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My name is Emilie CASTILLON. Originaly from France, I am now living in Australia. More than everything, I love traveling and meet new people from different backgrounds, different cultures and share their stories. What motivated me to create this platform and write my first 2 E-books ? The lessons of life resulting from my own experience and all the stories and confessions from the men and women who have crossed my path over the last 6 years. Passionate and fascinated by the behaviors of people in their romantic relationships, I have been able to collect throughout all those years an impressive database that I want now to share with you ! In love more than ever and enjoying life to the fullest, my goal is ... read more

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Solomon I Campbell JR (1974-) was born in Rochester, New York, to a southern mother and a Jamaican father. For twenty years he worked in the telecommunications industry in various roles. he finally decided to launch his first property Project19 in 2012. His first book, "Project19 Sketchbook,"contains all of the character design wok that went into creating his epic graphic novel Project19 Case File:001 The Young Patriots.
Latest book: Project19 Sketchbook

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Annie Anthony writes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and lists. She edits professionally but promises she does not critique text messages. She volunteers with children who have medical special needs and also with GLBTQ causes. Originally from Chicago, Annie relocated in 2013 to Los Angeles. She is tattoo lover, a dog mama, and last but not least, a lesbian. Annie hopes you will visit her blog, like her Facebook author page, and follow her on Twitter @anthony_annie.

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Adam Spielman is a writer from Minnesota with degrees in English and philosophy. When he isn't writing, he's golfing or playing pond hockey, having a beer at the pub, or burying his face in a book. He taught English for several years in the mountains of Korea, where he also wrote his first novel, Jarmo.

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Guillermo Jiménez Pavón Nací en un pueblecito de Córdoba, llamado Fuente Carretero, y en la actualidad resido en Granollers Barcelona. Soy un andaluz, que en el 1971 emigró junto con toda su familia a Barcelona. Soy el cuarto de nueve hermanos (cuatro chicas y cinco chicos). Siempre me había gustado escribir, pero por un motivo u otro, no lo había podido hacer, hasta hace siete años. Había tenido que trabajar muchas horas cuando estaba soltero, para ayudar en casa. Luego cuando me casé, tampoco disponía de mucho tiempo, por que tenía que sacar a mis hijas adelante, por lo tanto no podía. Trabajo en una empresa de logística, desde hace treinta años. Me gusta todo el deporte en general y el fútb ... read more
Latest book: Karim y Jordi

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N.A. Williams is a writer, sculptor, and enthusiast of all thing horror related. When he is not crafting screen accurate replicas of the baby from Eraserhead in his basement, he works as an emergency medical professional in a busy urban ER. His background in emergency medical care and experience with injury, illness, and death have given him a unique insight into the world of horror writing.
Latest book: The God Cure

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Latest book: Thy Will Be Done

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Jacob Carlisle lived in Ferguslie Park, the setting for his debut novel, until he was fifteen. At twenty-one he went back to study full-time at Langside College, and from there to Glasgow University, graduating Bachelor of Science. Jacob was a regular on the Scottish Folk Club circuit, playing guitar and singing with his friends and cousins for pocket money and enjoyment. He lived in Paisley until, at the age of twenty-six, he met and married Sue, who convinced him to return with her to Australia, a move he has never regretted. After a successful career in Marketing and strategic planning in Australia, Jacob took early retirement and went back to Scotland, revisiting old haunts, family and friends. Not long ... read more

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I am a Life on Earth I am a Learning Soul I am an Earthly Mortal Body I am an Eternal and Universal Spirit I am a Playful Irresponsible Child I am a Curious Amused Young Girl I am an Intelligent Gentle Woman I am an Old Wise Woman, Loved by all I am a Moment, an Instant I am Forever and Infinity I am a Hot Burning Flame I am the Cold Calming Sea I am a Gust of Wind on a Tree I am the Dirt under my Feet I am the Flight of every Bird I am the Storm that grows ever closer I’m Conscious and Unconscious Being I’m Rational Mind, Emotion and Dream I am the Ever Present Divine flame I am just another Common Human Being I am Supreme and Exuberant Joy I am the Pain of the Soul for Loving so much I am Atoms and ... read more
Latest book: Gaea #1 - Blood of the Pure

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I am a married working mother of two wonderful young men. When not writing, I love to read, go for walks, and do crafts. Besides wring fiction, I also write poetry. I love the outdoors and spending time with my family.
Latest book: The Dream Walker, Land of Mystica Series volume one

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Alanea loves reading almost as much as she loves writing and can be found at any given moment either in front of the computer lost in her own world or on the couch with her iPad reading some of her favorite authors. She believes that love truly conquers all and that everyone no matter what, deserves a chance at that love and a place they can call home.

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"Gammy Hamhock" is a writer and artist living in Southern California; he suffered a massive deep vein thrombosis in the summer of 2007 and decided to finally tell his story in 2014 with "The Charley Horse from Hell." He uses this pen name to protect his true identity out of fear that a future employer would do an online search, find this book, and elect not to have a potential insurance liability on staff. Gammy wants to educate the public about the dangers of having a sedentary job/lifestyle, specifically the possibility of suffering a deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism (DVT/PE). Three to six hundred thousand Americans are affected by DVT/PE each year; of those, 60,000 to 100,000 are estimated to die, wit ... read more
Latest book: The Charley Horse from Hell: Surviving a Massive Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

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An established author who dabbles in taboo, heavy, hardcore, and other such erotica themes.

Follow me on Twitter at  cclarkfiction Chad A. Clark
Chad is a Midwestern born author, living most of his life in Iowa as well as in Illinois and Michigan. He studied at the University of Iowa and has been cultivating his own passion for the written word for most of that time. He focuses on genre fiction, namely horror and science fiction. In 2014, he published Borrowed Time, his first book, a collection of short stories. His writing can also be seen at his blog, where an original piece of short fiction is shared every week. For more information, go to

Follow me on Twitter at  anthonyjframe Tony Frame
I am a writer / film-maker & photographer from Edinburgh, Scotland. My first novel 'Too Cool To Kill' was originally written as a screenplay before being re-written as a pulp novel. If you read it, I hope it gives you some amusement and you enjoy it. Please feel free to give an honest review of it. If there are any bad grammatical mistakes, or typos, please email me to correct them. I will credit you here for spotting such mistakes. My second novel 'The Music of Violence' was also written as a screenplay back in 1998. I re-wrote it as a novel in 2009 and it took just under a year to write. I love all kinds of fiction - especially crime & sci-fi, and I'm always looking to learn as much as possible in writi ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  nikadixon Nika Dixon
In this reality I'm an author and hopeless romantic - brave knights and fair maidens, Scottish castles, the whole enchilada. I'm a sucker for a good suspenseful story with a romantic layer, and am forever pitting the warrior against the odds. In other realities I'm incredibly wealthy and a world traveller. Well, it's nice to hope at least one of me is...

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Omtim adalah sebuah blog dari omtimo yang berisi segala hal tentang agrikultur dimana akan membahas berita,artikel dan jurnal agrikultur, blog ini fokus dalam bidang perikanan, pertanian, dan peternaka
Latest book: Perkembangan dan Pengembangan Ikan Hias di Indonesia

Follow me on Twitter at  rleerose_3 R'Lee Coffey
Word smith, unicorn whisperer, and master procrastinator, R’Lee Coffey lives in Michigan with her husband and five kids. While she spends most of her time penning stories about mythical creatures, she also enjoys reading, cooking, and leprechaun hunting.

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Born in Mortlake, south west London, I attended the Ursuline Convent School in Wimbledon , back in the 60's. I married at the age of 19, and had 4 children. When the youngest was 2 yrs old, i started work as a Registered childminder. I adored my work, getting great satisfaction from watching the children grow from babies to teenagers. After over 25 years of childcare, and 7 grandchildren later, I decided it was time for a change of path. Time to follow my other passion, of writing. I have always loved writing, but over the years , it has mostly been letter writing, and lists. Now that i have more free time, I find I am often inspired to write verses. The obvious thing seemed to me, to build a collection.
Latest book: Silly Nanny's Life in Verse (2014)

Follow me on Twitter at  drpmcruz Pedro Miguel Cruz
Pedro Miguel Cruz was born on April 22, 1975, in Faro (Sé), Portugal. In 2001 completed the degree of Law teached at the Faculty of Law of the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies of Lisbon, with the option of Juridical Sciences. In 2009, he was awarded the title of Lawyer after the completion of the internship and the completion of the final exam assessment and aggregation by the Portuguese Bar Association. He served as a Legal Officer at the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Algarve, in the municipality of Olhão and law firms in the Algarve. In 2013 he published his first book "Heal, Pray and Love", the publisher CreateSpace, having been translated into French and Po ... read more
Latest book: Guérir, Prier et Aimer

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Sayantan Das was born and bought up in Kolkata, India. His father and mother both were State Government Employees. He was graduated from High School in 2005 and enrolled at West Bengal University of Technology, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2009. After his graduation he had to move to Bangalore, India due to his job's requirement. But currently he lives in Kolkata and works in a renowned Europe based Software Company. In February, 2014 Sayantan began writing his first book, Coastal India, which is a travel guide. It was followed by a novel, An Evening to Remember, published in October, 2014. An Engineer by education & profession; writing is his passion. He ... read more
Latest book: An Evening to Remember ...

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Expert software tester in many fields with many years of experience.
Latest book: Software Testing: A Guide to Testing Mobile Apps, Websites, and Games

Follow me on Twitter at  DaraghShero Daragh Sheridan
Daragh Sheridan is an author and businessman living with his wife and two boys in the picturesque village of Howth in Dublin, Ireland. Daragh helps clients and readers to improve their performance in all areas of their life. He specialises in improving performance utilising sports psychology, hypnotherapy and NLP. He is a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. Daragh is a sports nut and a fanatical sailor and has represented Ireland at international level. The Performance Manifesto is Daragh’s first book.
Latest book: The Performance Manifesto 7 Steps to Brilliant Performance

Follow me on Twitter at  lisahrabluk Lisa Hrabluk
Lisa Hrabluk is an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur. A former business journalist, editor and political columnist with the Telegraph-Journal, Lisa is the co-founder, along with Dr. John McLaughlin of 21 Leaders for the 21st Century, the precursor to 21inc. She is currently the founder of Wicked Ideas, a new knowledge-based company that helps build community trust by reframing public conversations around complex public issues.
Latest book: Who Gets to Lead When We Don't Know Where We Are Going Or What We Want to Become?

Follow me on Twitter at  @nfraserauthor Nancy Fraser

Follow me on Twitter at  Leisandir J.L. Cooperstein
Joseph L. Cooperstein spends most of his time lamenting the fact that there is currently only one human habitat in low Earth orbit, and none at all in the rest of space. When he's not doing that, he is either sketching dragons on napkins or running scenarios in his Skull-Mounted Reality Simulator & Thinking Device™. In the brief moments between those strenuous and time-consuming activities, he—as you might imagine—writes. He has a degree in Theater and studied literature extensively during his college years. He is known, where he is known online, as Leisandir, although sometimes he spells it with an 'e' for no particularly good reason.
Latest book: The Book of the Mighty

Follow me on Twitter at José Miguel Arráiz Roberti
Ingeniero en computación, casado y con tres hijas. Formado cristianamente en el Colegio La Salle de Barquisimeto, ha sido miembro del grupo musical de su parroquia y posteriormente catequista. En 1998 comenzó su interés por la apologética católica y fundó el sitio web que hoy tiene por nombre, cuya finalidad es difundir la fe católica en su integridad protegiendo a los hijos de la Iglesia de los avances del protestantismo, el sincretismo y el relativismo.
Latest book: Conversaciones con mis amigos evangélicos

Follow me on Twitter at  mjanecabot Mary Jane Cabot
Frantic story teller, salesman, PR, marketer (the same gig). Two Passions: Hubby (never around) & Writing Adult Fiction.

Follow me on Twitter at  OliverJOlinger Oliver J Olinger
Oliver J Olinger brings to his writing a wide range of personal experiences as well as a full-bodied, professional education in numerous fields. He began his adult life as a Signals Intelligence Arabic Linguist in the Marine Corps. He has worked a variety of odd jobs from driving a taxi cab (night shift) to bartending, to managing inventory and warehouse operations, purchasing scrap precious metals, and working in the tax debt consolidation industry. Oliver has written several feature-length screenplays, two of which were optioned by established and well-known production companies. He has also written for a series of online blogs and e-zines. Oliver is proficient in the Dramatica theory of storytelling, Ca ... read more
Latest book: Introit- Black Dog

Follow me on Twitter at  johndk7 John Kountouris
John Kountouris, is an author, independent researcher, professional Modern Greek translator and Ancient Greek teacher/tutor. He has worked for companies like Technicolor, Deluxe digital and DREAMWORKS on the Greek subtitles for Hollywood movies, Apple Inc. on the Greek translation of Apple’s various software, legal firms on Greek legal documents and more. He has a business & management degree from California State University Long Beach. He also has completed NYU's Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpreting credential program for Modern Greek. He is also credentialed by the US Department of Justice as one of their legal Greek Translators/Interpreters. He also tutors and teaches both Ancient and Moder ... read more
Latest book: Your Academic Guide To The Greek Language, Culture and Civilization

Follow me on Twitter at  Dedicaces Harry Swiers
Over the years Harry Swiers has written a number of articles about rough collies and contributed to photographic journals. For 30 years he practiced as a qualified, registered insurance broker, initially running his own practice before joining with other companies in the building trade, including heavy demolition. Harry Swiers has written and been published by Collie Rescue (rough and smooth) UK.
Latest book: Tall Storeys [Heathcity Allegories]

Follow me on Twitter at  kankanloveall Kankan Jyoti Medhi
I am KanKan j Medhi, I am from Guwahati, Assam, a Place known for its natural beauty and one horned Rhino in Kaziranga national park. I also stay near a place called Mawsynram, It is reportedly the wettest place on Earth, with an annual rainfall of 11,872 millimetres. I love writing books on religion, freedom fighters and close to my heart novels fictions. I believe "There is no friend as loyal as a book." There are more upcoming titles to be published, One of them is a novel on my love life, a true story. PEACE AND GREEN
Latest book: Bapu

Follow me on Twitter at  _MDCurzon M D Curzon
I was born in Nepal and grew up in the UK and NZ. Travelling is an essential part of my life and I am interested in all that is new to me. I am an active member of the Sydney Writers’ Room in Australia, and have always written poetry, lyrics and prose for my own pleasure. My degree in philosophy sometimes helps me to justify why I didn’t choose a more sensible career. ‘Anticipation’ is my first completed novel and is, I hope, an accessible work of literary fiction. My protagonist is a young woman in search of her place in the world. Having fallen in love and been rejected, K’s story draws on a number of spiritual and aesthetic dispositions in a journey that is fundamentally one of optimism and sel ... read more
Latest book: Anticipation - Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  wildmanswildmag Wicropress Publishers
Wicropress Publishers aspires to be a spotlight for talented, new, and upcoming artists in all forms of artistic expression. Wildman's Wildmag is intended to further that mission. Wicropress Publishers was founded in August 2013 by Ryan "Wildman" Tomlinson. It is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, which is becoming a melting pot of creative energy. Wicropress Publishers produces Wildman's Wildmag, a FREE monthly creative magazine, Ebooks such as Wild Card: A Mock-Screenplay Novella, Here's Arnold, and Son of Zeus. In addition to print media, Wicropress Publishers is also involved with video production on The Awefull Show, NV38: The Hunt for The Invisible Man, and a host of other shorts available now and co ... read more
Latest book: Wildman's Wildmag #2

Follow me on Twitter at  NathanPen Bryan Smith
I thought about making a beautifully sculpted bio that reflects the whole of my true being, but who reads bios on anonymous pen named authors anyway? I am mostly a ghost. I am Nobody. I am a leaf in the wind. A shadow on the ground. A memory that has been forgotten. I am empty space far away. Dust in the dark. Ask of me anything and I will yield you an illusion of it, woven from nothing; composed of only sentiments. I type these words so that you may think my thoughts.
Latest book: Philosophy, by Bryan Smith

Follow me on Twitter at  authorjesstrong Jessica Strong
I was raised in Zimbabwe and began competing in international writing competitions at a young age. I graduated college with a degreee in business administration and a minor in accounting. I moved to the United States in 1990. I lived in northern California for 15 years and recently moved to the South. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country but, I fell in love with America reading Louis Lamour novels that my father gave to me when I was about 11. Reading is still one of my greatest passions. I love finding new authors and discovering how the creative mind can take you to any place at any time in history. Sadly I do not have the time to indulge as much as I would like.
Latest book: Unacceptable Behavior

Follow me on Twitter at  byrongraves Byron Graves
Byron Graves has been writing poetry, prose and short stories since 1992. Forever intrigued by transcribing into fiction his affinity for punk rock, his personal battles with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as the constant conundrum of fighting depression with a powerful, undying appreciation for every beautiful detail found in life, love and art. These elements intrinsically woven within over two decades of work has created a unique style of storytelling that couples visceral prose, sweeping metaphors, gritty storylines and memorable characters. December Ever After is his second novel.
Latest book: December Ever After

Follow me on Twitter at  mfieldswriter Mara Fields
Mara lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her delightful family, her lush garden, and her over-weight cat. She began her love of reading at a very early age (she was even known to stay in at recess to read) and eventually this passion for books translated into a Bachelor of Arts in English. In her late-twenties, in a fit of lunacy, she earned a law degree and practiced as an attorney for a year before coming to her senses and turning to a career in higher education. She now makes her living writing.
Latest book: Matchmaker of Magics

Follow me on Twitter at  theiamey Theia Mey
Mey currently resides in the United States. She has worked as a legal assistant and later owned her own private investigative agency. To write this book, Mey relived the bitter past she had left behind. Her cancer is under control (Stage IV never goes into remission) and she continues to help her children through their ongoing pain.
Latest book: Ohana: One Woman's Battle With Love, Death, & Destiny

Follow me on Twitter at  stacifrenes Staci Frenes
Staci Frenes is a singer/songwriter whose music has inspired concert audiences all over the country via concerts, radio and major network shows including The Biggest Loser, America’s Next Top Model, and All My Children. Recently, Staci has added author and conference speaker to her creative palette. Visit her online at
Latest book: Flourish: Cultivate Creativity. Sow Beauty. Live in Color.

Follow me on Twitter at  EricAuthor Eric Broug
Author of several popular books on Islamic geometric design.
Latest book: Draw Islamic Geometric Star Patterns

Follow me on Twitter at  rosaarcade Rosa Arcade
Author of "Notes to My Younger Self: A Personal Guide to Happiness", Rosa has young adult fantasy, "Eyes of the Hunter" scheduled for release in 2015. She also has two books published under the name Rosa Lee: "The Job Hunter's Guide" and "Half-Elf" which is currently out of print. Rosa has studied acting, music, spirituality and writing for non-fiction, fantasy and film. Her other written work includes web articles, marketing and media projects, business plans and manuals, as well as promotional and educational tools. Over a dozen of her scripts have been produced to date, including short educational and promotional videos. Rosa has also co-authored 4 publications and her poetry has appeared in several antholo ... read more
Latest book: Notes to My Younger Self: A Guide to Personal Happiness

Follow me on Twitter at  tomesandtv Jason Beymer
A permanent fixture at his local coffeehouse, Jason Beymer hunches over his laptop in a caffeine-induced frenzy, jowls slick with muse. He injects comedy into the urban and traditional fantasy genres like a squeeze of lemon into ice water: tart, yet refreshing. When not pounding on his keyboard, Jason worships at the feet of Ray Bradbury, and engages in an unhealthy obsession with Grace Park and Tricia Helfer.

Follow me on Twitter at Joseph Reidy
I am a guy from a very small island off of the coast of Maine. I'm fairly funny, I wrote this book to help out people going through a brain injury. I've worked hard to recover from this brain injury, which is just what anyone doing this, going through a brain injury, needs to do. If I had known many of the things in this book beforehand, I feel as though it might have been somewhat of an easier time going through this. I have a lot of ideas of things that I would like to do, own a food truck, get into comedy, own a restaurant, seriously a lot of different ideas. If I've made it through this, I know I can do just about anything.

Follow me on Twitter at  kimcooper63_kim Kimberley Cooper
Kimberley Cooper lives in coastal West Sussex, UK, and combines writing with work and caring for an elderly relative. She has had publishing success with dark twisty short stories accepted by Horrified Press, and is currently self publishing her romantic tales and chilling ones. 'Ursula - Paranormal Romance That Sizzles' is now available for purchase on Smashwords, and other short stories (approx. 5000 words each) in the Bodyshifters series, will be found here in November/December 2014. Kimberley's always happy to get feedback so please feel free to leave your constructive (please) criticism. She's on Twitter @kimcooper63_kim Many thanks.

Follow me on Twitter at  krishnadharma Krishna Dharma
Krishna Dharma is the author of a number of English versions of Ancient Indian classics including Mahabharata, Ramayana and Panchatantra. He is also a broadcaster, appearing regularly on the BBC’s ‘Pause For Thought’, and has written many articles giving the Vedic spiritual perspective on current events. He is a student of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Srila Prabhupada), the Founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and author of many acclaimed English translations of the Vedic scriptures. Krishna Dharma’s aim is to make these ancient teachings accessible and relevant to today’s world. His motto is ‘Spiritual Solutions for Material Problems’, which sums ... read more
Latest book: Mahabharata: The Greatest Spiritual Epic of All Time

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Latest book: Àverso

Follow me on Twitter at  TLClarkAuthor TL Clark
Hi, Lovely to meet you. I'm a 30something British female. I am an independent author of romance novels, but have to fit this around a full time job, being a part time step-mum and being a holistic therapist. I also try my best to support my fellow Indies, and try to read and review as many books as I can. Above all else, I believe love is the most powerful force in the universe, which is why I am writing about it. Each of my stand alone novels looks at love in a different way. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Love & light TL