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Follow me on Twitter at  midlifemouse Wayne Franklin
Wayne Franklin grew up in the suburbs of Mobile, Alabama, the son of a mechanic from rural Escambia County and an office manager from Fairhope - the inspiration for Decent Chance. Despite this very Southern background, and the fact that he is the creator of the blog, Wayne still has no discernible accent. A career commercial director and editor, Wayne co-founded the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham and is the co-producer/director of the award-winning documentary Duke & The King. Midlife Mouse is his debut novel.
Latest book: Midlife Mouse

Follow me on Twitter at  ValeBarbi89 Valentina Barbieri
I Guardiani dei Portali è una trilogia urban fantasy/paranormal romance. Da secoli i Guardiani proteggono il mondo dei vivi e custodiscono quello dei morti. Ma dopo le Guerre Mondiali, l’Ordine si è sciolto lasciando le nuove Generazioni senza un guida, inconsapevoli dei loro poteri. Il dono dei Guardiani è quello di poter passare oltre le porte del mondo dei morti e il loro compito è quello di indagare sui fenomeni paranormali, eliminando gli spiriti irrequieti che mettono a rischio la nostra dimensione. Il primo libro La Maledizione di Ondine è disponibile su tutti gli store online, ebook e cartaceo. Il piccolo compendio Fantasmi e Fenomeni Paranormali è un ebook gratuito in cui sono raccolte le s ... read more
Latest book: Ondine's Curse

Follow me on Twitter at  SideysApps Jason Sidebottom
Hi my name is Jason Sidebottom (Founder of and I host a website aimed at teaching App Development for Beginners. I began developing mobile applications in 2012 after having always dreamed of achieving financial freedom and I invested a great deal of time / money into trading on the share-market, buying real estate investments, get rich quick schemes and the list goes on. Those initiatives have provided limited results however developing iPhone Apps was something I hadn’t ever dreamt of doing! After learning the App Development basics, I created the App Development for Beginners EBook! An EBook written for Beginners by a Beginner!
Latest book: App Development For Beginners - Secrets to Success Selling Apps on the Google Play Store

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I’m a dreamer who found an old pen.
Latest book: Tales by Erin

Follow me on Twitter at  jean_gilbert Jean Gilbert
Speculative writer Jean Gilbert moved from Virginia, U.S. to New Zealand in 2005, and has since called the Waikato Valley (the Shire) her home. Jean holds the office of Secretary for SpecFicNZ and is also the coordinator for SpecFicNZ Central. Jean’s latest science fiction novels are titled Shifters and Ardus from the Vault Agency Series published by Rogue House Publishing. You can find one of her short stories in Baby Teeth: Bite Size Tales of Terror published by Paper Road Press. Read more about Jean at, or visit her on Twitter and Facebook.
Latest book: Ardus

Follow me on Twitter at  vampauthormaya Maya DeLeina
Maya DeLeina is a multi-published Erotic Vampire Romance Author with Siren, Evernight, Mystic Lotus and Ellora's Cave Publishing. Born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Maya could be seen at her favorite beach, Lanikai, performing with an all-girl band where she played keyboards, guitar and provided vocals, working as editor in her high school's yearbook and volunteering her time at a humane society through UH of Manoa civic groups. In 2006, Maya relocated to Colorado. Her crystal blue oceans, waterfalls and eighty degree year-round weather were traded for four season weather, enchanting forests and majestic mountains which led to her rekindled love for vampires. Not only does Maya have theatrical ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  schmollpaul Nancy Paul
Nancy Paul grew up in the northwoods of Minnesota, reading and writing constantly (when she wasn’t fishing, hunting or trapping). After college she became Mom to six, reading and writing constantly (recipes and grocery lists). Then she began to collaborate with God in impossible things; running marathons, performing stand-up comedy, riding motorcycle, writing a novel (when she's not fishing things out of the toilet, hunting for the other shoe or trapping herself in the bathroom for a few moments of sanity). Some things never change.
Latest book: Nubby: An Unthinkable Crime, An Unlikely Redemption.

Follow me on Twitter at  natehalejeffers Nathan Jefferson
Nathan Hale Jefferson, an author who wants to remain anonymous, chose this pen name as a tribute to some of his favorite figures in the US’s history. Nathan Hale who is famous for the quote “I regret that I have but one life to give to the cause” before being executed. (The author hopes to never be executed for anything but using a pen name to keep anonymous might help a little…) And for Thomas Jefferson , principal author of the declaration of independence, 3rd president of the united states and one of the greatest proponents of liberty in his time. The author wishes to help spread the ideas of liberty and freedom through his writing by giving examples of what could happen in different situations t ... read more
Latest book: The Wayward Journey

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Space Pirate Ninja from 4096AD
Latest book: A Collection of Complexity Thesis on Computer Science

Follow me on Twitter at  QponQween Vonda "Qpon Qween" Gainer
Vonda is a native of Salisbury, MD and currently resides, in Panama City, FL. She is a United States Air Force Veteran, wife to a Retired disabled United States Air Force Veteran, mom of three wonderful college students and owner of 2 big lively dogs Onyx and Patches. She has 19 years of couponing experience and is a former contributing writer for Street Talk America, Bay County and currently writes a monthly coupon column for the Heavenly Homies Newspaper in Orlando, FL. Articles about Vonda and her work have been published in various newspapers and magazines. The Qpon Qween can be seen every month on WMBB News Channel 13's Morning Show connecting the Panama City, FL community with coupons. She is the foun ... read more
Latest book: The Truth Behind Coupon Classes

Follow me on Twitter at  dailylimerickne John Sloop Biederman
John “Sloop” Biederman John “Sloop” Biederman's fate as a writer was sealed in grade school, thanks to encouragement from teachers and his parents. He even won a school-wide, Earth Day poetry contest in the late ’70s. (The award, a blue spruce sapling, towers today by his parents’ home in Northern Illinois’ Ringwood.) Moved by Poe and Tolkien, in junior high he crafted adventures for Dungeons & Dragons and figured he’d eventually become a sci-fi/fantasy novelist. In high school, Sloop was an award-winning humor columnist/editor and picked journalism as (ahem) a practical career. Sloop chased rock star dreams from his teens through three semesters at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign ... read more
Latest book: 'Hab: The Other Side of Rehab

Follow me on Twitter at  bdanstarr Brian D Starr
Engineer in Controls Engineering using my problem solving abilities coupled with my mensa abilities to solve the problems associated with Genealogy related to the major religions. Special thanks to the advent of the internet to allow the material to be readily available to the computer programs used to read and anaylize the data. Wife of 22.3 years and a single daughter of 21 years attending college. See Url:
Latest book: Basics of Industrial Automation

Follow me on Twitter at  tappingintoprayer Todd Farnsworth
Rev. Todd Farnsworth has been a minister in the United Church of Christ since 1987. He has served The Second Congregational Church in Londonderry, VT and The Belchertown United Church of Christ in MA. He is married and has two children. Todd is active in creatively ministering to people who have often been left out of the life of the church. He has produced a television 24 part series (BUCC’S PLACE) for children on local cable television and on the internet. You can find some episodes at Todd is grateful to his family and friends who encourage him to live “out of the box”. You may contact Todd with your thoughts or questions at: TMCS2497@GMAIL.C ... read more
Latest book: Characters Welcome: Old Testament Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  mrossleighliter M Ross Leighliter
Ross Leighliter was born in 1971 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, back in the days when steel still rolled out of the mills. He didn't stay there very long however, and after moving many, many times, ended up at a college town southeast of Cleveland, Ohio, where he started writing novels. Since that time he's lived on the east, west and gulf coasts, and spent time in many places in between. He's the author of the novel Regret.
Latest book: Regret

Follow me on Twitter at  ana_blaze Ana Blaze
Ana lives just outside Washington DC with her very supportive husband and three rather demanding cats. She loves the ocean, Indian food, Ikea, and cooking. Ana admits to watching too much television and she swears that someday she’s going to learn how to play the guitar resting on the bookshelf in her office. Ana is a member of Romance Writers of America.

Follow me on Twitter at  kenfetterman Kenneth Fetterman
Temple Univ. (Philadelphia, PA) Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction Bowling Green State Univ. (Bowling Green, OH) M.Ed. in Career & Technology Education Millersville Univ. (Millersville, PA) B.S. in Industrial Arts Education K-12 Visionary educator & consultant with "practical" experience that includes: * Service as a "field-based" teacher educator and faculty consultant at the university level; * Instructor of career and technical education at several community colleges; and * Teacher of students in (urban) public schools and a juvenile justice setting.
Latest book: The Dichotomy of Instructional Design

Follow me on Twitter at  smethurstw William Smethurst
Since starting his career as a BBC journalist William has been an award-winning writer of plays for radio, television, the cinema, and the theatre. In his thirties he was a highly successful editor of the BBC's “The Archers”, and executive producer of serial drama for Central Television. Running his own production company he devised and produced the sci-fi serial drama “Jupiter Moon” which sold to over 20 countries round the world. He wrote the non-fiction Sunday Times best seller “The Archers - the true story”. His novels include the award-winning satire “Jennifer's Friends”, and the highly-acclaimed sci-fi time shift trilogy of “Sinai”, “Pasiphae”, and “Woken's Eye”. He and his w ... read more
Latest book: Sinai

Follow me on Twitter at  mrdefoster DeQuan Foster
Born of the 16th day of the 8th month on the 1994th De’Quan Foster began writing Danger Kids when he was 11 on May 19th 2006. As a child foster was bullied and made fun of for his appearance and some of the interests he had. Some of those interests included the Star Wars Films, Various Marvel Comics and DC Comics as well as movies based on them, as well as the Harry Potter book series. He drew inspiration from these interests and soon began developing the Danger Kids. The idea of having kids with superpowers intrigued him. As time progressed he developed an entire universe with many characters, places and events far beyond what he ever imagined. His Mentor and Later Co Author A.S.Washington took interest in ... read more
Latest book: The Twelve

Follow me on Twitter at  ericajmonroe Erica Monroe
Erica Monroe is a USA Today Bestselling Author of emotional, suspenseful romance. Her debut novel, A Dangerous Invitation, has been nominated in the published historical category for the prestigious 2014 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Romantic Suspense. Though she has a Bachelor’s degree in writing, she’s been a secretary, a barista, and a retail assistant. Now Erica spends her days crafting lovable rogues and feisty heroines for her historical romances. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Heart of Carolina, Kiss of Death Romantic Suspense chapter, and the Beau Monde Regency Romance chapter. When not writing, she is a chronic TV watcher, sci-fi junkie, lover of pi ... read more
Latest book: Beauty and the Rake

Follow me on Twitter at  YogurtDoctor James Guetzkow
Dr. James Guetzkow, M.D., has served as an on-air, medical commentator for NBC nationally. In addition, Dr. Guetzkow currently works as a hospitalist. He graduated from the University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago, and then received his residency training in Family Medicine at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He has been a board-certified member of the American Board of Family Medicine since 1978. Dr. Guetzkow currently serves as the medical director of hospitalists at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, and he previously served as director of the Internal Medicine Hospitalist Service at Regional Hospital of San Jose. Dr. Guetzkow has acted as a licensed physician investigator, and has served as the pr ... read more
Latest book: The Greek Yogurt Diet: Lose Belly Fat and Get Slim Now

Follow me on Twitter at  Shepherd_Susie Susie Shepherd
Susie Shepherd loves to write. She writes to bring hope and peace into the lives of many. She hopes to fill the void in people's lives by bringing them the word of God. This is her aim. This makes her very happy. This is the way she serves her Lord, by bringing you the good news about what He is teaching her through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. She has spent many years in training and is now ready to release to you the facts about how you can make your life work and bring about the best possible outcomes in all your situations. God bless you as you read her words and may the Holy Spirit teach you what you need to know, in Jesus' name. Amen.
Latest book: True Confessions

Follow me on Twitter at  hondagirljen Jennifer Osborn

Latest book: The Veiled - The Expanded Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  wallo267 Wallo

Follow me on Twitter at  jdtress Jennifer Tress
Jennifer is a writer and storyteller based in Washington, DC., where she lives with her husband.

Follow me on Twitter at  callumeclegg Callum Espley Clegg
I am a 14yr old author from Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I enjoy reading and writing anything to do with fantasy, in particular, Greek mythology and magic. I have just recently published my first book in a series I plan to write called Athena's descendants. Currently on the second book in the series, which should be published by late this year. You can find all my books on Amazon and Waterstones online, and some on Wattpad.
Latest book: Athena's descendants and the Jewel of Barthimia

Follow me on Twitter at  coloursofunison M J Porter
COMING SOON Wulfstan: An Anglo-Saxon Thegn RECENTLY RELEASED Of Kings and Half Kings (Chronicles of the English Book 2) Silver (Dragon of Unison Book 6) Northman Part 2 (Earls of Mercia Book 4) An author of fantasy (The Dragon of Unison Series) and historical fiction (The Earls of Mercia Series and Chronicles of the English) now available as ebooks and in print via and all good print book sellers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones (in the UK))
Latest book: Silver (The Dragon of Unison Book 6)

Follow me on Twitter at  HypotheticPress Hypothetical Press
Hypothetical Press is the publishing arm of the South Jersey Writers' Group.
Latest book: Reading Glasses: Stories Through an Unpredictable Lens

Follow me on Twitter at  BettyJayBooks Betty Jay
In my heart I always cherish the spirit of the old European continent, which is where I was born and raised. I like to unlock every now and again the golden coffer of memories, letting out the cheerful notes of my old guitar. It fills the air with music just as it used to in the past among our group of university friends. I can see our home with its spacious garden all bathed in sunlight, where I used to daydream in wistful solitude for hours, conjuring up image after image, and jotting down rhyme after rhyme… I tenderly recall the prizes I have won throughout my sports career, as well as my mates from those times. Later on, my work at the scientific library and the Institute of Science allowed me to meet yet ... read more
Latest book: The Return of the Boomerang

Follow me on Twitter at  bfgoodrichbooks B. F. Goodrich
B. F. Goodrich draws from knowing a little bit about everything, and a little bit more about the relationships between men and women and real estate. “I love the dynamics––the magic––it's natural to write about what you know and love. ” eBooks by B. F. Goodrich are available through Apple Books, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel, and major online retailers, as well local "Brick & Mortar" Bookstores.
Latest book: Lady Luck 2: Love Apples and Old Money

Follow me on Twitter at  reboundoc D. Marcus Webb
D. Marcus Webb, Sr lives in Colorado Springs with his trusty yellow lab, Cleo. A Colorado resident for over 25 years, he enjoys all his state has to offer. Mountain and road biking, hiking, backpacking and hanging out with his village are a few of his pleasures. This is his first foray into erotica and hopes to be received well. He aspires to write much more divorce romance rebound erotica to an audience that will appreciate it. Married or divorced, everyone has the potential to appreciate and digest the struggles and triumphs of Aaron Simpson. Stay tuned. There is life after judicial relationship death.

Follow me on Twitter at  HanliTerblanche Hanli Terblanche
Hanli Terblanche has a B-degree in Communication (Journalism, Public Relations) from the University of Johannesburg. She lives in the Kroonstad area in South Africa where she spend her days in front of the laptop, as well as doing different types of art forms and cares for a few pets - and humans. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder five years ago, she has a passion to educate and enlighten people about this condition. Awful to Awesome is her first book.

Follow me on Twitter at  renaekelleigh Renae Kelleigh
Renae Kelleigh is originally from the Midwest but now lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband and pet rabbit. Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys hiking and photography.

Follow me on Twitter at  cerullean Paul Western-Pittard
Writer and screenwriter. The first thing that I was ever proud of was writing a story. Then I went to school and after that got a real job. I’ve worked in and around film and television since 1995. I started in technical support for Silicon Graphics based special effects tools and very quickly thought that it’d be much more fun on the other side of things. Moving over to production, I worked with a number of animation companies, ending up in all sorts of director, script editor and writer roles for web and television. Which was like that very first thing I did, but with bigger budgets. And then somewhere in the middle of that I wrote the first part of a strange scifi comedy series, ‘Jan and The Spooky ... read more
Latest book: Unbeliever

Follow me on Twitter at  tempo321 Tempe O'Kun

Latest book: Sixes Wild: The Bluff

Follow me on Twitter at  alaadeenswife Victoria Alaadeen
The year was 1987. Kansas City, Missouri. I was turning 40 and wanted to start something new in life, so I went to hear a great jazz band, the City Light Orchestra. During break, I asked the saxophonist – Ahmad Alaadeen –– if he could recommend a saxophone teacher for me. He said he was teaching at the Charlie Parker Foundation for the Performing Arts and, to my surprise, he said he would teach me. Alaadeen wanted me to play flute, but instead I started on alto sax. He went to a pawnshop to help me get my first sax. I knew nothing about music. My background was ballet. I had established a new ballet school designed to meet the unique needs of home-schooled students. Since I had never taken a music lesson ... read more
Latest book: The Heartbeat Next To My Heartbeat

Follow me on Twitter at  howardxbloom Howard Bloom
"I know a lot of people. A lot. And I ask a lot of prying questions. But I've never run into a more intriguing biography than Howard Bloom's in all my born days. " Paul Solman, Business and Economics Correspondent, PBS NewsHour Howard Bloom has been called "next in a lineage of seminal thinkers that includes Newton, Darwin, Einstein,[and] Freud," by Britain's Channel4 TV, "the next Stephen Hawking" by Gear Magazine, and "The Buckminster Fuller and Arthur C. Clarke of the new millennium" by Buckminster Fuller's archivist. Bloom is the author of The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History ("mesmerizing"-The Washington Post), Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Ba ... read more
Latest book: How I Accidentally Started the Sixties

Follow me on Twitter at  mkronline Michael Robinson
I write when I burn out on music, and I make music when I burn out on writing.
Latest book: Awakening

Follow me on Twitter at  charringcan Carolyn Denton
After studying at the university of Edinburgh, I immigrated from Scotland to Canada, where I have worked as a teacher, lab. technician and translator. I am married with 2 grown sons. I have always been interested in science, which is reflected in my book "The Chinese Invasion".
Latest book: The Chinese Invasion.

Follow me on Twitter at  DrRezaAssadi Reza Assadi
Dr Reza Assadi has studied medicine, health and social care research and public health. He is author, editorial and reviewer of several scientific journals. He is an Epidemiologist and sociologist. He has collaborations with ITU, WHO And some other international organizations. He is multidisciplinary and he study on research methodology and medical epidemiology. He also has additional interest of study on cosmos philosophy.
Latest book: Circles of Reasoning

Follow me on Twitter at  DrewXland30 Andrew Crossland
I am a primary school teacher based in the North of England. I have spent over ten years developing my career as an outstanding teacher.
Latest book: Grammar and Punctuation

Follow me on Twitter at  cdmyers Chuck Myers
After being a pastor/missionary for more than seventeen years, Chuck left full-time ministry to begin a ministry of writing, speaking, and teaching on discipleship in the small group and rural congregation.
Latest book: The Hollow Tree Mystery

Follow me on Twitter at  mscharmgall Charmaine Galloway
Charmaine was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. Writing has been her passion and a positive emotional outlet since middle school. As a teen, writing in her journal allowed her to escape the negativity of her world. Around that time she also began writing her first fiction novel. She finds joy in creating unique and awe inspiring story-lines for the characters in her stories. Ingenuity and imagination is a mainstay and compass in her work. Charmaine has a Bachelor of Arts in Family Life Education and an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Becoming a fierce advocate and supporter of troubled young women has been a goal of hers since overcoming struggles of her own as a young woman. “I believe turnin ... read more
Latest book: My World, Through My Eyes

Follow me on Twitter at  T_L_Messruther Terri Messruther
T.L. Messruther was born in 1991 in Hull, United Kingdom. She moved to Scarborough, United Kingdom at just weeks old where she was raised. She attended school until 2005, when at just age 15 she fell pregnant with her son, who was born in 2006. Once pregnant, she chose to move back to her birth place to raise her son. In 2009, she gave birth to her daughter. While raising her children, reading became one of her passions. ​ In 2012, she met a lady who was just on her journey of becoming a self published author. She gave her the courage to pursue her own dream to write her own book, thus relighting her passion for writing. T.L. is currently in the process of writing her debut novel in the trilogy, which will ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Zack_Metcalfe Zack Metcalfe
Zack Metcalfe is a 22 year old author and journalist currently working as a reporter on Prince Edward Island, Canada. As an Ontario born, he grew up in the rural agricultural communities of Huron County, where he began his writing career. He's been putting pen to paper for nearly a decade, with six completed novels to his name, countless articles and many opinion pieces. He entered the world of journalism officially in 2010 and has since become a freelance environmental columnist. He's a dedicated reader, writer, runner, environmentalist, and dabbles in both film and photography.
Latest book: Abel

Follow me on Twitter at  clblantonprojct C.L. Blanton
Born and raised in southern Georgia, C.L. Blanton ignored the urge to write for over two decades until one daydream ignited an nonextinguishable fire. That idea, starting as a weekend short story project, soon blossomed into a renewed love for writing. You are invited to join his journey. C.L. Blanton currently resides in North Carolina with his wife, two children, and way to many cats to count. Seriously, they outnumber the humans in his house.
Latest book: Absolution's Curse

Follow me on Twitter at  annabrentwood Anna Brentwood
Anna (which is her real first name) was a bookworm almost since birth and was recognized as a writing PRO by Romance Writers of America in 2002. An active professional member of Willamette Writers, RWA, the Rose City Romance Writers and NIWA, Anna grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Philadelphia’s, University of the Arts where she majored in Illustration. She pursued a successful and versatile career in children’s book illustration, graphic arts, publications and public relations in Southern California before being lured to the Oregon wilderness by her desire to write professionally and raise her family in healthy surroundings. Anna's debut novel, ‘The Songbird with the Sapphire Eyes’ first beg ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  onewomansquest Catherine L Vickers
Catherine lives on the borderline of North & West Yorkshire, the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales in England. She is a mother of 4 children and a grandmother of 2 grandchildren. She lives with a 3 legged dog, another daft dog and a crazy cat. Her wonderful husband assists her with the complicated world of computers that enable her to publish her works for the world to view. Her reading is dedicated to the worlds within Fantasy Adventure, Urban Fantasy and Historical English Crime. Occasionally she turns to English Classics with Charles Dickens and the Bronte sisters being favourites. By day she writes as a Freelance Ghostwriter, By night she is busy creating and writing towards her new Fantasy series, Aarabass ... read more
Latest book: Flight of a Changeling

Follow me on Twitter at  msyjennie Jennie Yoon Buchanan M.D.
Dr. Jennie Yoon Buchanan is the medical director of women’s imaging services at Florida Hospitals in the Orlando area and in Palm Coast, Florida. She is also a clinical assistant professor of radiology at Florida State University College of Medicine. Dr. Buchanan completed her medical school, radiology residency and fellowship training in breast imaging at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. She has been in practice, specializing in women’s imaging since 1999 and is an author and the publisher of her newest blog: Dr. Buchanan is also the founder of Jennie Yoon Buchanan M.D. Breast Cancer Fund Inc. This fund provides free mammograms and breast imaging service ... read more
Latest book: Harnessing The Power Of Protein