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I love to write and create with words rhyme words come easy with thoughts from within be it love or life I see I write I think I create from pictures words
Latest book: romance and dreams

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I spent 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and during that time studied Chinese Mandarin, Korean, and the Japanese languages. I lived in Japan for a total of six years while going on business trips to South Korea and the People's Republic of China. After my Marine Corps career as a foreign language translator/interpreter, I moved into the information technology field and started working in Seoul, Korea. I lived and worked in Seoul, Korea for 11 years. While there I learned how to play the game of baduk, known in China as weiqi and in the west and Japan as go. For the past two years I have been working and living in Germany. I studied for and completed all of the classes necessary for a Masters in International R ... read more
Latest book: Mentoring: How to Start a Mentorship Program at a Remote Office

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Joan E. Kaufman, a former Weight Watchers leader, is married to a "rocket scientist." She currently lives in Maryland and is the author of Who Moved My Cookies?(Confessions of a Former Weight Watchers Leader) and Call Me Ella, a memoir based on her very unique adoption. Having been born in New Jersey and denied her original birth certificate, Ms. Kaufman spent twenty-four years searching for her birth family. Although she loved her adoptive parents, she still felt a need to understand her roots, know where she came from, and why, and perhaps get some vital medical history. Advocating for adoptee rights, she is still waiting for New Jersey to pass a law allowing adoptees to get their birth certificates. As a fo ... read more
Latest book: Who Moved My Cookies?

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j.d. daniels` fiction and poetry has appeared in various publications, including: The PEN Woman’s Online Magazine, riverbabble, The Broad River Review, The Sylvan Echo, The Elkhorn Review and Doorknobs & BodyPaint Fantastic Flash Fiction: An Anthology. She received a prize for poetry from Emerson College/Cambridge University, is listed in the Iowa Arts and Poets & Writers Directories and is an active member of PEN Women of Southwest Florida. Her poetry has been choreographed to dance and has inspired painters and clay artists. Her book, The Old Wolf Lady: A Biography was published in 2005 by a grant from The Iowa Arts Council. She was awarded her doctoral degree for her collection of poems, Currents That ... read more
Latest book: Say Yes

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I'm a writer from Nottingham, England- most of what I write is dark, supernatural fiction, although not necessarily 'horror' in the blood and guts sense. My main influences are writers like Ramsey Campbell, Shirley Jackson, and Robert Aickman. I enjoy the unexplained, the psychological, and the ambiguous in my weird fiction.I think a lot of the best such fiction has been done in the short story form (although that's not to say I won't be trying a novel at some point...) I drink Guinness, if anyone's offering.
Latest book: Falling Over

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I was born into a mining community in South Derbyshire, UK, the eldest son of a family of six children. Although better known to friends as John, I use my first Christian name, Ernest, as my author name to avoid confusion with another author. On leaving school I joined the National Coal Board but left to join the police service. In later years, as a detective, I spent time in colleges in Yorkshire, Liverpool, and London, finally becoming a Special Branch officer working together with such agencies as MI5 and briefly with the American Secret Service. As a Special Branch officer, and trained firearms expert, I was privileged to provide protection for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and most members of the royal famil ... read more
Latest book: Doppelganger

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Lisa Nelson grew up on the east coast of Florida and survived bone cancer from an early age. That experience drew her into medicine and she became educated as a clinical microbiologist and then as a board certified Physician Assistant. Later in life she worked as an elder-care giver and assisted in wound care of diabetics and cancer patients. All these life experiences molded her outlook in a positive way and gave her a purpose of encouraging and uplifting others. Since art has been a very large part of her life, she decided she could share her positive energy with a larger population through her love of writing, photography and jewelry design. It is Lisa’s belief that creative expression is important in mai ... read more
Latest book: Illuminations from the Soul

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Many generations of restless blood, runs in Elisabet’s veins. Born in a suburb of Copenhagen, Elisabet Leibølle is the firstborn child of two teachers who chose simplicity and stability over the fantastic experiments and material dreams that otherwise characterized that season of Danish history. Her father had survived escaping Prussia and years in a German ‘displaced-persons’ camp, and her mother harsh poverty, which killed three of her siblings. But a child of the flowering sixties and seventies, their daughter didn’t appreciate the value of these survival skills till much later. Having explored the New Age labyrinths of spirituality, politics’ promises of changing the world, and performing art ... read more
Latest book: Come, Fill the Gap

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I am a writer who loves books and writing in equal measures. I live in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland with my son and a cat called Mystery. Tales from Aulora is my first novel. I am working on a second novel and in addition to this I write short stories and poetry. You can find out more about me and my writing at
Latest book: Tales from Aulora

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Jonathan Ojanpera is a freelance journalist, editor and writer of poetry and fiction. He is also an artist, photographer and musician. His introduction to writing came in the form of poetry in his early teens. His work has been featured on several political, poetic and literary websites and books. His work is continually evolving into long form fiction. He was born in Palm Beach, Florida, spent his childhood in Southwest Colorado and now resides in the Deep South with his wife and four daughters. His creativity is drawn from the multi-cultural experiences he has had, growing up in starkly contrasting regions of the US.
Latest book: The Watch

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Merinda Brayfield lives in central Texas with her family, including a dog that eats everything. She’s currently studying Film and Media at Arizona State University. Her other hobbies include photography and nature hikes.
Latest book: Unthinkable

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Sixfold is an all-writer-voted short-story and poetry journal. All writers who submit their manuscripts vote to select the highest-voted $1000 prize-winning manuscripts and all the short stories and poetry published in each issue.
Latest book: Sixfold Poetry Summer 2015

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Latest book: The Psychotic Neighbor

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We provide a wide range of publishing services to both individuals and companies. That's not all, we understand the value of offering you timely, responsive and professionally executed services at a reasonable cost. What are the services that we can offer an individual or a company both in print and electronic form? 1. Preparing and executing Induction manuals 2. Employee handbook 3. Internal rules & regulations/Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 4. User manuals 5. Book/brochure for company history 6. Case studies/corporate success stories for circulation to internal teams and customers Or you can simply use our standalone services: editing, illustrations, typesetting,marketing etc Visit to know mo ... read more
Latest book: A Must Read to Succeed

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I am a Russian-based Irishman working in sports. Having had articles, short stories and poems published since the 90's, I finally took the plunge to edit and prepare a number of dust gathering manuscripts for someone else to read. I released an ebook last year, the first part of the Danger, Kids! series.
Latest book: Danger, Kids! 1

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Cherno Journo is a writer who has braved the chaos and bandits of DayZ to record the stories of the players. More than just a game, DayZ has evoked real emotions from virtual actions: guilt from murder, anger at being betrayed, and the sense of camaraderie that can form when a group of strangers band together to achieve a common goal.
Latest book: Survivors and Bandits - Ein DayZ Roman

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I am Robin Shaw, a hopeless romantic who loves to read and write about romance. Life is filled with enough unhappy endings, so I enjoy penning tales with a HFN or HEA. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. If you'd like to contact me, e-mail me at I love, love, love to "hear" from readers. I'd love to hear from you. Let's connect at: Twitter: @AuthorRobinShaw
Latest book: An Unexpected Encounter: The Wilkins (Book 2, Contemporary Romance)

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R.T. Edwins was born in Panama City, Panama to two military parents. By the age of 2, Edwins moved back to the U.S. to settle in Colorado, where he grew up. Reconnecting after college and falling madly in love with a former high school sweetheart, Edwins moved to Minnesota to be with his now wife, Sarah. Together they live with their dog and cat. While working as a paralegal, Edwins wrote his first novel "Chariots of Heaven", which is the first installment in a series of science fiction novels chronicling the interactions between prehistoric humans and alien Gods who come to earth in search of resources. Edwins, during his studies at the University of Northern Colorado, found a deep interest in anthropology ... read more
Latest book: Chariots of Heaven

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Victoria is a resident of sunny So Cal who enjoys playing in the sun and exploring old Los Angeles. She is an avid science fiction fan and when she is not writing she is spending time with her family, who are also sci-fi fans. Victoria is a filmmaker with several short films credited to her. She enjoys learning and reading about sociology and applying that to her work.
Latest book: Tales of the Solar Rangers: Showdown on Ceres

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Anita Melillo lives in the mountains of Colorado and has always had a passion for adventure and writing. Her novel, "The Great Empty" is an Australian outback adventure novel. It is written in a contemporary fiction style, and a coming-of-age story about an unbridled youth that gets lost in the outback and learns to survive with the help of an Aborigine boy. She has another novel, "Ford At Valverde" which is a historical civil war era adventure. It encompasses one mans need for self-discovery before his life is cut short by the war, as he sets off on his own treasure seeking quest in an attempt to dodge the draft. Much is plotted along his path, including the cruelty of strangers and the harsh demise of the ef ... read more
Latest book: Ford At Valverde

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Lori Perkins is the Publisher of Riverdale Avenue Books, a digital and print publisher. She is also the author of 26 books, including 20 erotica anthologies. She lives in New York City with her cat, Fang.
Latest book: Holiday Smut 2014

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Joe Franklin is an author and marketing director who lives in Oakland, California. His publishing credits include short stories featured in the Clackamas Literary Review and The Oyster Boy Review, and a collection of travel writing published in Travel Backpacker. He is a past graduate of the University of Iowa's fiction writer's workshop (undergraduate) and the founding member of San Francisco's Kicking Muse writer's group, whose eight members provided critical insight into the completion of this novel.
Latest book: The Great Tartakovsky

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Amber St. Clare grew up in Kansas City, MO. She is the youngest of 5 and by 14 years at that. She has been writing stories since she was a little girl including tales from preschool about Sissors Legs.
Latest book: With My Own Eyes

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Kara Tollman lives with her son in the northeastern section of the United States. “Her Silent Tears is Kara’s debut novel. She prays the story touches the heart of many.
Latest book: Jilted

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James Kemp has been writing stories for over 30 years, sometimes he has even written (non-fiction) for a living. For more of his writing, including news of the rest of the novel that this short story forms part of, you could have a look at his blog at or see his facebook page you can also sign up to receive very occasional news on new releases and special offers at If you liked the story, please leave a review, or at least rate it, on or wherever you bought it from. If you thought there was room for improvement, then I'd love to hear from you. Comments on my blog are a good way to pass on messages.
Latest book: Perfects (Exodus #1)

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Sara Trigo nasceu no Porto, a 14 de dezembro de 1987. Foi pouco depois que descobriu o mundo das histórias que começou por contar oralmente no seio da família ou, quando se sentiu mais à-vontade, na escola. A entrada no primeiro ciclo possibilitou-lhe passar para o papel os constantes enredos que imaginava, pelo que desde cedo soube que enveredaria pelo mundo das letras, ideia consolidada com a frequência de um curso de escrita criativa em 2004, pela formadora Carla Afonso. Assim sendo, estudou Línguas, literaturas e culturas, na vertente de português e francês, na Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, tendo prosseguido os estudos superiores com o Mestrado em Tradução e Serviços Linguísticos ... read more
Latest book: Confio

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Faith M. Davis is an author and freelance writer focusing on the subjects and industries she knows and loves best: holistic health, wellness, metaphysics and inspirational topics. Her articles have been featured globally in Vitamin Publica-tions, Wisdom Magazine, Mama’s Lil’ Guide, and She is a certified life coach and a life-time participator in holistic health practices. Connect with Faith online at the following websites:
Latest book: Letting Go: Get in the Flow to Stress Less, Fear Less & Struggle Less

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I come from a performing background with over 10 years acting experience. I have worked as a Producer working on various film projects before going on to set up my own production company. With experience of both production and post –production processes, I am a trained Editor and have also written and produced several short films scripts. In 2010 took a step back from producing realising that my passion was for writing. I now spend my my days looking after a crazy toddler and coming up with imaginative stories where you can escape everyday life. Originally from England, after a few years of travelling the world I moved to Ireland where I currently live with my partner, young daughter and pet rabbit.
Latest book: The Secret Side of us

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Jamaire Revis is a southern girl and author who loves to write. She enjoys inspiring and entertaining young ones through storytelling. "Show & Tail" is the first of many books to come from the new author. Stay tuned for more. She also created and manages a celebrity and entertainment news website called, "Y'all Know What, which has received the Small Business Startup of the Year Award. YKW will launch an online Book Club in the near future. Everyone is welcome to join!
Latest book: Show & Tail

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I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Barney's Guide is my first foray into Ebooks. Previous writing has included editorial articles, human interest stories and blog writing.
Latest book: Barney's Guide to Training Humans: An owner's manual for cats

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Anthony E. Southby was born in a city called Germiston in South Africa in 1973 and has lived in the surrounding areas for most of his life. He was always a conscientious and creative child that enjoyed doing sketching and painting as a hobby, and later on he took Art as one of his main subjects at school. Anthony was talented when it came to the arts and achieved best actor award in the Transvaal Play Festivals in 1991. After school he was diagnosed with bipolar and struggled for many years to overcome the disease. He is now stable and lives a productive and normal life. Anthony is a qualified draughtsman and has experience in the engineering industry. The art of writing has become Anthony’s true passion tho ... read more
Latest book: Green Planet Under Fire

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About the Author As a Catholic school educator for thirty-four years, the last twenty-two as an administrator, Marilyn Joseph retired in 2000 and resides in Peoria, Illinois. Those who know her will tell you her priorities are her faith, her family and friends and the Green Bay Packers. Authorhouse in Bloomington, Indiana is the publisher of the four books. Books may be purchased at, and E-Mail: Website:
Latest book: More Than a Game

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Alex T. Kolter, who very rarely writes about himself in third person, but will make just this one exception, is an author. But not just any author, he's... actually, he's just any old author. But he's not too shabby, according to many and more people, some of whom aren't even related to him. He grew up in the fabled land of England, got his nose stuck in a book from a very young age, and hasn't been able to tear it away since (superglue may have been involved). As a result, he grew up loving stories, from The Chronicles of Narnia, to, yes, Harry Potter. Then he discovered science fiction, and writers like Asimov, and decided to embark upon writing a literary masterpiece himself. And then he wrote the first On ... read more
Latest book: On Galaxy's Edge: Beginnings

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As a Floridian since the age of 12, I enjoy perpetuating the myth that we're all crazy down here. I love snarky, smart-mouthed heroes, twisted humor, and watching the underdog beat the snot out of his tormentors. I'm told I do my best writing when I'm on a rant, and since I seem to be perpetually in that state, there's no way I'm not the next (female) Stephen King. Unfortunately, the universe doesn't seem to be aware of that yet. But then, what does the universe know?
Latest book: Red Awakening

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Ceri London is married, a mother to two daughters, and lives in Sussex, UK. A piano tutor following a career in IT project management, she loves writing science fiction / fantasy in her spare time.
Latest book: Ashes (Shimmer In The Dark)

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James Crandell started his teaching career in 1979 after graduating from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English education, getting his Master’s in 1989 from Northern Illinois University in Counseling Education. He was hired for his first teaching position in the Language Arts Department of F.E. Peacock Junior High School in Itasca, Illinois, where he taught three levels of eighth-grade English from 1979-1987. Upon “graduating” from junior high in 1987, he moved to the English Department of Hinsdale South High School in Darien, Illinois, working there for twenty-five years until his retirement in 2012 after thirty-three total years of teaching. At Hinsdale South, he taught fresh ... read more
Latest book: Snowflake Schools

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Vardhane is one of the world's youngest authors to write a book on marketing Strategies using social media .In his book on Social Media marketing,He Has explained various tools and strategies through which people can make Use of 400 million marketing base of social media. Vardhane also provides consulting help to students in marketing their college annual fests or small businesses in making a online presence and branding . He is just 19 years old and apart from being an author, He is doing his Mechanical engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai.
Latest book: Social Media Marketing for beginners

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A mechanical engineer with the passion for the pen...
Latest book: HOUNDS ON A CUFF

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Born and brought up near Glasgow, I have lived in Harpenden for many years. Apart from my family my other main love is singing – it is very levelling. The same seems to be true of animals – they just want to be accepted for their own qualities. In middle age I trained as a Midwife, a wonderful profession for those who believe women are all very different, and should be treated as such. My motto has been “throw away the books -do it your own way”. The same has been true of my caring of animals. I have always enjoyed a sense of the ridiculous, and I just love to take real-life situations and see the funny side, not to mention an overwhelming wish to puncture the egos of those who attempt to abuse thei ... read more
Latest book: Archie Comes Home

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Ms. Davis has had numerous honors regarding her writing: she wrote for President Bush 41 in the White House for 4 years, Senator Edward Kennedy in the Senate for 3 years, penned her own humor column in a Long Island paper for 3 years,wrote a optioned a screenplay and more. Currently you can hear her Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:00pm EST on for her funny but serious radio show on just about everything!
Latest book: My Husband Ran Off With The Nanny and God Do I Miss Her

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El meu nom és Ferran Cerdans Serra. Vaig néixer el 03/12/1974 a Santpedor (Barcelona), tot i que també he viscut a Navarcles, Ordizia i Manresa, on resideixo actualment. Tècnicament no sé d'on hauria de dir que sóc, però em considero de Navarcles, tot i que a Ordizia em sento també com a casa. Tot i així tinc certa tendència a considerar-me "Giputxi" quan sóc a Bilbao, de Navarcles quan estic a Manresa, de Manresa quan sóc a Barcelona, i d'Ordizia quan sóc a Beasain (pobles veïns i per tant rivals), sense que això m'hagi portat problemes de consideració a data d'avui, ans al contrari.
Latest book: Mala llet en pols

Follow me on Twitter at  @MishaSamarsky Mikhail Samarsky
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mikhail Samarsky wrote his first book when he was 13 years old, and by age 17 he had published four books, amassing sales in excess of 300,000 copies. He was born in Russia and raised in an artistic family. In fact, his father is a successful playwright, and his mother is the author of popular detective novels. Mikhail graduated from high school in 2013 and received admission to the Moscow University School of Global Processes. Mikhail founded the "Living Hearts" charitable fund at age 15 for the benefit of blind children. Thanks to his perseverance--and a dogged dedication to his mission--he was able to meet the President of Russia and persuade him to make some legislative changes for the sa ... read more
Latest book: Двенадцать прикосновений к горизонту

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Dr Renier Putter graduated from the University of the Western Cape in 2007, completed his comunity service in George in 2008 and has been in private practice since the beginning of 2009. He is currently studying towards a MSc (Dental Public Health) degree with Dental Fraud in South Africa as the main theme for his thesis.
Latest book: Your child's teeth

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A poet, Free Thinker, Administrator, Economics and Engineering Enthusiast. Obinna Holds a Bachelor of Arts in English & Literature and did his research work on African Poetry and Drama. He has a strong affinity for African oral poetry culture and borrows dense, surreal and sometimes, personal imagery from it. He is a firm believer in art without boundaries so his work in usually heavily infused with languages, esoteric imagery, alphabets, mythology, art, music, cosmology, cosmogonoy, theology and philosophy. He has been writing poetry for over 15 years.
Latest book: Troubadour

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Latest book: Freedom is Free

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Hello, my name is Joe. I'm a tech blogger and vlogger and have been for years now. To relieve stress and to get my mind off of everything, I began to write short stories. After awhile, my friends and family told me that they enjoyed my work and that I should have it published. I listened and here I am. I have 2 dogs, a wonderful girlfriend, and an upcoming college degree in video game design and programming. I enjoy video games, reading, writing, hockey, and mobile technology. I hope you enjoy my work!
Latest book: Five Runes: Prologue - At Least the Tree Isn't a Cold Hearted Bitch

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Born and raised in Michigan, now living in Kingsland, Georgia due to serving in the United States Navy Submarine Force. Love to write and just share stories of all sorts ranging from horror to fantasy. SPIAR, his first full length novel has just been released!
Latest book: One Last Nightmare

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Bob Purdy grew up in Alberta and Nanaimo where he graduated from high school. He lived at the Anglican Theological College in Vancouver while getting a BA from UBC, and then was married before continuing 3 years seminary at ATC. In 1968 he completed a STB (bachelor of sacred theology) at VST in Vancouver. Purdy was ordained in 1962 for the Diocese of Caledonia, and now has 50 years experience preaching and leading congregations in small west coast communities, industrial towns and large cities. He retired in 2004 as rector of St. George's in the Pines in Banff National Park, where he began the program of Wilderness Spirituality: "Rocky Mountain Pilgrims." He now lives with his wife Trisha in a home they built ... read more
Latest book: Without Guarantee: in search of a vulnerable God