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Follow me on Twitter at  dondarkes Don Darkes
Hi! call me Don I was born as Lawrence Huntingdon-Rusch-de Robillard, adopted and renamed again. I was reborn on June 6th 2012 as the Writer Don Darkes. My choice of pseudonym is due partly to the fact that I am penning a Biographical Memoir entitled My Life of Crime, the memoir of an intriguing man, the "real" Don Darkes who was marked with this identity at birth to protect a secret and the fact that like him, my given name also conceals my true heritage. The irony in this tickles my love of the bizarre and my sense of the ridiculous. Of course it makes marketing sense too since any of my "real" names would fill a book cover and leave no space for the Title! Following a number of exciting and successful care ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  John_A_Harrison John Harrison
John Harrison lives in California with his wonderful wife and three sons. Currently he is working on the next installation of the Shadow Saga, Shadow Flight. What is there to know? He is a business major that used to work at HP and now works for Reply Inc... Longue vivent la différence, longue vivent la révolution! Published Shadow Dance as an Ebook through Smashwords and in print through Amazon and CreateSpace. Launched a new print format as well. Launched a new Poetry Series: Whispers Through the Veil that is exclusive through amazon for 90 days in E-Print and in print through Create Space. Shadow Dance can be found in Print at the following locations: 6x9 Trade Paperback: https://www.createspace.c ... read more
Latest book: Shadow Flight

Follow me on Twitter at  h_thunderhammer Heimdall Thunderhammer
Heimdall Thunderhammer was born where the rocky tor meets the frigid shore. His home a rustic village sitting upon a cliff below an ever-stormy gray sky. And during the time of year when the frost clings to the roots of the trees, the northern lights can be seen glimmering off the far horizon. The small cottage in which Heimdall Thunderhammer was born sits on the far eastern edge of the village, mingled amongst the wharfs and jetties. From the time that he figured out how to set a hook and trawl a net, he voyaged out to sea on his father's boat. While on the bounty, Heimdall learned to draw maps and to navigate using only sun stones by day and the placement of the stars by night. During the downtimes between c ... read more
Latest book: Magefable Adventures: The Summer Storm

Follow me on Twitter at  writingpolice Johnnie W. Lewis
Johnnie W. Lewis was born on an Army base in Kentucky, to a Naval Chief Petty Officer and his telephone operator wife. That incongruous beginning was only a portent of the chaotic things to come to the little girl who was named for her father (instead of him giving his name to one of her four younger brothers!). Seventeen different school registrations before high school graduation gave her a rather "well-rounded" background from which to draw her continual string of stories, always told with her tongue planted firmly "in her cheek." Johnnie and her husband (always called "Better Half" in her writings) have been married more than 40 years and live in suburban Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia, near their daughter ( ... read more
Latest book: The Five Finger Paragraph and The Five Finger Essay: Grades K-12 Supplement Kit

Follow me on Twitter at  CHWrite Caitlin Hoffman
I write books nobody reads.
Latest book: Born With Blood On The Walls

Follow me on Twitter at  gregelder3 Greg Elder
Greg Elder is a full-time gambling author whose feature book, Gamblers Fight Back which is about his journey as a professional gambler, has just been released. He has seven other books/ e-books on gambling including several which are best-sellers on Amazon. Several years ago, after walking out of a job that he took for all the wrong reasons, Greg was determined to find a job that he was passionate about. He spent the next year, 12-15 hours a day, researching and practicing advantage gambling. He used that knowledge and expertise to make a living in the casino. His journey was filled with highs and lows, but the most important part was each day he was excited to get out of bed and get to work. That was the true ... read more
Latest book: Blackjack Card Counting - How to be a Professional Gambler

Follow me on Twitter at  Conchi_Hito MC Hito
I was born in the twenty century but i also like the twenty-first century very much. I have got two amazing daugthers who make me imagine many tales. I like children, as well as writing books for them. In 2007, I won the award with my tale for children Cuentos para Laura. Historia de un conejo que vivía en un baúl.
Latest book: Let's make the rooster sing

Follow me on Twitter at  DonnaCookAuthor Donna Cook
DONNA COOK is an award-winning author who writes fantasy by day and wishes magic were real by night. She's an Arizona native recently transplanted to Boise, Idaho, where she spends time chasing the kids, exploring delicious eateries downtown, and dancing with her talented husband. She’s currently working on the sequel to Gift of the Phoenix and the next installment of the Nashua Chronicles. For information about upcoming novels, visit
Latest book: Nashua's Choice

Follow me on Twitter at  courtleymanor Christopher Courtley
Christopher Courtley lives in the vast, ancient, crumbling haunted house of his own imagination, perched precariously upon the windswept edges of the cliffs of insanity. There he spends his absinthe-fueled nights writing feverishly, whilst Nightgaunts dog his every step into the deepest regions of the netherworld of his darkest dreams and naked succubi call to him with lurid siren songs that would wake the dead. By day he serves fish in a supermarket.
Latest book: Courtley's Weird, Vol 3

Follow me on Twitter at  tremaynecurtis1 Tremayne Curtis
Tremayne Curtis, offhanded greeted by names of world greatest philosopher and poet of the 21st century, sees still not himself in those lights; but easier thinks to employ strength and encounter by yet such ways as implicates him. He is one to have partaken in deathly trances oft as he draws breath, and plunges willy-nilly in Reason as one fever-brained does in strange fits! And by some curious force seeking consummation, is harassed with the pen to confess intelligences thence obtained. Whether these be wit, or mere initiates of a giddy brain, provokes Thought infinitely – estranging Question. All in one rolled, our author purposes still to nourish the ill-wracked, lean, and bloody world; by this means, an ... read more
Latest book: The Pursuit of Knowledge

Follow me on Twitter at  LR_Currell L.R. Currell
L.R. Currell is an Australian author who currently has around fifty works in progress. His writing spreads over a variety of genres including but not limited to crime fiction, historical fiction, dystopia, horror, paranormal, action, post apocalyptic, science fiction and fantasy. Currell served in the Australian Army for five years deploying twice during that time. He enjoys street art, good food, reading, film, krav maga and of course his main passion, writing. He is an avid traveler having spent time in more than 60 countries. It is L.R's dream to one day see at least one of his books on the screen.
Latest book: Space Sushi

Follow me on Twitter at  authorcscalise Christina Scalise
Christina Scalise is an Author, Professional Organizer, creator and owner of Organize Your Life and More and and a Certified Reiki Master. She currently resides in upstate New York with her family and enjoys writing, gardening, outdoor activities, organizing just about anything and most of all spending time with her friends and family. Books written by Christina Scalise: "Are We Normal? Funny, True Stories From an Everyday Family" - (June 2014) "Organize Your Life and More" - (2012/2013) "Organize Your Finances, Your Kids, Your Life!" - (1997/2010) Websites Include:, &
Latest book: Organize Your Finances, Your Kids, Your Life!

Follow me on Twitter at  lachelleredd Lachelle Redd
I am a short story writer within the Horror genre. My recent works are available on and range from drama, fantasy, horror and suspense. I live in a small town in northern Florida which provides me with a wealth of material to work from. If you get a chance, check me out and check out my blog. Would love to hear from a possible loyal reader.
Latest book: The Wood Sprite's Tale

Follow me on Twitter at  jmoriarty Jeff Moriarty
Ideas are my passion, and I love helping people spread theirs in interesting ways. I’ve run my own software company, performed improvisational comedy, and worked at Intel for nine years in a whole slew of technical and management roles. It was in my last role at Intel that got me into social media, where I learned the power that these tools have to change the way people connect and communicate. I understand the technology, but it’s the sociology of it that I really love. From there, I began working n digital marketing, running educational speaking events, and even setting up a flash mob/guerrilla marketing group in Phoenix. I’ve always been a writer, so when ebooks started transforming the publishing w ... read more
Latest book: Creating Fabulous Facebook Pages - A Modern Indie Author's Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  leahsymonne Leah Symonne
Hi, I'm Leah. I enjoy writing & I would love if you enjoy my writing too. :)
Latest book: Hear My Cry

Follow me on Twitter at  JGRWriter Janice Ross
Janice was born in Guyana, South America and migrated to the USA in 1980. Although her citizenship certificate now reads the United States of America, she considers herself a citizen of the world. Sure she has not physically been around the world and back, but she's travelled in her mind and dreams. Janice is also the proud mother of teenage boys. Janice is an author. She enjoys writing about social issues and personal experiences. Janice's debut release was entitled Damaged Girls. She uses the three books in that series to detail the effects of different forms of abuse, discussing issues that are known to be taboo. Her latest release, Jumping Ship, is a dedication to her country of birth and an introductory n ... read more
Latest book: Trinidad & Tobago (Island Hopping Series)

Follow me on Twitter at  NancyDeMarco Nancy DeMarco
Raised in rural New England, Nancy DeMarco doesn't mind swimming with bloodsuckers, drinking from snow melt, and outrunning deer flies. Like her characters, she has spent most of her life in the woods of New Hampshire, hiking the trails and riding horses. Climbing trees is still a favorite summer pastime. When DeMarco was struck with Lyme disease, she found herself barely able to complete a sentence. Her writing began as therapy and quickly grew to a passion. Today she seeks to infuse her work with a sense of small-town community, along with plenty of laughter and, most of all, a sense of finding one's strength, overcoming odds, and following dreams.
Latest book: Saving Gracie

Follow me on Twitter at  writer_gurl Pamela Klopfenstein
Pamela Klopfenstein lives with her husband, daughter, sons, and a dog named Sawyer. Her days are filled with driving her kids to endless activities, and a never-ending stream of words that try to find their way to her laptop. Before becoming a full time mom, she worked as a nurse. She writes devotionals, articles, and books. Some of her work has been published in Christian Devotions, and Angels on Earth, and inspireafire.
Latest book: The Truth About Shingles: Remedies and Recipes

Follow me on Twitter at  lejanejanes L.E. Janes
I am a true admirer of the Bush, the twat, the snatch, the cunt, the vag, the beaver, the patch, the almighty vagina that has taken over the soul of every single thing that has every cum across the mind of anyone at any place at any time on a sex filled journey.

Follow me on Twitter at  kitrocha Kit Rocha
Kit Rocha is actually two people—Bree & Donna, best friends who are living the dream. They get paid to work in their pajamas, talk on the phone, and write down all the stories they used to make up in their heads. Beyond Shame was their first dystopian erotic romance. They also write paranormal romance as Moira Rogers.
Latest book: Beyond Addiction (Beyond, Book Five)

Follow me on Twitter at  StaffordBattle Stafford Battle
sbattle is an AFROFuturist and visionary who believes that human history and human future is converging now, in this century, at this moment. He is a time traveler who took the long route to the present -- year by year, hour by hour. Insane Messiah was written in the 1970s but closely reflects 2012 tech. The Rage of the Mamba are what we can expect when the extraterrestrial powers protecting our world reveal themselves to us and attack our enemies. sbattle uses his literary prowess like an ancient prophet who wields a magic staff to open a narrow path that we all must follow.

Follow me on Twitter at  JenniferBrozek Jennifer Brozek
Jennifer Brozek is an award winning editor and author. Winner of the 2009 Australian Shadows Award for best edited publication, Jennifer has edited seven anthologies with more on the way. Author of In a Gilded Light and The Little Finance Book That Could, she has more than forty-five published short stories, and is an assistant editor for the award winning Apex Publications house. Jennifer also is a freelance author for numerous RPG companies. Winner of both the Origins and the ENnie award, her contributions to RPG sourcebooks include Dragonlance, Colonial Gothic, Shadowrun, Serenity, Savage Worlds, and White Wolf SAS. When she is not writing her heart out, she is gallivanting around the Pacific Northwest ... read more
Latest book: Jazz Age Cthulhu

Follow me on Twitter at  PSAnalyzer Ken McCulloch
Ken is a 21st-Century Renaissance man who gives his imagination flight through writing, artwork and model making. He is a twenty year veteran of the video-game development industry, with several original high-profile titles to his name, including Blood Omen: The Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and Too Human.
Latest book: The Unorthodox Eater

Follow me on Twitter at  Jori666 Rena Romanov
Dont You just love Chrysanthemums!!! How many words can you think of beginning with D? this is a D that is in the word AMSTERDAM, where there is lots of cycling and art and some rather curious behaviour!!!. I have yet to write a book about that unlike my friend LA Carlson!!!. N E W B O O K S I am interested in photography now, maybe I will write a photography book. Do you have any humorous wedding stories I can put in my newly updated book "seven and six?" I have just written my first thriller... "The Dishwasher Tablet!!!" Third part of Vampires in Trourqueland on smashwords, please proof read It for me! I AM PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT I NOW HAVE A FACEBOOK LINK TO MY ROBINSVILLE PUBLISHING SITE!!!!! I ... read more
Latest book: The Twice Man

Follow me on Twitter at  hassanbarry2 Hassan Barry
stay tuned for the sequel
Latest book: Cindy's Glass Slipper & Cherry Thongz

Follow me on Twitter at  ShellJTurner Michelle Turner
Michelle is a 28 year old native Ohioan. Go Buckeyes! She lives with her husband and son. When she isn't spending time with her family or working you can find her with her nose stuck in a good book. On October 3, 2012 she released her first book as an independent author, Reviving Bloom.
Latest book: Enlightening Bloom

Follow me on Twitter at  magicauthor Gaye Wilson-Smart
a magical author who delves into the worlds of ancient history, science and cosmic wisdom to provide answers to the everyday problems of life such as: what happens on the other side of life? and how do we make life fair?
Latest book: The Turquoise Tablet of Atlantis

Follow me on Twitter at  djolder Daniel José Older
Daniel José Older is a writer, composer and paramedic living in Brooklyn, New York. He has facilitated workshops on music and anti-oppression organizing at public schools, religious houses, universities, and prisons all over the east coast. His soul band Ghost Star regularly performs original multimedia theater productions about New York history around the city. Salsa Nocturna, a collection of Daniel’s short fiction, will be available from Crossed Genres Press in July 2012. His stories have appeared in Strange Horizons, Flash Fiction, Crossed Genres, and The Innsmouth Free Press and The Subversion Anthology, among others. He’s been a featured reader in Sheree Renée Thomas’ Black Pot Mojo Reading Serie ... read more
Latest book: Salsa Nocturna

Follow me on Twitter at  BonnieFerrante Bonnie Ferrante
Bonnie Ferrante is a hybrid author who has written for CBC online, adult and children's magazines and anthologies, Jodo Shinshu Temples of Canada, and two regional newspapers. Three novels have been published by Noble Romance Publishing. A list of writing contests she has won is available on CANSCAIP. She has presented writing workshops around the region and been a guest author for numerous schools and on radio shows. She is currently working on a young adult historical fantasy novel for Tradewind Books in Vancouver, BC.
Latest book: MY ASS: A Cheeky Book for the Naughty Child in Us All

Follow me on Twitter at  d_ekmektsis Dimitra Ekmektsis
Dimitra Ekmektsis is a writer of erotica and bdsm. She is fluent in 3 languages (German, Greek, English) and translates articles for the United Nations Geneva.

Follow me on Twitter at  albarcol Colin Reed
From Blackpool Uk. Am beyond 65yrs old now. Not had a career, but have had plenty of different jobs at different social levels. I enjoyed being an archaeologist and my self-employment in building work, as well as a short spell as a toymaker. Educated at state school, private religious boarding school and also on the streets of Europe. I have a wife, two sons and two grandsons.
Latest book: Myra Thorndyke's Very Last Affair

Follow me on Twitter at  HarambeeGreySun Harambee K. Grey-Sun
Harambee K. Grey-Sun is a poet and metaphysical/speculative fiction writer. The word best describing his work is dark. He uses elements of fantasy, horror, noir, and science fiction to spin bizarre, mind-bending, and (some might say) heretical tales that explore the meaning of identity and the nature of consciousness. His metaphysical fantasy series Eve of Light reexamines the nature of God and what it means to be human. Find out more at
Latest book: Knotty & Ice: An Eve of Light Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  kidzmet Jen Lilienstein
Jen Lilienstein is the author of the award-winning Playbooks for Learning book series and Founder of website dedicated to helping parents and teachers understand how kids learn best. At home, she practices what she preaches in her Playbooks for Learning with her daughter (an Extraverted Intuitive) and son (an Introverted Sensor) who are as different as yin and yang.
Latest book: 101 Learning Activities

Follow me on Twitter at  Dankolbet Dan Kolbet
Dan Kolbet lives in Spokane, Washington with his two daughters. He is a former newspaper editor and reporter. Kolbet currently works on the West Coast. Kolbet's literary works include the corporate espionage thriller, Off The Grid (2011), and Don't Wait For Me (Nov. 2012), a gripping tale of love, loss and new beginnings. Kolbet prides himself on writing stories that invite a reader in and hold their attention. If you enjoy wasted prose and needless opining, look elsewhere. You can find Kolbet's personal blog at or like his author page on Facebook
Latest book: Five Rows Back: A Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  casanova cannon Ca$anova
My name is Ca$anova and I'm an author of erotic novels and poetry.I've been writing for 26 yrs. I have numerous books out dealing with erotica. I was named Poet of the Year by the international Library of Poetry.

Follow me on Twitter at  evonjares Eric Von Jares
Eric Von Jares is the founder of Starshine Solutions where he uses his operations expertise helping small business owners achieve their goals. After attaining a graduate degree in business management at age 21, he has had diverse experience as a hiring manager for Fortune 500 companies for over fifteen years, an entrepreneur, and a professional writer where his work has appeared in publication such as Parents and The Saturday Evening Post. He is a former chapter officer of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). Eric is a proponent of the New Thought movement and encourages others to pursue their dreams by offering practical advice. This Ohio native resides in Texas with his wife an ... read more
Latest book: Find The Work You Love: The 9-Step Job Search Breakthrough

Follow me on Twitter at  eva_and_mark Mark Toma & Eva Kamm
Много лет назад мы решили написать книгу о некоем заговоре. Возвращались к этой идее несколько раз - и постепенно заговор уменьшался в масштабах, зато появился параллельный мир. Об этом мире, и о том, каким видится из него наш мир, мы в итоге и написали. Но в первую очередь "Путешествие посторонних" - книга о любви.
Latest book: Strangers' Journey (Путешествие посторонних)

Follow me on Twitter at  tossysbooks Tracy Lane
Tracy Lane always wanted to be a writer, but life seemed to get in her way. Either that, or she just didn't realize how to manage life with writing! Today Tracy is finally realizing her life’s dream and couldn’t be happier, or prouder, of her success. Tracy’s debut Young Adult grade novel, Paranormal Properties, is due out in March 2013 from Pants on Fire.
Latest book: The Ghost Of Christmas Past

Follow me on Twitter at  PocketPregnancy Melinda Delisle
Melinda Delisle, LCCE is a Lamaze-certified childbirth educator, avid researcher, and labor doula. She began teaching childbirth classes in 2000. Melinda has spent a number of years gathering the information for and working on the Pocket Pregnancy™ Health System. Once Melinda began using the beta version of Pocket Pregnancy™ in her classes, she saw a dramatic decrease in premature babies and other complications among her students. Her two children were both born naturally using the suggestions she teaches, and with lots of help from her husband, Shawn.
Latest book: Pocket Pregnancy Guide to What to Do When Pregnant, Free Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  meghufree Meghashyam Chirravoori
Meghashyam Chirravoori was born in Vizianagaram, India in 1987. Being an only child of his parents, he spent most of his time alone doing guess what? Reading books, of course. :) Since he was alone most of the time however, he turned into sort of an asocial introvert. In 2005, he got admitted into the Paper Technology program at IIT Roorkee, a prestigious institution in North India. While he was not interested in paper at all, he radically changed as a person in college. He experienced a "moment of transformation" in June, 2007 in which he realized that there was nothing to fear and that he could go ahead and face any fear head on and still exist! He also suddenly saw the merits of positive thinking and start ... read more
Latest book: 100 Incredible Happiness Hacks

Follow me on Twitter at  JacquelineGum Jacqueline Gum
I was born, raised and educated throughout the Midwest and began writing as soon as I could hold a pen. It seemed easier than talking. I regularly wrote stories to my mom and dad and though encouraged to pursue writing, I found myself at the University of Cincinnati, College of Business. My career was spent in a male dominated industry (heavy duty restaurant equipment) where I managed to successfully navigate a sea of testosterone. A sane woman wouldn’t choose writing novels as a vocation. But though steeped in angst, writing feeds my soul. I used to arrange flowers but now I derive great joy in arranging words. The idea is that people might cry or laugh as they connect to them. My first novel, Confessions ... read more
Latest book: Confessions of A Corporate Slut

Follow me on Twitter at  Docjp James W Patterson
Old man sharing what has been discovered over who knows how many lifetimes. Lover of Truth, and seeker after Spirituality. Conservative and thus, a bit more enlightened than Liberals... explained: On website.
Latest book: Answers About Life & Death

Follow me on Twitter at  dalesdotcom Brian Cook
Brian Cook is a former BBC radio and television producer who has been running an independent video and conference production company for the past twenty years. He has written for radio, television and theatre, but DALES dotcom is his first novel. He moved near to the Dales ten years ago and has discovered that Yorkshire is indeed, as the locals insist, 'God's Own Country'.
Latest book: Dales Dotcom

Follow me on Twitter at  beneciaponder Benecia Ponder
For six years, Benecia Ponder excelled as an attorney and business development strategist helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and non-profit organizations develop profitable business entities. Using her legal and business expertise, Benecia counseled clients in every aspect of business development, including entity formation, strategic planning, fundraising, contract drafting and negation, team building, and organizational effectiveness. Although Benecia did a phenomenal job of helping her clients obtain business success, she recognized that many of them struggled to sustain that success because they lacked the proper foundation, not only in their businesses, but their personal lives as well. As a se ... read more
Latest book: Prepare to Receive MORE! The Step-by-Step Guide to Forming Your Prosperity Partnership with God

Follow me on Twitter at  livistith7 Olivia Stith
Olivia Stith-Bynum is the CEO of TriManna Productions. TriManna uses the visual arts, verbal and written word to provide spiritual mentoring and gospel entertainment to the masses. God has blessed and anointed her with many talents allowing her to be a voice to the nations. Olivia gave her life to Christ in 1992 and has been on fire for the Lord even though she has faced numerous trials and tribulations. Olivia was licensed as an evangelist in 2002 and when ordained as an Elder in 2004. She has served as a Biblical Studies teacher, Youth Director, Outreach Director, Administrative Secretary and in many other capacities as needed under the covering of Bishop Carolyn Davis at Bethphage Outreach Center based in VA ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  fouratj Fourat Janabi
Fourat Janabi is a photographer, and author of Random Rationality and S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism. With help from the scientific community, he has also compiled a book on GMOs: The Lowdown on GMOs According to Science featuring chapters by Mark Lynas, Ramez Naam, and others involved in the science and exposition of biotechnology. He also, when time permits, write at Enquiries on Atheism, along with having featured posts on Genetic Literacy Project and Outside the Hype. In his spare time, he drinks copious amounts of wine, plays soccer, explores cutting edge technology, and travels the world. He claims no title other than that of self-educated layman.
Latest book: The Lowdown on GMOs: According to Science

Follow me on Twitter at  CoronaMcorona7 Melanie Corona
Melanie Corona was born in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, and raised in Alice Springs (the very centre of the country). She has always loved reading and telling "tall tales" and wrote poetry all the time. Her greatest influence was her grandpa Majid who kept all the grandchildren entertained all the time with his stories, music and passion for writing. Melanie didn't tell anyone she wrote when she started because she was to shy, and now, has no idea why she was like that. She has stories to tell and wants to share them with whoever will read them. “I am not, and never will profess to be an awesome writer, but I will try to entertain, while bringing to life the history of my country, one page ... read more
Latest book: A Love of Conviction

Follow me on Twitter at  pianowithrosa Rosa Suen
My Name is Rosa. I am a church minister and a piano teacher for the last 30 years in a local congregation in Hong Kong. I love teaching the Bible and also piano. It has been a great joy for me to serve the people in church. I also love watching my students grow from one level to the next in their piano playing. It's sheer joy to see their piano dreams coming true.
Latest book: Matthew - Bible Reading Guide with Sentence Block Diagram - Structure & Theme

Follow me on Twitter at  jayceeknight Jaycee Knight
Jaycee Knight is your average self-employed writer. He loves all sorts of stories, not just the naughty ones he writes. He lives with one tarantula and two tiny faeries, whose mischief has inspired his webcomic and a blog where he relates his (often dirty) misadventures. Like we said: average self-employed writer.