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Inventor Songwriter Spoken word artist Tradesman Author Screen writer Comedian

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Amanda Wilson resides in east London in the United Kingdom with her husband and teenage daughter. She has been writing since the age of 12, and had her first short story published in a women’s magazine when she was 16. The decision to write her first novel ‘Karaoke, Praise the Lord’ came when Amanda entered the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) competition in 2009, which required all competitors to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Amanda completed the challenge, and two years later decided to publish the novel. Amanda is the Director of 9:10 Publishing, an independent imprint which produces first-rate poetry anthologies, business books and books pertaining to personal development for youth ... read more
Latest book: Karaoke Praise the Lord

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Harrine Freeman is the CEO and owner of H.E. Freeman Enterprises which provides credit repair services to help clients restore their credit rating and develop good money management skills to pay off debts, save and plan for retirement for the past 12 years. She is an energetic speaker, author, personal finance expert, and freelance writer. She was once in $19,000 in debt, only making $21,000 a year and was successfully able to get herself out of debt without filing for bankruptcy. Her knowledge and tips have helped her diverse clientele restore their credit, learn how to manage their finances and get totally out of debt. As a guest speaker at regional and national churches and schools, national radio shows, ... read more
Latest book: How to Get Out of Debt: Get an "A" Credit Rating for Free

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Married with three kids. Living in beautiful Sydney, Australia.
Latest book: Build a Joomla Website Handbook

Follow me on Twitter at  natalie_g_owens Natalie G. Owens
Natalie writes stories of mixed genre, especially, romance, mystery, suspense and fantasy. She got her first taste of serious writing in her teens by penning poetry, short stories, and articles for college and local publications. At university, she trained as a lawyer. Many years later, after somewhat abandoning the legal profession for the greener pastures that language provides, Natalie freelanced as a writer and editor. As her writing suggests, her tastes in books are eclectic, but she possesses an extensive collection of romance and mystery novels, both in print and on e-reader. She loves to meet other authors and readers. Natalie is married and has one son. She spent 11 years in Atlanta, Georgia with her ... read more
Latest book: An Eternity of Roses (The Valthreans: Book 1)

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Stu Strang was a minister in the confines of organized religion throughout the late eighties and most of the nineties. Along that journey, he became increasingly aware that not only was the institution of religion not helping to facilitate the LOVE COMMANDMENT of Jesus, but was actively working against it. He saw religion as a cloaking device designed to take innocent people into a cheap imitation of what was "true, good and right." Stu's personal memories and poetry reflects upon his process of leaving a generic land filled with lies, deceit, and perversions of many sorts... to enter the raw, unbridled forgotten planet of transparency and connection to fellow human beings.
Latest book: Organic Community

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Xanthe Walter writes adult romances, specializing in novel-length male/male and BDSM stories, often with a fantasy, sci-fi or murder-mystery twist. She started out as a fanfiction writer, winning major awards in every fandom she participated in. She is particularly well known for her invention of a BDSM universe, where everyone is bisexual and identifies as either dominant or submissive. Xanthe lives in London, England with two very spoiled cats!

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Kathleen Wiseman was an Editor until marriage, and is now writing clean romance novels. She is the mother of two lovely girls, three rescue cats, and two little rescue dogs. Kathleen is a keen quilter and her favorite quilt is her Double Wedding Ring quilt.
Latest book: The Master's House (Servants of God Book 1)

Follow me on Twitter at  coachkellerkc Keller Coleman
Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Coach Keller has been in business working and instructing people with success strategies for over 10 years. Coach Keller is a highly-motivated person who loves to help people bring out the success in their lives. “I have been mentoring and coaching people for numerous years. People naturally have been drawn to me by my humor and my charm. Whenever there has been a need, problem, different insight needed, people always have sought me out to help them achieve their goals and desires. I love helping people. I love bringing the leader that is within them out.” Coach Keller is a community activist working with community-based organizations that helps residents on the east side o ... read more
Latest book: From Blue Collar to Businessman

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Steven Cohen, 49, came to the United States in 1982 at the age of 19 and joined the United States Army for four years serving three 6 months tours in the Sinai Desert as part of a joint peacekeeping force (MFO). After leaving the army Steven came to California and worked in a number of sales jobs for such blue chip companies as McGraw Hill, Pepsi and Prentice Hall. Looking to establish himself in one of his passions Steven forced his way in to the music industry in the early 90’s and worked for numerous record labels in a publicity capacity. He had the privilege of working with both Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash and helping the late June Carter Cash win a Grammy for her final project ‘Press On.” In ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  mitchmilam Mitch Milam
I have been a technology professional for over 27 years and have pursued every imaginable role within the computer industry, but mostly focusing on software. I am currently working as an independent consultant, focusing exclusively on creating products and solutions which utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an xRM platform which could include: o xRM Solution Architecture o xRM Development o xRM Developer training I am a Microsoft Certified Training and a six-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).
Latest book: Dynamics CRM Deep Dive: Security

Follow me on Twitter at  NancySussan Nancy Frederick
Nancy Frederick is an internationally acclaimed astrologer, and a popular New Age writer who also writes novels.

Follow me on Twitter at  indie_writer_la LaDonna Hadley
I write short story fiction thrillers. Short stories are my passion. They give people an opportunity to sit down with a good book and finish it no matter what they have going on.
Latest book: Un cuarto después de

Follow me on Twitter at  RhianCahill Rhian Cahill
Rhian Cahill is the alter ego of a stay-at-home mother of four. With motherly duties rapidly dwindling Rhian is able to make use of the fertile imagination she used to keep herself sane for all those years of slavery. Having spent some years living overseas and visiting tropical climates has helped inspire some steamy stories. Multi-published in erotic romance and contemporary romance, Rhian, with the help of Mr. Muse, spends her days and nights writing. When not glued to the keyboard you’ll find her book in hand avoiding any and all housework. For more on Rhian visit her website or you can contact her at or connect on Twitter - or Face ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Steven_R_Burke Steven R. Burke
Growing up in a little town in the great northwest, Steve learned to enjoy the outdoors and all that nature had to offer. The beauty surrounding his home town of Colville Washington inspired his world of Tuwa. Every character in his novels was inspired by characteristics from people he either knew or behavior he observed. His magic is only limited by a person’s capacity and creativity. For over a decade now he has made mountain desert state of Utah his home with his wife and son. Some of his favorite authors are Terry Brooks, J.K. Rowling, Terry Goodkind, J.R.R. Tolkein, and Christopher Paolini.
Latest book: The Dark Tide (The Guardian Chronicles, #3)

Follow me on Twitter at  TylerKBarnes Tyler K. Barnes
Aspiring Romance and Erotica writer in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Genres. California native. Infected by curiosity, flights of fantasy, idealism, and the desire to jump into the Blog coming in early 2014 Photo Credit via NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day, "Discovery Departs" Image Credit & Copyright: Ben Cooper (Launch Photography) An end of an era. Let's hope we never lose our aspirations to enlarge our universe and bring the highest and best qualities of humanKind to the far reaches and species of this tremendous experience.
Latest book: Tyler's Test

Follow me on Twitter at  arkayevans Arkay Evans
Music is my first language. I'm a published author, spoken word poet, photographer and violinist hippie chick who loves fast cars, quick wit and real jazz. At the age of 5, I began training as a Suzuki violinist. With no command of the written language, I composed stories and poems with shapes. By age 8, I wrote the Kindergarten naptime stories for our parish and penned my first book at age 9. Writing isn't what I do, it's who I am. 'A Woman of Purpose' is a personal collection of poetic expressions addressing spiritual solution for women of faith. My book talks about how I have and how we all can by faith unlearn toxic habits and behaviors to change how we interact with and respond to the world; how we ... read more
Latest book: A Woman of Purpose: Secure In Faith Through Difficult Times

Follow me on Twitter at  LostAppleNovel Iain Mavro Coggins
My experiences as a public school student drove me into teaching with a mind for reform. Yet my experiences as a teacher drove me to a complete rethinking of what it means to be educated. Foremost in my mind is the question of purpose—what John Dewey terms “the aims of education”—and how to revive a truly learner-centered approach to schooling. I have been influenced by many thinkers, especially Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, an early 20th century Japanese education reformer. His theory of soka, or “value-creation” profoundly influences my work.

Follow me on Twitter at  tweetheart4711 Helen McCarthy
Writer, designer, and curator Helen McCarthy has been studying Japanese visual narratives for thirty years. She wrote for a wide range of magazines in the 1980s before founding Anime UK magazine in 1991. She edited the magazine until it folded in 1996, after selling in Europe, the USA and Japan, and launching the careers of several writers and designers. Her published work includes The Anime Encyclopedia, Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation, 500 Manga Heroes and Villains, and 500 Essential Anime You Must Own. She has won several awards, most recently a Harvey Award for The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga, and has contributed to a number of anthologies and academic publications. Her current research ... read more
Latest book: A Heartbeat From Disaster

Follow me on Twitter at  #!/Mick_Charger J. Michael Atencio
Married with seven children and eight grandchildren and daddy to two cats. Writer of Mick Charger series, other novels and screenplays. Inventor, independent filmmaker, graphic artist, web designer, book cover designer, editor, marketing and branding specialist, former cop and now retired sergeant.
Latest book: Mick Charger - Murder by Cop

Follow me on Twitter at  MartFederico Federico G. Martini
BIOGRAPHY Federico G. Martini is an Italian novelist living in Milan. He has several novels and stories published in Italy, some of which are available in English translation. As a young boy, Federico delighted in writing stories of all kinds, but pursued more practical career options later in life (carmina non dant panem). However, the author continued to write, never losing his love for literature. Federico has traveled and lived in the USA, France, Morocco, Rumania and other countries, acquiring many experiences and insights that obviously enrich his novels. The author invites you to contact him with any comments or requests for more information

Follow me on Twitter at  SimpleSimonPub Peter A. Brandt
It only takes a few minutes of thought before Peter Brandt can devise a scenario that would make a fantastic story, and minutes after that before it begins to fill itself in. “I have been able to think up stories all my life but it’s only been in the last seven years that I realized I was abusing my creative side by not writing them down.” Peter retired from the Air Force and began a new career as a Technical Writer. His writing abilities have allowed him to work in Canada, the United States and even in the Middle East. However, its Peter’s love for stories that has brought him into a new realm of writing. His humorous memoir about his life as a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces and the tragic mem ... read more
Latest book: Malinki the Medic

Follow me on Twitter at  paulhenke Paul Henke
Born and raised in the mining valleys of South Wales, my father was a Polish immigrant who came to the UK during the Second World War. I was educated at Pontypridd Boys' Grammar and from an early age had a burning desire to be a Royal Naval officer. After training at Dartmouth Royal Naval College I qualified as a bomb and mine disposal expert, specialising in diving and handling explosives. I led a crack team of underwater bomb disposal specialists and also became the Commanding Officer of various minesweeping and minehunting ships. I survived a machine gun attack by IRA gun runners in Ireland in 1976. Using plastic explosives I was responsible for blowing-up a number of Second World War mines found off the coa ... read more
Latest book: Shadow of a Tear

Follow me on Twitter at  MysteryPoetry Kalcee Clornel
Kalcee Clornel is writer of YA paranormal fiction & author of the Faerie Believers series. The paranormal world is full of adventure & mystery, where all that is discovered cannot truly be understood & what has been discovered is not even a fraction of what exists...
Latest book: Iron Belief (Faerie Believers 04)

Follow me on Twitter at  tenminuteshate J. C. Greenway
J. C. Greenway was born in Liverpool and lives in Tokyo, where she writes the website ten minutes hate, follows Liverpool FC and drinks a fair amount of tea.
Latest book: The Teas That Bind

Follow me on Twitter at  ShonaHusk Shona Husk
Shona Husk lives in Western Australia at the edge of the Indian Ocean. Blessed with a lively imagination she spent most of her childhood making up stories. As an adult she discovered romance novels and hasn’t looked back. Drawing on history and myth, she weaves new worlds and writes heroes who aren’t afraid to get hurt while falling in love. With stories ranging from sensual to scorching, she is published with Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing and Sourcebooks.

Follow me on Twitter at  info_tutorials Martin Munzel Jörg Siebert
Martin Munzel has more than 13 years of experience with SAP software. He started as an SAP consultant for Siemens and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, where he took part in a number of international SAP projects. Later on, he switched sides and spent 8 years working as an in-house consultant for Tech Data and Sartorius. Since 2011, he works as a freelancing SAP trainer and consultant. He specializes in the SAP modules CO, PS and FI and has some knowledge in BW. Martin Munzel studied Business Information Systems and Business Administration in Göttingen, Paderborn, and Nottingham. Jörg Siebert has worked as consultant, trainer and product manager, having more than 15 years of experience with accounting software. For ... read more
Latest book: Schnelleinstieg in die SAP-Einkaufsprozesse

Follow me on Twitter at  LangdonBen Ben Langdon
Ben Langdon lives and works in Portland, Australia. As well as writing short fiction, he is working on a novel, growing three children (heroes-in-training) and teaching at the local high school.
Latest book: Tribe

Follow me on Twitter at  twitpublishing Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady lives in North Carolina. He is the author of numerous crime short stories and novels.
Latest book: Good Fences Make Good (A Dan Wilder Short Story)

Follow me on Twitter at  sykescelia Celia Sykes
Celia Sykes resides in Glastonbury, CT with her two cats Milo and Philomela, and her husband (and sometimes collaborator), the painter, Gary Johnson.

Follow me on Twitter at  ErikAuthor E.S. Lehman
E.S. Lehman has spent a lifetime exploring the realms of fiction. He resides in California, where he is hard at work on this unique YA series, and other projects in the fiction genres of romance, mystery and supernatural.
Latest book: Wings of Boden

Follow me on Twitter at  ged4332 G E Daniels
G E Daniels II Author, speaker and analytical human behavior specialist Glenn Daniels has over 25 years experience in working with thousands of individuals and organizations to help set strategies that create powerful changes from within. His clients are spread across a variety of industries including the United States Military, communications, insurance, medical, funeral and network marketing. His goal is to improve their bottom line by sharing skills that motivate entire teams to learn and be able to quickly apply their new found skills. He does this through entertaining and informative lectures and workshops that unleash the potential of each employee, teach the skills of human persuasion, and connect ... read more
Latest book: How to Use The Divine Law of Attraction and Spirit to Manifest Your Desires

Follow me on Twitter at  CharlesWitherspoon Charles Witherspoon
From the foothills of Lenoir, North Carolina born and raised… to the United States Army... borders of the East Germany and Czechoslovakia… to the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, where I policed the streets as a detective… to receiving both my undergraduate and graduate degrees… to professorship at a higher learning institution… to becoming a motivational speaker and author and book writer, visionary, consultant... This is the story of where I came from and how I moved past life’s challenges and learned how to become super in my human experience through the power of God in order to become who I am today. My message is faith-based, and derives from my life experiences. I teach and motivate peo ... read more
Latest book: No Title To Success

Follow me on Twitter at!/Crimsoncord James Caso
Jim Caso is an author, podcaster, speaker, minister, and a founder of a non-profit organization helping the Nowhere Child. Once he received his degree in theology, Jim started and pastored a non-denominational church. After some years he felt God calling him to minister to those outside the confines of the church building. He authored Exousia to share the premise that everyone has the Power to be a child of God. His second book X-Faith examines the way the life of a believer can experience Extraordinary change through Faith. In his new work, Faith Actually, he continues the journey of Faith with a transparent look at realizing miraculous possibilities that can be embraced through experiencing Actual Faith, r ... read more
Latest book: Faith Actually

Follow me on Twitter at  DerekAchoy Derek Achoy
Derek is a human being from Mississauga, Canada. He escaped York University with a BA in English and has been writing in circles ever since.
Latest book: Newfangled Death

Follow me on Twitter at  nmamot Pam Lynne
I am currently working on a revised edition of Nightmares Are Made of These. Until the new version is completed, I am offering the original version for free. The revised edition will include new stories and the second part of Monev novelette. I was born amid the mountains of Pennsylvania in the US and by strange roads finally ended up where I currently live in the desert city of Kamloops, BC Canada. Being an avid dreamer, it was only fitting that my first published work would be related to this; being a fan of the occult, blending this with my nightmares into my stories only made sense. I have always loved fairy tales and many years ago wrote my own called Maydon Fare and Dragon Gold. It remained hidden amo ... read more
Latest book: Maydon Fare and Dragon Gold

Follow me on Twitter at  douglongsongs Doug Long
Read "The Fool Who Invented Kissing (Shorties by Long)," an entertaining anthology of original, short-short stories by author and songwriter Doug Long. Doug lives on a small West Coast island, in Canada, where he struggles unsuccessfully to be self-sufficient. He is currently working on "Shorties by Long", Volume II. When not writing books or songs, Doug likes to do stand-up comedy at his local pub.
Latest book: The Fool Who Invented Kissing

Follow me on Twitter at  wblackwell333 William Blackwell
William Blackwell studied journalism at Calgary's Mount Royal University and English literature at Vancouver's University of British Columbia. He worked as a print journalist for many years before becoming an author. Currently living on an acreage in Prince Edward Island, Blackwell loves to travel and write fiction. He's written many titles including: Brainstorm, Nightmare's Edge, Phantom Rage (The Rage Trilogy: Book 1), Orgon Conclusion, Assaulted Souls, Poison Rage, Infected Rage, Rule 14, Resurrection Point, The Strap and A Head for an Eye. To learn more about Blackwell's work and read the musings of a meandering mind, please visit his website: Thanks for stopping by.
Latest book: A Head for an Eye

Follow me on Twitter at  redlineExped Gregory Yeoman
Gregory Yeoman has worked in travel and tourism for 18 years, starting out in 1994 leading and designing cycling and mountain biking holidays in various countries around the world. He has cycled on all 7 continents, adding Antarctica to the list in December 2003, and has planned and completed the following major cycle expeditions: The 2,000-year Bike Ride (Nottingham to Athens, 2000 miles, 1987) The Trans-Siberian Cycle Expedition (the subject of ‘Riding into the Sunrise', 1993) The Karelian Cycle Expedition (Murmansk to St Petersburg, 1500 miles, 2003) The Great Australian Cycle Expedition (8000 miles, 2004/5) In 2011 he cycled 1000 miles solo from John O’Groats to Land’s End in the UK, raising money for ... read more
Latest book: Riding into The Sunrise - Recollections of a bicycle journey across Russia

Follow me on Twitter at  authoremmarider Emma Rider
An author of erotic romance, Emma Rider has been weaving stories since she was about five, writing and acting out plays about princes and princesses for her parents often. She has always dreamed of being a writer. When she was earning her Bachelors Degree of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences she tried other things, like acting and editing, but she always turned back to her true passions of reading and writing. She's always loved two things. Romance and the alpha male. She loves writing about every character. She loves their tastes, their talents and she can feel their emotions. On every project she tries to project each and every emotion down on paper. She sweetly interrogates them until they lick their lips an ... read more
Latest book: Finding the Way

Follow me on Twitter at  upperrubberboot Upper Rubber Boot Books
In Canadian vernacular, Upper Rubber Boot is slang for a remote, possibly unhip, probably insignificant place, much like America’s Podunk. Upper Rubber Boot Books was founded in July 2011 to give a voice to writers working from a (metaphorically) remote place, and to that end we publish fine literary and speculative writing, with a special focus on poetry and short story collections, genres which have a particularly difficult time finding a home in the publishing world. Our editions are available as ebooks only.

Follow me on Twitter at  lpsimone L P Simone
I've been teaching, reading and writing about the ancient Maya pretty much my entire life.
Latest book: The 2012 Prophecies: Heir of the Jaguar

Follow me on Twitter at  VanLedyard Van Ledyard
A Note from VL: For a long time now, friends have asked me to tell them what it was like growing up in Detroit. They’ve seen the stories in the newspapers, read about the bankrupt car companies and corrupt city officials, the horrific crime news, and spent time with the picture books and videos of The Ruins. A few have even tramped around the old Packard plant where they bump into other tourists with cameras. I tell them, it’s hard to say. You want to explain. But when you begin to isolate this thing or that, it falls apart. Because this Detroit, as sick and troubled and worn out as it is, is a living thing populated by real people. So to explain this place, to dissect it, is the surest way to miss what ... read more
Latest book: Sheer Joy in Detroit

Follow me on Twitter at  eyamie Jeffrey John Eyamie
Jeffrey John Eyamie wrote his first novel in Grade 3 and his second novel in journalism school. Thankfully, they are both locked away in hermetically sealed containers. A former child television star and grunge singer, Jeff once worked for Canada’s minister of foreign affairs, conducted a feature interview with Bob Vila while sitting on the john, gave the commissioner of the National Hockey League a dressing-down on national television, and won second prize in a literary beauty contest. He now writes screenplays. You can follow him on twitter: @eyamie
Latest book: League of Justified Vengeance - The Oddities: Book 2

Follow me on Twitter at  yawatta_hosby Yawatta Hosby
Yawatta Hosby enjoys connecting with other writers through blogging. With a desire to escape every day life, she creates novels, novellas, and short stories. She's always had a fascination with psychology, so she likes to focus on the inner-struggles within her characters. Yawatta is also an avid reader, favorite genres: mystery, thriller, horror, and women's fiction.

Follow me on Twitter at  money4bloggin Darren Gowland
Darren Gowland was born in the North East of England in 1974. He lives with his wife Sarah and their 2 children (Soon to be 3 - January2013). Although he has been writing self-help and How-to books for 3 years he only decided to publish his work in February 2012. He has a passion for self-help information, relationships and the power of the mind and how it works.
Latest book: How to study for a test: The Google Brain System - 5 Steps To Pass ANY Test-Limited Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  Trucking_Lady Carolyn Steele
Carolyn has been a psychologist, a paramedic, a proof reader and several other things, not all of them beginning with P. A trucker, for example. She began writing the day she decided to try and see the world...doing both just to find out if she could. It made a change from teaching CPR to nightclub bouncers and designing wedding cakes. When excerpts from her first travelogue were published by the Rough Guides she decided to keep on doing both. Carolyn maintains that she is either multi-faceted or easily bored, depending on who is enquiring. Born and bred in London, England, Carolyn and her son Ben are now Canadian citizens and live permanently in Kitchener, Ontario. The Armchair Emigration series will compris ... read more
Latest book: A Year on Planet Alzheimer

Follow me on Twitter at  niviengineer Nivi Engineer
I'm a writer, software developer, and mom. I earned my Bachelor's degree in English from Case Western Reserve University, focusing on Creative Writing, and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis, which did nothing to quell my story-telling urges. I now live in Cleveland, Ohio with my husband, three kids, and dog.
Latest book: The Indian Girl's Definitive Guide to Staying Single