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Follow me on Twitter at  roadcrewbooks Mark Workman
"A witty and inspiring power punch." Chuck Billy, Testament Mark Workman has been a successful lighting designer and tour manager in the music business since 1983. His list of past and present clients includes Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Testament, Machine Head, Devildriver, Mudvayne, Dio, Queens of the Stone Age, Soulfly, Sepultura, Keel, Steeler and many others. As a lighting designer, Mark Workman has designed high-impact lighting performances for many music tours, including the infamous Clash of the Titans (Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Alice In Chains, & Suicidal Tendencies) in 1990/1991 and American Carnage 2010 (Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax & Testament), as well as for many music videos and live DV ... read more
Latest book: One for the Road: How to Be a Music Tour Manager

Follow me on Twitter at  CPhillips Constance Phillips
Constance Phillips lives in Ohio with her husband, a ready-to-leave-the-nest child (One baby bird has already fled) and four canine kids. Her perfect fantasy vacation would involve hunting Dracula across Europe with her daughter, who also digs that kind of stuff. When she's not writing about fairies, shifters, vamps, and guardian angels, she's working side-by-side with her husband in their hardwood flooring business. Constance blogs regularly at You can also follow her on Twitter or friend her on Facebook.
Latest book: Council Courtship

Follow me on Twitter at  judybart Judy Bartkowiak
Author, NLP Trainer, mum to four children, Montessori teacher and Children's Market Researcher, I have spent my life with children and teenagers. My books include non-fiction NLP and Self-help, Market Research and Brand Licensing as well as children's books under the name JudyBee. As well as writing about NLP for families I also treat children and teenagers with behaviour, anger or confidence issues.
Latest book: Confidence for Kids

Follow me on Twitter at  @ICU5537 Loribel Maldonado
Loribel Maldonado was born in Rio Piedras Puerto Rico in 1979. She is the youngest of five girls that were raised by a single mother. During the mid-80’s Loribel’s family migrated from Puerto Rico to the United States in search of a new life. Years later, because of financial hardships, Loribel is sent to move into Spanish Harlem with her grandmother. Her grandmother was extremely strict and an avid Pentecostal. Made to study the bible day in and day out Loribel has always been intrigued with the story of creation. As a child, she was very inquisitive and more often than not, her imagination ran wild during Sunday school lessons. As an adult, Loribel studied Accounting at Monroe College in the Bronx, New Y ... read more
Latest book: The Three

Follow me on Twitter at  garya1an Gary Hidalgo
Gary Hidalgo is a Digital Content Producer/Publisher and 15-year Online Marketing Professional who had the good fortune to get his start in the Internet industry right out of college at early Internet Service Provider, EarthLink Network, as a Website Editor, a job that included updating the What's Hot page with interesting content daily for mostly - back then - newbie Internet users. Since then, online content has played a crucial role in Gary's career as a freelance writer and currently, an author. He is grateful to have been involved in many other pioneering roles that followed, including as one of the first Online Marketing Managers in the baby late '90s E-commerce market for DVD EXPRESS, creating and writi ... read more
Latest book: The Diamond Shopping Book

Follow me on Twitter at  KGLevineBooks Katherine Gordy Levine
If the title of professional parent were ever permitted, it would be due to the author, Katherine Gordy Levine. Mother, grandmother and foster parent to almost 400 troubled teens, she is also an accredited therapist, a Professor of Social Work at Columbia University, Director of mental health crisis programs for children, 30+ years of social work experience and 20+ years working as a professional speaker on parenting and emotional fitness topics.
Latest book: Emotional Fitness Training® Exercises

Follow me on Twitter at  Andre K. Baby André K. Baby
André K. Baby is a Montreal-born lawyer and author. As a former Crown prosecutor and international business lawyer, he’s mined the wealth of his varied and rich legal experience to forge the intrigues and characters of his thrillers, including “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie” and the soon to be released “The Jewish Pope.” He is currently writing “Hijacked”, a thriller set on a cruise ship. He and his wife live in Quebec.

Follow me on Twitter at  cynthiasilver1 cynthia sharp
Cynthia Silver writes paranormal fantasy and erotica. She lives in a small town in Florida with her family. Visit her facebook at

Follow me on Twitter at  SLEdelen Scott L. Edelen
Scott L. Edelen is a Detective for the State of California. He has previously served as the Press Secretary/Deputy Insurance Commissioner for California Insurance Commissioner/Honorable Judge Harry W. Low and as a gubernatorial appointee in the Governor Schwarzenegger administration. He lives in Folsom, CA with his wife and their two wonderful children.
Latest book: Winner! Winner!

Follow me on Twitter at  firewriter Robert Haig
R J Haig retired from the Detroit Fire Department in 1992. He had 30 years of distinguished service as a Firefighter. He was educated at Henry Ford Community College and Wayne State University. He has degrees in management and fire science. He was active with the Detroit Fie Fighters Association, Local 344 and worked as the 7th Battalion Director, Editor of the Firefighters Magazine, Vice President and President of that union. He was honored as Firefighter of the Year in the 7th Battalion and has survived many harrowing fires including the 1967 civil disturbance and numerous Devil’s Night fires. Bob retired as the Captain of Ladder 13. It has been the purpose of his life to promote the Fire Service. More info ... read more
Latest book: Fire Horses

Follow me on Twitter at  AlyGrady Aly Grady
Aly Grady is New England born but for the past ten years has enjoyed living and raising her children in the Indianapolis area. She has firsthand knowledge of the racing industry because she is a racing widow. Aly enjoys trying to keep up with her children’s busy lives, reading books by her favorite authors, watching Indycar racing and traveling. “If you can read all those romance books you should be able to write one.” Aly took that challenge by her husband and ran with it to create The Racer’s Widow.
Latest book: Taking a Chance / A Racer’s Widow Story

Follow me on Twitter at  ritamichaels Rita Michaels
Rita Michaels is a writer whose curiosity about anomalies, and her love for reading and writing contributes to her interest in writing stories which involves reality.She lives with her husband and two lovely angels in Canada.
Latest book: Falling Apart

Follow me on Twitter at  aria_kane Aria Kane
Aria Kane is a recovering mechanical engineer and romance writer. She lives in sunny Florida with her fifty pound mutt who thinks he’s a Chihuahua. Find out more at or follow her on twitter @aria_kane.
Latest book: Once Upon a Darkness

Follow me on Twitter at  ShellaGardezi Shella Gardezi
Shella Gardezi has been working in the field of journalism for eight years. She’s had the opportunity to work with every kind of journalist from the seasoned veteran to the newcomer. During that time, she’s developed useful strategies for battling every challenge and mining opportunities to tell great stories. She’s excited to be able to share her tips with interested writers from around the world.
Latest book: How to Become a Journalist Without a Degree

Follow me on Twitter at  Vicki Harr Victoria Harr
Victoria (Vicki) Harr is a wife, mother, grandmother and public speaker who has taught the Bible for over 35 years. She is also the author of three books: Spiritual Gifts, A Grandmother’s Legacy to Her Grandchildren, A Grandmother’s Life, as Told to Her Grandchild and Single Mom??? What Now???. She served on staff for five years with Shiloh Youth Revival Centers, Inc., and also served a year with each of the following ministries: Franky Schaeffer V (“Whatever Happened to the Human Race?”), World Wide Pictures (“Joni”), and the Salvation Army. Since 1991, she has been a member of New Hope Church in San Diego, California, creating and teaching her own curriculum to various adult classes, with a p ... read more
Latest book: Single Mom??? What Now???

Follow me on Twitter at  GoldRetriever99 Christopher J

Latest book: The Perfect Game

Follow me on Twitter at Eve Merrier
Eve is a writer and editor with a passion for literature and women's history. She very much hopes you enjoy her book!
Latest book: The Brilliant Women Collection

Follow me on Twitter at  @franellena Fran Lewis
I am an educator, book reviewer, online interviewer, author, and radio show talk host on Blog Talk Radio. I interview adult authors and children's authors. Growing up in the Bronx was great for my family and me. My sister and I had different interests, different friends but one thing stands out, and we lived in neighborhood with people from many different ethnic backgrounds. When we were growing, everyone seemed to get along and no one really cared whether you were African American, white or any other race or nationality. My parents owned a dry cleaners in the Bronx and so did all of my uncles and grandfather. I loved working in my father's store and going to my grandfather's on 180th street and Mohegan Avenue ... read more
Latest book: Bertha and Tille: Sisters Forever

Follow me on Twitter at Osman Gulum
My Name is Osman Gulum. I am Business Man In the UK. My main Interests are what's going on in the Business World. I like reading because it gives me extra knowledge and the discovery of new things, which in turn helps me develop my business skills. I like to share what I learn with other individuals which also gives me a boost because our God says we need to share our knowledge to help each other. I have recently published a book, 'Climbing Mountains', on my exploits in business. It is now available to buy on Kindle via Watch my appearance on BBC 2's Dragons Den serie ... read more
Latest book: Climbing Mountains - How I succeeded in business and how you can too!

Follow me on Twitter at  walkersarac Sara Walker
When not working at a library, Sara Walker writes fantasy and soft science fiction. She has studied under published authors Kelley Armstrong and Eve Silver, and editor Brian Henry. Her articles and fiction can be found online and in print. Visit Sara's website to read her short fiction for free.
Latest book: The Thatcher Files: Spiders In The Park

Follow me on Twitter at  tybrowndogtrainer Ty Brown
Ty Brown is an internationally recognized expert in dog training. His videos and books have been used and proven by thousands of dog owners around the world. His award winning dog training company, CommuniCanine, is located in Salt Lake City.
Latest book: Ty Brown's Perfect Dog Behavior Secrets- How To Train Your Dog Like A Pro In 8 Minutes A Day

Follow me on Twitter at  dfarchives Defence Forces Ireland
This is an official source of ebooks from the Military Archives of the Irish Defence Forces. The mission of the Military Archives, Ireland is to acquire, preserve and make available to the public the documentary heritage of the Irish Defence Forces and the Department of Defence. Military Archives is the place of deposit for the archives of the Defence Forces, the Department of Defence and the Army Pensions Board, under the terms of the National Archives Act, 1986. Archives are records with a special significance, records that are deemed to have an enduring value, for a variety of reasons. The term record includes paper documents such as ‘one off’ files, letters and memoranda, as well as pictorial records ... read more
Latest book: Guide to the Military Service (1916-1923) Pensions Collection

Follow me on Twitter at  Dave Driscoll Dean Scurlock
A married father of three, I've been writing for the past two years, since graduating Law in Wales, UK. I write mainly comedy but have recently branched out into blogging and playwriting, with three plays having been performed to date. Check out National Theatre Wales and my blogs under 'Scurlock 10', 'Scurlock 9' etc

Follow me on Twitter at  oneeyeddoll Kimberly Freeman
Kimberly Freeman is the singer and guitarist of the Austin, Texas rock band One-Eyed Doll. She has self-released eight albums and two books.
Latest book: Dirty: Lyrics and Photography

Follow me on Twitter at  nikkipinkwriter Remember Nikki Pink
Remember Nikki Pink is a young(ish) college professor in the north eastern United States. She writes sizzling stories inspired by her years of wild adventures in exotic locations across Europe and Asia. Her students would be shocked to discover what she writes about in her time off! Feel free to send Remember Nikki Pink an email - nikkipinkwriter - at gmail to get in contact. She loves to hear from her readers.

Follow me on Twitter at  cefpm César E. Pérez
Poeta, periodista, fotógrafo, community mananger, blogger, escribir es mi pasión y las sorpresas diarias mi vida...
Latest book: Un Año... Una Vida

Follow me on Twitter at  marybethdaniels Mary Beth Daniels
Mary Beth Daniels is a writer and wedding photographer in Texas. During her divorce, she was adopted by an amazing community of softball-playing lesbians who changed her life. Two of the couples she loved dearly planned to go to California to get married, and invited her along to photograph their weddings. But before they solidified their plans, Proposition 8 was passed, banning gay marriage. On the night of the 2008 elections, roiling with shock and upset over the passage of this new legislation, she began writing Heteroflexibility. She still hopes same-sex marriage will be restored and is thrilled that other states are passing legislation recognizing that love is love is love. As for Texas allowing gay mar ... read more
Latest book: Heteroflexibility: A Romantic Comedy

Follow me on Twitter at  JDBurrows_Author J. D. Burrows
Since I was a young child, I've wanted to write. The drive has always been there in my soul, but the circumstances have not. Due to my background I made poor choices in relationships, entertained a low-self esteem, surrounded by fear of rejection. When I finally found the courage, I began writing four years ago, but ended up doing so far too late in life. ​ My usual genre is historical fiction and historical romance. I have five other fiction novels. I live in the Portland, Oregon area with a pesky cat who refuses to let me sleep in, enjoy traveling to England, researching my English ancestry, and creating stories on my computer. The picture on the left was taken in 1955 on Easter Sunday, and she is the ... read more
Latest book: Conflicting Hearts

Follow me on Twitter at  DanielEdmiston Daniel Edmiston
Daniel Edmiston is an actor, director, and author of nine produced plays, including Coyote Point, winner of the 2007 Pillars Prize in Playwriting at Georgia College and State University. He resides in Idaho with his wife and two young daughters. He can be found online at
Latest book: Edentown

Follow me on Twitter at  aloranger4095 Abby Loranger
My name is Abby Loranger. All I've ever wanted to be was an author. I recently graduated with a B.A. in English, and I miss school dearly. Avid reader, writer, dreamer. I love anything that sparkles or has glitter. Oh, and cupcakes. I love cupcakes. I love YA literature. I doubt I'll ever grow up.
Latest book: Ignite

Follow me on Twitter at  WordDoodler Stephen Fitzsimons
Born in Northern Ireland, transplanted to Somerset and now lives in London. He divides his time between work, family, two elusive cats, an empty fish bowl and procrastination. Screaming In The Vacuum Jar is (finally) his first collection of poetry.
Latest book: Screaming In A Vacuum Jar

Follow me on Twitter at  Author_Bree Bree Vanderland
Brianna (Bree) Vanderland is 20 years old and lives in Richmond, Virginia. She loves to read which inspired her to begin writing. Published: - The Arrival of Dawn - Lost in Wonderland - Finding Hope - Worlds Apart Coming Soon: - Dark Crown - Ready for War - Hanna - Saving Grave
Latest book: Dark Crown

Follow me on Twitter at  dmoncrief0131 Denise Moncrief
Suspense, She Writes Where the road to happily ever after takes a suspenseful detour. Fast paced twists and turns that keep you turning the pages. Romantic happily ever after moments that take your breath away. Paranormal romantic suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Beginning October 2014, Denise will be introducing an exciting new romantic suspense series entitled Haunted Hearts filled with paranormal activity, delicious romance, and plenty of suspense. Watch for upcoming releases in October 2014, January 2015, and March 2015. The third book in the Colorado series, Twin Rivers, is set for release in October. Want to know a little bit more about Denise? She's is a Southern girl who has live ... read more
Latest book: Laurel Heights

Follow me on Twitter at  DonovanDreyfus Donovan Dreyfus
Donovan Dreyfus collaborates with God as an author, speaker, preacher, artist, graphic designer and minister to creatively proclaim the watchword, “God meant for Jesus to move us.” He is founder of the Collaborate Move•Meant outreach, a visionary outlet for unconditionally investing in individuals and organizations. I promise to unconditionally invest in your personal life calling. Mission: Ignite collaborate move•meants wherever sent by the Holy Spirit. Vision: Collaborate with move•meant makers to ignite revival and awakening around the world. Connect with Donovan on the contact page of for speaking and ministry arrangements.
Latest book: Collaborate Move•Meant: A contextual guide to life with Jesus

Follow me on Twitter at Veronica Perry
Veronica Perry is an eclectic author who not only writes erotica romance, but also enjoys writing in other genres and in various subgenres. Veronica's journey to find her true calling and purpose in life has been a long one. She has worn many hats in the work field that were mundane and unsatisfying. Veronica's incomparable desire to continue searching for answers to a more meaningful life finally began to surface in the fall of 2003 while attending college. It was through writing in her Humanities class that awakened Veronica with enthusiasm, introducing to her passion with the Professor planting the first seed, strongly suggesting she change her major to pursue writing for a living. In 2004, Veronica's sist ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  1_Rev_Sam Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Latest book: To All People of All Nations

Follow me on Twitter at  yvonneracine Yvonne Racine
Yvonne Racine, The Relationship Coach is a certified life coach, ordained Unity minister, Life Celebrant and certified Personal Development Facilitator. Yvonne has been involved in personal and spiritual development for 25 years as well as having many years of business experience. She has a passion for getting to the core of life issues and revealing truth. Yvonne left ministry and developed The Liberation Process in response to the growing awareness that for many people a step seemed to be missing on the spiritual journey; the need to make peace with the past and with being human thus integrating what has been and what is so that something new could be brought forth and experienced. Yvonne shares a unique an ... read more
Latest book: The Journey Home to Essence

Follow me on Twitter at  R Lawson Gamble R Lawson Gamble
As a child R Lawson developed a love of travel and an appreciation for the outdoors. He inherited his curiosity for and a love of the Old West from his grandfather, who was raised next to the Oregon Trail in Kansas and would speak of wagon trains rumbling by his home, and from his grandmother who grew up in a sod house near Indian Country and described hiding on a nearby hill when bands of Indians approached. His own father grew up in Coffeyville, Kansas, where the Dalton gang failed famously in their attempt to rob two banks at the same time. R Lawson continued to quench his ongoing thirst for adventure whenever possible. He has climbed 5000 and 6000 meter peaks in five countries. A marathoner, he qualified f ... read more
Latest book: Mestaclocan

Follow me on Twitter at  fotu_threads Tom Tinney
I'm a Biker-nerd (The v-twin powered kind...not a fan of peddling) that happens to enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy. I have edited and contributed to Motorcycle Magazines, Blogs and short story sites about the Biker lifestyle. I have covered events, interviewed famous custom bike-builders and artists, as well as written hundreds of articles. Since I have a smart-ass attitude and am creative, I was encouraged by "fans" to write novels as well. So I did, just not the ones they thought I would. My favorite books and authors are people like Jim Butcher and Frank Herbert, Modessit and Feist, Asimov and Gibson, Weber and Jordan (RIP). So I went with my second great love for subject matter instead of my first. I h ... read more
Latest book: Threads

Follow me on Twitter at  doronmeir Doron Meir
Animation director, illustrator and writer, with nearly 20 years of experience in feature films, TV series and computer games. ‘Roadrunner’, ‘Asterix and the Vikings’, ‘Hitman’, and Emmy- awarded ‘Shaun the Sheep’ are some of the many projects he worked on. An acclaimed teacher for more than 10 years, and a firm believer in “faking talent through hard work”. Author of ‘The Mechanics of Inspiration’ - the ultimate ‘how to’ book for creatives. Maintains a blog by the same name.
Latest book: How to Kick Start Your Career in a Creative Industry

Follow me on Twitter at  themightyjungle Christina Waymreen
Christina was born in Detroit, Michigan. She finished high school in Jerusalem (West Bank) called the Schmidt's Girls College. Why they called a school a college is still a mystery to her. After graduating from the "college" she made her way to Kharkov, Ukraine where she found herself taking computer science and civil engineering, which she still knows zilch about. She spent her free time between classes wandering through bookstores, marveling at the Russian books so beautifully illustrated, especially those that were written for children. After a life in the travel industry, where she had the opportunity of visiting many places, some she doesn't remember, she finds herself, once again, in the country of her bi ... read more
Latest book: The Seedless Trees

Follow me on Twitter at  paulakey17 Paula Key
- I was born in Ireland and have lived in England, Australia and Canada. I am a happily married Canadian lesbian. I have taught literature in High School and now I enjoy being a full time writer. - I enjoy the challenge of daily blogging on Lesbian issues on my site http://stories4hotbloodedlesbians. com. -Several years ago, I published Gentle Journeys: Stories of Awareness for Children. It was printed by Progressive Education, India. ISBN 9731017-1-2. One of the stories in this book called Mrs. Claus and the November Visit, was published in Winner’s Circle 6 (an Anthology of Short Stories) published by Canadian Authors Association. -- I am proud to present three of my le ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Angry_Hen_Press Louise Etheridge
Louise Etheridge is an award-winning storyteller and would love to write serious, high-brow fiction. Unfortunately she is neither serious nor high-brow and therefore cursed with writing weird and witty short stories instead. Louise is inspired by silliness, absurdity and things that make her laugh. Her favourite things to do include singing, dancing, hanging by her heels from the monkey bars in the park (despite the risk of subdural haematoma due to her advanced age) and writing bad pseudointellectual poetry. Her middle name is Marguerite which is quite classy. She would love you to buy her books as that will cheer her up immensely. Thank you for taking the time to read this and Louise hopes your day turns ... read more
Latest book: Happy Stories for Busy People

Follow me on Twitter at  grubstreetsteve Stephen Applebaum
Stephen Applebaum is a freelance writer and journalist based in the UK. Over the years his work has appeared in a wide variety of publications and across different media internationally, including Dazed & Confused, Stylist, The Independent, the Guardian, The Scotsman, The Australian, The New Zealand Herald, the Daily Mirror, The Times, the Sunday Times Culture, FHM, Vogue, Time Out, The National, Manchester City Life, Dazed and Confused, Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post, The Big Issue, The Jewish Chronicle, the Sunday Herald, What's on in Dubai, Film Review, Total Film, MovieScope, Personal Computer World, Empire, The Sunday Times(Perth), BBC Online, The Listener, and He has also been reprin ... read more
Latest book: The Wicker Man: Conversations with Robin Hardy, Anthony Shaffer & Edward Woodward

Follow me on Twitter at  KristenPiper Kristen Brown
Kristen Brown is an artist with Asperger's syndrome and PTSD who always wondered how could she ever hope to have a bright, happy future with one foot stuck in the mire of such a dark, unhappy past. She found the strength and fortitude to over-come, reconcile, forgive, let go of the pain, and help others do the same. Kristen shares her story of over-coming adversity to inspire people and help them understand that no matter what horrible, difficult, or challenging situations we go through in life, there is a way to persevere and break the cycle. Kristen wants the down-trodden masses to know, life does get better. Currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida, Kristen fosters rescued abused animals, home-schools her ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  LolacaManhisse J. W
Lolaca Manhisse lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Im Alter von zwölf Jahren begann sie Kurzgeschichten zu schreiben, mit sechzehn Jahren kam ihr die Idee zum Fantasy Roman "Sheylah und die Zwillingsschlüssel". Ihr Debütroman "Sheylah und die Zwillingsschlüssel" erschien im Oktober 2012, beim Verlag Art&Words. Im September 2012 folgte Ihr zweiter Roman "City of Death - Blutfehde".
Latest book: City of Death - Blutfest

Follow me on Twitter at  MZ BBW Sandra Clark
I am MZ BBW and I have always been a Female Supremacist. It's simply the natural order of life and always will be!

Follow me on Twitter at  MWhitmanAuthor Mike Whitman
I am just a recent college grad trying to make it to The New York Times Bestsellers List. It has been quite the challenge.

Follow me on Twitter at  DougLoco Doug Lowe
Like Butch Cassidy, I am a Utah native who eventually escaped to Bolivia--though I was there more briefly than he. And, I didn't commit any crimes (at least no major ones) while there. And, like Butch, I was a good Mormon boy who went bad. My guidebook, Butch & Sundance Sightseeing in Utah & Neighboring States, presents the results of more than 12 years of on-and-off research and writing. A companion volume, with Butch & Sundance sites in Bolivia (and neighboring South American Countries) is now in the works.
Latest book: Butch & Sundance Sightseeing in Utah and Neighboring States

Follow me on Twitter at  toddhunter Todd Hunter
Todd Hunter is a young author from Newcastle Australia. His novels represent a skewed but heart felt take on a number of every day issues, typically explored through extraordinary events that may make little sense at the time and even much less sense on closer examination. But as always, hopefully there are some laughs along the way.
Latest book: Being Hamish