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Naturopata e scrittore, si è formato con una laurea in materie letterarie e frequentando poi numerosi corsi sulle discipline olistiche e sulle terapie naturali. Ha approfondito in particolare argomenti come radiestesia, test kinesiologici, rimedi erboristici e vibrazionali, campane tibetane; ha sviluppato un metodo personale di pranopratica, che include 5 simboli provenienti da antiche civiltà. Ha pubblicato libri per le Edizioni Mediterranee, la Giunti Demetra e la Flora srl. Tiene corsi e consulenze a Firenze e altrove. Naturopath and writer, he graduated in English literature at the University of Florence, Italy and then attended numerous courses in holistic disciplines and natural therapies. He studied i ... read more
Latest book: Post Tenebras. I racconti del cimitero

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Self-publishing author and self-confessed fantasist, I vent my ideas into novels that I strive to make emotionally provocative and addictive. Music is referenced heavily and is a huge influence in the way I write. Those who know me well will see the pieces of my personality that I put into my words. Those who don't will see outrageous story lines, gut wrenching twists, raunchy love affairs, and heart stopping romance. Jaws will drop. Eyes will burn. Cheeks will blush. Pages will turn. If just one of those reactions is evoked from every reader, then I know that my time isn't wasted. I write in the hope that my work will be enjoyed and the word will spread. Not for the *unlikely* financial gain, but for the kno ... read more

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I like to write, and I make ebooks for a living. My blog is about self-publishing and making ebooks. Oh, I'm also obsessed with dinosaurs (see So expect a story involving them at some point.
Latest book: How to Create Your First Ebook

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Philip Morgan has always had a big imagination; ever since he was a child he could be found drawing, writing and making up stories about anything. He is also an avid reader and fan of games and entertainment, drinking in everything as fuel for his own ideas. Morgan lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and cats.
Latest book: The Hopewell Conspiracy: A Darkstar Steam Novel

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Follow me on Twitter at  joshuamumphrey Joshua Mumphrey
Joshua Mumphrey, a multi-award winning journalist, couldn't’ think of anything else he’d rather be doing than writing novels. His first novel Finding Hope in the (Sarah Hardy Story) series is a tale that is dear to his heart. He loves sharing stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. He writes books about hope, love and faith when he can, while juggling a face-paced Graphic Design career. He is thankful for every lesson, every professor and every minute he’s spent working tirelessly trying to perfect his writing skills. He thanks God firstly and his professors for making him into the writer and graphic artist he is today. "A special thanks to Rebecca Stewart, my Graphic Arts instructor." ... read more
Latest book: Your Heart Beats For Me: Volume 2

Follow me on Twitter at  Donna Lively Donna Lively
I began writing as a child. From poems, songs, to short stories she has always enjoyed sharing stories with friends and family. I am married to my husband Brett and have two adult children as well as two step-sons and a granddaughter. When I am not busy writing you will find me working with her hands whether it is in the garden or with a pair of knitting needles. I am the current author of six books which include, books for children, non-fiction and Daily personal journals. She also does freelance writing. I write under the names: Donna Lively Summer Thyme Reign

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Lynn E. O’Connacht is a writer by twilight and, occasionally, sunlight and moonlight. At all times she is a cisgendered white woman. She holds an MA in English literature with a focus on creative writing and fantasy literature. She has geographically confused spelling despite her education’s best efforts to fix this and has been writing stories for as long as she has been able to write. She used to type her works on an old-fashioned typewriter using red ink, but alas both the equipment and the stories have since been lost to time. She also loves windy days, but hates rain. When she isn't obeying her cats, she is usually found working on or reading in secondary world fantasy.
Latest book: The Passage of Pearl: Deluxe Edition

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Hi, thanks for looking me up. You can get more information at my website, which also contains my blog. It's
Latest book: What Antoine Said

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Laurie McLean is a romance and fantasy novelist, literary agent with Foreword Literary and cofounder of both Joyride Books and Ambush Books.
Latest book: Knight Moves

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Part-time good girl/erotica writer.

Follow me on Twitter at  Dumpster Man Calvin Pierce
Calvin Pierce currently enrolled in college is a game designer who has self studied multiple popular cultures. He is a servant of Jesus and well versed in spirituality. Calvin Pierce lives in Illinois with his family.
Latest book: Planet Terra: Terror (Second Edition)

Follow me on Twitter at  RebekahLyn1 Rebekah Lyn
Rebekah is a Christian with a heart for new beginnings. She is a Florida native and a graduate of Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Fl. A love of history, research and journaling led naturally to a passion for writing. She enjoys travel and has traveled extensively across the United States and Canada as well as Europe and the Caribbean. Her reading taste run from the classics to light fiction. When she is not working or writing, she enjoys cooking,baking and sharing recipes on her blog, Her current works include, Summer Storms and Winter's End, books one and two in The Seasons of Faith series, and Julianne the first book in The Coastal Chronicle series. She is curre ... read more
Latest book: Jessie

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I am currently writing a young children's series called The Teabaggers. The first book Sir William Goes Fishing has been published and is available at Smashwords. The second book Lady Lucy's Girly Day is in the works.
Latest book: Sir William Goes Fishing (Teabaggers Book 1)

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Ángel Candelaria es profesor de música graduado del Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico. En adición, posee una maestría en Computación Educativa de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Recinto Metropolitano. Ha trabajado como músico y arreglista para artistas y proyectos como José Nogueras, René González, José Flores, Noemí Luz, Edwin Cotto, Anaís, Jerry Rivera y Objetivo Fama. Actualmente es profesor de guitarra y cuatro puertorriqueño en la Escuela Especializada Libre de Música de Arecibo, Puerto Rico. En los últimos años, Ángel se ha dedicado a producir libros y materiales didácticos que benefician a todo entusiasta de la guitarra: desde principiantes hasta músicos experiment ... read more
Latest book: Teoría de la Música: Una Introducción

Follow me on Twitter at  LewisAttrib Lewis Attrib
Lewis Attrib was born in El Mina, Lebanon, his father a Syrian businessman, his mother a French academic. The family moved to London and Lewis began studying medicine at Cambridge, but with no liking for blood left without taking a degree to follow a career in major provincial and West End theatre, first as a director and later in artist management. He has been married twice and divorced twice but now prefers expensive motor cars. Have It All is his first novel.

Follow me on Twitter at  Steve misori Stephen Misori
Steve mark misori is a writer cum teacher in Kenya. As a teacher of language, he has been at the forefront using language to inspire development through exposing the negative aspects of poverty.

Follow me on Twitter at  Guthorm Augusto Chiarle
Augusto Chiarle (che talvolta si firma anche col nome d'arte Karl Guthorm), classe 1970, è un uomo eclettico. Come ogni scrittore, ha cambiato numerosi lavori. Per dare sfogo alla creatività si è dedicato alla scrittura di numerosi scenari per giochi di ruolo e racconti per diverse riviste specializzate e di letteratura fantastica italiane, sceneggiature per cortometraggi, illustrazione (sue anche le copertine della serie "Le Ombre di Marte") ed alla musica: nato come sassofonista, ha curato una web-radio, alcuni podcast dedicati alla musica ambient ed i “suoi” The Wimshurst’s Machine, band “steampunk” con la quale ha inciso diversi album e con cui ha viaggiato qua e la per il mondo, riscuotendo nu ... read more
Latest book: La Guerra di Storsen

Follow me on Twitter at  RobertCourtland Robert Courtland
Robert Courtland grew up on the great plains and migrated to the foot of the Rocky Mountains for collage. He took his time getting around to writing seriously. He started out in his teens devouring the novels of Terry Brooks, Stephen R. Donaldson, and J.R.R. Tolkien then naturally put pen to paper to try his own hand at it. Those early attemps faltered and college and career moved writing to the background. While life took him away from writing for a while, his interests continued to expand. He learned several languages and studied about other cultures around the world and through time. He took up calligraphy, map making, and archery. These ecclectic areas of study were useless at work, but when he finally ret ... read more
Latest book: Counterpoint to Chaos

Follow me on Twitter at  tasinator TA Sullivan
I'm a photographer, as well as a writer. I have been nominated for Amateur Photographer of the Year by the National Amateur Society of Photographers in recent years, and samples of my photographic works have been displayed during the NASP's annual symposium giving all the attendees from over a dozen countries a chance to view my unique artistry. I have received two awards from the International Society of Photographers--one was Outstanding Amateur Photographer and the other was the Outstanding Achievements award. I have also been given the esteemed Golden Leaf award from Field and Forest for my exceptional work in nature photography. I have been capturing the beauty of the world around me since I received my ... read more
Latest book: On Dreams and Dream Symbols

Follow me on Twitter at  Forbiddenebooks Forbidden Fruit Books LLC
Forbidden Fruit Books LLC began in 2012, under the leadership of Kyle T Stokes, to meet the demand for eBooks across America and the world. One year later, we have successfully provided eBooks on all the major eBook platforms including Amazon, Barns & Noble and iTunes. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Forbidden Fruit Books LLC has seen great growth in readership, even as it grown its electronic library with new and exciting writers. As a socially responsible investment, driven by the principle of giving back to the society, Forbidden Fruit Books LLC have adopted a program titled "food for thoughts" that is aimed at improving the lives of the people we come into contact with ensuring our reach goes beyond books. In ... read more
Latest book: The Affirmations Of Christ: Learn The Secret Power Of The Law Of Attraction Through GOD's Word And The Gospels Of Jesus Christ. (Christian: Faith Spirituality)

Follow me on Twitter at  olivertidy Oliver Tidy
Hello and welcome to my author page. I am the author of three titles in the Romney and Marsh Files series of British police procedural novels and two books in the Acer Sansom series of thrillers. My venture into self-publishing began in December, 2012, with the self-publication of the first of the Romney and Marsh Files. These don't have to be read in order, but, like consuming the many and varied courses of a good lunch, it is best if you do (Rope Enough, Making a Killing and Joint Enterprise). In September, 2013, my Acer Sansom books became available for download (Dirty Business and Loose Ends). These are different stories in a different genre, and while each is a stand-alone novel they really should be rea ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  HomespunUK Homespun Theatre
Set up by Bee George and Hannah Drake, Homespun is a new children's theatre company aiming to make something new from something old, blowing dust off forgotten tales and finding magic around the edges. Our book, Homespun Threads, is an anthology of fairytales from writers around the world which we put together to raise money to help us tour the UK in 2013.
Latest book: Homespun Threads (A Patchwork of Fairytales)

Follow me on Twitter at  csfwg Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group
The Colorado Springs Fiction Writer's Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that welcomes writers of all levels to improve their skills through peer critique groups, lectures, seminars and retreats in a supportive setting.
Latest book: Remnants & Resolutions: Tales of Survival

Follow me on Twitter at  tonivolk Toni Volk
Toni Volk, born and raised in Montana, has a journalism degree from the University of Montana and an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop, which also awarded her the James Michener Fellowship. Toni Volk has lived and worked in Oregon, New York, Mexico and San Diego. She now resides and writes in Spokane, WA.

Follow me on Twitter at  jacquiknight Jacqui Knight
I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and I'm a writer (wouldn't call myself an author), a butterfly lover, gardener, grandmother. I love hosting overseas people or telling people (would be visitors) how fantastic New Zealand is. Very active in two charities: the Moths and Butterflies of New Zealand Trust and Duffy Books in Homes.
Latest book: New Zealand: Bit by Bit

Follow me on Twitter at Pamela Ziemann
Pamela Ziemann, an international speaker is known for her humor, wealth of information and ease of relating to audience members whether to crowds of 10 or 1000. Growing up on a Minnesota Grain and Dairy Farm, Pamela was exposed to the industrial side of food production, watching chemicals and hormones become commonplace. She’s dedicated to getting natural food back on our plates for health, environmental and compassionate reasons. Her programs are designed with three objectives: 1)Educating why we need to change our eating habits 2)Sharing specific steps on what to change and 3)Inspiring participants to incorporate these steps into their life. Pamela knows what it’s like to take a stand against the s ... read more
Latest book: Giving Voice To Your Cause

Follow me on Twitter at  lizzypbellows Elizabeth Parkinson Bellows
A few random things about me... Um, let's see... when I was eight, I had a pet turkey. I used to take it with me on my very short lived paper route. Needless to say, I was terrible at delivering the paper. No one wanted a "Dollar Saver" with turkey poop on the front page. Apparently that is where the best coupons are. Books... well, "Treasure Island" is a fantastic pirate tale. I love just about anything by Roald Dahl, and of course... Jane Austen (I have yet to find a sappy female who doesn't). I love to write... these days sneaking away just to use the bathroom is hard enough. Finding a quiet moment alone with my laptop is impossible. I've developed a talent for making airplane noises out the side of my mout ... read more
Latest book: John William and The Quest for Copia

Follow me on Twitter at  @Sirens_Call Gloria Bobrowicz
Gloria Bobrowicz is the editor of Sirens Call Publications.
Latest book: Legends of Urban Horror: A Friend of a Friend Told Me

Follow me on Twitter at L. Ann Alhstrom
L. Ann Ahlstrom is a novelist and aspiring game writer who is currently enrolled in Full Sail University’s Creative Writing for the Entertainment program. In addition to being a full time student, Ann is a writer of web series and shorts that she publishes on DeviantART and her blog Ann is currently working on the completion of her first novel series and a web series ( with help from a writing minion.
Latest book: Grandmother's Superstitions

Follow me on Twitter at  bytefulcom Andrew M. Crusoe
Coming soon...
Latest book: The Secret Beneath the Ice

Follow me on Twitter at  jl_benet J.L. Benét
J.L. Benét was born and raised in a small, northern Michigan town where John Bellairs and Stephen King were devoured alongside Doyle, Poe, and Asimov. He attended the University of Michigan, majoring in English. While at U of M, he also discovered a natural talent for teaching and became a certified teacher, which lead to his teaching high school for a decade gave him great insights into both education and the minds of his young students. J.L. earned a Master’s degree in Writing of Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University while finishing his first novel. He also has numerous shorter fiction and non-fiction pieces published in various magazine and anthologies. He currently lives in Denver, CO, with his cat, ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  malcolmfreelanc M McColl
I`m just happy to be here,and also here .
Latest book: The writing of God Opens Doors - Kisemanitow Peyohtena Iskwahtem

Follow me on Twitter at  msdawnashley Dawn Kelley
Dawn Kelley was born Dawn Adams. She from Richmond Indiana and attended Wright State University in Dayton, OH. Dawn has been happily married for 2 years. Reading had always been a passion for her and now she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author.
Latest book: Wrong Number

Follow me on Twitter at  anthemcy Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin is a minister with a Bachelor's degree from Sure Foundation Theological Institute, where he is currently studying for a Master's degree. He is a member of Faithwriters. "I still am and always will consider myself a Minister, and long to pour myself out and enrich others along their streams and riverbanks in life. I hope this novel refreshes you. If you're a skeptic, you're represented here. If you're an agnostic, you'll see yourself in the pages. If you're a believer hold on to your hat and take a look behind the curtain into what might be. Heaven is largely an unsearched land by human hands. But what if...?" Dan has one son who is currently serving in the United States Army, and five grandchild ... read more
Latest book: Covenant

Follow me on Twitter at  mindyduff Mindy Duff
Mindy Duff is an author, life coach and speaker. A former teacher, she now spends her time educating others on how to make their lives the happiest they can be. To learn more about Mindy and how to live your happiest life, visit She lives in Atlantic, Iowa with her husband, two children and dog.
Latest book: How To Live Your Happiest Life

Follow me on Twitter at  lazuliportals Joanna Gawn
Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson are two best friends writing as The Lazuli Portals. They ♥ storytelling, reading, crystals, music, sci-fi, chocolate, cats and France. :) Joanna is also an energy-healing practitioner. She is very organised and loves spreadsheets. She also enjoys spending time in natural landscapes such as Dartmoor and Brittany, and visiting National Trust gardens. She and her husband are owned by two cats, Daisy and Bertie. Joanna is a chocoholic, and is also partial to cake and Breton cidre. Ron is a Cornishman with a background in rugby, business and Round Table/Rotary; perhaps not the expected connections for writing spiritual adventure novels! He has a deep love of books and superb writing ... read more
Latest book: Crystal, Fire and Water

Follow me on Twitter at  VMooreErotica V. Moore
I'm a hot twenty-something who writes indie erotica about hot twenty-somethings. I like provocative, sexy stories with substance; I think erotica is most exciting when I can know the characters, when there is tension and rising action, when I am really drawn into the story--not just watching anonymous bodies going through the usual motions. I like stories that are emotional as well as physical, meant to amuse and entertain as well as arouse. I focus on the sexual world of urban, hipster, punk, and alt-girl/guy characters because it's what I know best. I think labeling a certain story as "for men" or "for women" is silly; my stories feature relations between multiple genders and from multiple points of view. M ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  zohar_adi Adi Zohar
About the Author Adi Zohar, born in 1962, served as an officer in the IDF for 21 years and reached the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Mr. Zohar holds a BA in economics, sociology and political science and a Masters in industrial engineering and management. He studied management of schools and for the past decade has been involved in managing high schools and also has been travelling extensively in Israel and abroad. He is the father of three. Recently Mr. Zohar has been spending his time learning through the Internet. "Deep in Holy land Ground" is Adi Zohar's second book. The first, "God, it's not like it used to be", was written when he was 18 years old and published in 1984. That book dealt with faith, prophesi ... read more
Latest book: Deep In Holy Land Ground

Follow me on Twitter at  Shannencbooks Shannen Crane Camp
Shannen Crane Camp was born and raised in Southern California, where she developed a love of reading, writing, and anything having to do with film. After high school, she moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University, where she received a degree in Media Arts and found herself a husband in fellow California native Josh Camp. The two now call Utah home permanently (although they can’t be kept away from the California beaches for long). Shannen loves to hear from readers, so feel free to contact her at or visit her website for more information:
Latest book: Catching June

Follow me on Twitter at  Michael_M_Lane Michael Lane
Writer, angler, father, husband, artist, gamer. Alternately astounded and despairing at this strange, strange world. Author of Behind the Ruins and the forthcoming Calvin.
Latest book: Tokyo Pizza

Follow me on Twitter at  MoSolomon299 Moses Solomon
After a successful 25-year career in the utility industry, Moses Solomon set sail on a new career journey as a science fiction/fantasy writer. "The Santamobile," a tale of Santa Claus in the 21st century, is his first publication. Moses Solomon is also the author of three science fiction novellas. Volume 1, "The Terror of Mapooly," introduces the spacefaring people of the Euranian star cluster at the end of the Galactic Revolutions. This setting is revisited in Volume 2, "Timegazer," and Volume 3, "Star Princess: Encounter in the Dark," both of which take place about fifty years later.
Latest book: Star Princess: Encounter in the Dark

Follow me on Twitter at  AOwenBooks Abigail Owen
Award-winning author, Abigail Owen was born in Greeley, Colorado, and raised in Austin, Texas. She now resides in Northern California with her husband and two adorable children who are the center of her universe. Abigail grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. A fourth generation graduate of Texas A&M University, she attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.
Latest book: The Svatura Series - Box Set

Follow me on Twitter at  AnnaCampbelloz Anna Campbell
Anna Campbell, always a voracious reader, decided as a child that she wanted to be a writer. Anna has three times been voted Favorite Australian romance writer by the Australian Romance Readers Association (2009, 2010, 2011). Her first historical romance for Avon was the multi-award winning CLAIMING THE COURTESAN. CLAIMING THE COURTESAN was followed by more multi-award winning books set in the Regency: UNTOUCHED; TEMPT THE DEVIL; CAPTIVE OF SIN; MY RECKLESS SURRENDER; and MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION. In 2012, Anna started an exciting new publishing partnership with Grand Central Publishing. SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE'S BED, the first book in her "Sons of Sin" series, is a gothic Beauty and the Beast story. Book 2 in t ... read more
Latest book: Her Christmas Earl: A Regency Novella

Follow me on Twitter at  travis_mcbee Travis McBee
Travis McBee was born and raised just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He is the younger of two children and enjoys backpacking, playing rugby, and watching football. Apart from his many short stories, he is the author of four novels: Bridgeworld, Bridgeworld: Encounter at Atlantis, Triton: Rise of the Fallen, and Triton: The Call of War. He is also the author of a children's series: The Chronicles of a Second Grade Genius. He currently resides with his three very fluffy guinea pigs in Georgia.
Latest book: The Silent Treatment

Follow me on Twitter at  bobbikayklingertwitter,com Bobbi Kay
Bobbi Kay resides in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her husband of fourteen years, three puppy loves and two birds. Together they raised six children, now enjoy grandchildren and tip their toes into empty nesting. BRAT is Bobbi Kay's first published novel and was conceived on the back of a Harley Road King riding to Minneapolis to visit family. Drawing heavily from personal experience as a military child, BRAT is only the beginning of Belamie's tale. Look for The Biker's wife, a second novel starring Belamie, coming soon.
Latest book: BRAT

Follow me on Twitter at  VadymBalev Vadym Balev
Серия романов "Бэн Элохим" вначале задумывалась, как трилогия, состоящая из трех книг: "Замысел Рефаимов", "Exodus или тайна Союза Сет" и "Имя ему Аваддон". Но работая над написанием первых двух книг, автор пришел к заключению, что тема, которую он затронул, практически неисчерпаема и здесь еще есть, над чем поработать. Речь идет о художественном описании древних исторических событий — многие из ко ... read more
Latest book: Záměr Refaimů

Follow me on Twitter at  HelenKarolwrite Helen Karol
It is such an exciting,challenging ride to create worlds full of feisty, intelligent, naughty heroines and tough yet tender, authoritarian heroes. All wrapped up in dark desires played out in hot, juicy scenes. My stories are fun but their characters and plots are complex and arousing. As well as an author, I am an avid reader. I love to meet new characters and enter their worlds. There is nothing more exciting than finding a new author to fall in love with and read everything of theirs you can find. I am so blessed to now have the delight of hearing from readers that they have experienced this with my books! Can't get better than that.
Latest book: The Plan - Chances & Choices Prequel