiener is a retired high school teacher and athletic director. He has two children and three grandchildren, and resides in Glenview, Illinois. He is a die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fan and, during hockey season, can be found at the United Center. He is also a member of the Chicago Public League Basketball Coaches Association Hall Of Fame. He is also the author of “Check Please...& Hurry,” a book about dates gone wrong, which is already available. You can also find him at
Latest book: Take My Date Please

Follow me on Twitter at  flashcircle Susan Leslie
After about 20 years of a successful consulting career, I began learning about the Universal Law of Attraction and how we all have the power within us to design our ideal life. It is a process to find the limiting beliefs that fuel the fears that hold us back from success but once you identify them, you can learn the skills needed to attract everything you want in your life rather than just going through the motions of surviving life! These principles have been stifled for hundreds of years but now more and more people are accepting "non-traditional" methods of creating happiness - that are already within each of us! I decided to tap into my own power and help others find theirs. It starts with believing that t ... read more
Latest book: Focus All Thoughts (What's In Your Mind?)

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Giovanni A. Monte, potentino, è nato nel 1974 a Salerno, vive da sempre a Potenza. Si laurea nel 2002, a Potenza, in Lingue e Letterature Straniere, con una tesi su John Fante. In quello stesso anno si classifica secondo al Premio “Città di Montalbano Jonico” di letteratura per l’infanzia. Nell’ottobre 2012 pubblica il romanzo L’indiziato allo specchio (Rusconi).
Latest book: Il terremoto particolare di Antonio M.

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Latest book: My Life Dancing With The Stars

Follow me on Twitter at  GregYConsulting Greg Yates
Greg Yates is a speaker, author, adviser, consultant, and coach working with high-level lawyers and other professionals. He assists those professionals in revitalizing their careers. His work ranges from minor career tweaks and adjustments to major career transitions. Previously, Greg was an equity partner at two of the largest law firms in the country. He opened the New York office for one of those firms. In his legal career, Greg built a practice of over $3.5 million a year. He represented several of the largest international banks and a diverse variety of other clients. His practice centered on corporate restructurings, turnarounds, and workouts. In 2011, the Turnaround Management Association presented ... read more
Latest book: Professional Prosperity For Lawyers: Find The Perfect Job And Create Your Ideal Career

Follow me on Twitter at  @paul_a_dixon Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon began his professional career as an oceanographer, but he is currently a digital marketing technologist. All his life he has been nurturing his passion for the craft of writing. He currently strives to combine technology, writing and environmental science to find solutions for today's environmental issues with focus on the healing of the ocean. He hopes to write, to educate, to inform and, of course, to entertain. Paraphrasing Winston Churchill—if not the arts, then what are we fighting for?He lives with his wife and daughter in his Seattle hometown and can usually be found at a coffee shop. But unless you're willing to search through every coffee shop in the city, you can say hi on Facebook or sen ... read more
Latest book: Passion for Puns

Follow me on Twitter at  KaraLMBooks Kara L. M.
YA Romance writer addicted to reading and dreaming up my next vacation. In between I love to rock climb and eat sour patch kids.
Latest book: Electric Fog

Follow me on Twitter at  EdwadrKross Edward Kross
Born in the UK in 1962.
Latest book: Pack It In! - A Quit Smoking Guide For Independent Thinkers

Follow me on Twitter at  lucy_king Lucy King
Lucy King has been writing contemporary romance since 2009 and honestly can’t think of a better job to have. Creating swoon-worthy heroes, sassy heroines and heart-melting happy ever afters definitely beats the fund management and corporate fraud investigation she worked in before. Originally from London, Lucy lives in south-west Spain with her family where she spends much of the time reading, failing to finish cryptic crosswords and trying to convince herself that the beach really is the best place to work.
Latest book: Taming the Beast

Follow me on Twitter at  @RossTellsTales Ross Smeltzer
He was raised in Chatham, New York, a small town in the Berkshires that looks like the setting for a Washington Irving story. He grew up surrounded by overgrown woodlands and tumbled-down, derelict farmhouses. He sensed the past, that most furtive but potent of powers, all around him. He now lives in Dallas with his patient, endlessly supportive wife, their witless terrier, and their unhinged cat. He is a teacher but writes fiction whenever he gets a chance. Sadly, he is capable only of crafting stories of the weirdest kind. His imagination—apparently corrupted in adolescence by Hawthorne, Bierce, Machen, Lovecraft, and assorted other misanthropes, weirdos, and purveyors of high strangeness—only seems capab ... read more
Latest book: The Mark of the Shadow Grove

Follow me on Twitter at  trevy113 Trevor A. A. Evans
To answer the question you're not asking: I do all my own stunts I grew up among the mountains of Utah and went to college in Provo at Brigham Young University, where I studied Philosophy and International Relations. Besides a two-year stint as a missionary on the Canadian plains and a handful of month-long journeys across Germany and Europe, Utah County has been my life (something I'm very proud to claim). That is where I live and do my writing today.
Latest book: The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Nine

Follow me on Twitter at  NewsGames Geraldo A. Seabra
It's a professor, journalist and master in media, web journalism and games emulators news. The market worked on Radio Alvorada, Itatiaia Radio, Television Minas Network and Gazette of Belo Horizonte. In the academic sphere taught at the Funorte College, Unipac and UniBH. Yet it was a partner of Millennium Communications Agency. He is currently a professional writer and editor of the Blog of NewsGames. Born in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) is based in Treviso (Italy).
Latest book: NewsGames — Teoria Geral Aplicada dos Games Baseados em Notícias: Criando as bases narrativas de um novo modelo de Jornalismo Online

Follow me on Twitter at  jjamshedji Jessica Jamshedji
Heya.... I'm Jessica and I'm a dentist.... I love reading books and thinking of different stories. Recently I have started writing so please do help me out ( guess I'm bored of pulling out teeth or filling them...hehehe). Well actually I'm writing this story for my mom as she is a big time sucker for romantic novels but obviously with some twist and spite. I'm open to different views and ideas. My favorite authors are Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, E.L.James, Shirlee Busbee, Lynne Graham and Carole Mortimer, Cara Eliot, Christine Freeham and so on... You can catch me on facebook - or on tumblr- or on gmail- Take care and be safe...
Latest book: The Bond of Sin

Follow me on Twitter at  @Ravenswoodpub Lilly Kirckof
Lilly Kirckof is a Mechanical Piping Estimator and builds cars in her spare time. She recently completed, with help, an “Eleanor” Mustang from “Gone in 60 Seconds.” She is a certified Nitrox diver under Richie Kohler and an SCCA GT1 race car driver. She is currently writing her next fiction novel.
Latest book: Great Lakes: The Saga of the Inland Seas

Follow me on Twitter at  iwritemonsters K.T. Katzmann
K.T. Katzmann lives in Florida, surrounded by Cthulhu idols and crazy people. He blogs at This year will see his first published novel, featuring a vampire and Bigfoot who fall in love while working for the NYPD. Despite all this, he is somehow still allowed to teach children. He counts among his greatest influences the works of H.P.Lovecraft, Douglas Adams, and Roger Zelazny, and is thankful for years of boring public school classes which provided him plenty of time to read them all.
Latest book: Murder With Monsters

Follow me on Twitter at  @martinrouillard Martin Rouillard
Martin Rouillard is the author of the best-selling series "Tales of the Lorekeepers", which includes "Rise of the Red Dragon" (2012), "The Giants of Albion (2013)", and "The Last Prince of Troy" (2014). The first books in the series have been among the best-selling ebooks in France since publication, making their way into the Top 100 on Amazon France and other retailers. The series will include three more books, to be published over the next few years. Martin is passionate about writing, and is also an avid student of mythology and its impact on the history of our world. He believes the legends of our past have forged who we are today. Without those tales, our world would be very different. With the Tales of ... read more
Latest book: Tales of the Lorekeepers, Tome 1, 2 & 3

Follow me on Twitter at  damianarose Renee Lake
I am a pagan liberal from Utah. I have three children, half a dozen cats, I love the dark, morbid and eccentric, bats and Halloween. I have seven novels published on under my maiden name Renee Travis. I write everything from paranormal YA to erotica. After Realm Princess of Death Servant of Death Witchy Wonderland Dark Magic Unchaste Phantasies Rose Blossom
Latest book: The Bathory Curse

Follow me on Twitter at  PaulTBurke Paul Burke
ABOUT PAUL BURKE Paul Burke has his Master’s Degree in Integrated Studies from Cambridge College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His life long experience as a champion body builder, arm wrestler, actor, and an academic professor brought him to write his first book; a very detailed book about exercise, fitness and nutrition for the Mature Male, along with two other written gems about nutrition and weight training. In his first book, “Burke’s Law,” A New Fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male, (Trafford, 2006; Book-Surge, 2009) he makes the very persuasive case for changing the “old fitness training paradigm” to one that he has termed, “Burke's Law,” one that incorporates everything from each person f ... read more
Latest book: Neo-Dieter's Handbook

Follow me on Twitter at  emilioboechat Emilio Boechat
EMILIO BOECHAT is a Brazilian playwright, TV writer and screenwriter. His career started in 1991 when he wrote his first play "Camila Baker, Lives in Concert". Since then he has already written around thirty comedy plays, ten soap operas (including MOSES AND THE TEN COMMANDMENTS), three TV shows, two screenplays (LASCADOS, O FILME) and one miniseries (KING DAVID). He has been working for RECORD TV NETWORK since 2006.
Latest book: It's Illegal, But It's Okay

Follow me on Twitter at  sally_shanks Sally Shanks
Sally Shanks received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan. Shanks has spent many years as a counselor/therapist in private practice in lower Michigan. Shanks also paints under the name Ann Harper.
Latest book: Legally Gone

Follow me on Twitter at  JaimaFixsen Jaima Fixsen
I was born in Alberta, Canada, and I’ve lived here ever since. I attended the University of Alberta, choosing a ‘practical’ degree in health sciences, and married my husband, Jeff, along the way, just after my twentieth birthday. At thirty I had three busy children and one busy husband. I decided it was time to take a break from my common sense career. Since I was chucking practicality anyways, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to write fiction. I’ve counted fictional characters among my best friends since my mother gave me Pierre Berton’s The Secret World of Og for my sixth birthday, but this was the first time I let myself invent my own characters and take them past the first few chapters. If ... read more
Latest book: Courting Scandal

Follow me on Twitter at  MemoirBook K.D. Sanders
K.D. Sanders is an award-winning writer, drummer and former employee of legendary Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard. He was born in Miami, Florida and raised in the Florida Keys. He moved to California for a better opportunity. There he worked with Fortune 500 companies, numerous celebrities and toured the U.S and Canada as a road manager. His story has been featured in newspapers such as the Corsair, Santa Monica College and the Key West Citizen. His first memoir, "Where Did My Life Go?: A Towering Experience" recounts various experiences including many celebrity encounters while working at Tower Records for 3 years after his band broke up and living alone in his van before the record store went out of busines ... read more
Latest book: Where Did My Life Go? - Homeless and Out of Business

Follow me on Twitter at  @ricardoTPR Ricardo Carrasco
En contadas ocasiones la mezcla de talento, voluntad y constancia se dan en seres humanos de tan corta edad. Quince años contaba el joven Ricardo Carrasco cuando finalizó su primera novela. Y es que la literatura corre por sus venas desde su más tierna infancia, siempre inventando historias para que otros las disfrutaran, para que vivieran con él su mundo interior. Ricardo Carrasco es madrileño, nacido un caluroso día de verano del año 1991. Graduado en Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas por la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I. Escritor de estilo ligero, grácil y cercano, de esos que enganchan por su facilidad para adentrarte en la historia. Con un futuro radiante y prometedor, ya mostraba su valía en la ... read more
Latest book: Au pair

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Latest book: Striptease in Noir

Follow me on Twitter at  VladGemstone Vlad Gemstone
I am a young, aspiring author. I love travelling, healthy lifestyle and meditation. I am also interested in spirituality, yoga practices, Advaita tradition, the ancient knowledge of different peoples. I enjoy riding a bike or elektroskooter. I do not drink or smoke and I have not eaten meat for more than 4 years. I am happily married with several children. I love the beauty of nature more than objects created by human hands. I do not trust radio or television, and I do not want to waste my precious time with them. I do not trust modern medicine. Ayurveda students apply their knowledge for a happy life with good results I have written several books on topics related to computer technology, healthy lifesty ... read more
Latest book: How to Manage Diabetes and Cure?: Dr. Alan's Step By Step Guide for Diabetes Management Including General Tips, Diet Plan, Exercise Routine and Much More!

Follow me on Twitter at  @AyomipoAmiola Ayomipo Amiola
Ayomipo is a disciple of Christ, a teacher of God’s word and a medical doctor trained in the Obafemi Awolowo University Medical School, Nigeria. He is called of God to teach the Word with utter simplicity making its profoundness visible and usable to the average Christian thus translating them from this state of averageness to a state of extraordinariness where God wants them to be.
Latest book: A Sweet Exchange: A Synopsis of God's Gift of Righteousness

Follow me on Twitter at  OneNovelist Adele Davis
In addition to being an author, Adele Davis is a Computer Specialist and the mother of two adult daughters. When she isn't writing, Adele can be found piddling in her garden and is rarely seen without her two Maltese dogs at her side. She loves hot weather and currently resides in the vastly enormous state of Texas.
Latest book: A Shady Murder

Follow me on Twitter at  darkerrealms Lakendra Turner
I'm a Empath, Physic, and Non-Fictionist. I'm able to cut thru deception and get to the heart of any matter, such as the lies we are told, and so on. Reading my books will give you a full on understanding of the type of knowledge I provide.
Latest book: Darker Realms (Affected By Unseen Forces)

Follow me on Twitter at  Choplette Clare Lindeque
I am a lapsed mathematician, intensely curious about almost everything, and with a great love for words. My favourite things are order, photography, being out in nature, scuba diving, travel, and being at home. I work in investments, using my mathematical training, and try to add as many ocean-related elements to my life outside of work, as possible.
Latest book: Cape Town's Visible Shipwrecks: A Guide for Explorers

Follow me on Twitter at  zeniamstl Zekita Asuquo
Zekita Asuquo is President & CEO of Zeniam, an outbound lead and demand generation company headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Prior to starting Zeniam, Zekita held the position of Diversity Manager for a 300+ consultant, $70 million tech recruiting firm where she was responsible for overseeing new business and partner lead strategies, supplier diversity partner strategy, and community outreach and media relations for top executives. Zekita is a member of Harris Stowe State University Workforce Preparedness Advisory Council, a member of Opera Theatre St. Louis Engagement and Inclusion Task Force, and former member of University Missouri St. Louis Breast Cancer Survivor Project Planning Committee. She lives in St. L ... read more
Latest book: Unanswered Questions for Startups and Entrepreneurs: How to Find New Customer Leads for Your Business, 5 Places You Never Thought to Look That Will Get You Immediate Results

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Follow me on Twitter at  dianezen Diane Clarke
Diane Clarke is an evolved soul, a generous mother, a spiritual enthusiast and a huge lover of life! Diane has been honing her spiritual knowledge for decades and has a high level of self-awareness, mindfulness and inner peace. She practices and teaches several alternate sciences like crystal healing, chakra healing, yoga, mudras, mindfulness, meditation exercises and plenty more. Through years of practice, she has mastered the art of finding solutions to common life problems INSIDE of herself, rather than mindlessly search for solutions outside. Now, she is eager to share her spiritual success and experiences with all her readers! When people think of spirituality and meditation, they often think of monks si ... read more
Latest book: 101 Spiritual Quotes

Follow me on Twitter at  booksmango Ben Craig
Scottish born. Served in British Army on active service in 'Special Forces' unit. Then was a police officer in an English county force attaining a senior rank. During his police career served as a detective, was a member of the Underwater, Search and Recovery Unit. An outdoor pursuits enthusiast, accomplished mountaineer, rock climber and downhill skier. Now retired living with his second wife in Thailand.
Latest book: A man called Smith

Follow me on Twitter at  danielaecostea Daniela Costea
“The sky's the limit.” This is my motto, and I have lived by it ever since I realized there is more in life for me: more things to learn, places to see, people to meet, and love to spread out into the world. I am teaching English in Romania and writing books on intimate relationships. My two main passions are the English language and seeing people who are happy, loved, and loving—people who are living the love life they most certainly deserve. What I like most about myself is my openness, empathy, compassion, and the easiness I feel whenever I communicate with people. I definitely call myself a people-person, but I am also fond of spending quality time on my own. I love walking in nature, spending t ... read more
Latest book: Allowing Great Love: Overcoming Past Heartache to Create an Amazing Life

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Latest book: Adventures in Dating: Zipper Questions

Follow me on Twitter at  mlharveland M.L. Harveland
M.L. Harveland is a freelance editor and writer with a Master’s degree in English Literature. Her first novel, The Seventh Soul (2011), won the 2012 Indie Reader Award in Paranormal Fiction at the International Book Expo in New York, NY. Though born and raised in North Dakota, she now resides along the haunting, ethereal forests of the Greater Seattle area with her husband, Dan, and their critter menagerie.
Latest book: The Seventh Soul (The ParaNormal Series : Book One)

Follow me on Twitter at  owenclark77 M Owen Clark
Based in a leafy suburb of London, I took time out from my career in marketing and advertising to write my first fictional novel. The idea for the book had been with me for over a year, but the will or need to write a novel had followed me like an unfulfilled shadow since school days. Well the shadow has not gone, it just wants to grow bigger. Hungry like a dark character from Dr Who. The writing process was cathartic and fun. Being allowed to hole up in a public library and do what you like for two days a week should not be sniffed at. The book took around 13 weeks to write and then that again to self edit, self publish and proofread. Now, without the aid of a publisher, came the hard part - getting the b ... read more
Latest book: 2020 VISION

Follow me on Twitter at  @ELovecraftAuth0 Emanuelle Lovecraft
Emanuelle Lovecraft is a new author on the Erotica scene. When she is not writing hot stories for you to read, she's puttering around the kitchen working on new recipes!
Latest book: Lusting For The Lion