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Hedonist (or simply “H.”) is an author of Erotica / Erotic Romance based in rainy England. Addicted to caffeine, chocolate and impure thoughts, she likes to write short stories and serial novels dealing with those aspects of the human condition that we all think about, yet often dare not discuss openly. No-one is perfect, neither are her characters, which make them all the more relatable and well-liked by her fans. Her ideal man isn’t a model with 6 pack abs and a fake Colgate smile, so you’ll not find a lot of those in her books. She likes real men, strong men with a soft side (soft all over?); a confident front and a hint of self doubt hidden inside that only comes out when you pull the walls down (o ... read more
Latest book: At First Sight (A Romantic Short)

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Latest book: Scream if you want to go faster

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Robert Daws is a British theatre and television actor best known for his roles in long running TV series such as the award winning Outside Edge, Jeeves & Wooster, Roger Roger, The Royal, Rock and Chip, Casualty and countless other appearances to date. His most recent theatre work includes Michael Frayn's Alarms and Excursions, The Secret of Sherlock Holmes and Yes Prime Minister in London's West End. He has worked extensively for BBC Radio, most notably co-creating the returning police detective series Trueman and Riley with Brian B Thompson. The Rock is the first of a series of planned Sullivan and Broderick novels.
Latest book: The Rock

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L'auteur est de cette génération marquée par ces guerres oubliées dans l'actualité: le Liban, Iran-Irak, Serbie-croatie, Irak... Il a vu des évènements marquants comme la chute du mur de Berlin, le Rwanda, la fin des attentats de l'IRA, les conflits en Nouvelle-Calédonie... Il a vu aussi des catastrophes comme l'Erika, Katerina, Fukushima... La liste est longue et ne semble jamais s'arrêter. C'est après un voyage aux Etats-unis qu'il décide d'écrire la saga de Dolemont Falls. L'idée lui est venu en traversant des régions désertiques presque vide de vie comme son héroïne le fait au début du livre I. A son retour, en montrant ses photos à une amie d'Europe de l'Est, il a retenu sa remarque " ... read more
Latest book: Dolemont Falls, Livre II: L'ambre noir

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Latest book: The 10 Minute MBA

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I am a Yoruba man from the geographical region called Nigeria. I am a revolutionary, teacher and writer. My Revolutionary Nature and Philosophy- Teekay Akin For quite a while, I’ve always had people ask, some condescendly, not that it bothers me one bit, of why I’m not on the streets fighting for/leading the revolution I teach and talk about. And mostly I just shake my head and wonder what they really define revolution/change really as! On some ocassions I’ve responded albeit in bits as my convictions come from within, a natural occurence rather than a nutured one. But here I’ve taken time to put my nature and mind into words. My Revolutionary Nature and Philosophy “You can force a horse to th ... read more
Latest book: Africa un-slaved Volume I: The Chains of Modern-day African Slavery and The Steps to Our Liberation

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Latest book: You Made My Heart a Hunter

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Cynthia Lynn's writing experience as a journalist includes specializing in travel writing and special interest features, her travel updates have been distributed to NPR stations, and she's contributed to a number of travel related books and publications. Her first book, No More Hotels In Paris was followed by No More Hotels In Rome, the Paris book is still available in used copies sold on Amazon, the many excellent reviews included Library Journal and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Cynthia Lynn's travel guides are in libraries worldwide according to WorldCat.Org. She is a member of Authors Guild, her website, can be found on the Authors Guild roster of published authors, and is listed in Google and ... read more
Latest book: The Haunting And Paradise Taxi

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Peter L. Zsiga is a charter member and board member of the International Society for Self Directed Learning and serves on the editorial board for the International Journal of Self Directed Learning. He has served as a faculty member and director of a Leadership Training Institute and as a Leadership Field Agent for the YMCA. Dr. Zsiga has made presentations to national, international and regional conferences and researched and written articles on workplace performance and self-directed learning. He has been a Diversity Management Trainer and received Awards of Administrative Excellence for Turnaround and Operating Budget Management from the Association of Professional Directors of the YMCA. Zsiga is employed b ... read more
Latest book: Leadership from the Lawn

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Gabe Sluis is from Northern California, a graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Linguistics and a US Army veteran. He began writing as a hobby, although, he primarily writes Sci-Fi for young adults, his stories are also appealing to a larger audience. He has published three novels, three short story collections, And a children's book. Check out his latest novel, ARROW OF TIME, published by Big Sky Press under the name G. Sluis!
Latest book: Drake the Pit Bull Puppy

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I am a first time author who has written a memoir of my adventures of driving a cab in N.N.J. from 1983 till today.My hometown is Rutherford ,N.J. and was born in Hoboken in 1964. The main motif surrounding my book is how i met a tv producer on a ride to Newark airport & gave him ideas that were used in a now famous show. Sorry for the 1 or 2 typos.
Latest book: Mr.Taxi's Idea

Follow me on Twitter at  sloanparker Sloan Parker
Sloan Parker writes passionate, dramatic stories about two men (or more) falling in love. Sloan enjoys exploring the lives of people who are growing as individuals while falling in love. Her novels MORE and BREATHE are both winners of the Rainbow Award for Best Gay Contemporary Romance. MORE is also the 2011 EPIC eBook Award Winner for Mystery, Suspense, and/or Adventure Erotic Romance. Sloan enjoys writing in the fictional world because in fiction you can be anything, do anything--even fall in love for the first time over and over again. She lives in Ohio with her partner and their neurotic cats where her greatest moments in life are spent with her family, her friends, and her characters.

Follow me on Twitter at  mempower Fiona McPherson
Fiona McPherson has a PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of Otago (New Zealand), and her non-fiction books are usually about memory and learning. Her first book, The Memory Key, was published by Tandem Press in 1999, and subsequently published in the United States by Career Press and in Germany by mvg Verlag. A later revision was published by Random House UK as Perfect Memory Training, and has been translated into French. Since 2000 she has maintained a website ( dedicated to providing information on memory and how to improve it, and has published several books on specific memory and learning topics. As F.M. McPherson, Fiona also writes fiction. You can find out more about ... read more
Latest book: Successful Learning Simplified

Follow me on Twitter at  LAJPHILLYAUTHOR Leonard Anderson Jr
Leonard Anderson Jr is a native Philadelphian who currently resides in Plymouth Meeting Pa. Leonard recently obtained his Master’s Degree in Health Administration from St. Joseph’s University May 2012. He is employed as a Billing Manager at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. Leonard’s love for writing begin when he penned his first song as a member of the Acapella group The Thorough Tones entitled ‘We’re Making Love. His compassionate side led him to write two poetry books entitled “Damn Right I’ve Got Attitude” and “Two Began the Loving.” Since then he has written 5 novels, 2 plays and is currently working on a movie script for his novel "The Blackavellian Knights". Leonard’s webs ... read more
Latest book: No Excuses: Time To Man Up

Follow me on Twitter at  ABBetancourt A. B. Betancourt
A.B.Betancourt is an Engineer turned web designer, developer, consultant, writer, editor, blogger, cat lover, gamer and so much more. I can't even... By day, she makes the internet a better place with affordable and state of the art code. By night, she writes, edits, and plays lots of games (like D&D). She proudly competed and won NaNoWriMo 2014 and is currently editing that book as well as her Novella. She hopes to have her next book released by March! In her spare time she picks things and puts them down (i.e weightlifting) and runs a meetup group in Austin, TX.
Latest book: The Key

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Latest book: Formula 48 - An Instructional Guide For Men

Follow me on Twitter at  jc_author Jackie Clark
A music teacher and author of both music and recipe books. Enjoys the outdoor life and discovering different foods and ways of cooking them. A keen cyclist, walker and swimmer.
Latest book: My Wine Diet: How Losing Weight And Drinking Wine Changed My Life

Follow me on Twitter at  dawrightink D.A. Wright
D.A. Wright is a fictionist and freelance writer/editor based in Brooklyn, NY. He is the author of Arbitrary Nonsense and is currently working on his second novel The Last Days of Lawrence X. Polk. He is also the co-founder and fiction editor of Exit Strata, a literary arts magazine.
Latest book: Arbitrary Nonsense (or the Pendulum Rift)

Follow me on Twitter at  @melissaturnerlee1975 Melissa Turner Lee

Latest book: Holly and Theo

Follow me on Twitter at  jhammerstein Julie Hammerstein

Latest book: Fat Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Follow me on Twitter at  sara_farinha Sara Farinha
Born and raised in Lisbon, the city where I went to college set my roots and made my home. Author, blogger, poet on my troubled times and word lover through and through. I’m a lot of things that aren’t all that important to this place, and a lot of others that definitely would be. Love to write, read, travel, sing, challenge myself and enjoy human nature conundrums. Friends and family are my foundations as well as my solitude. Reader at a young age I discovered a personal passion in fiction and fantasy literature. Without presumption, I’ve been trying to create value in everything I do, learn all that I can, pursue goals and wishes and find new ways in this literary road. 2011 saw my debut novel ‘Per ... read more
Latest book: Dragões de Simir

Follow me on Twitter at  James Callan James Callan
After a successful career in mathematics and computer science, receiving grants from the National Science Foundation and NASA, and being listed in Who’s Who in Computer Science and Two Thousand Notable Americans, James R. Callan turned to his first love—writing. He wrote a monthly column for a national magazine for two years. He has had four non-fiction books published. He now concentrates on his favorite genre, mystery/suspense, with his sixth book releasing in 2014.
Latest book: Cleansed by Fire

Follow me on Twitter at  booksmango Alexander Gunn
Alex Gunn was born in the South East Essex heartlands in the UK. He has worked as a school teacher, actor, university lecturer, and psychotherapist and had a brief but memorable career in the circus where he juggled chainsaws. He won a highly coveted Government Beacon Award for a Degree programme that he created for the University of Plymouth and is a long standing member of the International Network of Motivational Psychotherapy Trainers. He now busies himself teaching, writing and running a small unusual travel company in Thailand. He lives with his beautiful wife Chrissy and their two boys Jack and Teddy.
Latest book: A Year in Chiang Mai

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A long time practitioner of the Old Ways and a believer in mind over matter.
Latest book: 9 Shadows

Follow me on Twitter at  WingedWolfPsion Donna Fernstrom
I have been a ravenous bookworm of a reader, and casual writer, since grade school. I began practicing energy working and psionics (psychic development) in my mid-teens, and studied psionics under a mentor for a number of years in my 20s. I also breed ball pythons and other reptiles. I enjoy camping, fishing, observing and identifying wildlife, and organic gardening. I've a couple of non-fiction metaphysical books, under the pen name 'Winged Wolf', and now I'm writing fiction. I hope you'll enjoy it!
Latest book: Revelation

Follow me on Twitter at  annazaires Anna Zaires
Anna Zaires fell in love with books at the age of five, when her grandmother taught her to read. She wrote her first story shortly thereafter. Since then, she has always lived partially in a fantasy world where the only limits were those of her imagination. Currently residing in New York City, Anna is happily married to the man of her dreams and closely collaborates with him in the writing of the Krinar Chronicles.
Latest book: Keep Me (Twist Me #2)

Follow me on Twitter at  justinsirois Justin Sirois
Justin Sirois is a writer living in Baltimore, Maryland. His books include So Say the Waiters, Secondary Sound, MLKNG SCKLS, and Falcons on the Floor written with Iraqi refugee Haneen Alshujairy. Justin received individual Maryland State Art Council grants in 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2011 and a Baker "b" grant in 2011
Latest book: Falcons on the Floor

Follow me on Twitter at  simpleadhdxpert Ben Glenn
Ben Glenn has been a full-time speaker since 1995, sharing with church groups, students and teachers all over the world. His story of growing up with Learning Disabilities and ADHD, as well as his amazing live art demonstration that he performs as part of his presentation, combine into a powerful as well as entertaining program. He is the author of "SImply Special: Learning to Love Your ADHD" and "Understanding the Peaks and Pitfalls of ADHD in the Classroom." He, his wife and 2 daughters live in Indianapolis.
Latest book: Building Success Brick by Brick Volume 2

Follow me on Twitter at  daniel_beazley Daniel Beazley
I was born and raised in the South West of England. Growing up I became captivated and drawn into the World of fantasy courtesy of the writings of Tolkien, Feist, Gemmell, Lewis, Livingstone and Dever. These together with films like Conan, Red Sonja, The Dark Crystal, Willow and Krull, truly inspired me to want to join the creative journey that is fantasy. I began to seriously read and write in 1996 whilst spending some time in the sunny climes of Sicily. This continued periodically whilst working in the Army and then the Police; living in various parts of the country as well as overseas. In 2012, after winning a short story competition for the Fantasy Faction Anthology about an orc and goblin I decided that ... read more
Latest book: Night's Shadow

Follow me on Twitter at  garyalexand Gary Alexander
Gary Alexander was born in New York, but has lived in the UK for most of his adult life. He worked for the Open University for 37 years until he retired. He has written and dreamt about sustainable communities since the 1970s. He was a pioneer in the OU’s use of collaborative online learning, helped create many events, Summer Schools, Dance Camps, Fairs, Slow Food, events, was on the Board of Trustees of the Transition Network, and dances tango.
Latest book: eGaia, Growing a peaceful, sustainable Earth through communications

Follow me on Twitter at  lbbacchus LB Bacchus
LB Bacchus is mother and grandmother. Formerly a Head Teacher, she now devotes her time to overseeing her supplementary education business, writing, blogging and filming a series of YouTube videos. LB's passion is to share her knowledge of life from her experiences and intuitive wisdom to reinforce and remind that our power lies in LOVE.
Latest book: The Secrets of Stress

Follow me on Twitter at  krisattfield Kris Attfield

Latest book: Aftermath: A Report on Post-LTW Life

Follow me on Twitter at  GodessofAmnesia Kerry Friedmann
Kerry graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1990 with a Bachelor of Social Science Degree, majoring in Sociology. Her final year theses were ‘The Socio-Economic implications of the then proposed development of Cape Town’s Water Front (today known as the V&A Waterfront) and ‘Politics of Human Sexuality; An inquiry into the South African Legal System’. She also has an International Advertising Diploma (Boston House AAA) and completed the Estate agents board Exam - which she has never used (but thought at the time it was a good idea!!!) Kerry has been working in the Music and Entertainment industry since 1994. She specializes in Artist and Band management and production, with a strong focus o ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  pallabn670 Pallab Naskar
From only 15+ years he began his writings and lives in Sonarpur, kol -150.First book The Stromy Night. E mail-
Latest book: The Primitive Ideas Of Cell Cycle

Follow me on Twitter at GJ Walker-Smith
Wife, mother, writer, wanderer. Lives near the beach in Western Australia. Author of YA novels The Wishes Series. Saving Wishes (book 1) iBooks Best Of 2013 Breakout Book Of The Year AU & NZ.
Latest book: Shiloh

Follow me on Twitter at  KnackTime Candace Taylor Johnson
Welcome to Candace Taylor-Johnson's KnackTime Books. I am a new author who loves classical cinema, music, literature. So for the love of the arts. I will create KnackTime writings for an experience in our time. At the place we are now. A good place to be.

Follow me on Twitter at  Kshitij_Mall Kshitij Mall
A budding rocket scientist at Purdue University, Kshitij Mall aka Mall started writing at an age of 14 and participated in Bollywood story hunt contest. He is working on future mars missions. He is the founder of Purdue Moonbuggy Team and Quasar, the aerospace club. He has been associated with organizations like AIAA, Infosys Technologies Ltd, SDIPA and Bansal classes. He is a member of honor societies namely Sigma Gamma Tau and National Residence Hall Honorary. He has rich interest in sports, politics, films, science and adventure.

Follow me on Twitter at  weirdshitblog Asher Cantrell
I am Ashe, Ashe is me. Buy books. Any book, not even mine. Just pick one and read it. Take a chance on someone's work.
Latest book: Four Humors

Follow me on Twitter at  makelures Greg Vinall
I'm a professional aquatic scientist, passionate lure fisherman and avid lure maker. I've been teaching other people the art of making custom hard bodied fishing lures from wood and plastic for over 10 years. In recent years I have taken this passion online, publishing the most comprehensive guides to wooden lure making available anywhere online.
Latest book: Why Fish Don't See Your Lures: How Fish Vision Affects Intelligent Fishing Tackle Color Selection. Lake Fishing, River Fishing, Sea Fishing.

Follow me on Twitter at Dick Farnsworth
Dick Farnsworth is a retired small business owner from a small town in upstate New York who writes for fun. Tunein' is his first novel, and is a very enjoyable read. He and Jan, his wife of 53 years, have one son and four grandchildren who live in Northern Virginia. Active in Church and community volunteer activities, he is currently working on a second book, which he hopes will be ready by the end of 2013.
Latest book: Tunein'

Follow me on Twitter at  Banders319 Bridget Anderson
Bridget Anderson was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she started writing, and hasn't stopped. She's the author of several contemporary romantic suspense novels from "Soul Mates" to "Hotel Paradise," and "Sweep Memphis Crush". Her novel "Rendezvous" was adapted into a made-for-television movie, and is currently available on DVD. She loves to travel so look for stores based on those travels in the future.

Follow me on Twitter at  donteverpunch Danny Marianino
New Jersey native, Danny Marianino, lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Krista and their three wacky dogs. He authored his first book, Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar: A Collection of Hate Mail and Other Crazy Rumors, in 2012. Currently, Danny is finishing up his next book due out in March of 2015. Danny is also a horror programmer for both the Phoenix Film Festival and The International Horror and Sci-Fi Festival and he owned the always entertaining website, I Can Smell Your, with his good buddy Brandon Kinchen. While it's painfully obvious he has an affinity for all things cinema, Danny has a huge bobble head collection, is addicted to buying old MAD Magazines, and avidly collects horror magazi ... read more
Latest book: Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar: A Collection of Hate Mail And Other Crazy Rumors

Follow me on Twitter at  MandyMiga Amanda Miga
Amanda Miga lives in Long Island, NY with her husband, John Miga and her two cats Smudge and Cricket. When she's not writing she's watching movies or listening to music, finding inspiration for The Sanctuary series and other fictions in the works.
Latest book: Gravity

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorGBDavies GB Davies
My publicist would have you believe that I am as close to perfect as you could get, have already made the New York Times Best Seller list, and lead a conservative and perfect little life. This author actually has a few vices; just the usual ones that most people have. To truly see reality let me paint you a picture. Artists and writers have been depicted over time as socially challenged loners who are ultimately driven to madness or drink, maybe both. Adding to this heady mix would be a daily over absorption of caffeine, nicotine and grape juice in the form of wine. Authors are individuals who are usually found bent over their typewriters, the scene lit only by a bare light bulb or oil lamp into the wee hours ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  reiclub William Johnson
William Johnson is the author of several ebook titles such as: "Real Estate Investors Investing In Lease Options" "Real Estate Investors Investing In Probates" "Real Estate Investing: How to Find Private Money Lenders" "Real Estate Investing: How to Flip a House as a Real Estate Investor" "Real Estate Investing: How to Find Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers" "Real Estate Investors Marketing for Private Money" Mr. Johnson is associated with, a website designed for real estate investors of all experience levels. With over 2,000 real estate articles, 2,000 blog posts, over 350 real estate videos, active discussion forums and much more, REIClub is a fantastic online resource for anyone interested ... read more
Latest book: Real Estate Investors Investing In Lease Options

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Payroll Publishing is Michigan's leading publishing company.
Latest book: Bianca Tell Us Who Did This To You

Follow me on Twitter at  mercurial73 Eric Guindon
Eric Guindon is an IT professional who consumes much more fiction than he produces. He's working to change that. He is supported in his work by his lovely wife, Kathryn Norman, and his daughter, Zoe Guindon-Gough. Some of his favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Neil Stephenson, George RR Martin, Octavia Butler, Gene Wolf, Roger Zelazny, Brandon Sanderson, and John Scalzi. Eric and Kathryn keep an improbable amount of pets, including a very large Doberman Pinscher, Thor, three cats, three snakes, and two geckos. His ramblings can be read at:
Latest book: The Girl from the Rune Yard

Follow me on Twitter at  Countryriskmgmt Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner is the CEO of Country Risk Solutions (CRS), a cross-border risk consultancy based in Connecticut (USA). He has more than a quarter century of experience managing country risk, is an authority on political risk insurance (PRI) and analysis, and has 15 years of underwriting experience with AIG, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), GE, and the World Bank Group. Prior to founding CRS in 2009 Daniel was Senior Vice President of Country Risk at GE Energy Financial Services in Stamford, Connecticut. At GE he was part of a team investing billions of dollars annually into global energy projects, with a total portfolio of $20 billion of assets in 20 countries. Daniel was responsible for advising senior manage ... read more
Latest book: Political Risk Insurance Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  WilliamEHarlan William Harlan
I live in Houston, Texas with my wife, Carrie, and son, Adrian. I’m a cook and a butcher at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. I like to write “low” fantasy. My stories are less about royalty and destiny and more about monsters, fighting and food.
Latest book: Antioch