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Follow me on Twitter at  lhorn714 Lena Horn
Lena Horn spent her childhood creating stories, but she continued even after most other children grew out of it. Lena carried on her playful past by writing fantasy and adventure stories. Into her college years, her passion for writing intensified. While home one summer, a scruffy fox roamed around her yard and came back for daily visits. Lena fell in love with this animal and a story began to develop in her mind. From this, Forgotten Fox was born. Lena Horn graduated from James Madison University with a BA in Media Arts and Design and minors in Creative Writing and Film Studies. She traveled much of her life and lived in Germany and England, and has settled in Virginia (U.S.). Lena continues to work on the nex ... read more
Latest book: Forgotten Fox (Book 1 of The Celestial Saga)

Follow me on Twitter at  SimplyJono Jon Pullinger
I strive to be the best that I can be and believe in the mantra, "Entrepreneurs spend a few years working like most people won't so that they can spend the rest of their lives living like most people can't.". It means that I plan to work as hard as I can, learn as much as I can so that I can retire at 55 to the South of France, driving a Lamborghini, listening to some Matt Monro, hiding behind my sunglasses. I love photography and have won awards & shot weddings. Running my own business has taught me a huge amount about the world, from marketing to accountancy, dealing with people from all walks of life and the HMRC. It's also helped me overcome my loathing of administration and now view it as something that ca ... read more
Latest book: Levande’s Quick Guide to Marketing

Follow me on Twitter at  socialistparty Socialist Party
The Socialist Party is the Irish Section of the Committee for a Workers International, a worldwide organisation that fights for a socialist alternative to the crisis ridden capitalist system.
Latest book: Towards Division Not Peace

Follow me on Twitter at  hg47 hg47
@hg47 - Writer. Reader. Reviewer. If you like science fiction, DAUGHTER MOON is the best thing I've ever written, or ever will write. I know my limits. It's not as good as THE MOTE IN GOD'S EYE, or DUNE, or even the flawed masterpiece STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND. Sucks to be me. I rank it 4th on the Ultimate Sci-Fi Scale. (They say that novelists are even more egotistical than Hollywood Directors.) If you like romance, you may enjoy A WALK IN THE RAIN. I will always be more than a little in love with Courtney in that novel. This is a mainstream, very adult, epic length romance. At one point, the heroine was raped; I was crying while writing that scene, spitting tears all over my monitor and keyboard. Don't tel ... read more
Latest book: Daughter Moon

Follow me on Twitter at  WillowMJennings Willow May Jennings
Willow May Jennings was born in a family of five older brothers in a small town in LA, that's Lower Alabama. Willow May was declared legally blind in 1989. She was totally blind when she published her first book. She takes a quote from Tennessee Williams,"I rely on the kindness of others" to get my manuscript published. Currently, Willow May resides in Augusta, Georgia.

Follow me on Twitter at  cesarpn Cesar Nascimento
Cesar Nascimento has lived in different countries as a career diplomat. His passion for literature comes from an early age, and his mother claims it comes from her. Who knows? He published his first collection of poems, The Remaining Difficulty, in 2012. He lives in Brussels.
Latest book: Mensagem do Exílio

Follow me on Twitter at  Ettalee_musings Leetta Angel
Leetta Jackson Angel is a wife and mother and lives in her native Kentucky on a farm with a bunch of animals. She works in higher education and writes for therapy. She's currently working on an unnamed novel about her experiences with child loss.
Latest book: Wuthering Heights & Werewolves: The Mashup

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorDLaComb Denis J. LaComb
Denis LaComb is a storyteller. Dissatisfied with a single title such as novelist, screenwriter, or playwright, Denis decided that the most apt description of his work would simply be: Storytelling. No matter what the genre; novel, play, movie, or children’s books, the essence of Denis’ work is storytelling in its purest form. While the characters may change and the story may vary, at the core of all of Denis’s work is a story to be told. A story that might involve mystery, passion, conflict, or the intricacies of relationships. The catalyst for Denis to begin writing full time was a decision to wind down his video production business. With the threat of retirement looming in his future, Denis went back ... read more
Latest book: Apache Blue Eyes

Follow me on Twitter at  MarkDavidWard M. David Ward
M. David Ward is an author of science fiction novels and the occasional short story, all of which are characterised by a lightness of touch and an undercurrent of humour that pulls the reader from page to page. He eschews hard sci-fi and space opera, preferring instead to take the familiar and to twist it into new and surprising shapes, like a clown with balloons.
Latest book: The Blue Angels

Follow me on Twitter at  lochlanbloom Lochlan Bloom
Lochlan Bloom lives in London and does not have a cat or a dog. He is a writer of fiction and non-fiction and has completed recent projects for BBC Radio Scotland, H+ Magazine , Ironbox Films and Calliope, the official publication of the Writers’ Special Interest Group (SIG) of American Mensa, amongst others. The BBC Writersroom describe his writing as ‘unsettling and compelling… vivid, taut and grimly effective work’. He currently has a feature length script in production with Porcelain Film. His novella, Trade, is out now. For more details visit
Latest book: Further Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

Follow me on Twitter at  jorritsmink Jorrit Smink
Jorrit Smink (1976) was born in Amsterdam and worked there as a soccer coach and sports journalist. He wrote two books about Ajax Amsterdam: Staanplaats (2003) and Ajax Training Session (2004). Smink lived for two years in the USA, but moved to Chile in 2006. He became a professional soccer coach and wrote a book about the South American soccer jungle: Dromen, Pesos en Spelersvrouwen (2009). Inspired by his daughter Emily he completed his first book for children in november 2012: The freaky farts of Mister Schumm. Besides writing, Smink currently works at his own sports management agency.
Latest book: The Freaky Farts of Mister Schumm

Follow me on Twitter at  Patric__Morgan Patric Morgan

Latest book: Do Not Go Gently

Follow me on Twitter at  shadirkeene Shadir Keene
Some like it hot, but I like it to sizzle when I write. If you like words that jump off the page and eat you, then you're my kind of reader. Be careful though, as I never write for those who are faint of heart or easily offended. So be warned, my stories contain very naughty words and even naughtier, horny, and wickedly wild characters. My writing style can only be categorised as raw and rugged suburban sexual fantasy, so you won't find any glamorous damsels or handsome hunk heroes. What you will find, are ordinary wives, mothers, husbands and fathers, who like all of us, have secret desires, passions and wild sexual fantasies, which sometimes come true. So if you're ready for a wet, wild and totally wicked r ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  speakingofnine Maryann Rada
No one knows exactly how such writing is transmitted from the source through an author to the reader, but there are others of a similar genre who say it is a signal-to-receiver sort of communication. In the case of Maryann Rada, it is similar to that, and the signal is transformed into the book Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity and many online messages collected on her website, Opalescent Nine. Of the breed of maverick writer and interdimensional lucid contactee, she has determined to bring through the timeless words of a people not unlike who we are, at our best, becoming. Like a navigator, she reads and relays the information that comes up on her inner radar screen, and allows the shape of ... read more
Latest book: Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

Follow me on Twitter at  NCRevelation Nathaniel Connors
Nathaniel Connors is a longtime resident of New England and currently resides in Fitchburg, MA. A husband and father of five, Nathaniel met his wife in 1995 at Roger Williams University, where he studied history and politics. Lucifer’s Legionnaire is book two in his Revelation’s trilogy. The first book, Revelation: Creatures Rule the Night was released in March of 2012 by Damnation Books and has received high reviews in the US and the UK. Nathaniel will release 6 short stories based on the series in the coming months, before publishing the final book in the trilogy in 2013. For more information, follow Nathaniel Connors on: Facebook: Twitter: @NCRevelation Blog: ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  DeanP11 Dean Peake
Dean Peake is a writer living and working in Utah. When he is not working a full time 'REAL' job, he spends time writing in a smokey dungeon that has books lining the dreary, wet walls. He has a wife and four kids, and THEY have too many cats.
Latest book: Florida off the beaten path

Follow me on Twitter at  hrwillaston HR Willaston
H.R. Willaston lives in California with her husband, Scott and their menagerie including five cats, three tanks of fish, two mourning doves and one dog - Laura-Glue. When not writing, she enjoys reading, camping at the beach, volunteering for animal rescues and working at a high school as a special education tutor. Nine Days is her second book. Future Letters was the first
Latest book: Nine Days

Follow me on Twitter at  KristonJohnson Kriston Johnson
Kriston Johnson lives in Southwest Washington with her husband, teenage son, and miniature Australian Shepherd. Her home rests at the fringe of an old growth forest that she insists is the home of Jason Voorhees. Her husband thinks that’s a ridiculous assumption, because everyone knows it’s really Bigfoot. Every summer Kriston participates in the annual pilgrimage to Faerieworlds, a real life faerie realm here on Earth, and has an unhealthy obsession with Star Wars, The Vampire Diaries, and Iron Man. Awakened is her first novel.
Latest book: Awakened, The Legends Of Elyndia #1

Follow me on Twitter at  HTSGOOD Julia Wittmann
Julia Wittmann is dedicated to helping her readers live their lives to the fullest. She is a graduate of Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, where she studied English and Geography. Julia lives in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband.
Latest book: How To Successfully Get Out Of Depression And Never Go Back

Follow me on Twitter at  NoNonsenseRadio Cynthia L. Rogers
Cynthia L. Rogers, has a B.S. in Communication from Houghton College in Houghton, N.Y., and minored in Business Administration and Professional Writing. She is a freelance writer and the creator, host and producer of “No Nonsense Radio” on and “What’s The 411” on Her radio shows and writings discuss issues from male and female perspectives ranging from: love & dating, family life & raising children, single parenting, verbal & physical abuse in relationships, careers and national and community issues. Her goal is to empower and encourage women as they face many difficult situations in their lives and sometimes need advice from other women that h ... read more
Latest book: Sometimes Life Hurts, How To Get Over The Ouch!

Follow me on Twitter at  robgregtenn Robert Donaldson
Robert Donaldson is a writer living in Reno, Nevada. He has written articles on gardening, social commentary and technology. He also has written and self-published two novels.
Latest book: Tips for Growing Kale in Your Garden

Follow me on Twitter at  secura2 Hans-Peter Oswald
Hans-Peter Oswald is the CEO of ICANN accredited Registrar Secura. Secura, a German GmbH from Cologne (Germany), has been founded 1992 and accredited by ICANN in the year 2001. Secura is authorized by ICANN to register all generic Top Level Domains. In addition, Secura can register almost all active country domains. When was still independent, it listed Secura as among the best registrars of the world. Secura sells to resellers, but also to private customers, who visit Secura's website at (German) or (English). Basic information is also available in other languages - from Hungarian to Chinese. Secura gives support in many differe ... read more
Latest book: Wyatt Earp: My Fight at O.K. Corrall

Follow me on Twitter at  jaeblakney Mary Jeddore Blakney
I live in New Hampshire and love to write fiction that matters, fiction that prompts us to think and starts us talking.
Latest book: The Sandfruit People - ARC

Follow me on Twitter at  SilverInCirc Harold J. Forbes
Writing under the pen name Harold J. Forbes, I am a thirty-something man living in the United States with my wife and four children. I am a Certified Public Accountant and former auditor currently working in the accounting function of a publicly-traded Fortune 500 company. While completing my collegiate studies, I also worked as a teller for a mid-sized regional bank. I have been a casual coin collector since I was a child, and began searching coin for silver in the doldrums of the current economic crisis. I consider myself to be what many would call a prepper. Through my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church), I have learned the importance of being temporally and spi ... read more
Latest book: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Silver in Circulation

Follow me on Twitter at  BeckyMcNeer Becky McNeer

Latest book: Not Your Ordinary Recipes

Follow me on Twitter at  dvpswe Darryl Pendergrass
I am an IT project manager and software engineer by trade. I am a people helper by nature. I was the primary family caregiver for four years during my wife's battle with glioblastoma - stage 4 brain cancer. My first book is in progress. Called Suddenly a Caregiver, I share the story of Lynne's courage during her fight and the caregiving experience and the lessons learned along the journey. I hope that sharing this will help someone else with that responsibility should they face a similar situation.
Latest book: Suddenly a Caregiver

Follow me on Twitter at  kool__beanz Lavar Davis
Im a 32 year old young author,and its a passion for me to write.Im currently writing my first love, adventure, thriller and hope to have it out very soon.Im very creative and i love to think outside the box.I hope you all enjoy Green Apples Sold Separately.
Latest book: Green Apples (Sold Separately)

Follow me on Twitter at  kittyducane Kitty DuCane
Let's see, I live in NC with my wonderful husband, one yellow lab and a 6 cats. All were strays. I think there's a sign hidden in the front yard that says 'Stray Cats Welcome.' My husband's been looking for that sign for years. I really don't consider myself a writer. I'm a storyteller. A writer implies that you know your grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. That's not me. There's probably an error in what I'm typing right now! A storyteller, on the other hand, weaves a story and then gets help with the writing stuff. So, can anyone be a writer...probably. Can anyone be a storyteller...absolutely! I started my first book in 1999, but a wonderful thing happened. Ballgames, scouts, golf, dance, home ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  john hill john hill

Follow me on Twitter at  markmcguinness Mark McGuinness
Coach for creative people - creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and mavericks in other fields.
Latest book: Resilience: Facing Down Rejection and Criticism on the Road to Success

Follow me on Twitter at  Arielle Pierce Arielle Pierce
Arielle Pierce currently resides in both southern Spain and in Wales, ensuring that she doesn't miss the worst of the rains and gales of one country, nor the blazing heat and droughts of the other. When not merrily scribbling away about the adventures of two men in love (or lust, more likely) she can be found sewing sock kitty cats for her small son or gardening in her back yard, where she is locked into a losing battle with the weeds (and with the sock cats, for that matter).

Follow me on Twitter at  RecensioneLibri Mariachiara Marsella
Amo leggere, amo scrivere. Sono due azioni che mi hanno salvato la vita.
Latest book: La scatola dei ricordi

Follow me on Twitter at  SteenLangstrup Steen Langstrup
Award winning Danish author. Born in 1968, I started out as a cartoonist in the early nineties, writing and drawing cartoons for several magazines in Copenhagen. In 1995, I debuted as an author with two novels, one of them later filmed, and went on to publish books in different genres, always aiming to do things a little different. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, with my wife and two kids. I have had several works translated and published in foreign languages. My books have been filmed and made into radio plays. I have published about twenty books, counting novels, cartoons, collections of short stories and nonfiction. ... I enjoy my readers as much as they enjoy my writing. Stop by my blog, www.langstrup.c ... read more
Latest book: Codename Panzer

Follow me on Twitter at  shobanarayan Shoba Narayan
Shoba Narayan dreams of being a trapeze artist or a stand-up comedienne, both of which are unrealistically ambitious given that she is galactically un-funny and clumsy to boot. Meanwhile, she writes about food, travel, fashion, art and her native India for many publications. They include Condenast Traveler (US edition), The National, Financial Times, Destinasian, Gourmet, Time, Silkroad, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Town & Country, British Airways Highlife, Cathay Pacific's Discovery, Singapore Airlines' Silverkris, Knowledge@Wharton, Departures, Food & Wine, Saveur, Newsweek, Beliefnet and House Beautiful, among others. She is not sure why she said "among others" given that she has gi ... read more
Latest book: How I bought a cow-- and donated its calf

Follow me on Twitter at  beastauthor Beast
Beast writes gay, erotic fiction aimed at arousing his readers both physically and mentally. His stories are loosely, and not so loosely, based on his past experiences and his seemingly endless fantasies of sex, love and drama. Beast enjoys exploring and writing fiction that takes on voyeurism, awakening sexuality, corruption of the innocent, prostitution, violence, and a host of other raw, realistic and engaging themes. In a clear reflection of his personal life, Beast pegs himself as a versatile writer. His catalog of titles range from hot, pornographic short stories that make readers hard as brick to steamy and engaging novellas and novels that not only excite the physical but stimulate the mental. Beast's ... read more
Latest book: Branded

Follow me on Twitter at  julienmorgan Julien Morgan
Je suis né en 1986, en Bretagne. Au reste, je suis profondément convaincu que la réalité a été créée pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas faire face à la science-fiction et, comme tout auteur qui se respecte, j’écris en ce moment un roman.
Latest book: Mendung

Follow me on Twitter at  fifthwood Jeff Sherwood
I'm just some geek in the big scary world.
Latest book: Visions of Evil

Follow me on Twitter at  krystinastevens Krystina Stevens
Author of the Ariana Walsh erotic thriller short story series, and the forthcoming erotic suspense thriller novel Red Letters. Reader of romance, drinker of red wine.

Follow me on Twitter at  sweetstephanie7 Stephanie Dolce
Her sassy novels are now entertaining millions of readers worldwide, along with her knowledge and expertise in relationships with her first book of nonfiction, A Bird's Eye View, which was released in March 2011. Stephanie's second book is another nonfiction title- Sex, Lies and Twitter: The dark side to how Twitter can change one's life forever, continues to feature Stephanie's sassy and witty humor, but the picture Stephanie paints is the reason she has become an anti-bullying advocate. Imagine looking for maybe the chance to find love and romance on Twitter, only instead to get bullied, mocked, and humiliated not only by the guy you were fond of, but also got attacked by numerous people on Twitter because ... read more
Latest book: Victim No More

Follow me on Twitter at  writegray Michael Gray
Michael Gray lives on the side of a mountain with an astounding family, which he has no idea what he's done to thankfully deserve. With over 20 years of experience writing for local newspapers and national publications like WoW Insider, Tecca, USA Today, and Yahoo, Michael now spends his time writing in a cabin.
Latest book: The Mystery Hounds: The Bear of Fox Mountain

Follow me on Twitter at  chosenmich Mich Olorunfemi
MICH OLORUNFEMI is a unique author dwelling on the Christian thriller genre. His stories give a nail-biting, jaw-tightening experience, taking you on a journey from fear to faith. Born in northern Nigeria, he lives in Abuja, Nigeria.
Latest book: Eyes

Follow me on Twitter at  KikiWrites Christin Haws
Christin Haws is a writer with an occasional day job. She's also a rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing.
Latest book: A Tale of Two Lady Killers

Follow me on Twitter at  charliepschmidt Charles Schmidt
World of Vacancy is Charles Schmidt’s debut novel. He lives in Arizona and works in the behavioral health field. He likes X-Box and Faulkner.
Latest book: World of Vacancy

Follow me on Twitter at  fandffemme Rechell McDonald
I am a proud independent author who believes in producing a good product. I think it's important to consult experts in editing and formatting, as well as in graphic design. My stuff is slightly pricier because I do invest financially in my work - I don't think publishing something independently is an excuse to produce junk and I am not here to sell you something that is not worth your money. I take time - months if not years - to produce a book. It is not done overnight and I am not flooding the market with pieces full of errors. I strive to produce a great product and I want to restore the good name of true Independent Authors everywhere.

Follow me on Twitter at  B_SJohnson BS Johnson
I am a small town Georgia girl. I've been writing poetry , short stories and non-fiction since I was very young. Throughout school, I won multiple spelling bees, and always excelled in English. I am a mother to 3, and grandmother to 3!! (I started at a young age, so I'm not your typical Granny!) I love the outdoors, spending time with family, curling up to a movie or good ebook, or having family game night at the kitchen table. I have two books in print as of this writing. The first is Maters, Taters & Grits. It's a short non-fiction about life in the South, with a hint of comedy and "redneck-ism". The second is Rhymes From Darker Times, and is a book of poetry taken from notebooks out of my past. If you're ... read more
Latest book: Rhymes From Darker Times

Follow me on Twitter at  snowqueentlc T.L. Manning
I have been a writer my entire life, but only late last year began letting the world know it. I have my first Paranormal book called 'Night' finished (previously a 4 books novella series) and am currently working on a new book series called 'CURSED' the first book is titled Precious Anathema, and the second is Shadow Bane. I am a coffee addict, and music lover, I hate bananas and quiet people. I hope that you like what you see and come back for more :) Thank you!
Latest book: Shadow Bane

Follow me on Twitter at  joshtext Joshua Malin
Joshua Malin is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ez Texting, one of the largest text message marketing firms in North America. Founded in 2006, Ez Texting has grown from 50 original clients to over 50,000 clients today. Joshua has spent nearly half of his 29 years in the mobile/tech space. His other experience includes: Co-founder of GroupTabs, the first purely non-native (HTML5) location based marketing app; Co-Founder of MobileSmarts, one of the first and for a time, the largest distributors of ringtones in North America (back in 2000!).
Latest book: SMS Marketing For Small Businesses

Follow me on Twitter at  pbeacannon Bea Cannon
Bea lives in Charlotte, NC. In addition to writing science fiction and fantasy (and a smidgen of horror) she enjoys a good read, working crossword puzzles, walking, drawing, and painting. She is a retired electronics technician and admits to having worked at a variety of other jobs during her life, including being a dishwasher, a busgirl, a house maid, a motel/hotel maid, working in a fast-food joint, a telephone operator, and a store clerk. There have been other, not-so-glamorous jobs, including picking cotton. She also daydreams a lot.
Latest book: Bridge

Follow me on Twitter at  corpprayer Corporate Prayer Resources
Corporate Prayer Resources (“CPR”) is a ministry promoting intercessory prayer and Christ-centered unity to advance God’s Kingdom in churches, cities, states, and nations. CPR began in 1999 as the vision of Pat Allen to help Christians pray more effectively for personal, family, church, city, national and international issues. She has promoted the “demystifying “of prayer to bring prayer into the practical, everyday experience of Christians. CPR has participated in many meetings, seminars, and retreats where the practical disciplines of prayer are both taught and imparted to participants. CPR also helps churches establish a strong prayer ministry by involving church members in church sponsored prayer ... read more
Latest book: Babylon: A Spiritual Journey Through Time and the Nations

Follow me on Twitter at  carmenerotica Carmen Cross
Indie author of erotica and erotic romance stories.