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Daniel Ferguson is the owner of a massive collection of DVDs, and is the product of too many movies and games. He is a fan of Role-Playing Games, which you will probably pick up on by five pages in. He hopes writing will make him rich and famous, or at least less poor, but if that doesn’t pan out he figures he’ll have to try getting a Real Job, like the ones his Uni advertises. He lives in Brisbane with family. He doesn’t drink coffee.
Latest book: Children of Fire

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Born in Montana and raised in Colorado, Janis Flores worked for ten years as a Medical Technologist before turning to full-time writing under the names Risa Kirk and April Thorne. Now the published author of 34 novels and a Lifetime Achievement Award nominee from the Romance Writers of America, she lives on a small ranch in Northern California with her husband, three dogs, and two pampered Arabian horses.
Latest book: Done Driftin'

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Quinn Abernathy believes in using her hyper-active imagination and experiences to write thrilling, adventurous, and entertaining erotica. For Quinn, sex is an exploration - and she enjoys delving into the minds of her characters as they experiment with various adventures, fetishes and taboos. Her goal as a writer is to translate her sexual imagination directly to the pages of her readers by writing novellas and serial stories with amazing characters, incredible settings, and mind-blowing sex. She writes from both the female and male point of view, depending on the story, with the goal of capturing the true essence of the pleasure experienced by her characters. She hopes you enjoy reading her work as much a ... read more
Latest book: The Public Orgasm - Book 1 of the Saturday Affair Series

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LaShaunda C. Hoffman took her love for books and turned it into an award winning online magazine, Shades of Romance Magazine. Her mission in life is to introduce as many books as she can to readers. She's happily married mother of three who believes in dreams and working hard to achieve them. She started a coaching program - Virtual Tea With LaShaunda to train writers on promoting their books online.
Latest book: Building Online Relationships - One Reader At A Time

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Ozlo and Priya Grey are a husband and wife writing team. Their time is consumed with writing, re-writing, editing, and tinkering with Photoshop and WordPress. When they step away from their desks, they enjoy long walks on the beaches of Southern California. Join their mailing list for updates on new releases, discounts, and ARC's.
Latest book: My Daughter's Boyfriend: A Romantic Thriller

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“Who Is Jon DiCianni? Jon DiCianni is a highly respected individual best known for his unparalleled devotion to helping victims of depression around the globe. With perspectives on mental health Jon has earned a reputation for straight talk and courage. His point of view is that the old advice of seeking help from a qualified professional can be bad (flawed) advice. This challenges the traditional way of fixing one's mental health issues. His assertion that "mental health is too new of a science to humans to trust even qualified professionals" stirs up controversy, but it has been proven to be accurate. He also believes that it can be more beneficial to "seek guidance from an individual that can write a ... read more
Latest book: Depression

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C.L. Wells is a JANE-OF-ALL-TRADES, with a passion for writing and animals. She lives in Kansas with her family, which includes a fat doggie who is not named Toto and a cat who moonlights as an escape artist. Feel free to ask her about the ‘escape artist.’ She plans to write about it someday. She would love hearing from you.
Latest book: Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God

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Need a sample?? Read Prostitute Flange on Wattpad. ---> 22 LPN
Latest book: Prostitute Flange

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Nica Elson is an indie horror writer living in NYC.
Latest book: Barohm: A Story of the Deep Ones (Short Lovecraftian Horror Story)

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. L. Samsarah Morgan, DD., Cht. Dr. Morgan is an Interfaith Minister and Counselor, Apprentice Midwife, Family Life Coach, Doula and Hypnotherapist. She is the founder of Nia Center for birth and family life. She is a birth and postpartum caregiver and childbirth and parenting educator, and is this year celebrating 35 years as a birth worker and trainer. As the mother of 5 grown sons and the grandmother of two, and so, she has firsthand experience of the joys and challenges of parenting! She is the director of Nia: A family life practice, as well as Birth Professionals of the Bay Area and her private practice has offered counseling and healing sessions as well as workshops, seminars and retreats for individu ... read more
Latest book: Children's Village Tales of an Urban Nana

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What started as a lifelong dream became a reality when Tanya Vought penned and released her debut romance novel, Granted Wishes. She is a hopeless romantic who loves reading, writing and singing. You may know her as blogger “Tanya – The Book Obsessed Momma”, where she’s been a loyal supporter of authors and an active participant in the book community for several years. You’ll find that Tanya writes stories that are sweet, sassy and unique—like her. When she’s not inspiring others with her kindness, she’s spending time with her husband and two imaginative children. She believes whole-heartedly that anything is possible. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!
Latest book: Onyx Unleashed

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M.K. Alexander is a 24 year old first time novelist.
Latest book: Illumination X

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Stavros Archondakis is a certified pathologist and director of the Cytopathology Department of 401 Athens Military Hospital. He graduated from Thessaloniki Medical School and National Military Medical School in 1996. Since 2007, he was appointed assessor of the Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD) for the accreditation of medical laboratories according to ISO 15189:2012. He speaks English and French. He is a member of Hellenic Society of Clinical Cytopathology, Society of Medical Studies, and Society for Quality Management in the Health Sector. He is the author of 29 medical books, some of them awarded by the Greek Anticancer Society. He has participated with posters and oral presentations in more than 200 con ... read more
Latest book: Surgical Pathology for Clinicians

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Latest book: Cuffed

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Laetitia Ahrens ist ein Pseudonym für eine in Deutschland lebende Autorin. Die Autorin befasst sich mit spannenden Romanen, die Liebe, Spannung und Krimi miteinander vereinen. »Wachgeküsst in London« ist ihr erstes Werk, welches im Ebozon Verlag erschienen ist. Als Laetitia Ahrens arbeitet die Autorin nun schon an ihrem zweiten Werk. Und man kann schon soviel verraten: Das zweite Buch wird mindestens genauso spannend wie ihr erstes Werk. Pünktlich zum Valentinstag erschien im Februar nun ein Beziehungsratgeber mit romantischen Ideen für besondere Anlässe. 77 Tipps nicht nur zum Valentinstag.
Latest book: Wachgeküsst in London

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As well as an author, Steve Dunn is a church leader, fig roll eater and cinema enthusiast. Some of these things he does simultaneously.
Latest book: Gold a'Locks And The Three Weres

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Latest book: Nobody's Stooge: Ted Healy

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Armansyah, Seorang Magister Pendidikan yang sangat tertarik dibidang keagamaan. Karir menulisnya dimulai pada tahun 1996 saat ia masih bergabung di Islamic Network (IsNet) bidang Tarbiyah. Buku-buku karangannya terbit sejak tahun 2007. Ada lima buku sudah ia tulis dan diterbitkan secara publik dipasar buku Indonesia maupun Malaysia. Buku-buku tersebut masing-masing berjudul Rekonstruksi Sejarah Isa Al-Masih (diterbitkan oleh Restu Agung Jakarta 2007), Jejak Nabi “Palsu” (diterbitkan oleh Mizan Publishing, 2008), Ramalan Imam Mahdi (diterbitkan oleh Serambi ilmu semesta, 2008), Misteri Kecerdasan Syahadat (diterbitkan oleh Ufuq Publishing, 2009) dan Israk Mikraj (Diterbitkan oleh PTS Publishing Malaysia, 20 ... read more
Latest book: Hukum Anjing Menurut Islam

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Born in 1991 in Milton Keynes, England, Matt was telling tales from an early age, though most were to blame his little brother for things he'd done. As he learned not to tell tales, he learned to tell tales on paper and loved it beyond measure. Though he wrote mostly poetry through school, college and university, the format of the short story and the novella captured his imagination, and today he writes mostly in short form. He writes in many genres, including Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Horror and many more.
Latest book: Deacon at the Diner: A Tale From The Archives Of The Third Millennium

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Steven Mizener is a poet, author, and occasional music producer who lives in Tallahassee, Florida.
Latest book: Faust: The Movie

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Marvin "Knife" Sotelo better known as Knifer, is a minister and campaigner against the US drug policy as well as a musician and the author of "Yes I Cannabis" known for popularizing the Knife hit, it was mostly used for smoking cannabis and it promoted innovative ideas in smoking marijuana. He was born in Los Angeles, California. A former Democratic-Republican, Knife is now a pro-marijuana and hemp activist from the American Reform Party. He has written over a dozen books and only 5 were published, one being the aforementioned Yes I Cannabis. There has also been a documentary made about his life in the indie music scene. He believes that the hemp plant (as well as inmates convicted of marijuana charges) should ... read more
Latest book: Liber Cultris

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D. M. Almond is secretly a Muppet, waiting for Kermit to call him back to the big show. In the meantime, he spends his nights shackled to a keyboard, tapping away at the keys in some unyielding search for Acadia, a place he hopes you will enjoy visiting. He does not take himself seriously and neither should you.
Latest book: Necromancer's Curse (Chronicles of Acadia: Book III)

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I am a native of Louisiana and current resident of Lafayette. An avid and frequent reader of science fiction and fantasy, I began writing in the eleventh grade. I am a graduate of McNeese State University in Lake Charles. I am a 'classic nerd' and prolific writer who has had dreams of authorship since childhood. I sketch perhaps even more prolifically than I write, and have drawings of just about every character my warped imagination has come up with. I hope to continue sharing these ideas, characters, and stories with others for years to come.
Latest book: Double-Cross My Heart

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Stormy Denison is an author and editor who is interested in Christian fiction and encouraging others in their faith. Stormy is interested in sharing encouragement, particularly to women, to live a life of dignity and respect and to love the skin they are in.
Latest book: Pushed By the Winds

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Nikki lives in Cheshire with her husband, two dogs and lovely mother-in-law who supplies her with endless cups of tea. She writes romance with a touch of humour and lots of love, and hopes that she puts a smile on her reader's faces. Her ambitions of becoming a writer started at the age of 10 when she started writing poetry at school, and was given the honour of reading one of her poems to the rest of her year group (a truly embarrassing experience that she will never forget). Nikki is grateful for the wide variety of strange and wonderful people in her life, otherwise she'd never know what to write about! She is currently talking to family and friends, finding out their innermost secrets in readiness for her n ... read more
Latest book: No Bra Required

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Bailey Ryan was born in Southern California in 1977, and went to school in Covina, CA. She got her start as a sex advice columnist, and spring boarded that into a modeling career. This led to radio and TV appearances and interviews, followed by parts in TV shows and movies. She currently lives in Lake Arrowhead, CA
Latest book: The Sex You Should Be Having, and How to Have It.

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Kimi Flores/K.A. Hunter lives in Southern California with her husband, who happened to be her high school sweetheart and prom date and their two hilarious boys. When she's not reading, writing, or hanging out with family and friends, Kimi spends her time in the kitchen trying to come up with vegan meals that don't taste like cardboard. Volunteering is extremely important to her, and she and her family work with several local non-profit organizations. A portion of her sales will always go to charity. Currently, she writes contemporary romance stories under her real name Kimi Flores and grittier romantic suspense novels under her pen name K.A. Hunter. To keep up with the latest information on both K.A. Hunter ... read more
Latest book: Relinquished

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As a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya a few years back I traveled quite a bit and now I just wish I was. A lot of the places I've written about I've been to, a lot of them I haven't. Rafting on the Nile in Uganda, living in a Montana ghost town, Puerto Rican beaches, African safaris, Mayan ruins, European youth hostels, the Black Hills of South Dakota all fill my scrapbooks. Now a daughter takes up most of those pages, but I still travel in my head every time I write. I currently live in the Pacific Northwest and look forward to filling many more pages.
Latest book: Murder beside the Salish Sea

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Phillip Drown is a writer and music enthusiast. He has worked in an independent record shop for more than ten years. He lives in Kent. The Reputation of Booya Carthy is his first novel.
Latest book: The Reputation of Booya Carthy

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Jenn is a tea drinking, quilt making, music obsessed, bisexual yogi who lives on the outskirts of Atlanta with her husband, her son, and their two retired greyhounds. She loves reading, writing, having cookies, making cookies, talking about cookies, and eating cookies. She does not like being out of cookies. Come and say hi, and feel free to bring cookies.
Latest book: Complementary and Acute

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I have been writing erotica, smut, porn, whatever you want to call it since college. I’ve had a couple of stories published in a local magazine. I’ve written stories for an erotic hypnosis website which was used for video production. Got married, stopped writing, got divorced, got married to another person and started writing again. In the midst of all this, I have a desk job. I help customers with a very popular, but mundane product and service. Gives my mind a chance to wander to dirty thoughts.
Latest book: The Kava, the Girl and the Adult Theater

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Jennifer started writing seriously after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and craved a creative outlet. She is a wife, mother, and military veteran. Jennifer writes with her husband, Philip, discusses all manners of creative ideas, plots, characters, twists together. They lived in the Midwest before moving to the Atlanta Metro area. Philip and Jennifer met on an online writing forum and have been together ever since.
Latest book: Generations Beyond

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Latest book: 20000 AL dans l'espace

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For almost 15 years Dr L V George has studied authentic happiness, success, productivity and core-confidence. Everything from energy healing, hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), mindfulness, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to training with master Yogis in Nepal and India. What emerges from this unique academic perspective and extensive spiritual training are straightforward, easy to read, practical books that get you on the most effective scientifically proven route towards inner-happiness and fulfilment.
Latest book: Money and Happiness (The Scientific Way): Scientifically Proven Ways To Be Happy And Highly Effective Life Hacks For Financial Independence

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La literatura en este sitio es una publicación de la Iglesia de Dios Unida, una Asociación Internacional, que tiene ministros y congregaciones locales en Estados Unidos y en muchos países alrededor del mundo. Remontamos nuestros orígenes a la Iglesia que fundó Jesús a comienzos del primer siglo. Seguimos las mismas enseñanzas, doctrinas y prácticas establecidas entonces. Nuestra comisión es proclamar el evangelio del venidero Reino de Dios a todo el mundo como testimonio y enseñarles a todas las naciones a observar lo que Cristo ordenó (Mateo 24:14; 25:19, 20).
Latest book: Las Fiestas Santas de Dios

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Hello, my name is Nick Crow and I am a screenwriter and novelist with an eye toward the darkness. I am a drinker of life and just a bit crazy sometimes, and you will understand once you read some of my tales. I do hope you enjoy my work. - Please stop by Thank you for reading my work.
Latest book: The Waiting Demon

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Gabrielle Morgan started writing when she was six years old, and she never stopped. She has dabbled in everything from poetry to travel journaling, but she has a preference for fiction, and a deep and abiding love of fantasy and the supernatural, especially when there are love stories mixed in. She stumbled into the M/M romance genre by accident, and has been happily creating a warm and cozy home for herself there ever since, as she works up the courage to finally start sharing her stories with the world at large. When she’s not writing, she spends as much time outdoors or and having adventures as her schedule will allow. She currently resides in Massachusetts, where she has recently returned to school to st ... read more
Latest book: Bright Like a Thousand Memories

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Born in one country, raised in another, living in third while at the same time never moved for more than 100 miles, M.T. Vukovich has been a witness of tremendous political turmoil happening in short amount of time in a rather small region. Born in 1984. in what is now known as "former Yugoslavia", he spent the majority of his life moving throughout the region finally settling in Zagreb, Croatia where he works as a librarian. Affinity for history and medieval studies, parts of which he studied, especially the fascination with Crusades has in the end produced the beginning of a story that brings the readers to regions and characters few historians study while writers barely pay attention to. As a witness and s ... read more
Latest book: Teutonic Legacy - Poor Man's Crusade Part I

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M.K. has always had a deep and abiding love for food--both eating it, and cooking it. As a child, the kitchen was her favorite room in the house, and she loved to spend her time dreaming up new recipes, mostly involving Velveeta. Raised in the South, where pork is considered a major food group, M.K. realized that she would have to make a lot of changes once she reverted to Islam and adopted a halal diet. But far from limiting her choices, M.K. found that cooking halal opened up a whole new world of culinary adventures. The kitchen is still M.K.'s favorite room in the house. Now she likes to spend her time coming up with halal makeovers for all of her old favorite dishes (her pork-free smothered "pork" chop r ... read more
Latest book: Halal Comfort Food: The New Muslim's Guide to Going Halal

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Haydn Wilks was born in Caerphilly, Wales in 1987. After graduating from King's College London, he worked a succession of call centre and sales jobs before moving to Seoul, South Korea. His writing mixes the local and the global, throwing together a wide range of characters from across the inter-connected modern world. It features moments of comedy, often dark, alongside sudden violent outbursts. Influences include Tarantino movies, Twin Town, Chuck Palahiniuk, Bret Easton Ellis, Murakami, Kerouac, Dostoevsky & Joyce. Music features heavily in his work, from Manic Street Preachers, Exit International & the explosive Welsh underground scene, to northern indie like The Smiths, Joy Division & Arctic Monkeys, alon ... read more
Latest book: Americosis Vol. 1

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David L. Craddock lives with his wife and business partner in Ohio. He is the author of STAY AWHILE AND LISTEN, a three-part series that chronicles the history of World of WarCraft developer Blizzard Entertainment and Diablo/Diablo II developer Blizzard North; and HERITAGE, a young adult fantasy novel. Follow his writing exploits at,, and @davidlcraddock on Twitter.
Latest book: Dungeon Hacks: How NetHack, Angband, and Other Roguelikes Changed the Course of Video Games

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Eugy Enoch is a Teacher; he has taught at various institutions including high schools and tutorials in a career spanning over 6years from where he has attained several promotions including as head teacher. Eugy Enoch started Writing at an early age of 15 beginning with epic and then to Poems, non-fiction and drama which he edits and proofreads himself sometimes. Without relenting, Eugy Enoch once more, while in higher institution, tried his hands on Freelancing, MLM; marketing products for organizations: this began his journey in the world of Business and Economics--Sales and Selling in 2004 with an Instant Sales eBook--"Sales Digits" to show for it. As a computer programmer and an eCommerce expert, Eugy Enoch ... read more
Latest book: Words I Could Not Say to a Girl

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Courtney Lux is a Minnesotan-turned-New Yorker whose love for the city is rivaled only by her love for wide, open spaces. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a soon-to-be graduate of New York University. When not playing writer, Courtney is an avid reader, constant dreamer and lover of dogs, wine and being barefoot. Small Wonders is her first novel.
Latest book: Small Wonders

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In the full heat and endless mystery of the deep South, USA, Lina Pearl crafts taboo fantasies for the pleasure of liberated readers, her sexy partner, and, not least of all, herself. She became enamored with carnal delights around the time she discovered words. Since this tender age, Lina has explored a variety of genres and literary forms, always using erotic imagination to overflow boundaries and reach for the dark unknown.
Latest book: Her Dark Persuasion

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Julie currently lives in Bloomington Indiana.Where she has lived her short twenty three years on this glorious planet. She has been writing short stories and poems for 12 years. Her hobbies include reading, rescuing animals, and spending time with family and friends.
Latest book: Valley Of Glamorgan

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As a ordained Prophet, Psalmist and Pastor, he teaches and preaches the Word of God with great prophetic insight and -wisdom. Prophet-Psalmist Charel Cairo is available to the Body of Christ to provide sound biblical teaching and preaching, but also to lead in prophetic worship, releasing an atmosphere of salvation, deliverance, healing, breakthrough and restoration as he ushers in The Presence of Almighty God. Operating as a Watchman-Prophet for over 25 years, and since 1996 commissioned by divine order as a "Shofar" Psalmist, to release the New Wind of worship.
Latest book: The EYES of the Watchman-Prophet

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Latest book: Marjorie White: Her Life and Work

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Emily Chang, a self-described "Freaky Geek Erotica Author," has been writing smut since before started banning NC-17 stories. She likes to explore fantastical and science-fiction settings through an eroticized lens, featuring a variety of kinks in stories that are sure to please the freakiest of geeks. Aside from being a writer, she is an avid gamer, cat lover, and comic book reader.
Latest book: Ravished by Robots, Starring Ashira the Wanderer

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I have been an on-again/off-again writer for most of my life. By day, I am a swarthy little IT manager in Jacksonville (Florida), yelling at end users because they are all just doing it wrong. On nights and weekends, I am a poet and an aspiring novelist. When I am not writing, I am pursuing my personal quest to sample every beer on the planet. I also enjoy taking all of your money at the poker table. I just completed my first science fiction novel - A Dusk Forever Waning. I am already working on the second novel - A Schism of Men.
Latest book: A Dusk Forever Waning