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MARK MANLEY is a novelist and screenwriter. He has a degree in Broadcasting & Film from the University of Iowa, where he was also a member of the Writers’ Workshop. Mark continues to run the independent record label, Heart & Commerce, (formerly Art & Commerce) and plays a mean bass guitar: In addition, Mark has worked as an investigator for various public and private concerns, including the Federal Defender.

Follow me on Twitter at  mariestephens3 Marie Stephens
I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist by profession and now trying my hand at writing. I have always loved the paranormal and things that go bump in the night. I want to bring my brand of characters to light for my readers to enjoy. I have recently changed my writing style. I hope everyone enjoys the books.

Follow me on Twitter at  ditterthegreat1 Ditter Kellen
A former 911 dispatcher turned author, Ditter Kellen has been in love with romance for over twenty years. To say she's addicted to reading is an understatement. Her ebook reader is an extension of her and holds many of her fantasies and secrets. It's filled with dragons, shifters, vampires, ghosts and many more jaw-dropping characters who keep her entertained on a daily basis. Ditter's love of paranormal and outrageous imagination have conspired together to bring her where she is today...sitting in front of her computer allowing them free rein. Writing is her passion, what she was born to do. I hope you will enjoy reading her stories as much as she loves spinning them. Ditter resides in Florida with a guinea pi ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Peg Lewis Peg Lewis
Peg Lewis has lived in Boston, Tucson, and the San Juan Islands and traveled to all 50 states. She has lived and taught at the university level in Beijing (English only!). She has degrees in Chemistry (from Smith College) and Linguistics (University of Arizona). She is married to John S Lewis, author of Mining the Sky etc. She and John grow almost all their own food in their year-round garden and she considers herself a true foodie. But her greatest and fondest accomplishment is as mother and grandmother. Her 6 quirky children and 32 grandchildren are the source of endless fascination, concern, and joy. Her hobbies are her work and vice versa, so they include her family, garden, cooking, and writing. And ... read more
Latest book: Haymarket: A Sharlie Adventure Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  Sally Bartlett Sally Bartlett
Sally Wynne Bartlett has written her first novel at age 71. After falling in love with journalism and writing in high school, her dream of studying in college was never fulfilled. Marrying young, and having three children by the age of 22, propelled her life in a different direction. She raised her family in the suburbs of Chicago. She found the world of data processing, computers and administrative work a satisfying career, but now retired and living in Arizona, she has returned to writing. She is an internet article writer, and has sold five short paranormal stories as a ghost writer, but this is her first novel. She is single, has two cats Romeo and Riff, and her two daughters and all four grandchildren ... read more

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Latest book: Willow Reed Road

Follow me on Twitter at  TMarguerite Theresa Marguerite Hewitt
I grew up in a very small town in Central New York, and i mean so small if you blinked you missed it. I learned to love everything small town and I miss it everyday I'm away. I recieved my Bachelors Degree in Paralegal Studies in 2009, but have been resigned to working retail. There I met my best friend who re-ignited my passion for all things paranormal. Putting pieces together from stories I had written in childhood, I came up with my first short book, Siofra's Song. From there I've gone wild with Siofra's world and expanded into contemporary romance. My Wakefield Romance series centers around a small town in Virginia and women who fall in love with Navy SEALs and the struggles they go through to be together. ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  gaylewrites Gayle Dickson
Wendy Gayle grew up in Central Texas. She graduated from Texas A&M University. She is currently an elementary school teacher and is currently working on her Masters in School Counseling. Gayle currently lives in the Dallas metroplex with her three beautiful children. She is thankful for the opportunity to praise God for the blessings in her life. In her spare time, Gayle enjoys reading, watching movies, and traveling.
Latest book: A Secret to Guard

Follow me on Twitter at  LillyAnnM Lilly Ann M.
I'm the mother of 4 wonderful kids. I have been working with kids for more then 14 years as a teacher. I love writing, hiking, and movies.
Latest book: Monster Dreams

Follow me on Twitter at  DanielleMcGaw Danielle McGaw
Danielle McGaw is a professional freelance writer and a social media manager for a major Canadian private college. She writes blog posts and manages Twitter and Facebook accounts. She is also working on a fiction novel and several more social media ebooks.
Latest book: The Lost (& Unofficial) FAQ for Bubblews Writers

Follow me on Twitter at  xoanxocespon Xoanxo
Galician Artist and Poet. The works I produce speak for themselves, but only to those who are willing to listen. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so...some viewers and readers respond to them and some may not, in the end, is all about discovering Love within oneself. Biography The best definition I was ever given of myself was from my good friend Aziz who once said to me "You are what makes this moment possible". I like that!!! From that view is how I aim to collaborate with my emotions, circumstances, surroundings when living my life. My contribution in the creation of Art works and Writings do not differ on how I approach social relations or any other type of interaction. Sometimes, instinctively, s ... read more
Latest book: Poetry Dreams, The Poetic Story Of An Awakening

Follow me on Twitter at  steviemikayne Stevie Mikayne
Writing is as vital to my life as chocolate and Yorkshire Gold tea. First tea, then writing, then chocolate. Usually all by 8 AM. Mostly, I write contemporary literary fiction. I try to combine my deep love of traditional literature with my obsession with dynamic characters and strong language. Also, inventive expletives. My mother understood that books are sustenance, and she fed me on novels and good education. When I was 25, and had been away from home for almost a decade, she paid international tuition fees so I could attend graduate school in England. I relished every second of my time at Lancaster University, graduating with an M.A. in Creative Writing. From that moment, I started believing I could actu ... read more
Latest book: Weight of Earth

Follow me on Twitter at  sgordonwriter Sandra Gordon
Sandra Gordon is the author of nine books including: Save a Bundle: 50+ Ways to Save Big on Baby Gear; The Reunion Diet, Sunrise River Press, 2010; Consumer Reports Best Baby Products, 8th, 9th and 10th editions, Consumers Union 2004, 2007 and 2009 respectively; Heart to Heart: Personal Lessons on Preventing Heart Disease, HCI, 2005; The Shy Single, Rodale Press, 2004; The Aging Eye, Simon & Schuster, 2001, and The 30 Secrets of the World’s Healthiest Cuisines, John Wiley & Sons, 2000. In addition, Sandra frequently writes about shopping, saving money, health, nutrition, parenting, and consumer issues for leading consumer magazines such as Prevention, ShopSmart, Parents, Parents Expecting, American Baby, Mo ... read more
Latest book: Save a Bundle: 50+ Ways to Save Big on Baby Gear

Follow me on Twitter at  meaghanbonanno Zombie Princess

Follow me on Twitter at  MaxiShelton Maxi Shelton
My name is Maxi Shelton; I live in Surrey, England, surrounded by green countryside and hills, with my wonderful husband, two children and dog. My dog is my writing buddy who sits at my feet, although she has been known to tell me off if I get up to make a cup of tea too often! She also encourages long walks to develop ideas and story lines. I’m a full-time author and housewife, with an FdA in Interior Design. Writing novels has been a secret dream of mine for as far back as I can remember. I’ve always loved reading and writing, along with history, culture and life! I’m one of those people who love to watch the world go by and imagine what people’s stories are!

Follow me on Twitter at  lilithcollins Lilith Collins
Lilith Collins is an author of erotic fiction focusing on the taboo. She lives in New England her girlfriend and two cats.

Follow me on Twitter at  MLAnthony1 Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony was born in California in 1952. Now living in Salt Lake City Utah with my three children. I love to write my stories for the world to read. I am 60 years old and has worked in the marketing and sales field for over 35 years. I have an interest in Crime Scene Investigation and most crime novels. My favorite author is Patricia Cornwell. My most loved place in this world is to be by the ocean. My first novel The Dark Lodge is a story of fiction but from real life events. I went to work for one of these resorts one summer. Yes it was in the US and these terrible crimes did happen to the girls that were employed there. I work for three months as a retail clerk and also work in hand with the FBI tryi ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  didi3267 Diane Copeland
Diane Copeland is the author of seven unforgettable thriller, mystery and suspense novels, including her most recent, The Bliss Falls Series (Books 1-3) and Conundrum. She is also known for numerous short stories and novellas, such as the award winning, Breathe, which is used by academic institutions and other organizations to bring awareness to child abuse. Formerly a magazine editor, she is notorious for creating plot twists you never see coming and creating strong characters including one that is always a bit quirky. Diane Copeland holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and she currently resides in Missouri.
Latest book: Ollie, Ollie Oxen Free

Follow me on Twitter at  G_Bingley Georgeanna Bingley
Georgeanna Bingley started writing erotica as a way to communicate with cute boys she'd met online. As she got older, she got more comfortable with her own sexuality (adding "cute girls" to the list of people she writes for) and just recently started publishing her work. She lives in a city large enough to have both real dinosaur bones in its museum and a pretty decent football team. Therefore, she is quite pleased with where life has landed her.

Follow me on Twitter at  lordnightwinter Chris Williams
I am many things, an IT Project Manager, Dungeon Master, husband and father. I am a big lover of Fantasy and Sci-Fi among other genres. I have been gaming for going on 22 years now and in all of that time I have learned to spin a good tale. I have a passion for all things fantastical in my stories and in real life. Let me tell you a tale my friends, let me tell you several.
Latest book: Navigator

Follow me on Twitter at  ladyvee27 Veronica Anderson
Veronica Lolonda Anderson was born on February 11, 1979 in Lexington Mississippi. Her parents are Loretta and Frank J. Robertson Jr. She has nine siblings. Her childhood was spent in both Mississippi and Wisconsin. She graduated from Mississippi Valley State University in 2002 with a degree in History. While there, she received countless awards including President's Scholar and Honor Scholar. In 2005, she was awarded The Editor's Choice award from the National Library of Poetry and She briefly attended graduate school during which she worked on a Masters in Criminal Justice. Before long, she was offered a job that would take her away from her studies. She currently resides in Mississippi where she i ... read more
Latest book: The Adventures of Betty Bumble-Worm

Follow me on Twitter at Karen Bates
Latest book: Faking It In France

Follow me on Twitter at  graham_parks Graham Parks
I grew up in Aldershot, which in those days was a tough and impoverished garrison town. I attended a regular all boys comprehensive where I can hardly claim to have excelled. In fact, I was in the bottom stream for the entire 5yrs I was there. When I finally walked out of the school gates ready to square-up to this thing called life, I could barely read or write and numeracy was a swear word. The only work I could find was unskilled labouring jobs on building sites. Strangely though, I always had a deep desire to be and do more, which continues to fuel my ambitions today. I harboured a desire to live in London and over the course of a couple of days my life suddenly went from bleak to pretty grim; ... read more
Latest book: The Cure

Follow me on Twitter at  MaltiBhojwani Malti Bhojwani
As a Life Coach, she aims to serve, not to fix or to help. Malti Bhojwani is the founder of Multi Coaching International, a Professional Certified Life Coach, (ICF) NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and an author. She coaches using her empathetic enquiry which leads her clients to personal empowerment, fulfilled goals and consistent success. Being a life-long learner, she is also mastering Ontological Coaching with Newfield Network, to hone her skills as she still considers herself only a “white-belter” in the field of personal transformation. Malti was born in Singapore in May 1971, went to school in Singapore, lived in Jakarta for many years, though she spent most ... read more
Latest book: Side Effects of Success

Follow me on Twitter at  SonnyGoten SonnyGoten
SonnyGoten Press considers itself bold, high-spirited and playful. We are dedicated to publishing unconventional and non-mainstream fiction.
Latest book: Robbed: the thief whose heart was stolen for the first time

Follow me on Twitter at  WookiwooBook Darren Perman
Darren Perman is a proud father of 2 children, a believer of magic, and lives for grand adventures. A writer at heart, Darren was inspired to write his first children's book after he had a dream about his childhood friend's pet parrot named Wookiwoo. He was then awakened by the loud squawking sounds of 200 wild amazon parrots in the backyard of his home town, Malibu, California. He took that as a sign and the rest is a heartwarming story to be shared throughout the years, and enjoyed and cherished by all who have the opportunity to read this special book. Darren is married to Ruby Perman, who illustrated the beautiful parrots and brought their playful personalities to life using colored pencils on paper. Darr ... read more
Latest book: Wookiwoo, I Love You

Follow me on Twitter at  travconfessions Julie Morey
Julie Morey is originally from California. The travel bug bit her in college when she visited Europe with a couple girlfriends. 50 + countries later she is still traveling. She was last seen somewhere in South America. And yes, the crocodile is real. 
Latest book: Travel, Sex, and Train Wrecks

Follow me on Twitter at  RenegadeMP Steven Rumbelow
Steven Rumbelow has directed over 200 productions in all media (9 feature films, about 70 major stage productions, 64 episodic TV productions, scores of music videos, about 20 commercials, TV Specials, opera and dance). These productions have won over 100 awards between them including several Bessies for the commercials, three Outstanding Film of the Year awards at the London Film Festival and his production of Moby Dick (starring William L. Petersen and Ted Levine) was nominated for 11 Chicago Jefferson Awards of which it won four. His reputation has been built on cutting-edge and high-quality independent productions in all media that are conceptual and visually dynamic.
Latest book: Framing the Illusions: Navigating the Difficult Landscape of Development and Financing for the Independent Filmmaker

Follow me on Twitter at  CoxRobbie Robbie Cox
Our house is a revolving door of family and friends and I wouldn't change a minute of it. Living in Florida is like tropical paradise most of the time and allows me to spend plenty of time taking the stories within my mind and seeing them put to paper. Thankfully, I am surrounded by family who makes sure I am allowed the time to put words to paper.
Latest book: Reaping the Harvest

Follow me on Twitter at  mikedeclemente Mike DeClemente
Mike DeClemente is a short story author, novelist, and photographer. When not hunkered down, writing about assassins, time travel and adventure in far off places he's aimlessly walking the streets of Brooklyn or New York City, looking for the pictures that inspire and tell a story of their own. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram
Latest book: Vol.4 Revelations Shadow Ops The Secret Exploits of Priscilla Roletti

Follow me on Twitter at  revchrisesq Chris Callahan
Chris Callahan (1951- ) was born, and lived most of his life, in rural Rutherfordton, North Carolina. Student Body President during the race riots of 1970 at RS Central High, an All Conference football player, Chris was a Morehead Scholar at UNC-Chapel Hill where he also played football his freshman year and later served on the Student Legislature. A graduate of Wake Forest Law School in 1977, Chris has practiced law exclusively in his home town of Rutherfordton, NC. Ordained in the Charismatic Episcopal Church in November of 2001, he now lives in Swannanoa, NC and is an Elder at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Black Mountain, which he calls the most "servant oriented and intellectual community ... read more
Latest book: Telling Others About Jesus

Follow me on Twitter at  kristi_ayers Kristi Ayers
Kristi Ayers lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two kids. She is a registered nurse and has the unique hobby of paranormal investigating. When she isn't writing or chasing ghosts she is spending time with her family and pets.
Latest book: One Petal Flower

Follow me on Twitter at  CidWolfe Bryan Keen
I got into writing at a young age, but it wasn't exactly for the sake of writing. I had to write a short story to pass my English Class, which I was failing miserably. I got an A+, but the draft sucked. It wasn't until about the age of 19 that I really became serious about writing. I wrote the original draft of "Chronicles of the End of the World", and then posted it on FictionPress, and when I got the only 8 reviews I would ever receive for it, I knew I was ready to try it for real. However, life has a funny way of catching you by the tail, and I had to set it aside, and try to find work. It wouldn't be until Summer of 2008 before I actually began to work on the initial redraft of "Chronicles". The firs ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  thtucker Tracy H. Tucker
Tracy H. Tucker is a teacher, author, and mother of three with a Master's Degree in Literacy from the University of Maine. I KILL ME: Tales of a Jilted Hypochondriac is her first novel, which was previously agented under another title and came oh-so-close to publication at a few major houses. As a toddler writer, she was published in Seventeen, Language Arts, Learning K-8 and Reader's Digest. She is a lover of animals and all things chocolate. A new empty-nester and fighting it, Tracy plans to keep busy writing, tending her small farm, and occasionally speaking to her husband.

Follow me on Twitter at  wyldasaxe Wylda Saxe-Johnson
The "All Her Fantasies" series is a prequel to the Tantra erotica novel with Brooke Evington and Storm Winters as main characters. Wylda has lived on four continents and swings between mountains and beaches without ever deciding which she prefers. On cold days she loves to stay huddled up and watch the rain with tea and cupcakes. Now working on a Middles Ages series featuring natural witch, Marlow.

Follow me on Twitter at  dleadbeater2011 David Leadbeater
Author of eleven International Bestsellers on the Kindle, seven in the Matt Drake Action/Adventure series, three in the Disavowed series, and four UK #1s - The Bones Of Odin, Chosen, The Tomb of the Gods and Blood Vengeance. Matt Drake 7 - Blood Vengeance - is now available. Part 8 - Last Man Standing will be released July 8 2014. My short story, Walking with Ghosts, is also available on eReaders everywhere. I am currently hard at work on a brand new series scheduled for release late 2014.
Latest book: Walking With Ghosts (A short story)

Follow me on Twitter at  silverbittern Anne Maloney
I was born in Brighton, UK during the first week of WWII. I went to a co-educational grammar school in Dorking, Surrey, UK, where I learned that I could easily compete with the boys at most subjects (Not PE or Woodwork). I gave up the idea of going to university and got married - still with the same guy. My descendants are increasing all the time, love them all. I always wanted to be a)independent, b)a writer. I have written five novels,all of which I hope to edit and e-publish before I croak it.

Follow me on Twitter at  kateakli Markus Kennedy Katey
Markus Kennedy Katey (Aklie) also known as Nene Katey Aklie is a Peak Performance advocate and Founder/Chief Evangelist at the Center for Self Development— an Accra based organization dedicated to Peak Performance research, training and coaching. He believes that the problem with the so called developing countries like his beloved Ghana has to do with low Performance in individuals and organizations. As a Christian Pan-Africanist, he proposes that the hope for the seemingly elusive economic emancipation of Africa rest in Performance. Heading the CSD® research team, he has helped developed many materials including the SPiD-UP® book series and the Uptimology® Training and Certification program as well as U ... read more
Latest book: Perform with Power and Responsibility

Follow me on Twitter at  thracian_books Brian D'Souza
Brian J. D'Souza is a Canadian writer who has traveled from the gyms of Montreal to the academias of Curitiba, Brazil to the MMA training grounds of Los Angeles and many locales in-between to capture the spirit and heart of the modern gladiators of MMA. He has written for,, FIGHT! Magazine, Sportsnet Magazine and Follow him on Twitter @Thracian_Books.
Latest book: Modern Linguistic Theory Volume IV

Follow me on Twitter at  EvieAsterwyn Evie Asterwyn
I am a 30 year old "Kiwi" (a.k.a. I live in New Zealand). I started writing as a child/teenager (mostly poetry, songs and short stories) but that took a back-seat to life, where working and paying the bills became more important for a while. I am an avid reader, so books kept me company over the interim years. I started writing again in 2011, after having toyed with the idea on-and-off over several years, of writing a fantasy style novel based in reality, where the hero/heroine suddenly finds themselves yanked out of the ordinary world and suddenly in a world with amazing creatures and the onus of responsibility to solve a problem resting squarely on their shoulders (the likes of Narnia, Alice in Wonderla ... read more
Latest book: Extraordinary Part 2 ~ Celestial Keeper

Follow me on Twitter at  SuperCoolBooks Don Bosco
Don Bosco creates fantasy entertainment for young readers. He describes himself as "geeky, cheeky and magicky". He's the happy author of the Time Talisman fantasy series for children, with two books released so far: The Secret of Monk’s Hill and Newton’s Curse. His other series titles include Sherlock Hong: Young Seeker, Ghostly and My Blade Quest. Besides writing, he enjoys tinkering with computers and mobile phones, making otherworldly sounds with his guitar, and pretending to be a wizard. He lives in Singapore with his wife and two sons. Get to know him at
Latest book: The Scroll of Greatness

Follow me on Twitter at  BLSMadden Beth Madden
Australian fantasy writer who draws inspiration from Japanese culture, music immersion, and warped dreams.
Latest book: Dry Spell

Follow me on Twitter at  theactualkeith Keith Bodayla
Keith recently released his debut novel, Work in Progress, for the Kindle. His short story collection, Not My Problem, is currently available for the Kindle and Nook. He's half of But You're Wrong podcast available through iTunes. He lives in Western Pennsylvania, grew up in New Jersey and spent a few years in Boston - but don't hold any of that against him.
Latest book: Not My Problem

Follow me on Twitter at  SallySlayer Sally Slayer
I have always had an overactive imagination, as many can attest. I had one particularly frightening nightmare that kept plaguing me night after night. I decided that in order to not be frightened by what I saw, I would make it into a story. Once I began putting it in writing, the dream came, but wasn't scary anymore. Now, my characters swing by in my sleep to ask if their story is finished yet. (like I don't have enough to worry about lol) I have 3 children, a wonderful husband, dogs, horses, chickens, and the rest of the farm, too. I am fueled by my Blu cig, Dr Pepper, Vanilla Coke, and coffee. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have. You can also follow me on Twitter @sallyslayer or on Facebook www.faceboo ... read more
Latest book: Deviate

Follow me on Twitter at  katnamednat Natalie Rogers
My name is Natalie and I'm 24 years old, residing in Houston, TX with my boyfriend and my two awesome children. I am a full time stay at home mother so I decided to start writing short books for fun. Cheers!

Follow me on Twitter at  ChrisSchilver Chris Schilver
Hi! Thanks for visiting my page. I am Chris Schilver. I hope you like 'Swee the arts', 'Wedding of a Vampire Slayer', 'The Rise of my Chic' and 'Beautiful You' has just been published. I enjoyed writing them, hope you enjoy reading them too!
Latest book: Beautiful You

Follow me on Twitter at  gounderthetree Bernard McCain
Bernard Marvin McCain, Sr. is an international, inspirational speaker and author of 5 inspirational books. EVE WAS FRAMED, RESTORING THE PLUMBLINE OF TRUTH is Bernard's first ebook. He plans to ebook publish EL SHADDAI, THE MANY BREASTED ONE; IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD (AS WE KNOW IT); THE ASCENSION, A BIBLICAL STUDY OF ASCENDED MASTERS; and IN TIMES OF FAMINE, A BELIEVER'S GUIDE TO OVERCOMING THIS RECESSION, YEA, DEPRESSION. Mr. McCain is developing a blog page to answer reader's questions and comments. Look for it on
Latest book: Calling For The Wailing Women

Follow me on Twitter at  EnergiaLibera Walter Calderone
Mi chiamo Walter Calderone, sono nato a Genova (Italia) il 28/6/1950. Mi sono laureato in Chimica nel 1975 presso l'Università di Genova; mi sono sposato ed ho 3 figli, Francesca, Maria e Giovanni. Mia moglie Paola è morta ed io sono vedovo. Mi sono trasferito in Costa Rica dove ho un lavoro ed una casa.
Latest book: La storia di Genova

Follow me on Twitter at  authoranjela Anjela Renee
At the age of 35 I wrote my first book. Ever since then I've been writing like crazy and love it. I have four self published books and don't ever plan on stopping. I lived in Las Vegas for three years until I moved back home to Michigan and now that's where I live with my husband and two kids.