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Follow me on Twitter at  ellenjoyceauthr Ellen Joyce
Greetings. I’m Ellen Joyce, author and malcontent. I think our species is running headlong into the arms of destruction, and being angry about that is my primary lifestyle choice. My stories suggest harrowing, yet effective, transformations that may save us. Or not. You can join me in dissatisfaction over the state of our species. Vist my blog at A Prowl of Malcontents.
Latest book: Shadow Side

Follow me on Twitter at  joeshantiyoga Joe Shanti
I have been practicing yoga for many years in different countries. I consider myself lucky and thankful for all the time I could travel practicing Yoga in different places: Agra, Cork, New York, Barcelona and now in Marseille. There are always people that come to me because they love Yoga and they want to learn. And this is the first step, the willing to learn. I have decided to write this small book, to introduce people into Yoga, but practicing; through my travels I could notice the amount of time beginners spend reading theory; memorizing the names of Asanas; and not focusing on practicing, after a while, most of them gave up. My goal is strength our Yoga community, send the message of peace and compassion. ... read more
Latest book: Mes 50 Positions de Yoga préférées

Follow me on Twitter at  ElizAlsobrooks Elizabeth Alsobrooks
Now that her children have flown from the nest, Elizabeth lives with her personal editor, Hudson (AKA Maltese), and husband, Kenton, at the foot of the beautiful Santa Catalina Mountain Range in Oro Valley, AZ. She loves to hike the mountain trails, ride her bike, sit on her patio sipping coffee and reading or brainstorming plots and enjoying the grandeur of her breathtaking mountain views. Elizabeth calls herself a pantser on steroids. The first book of her Illuminati series flowed like a psychic muse channeled it from her fingertips to the keyboard. She wrote 120,000 words in 45 days. "After the first couple of chapters, the characters took over. They knew what they wanted and what they were willing t ... read more
Latest book: Illuminati: The Book of Life

Follow me on Twitter at  @ravenswoodpub Amanda Bigler
Amanda Bigler received her BA in English Literature with a Creative Writing emphasis from the University of Kansas in the United States. In 2010 she was awarded the University of Kansas' Creative Writing award for her short work, "Tightrope." She then completed her MA in Literature with a negotiated pathway from Loughborough University in 2013. Currently, she is a postgraduate research student at Loughborough University. Amanda's research focuses on contemporary literature, humanist American and British literature, and technology's influence on current literature in a post-postmodern era. Amongst her publications are: "Unorganis(z)ed Chaos" (You Is for University), "On the River's Edge" (The StoryGraph), "Patri ... read more
Latest book: The Takers

Follow me on Twitter at  Frankie_Bow Frankie Bow
Like Molly Barda, Frankie Bow teaches at a public university. Unlike her protagonist, she is blessed with delightful students, sane colleagues, and a perfectly nice office chair. She believes if life isn’t fair, at least it can be entertaining.
Latest book: The Case of the Defunct Adjunct

Follow me on Twitter at  carterseagrove Morgan Starr
Morgan Starr is an English author of LGBT fiction, poetry and plays. He is a resident on the South Coast of England, living and working in the town of Brighton, East Sussex. I don't write full-time and I do have a day job, in the field of education, but increasingly, I hope to spend more and more time writing and publishing. I tend to write about personal situations which crash into society's narrow view of a gay man's world. My first published story, Hickory, Dickory, Dock is a married man's coming out story. I got to know The Carter Seagrove Project through the LABELS film project, having approached Alp Mortal to ask him if I could collaborate on the screenplay. Not only did he say Yes! but it led to an inv ... read more
Latest book: Hickory, Dickory, Dock

Follow me on Twitter at  ryan_j_jacobson Ryan Jacobson
What do you get when you combine motivational speakers with children's books? Ryan Jacobson! Ryan would love to be a guest speaker at your next event. His success as a presenter stems from the kids' books he writes. Ryan has been an author for more than 10 years, and he prides himself on telling high-interest stories for each age level - so he can talk "picture books" in kindergarten, "ghost stories" in eighth grade, and other fun stuff in between. For more information, visit
Latest book: The Case of the Florida Freeze (Santa Claus: Super Spy #1)

Follow me on Twitter at  kathyguidry Kathy Stommel
Kathy Stommel is on staff with Feed My Sheep Christian Counseling Services. She is an N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and a Certified Temperament Counselor. Kathy is an Ordained Minister through Hunter Ministries and a Licensed Minister of Pastoral Care through National Conservative Christian Church. She is also a trained Theophostic Minister*. She received her Bachelors in Expressive Therapy from Lesley College in Boston, Massachusetts and her Bachelors in Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She went on to complete her Masters in Christian Ministries at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Professionally she has extensive personal training and knowledge in addict ... read more
Latest book: Willing To Change

Follow me on Twitter at Anca Ioviţă
An early fascination with life extension prompted Anca Ioviţă to study both engineering and medicine. After graduation, she underwent a short research term in a neural prosthetics German lab. There she acknowledged the limits of implanting artificial devices in the human body. She came back to Romania where she is currently doing her medical residency in geriatrics and gerontology. Sign up for updates on her second book regarding a comparative biography of aging from the simplest to the most complex organisms known.
Latest book: The Aging Gap Between Species

Follow me on Twitter at  mrvivekvaidya Vivek Vaidya
Vivek Vaidya is a management consultant by profession, appears on major TV Channels like BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, ET Now, Channel News Asia as Automotive Expert, delivers keynote speeches on diverse topics across the world but is a blogger at heart. He blogs on everyday happenings to bring out hidden perspectives that are invisible in foresight but obvious in hindsight. Buoyed by his response to a blog about inscrutable Indian habits and practices, he decided to write a book about it. The book blends entertaining anecdotal perspectives coupled with insights arising out of being a global Indian. This book has already received excellent response in pre-publishing phase by way of forewords from opinion ma ... read more
Latest book: Why Do Indians...?

Follow me on Twitter at  ayelesummer Ayele Summer
I'm a woman who's rediscovered herself about five times in the last ten years and I'm only 28! Growing up, reading was the only entertainment I was allowed. Little did anyone know how much I enjoyed it! After college, I moved to Florida where I proceeded to send my time exploring parties, relationships, theme parks, and anything exciting I could think to do. Now that I have normalized, I spend most of my free time writing the stories that have developed inside of me from my experiences and imaginations. Happy reading!
Latest book: South Beach Girl (Book One)

Follow me on Twitter at  jocelynndrake Jocelynn Drake
Love comes in many varied forms. There is the love of family, love of country, and love of chocolate. But for Jocelynn Drake, one truly treasured love is the love of a good story. This former Midwestern native now left to sweat in the South Florida sun spends the majority of her time lost in the strong embrace of a good book. When she’s not hammering away at her keyboard, frowning at her monitor, or curled up with a book, she can usually be found cuddling with her cat Demona, walking her dog Max, or flinging curses at the TV while playing a video game. Outside of books, pets, and video games, she is completely enamored of Bruce Wayne, Ezio Auditore, travel, tattoos, explosions, fast cars, and Anthony Bourda ... read more
Latest book: Shiver

Follow me on Twitter at Marta Rivera Morado
Marta is a native of the Rio Grande Valley in far South Texas. A second generation Texan, she grew up in a migrant family traveling across the United States to work in the fields. The eldest of nine children, she graduated from Mercedes High School (home of the Fighting Tigers) in 1976. Once she graduated, she boldly looked for ways to get out of the economically-strained Rio Grande Valley. Finally settling down in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of North Texas in 1984, she found herself at home. Although raising her three daughters by herself was a struggle, her desire to be more than a government statistic is what empowered her to become the courageous woman she is today.
Latest book: Paranormal Eye Witness

Follow me on Twitter at  SMcClainAuthor Scott McClain
Scott McClain lives in the UK market town of Grantham, Lincolnshire with his wife and two children. He works full time for a local company and writes in the evenings (mostly when the children are in bed). He's currently writing the 'Smile' series, with 'Smile' being his debut novel. Future books 'Smiles', 'Smiled' and 'Smiler' are planned to complete the series. Scott has a fascination with people's life stories, having found the highs and lows in his own life to be very closely tied together. He has believed for a long while that life has its own way of bringing people back down to earth when they're at their highest, but also giving them a lift when it's most needed. He wanted to put some of these concepts ... read more
Latest book: Smile

Follow me on Twitter at  AmsterdamPB Manny Steinberg
Manny Steinberg, born in Radom (Poland) on the 25th of May 1925 spent his early years in German Camps, amongst which Auschwitz, Vaihingen Enz, and Dachau. Manny Steinberg decided to write his autobiography "Outcry - Holocaust Memoirs" when the six years of living in camps was over. By writing his story, he fulfilled a promise he made to himself during the first days of freedom. Later on, when living in America, he was having a hard time relaying what he had gone through. The writing process took him ten years, and now that Outcry is being read by so many people across the world, the author feels that he is finally being heard and is very grateful for that. Manny had never wanted to visit Germany again, until ... read more
Latest book: Souvenirs d'un survivant de la Shoah

Follow me on Twitter at  ElizabethCBauer Elizabeth C Bauer
Elizabeth C. Bauer lives in Minnesota with her loving husband, cat, and dog. She found her passion for writing at a young age, beginning with poetry and short stories. She began this series in February of 2014 with the hope of inspiring others to follow their dreams
Latest book: The Gifted

Follow me on Twitter at  pete_walter Pete Walter
Pete Walter is the founder of Deal with the Media - a company that gives advice to small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to get publicity via all media.
Latest book: Getting the Media's Attention: Build a media contacts book to earn you thousands in free advertising, (your free public relations handbook to put you on the path to media success)

Follow me on Twitter at  kochubey_anna Anna Kochubey
Анна Кочубей, 1977. Получила высшее образование по специальностям художника, психолога и экономиста. Знания никогда не пропадут, они нужны до последней буквы, цифры и малейшей детали. Как знахарка из прошлого кидает в котел заветные растения, сыпет известные лишь ей порошки и варит зелье, так и все, что встречается нам на пути служит одной цели – созданию нас как личности. Самый сложный в жизни ... read more
Latest book: Эймарские хроники. Книга первая: «Душа архонта»

Follow me on Twitter at  Prof_Anastasia Antonio Anastasia
Antonio Anastasia é senador por Minas Gerais, tendo sido eleito em 2014 com mais de 5 milhões de votos. Foi governador do Estado no período 2010/2014. Formulador do conhecido Choque de Gestão, é hoje um dos mais reconhecidos gestores públicos do País. Anastasia é um dos principais defensores de um novo Pacto Federativo, que dê mais autonomia e recursos para que Estados e Municípios possam enfrentar seus desafios, com a oferta de serviços públicos de melhor qualidade. Servidor de carreira da Fundação João Pinheiro, é bacharel e mestre em Direito pela Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, instituição da qual também é professor licenciado.
Latest book: Segurança Jurídica e Qualidade das Decisões Públicas

Follow me on Twitter at  Author_EricH Eric Hodgkinson
Eric Hodgkinson was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1970. Soon after high school, he enlisted in the United States Air Force. There he was trained and worked as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist. After his military service, he spent 8 years working as a Correctional Officer in a state prison. He then moved on and began performing environmental cleanups of former military ranges. He leveraged his military experience to remove unexploded ordnance which posed a hazard to the public. An avid reader from an early age, and a huge fan of Science Fiction, he had always dreamed of creating his own adventures. In 2015, thanks to the advent of digital publishing, he made that dream a reality. With the help of his adult ... read more
Latest book: The Many Worlds of Dean: Book 2 - Bex

Follow me on Twitter at  @thewordverve Don Sager

Latest book: Sylar and the Sycamore Leaves

Follow me on Twitter at  authorddmiers D.D. Miers
With her debut novel Dark Summoner, D.D. Miers begins the Relic Keeper Series, a fast-paced romantic saga filled with danger, destiny, and magic, set in her favorite genre, Paranormal and Fantasy Romance. Born with a wildly overactive imagination, she’s told stories of enchanted worlds, treacherous villains, and epic love for as long as she can remember. She keeps a watchful eye for the paranormal hiding around every corner and constantly checks the window or rearview mirror for a vampire or fairy. Although she has a fondness for all things fantasy, she’s an epic romance fan at heart and in everything she asks, “What would Jane Austen do?” The journey to becoming a published author has been a long but ... read more
Latest book: Dark Summoner: Relic Keeper Series Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  WJWalsh3 William Walsh
My mother told me that as a child I spent a lot of time in my room reading and writing. While my siblings would watch sports and play, I would be prefer my own company dabbling in whatever occupied my interest. So after nine years of military service, starting college at 25, and having numerous unforgettable life experiences, becoming a writer was almost inevitable. I enjoy creating characters. I enjoy telling stories. Most of all, I enjoy spreading happiness by doing so, and hope that maybe one day I can inspire a young kid with a heart full of tales to tell to pick up a pen and tell their own story to the world.
Latest book: Earthburner: confessions of a vigilante

Follow me on Twitter at  BoNoirBooks Bo Noir
Bo Noir is an American Author.
Latest book: Night Walking

Follow me on Twitter at  leigh_ann_ander Tamora Rose
Tamora Rose was raised in the chill of Canada's North. She has been fascinated with literature and the human mind since she was a small child. As she grew into adulthood, a fascination with writing her own stories developed. She majored in English with a focus in creative writing when she attended university and is now pursuing her PhD. She also studies anthropology, religions, and politics, all of which contribute to her written work. Today, Tamora Rose resides in central Canada with her two sons. She is a full-time writer with several pseudonyms. She always has several projects in the works including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and running several popular blogs. If you’re interested in discovering more ... read more
Latest book: Child of the Wind

Follow me on Twitter at  shirl_rickman Shirl Rickman
Born and raised in Texas, Shirl Rickman now resides in California with her husband, daughter, and two crazy dogs. She loves spending her free time with her family and friends, reading, and writing. A romantic at heart, Shirl believes in love and happy endings. She also believes if you aren’t laughing then you aren’t living. Loyalty and sarcasm are her strongest qualities.
Latest book: When Destinies Collide

Follow me on Twitter at  @Carlsbooks Carl Douglass
Carl Douglass, Neurosurgeon Turned Author Writes With Gripping Realism, is a prolific author who is having fun with his new and unusual characters. He is a retired neurosurgeon whose career included general surgery during the Viet Nam war, medical school teaching, and a stint as a general internist in a mental hospital. He lives in a tranquil place with his good wife, and is “sucking the marrow out of life,” as Henry David Thoreau would put it.
Latest book: The Vulture and the Phoenix : Neurosurgeon, Garven Wilsonhulme, the final great fight

Follow me on Twitter at Mrabih Rabo
Quotation is the repetition of someone else's statement or thoughts. Quotation marks are punctuation marks used in text to indicate the words of another speaker or writer. Both of these words are sometimes abbreviated as "quote(s)". [ ENGLISH , FRENCH ]
Latest book: Windows 10 errors All in One

Follow me on Twitter at  sssstpd Dr. Sasidhar Siddabattuni

Latest book: Divine Inspirations Volume 4

Follow me on Twitter at Marguerite Labbe
Marguerite was born in New Hampshire, grew up as a military brat, moving from one end of the country to the other before settling down in Southern Maryland. She married her best friend, a young man from Alabama, and they have one son and two cats who rule them all. To her dismay, with all of this southern influence, she has developed a bit of a drawl, but has failed to convince her family to move back north, where being a passionate Red Sox fan is perfectly normal. She runs Apocrypha Comics Studio with her husband and they often trek off to comic book conventions on the weekend where they celebrate all manner of geek culture. In her spare time she loves reading novels of all genres, enjoying a table top role-pl ... read more
Latest book: Deep into Darkness

Follow me on Twitter at  suzieivy Suzie Ivy
Suzie Ivy is a retired police detective and lives high in the Arizona mountains with her husband and two dogs.
Latest book: The Forever Delinquent

Follow me on Twitter at  @Rachel_De_Lune Rachel De Lune
Rachel De Lune writes emotionally driven erotic romance. She began scribbling her stories in the pages of a notebook several years ago. Today, she’s still scribbling stories of dominance and submission and is looking forward to releasing her debut ‘The Evermore series’ to the world. Rachel lives in the South West of England and daydreams about shoes, lingerie and chocolate, in-between being a mum and a wife. She would love to give up her day job to devote more time to her scribbles. For every woman who’s ever desired more.
Latest book: More: The Evermore Series (Book 1)

Follow me on Twitter at  kennrequa Kenn Requa
Kenn Requa is an author in Los Angeles who writes in order to share abstract concepts that he believes are truly beneficial to one's well being and spirit. Having an epiphany amidst a hellish week in a college parking lot, he began to write his first novel (now unpublished) with the intention that 'none would ever feel this way again'. The feeling being an indescribable feeling of incredible loss. He continues to write fictional novels based on conceptual scenarios, always striving to reach out to anonymous readers who might be at a loss for answers. He believes the best form of therapy is complete clarity, something that there seems to be less and less of these days. Though her novels may be abstract, and th ... read more
Latest book: Red Shift Dreamer

Follow me on Twitter at  DeltaMonroe1 Delta Monroe
I am a married mother of two teenage boys / men and two fur-babies who coach me through my lazy days and convince me constantly not to throw the printer. (If you've read anything I've ever commented on, the printer hates me.) I recently left upper management in corporate American to pursue my dream of writing books, something I've wanted to do for years, and to stay home with my boys before they are grown and gone. I am loving what I do for the first time in years, everyday I can't wait to get started, the stories are screaming to get out and desperately want to be heard. I hope people enjoy my stories enough to tell others, that is my most sincerest hope and desire.
Latest book: His Hail Mary

Follow me on Twitter at  GeekNitinPatil Nitin Patil
Nitin Patil is a passionate author of Hindi and Urdu poetry (Ghazals). He considers his compositions as humble contributions to the wonderful world of Ghazals and hopes these help in connecting readers with their lives.
Latest book: Sukhan-e-Dil: Poetry of Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  judykwalker Judy K. Walker
A recovering criminal attorney with a Master's Degree in Tropical Conservation Biology, Judy K. Walker writes from her home in Hawaii, where she is surrounded by husband, dog, cat, and assorted geckos. If she's not tapping away at her computer, she hopes she's in her snorkel fins. Find out more about Judy, and her PI Sydney Brennan, at
Latest book: No Safe Winterport: A Sydney Brennan Novella

Follow me on Twitter at  eugeneonyibo Eugene C. Onyibo
Eugene C. Onyibo is a motivational speaker, trainer, business coach, personal financial management expert, entrepreneur, philosopher and prolific writer. He is the Director of Skyheight Success Consult, the Organisation that provides the platform through which he empowers people for optimum success in life. He has transformed numerous lives with his inspirational teachings in recruitment education, career improvement education, personal financial management, personal development, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. He is a consultant of private and public organisations. He is a wildly traveled, and also a much sought after, speaker at seminars, workshops, conferences, etc of public and private organisations. He ... read more
Latest book: What Employers Want From Job Seekers: How To Get Your Dream Job

Follow me on Twitter at  MishaCristiani Michelle Cristiani
Michelle Cristiani earned her doctorate in anthropology in 2003. She teaches reading and writing at Portland Community College, and co-edits the writing website Michelle lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, three children, and two cats.
Latest book: The Daisy and the Rose

Follow me on Twitter at Bianca Scardoni
BIANCA SCARDONI is a paranormal fiction writer who resides on the East Coast of Canada with her family. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading, watching vampire shows, eating junk food, and staying up too late. For upcoming book releases, bonus material, and additional information on the author, please visit her website:
Latest book: Inception (The Marked Book 1)

Follow me on Twitter at  @hollykerrauthor Holly Kerr
Holly Kerr writes contemporary women's fiction/chick-lit/romance and doesn't particularly enjoy talking about herself in third person. Her books include Coming Home, Unexpecting and Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder. If you require more information about Holly and her books (and she really hope you do because that was her whole reason for setting up this page!) feel free to visit her website or follow her Blog. At times she discusses the craft of writing but usually she muses about her life and what's she reading, writing or watching. Following her blog would be a great way to make Holly happy. Holly hopes you enjoy her books and she welcomes a chance to interact with her fans, but not in any cree ... read more
Latest book: Unexpecting (formerly Baby! Baby? Baby?!)

Follow me on Twitter at  jinheuikim Kim Itae
I have been trading stocks. I got my MA in Japan for foreign studies. I worked in Santiago, Chile for DAEWOO and KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency). I’ve been working as a technical translator in Cambridge, UK. I have published three books: “Battleship Kubrick”, “A Star out of Orbit” & “A Sad Masquerade” Three novellas were published: “A Strange Wave of Life”, “A Hill Where the Fox Lives” & “London Calling”. I come from South Korea. I am not a native English Speaker. I’ve been living in UK for the last 15 years. Currently I am working as a qualified acupuncturist.
Latest book: To John

Follow me on Twitter at  larrygmaguire Larry Maguire
Larry is a Professional Blogger, Podcaster & Content Marketer at He produces weekly content on the blog and podcast specifically designed to assist Solo Entrepreneurs and SMEs grow their online business through Email List Building and Email Marketing. Larry is an ultra-marathon runner and lives in Dublin with his wife Joanne and three children
Latest book: The Awesome Email List Building Course eBook

Follow me on Twitter at Rachel Adams
Currently working as a customer service manager, I am starting to dive into the world of writing and publishing. Having always had wild imagination and a passion for writing, I decided to start writing as a bit of a hobby. I started with the first chapter and as I enjoyed the story that was unfolding I started to realise a book was forming. I am now in the process of writing the second part of the book and hope that my hobby and passion becomes than just an online book. I live in the UK in Cardiff and I am a very hard worker and I dedicate my life to my family in achieving the best I can for them.
Latest book: The Devils Woman

Follow me on Twitter at  EbozonVerlag Jürgen Lang
Der Bankkaufmann und Betriebswirt Jürgen Lang ist seit über 30 Jahren in der Finanzbranche tätig. Es ist seine Berufung. Seine Lieblingsthemen sind Börse und Geldanlage. Ferner interessiert er sich für Analysen, Globalisierung und Management. Bisherige Tätigkeiten waren Geschäftsstellenleiter, Vermögensberater, Wertpapierberater, Kundenberater und Betriebsreserve. Er lebt und arbeitet als freier Analyst, Buchautor und Coach in Freiburg. Seine Bücher sind im Buchhandel, Internet oder beim Verlag erhältlich. 2014 hat er Hörbücher über die BRICS-Länder Brasilien, Russland, Indien, China sowie Südafrika veröffentlicht. 2015 folgte seine erste Erzählung und Biografie. »Briefe eines Briganten« ist ... read more
Latest book: Briefe eines Briganten

Follow me on Twitter at  ibadventure Badventure Jo, MyeongHwa
● 삐급여행(조명화) ● Badventure(Jo, MyeongHwa) ● B級旅行(趙明和, チョ・ミョンファ) ○ 테마여행신문 TTN 편집장 ○ 트래블뉴스와이어 TNW 편집장 ○ 관광통역안내사(한국관광공사, 영어) ○ 방송 : KBS2 세상은 넓다/행복한 교실, skyTravel 여행의 기술, tvN 쿨까당, YTN 브레인파워를 키워라 외 ○ 강연 : 청운대 스마트관광기획가, KBS방송아카데미/연세대 미래교육원/한겨례 문화센터 여행작가 양성과정 외 ○ 사진전 : 《대학교는 드라마다》(Seoul), 《Korea Fantasy》(Texas, USA) ○ Chief Editor of Theme Travel News TTN Korea ○ Chief Editor of Travel NewsWire TNW Korea ○ Offic ... read more
Latest book: Onederful Ji Bark Life Size Figure Collection : Kidult 101 Series 06

Follow me on Twitter at  rayremalig Ray Remalig
I believe that he is growing into a fine poet of my beloved old English tongue. A good poet with great potential. ~Steven Curtis Lance, US Poet Ray is like the echo of verses that vibrate through the consonance and symmetry of life. His work is more than a metaphor of thoughts that respond to the reflections of man's inner journey. ~Arnold de Villa, PH Ghost Writer My eyes were opened once again to the beauty of a Shakespearian sonnet. The style exquisite and memorable to my youth. I love the air that surrounds [his] words. ~Badger, UK Poet
Latest book: In Other Words

Follow me on Twitter at  @SyndyLight Syndy Light
Syndy Light was a party organizer for several inner-city dance clubs just out of college. She now lives a quieter life as an author and publisher.
Latest book: White Girlfriend Blacked by a Rapper (Interracial, Cheating, Anonymous)

Follow me on Twitter at  @3000AmandaMann Amanda Mann
Amanda Mann is originally from Texas. She loves cowboys, horses, Whataburger, and writing. She has been a big supporter in equal rights for everyone, regardless of race, creed, or sexual orientation. She also has a dirty mind.
Latest book: Cowboy & Ballers 2: The Game is 7 on 1 (Gay Interracial Gangbang Domination)

Follow me on Twitter at  GlassFiction Eileen Glass
Eileen Glass lives amongst the sounds of sirens, car stereos, and the yowling of stray cats. She commands two minions of destruction, slobbery beasts that eat power cords and wall plaster. While she enjoys cafes and urban life, she's known to be a bit of a hermit, having yet to get a facebook account and being bad at noticing her phone. She writes m/m gay romance with paranormal creatures and dark fairy tale themes.
Latest book: Arrie and the Wolf: Part 5