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A budding rocket scientist at Purdue University, Kshitij Mall aka Mall started writing at an age of 14 and participated in Bollywood story hunt contest. He is working on future mars missions. He is the founder of Purdue Moonbuggy Team and Quasar, the aerospace club. He has been associated with organizations like AIAA, Infosys Technologies Ltd, SDIPA and Bansal classes. He is a member of honor societies namely Sigma Gamma Tau and National Residence Hall Honorary. He has rich interest in sports, politics, films, science and adventure.

Follow me on Twitter at  weirdshitblog Asher Cantrell
I am Ashe, Ashe is me. Buy books. Any book, not even mine. Just pick one and read it. Take a chance on someone's work.
Latest book: Four Humors

Follow me on Twitter at  makelures Greg Vinall
I'm a professional aquatic scientist, passionate lure fisherman and avid lure maker. I've been teaching other people the art of making custom hard bodied fishing lures from wood and plastic for over 10 years. In recent years I have taken this passion online, publishing the most comprehensive guides to wooden lure making available anywhere online.
Latest book: Why Fish Don't See Your Lures: How Fish Vision Affects Intelligent Fishing Tackle Color Selection. Lake Fishing, River Fishing, Sea Fishing.

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Dick Farnsworth is a retired small business owner from a small town in upstate New York who writes for fun. Tunein' is his first novel, and is a very enjoyable read. He and Jan, his wife of 53 years, have one son and four grandchildren who live in Northern Virginia. Active in Church and community volunteer activities, he is currently working on a second book, which he hopes will be ready by the end of 2013.
Latest book: Tunein'

Follow me on Twitter at  Banders319 Bridget Anderson
Bridget Anderson was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she started writing, and hasn't stopped. She's the author of several contemporary romantic suspense novels from "Soul Mates" to "Hotel Paradise," and "Sweep Memphis Crush". Her novel "Rendezvous" was adapted into a made-for-television movie, and is currently available on DVD. She loves to travel so look for stores based on those travels in the future.

Follow me on Twitter at  donteverpunch Danny Marianino
New Jersey native, Danny Marianino, lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Krista and their three wacky dogs. He authored his first book, Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar: A Collection of Hate Mail and Other Crazy Rumors, in 2012. Currently, Danny is finishing up his next book due out in March of 2015. Danny is also a horror programmer for both the Phoenix Film Festival and The International Horror and Sci-Fi Festival and he owned the always entertaining website, I Can Smell Your, with his good buddy Brandon Kinchen. While it's painfully obvious he has an affinity for all things cinema, Danny has a huge bobble head collection, is addicted to buying old MAD Magazines, and avidly collects horror magazi ... read more
Latest book: Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar: A Collection of Hate Mail And Other Crazy Rumors

Follow me on Twitter at  MandyMiga Amanda Miga
Amanda Miga lives in Long Island, NY with her husband, John Miga and her two cats Smudge and Cricket. When she's not writing she's watching movies or listening to music, finding inspiration for The Sanctuary series and other fictions in the works.
Latest book: Gravity

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorGBDavies GB Davies
My publicist would have you believe that I am as close to perfect as you could get, have already made the New York Times Best Seller list, and lead a conservative and perfect little life. This author actually has a few vices; just the usual ones that most people have. To truly see reality let me paint you a picture. Artists and writers have been depicted over time as socially challenged loners who are ultimately driven to madness or drink, maybe both. Adding to this heady mix would be a daily over absorption of caffeine, nicotine and grape juice in the form of wine. Authors are individuals who are usually found bent over their typewriters, the scene lit only by a bare light bulb or oil lamp into the wee hours ... read more

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William Johnson is the author of several ebook titles such as: "Real Estate Investors Investing In Lease Options" "Real Estate Investors Investing In Probates" "Real Estate Investing: How to Find Private Money Lenders" "Real Estate Investing: How to Flip a House as a Real Estate Investor" "Real Estate Investing: How to Find Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers" "Real Estate Investors Marketing for Private Money" Mr. Johnson is associated with, a website designed for real estate investors of all experience levels. With over 2,000 real estate articles, 2,000 blog posts, over 350 real estate videos, active discussion forums and much more, REIClub is a fantastic online resource for anyone interested ... read more
Latest book: Real Estate Investors Investing In Lease Options

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Payroll Publishing is Michigan's leading publishing company.
Latest book: Bianca Tell Us Who Did This To You

Follow me on Twitter at  mercurial73 Eric Guindon
Eric Guindon is an IT professional who consumes much more fiction than he produces. He's working to change that. He is supported in his work by his lovely wife, Kathryn Norman, and his daughter, Zoe Guindon-Gough. Some of his favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Neil Stephenson, George RR Martin, Octavia Butler, Gene Wolf, Roger Zelazny, Brandon Sanderson, and John Scalzi. Eric and Kathryn keep an improbable amount of pets, including a very large Doberman Pinscher, Thor, three cats, three snakes, and two geckos. His ramblings can be read at:
Latest book: The Girl from the Rune Yard

Follow me on Twitter at  Countryriskmgmt Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner is the CEO of Country Risk Solutions (CRS), a cross-border risk consultancy based in Connecticut (USA). He has more than a quarter century of experience managing country risk, is an authority on political risk insurance (PRI) and analysis, and has 15 years of underwriting experience with AIG, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), GE, and the World Bank Group. Prior to founding CRS in 2009 Daniel was Senior Vice President of Country Risk at GE Energy Financial Services in Stamford, Connecticut. At GE he was part of a team investing billions of dollars annually into global energy projects, with a total portfolio of $20 billion of assets in 20 countries. Daniel was responsible for advising senior manage ... read more
Latest book: Political Risk Insurance Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  WilliamEHarlan William Harlan
I live in Houston, Texas with my wife, Carrie, and son, Adrian. I’m a cook and a butcher at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. I like to write “low” fantasy. My stories are less about royalty and destiny and more about monsters, fighting and food.
Latest book: Antioch

Follow me on Twitter at  VSteele13 V. Steele
An author that loves all things romance. Just trying to make it real in a crazy world. Try it, you might like it.

Follow me on Twitter at  MelissaLeGette M.L. LeGette
Melissa LeGette lives in Washington, Georgia with her family where she digs in the dirt, plays with sheep, and drinks lots of tea.
Latest book: The Orphan and the Thief

Follow me on Twitter at  LaurenBlakely3 Lauren Blakely
Lauren Blakely is an unabashed fan of clever jokes, toast, and good guys in novels. Like the heroine in CAUGHT UP IN US, she thinks life should be filled with movie kisses and coffee drinks. Lauren lives in California with her husband and children, and spends her days writing both true stories and make-believe ones.
Latest book: Nights With Him

Follow me on Twitter at  kdwestwrites K.D. West
K.D. West is an Amazon best-selling author of contemporary short fiction, a teacher, and a performer living in a small suburb of a big city in the American West: "Not a huge amount to say -- I'm an author of steamy stories who happens to be a teacher; these things don't mix well in public, so I tend to be fairly quiet about real life in my blogging. I am, however, interested in all sorts of things -- books, writing, theater, mythology, and, obviously, erotica! I'm a huge reader of genre fiction -- mostly mysteries and fantasy, but also science fiction and historical romance." West is writing two intertwined series involving a young woman and her older lover (the Juliet Takes Flight and Erotic Tales: Letters t ... read more
Latest book: Rose & Lily: A Sapphic Fairytale

Follow me on Twitter at T. Torrest
T. Torrest is a fiction writer from the U.S. She has written many books, but prays that only a handful of them will ever see the light of day. Her main audience is readers of New Adult, Chick-lit, and Contemporary Romance, but her stories are geared toward women of any age that know how to enjoy a good laugh and a dreamy book boyfriend. Ms. Torrest was a child of the eighties, but has since traded in her Rubik's cube for a laptop and her Catholic school uniform for a comfy pair of yoga pants. A lifelong Jersey girl, she currently resides there with her husband and two sons.

Follow me on Twitter at  wm_books Wayne Marinovich
Wayne Marinovich is an author and wildlife photographer who grew up on a farm in South Africa and spent most of his young life outdoors, learning and developing his passion for the natural world. When he was not fishing, bird watching, riding his bike or climbing trees, he was running around on top of the barn roof, fighting imaginary villains. After a successful career as an IT consultant which saw him travel to all the places he loves writing about, he settled in the leafy county of Surrey, England where he now resides with his wife and fellow photographer, Anneli. His passion lies with conservation and environmental issues which affect both humans and the natural world alike, and he is most happy photogra ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  LeaBronsen Lea Bronsen
Lea Bronsen likes her reads fast, hot, and edgy, and strives to give her own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time between psychological thriller, suspense romance, and erotic contemporary romance. She is published with Evernight Publishing and Decadent Publishing.

Follow me on Twitter at  imusicadvice Shaun Letang
I'm (Shaun Letang) a professional business music advisor who helps musicians do more with their music career. I mainly doing this via my website Music Industry How To, but also via other means such as ebooks, talks, and the like. I can help you with marketing your music, getting your personal music website up and running, learning how to produce music, recording your first song, and more. So read my books, or search Music Industry How To / Shaun Letang for more info. I hope the advice I provide is useful.
Latest book: 8 Steps To A More Successful Music Career In 2013

Follow me on Twitter at  adhockley Andy Hockley
I am a writer, trainer and consultant with considerable experience of implementing, managing, and consulting on large and small-scale educational projects in a number of different contexts, especially in the area of language teaching. My particular interest is in the management of language schools and in the management of educational projects. I am co-author of “From Teacher to Manager: Managing a Language Teaching Organization” (CUP, 2008) and author of “Educational Management” (Polirom, Romania 2007), as well as "Managing Education in the Digital Age" (The Round, 2014). I have lived and worked (as teacher, trainer, and manager) in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North America. I have a Master’s degree ... read more
Latest book: Managing Education in the Digital Age

Follow me on Twitter at  avvocatogratis Alberto Vigani
Alberto A. Vigani, classe 1967, laurea a pieni voti in giurisprudenza ad indirizzo forense presso la Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. Avvocato e Consulente del Lavoro. Legalista accanito, crede nella primazia dei diritti della persona e in una visione del diritto inteso quale strumento di garanzia e di giustizia: fa l'avvocato perché sa che in realtà la legge non è uguale per tutti, ma non vuole arrendersi. È iscritto agli elenchi degli avvocati abilitati al Patrocinio a Spese dello Stato dell'Ordine degli Avvocati di Venezia, nel cui Foro esercita la professione, è stato uno dei fondatori della Camera Arbitrale della Venezia Orientale ed ha moderato le sezioni giuridiche della più grand ... read more
Latest book: Guida Breve alla Separazione e al Divorzio con il Gratuito Patrocinio

Follow me on Twitter at  mightiest_hoax Johannes J.D Villion
I am a South African and was brought up in ‘n Christian family in the eastern Highveld, I grew up on a farm. After finishing school at Middelburg I did my military service, after a few months I joined the permanent force, then after three years I resigned the P.F. but was back in the civil force an became a member of the reconnaissance force, I rendered service in various countries . During 1982, I divorced my first wife after 10 years of marriage, after I lost a part of my right hand. We had 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter, my eldest son was killed by a taxi in 2006. After 13 years alone, I married my second wife; she was a widow at that time with 5 children, 4 sons and 1 daughter. We were married for 15 ... read more
Latest book: The Mightiest Hoax in the History of Mankind

Follow me on Twitter at  LeonaDReish Leona D. Reish
I am (not) a vampire. I say that both to spark humour and because you have to imagine vampires would get bored of the same eclectic castles and slowly developing society after a few hundred years and travel the world a bit. While not over hundreds of years, I have had the opportunity to travel and lived in such places in the United States as New Mexico, Arkansas, New Jersey, Philadelphia visited friends in New York and Washington DC. Born in and returned to England, I've had a similar stint of living the length and breadth of this island nation and chance to visit the art galleries in Paris and dark reaches of the most northern Norway. I am a writer, and creating such diversity and colour as exists in the wor ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  maridunham M.A. Dunham
A freelance writer since 2007, M.A. Dunham now lives in Australia, where her house is ruled by a cat overlord. An American wandering the bush, she writes fantasy and mystery.
Latest book: Written in Stone

Follow me on Twitter at  aldoushuw A. H. Richards
It was raining when I was born, in a tiny village hospital in South Wales. (It's always raining in South Wales, and the sheep that run through the streets, bleating insanely, come direct from Hades.) My grandmother's first words, when she saw me in my hospital crib were, "Let 'im die, bless 'im. He looks like a rabbit skin with a head on it." Those words were not spoken in malice. Impatient to get on with things, I had arrived three months premature. I weighed just over 3 pounds. Gran came from a generation when babes in my state would have passed away in front of the living room fire. Since that inauspicious birth, I have worked as a janitor, antique refinisher, music teacher, mink-farm labourer, factory drudg ... read more
Latest book: Kronos Duet

Follow me on Twitter at  LIGHTNINGWOW Nathan Wellman
Nathan Wellman is a writer/actor living in Los Angeles. Originally hailing from Kentucky, some of his short fiction has appeared in Midwest Literary Magazine, Arkham Tales, Daily Science Fiction, and Spilling Ink Review, among others. As an actor, he has been featured in 1000 Ways to Die and a national commercial alongside Blake Griffin.

Follow me on Twitter at  MichaelFulmore Michael Fulmore
MICHAEL FULMORE is the author of "UNLEASHING YOUR AMBITION" and the founder of the FULMORE FOUNDATION a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As an educator and entrepreneur Michael has become recognized for possessing wisdom beyond his age and an emerging authority in the areas of transformation and leadership. Robin O'Grady, the author of “The Optimists Edge: Moving Beyond Negativity to Create Your Amazing Life”, says that, “Michael will take you from where you are and deliver you to where you want to be!" After feeling the pressure of being homeless, car repossession, dropping out of college and even fathering a child as a teenager, he begins the journey of personal development. Soon he discovered his ... read more
Latest book: Ambition: Win At Living

Follow me on Twitter at  SamanthaLaC Samantha LaCroix
Samantha LaCroix was born in Toronto, Ontario and has lived there her entire life. Through her devil-may-care attitude, she's found herself in many interesting situations and close calls. However, fate always seems to lead her back to safety so that she can tell her story to friends. Recently, Samantha began putting some of her raunchier stories and ideas down on paper, and has discovered a love for it. Through her erotica, she details her fantasies and innermost desires for you, the reader, to enjoy. If you'd like an exclusive, free story by Samantha LaCroix, please subscribe to her newsletter here: Also, if you'd like to connect more with Samantha, you can feel free to e-mail her a ... read more

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Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Nutritionist National Certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine
Latest book: Stop Your BITCHING...Naturally

Follow me on Twitter at  smbrooksi Sharon Desruisseaux
She and her daughters have moved to the rural foothills of Maine from the bustling Southeastern Massachusetts area where they were raised, in search of a better life and a refreshing new pace. She is the present owner of "Meadow Brook Farm & Studio". The artist and owner, Sharon, specializes in children's portraits and hats made in an ancient technique from her herd of Icelandic Sheep. She has many years experience as a paralegal and insurance, which has only aided her research skills. She currently has a career in Finance as well as being an historical fiction novelist. She wears many hats and even the ones she makes from the wool of her own Icelandic sheep! Check out her author site for more details on her no ... read more
Latest book: Under the Shadow of the Moon

Follow me on Twitter at  NikkiMPIll Nikki M. Pill
Nikki M. Pill received her BA in English Literature and Philosophy from Lake Forest College. Her short story "Shadows on the Pews" appeared in Hell in the Heartland Volume I and received an honorable mention in Best Horror of the Year Volume I. She typically writes dark fantasy and horror. The Tease is the first non-supernatural piece she has written since 1994. Her other great passion is bellydance, which she has pursued since 1998. She wakes up at an ungodly hour of the morning to practice her writing and dance disciplines, and is consequently useless after 10 pm. She loves to read, cook, watch movies, do yoga, listen to music, and make things. She lives in Chicago with her intermittently grateful cats.
Latest book: The Crawl

Follow me on Twitter at  BackwoodsBooks Backwoods
I am happily married to my beautiful wife. I am also a proud father of four wonderful girls and one goofy, floppy-faced pooch. I am the author of 'Unremembered', 'Off Grid', ‘Stronghold’ and 'Seven Years (Tales from the Backwoods-Story #1)'. Currently, I am working on the third story in the Off Grid Series titled 'This Land We Call Home', as well as an autobiography titled 'A Father's Tears'. I look forward to becoming one of your favorite storytellers. Thank you kindly, ~Backwoods~
Latest book: Lost Time - Tales From The Backwoods, Story #2

Follow me on Twitter at  Bobby Tuna Robert Platshorn
Robert Platshorn Author Speaker Activist Famous Pitchman Founder of The Silver Tour Robert Platshorn, author of Black Tuna Diaries and America's longest (30 yrs) imprisoned non-violent marijuana offender. Raised on South St. in downtown Philadelphia, acting ambitions earned him a supporting role in a successful off Broadway play while still in high school. The same skill led to Robert becoming one of America's most famous pitchmen. The late Billy Mays called him “A legend in the pitch business”. Seen for years on TV, at fairs, and shows selling Vita Mix, frozen food knives, and gadgets. Robert studied communications at University of Miami. At twenty-four he moved to London to found Dynam ... read more
Latest book: The Black Tuna Diaries

Follow me on Twitter at  rashaunjallen Rashaun J. Allen
Rashaun Allen is a proven author and professional speaker. He is the author of A Walk Through Brooklyn and In The Moment. This dynamic young man has been noted and quoted in publication throughout the capital region of New York: The Chronicle, The Troy Record & Albany Student Press. He also works as an Assistant Store Manager. Where he is responsible for the day to day operations of a multi-million dollar store. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and English from SUNY Albany and he obtained his Master of Business Administration from The College of Saint Rose. A Community Organizer, who has been involved in multiple non-for-profit organizations. Most notably, as a brother of Phi ... read more
Latest book: A Walk Through Brooklyn

Follow me on Twitter at  marc_david Marc David
I started my fitness business to help educate people about proper nutrition and training. I distinguish myself from all the other ‘fitness gurus’ by being the Beginner’s Expert. Somebody you can come to without any prior knowledge of fitness or bodybuilding and get a simple education without a lot of hype and the need for a science degree. Somebody who would help guide you depending on your goals. I’ve taken a passion and turned it into a profession. I spend my time sifting through the muscle-building myths, misconceptions and hype, so you don’t have to. If you are concerned about health but not obsessed about it, I can help. I also provide you with an honest, sometimes in-your-face NoBull approach ... read more
Latest book: Shredded Abs: The Complete Guide to a Ripped Six Pack

Follow me on Twitter at  sgonza33 Sergio Gonzalez
Scholar, Engineer, Health Nut, Argentinean native of Boise, Idaho--Sergio is currently a graduate student at the Technology and Policy Program at MIT.
Latest book: ProNature Fitness: Unlocking Radiant Health Through Smart Exercise

Follow me on Twitter at Rob Kircher
While growing up, I knew I had a love for the arts and self-expression. But like most young people, I wasn't sure how to apply it...or what I wanted to be. My first job was in broadcasting as a radio announcer. Later, I became a news writer in Manhattan which led to a management position at a network television affiliate. Driven further, I founded a New York-based brand marketing firm and later opened additional offices in the US and Panama. It was in Panama where I became a columnist for a Spanish-American newspaper. Later, I wrote the screenplay and co-produced my first feature film. Along the way, I developed scores of marketing/advertising campaigns, produced hundreds of client commercials and videos which ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  ElaineCampbell5 Elaine Campbell
Though I was born in the snowy state of Wisconsin, due to the untimely death of my father, my first childhood memories are of Southern California where my mother relocated in order to try marriage a second time. The small town where we lived was idyllic with plentiful orange groves, canyons with waterfalls plunging into grateful ponds, and a view of the San Gabriel Mountain range with Mount Baldy gleaming on top. But that was not all of my childhood for my mother had the movie bug, and my younger brother and I spent much of our time in Hollywood learning the entertainment arts. Yes, we were movie kids, and being adjustable like most children, we took it in stride. After high school graduation at age 16, I joi ... read more
Latest book: Once There Was A Street Dog That Followed Me Home: The Beginning

Follow me on Twitter at  masterthecello Byron Duckwall
It’s not surprising after being born into a family of string players that I developed a passion for the cello. As a small boy, my father took me to study with Hans Koebel, a German cellist who was a student of Julius Klengel. While waiting for my father’s lessons to finish, I would play football on the lawn next to the music building. So by the time I was in junior high school, not only was I an accomplished cellist, but I was the leading scorer in my school’s football conference. My parents always took me regularly to hear the symphony while my grandfather would take me to Big Ten football games. Today, I am not only a concert artist, but also an avid NFL fan. My mother Elaine, a former beauty queen and ... read more
Latest book: Ten of the Greatest Secrets of String Playing

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Latest book: Disaster and Emergency Management Systems

Follow me on Twitter at  Paleruby Brad Shirley
Genius by Birth. Slacker by Choice.
Latest book: Sleeping Bee

Follow me on Twitter at  calandrahunter Calandra Hunter
Calandra has always been an avid reader of genre fiction, and spent most of her teenage years and twenties scribbling short stories, usually with a sexual undertone. She recently decided to take the plunge to publish some of the steamier ones. If you'd like to get in touch, email If you want to sign up for my newsletter for my latest releases: (no spam, just a newsletter when I've released something new.) You know what makes an author happy? When people buy their books. Know what makes an author even happier? A review.

Follow me on Twitter at  bccamlls Becca Mills
Becca Mills teaches writing at a university in California. She has loved fantasy since, at age seven, she listened to her father read Tolkien aloud. The first two books of Becca's Emanations series are now available: Nolander and Solatium. She’d love to hear your comments. You can find her on Facebook ( or through her website ( If you’d like to be alerted when Becca publishes new works of fiction, you can add yourself to her mailing list, which is super-duper 100%-guaranteed spam-free (honest!): The third novel in the Emanations series, tentatively titled Isolate, is forthcoming in 2016. A ... read more
Latest book: Theriac, A Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  DenisLedoux Denis Ledoux
WRITE FROM THE INSIDE OUT I believe in the power of telling our personal and family stories. These are our heroes' journeys and by telling them we honor ourselves and the people we have come from. An important early task for the writer is go inside and find the story that is worth telling. The story is not about "nice" words; it is about honest words, visceral words. LIFESTORIES FEED US Stories have always played an important role in my life. I grew up in a three-generation home with paternal grandparents who lived upstairs. I heard tales of my extended family and their history recounted by the family storyteller, my grandmother Ledoux. These stories were a food to my soul. I could not get enough of them and ... read more
Latest book: Memoir Writing Maps

Follow me on Twitter at  dmbaillie D. M. Baillie
D.M. Baillie is a young Scottish novelist originally from Glasgow. His first novel Time To Kill, was published in late 2012, a crime thriller about a young man faced with drastic choices for something that happened in his mysterious past. His second novel, Zero Hour, is due for release on the 20th October 2014, a post apocalyptic story of a man trying to walk across the USA after a devastating nuclear attack. Some of D.M. Baillie's favourite authors include James Patterson, Chris Ryan, Terry Goodkind, J.K. Rowling and George R.R. Martin. A graduate from the University of Glasgow, D.M. Baillie has spent over ten years in the Aerospace Industry and has worked on various Aircraft Projects. Also an avid lover of o ... read more
Latest book: Zero Hour

Follow me on Twitter at  spulevelup David Michaels
ABOUT ME I’ve always been a big fan of time travel and super heroes. And all sci-fi/fantasy stuff in general. I wasn’t into comic books specifically as much, per se. But I kept up with the super hero world through their video games, TV shows, and movies. I’ve always had an active imagination. When I was younger, I used to tell people I actually had a time machine in real life. Some of my friends played along. “Oh yeah, we just got back from the dinosaur era! That was so cool! We almost got eaten by a T-rex!” Some people, on the other hand, just looked at me like I was crazy. Whatever. I was having fun. I started actively writing when I was 14 years old. It started out just for fun. Something I’d ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  intertextbooks Iain Coleman
I have been teaching French and German for ten years and have been learning languages for most of my life. I fell in love with languages pretty much instantly, thanks to some inspiring (and crazy!) teachers during my own time at school. I joined Aldridge School, a successful and popular comprehensive school in the West Midlands, in 2003 and I am still there. For the last few years I have been responsible for Modern Languages at the school; this has given me an even deeper insight into language learning. I have recently started working part-time at the school in order to spend more time with my family and to start my own business. Outside of school I am a bit of a nerd, with hobbies ranging from computer progr ... read more
Latest book: GCSE German Controlled Assessment Guide