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Follow me on Twitter at  @ValVogel_BE Val Vogel, Jr., CLU, ChFC, MSW
President, Burns, Vogel and Associates, Inc. In 1983 Val Vogel joined Vogel Insurance Agency, started by his father in 1955. Ten years later, Val, Jr. co-founded Burns, Vogel and Associates and became its sole owner in 1999. Today Val serves as president of Burns, Vogel, continuing the tradition of dedicated, professional service to its customers and independent agents. Designations and Licenses: Chartered Life Underwriter , Chartered Financial Consultant and Life and Health Agent License Val was also an author included in "2013: A Stellar Collection" in which he captured his experience on the fringe of Hurricane Katrina - available free at:
Latest book: Edge of Disaster

Follow me on Twitter at  batchelordavis Kimberly Batchelor Davis
Kimberly Batchelor Davis is an author and screenwriter of tales of fiction, which include current events featuring high drama and suspense. Her debut short story Rose and the Enchanted Seven will be released online as an e-book. Kimberly is also an event planner and fundraising consultant. She is a life-long resident of Detroit, Michigan who is married with two sons. Kimberly is a precinct delegate, community organizer who is very active in her community. She sits on o several non-profit boards and supports her husband’s passion of working with kids through sports. In her spare time she loves watching movies, reading a good book, experiencing new cultures, travelling and writing. She is also a contributing ... read more
Latest book: Rose and the Enchanted Seven

Follow me on Twitter at  ErikaMSzabo Erika M Szabo
I love to read magical realism/fantasy stories. Therefore, naturally, I write fantasy. The Ancestors’ Secrets series, Protected By The Falcon and Chosen By The Sword are available in eBooks, prints, and audio books. Anhelo, the first part of the Ancestors’ Secrets series is available in Spanish. I also write fun, educational, bilingual books for children 4-12 about acceptance, friendship, family, and moral values. Look, I Can Talk With My Fingers is available in English and Spanish. This book is about respecting and accepting people with disability. Pico, The Pesky Parrot, is an illustrated bilingual book that delivers an important message to children, not to judge anyone before we get to know them. A Baske ... read more
Latest book: Asthma Relief with Grandma’s Remedies

Follow me on Twitter at  SarahJanewrites Sarah Jane Butfield
Author Sarah Jane Butfield was born in Ipswich, and raised in rural Suffolk, UK. Sarah Jane is a wife, mother, ex-qualified nurse and now an international best-selling author. Married three times with four children, three stepchildren and two playful Australian Cattle dogs she an experienced modern day mum to her 'Brady bunch', but she loves every minute of their convoluted lives. Sarah Jane loves to connect with her readers so feel free to connect on Twitter @SarahJanewrites Facebook: Sarah Jane, the roving Florence Nightingale, has ... read more
Latest book: Sarah Jane's Travel Memoirs Series Boxset

Follow me on Twitter at  WinchesterBooks Melyssa Winchester
Melyssa Winchester is a mother of four from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When she’s not knee deep in adolescent awesomeness, she’s falling in love, one book boyfriend and girlfriend at a time. She is a lover of all things romance and will forever believe in a real and true happily ever after. When she’s not off being a mom or writing you can find her doing one of two things. Reading or buried under the covers watching Supernatural, Sons Of Anarchy or Veronica Mars. Melyssa is currently working on Through The Storm (Count On Me #7), along with Tempered Grace (Love United Series #6) and the standalone title Remembering Sunday. You can find her on the web, either at her personal site, Facebook (which she ... read more
Latest book: Into the Blue

Follow me on Twitter at  JonCastle2 Jon Castle
I grew up writing poetry and songs in Gloucester, Virginia. After attending college and serving in the army, I began working in a corporate environment while writing on the side. Encouraged by mentors and friends to make my writing more visible to others, I made the decision to seek publication. My first published book, Xhazul's Box: The Rainbow Sphere, is published here and through Amazon.
Latest book: Xhazul's Box: The Rainbow Sphere

Follow me on Twitter at  Sweet Southern Truth Lori Bates
Hi! My name is LoriAnn (Lori for short). I am the wife of my best friend and soulmate. We share three wonderful children between us, a two year old grand daughter and a dog named Zeus. I share my/our life stories good and bad with the hopes of touching lives in need. My life has been so far from perfect and at times I have felt like no one could understand what I was going through. My book is about my real life and how the trials have shaped me into the person I am now; with the love and faith that I have in Christ. Life isn't perfect and we all have trials, we just have to learn to see the light and the blessings in the end.
Latest book: Thirty-One Days of Sweet Southern Truths by LoriAnn

Follow me on Twitter at  jade_jones89 Jade Jones
Jade Jones discovered her passion for creative writing in elementary school. Born in 1989,she began writing poetry as an outlet. She then converted her poetry into short stories and started using her life experiences to create characters. Jade fell in love with the art and used storytelling as a means of venting. Jade currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. With no children, she spends her leisure shopping and traveling. She says that seeing new faces, meeting new people, and experiencing diverse cultures fuels her creativity. The stories are generated in her heart, the craft is practiced in her mind, and she expresses her passion through ink. If you have any questions or would like to interact please add her on ... read more
Latest book: Club Nirvana: Jayde's Story

Follow me on Twitter at  lisacle Lisa Clements Feeney
LC Feeney spent a good portion of her childhood reading books under the covers with a flashlight way past her bedtime, finding the worlds of high fantasy, historical fiction, and later, historical romance preferable to her own. She started writing her own stories at the age of seven and has been known to leap out of bed in the middle of the night to jot down the plot ideas that come to her in her dreams. She lives in Southern California and is married to an extremely patient computer programmer who indulges her love of history, fantasy, and chocolate.
Latest book: A Meeting of Souls - A Tale from the Wasteland

Follow me on Twitter at Natalia Zurawska
Hi, My name is Natalia Zurawska. I have been a professional makeup/hair/spfx artist for the last 10 years. I absolutely love my career and have had so many amazing opportunities working with extremely talented people such as Drake, Alannah Myles, K-os, David Cronenberg, Dallas Green, Alexis on Fire, Down with Webster, Colin Mochrie as well as many others. Some of the advertising campaigns I have worked on include TD Bank, Western Union, Dentyne, Dole, Scotiabank, Nike, Colgate, Purina Cat Chow, P&G as well as many more. Amoi, Style, Vogue Italia Pele, Nuvo, Verve Girl, Anokhi, Driven as well as l'Ag are just some of the magazines my editorial work has been featured in. All the best and I hope you enjoy th ... read more
Latest book: How To Work With A Makeup Artist

Follow me on Twitter at  Hungerdragon Sherry Alexander
Sherry Alexander is admittedly obsessed with American and Native American history, and she is quick to point out that she comes by it honestly. Her ancestors were 1800 pioneers who traveled West in hopes of making a new life, and she was fascinated by the stories of their lives on the frontier. “As a kid, I wanted to be a pioneer, so reading books was the last thing on my mind. Instead, my siblings and I explored the forests of Scappoose, Oregon, and dreamed of foraging new trails to unknown lands.” A writer, author, blogger, and child advocate who writes both fiction and non-fiction, her books include The Great Camel Experiment of the Old West, Oliver's Hunger Dragon, and Search for the Red Ghost. When she ... read more
Latest book: The Great Camel Experiment of the Old West

Follow me on Twitter at  storiesandtoys SexStories andToys
Short erotic stories and adult novelty toys.
Latest book: Erotic Shorts

Follow me on Twitter at  dew2311 David E. Watwood
David E Watwood is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army and served as a defense contractor in the Middle East for several years. He was born in Alabama and raised in central Florida where he now resides as owner and operator of his civil process and investigative agency going on 14 years. David is also an avid shooter and teaches defensive shooting and personal firearms training. He constantly has a book in his hands and that love for reading has always inspired him to write.
Latest book: Rough Men: Battle Scars

Follow me on Twitter at  Rotville Bryce Bentley Summers
Bryce Bentley Summers is a psychologist and author of Sci-Fi, Supernatural, and Thrillers. Bryce authors under the pen names Bryce B. Summers, Ph.D., B. Bentley Summers, and Bryce Bentley Summers. He has authored young adult and new adult zombie apocalypse novels. The Amen to Rot series of stories, which includes the final piece, Nyte God, are dark fantasy (Sci-Fi) stories that pit a group of hero youths against evil alien invaders. Rotville is a new adult Sci-Fi Thriller about a human subject who is super enhanced to make a profit for the military but turns into a hero, saving a group of people trapped in the nearby quarantined city. Fresh Meat is an adult supernatural psychological horror piece of literat ... read more
Latest book: Amen to Rot: Hatched

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorSME Scott Edwards
I've been creating my universes for six years. Solidly, I have three universes with thousands upon thousands of stories within them. I've written for years upon years and thousands of stories, however, Helena Chronicles Exposure was the very first novel I completed.
Latest book: Jake's Day

Follow me on Twitter at  authorkasmith K.A. Smith
K.A. Smith is a writer of poetry and fiction. Writing is her first love and women are her passion. She seamlessly merges the two to bring you sensual scenarios and titillating tales of women's love, sex, and desire.
Latest book: Sweat It Out

Follow me on Twitter at  UniteInspire Lori Ressa
I am a single mother of an amazing little girl. After going through a very tough divorce I decided to follow my passion, helping women succeed in life. With this passion I have created Strong Women Survive the website and my book, “Strong Women Survive: A Guide to Surviving Divorce and Thriving.”
Latest book: Strong Women Survive: A Guide to Surviving Divorce and Thriving

Follow me on Twitter at  @Lyndarenham Lynda Renham
Lynda Renham writes romantic comedy novels and has a growing fan base. She has been likened in style to Sophie Kinsella but writes with a down-to earth humour. Lynda’s novels are popular, refreshingly witty, fast paced, and with a strong romantic theme. Lynda lives in Oxford, UK. She has appeared on BBC radio discussion programs and when not writing Lynda can usually be found wasting her time on Facebook. "Lynda Renham is right up there with chick-lit royalty! I'm not talking princess either, for me, the Queen of Chick-lit". – Booketta Book Blog
Latest book: A Summer Romance

Follow me on Twitter at  vallsa Valsa John

Latest book: Dinoz Wears A Tux

Follow me on Twitter at  Shay_Bills Shay Bills
Shay Bills is a Nationally Recognized Top-10 Independent Author, Successful Serial-Entrepreneur and Professionally Certified Coach of Ministry Leaders… Shay-Bills-Success Coach 2 WomenuccessCoach2Women thrives because its founder believes that the only way to have true success in life comes from living according to the Word of God in all aspects of life. Shay Bills began walking in the path of her purpose in 2008 and in 2010 founded the Upper Room Bible Study Institute. For years the ministry thrived through teaching, equipping and admonishing Christians. Quickly, the Lord elevated the work of Shay’s hands by expanding the scope of her reach in 2013 and SEB Ministries and Enterprises, Incorporated was con ... read more
Latest book: 30 Day Ministry Makeover Training Workbook

Follow me on Twitter at  D_Sidd Derek Alan Siddoway
Derek Alan Siddoway is the 24-year-old author of Teutevar Saga, a "medieval western" series combining elements of epic fantasy with the rugged style and folklore of American Westerns (read: John Wayne meets Game of Thrones). His journey as a storyteller began over a decade ago with a particularly thrilling foray into Pokémon fan-fiction. Ten years later, Out of Exile, his debut novel, and the first book in the Teutevar Saga, was published. An Everyday, Undaunted Author, Derek spends his time reading, obsessively filling notebooks, adventuring outdoors and celebrating small victories. He's a sucker for good quotes, peach lemonade and books/video games with swords in them.
Latest book: Into Exile (Teutevar Saga Book 0)

Follow me on Twitter at  grieftips Debbra Bronstad
Debbra Bronstad is a psychotherapist and life coach in Arroyo Grande, California who specializes in helping people complete the unfinished business of their losses. These losses may include the death of a loved one, divorce, relationship break up, loss of a home, job, career, health and any number of other losses that disrupt our lives. It is common for most adults to have experienced as many as twenty losses before "the BIG one" that overwhelms their life and causes them to seek support. These previous losses accumulate making the current loss that much more difficult to process. Debbra helps people sort through these losses to find peace and hope again. Debbra is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and ... read more
Latest book: Hope for the Holidays: 14 Tips for Creating Your Holiday Plan When You are Grieving

Follow me on Twitter at  Botimsola Bolaji Olusola Timothy
A teacher, committed to writing of inspirational works. A contributor to many printed and Internet based magazines. These works have been blessing in transforming lives. They are the products of personal lessons, trainings and testimonies and organised by God. You will appreciate God, when you delve into the wisdom shared in these works
Latest book: Go Forward and Look Upward

Follow me on Twitter at  @djswykert DJ Swykert
D.J. Swykert is a former 911 operator, and wolf expert, living in Northern Kentucky, USA. His short fiction and poetry has been published in: The Tampa Review, Monarch Review, Sand Canyon Review, Zodiac Review, Scissors and Spackle, spittoon, Barbaric Yawp and BULL. His novel, Maggie Elizabeth Harrington, won a literary competition with The LitWest Group in Los Angeles in 2002. ”Children of the Enemy”, DJ’s OmniLit’s bestselling novel, was published for the first time in 2009 and a third edition published in September 2012 by Cambridge Books. “The Pool Boy's Beatitude”, DJ’s new Novel is available, get to know our dear Jack. “The Death of Anyone”: Bonnie Benham's story, crime and romanc ... read more
Latest book: Alpha Wolves

Follow me on Twitter at  MoochersinCrime Justice Gray
Minnesota author, Justice Gray, creates her characters based on real people in real-life situations. When reading the novels of Justice Gray, you may relate to one of the characters based on your own experience or experiences of those around you. Justice likes to scope the country seeking interesting characters and situations to write about.
Latest book: Story of Barry or Dmitri

Follow me on Twitter at  k__king Kayleigh King
Kayleigh King lives in Kent with her lovely wife. When not writing she enjoys watching Sci-Fi programmes and Murder She Wrote. From an early age she has had an interest in the occult and the paranormal.
Latest book: Wicked In My Own Way

Follow me on Twitter at Clift Crump
Born and risen in the DMV, studied communication in Washington, DC, musician can play multi-instruments, played in local bands, traveled extensively, kind of transient and stable @ once!
Latest book: White/Chocolate city reinvented...

Follow me on Twitter at  Wick_the_Stick Potter Wickware
Potter Wickware has been a machinist, pipeline welder, college lecturer, journalist and scientific editor. In addition to “I’m Still Here,” he is author of “Crazy Money,” a memoir of Alaska in the 1970’s first published by Random House in 1980 (soon to be reissued by Rolling Circle Press), a quantity of journalism, and other work. He is a science writer in the Department of Pathology at the University of California, San Francisco, and lives and writes in northern California. For more information contact
Latest book: I'm Still Here

Follow me on Twitter at  drcherylmford Dr. Cheryl M. Ford
Dr. Cheryl M. Ford is a vivacious woman of God who possesses astute business expertise. She is the Founder and CEO of Remnant Community Center. Remnant Community Center is a public community based organization, which provides entrepreneurial expansion and empowerment through wealth building opportunities. She is the Creator and Orator of Wealthy Place Events. The Wealthy Place Events provides a platform for people to receive knowledge and understanding in the areas of personal and business development. Dr. Ford is an accomplished Professional Developer, Presenter, and Author. Her desire to provide people with an understanding of Home Business Systems brought forth the manifestation of her first book Home Based ... read more
Latest book: Wealthy Place - Divine Inspired Home Business Systems The Easy Business Planning Key!

Follow me on Twitter at  jeffmarkbrown Jeff M. Brown
 Jeff is a passionate leader in:  creating the opportunity to engage children in thinking about, understanding, and developing skills for business  elevating the role of parents in the development of independent and well-prepared children  A pioneer in recognizing the need and developing business programming for children in 2000.  Author of The Kids’ Guide to Business  Author of Strategies for Parenting: The Road to Independence  Author of Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact  A social entrepreneur and professional accountant CMA, who has a broad base of business and industry experience.  Recognizes the opportunities for children, parents, and businesses to ... read more
Latest book: The Kids' Guide to Business

Follow me on Twitter at  EricSWestphal Eric Westphal
Eric S. Westphal was born in Buffalo, Minnesota and grew up nearby. A 1998 graduate of Monticello High School, Eric attended college at St. Cloud State University in Saint Cloud, MN, obtaining a bachelor's degree in Education with emphasis in English in 2003. This was followed by a M.S., in the same field, from Southwest Minnesota State University in 2012. Eric has been teaching high school English for nearly a decade now, currently in Austin, Minnesota. Eric currently lives in a small southern Minnesota town with his wife, two sons and pets of varying description. When time permits, he enjoys gaming of all sorts (though miniatures hold a peculiar fascination). However, these pursuits take a backseat t ... read more
Latest book: The Hollow

Follow me on Twitter at  redecorating Rena Bullard
As I was about to graduate college with a degree in Hospitality Management, I realized that interior decorating was my passion. How did that happen? As a realtor I began staging homes and fell head over heels in love with design. In 2009 I became certified as an Interior Decorator. Hue knew? While actively decorating and staging homes, I began a blog talk pod show on Blog Talk Radio that offers decorating tips so that as many people as possible can benefit from my expertise. I have to admit that teaching in the classroom is one of my favorite ways to share interior design with others. Helping people enjoy their space is why I wrote the Amazon Best Selling book D.I.Y. Color Confidence, a book that will absolut ... read more
Latest book: DIY Color Confidence

Follow me on Twitter at  KasevaCo KC Evans
Kaseva & Co. specialized in bespoke suits and shirts. To learn more about our services and our newly added accessory department visit
Latest book: Kaseva & Co. Simple Elements and Designs for Suits, Shirts, Pants and Blazers

Follow me on Twitter at  poemaboutlifea1 Elizabeth McNew
Elizabeth McNew is a dynamic professional whose publishing acumen has resulted in amazing success for her clients. In addition to her roles as freelance writer, blogger, best-selling author and web design specialist, she has helped over one hundred aspiring authors launch and sell ebooks in nearly every genre. She also invests in website design and auctions. While life is certainly treating her well, it wasn't always so cordial. Formerly known as Elizabeth Jeter, she grew up in the small town of South Lake Tahoe, California. During her youth, Elizabeth struggled with substance abuse, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, child custody loss and hardships in the California court system. Her ultimate passion has al ... read more
Latest book: Kindle Unlimited Cash | How I make $5,000 per month publishing 20 page guides

Follow me on Twitter at  sssstpd Lt. Gen. (Retd) Dr. M. L. Chibber
Born in August, 1927, the author hails from the Northwest Frontier Province of undivided India. His 40-year career in the army culminated as the commander in chief of India’s Northern Command, personnel deployed in eyeball-to-eyeball contact in a “no peace, no war” confrontation with China and Pakistan. He masterminded the operation to pre-empt Pakistan from capturing Siachen Glacier. After retirement, he served as Executive Director of the Management Development Institute, New Delhi, for four years (1986-89). He also served on the Board of Studies for M.B.A. of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (deemed university) for seven years. A graduate of the British Army Staff College, Lt. Gen. Chi ... read more
Latest book: Sai Baba's Mahavakya On Leadership

Follow me on Twitter at  @StevenRCowan Steven R. Cowan
I was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, a regional gymnastics champion in high school as well as a state finalist, and spent 3 months waist-deep in a black water swamp (with an estimated 400 alligators) for my senior project in college (Might that have influenced the creation of Dark Eye?) I have 2 great kids. Hannah is 25 and working on her Master's in psychology, and Forrest is 31 and already has his Master's in psychology. He will likely go for his doctorate in the next year or so.
Latest book: Dark Eye

Follow me on Twitter at  marklecter66 Mark Lecter

Latest book: The Shell - A Weird Life Story

Follow me on Twitter at  AnnMarieStone8 AnnMarie Stone
I was born and raised in Arizona and currently live in Phoenix. The heat can be difficult during the summer, but I try my best to spend most of my time during the hottest months indoors writing. I would love to travel someday and I hope that my writing will take me many places, and hopefully not just in my head. My favorite vacation spot right now is San Diego California, but my dream places to visit are all overseas. Although, since I have only seen a fraction of the United States, I would love to travel the nation someday as well. First on my bucket list however is to explore the historical landmarks in Greece and Italy, and the castles all over Europe. Up until recently, I have spent most of my adult life i ... read more
Latest book: Stormy Thursday: Based On A True Story

Follow me on Twitter at  CummingsBreeona Breeona Elliott
Born and raised in Wichita Kansas. Attended Wichita state university for Criminal Justice but left due to discovering my talent for writing. Currently reside in Anthony Kansas with loving husband and daughter.
Latest book: The Survivor

Follow me on Twitter at  jerryalex58 Jerry Alexandre
Jerry Alexandre was born on January 13, 1972 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. At 15 years old, he departed to Canada. Almost two years later, he moved to the United States where he lived for almost a decade. At 22 years of age, he began to write poetry. In 1997, he returned to Montreal where he attended Dawson College as a Social Science student. In fact, throughout the years Jerry spent in Montreal, bitterness helped him to discover the unrealistic side of a bourgeois society. He came to realize misery was everywhere. Afterward, he went to New York City where his whole existence and body seemed to shatter into lost pieces. While on a journey into the wrong side of the world, he perceived education was and still is ... read more
Latest book: Why My Tears Drop

Follow me on Twitter at  NicolaCShill Nicola Shill
Nicola Shill lives in Australia on the Mornington Peninsula where The Fae of Gillwillan is set. Her inspiration lies in the rich tapestry of life around her, her husband Mark, her five children, lifelong friends and the beautiful coastal environment in which she lives. Out of the window of her writing studio, she watches kangaroos hop past as she searches for inspiration. Nicola’s, background in science has fuelled her fascination for studying the complexities of relationships and life so thoroughly explored in The Fae of Gillwillan.
Latest book: Ilvi

Follow me on Twitter at  raycattie Ray Cattie
Ray Cattie is native of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where he grew up and taught both at the high school and the college levels. Other books by Ray Cattie: "Ard Righ" (A Celtic Tale Book I) "The Kingdom of Summer" (A Celtic Tale Book II) "Reign of Fire" (A Celtic Tale Book III) "Shadow of the Grail" (A Celtic Tale) "The Messiah Helix" (A Novel of the Custodis Veritas) "The Sixth Pillar" (A Novel of the Custodis Veritas)
Latest book: The Messiah Helix

Follow me on Twitter at  wdhamilton31 William Dean Hamilton
Mr. Hamilton is the author of over 1,000 articles, works of fiction and Poetry, and has just had his book, “Would You Do What They Did? Great Christian Leaders From Our Past” published by Crosslink Publishing. Mr. Hamilton writes the blog This Week in Christian History. He has recently been interviewed on Red’s Revelations, in Book Goodies, and by the Awesome Gang. 110 copies of one of his previous books, “Blessed, Life and Films of Val Kilmer,” were signed by Val Kilmer.
Latest book: Part One: Killing Hitler

Follow me on Twitter at  MelanieMeyer100 melaniemeyer
Melanie Meyer lives in Los Angeles, California. She normally writes fictitious stories involving skiing and movie stars but decided to try her hand in the erotica market. When she's not writing you can find her at the local mall shopping for the latest name brand handbag or shooting at the local gun range.
Latest book: Again

Follow me on Twitter at  Tali_alexander Tali Alexander
Tali Alexander is a Jill-of-all trades --- married mother of three, doctor of pharmacy by day and romance novelist by night. Her self-published debut novel LOVE IN REWIND climbed to #1 on Amazon in three categories on September 7th 2014. Tali Alexander has been featured in: New York Post: “The Moms Who Moonlight as Erotic Fiction Authors”, BELLA NY Magazine (June 2015): “When A Reader Becomes A Writer” as well as quoted on reputable sites: Romance at Random “From Books to the Bedroom: The Fifty Shades Sexual Revolution”, Your Tango “8 Good Reasons To Read A Book Instead of Having Sex Tonight”, The Three Tomatoes “The Empowering Perks of Steamy Fiction”, The Daily Mail “The 50 Shades Effec ... read more
Latest book: Lies In Rewind

Follow me on Twitter at  kylemperkins Kyle M. Perkins
When he's not writing story lines or scripts for upcoming novels or mangas, Kyle M. Perkins usually designs, develops, and hand-codes web-based services using a mixture of multiple web languages, including PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and more, as he has been doing since 2001. He also teaches computer courses at a local community college. Kyle is also working on story lines for various mangas titles, including such titles as Crystal Blaze, All Souls Crescent, Phoenix Rising, and Omega Noir, all produced by Lunar Productions, a small studio run by him and Keat. As a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, Kyle has many years of experience in the martial art, including becoming State Champ in Weapons for 2 consecu ... read more
Latest book: Night Blade: Dark of the Night

Follow me on Twitter at  fictionvale Fictionvale Magazine
Fictionvale is a quarterly digital short story magazine for all genres of popular fiction. Our goal is to provide great stories across many popular genres. Short, quick reads you can finish while waiting in the doctor’s office, or while hanging out at your kid’s soccer practice, or while passing time in your underground bunker after the zombie apocalypse (okay, that one might be harder without electricity).
Latest book: Fictionvale Magazine Episode 4: Multi-Genre

Follow me on Twitter at  elenamoreno25 Elena Moreno
I am the mother of one moody 13 year old daughter and one 7 year old that seems to think he knows more than I do. But I would not trade them for anything in the world. Now my husband is another story. His inability to think before he speaks has been the inspiration to many of my stories. But, I still love him to infinity and beyond. It was due to many sleepless nights that I found myself writing as a form of therapy. Now in between working in a school along with taking care of my family and 2 dogs, I still find time to write. Nothing better than losing yourself in someone else's life. Especially, when you have control over it.
Latest book: You Are All Mine