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Follow me on Twitter at  krystinastevens Krystina Stevens
Author of the Ariana Walsh erotic thriller short story series, and the forthcoming erotic suspense thriller novel Red Letters. Reader of romance, drinker of red wine.

Follow me on Twitter at  sweetstephanie7 Stephanie Dolce
Her sassy novels are now entertaining millions of readers worldwide, along with her knowledge and expertise in relationships with her first book of nonfiction, A Bird's Eye View, which was released in March 2011. Stephanie's second book is another nonfiction title- Sex, Lies and Twitter: The dark side to how Twitter can change one's life forever, continues to feature Stephanie's sassy and witty humor, but the picture Stephanie paints is the reason she has become an anti-bullying advocate. Imagine looking for maybe the chance to find love and romance on Twitter, only instead to get bullied, mocked, and humiliated not only by the guy you were fond of, but also got attacked by numerous people on Twitter because ... read more
Latest book: Victim No More

Follow me on Twitter at  writegray Michael Gray
Michael Gray lives on the side of a mountain with an astounding family, which he has no idea what he's done to thankfully deserve. With over 20 years of experience writing for local newspapers and national publications like WoW Insider, Tecca, USA Today, and Yahoo, Michael now spends his time writing in a cabin.
Latest book: The Mystery Hounds: The Bear of Fox Mountain

Follow me on Twitter at  chosenmich Mich Olorunfemi
MICH OLORUNFEMI is a unique author dwelling on the Christian thriller genre. His stories give a nail-biting, jaw-tightening experience, taking you on a journey from fear to faith. Born in northern Nigeria, he lives in Abuja, Nigeria.
Latest book: Eyes

Follow me on Twitter at  KikiWrites Christin Haws
Christin Haws is a writer with an occasional day job. She's also a rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing.
Latest book: Spirited in Spite

Follow me on Twitter at  charliepschmidt Charles Schmidt
World of Vacancy is Charles Schmidt’s debut novel. He lives in Arizona and works in the behavioral health field. He likes X-Box and Faulkner.
Latest book: World of Vacancy

Follow me on Twitter at  fandffemme Rechell McDonald
I am a proud independent author who believes in producing a good product. I think it's important to consult experts in editing and formatting, as well as in graphic design. My stuff is slightly pricier because I do invest financially in my work - I don't think publishing something independently is an excuse to produce junk and I am not here to sell you something that is not worth your money. I take time - months if not years - to produce a book. It is not done overnight and I am not flooding the market with pieces full of errors. I strive to produce a great product and I want to restore the good name of true Independent Authors everywhere.

Follow me on Twitter at  B_SJohnson BS Johnson
I am a small town Georgia girl. I've been writing poetry , short stories and non-fiction since I was very young. Throughout school, I won multiple spelling bees, and always excelled in English. I am a mother to 3, and grandmother to 3!! (I started at a young age, so I'm not your typical Granny!) I love the outdoors, spending time with family, curling up to a movie or good ebook, or having family game night at the kitchen table. I have two books in print as of this writing. The first is Maters, Taters & Grits. It's a short non-fiction about life in the South, with a hint of comedy and "redneck-ism". The second is Rhymes From Darker Times, and is a book of poetry taken from notebooks out of my past. If you're ... read more
Latest book: Rhymes From Darker Times

Follow me on Twitter at  snowqueentlc T.L. Manning
I have been a writer my entire life, but only late last year began letting the world know it. I have my first Paranormal book called 'Night' finished (previously a 4 books novella series) and am currently working on a new book series called 'CURSED' the first book is titled Precious Anathema, and the second is Shadow Bane. I am a coffee addict, and music lover, I hate bananas and quiet people. I hope that you like what you see and come back for more :) Thank you!
Latest book: Shadow Bane

Follow me on Twitter at  joshtext Joshua Malin
Joshua Malin is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ez Texting, one of the largest text message marketing firms in North America. Founded in 2006, Ez Texting has grown from 50 original clients to over 50,000 clients today. Joshua has spent nearly half of his 29 years in the mobile/tech space. His other experience includes: Co-founder of GroupTabs, the first purely non-native (HTML5) location based marketing app; Co-Founder of MobileSmarts, one of the first and for a time, the largest distributors of ringtones in North America (back in 2000!).
Latest book: SMS Marketing For Small Businesses

Follow me on Twitter at  pbeacannon Bea Cannon
Bea lives in Charlotte, NC. In addition to writing science fiction and fantasy (and a smidgen of horror) she enjoys a good read, working crossword puzzles, walking, drawing, and painting. She is a retired electronics technician and admits to having worked at a variety of other jobs during her life, including being a dishwasher, a busgirl, a house maid, a motel/hotel maid, working in a fast-food joint, a telephone operator, and a store clerk. There have been other, not-so-glamorous jobs, including picking cotton. She also daydreams a lot.
Latest book: Turner: Bitter Change

Follow me on Twitter at  lanrebolarin Moses Olanrewaju Bolarin
Moses Olanrewaju Bolarin is a Christian, husband, father, and minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In 1986, he was saved while he was still in high school, when he was invited by his sister, Olubunmi Bolarin, to a student fellowship that was conducted by Reverend Nelson 'Wale Adetuberu of By Faith Christian Ministries. He was mentored by Pastor Emmanuel Olawuyi of Emmanuel World Outreach Ministries for seventeen years before he relocated from Ibadan to Lagos in Nigeria. Ever since then, he has been under the ministerial umbrella of Pastor Tony Olukoyede of His Purpose Church. He graduated from University of Lagos (UNILAG) as a computer scientist and also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relati ... read more
Latest book: 3MA Children Story Book - 2

Follow me on Twitter at  corpprayer Corporate Prayer Resources
Corporate Prayer Resources (“CPR”) is a ministry promoting intercessory prayer and Christ-centered unity to advance God’s Kingdom in churches, cities, states, and nations. CPR began in 1999 as the vision of Pat Allen to help Christians pray more effectively for personal, family, church, city, national and international issues. She has promoted the “demystifying “of prayer to bring prayer into the practical, everyday experience of Christians. CPR has participated in many meetings, seminars, and retreats where the practical disciplines of prayer are both taught and imparted to participants. CPR also helps churches establish a strong prayer ministry by involving church members in church sponsored prayer ... read more
Latest book: Babylon: A Spiritual Journey Through Time and the Nations

Follow me on Twitter at  carmenerotica Carmen Cross
Indie author of erotica and erotic romance stories.

Follow me on Twitter at  writernbt Natalie Buske Thomas
Natalie Buske Thomas is the author of the Serena Wilcox Mysteries for adult readers and "The Magic Camera" for middle grade readers. She is also an oil painter and entertainer. Her paintings have been in juried exhibits and galleries. Please view her author/artist website to see her list of titles, pictures of her paintings, and more biographical information.
Latest book: Project Willow

Follow me on Twitter at  jamie_l_stevens Jamie L Stevens
Jamie has only just begun exploring the Erotic world of writing. Jamie lives in New Jersey.

Follow me on Twitter at  wildwoodsbooks John Thoumire
John Thoumire resides in Scotland. His first play was performed at the Traverse Theatre in 1995 as part of the First Bite Initiative. He later started a career in journalism that led him around the world where he fell in love with his wife. They now live in Edinburgh with their dog, Fred. From there he runs a small independent publishing company - WildWoods Publishing.
Latest book: A Burns Experience

Follow me on Twitter at  SimStevenz Sim Stevenz
If you look in a mirror and see your reflection, you're on the road to success. If you look in a mirror and see a reflection, but not sure if it's you... Where Writers Walk · Sim is an avid, passionate novelist who loves Cats, Avocado, and Purple.
Latest book: Creature Leader

Follow me on Twitter at  sam_truitt Sam Truitt
Sam Truitt was born in Washington, DC, and raised there and in Tokyo, Japan. He is the author of VERTICAL ELEGIES 6: STREET METE (Station Hill, 2011); VERTICAL ELEGIES: THREE WORKS (UDP, 2008), VERTICAL ELEGIES 5: THE SECTION (Georgia, 2003) and ANAMORPHOSIS EISENHOWER (Lost Roads, 1998), among other books. An excerpt of RATON REX (from THREE WORKS) was selected by Robert Creeley for 2002 BEST AMERICAN POETRY (Scribner), and his work has also been anthologized in A BEST OF FENCE: THE FIRST NINE YEARS (Fence Books, 2009) AMERICAN POETRY: THE NEXT GENERATION (Carnegie Mellon, 2000). His poems have appeared in Ploughshares, Denver Quarterly, Boston Review, Explosive, Jacket, Western Humanities Review, Talisman, an ... read more
Latest book: Dick: A Vertival Elegy

Follow me on Twitter at  figuratio figuratio
figuratio is an Australian author living in Wollongong, eighty kilometres south of Sydney. He is married with three grown-up children. His first work, 'Tango A Fable', a novel of literary fiction, was written over two years. It is available in print and kindle versions at Amazon books, and in epub format (and other e-formats) through Smashwords and most online e-book retailers. figuratio is happy to engage in discussion with readers and to answer any questions they might have, about 'Tango A Fable' or about the writing process in general. Currently he is working on a second novel.
Latest book: Tango A Fable

Follow me on Twitter at  BruceSpitzer1 Bruce Spitzer
Bruce E. Spitzer is a public relations executive, magazine editor and columnist. His writing has won awards from the New England Press Association, the International Association of Business Communicators and the Publicity Club of Boston. He is a graduate of Boston University and Rutgers and lives in the Boston area with his wife and young son. Extra Innings is his first novel.

Follow me on Twitter at  vibhuashok Vibhu Ashok
"All beautiful souls are welcome in my world of love and beauty. I am ready to embrace you all with an open heart." ~Vibhu Ashok Vibhu is a spiritual soul, born on February 1, 1985 in the city of Indore, India. He has always been a mature and deep thinker, with high personal expectations. In order to fulfill his ambition of distinctiveness, he obtained his MBA and then cleared SAP certification, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious courses in the IT field. Yet his spiritual soul had a different plans. Forever interested and involved in different paths of human evolution, Vibhu practiced past life regression. Where he discovered that not only he was an old soul, but that he had been a renowne ... read more
Latest book: Songs of a Loving Heart - Special Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  TipsyInk Tiffany M. Oharriz
I have a tendency to randomly become passionate about one cause or another. I am that loud in your face, honest short girl who loves books and poetry. But most importantly I’m a girl with a voice and an ability to use it. I love to write and create imagery with words but mostly I love the bond you build with your readers. When you paint them a picture so clear through words only you can feel, when you hear their laughter, see their tears, when they feel the same attachment to your work as you…. there’s no better feeling of accomplishment in my eyes. Take a look for yourself “Your art is only limited by your imagination” Awakened is Free Only When You Sign Up for the Tipsy-Ink Newsletter. If you e ... read more
Latest book: Awakened: The Story of Andromeda

Follow me on Twitter at  ashlynmathews Ashlyn Mathews
Ashlyn writes paranormal and contemporary romance. She is inspired by angsty, kick-ass women such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sookie Stackhouse of True Blood while authors Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn and Christina Dodd bring out the romantic in her. When she’s not at her full-time day job, you can find her shuttling her boys to and from soccer practices and games, reading, listening to music, or tweeting and facebooking. If you like to keep up with her publishing journey, subscibe to her blog or stalk her on FB and Twitter. The Mathews family lives in the Pacific Northwest.
Latest book: If Only

Follow me on Twitter at  yourrisengrind Kendall Ficklin
Kendall Ficklin is an entrepreneur, mentor, author, and most of all a dedicated family man. Knowing the importance of taking care of business for his family and within the community, Kendall has raised the bar and expectations – ultimately becoming an example for those destined to cross his path. From the long days on road, to the dedicated time that he spends with his family, there’s a reason for his much acclaimed success. Kendall has always had a passion to be a man of purpose and to encourage other men to do the same. Due to his passion, menXchange, Inc. was birthed – a Non-Profit organization that caters to young men and those within worldwide communities.  As a writer, Kendall has continuous ... read more
Latest book: Rise & Grind - Get To Your Next Level Now

Follow me on Twitter at  SamJCharlton Samantha Charlton
Samantha Charlton moved to Rome in 1998, and has spent a large part of the last decade living and working in the Eternal City. While living in Rome, she lived in the areas of Ponte Lungo, Piazza Bologna and Trastevere – she also spent two years living in Spoleto, Umbria. Sam has worked as an English and Italian language tutor, translator, administrator, Italian cooking teacher and writer.
Latest book: Rome for Beginners: A practical guide to moving to the Eternal City

Follow me on Twitter at  SkylerRankin Skyler Rankin
By day, Skyler Rankin is a mild-mannered school psychologist. By night, she enjoys writing fiction on her laptop in a recliner with a cat on her lap.
Latest book: Viral Dawn

Follow me on Twitter at  masc35 Mandy Steinfeldt Crane
I was born in Iowa and after moving from Kentucky in 96 to Spring Valey, Il in 97 I attened IVCC to become an RN but the lack of class size helped me see that writing stories was what I am supposed to be doing. I fell in,love with writing, editing, revising, creating, promotion, marketing and illustation. I moved back to my roots in January where I currently live with my husband and family.
Latest book: Journeys of Shattered Souls: Out of the Darkness

Follow me on Twitter at  hahabooks Monica Hess

Latest book: Bella Had a Fit!

Follow me on Twitter at  whoisSheena Sheena Allen
I am a 23-year-old young entrepreneur who has founded two companies: (1) Partytell - an event listing website, and (2) Sheena Allen Apps - a mobile application company that is currently home to iOS mobile apps Dubblen, PAMO, TwtBooth, and Words on Pics.
Latest book: Walking Backwards Into the Mobile App Industry

Follow me on Twitter at  JamesGWellborn James G Wellborn PhD
Dr. James G. Wellborn is a clinical psychologist in private practice focusing on adolescents and families. A published author of scholarly works on motivation, coping in childhood and adolescence and academic engagement, he has been a consultant to school districts in developing system-wide programs to address motivation and academic engagement for at-risk youth in both New York and Tennessee. Dr. Wellborn and his wife live in Nashville, Tennessee and are the parents of two grown children.
Latest book: Raising Teens in the 21st Century

Follow me on Twitter at  mj_emery M.J. Emery
M.J.Emery was born in Crown Point, Indiana and received his BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from Arizona State University. He is a US Navy veteran, a veteran of the Writer's Roundtable Phoenix and maintains a portfolio of technical certifications in hospitality maintenance and management. M.J.lives with his wife and three kids in Florida, where he works in the engineering field.

Follow me on Twitter at  DianneDHarman Dianne Harman
Dianne draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. She owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years, leaving that industry and opening two yoga centers where she taught yoga and certified instructors. Dianne has traveled extensively throughout the world, most recently dividing her time between Huntington Beach and Sacramento, California, where her husband is a Senator. A gourmet cook, she has entertained Governors, Congressmen and numerous other political figures in her homes. An avid reader, Dianne brings the richness of her life experiences to her novel, Blue Coyote Motel. Blue Coyote Motel is #2 Best Plot Twist, #2 Thrillers You Must Read, #1 5* Ki ... read more
Latest book: Coyote Series

Follow me on Twitter at  roy444 Roy Gray
I am both an author and publisher on this page. My short story 'Neutrino C.A.T' is freely available on the TTA Press Smashwords page. I had a couple of stories in Interzone around 2000 and more recently had stories in the 'Cern Zoo', 'Escape Velocity' and 'Null Immortalis' anthologies. Pendragon Press published the novelette 'The Joy of Technology' in print, as a chapbook, in 2011. The E book version here is that and much more. There are also a few of my poems scattered around the web and in publications such as “The 1999 Rhysling Anthology” and the British Fantasy Association's Dark Horizons 57 (2010) (There is another Roy Gray who writes erotic poetry, I am not that person) In 2003 I won a UK Public A ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  SportExcel Bob Palmer
SportExcel CEO Bob Palmer is a high performance expert, NLP master practitioner, author, the founder of the SportExcel System and 4th degree black belt in karate. Since 1994 he has been creating innovative ways to help athletes, coaches and sport leaders achieve their dreams. His system makes winning a lot of fun, easier to achieve and repeatable for all ages. Bob's SportExcel System has been embraced by a wide range of sports including the clay target sports, surfing, snowboarding, figure skating, triathlon and golf as well as the team sports of football, hockey, baseball and soccer. It has ignited the passion, joy and skillfulness of thousands of athletes, coaches and leaders in numerous sports, and many ... read more
Latest book: Mind vs Target: Six steps to winning in the clay target mind field

Follow me on Twitter at  MakeThatJulie Julia McDermott
Julia McDermott was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied Economics and French, spending her junior year on UNC's Year-Abroad program in Montpellier, France. She currently lives in Atlanta with her husband and teenage daughter, and she loves le football américain, Christmas, reading, most kinds of art and all things French.
Latest book: Make That Deux

Follow me on Twitter at  ReineAfrique Nneka Sophie Amalu
Nneka is a young, versatile and talented writer, who is inspired by nature,history and Africa, which is very evident in her works. She dosen't limit herself to a particular way of writing.She is a graduate of history & international studies, currently running a masters degree in peace and conflict studies, and has a diploma in french language studies.Some of her works will tilt toward peace and security in order to promote global peace and sustainable security. With works written in French, it shows how far she wants the world to read and enjoy her works as well as encourage people to cultivate the habit of reading.
Latest book: Climate Change: Concept, Causes,Consequences and Cures

Follow me on Twitter at  lddavis478 L.D. Davis
L.D. Davis is the New York Times Best Selling author of the Accidentally On Purpose series and the novella Pieces of Rhys. When she is not busy in her most important role as a mother to sarcastic children, she is writing or reading. L.D. enjoys tasty alcoholic beverages, British period pieces (like Downton Abbey!), and punishing her sarcastic children with embarrassing moments such as dancing badly in public, singing badly in public, or announcing some mortifying fact about one of the children. She lives on the east coast with her children, husband, cat, and fish.

Follow me on Twitter at  simplymak Mohit Arora
Mohit Kumar Arora is a passionate writer and has some very interesting projects up his sleeve which will be shortly released. He had taken a long break from his busy work to complete the "Death's Time Keeper" in 2012. He is now working on various projects and will be out with his various publications. He is also into poetry writing and one day dreams to make a living out of it.
Latest book: Death's Time Keeper

Follow me on Twitter at  GuyOppermanMP Guy Opperman MP
Guy Opperman is the Member of Parliament for Hexham. He gave his maiden speech on the subject of prison reform and changes to the criminal justice system. Guy spent 20 years as a barrister – 15 years of which were spent predominantly at the criminal bar. Guy prosecuted and defended in multiple murder and rape trials, and conducted hundreds of Crown Court trials all cross the country. He was one of the key members of a local Free Representation Unit, which over a 7 year period provided free legal assistance in hundreds of cases on behalf of Victim Support and Citizens Advice Bureau. The scheme is now being copied nationwide. In 2007 Guy was awarded the Bar Pro Bono Award by the former Attorney General, L ... read more
Latest book: Doing Time - Prisons in the 21st Century

Follow me on Twitter at  SideWiseThinker Michael Dobson
Michael Dobson is a historian, author, and entertainer who writes on a wide variety of subjects. Learn more about Michael at
Latest book: March 31: The Story of a Special Day

Follow me on Twitter at  rubysisterhood1 Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood
The Rub-Slippered Sisterhood formed on March 25, 2009, the day that the 2009 Golden Heart nominations were announced. The Golden Heart is the hihest honor in romance writing for unpublished manuscripts, and is presented by Romance Writers of America. The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood blog is here to document our journey and hopefully provide entertainment, inspiration, and encouragement along the way. We hope you enjoy our journey as it continues. Some of our sisters have sold, many have signed with agents, and some have even hit publishing highest honors such as the NY Times Bestsellers list and the RITA Award. But every one of us has been inspired to continue pursuing our dreams, whatever they may be.
Latest book: Eat, Read, Love: Romance & Recipes from the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood

Follow me on Twitter at  StacyGreen26 Stacy Green
Stacy Green is fascinated by the workings of the criminal mind and explores true crime on her popular Thriller Thursday posts at her blog, Turning the Page. After earning her degree in journalism, Stacy worked in advertising before becoming a stay-at-home mom to her miracle child. She rediscovered her love of writing and wrote several articles for Women's Edition Magazine of Cedar Rapids, profiling local businesses, before penning her first novel. Her debut novel, Into The Dark, is set in Las Vegas and features a heroine on the edge of disaster, a tormented villain, and the city's infamous storm drains that house hundreds of homeless. Available November 30th, Into the Dark may be purchased for Kindle, Nook, Ip ... read more
Latest book: Welcome to Las Vegas

Follow me on Twitter at Emma V. Leech
As a child I spent more time than I'm going to admit to wishing I was Samantha from Bewitched. Despite hours spent perfecting the nose twitch; sadly I have to say that, so far at least, no magical ability has been discovered. Now I have to admit it’s looking unlikely, but remain hopeful. I was born in Kent in the UK and moved to France in 1998. I currently live, according to my husband, in LALA land but the rest of the time in the middle of nowhere in darkest Dordogne, as far from the real world as possible. I'm married with three daughters and a wild imagination. I like Tarot cards, anything creepy (except spiders), worship Florence + the Machine and most music as long as it's LOUD, love chocolate, think ... read more
Latest book: The Key to Erebus

Follow me on Twitter at  themadteam Justin Green
My name is Justin Green. I am the founder of MAD Ministry Against Drugs and MAD Movement Against Drugs. I am dedicated to the prevention and solution of addiction.

Follow me on Twitter at  DeeWhiteAuthor Dee White
I wanted to be a writer from the time I was seven-years-old. I've worked as a journalist and an advertising copywriter, and now I'm an author. I like to draw, travel and play golf, and the only things I love more than writing are my family, friends and my pets. Like many authors, the road to publication wasn't easy for me, so I work hard to support and encourage new and young writers. I provide regular writing tips and answer specific writing questions at my blog I also run writing competitions at and take workshops for enthusiastic writers of all ages in schools across Australia. If you have a writing question for me or a writing top ... read more
Latest book: 10 Top Writing Tips For Kids: What to Write About

Follow me on Twitter at  HoohaHouse Jo Kemp
Jo Kemp Born 1956 Occupation Writer Nationality British Period 1978 – present Genre Children’s fiction/Children’s TV Notable works Chorlton and the Wheelies, Jamie and the Magic Torch & Hoo Ha House Jo Kemp (born Josephine Phillips) is a British author who primarily writes children’s fiction. She became known for writing the first series of ‘Chorlton and the Wheelies’ and ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’ for Cosgrove Hall Films. She went on to write ‘Boodle Books’ for Thurman publishing and ran Orchid Productions Ltd. which was a film/animation production company which produced the YTV series ‘The Raggy Dolls’. ‘Boodles’ became ‘Hoo Ha House’ and is a current project. She is ... read more
Latest book: Boodles HooHa House Origins

Follow me on Twitter at  lian14043 Lisa Reiter
Lee Ryder is a mother of 3 children and one angel. She currently lives in New England. She started writing small works at an early age and was featured in local publications. She studied theater and vocal performance and was featured in several plays. She believes in love at first sight and married her soul mate at age 19. She also has read reviewed and edited other published works. You can visit her at her blog and on her on Facebook:
Latest book: Irish Eyes

Follow me on Twitter at  All_read_E Philip Newey
Philip has had an interesting and diverse career, having been an Anglican Priest, a community worker and a biological researcher. Recently he has added “writer of fiction” to his repertoire. At the moment, Philip is a part time writer. He would love you to help him achieve his goal of writing full time by purchasing one of his books. Hopefully you will also find it a rewarding and fulfilling experience! Philip was born in the UK, then emigrated as a child with his family to Australia. He currently resides in Cairns, Queensland.
Latest book: Give Us Today Our Daily Blog (Volume 2)

Follow me on Twitter at  cardonajul J C Paris
J.C Paris was born in 1983 in Malta and works as a mathematics teacher in a local secondary school. Paris poses questions for a living, both in his work as a teacher and also whilst writing. Questions fascinate him because they shake and crumble prejudices, and, if properly posed, they make mincemeat out of the conservative mind. His hope is that throughout his life, his questions lead to changes of the mind and, more importantly, changes of the heart.In his debut horror collection, Disequilibria (published in 2012), he has set out to explore the relatively uncharted terrain of Philosophical Horror. By 'philosophical' he means a plunge into a warren questions, by 'horror', he means the consequence of asking the ... read more