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Follow me on Twitter at  sonyacdodd Sonya C. Dodd
Sonya C. Dodd lives in Norfolk, England with her husband and two sons, Hugo and Branwell. Whilst a part-time teacher, Sonya also writes as well as looking after her two children. Sonya currently has nine novels available in a range of genres. She has written a number of short stories and is currently completing her tenth novel.
Latest book: Black Tuesday

Follow me on Twitter at  valleyanger Majid Mireskandai
I am working for Valley Anger Management is an Anger Management counseling service located in the San Fernando Valley.
Latest book: Learn Easy Ways To Control Anger

Follow me on Twitter at  Tony Green Tony Green
Tony Green is Emeritus Professor of Art History, University of Auckland, New Zealand. He taught European art history of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries at the University of Edinburgh from 1960 to 1969. While in Edinburgh he gave numerous extra-mural classes and, encouraged by Anthony Blunt, worked at a thesis on Nicolas Poussin and the Seven Sacraments, which resulted in a PhD in Fine Arts in 1968. In 1969 he was appointed founding professor of art history in the University of Auckland. He began to pay serious attention to contemporary painting and sculpture and especially to the practices of his New Zealand contemporaries He wrote many reviews and articles for New Zealand periodicals and exhibition ... read more
Latest book: Poussin's Humour

Follow me on Twitter at  krisstone15 kris stone
Kris Stone lives on the South Coast of England. Having spent many years in law enforcement creativity beckoned and all her time is now spent writing.
Latest book: Lost And Found

Follow me on Twitter at  tommwaita Thomas Waita

Latest book: It's Friday Again

Follow me on Twitter at  MadalinaNita Madalina Nita
I am a public relations and marketing specialist who emigrated to New Zealand 7 years ago. I've gathered a lot of helpful information for those who would like to change their life. I am a New Zealand citizen now and proud of that. Mum of two great kids who are growing happily in a beautiful country. Get in touch with me for more details about New Zealand.
Latest book: Your Little Guide to New Zealand Paradise

Follow me on Twitter at  ivanbayross Ivan Bayross
My name is Ivan Bayross, I'm Gemini/Cancer cusp born. A 61 year old techno geek and published author. Here is what's been at the center of my world for the past 30 odd years: I was born, grew up, and live in Mumbai, with my wife Cynthia and our daughter Chriselle. Mumbai is the commerce capital of the sub-continent called - India. Did my M.Tech in Manchester U.K. where I specialized in DBMS. Did a diploma in Business Management from the same place. Own a software development and export house located at Vile Parle East, a suburb of Mumbai, along with my wife Cynthia, where we craft commercial applications using Open source and Microsoft tools and technologies. I have written and published 70 books mos ... read more
Latest book: Setup Your WordPress 4.X.X Website From Scratch

Follow me on Twitter at  soul20 Dyah Kane
Dyah Kane is a spiritual misfit, serial entrepreneur and lifestyle designer. With over a thousand out of body experiences under his belt, he’s passionate about showing others the truth behind their own divinity, and helping them live a life thats awesome.
Latest book: Spiritual Destiny: Beyond The Law Of Attraction

Follow me on Twitter at  petebrown8 Winston Brown
Peter Winston Brown had one of the highest IQ’s of the third form intake at St Andrew’s College in 1955; unfortunately he was not ready to learn. Excelling in sport, he lacked application, academically; culminating in failure to meet the standard, much to his parent’s disappointment. Farm training was decided upon and representative rugby became the main interest whilst a 24 year old schoolteacher sneaked in and stole his virginity. Next he became a junior executive for a milk supply company, managed a ski field before driving a bulldozer on the Benmore Hydro Scheme to gain funds for his overseas trip. Australia first stop and the advertisement in the Courier-Mail caught his eye, Plantation Manager, Pap ... read more
Latest book: Nomad

Follow me on Twitter at  authordanihart Dani Hart
I'm a... Mom Firefighter Wife Sister Sister-In-Law Daughter Aunt Friend Multi-genre Writer Reader and so many other ordinary things. I love my life and am so grateful for all of the support. I have the courage to live a dream. xo Tumblr: danihartbooks YOUTH DIVISION Twitter & Instagram: authordanihart ADULT DIVISION Twitter & Instagram: authordhart
Latest book: Forgotten Treasures: A Second Chance Novel

Follow me on Twitter at  grief_relief Christine McArthur
Christine lives in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. She has been a grief counsellor and chaplain providing grief guidance for over 20 years.
Latest book: Getting Through Grief

Follow me on Twitter at  Simidentist Josie Dovidio
Josie Dovidio, DDS is a busy mom of two who, since her son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, has become passionate about learning all she can about living a simpler, more natural lifestyle. She enjoys converting her favorite recipes into gluten-free, dairy free masterpieces and makes nutritionally impactful recipes from real food to nourish her family. She loves reading, learning, writing and experiences indescribable joy from helping other moms with special needs kids. She juggles her time between studying God’s Word, being a wife, a cub scout and soccer mom, and her job as a Family Dentist in Simi Valley, California. When a free moment arises, Dr. Dovidio blogs at about faith, reci ... read more
Latest book: E.A.T. An Italian Mother's Guide to Going Casein-free in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Follow me on Twitter at  ai1_electronics Cammen Chan
Cammen Chan has worked in the electronics industry since 1996 at many leading electronics companies. He did IC design, is a patent holder, has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He has been an adjunct faculty at seven US colleges and universities, where he has taught subjects such as Electrical Engineering, Math, IT, and Emerging Technologies. Presently, he trains embedded system engineers, does research, and writes technical materials.
Latest book: All-in-One Electronics Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  JeremyShory Jeremy Shory
Jeremy Shory is an up-and-coming young author, looking to share his passion for writing with the world. He was born on July 6, 1984 and grew up in Orlando, Florida, where he was exposed to whimsical and fantastic adventures–often used as a basis for his writing. His interest in fantasy began at an early age, and he has recently taken a special interest in the young adult fantasy genre. The idea of transporting the readers mind to a magical place and captivating them throughout an entire journey drives Jeremy to keep his imagination churning.
Latest book: The Orion Chronicles: The Journal of Forgotten Secrets

Follow me on Twitter at  stevecolegrove Stephen Colegrove
Wanted on twelve systems for a crime he didn't commit, the author grew up watching anything and everything sci-fi: Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Space: 1999, Star Wars, and The A-Team. Oh, and Airwolf. Author is elbowing me in the ribs painfully--I am to emphasize his love for Airwolf, and not screw it up by making it sarcastic or hipster-ironic like I always do. Author wishes he could fly a secret government helicopter with Ernest Borgnine behind him in the dickie seat? (That's what he said, trust me.) Author's early years were spent running from wastelanders in the hills of southern Ohio. After college he turned away glittering job offers in food service and insurance and worked for the post o ... read more
Latest book: The Amish Spaceman

Follow me on Twitter at  acitymom Kim Strickland
Kim Strickland is the author of two novels, Wish Club and Down at the Golden Coin. She also writes A City Mom, a blog at www.ChicagoNow/ Kim received a B.S in Journalism with an English minor from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She also received her pilot training at the University of Illinois' Institute of Aviation. A native Chicagoan, Kim still currently lives in Chicago with her husband, three children, two cats and one dog. When she's not being a mom or writing, she flies as a First Officer on Boeing 767's, which means, every once in a while she gets to eat an entire meal sitting down.
Latest book: Down at the Golden Coin

Follow me on Twitter at  sports_hypnosis Stephen Mycoe
Steve's first book 'Unlimited Sports Success- the Power of Hypnosis' was published in 2001 and documents his work with athletes. Currently still in print (search for ISBN: 0595186106). Steve is one of the only Hypnotherapists in the UK who works almost exclusively with athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This makes him a sought after specialist in this area and often the first contact by Olympic teams and professional athletes. Steve has worked with professionals from all over the world including British, American and Chinese Olympic teams. His system has been used by Premiership football players, members of the Police shooting squad and TV personalities. Mycoe's work in sports and pain control has drawn him into ... read more
Latest book: How to Lose Weight Jumping Rope Like a Boxer & ToneUp, Get Fit and Feel Great!

Follow me on Twitter at  iAmAwesomeXox Jazza the Crabb
Hey my awesome readers! My name’s Jasmina (a.k.a. Jazza), I’m 14, and a proud traveler. I was born in the north of Poland, lived there for ages (6 years precisely), and then, against my will, moved to the noisy London. After a month or so of not speaking (I was too scared I’d make a mistake) I finally fit in and another 6 years passed. I made some wonderful friends then which I still love nowadays and totally do not regret moving countries. You see, I was just casually minding my own business one day when my mum had made yet another decision. We were gonna move, AGAIN. To SPAIN. Why!?!? As you might have guessed, I wasn’t very happy. And my friends were planning on murdering me for this. But afte ... read more
Latest book: Just Another London Girl

Follow me on Twitter at  kidsngo Witold Matulewicz
A fully qualified teacher, linguist, teacher trainer and family advisor working with children, adolescents and adults. An author of many innovative educational programmes and syllabi for ELT and Early Years. Coordinated the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage in childminding provisions and nurseries within the UK. National Vocational Qualifications Assessor in Children’s Care Learning and Development and Playwork. Early Years Professional Status Assessor for UK Early Years providers such as Kingston University and the Tribal Group. My professional experience is also about cultures and places. Wherever I go, I inspire others. I have organised and promoted a variety of educational initiatives a ... read more
Latest book: Active World Explorers - The Ultimate Family Adventure Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  kidsngo Magdalena Matulewicz
A fully qualified teacher, linguist, lecturer of English phonetics and phonology, teacher trainer and family advisor working with children, adolescents and adults. An author of many innovative educational programmes and syllabi for ELT and Early Years. Coordinated the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage in childminding provisions and nurseries within the UK. National Vocational Qualifications Assessor in Children’s Care Learning and Development and Playwork. Early Years Professional Status Assessor for Early Years providers in the UK such as Canterbury University, Kingston University and the Tribal Group. My professional experience is also about cultures and places. Wherever I go, I inspire o ... read more
Latest book: The Coffee Journey

Follow me on Twitter at  stevenmoorer Steven Moorer
Steven was born in raised in a town known as Pine Apple, AL and is a graduate of Wilcox Academy. Steven is an Army veteran and took an interest in writing during his deployment overseas. Steven now lives in Daphne, AL with his wife April and their three kids Dokata, Austin and Emily. Steven's writing inspirations and favorite authors are; George R.R. Martin, Brent Weeks, Brandon Sanderson, Dan Brown, and Micheal Crichton.
Latest book: The Protector

Follow me on Twitter at  toddfahey Todd Brendan Fahey
Todd Brendan Fahey made the Digital Leap at the close of 1994. Mired to innumerable rejections of his psychedelic thriller Wisdom's Maw: The Acid Novel (Far Gone Books, 1996), pal Gerard Martin offered to place portions of the unpublished manuscript on something called "the Web." "Sure," Fahey said. "Whatever." The struggling novelist had played around on GEnie, mostly to gain access to the Grateful Dead tape-trading community, but The Internet remained an enigma. So, when on a cold Louisiana winter evening, in the Educational Technology Resource lab at University of Louisiana-Lafayette, he was shown Levi Asher's Literary Kicks beat pages, the experience, for Fahey, was as profound as his first acid trip, bea ... read more
Latest book: Wisdom's Maw

Follow me on Twitter at  VrindaPendred Vrinda Pendred
VRINDA PENDRED is a BA Honours graduate in English with Creative Writing from Brunel University in London. Raised in Phoenix, Arizona until she was 16 years old, Vrinda now lives in Hertfordshire, England with her husband and son. A writer of psychological and young adult fiction, Vrinda also works as an editor and proofreader, and gives private English tuition. She is currently working on her five-book YA fantasy series 'The Descendants'. Her first novel was 'The Ladder', a story about two friends learning to grow through their difficult childhoods and find the light that lies inside themselves. She is also the founder of Conditional Publications, an independent publishing house for writers diagnosed with ne ... read more
Latest book: Ascendance (The Descendants, #4)

Follow me on Twitter at  riznphnx S. A. Huchton
A geek of all trades, Starla Huchton has been crafting stories in various genres since 2007. Her first novel, The Dreamer’s Thread was released as a full cast audiobook podcast, becoming a double-nominee and finalist for the 2010 Parsec Awards. After releasing short fiction of steampunk, noir fantasy, and other varieties, she released the first three books of the Sci-Fi Romance Endure series in 2013. All three books of the Evolution series will be released in 2014, as well as a Steampunk Fantasy novel, Master of Myth (the Antigone’s Wrath series, book 1), which was the first place winner of the Crested Butte Writers’ contest, The Sandy, in 2012. When not writing, Starla trains three Minions, a black lab, ... read more
Latest book: The Evolution Series Omnibus

Follow me on Twitter at  Gornnomad Gary Mark Lee
Gary Mark Lee was born in Pasadena California in 1947; he graduated high school then went into the entertainment field. He worked for many special effects companies in the mid 1908’s then went into the theme park design business, he has worked for the Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers and Universal Studio’s and others. Gary doesn't consider himself a writer but more of a story teller, "Nomads of the Gods" is his first effort at writing a full length novel. Recently he has posted his second epic book "Nomads, The Fallen God" the book continues the saga of Arn and Andra and the tribe of the Almadra, this time the travel to the forest of the East and there face new dangers. He and his wife live comfortab ... read more
Latest book: Asgard tales from the Golden Hall.

Follow me on Twitter at  ddevinrice Devin Rice
Devin Rice has been a writer since he was 6 years old, scribing fantasy and science fiction stories based on his vivid dreams and out-of-the-box imagination. Ever since he found out that one of his favorite movies, Terminator, was based on a dream that James Cameron had, he decided that he would turn his dreams into books and movies. The Creators Series are his first novels, based on real life experiences and actual dreams that he's had. It's his most personal story to date, and there's more of him inside these books than any fictional work he's ever done.
Latest book: The Creators (The Creators #2)

Follow me on Twitter at  cliffordski Clifford Meyer

Latest book: Betrayal: A Novel of Rome

Follow me on Twitter at  TitanicNews Gerry MacPherson
In 1996, Gerry MacPherson, a noted tour director and story teller from Halifax, Nova Scotia, had the amazing fortune of meeting and spending time with two survivors of the 1912 Titanic disaster. “I never planned on waking up one morning and meeting anyone who would change my life, but that is exactly what happened when I met Edith Brown Haisman and Michel Navratil. During our time together, they shared their experiences of Titanic with me and I would like to share them with you.”
Latest book: Halifax Ghost Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  Tara Meissner Tara Meissner
Tara Meissner is a former journalist and a lifelong creative writer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and works part-time at her local library. Tara lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Michael, and their three sons. She writes longhand in composition notebooks. Stress Fracture: A Memoir of Psychosis is her first book. Thank you for reading – it makes me believe a tree really did fall in the woods.
Latest book: Stress Fracture: A Memoir of Psychosis

Follow me on Twitter at Monica K.K. Lee
Monica Lee is a Native Hawaiian writer and author of two books. Her short stories and poetry have appeared in several literary journals. She has a BA in English and writes when she is not busy fussing with her family in Hawaii.
Latest book: Mama's Dramas

Follow me on Twitter at  nomadxx Thomas Beckett
I have been an ESL teacher in Hong Kong since 2002. Prior to that I have worked in the education field in Australia , UK and China. I was the writer and creator of Ming the Minibus books which was turned into a cartoon series shown in many countries around the world.
Latest book: Chan the Policeman

Follow me on Twitter at  DrPSuglia Dr. Patrick V. Suglia
Dr. Suglia is a native of Reading, PA. He first entered the world of health care in 1982 as an ambulance attendant for the Gov. Mifflin Area Ambulance Association in Shillington, PA. Ten years later, he became a Certified Respiratory Therapist. He then moved to Valparaiso, IN where he worked at the Porter Memorial Hospital, specializing for a period of time in pediatric respiratory care. After discovering greater potential within himself, and developing an eagerness to help people in an even higher capacity, he attended Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA. During his time in Georgia, he was trained in the traditional method of Usui Reiki as Taught by Takata by the Rev. Betty McKeon. He also ... read more
Latest book: The Doctor Is In: My Success at the Crossroads of Autism and Spirituality

Follow me on Twitter at Crimson Skye
"Don't judge the book by its cover either by the age of the writer. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated. Thank You."
Latest book: Chase

Follow me on Twitter at  colleensayre Colleen Sayre
Colleen Sayre is a reader, a writer, and a lover of art and literature. She writes sci-fi thrillers and contemporary stories that deal with the pleasure and pain of the human condition. Following her mother's tradition of story-telling, Colleen also writes books and stories for her children and grandchildren (Thunder and Minshew the Dragon Dog), hoping to instill in them her love of books, education, and life. Colleen currently lives in Florida, with her husband and three dogs.
Latest book: A Gathering of Angels

Follow me on Twitter at  boomers_rock Boomers Rock Media, LLC

Latest book: Attracting Abundance

Follow me on Twitter at  ClayGilbert1 Clay Gilbert
I'm a novelist, not a short-story writer, for a reason. I was born in 1971--although, as Douglas Adams rightly observed, time is relative. I've been writing since I was four--if a short sci-fi story about a robot, with stick-figure illustrations--counts, and I published my first short story, called "The Computer Conspiracy", in Scholastic magazine when I was in middle school. Wrote my first novel-length manuscript (you don't want to see it) that same year, and began my first novel of any worth my senior year of high school, and finished it in my freshman year of college. I spent a lot of time in school, eventually earning a Master's degree in English lit and an M.F.A. in Fiction Writing (from Auburn University ... read more
Latest book: Dark Road to Paradise

Follow me on Twitter at  JTMcFarland13 J.T. McFarland
J.T. McFarland grew up in Michigan and now lives in North central Georgia. Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed telling stories and writing about them (sometimes tall tales). Writing has been a passion of mine most of my life. A writer of poetry, short stories, lots of fiction and a company newspaper column, I have let the creative juices flow. Lately, I have been focusing my attention on a series of erotic romance works, entitled "The Fille de Joie Series". I have just published my latest labor of love, "Her Fantasies - Four Fantasies For Women". I hope you will take a look at my books.
Latest book: "Her Fantasies"

Follow me on Twitter at  karenmbryson Karen Mueller Bryson
Dr. Karen Mueller Bryson is an award-winning/optioned screenwriter, produced playwright and published novelist. Karen has been writing since she learned to read and fell in love with books! When she's not at her computer creating new stories, Karen enjoys spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds.
Latest book: Hell on Wheels: The Incredible Story of Rookie Roller Derby Queen Cindy McCoy

Follow me on Twitter at  shortontimebook Dakota Madison
Romance novelist, Dakota Madison, has been writing since she learned to read and fell in love with books. When she's not at her computer creating spicy stories, Dakota is traveling to exotic locales or spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds.
Latest book: Fire on Ice Books One and Two: The Complete Series

Follow me on Twitter at  emlynley EM Lynley

Latest book: Sands of Thyme

Follow me on Twitter at Nancy Sander
Hello, my name is Nancy Sander. I have been a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois, USA. I have 18 years of experience within the ‘not-for-profit’ arena. My years of experience include supporting people through life changes, dealing with trauma, foster care, criminal justice, addiction, family intervention, family and couples counseling, and other areas too numerous to mention here. Because of these experiences, I am focusing my attention on the support of the parents. I am excited to be offering free information and online parenting courses individualized to specific parenting problems. Oftentimes, parents are weighted down by the expectations of others, and thus lose sight of ... read more
Latest book: 8 Valuable Tips for Raising Teenagers

Follow me on Twitter at  chrishantis Christopher Hantis
Chris Hantis is an author, musician, musical producer,and creative enthusiast; inspiring individuals to experience the magic in life. Born and raised in Rockaway, NJ, Chris contributes his success to his family, neighbors, and the positive people whom continue to surround him. Currently Chris has published "Make Money With Instagram: How To Capitalize on the 100 Million Market." A strategic, yet simple self based guide on how to monetize and target audiences through the Instagram platform. With his most recent release "Journal Writing Quick Start 4 Personal Thought" Chris has explored his personal life with writing, and the methods he learned from his literature professors. The book helps people get started w ... read more
Latest book: Journal Writing Quick Start 4 Personal Thought

Follow me on Twitter at  gaervell Henry Gaervell
New author with a new take on the military thriller genre.
Latest book: Contract for Liberty

Follow me on Twitter at  meadowsstacy Stacy Meadows
I am a 40 year old male who likes to write many stories. Look forward to my future upcoming super hero related titles.
Latest book: The Movie Game

Follow me on Twitter at  julimccullagh Julianne McCullagh
Julianne McCullagh is a Mayborn Literary Conference First Place winner, has been published in Rose and Thorn Literary Journal, Ten Spurs Journal, is a Writer’s Digest Literary Fiction winner, wrote a series for Loyola Press, and has been a writing instructor at The Writers Garret, Dallas. You can read more of her work at .
Latest book: The Narrow Gate

Follow me on Twitter at  dbelbin David Belbin
David Belbin is the author of forty novels for teenagers and several books for older readers, including 'The Pretender', about literary forgery, and the crime/politics series 'Bone and Cane'. His YA novels include 'Love Lessons', 'The Last Virgin' & 'The Beat' series. He teaches creative writing at Nottingham Trent University. Full biography and bibliography at
Latest book: Love Lessons

Follow me on Twitter at  WayneLMurphy Wayne L Murphy
Wayne L Murphy was born in Mt. Kisco, NY. He grew up in Dutchess County and now lives in Catskill, NY. Wayne continues to work on his first novel, 'Cerridwen Moon'. He hopes to have it published in 2013. He also has numerous other works in progress. Wayne played soccer for 28 years, and has coached several boys and girl's teams. He is also a fan of NY sports teams. Wayne earned his Associate's Degree from Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Wayne has owned his own business twice in the past. In his spare time he likes to work around his house, play video games, ride his motorcycle, and travel. He also enjoys movies and live music. One of his favorite places to visit is the Upper East Side ... read more
Latest book: Toy Garden 4

Follow me on Twitter at  SG_Walther Siegfried Walther
Born in Cape Town, South Africa. Practising Advocate of the High Court of South Africa specialising in civil litigation. (1999-to date) Former Attorney of the High Court. (1993-1999) Former Law Officer in the South African Defence Force during National Service. (1990) Writer, Aviation Analyst, DJ, Flight Simulator Pilot,
Latest book: The Powder of One

Follow me on Twitter at  fictionvortex Fiction Vortex
A fiction vortex is a tornado of stories that pick you up and hurl you through a barn to find enlightenment on the other side. It’s a whirlpool of fascinating tales so compelling that they suck you in, drag you down to the bottom of your mind and drown you with incessant waves of glorious imagery and believable characters. Nope. Not that either. But we’re getting closer. A fiction vortex is an online speculative fiction magazine focused on publishing great science fiction and fantasy, and is run by incredibly attractive and intelligent people with great taste in literature and formidable writing prowess.
Latest book: Fiction Vortex - February 2015