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I was born second and the oldest girl into a family of 7 children back in 1950. My father was a bit of a gypsy so we moved a lot as I was growing up. That never actually stopped for me. I have worked at many different jobs, always making it my goal to do the best I could for the people I was working with. I married at 25, divorced at 32, and lived alone for a lot of years. Was I lonely? Sometimes. But all-in-all, I enjoyed those years. Then in 2010 I met a lovely man who is my soul mate. We moved in together in 2011 and now live in a motorhome, traveling where the road takes us. We enjoy panning for gold, taking photos, and being together. We have two dogs, Niki (a Border Collie-Belgian Malinois cross) and Swif ... read more
Latest book: Deakin Inheritance

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TyLeishia L. Douglass is a voice of hope for this generation. As a gifted speaker and published author, mission is to encourage and empower others to live their best life now. Noted for her dynamic personality and compassion to serve others, she is a true inspiration and empowerment leader. (see for continued bio
Latest book: The Skinny

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Alexander Ivlev was born in Russia in 1962. He started writing when he was 10 years of age. He created his own character named Nos and wrote a lot of funny stories about him, drawing the illustrations for his mini books as well. In 1975 somebody gave to Alex a book called "Gymnastics for a brain". Alexander learned a lot about an autogenic system for self-relaxation from that book. That's how he became fascinated by hypnosis as a shortcut to achieving goals. When Alex was 15, he founded his first rock band. Learning electric guitar was easy for him. 35 years later Alexander Ivlev is a hypnotic healing music composer and a guitar player. He was studying soil science & biology in St.Petersburg State Universi ... read more
Latest book: Weight Loss Without Torturing

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Alex (Aleksei) Bobl is a Russia-based science fiction writer, author of 11 novels. An ex-paratrooper, he used his military knowledge and experience to write his debut novels for S.T.A.L.K.E.R., a bestselling science fiction action adventure series set in a post-apocalyptic Chernobyl. After his initial success, Alex Bobl teamed up with his friend and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. co-author Andrei Levitski to create a SF project of their own. Entitled TechnoTma: The Dark Times, this action adventure series is set in a post-apocalyptic future where the Black Sea has dried out and the Crimea has become a major desert. The eight books of TechnoTma had a total print run of over 250,000 copies and have been translated into German a ... read more
Latest book: Последняя битва (in Russian) Технотьма #8

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With a unique world perspective, a head filled with strange opinions, and a dark sarcasm in everything he does Tim Boyle is must read. In the summer of 2012 he published his first book, a humorous fictional tale titled "Satan: Little League Superstar" about Satan joining a little league baseball team. In November of 2012 he published his second book, a short diary based story about a man's outlandish battle with mother nature during Hurricane Sandy called "Surviving Sandy: A Battle Against That Deadly Whore Mother Nature." So far in 2013 he has added to his collection "Silence: My Worst Stand-Up Comedy Performances and Experiences." Unlike the previous two published works, this is autobiographical. Tim reco ... read more
Latest book: Silence: My Worst Stand-Up Comedy Performances and Experiences

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I live in a small Arkansas town with my dear husband of thirty-five years. We own a small cattle farm and I work at a large manufacturing plant in the Quality Assurance Department. I own a Candle company called Hot –N- Waxy Candle Co. I handpour each candle out of a shop behind my home. I also own a handcrafted jewelry business called j Stone Creations. My husband and I love to camp. We live in the center of four beautiful lakes and each are within twenty-five miles from our home. There’s nothing more peaceful than watching a beautiful sunset’s reflection glimmer off the lake’s water. We're also into antique cars. My husband restored a 1936 Chevy pickup and a 1955 Chevy car. Both were nothing but ... read more
Latest book: Taunting Tara

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Daniel Latham is an author living in Medford, Oregon wih his wife, Kelly, and two dogs. He enjoys hiking the hills of southern Oregon, sword fighting, and brewing his own beer.
Latest book: Publish and Perish

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Karen Slimick Arnpriester, author of Anessia’s Quest and Raider's Vendetta, a graphic artist, wife and mother, lives in central California. She has four adult children and seven grandchildren. She has just released Slimy for children and parents who are dealing with bullying. Karen and her husband Don have adopted their two wonderful foster daughters, Chloe and Samantha. Karen looks forward to sharing her imagination and faith with you through her writing.
Latest book: Miraculous Relationship

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Sarah is the author of eight novels. She has been selected for the Barnes & Noble Discover Great Writers series; a Dobie-Paisano Fellowship; New York Public Library’s 25 Books to Remember list; Elle Magazine Reader’s Prize; People Magazine’s Page Turners; Library Journal’s Best Novels; and a National Magazine Award for her columns in Texas Monthly. Sarah was recently voted Best Austin Author for the fourth time by the readers of the Austin Chronicle, she was inducted into the Texas Literary Hall of Fame, and received the Ilumine Award for Excellence in Fiction from the Austin Library Foundation this year. She has written screenplays for Paramount, CBS, Warner Bros, National Geographic, ABC, TNT, Hemdal ... read more
Latest book: "The Flamenco Academy"

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Web editor nel settore dell'editoria digitale, gestisco dal 2010, sito indipendente sul mondo della scrittura e della letteratura online.
Latest book: Narrativa in 140 caratteri, impara a scrivere "social"

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J.R. Blackwell is a writer and photographer. Her essay “Evidence of a Baker” was published in the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in March 2006. Her stories have been published by Escape Pod Magazine, Aoife’s Kiss, Kaleidotrope, Bewildering Stories, Static Movement Magazine, EMG Magazine, HeavyGlow Magazine and in the first Podiobook anthology “Voices: New Media Fiction”. She is one of the founding members of which produces a new piece of science fiction daily. J.R. has produced the covers to the Anthology “Voices: New Media Fiction” and the novels “Playing for Keeps”, “The Case of the Singing Sword” and “The Case of the Pitchers Pendant”. Her photography has b ... read more

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J.R. Murdock is an avid reader of almost anything he can get his hands on. That being said, he also writes with near reckless abandon in any and every genre. His style is intended for pure entertainment. Over the years he’s written nine novels and over one hundred short stories. Only a few short stories have seen print (in actual print and on the web) so he’s decided to throw his hat into the podcasting arena with his novels V & A Shipping and Billy Barbarian. His Murdockian Tales is a podcast collection of short stories, all of these titles available at When not writing like a mad-man, J.R. Murdock does have a day job as a computer programmer and loves to spend time with his lovely wife and ... read more

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Science fiction writer and Fortean researcher living in the Chicago area.
Latest book: Hound of Winter

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Hello, My name is Chris. I am a married Christian mom of 4 wonderful children. I, as well as my children, love to write and draw. I live on a mini farm in a small town in Ohio. I have horses, chickens, and dogs that I love. I also love photography, and I use my photos on products with Bible verses that sell on If that isn't enough to keep me busy, I am also CEO of my own Christian company called Christian Book and Toys LLC where I publish Christian themed games, books, and novelties. I hope to publish books and products that will inspire you and your children. Thank you for reading about me and God bless you.
Latest book: Super Boy & Super Will VS The Bad Guys

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La biografía personal debe exponer por qué una persona tiene algo de especial. Pero como esto lo está escribiendo la misma persona, puede no ser tan válido. Pero les aseguro que trataré de ser totalmente honesto. A lo largo de mi vida he tenido un gran defecto: tanto en la escuela como en las tareas que me asignaron o me asigné yo mismo, siempre busqué (sin siempre encontrar) la manera de hacer las cosas que me gustaban más y no las que habrían sido más convenientes y útiles desde el punto de vista mercantil o económico. Me pareció interesante hablar lenguas diferentes de la mía propia. La única “útil” en ese momento era el inglés. Pero también acaricié francés, alemán, ruso, italiano ... read more

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Samantha Durante lives in Westchester County, New York with her husband, Sudeep, and her cat, Gio. Formerly an engineer at Microsoft, Samantha left the world of software in 2010 to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and a lifelong love of writing. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology, Samantha is currently working full time for her company Medley Media Associates as a freelance business writer and communications consultant. The Stitch Trilogy is her debut series. Learn more about Samantha at
Latest book: Shudder (Stitch Trilogy, Book 2)

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About the Author Heather Fleener lives in Indiana with her husband, D.A. and their twins, Thomas and Alexandra. Professionally she has spent her career working in the area of Intellectual Property law. Reading has been a passion of hers since she was young and she has adored romance novels her entire life. The romantic styles of Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood are her inspiration, though she has read and loved the stories of countless other authors. Her fascination with the paranormal began to form at the young age of six, watching late-night ghost and vampire movies with her Grandpa. Unfortunately, as a result, she also remains afraid of the dark to this day. Combining her love of epic romances and the su ... read more
Latest book: Mistaken

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I’m Jo Hilder, and I’m a writer and blogger living with my family in the city of Newcastle, on the east coast of New South Wales, Australia. In July 2003, at the age of 35 and married with four children aged from 3 to 14, I was diagnosed with advanced Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Six months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy ensued. After achieving remission, I walked away from my own business and a 20 year career in the retail to pursue a passion to support and minister to those facing debilitating challenges such as cancer. I studied and attained a qualification in theology before training in 2005 with the Cancer Council of NSW as a consumer advocate. In 2006, I accepted a role as facilitator for a cancer consu ... read more
Latest book: Soul Letters For The Cancer Sojourner

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Installé dans le sud de la France, JEAN KACZMAREK est un auteur qui a grandi sous perfusion des romans américains de science fiction et d'épouvante. Il dévore les collections "présence du Futur", "J'ai lu" etc... où des auteurs comme FEIST, LOVECRAFT, HOWARD, ZELAZNY, lui font découvrir les horizons d'une littérature fantastique complexe. Mais c'est la découverte du Japon qui le marque profondément. Les films du maitre KUROSAWA mais aussi MIYAZAKI, font naitre en lui une véritable passion pour la culture de l'empire du Soleil Levant, son graphisme et notamment le phénomène Manga. Il assume cette passion pour l'animation japonaise. Et son écriture s'en récent. Ses personnages "gris" ne sont jamais ... read more
Latest book: Araknea

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I am currently living in Lancaster with my wife and our cat Rosie. I have just published a book about some of the rock concerts I went to between 1981 and 1999 in the UK. Up until March this year I was a volunteer presenter on Diversity 103.5FM but sadly the station was shut down. So now I am broadcasting on the internet station Acoustic Spectrum and I upload the shows to Mixcloud - see the links on my web site. I'm also a musician and have got some songs on Soundcloud. They're mainly covers but there are a few original compositions too.
Latest book: Drum Solos, Bottles and Bands - Memories of a Concert-goer 1981-1999

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I'm just an old surfer, ex banker and former coach, with a public school education, whom (that's right I said whom) grew up in Kailua Town, Hawaii, seeing life as subject matters and story lines, in exploring my ability to tell stories in complete sentences and hope to perhaps sneak in a few lessons and social issues, along the way for the littlest of youngsters, looking to grow in body, mind and spirit. Yet ambitious enough to attempt to tell a compelling story, hopefully making adults want to turn the page... and that is a work in progress. Call me creative, or maybe I'm the guy that awaits your kind response (hopefully), but if you do feel that it might be a work of crap, please be so kind as to tell me not ... read more
Latest book: When a Frog is a Frog and a Toad is a Toad

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Dexter is a writer and game-enthusiast from North Carolina. He was homeschooled by his parents after being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Being a creative, highly-motivated individual, Dexter officially began writing books at the age of fifteen, and published his first novel "Felix Faust," at seventeen. When he is not writing, Dexter spends much of his time gaming, studying, or contemplating new plot details and stories in his head. Dexter's ultimate goal is to get a degree in Robotics and contribute to the subjugation of humanity by artificial intelligence. Photo Credit:
Latest book: The Slender Man

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Editors: Lisa Forget Tammy Crosby Pat Hollett Multi author publication.

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I am a 32 year old, married, mother of two. I love all things art, writing, and music. I am here to launch my career as a professional artist and author.
Latest book: Letter to the Bully

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The fact that you are reading this means I have a chance of getting noticed among the hundreds of thousands of writers on the book market. I don't know what I love more between football and writing. I guess I have to like writing more because there is no chance for me to earn money in football, except as a team mascot (assuming team mascots get paid) I don't restrict myself to one genre. If I have a good idea for a book, I will go for it, whatever the genre. Thank God, I never got a good idea for an erotica. My mother would kill me if I write one of those. No, she won't kill me because I will publish it under a pen name. I was a graphics designer and I quit my job to concentrate on my writing.
Latest book: Is Home Really the Best Place? (A Laugh-Out-Loud Family Comedy)

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Gary Kassay, author of the Duke Becker Series, is a former member of the NYPD Transit K-9 Unit. Besides a career as a Police Officer, he has been the owner of a commercial photo company, an X-ray tech for humans and animals, and a TSA employee. He now resides in Casper, Wyoming with his wife Raella, three dogs, and one black cat. When Gary is not working on the next installment of his Duke Becker series, he enjoys spending quiet times with his wife, reading, and when there isn't snow on the ground, a good round of golf.
Latest book: Murder By Prophecy

Follow me on Twitter at!/RobertC77348337 Robert Coleman
Robert S. Coleman had ambitions early in life to work in law enforcement because it was his goal to work in a career that would afford him the opportunity to protect the safety of public citizens. It is interesting how life turns you in directions you sometimes never imagine it will, however, and it took a literal state kidnapping of his children for Robert to wind up in the career he is pursuing today. After having worked in security jobs and as a park ranger for a number of years, Robert decided to go into business for himself, and for almost ten years at the turn of the century, he operated Coleman Estates Rental Properties in Ironwood, Michigan. But in 2008, a vindictive couple who rented an apartment f ... read more

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Trish was born and mostly raised in San Diego, California where she lives now with her family and pets. She's been writing short stories and poetry since high school after an obsession with Stephen King's 'The Stand'. After over fifteen years of crazy dreams and an overactive imagination, Trish began her first book 'I Hope You Find Me' in December of 2011. When Trish isn't writing, she's homeschooling her amazing daughter and mildly autistic son, reading whatever she can get her hands on, or enjoying the Southern California sun. As a strict Vegetarian, Trish holds a special place in her heart for animal rights and dashes into the backyard weekly to rescue lizards and mice from her mini-lab/cocker spaniel mixed ... read more

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Bethany Michaels grew up in a small Indiana farm town, which gave her lots of time to indulge her love for reading and writing. Bethany currently lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and children. Bethany is the author of over a dozen short stories, novellas and novels. She writes hot sexy love stories for several publishers including Red Sage, Whispers and Siren and is working on some independent titles as well. She earned a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Nomination for her novel, Nashville Heat, and is a member of Romance Writers of America, Music City Romance Writers and Indiana Romance Writers of America. When not at work on her next book or catching up the laundry or dishes, Bethan ... read more
Latest book: Nashville Crush

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Australia has a reputation for producing characters and T.C. Doust is one of the originals. Quietly spoken with a firm handshake, he enjoys a beer and the company of those who share his passion for life. He can entertain for hours with stories as tall as a gum tree, and humor as dry as a bone. After decades of adventure in Australia, a short trip to America led to a permanent one and a new chapter in a fascinating life began. He lives in Florida, with a wife who loves him and always a page half-written.

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A (finally) self-published author with the high hopes of this being the beginning of more to come! MP was originally a fan fiction writer but has recently decided to revisit her old stories and turn them into books by re-creating the characters!

Follow me on Twitter at  KarenAdler3 Karen Adler
My life used to be quite ordinary - and predictable. Well, not any more. When my husband told me that he likes to dress in women's clothing, my life took a different direction and followed a path that I would never have ever foreseen. My book, Something to Confess, is a true account of how I dealt with hearing my husband's revelation and how the world of transvestism affected my day to day life.
Latest book: Something to Confess

Follow me on Twitter at  lexjgrootelaar Lex J. Grootelaar
I started writing at a very young age but soon was more consumed with women, drinking and smoking. It was only when I realized that vice doesn't lead to virtue that I left childish things behind me and found myself back into the realm of writing, work, and love. It was in that aspect that the words started to flow. It may seem that I am not above putting lots of work on to the internet, but that doesn't mean I'm not focusing thoughts into words. I currently work for a Jet Fuel company that has ties to forestry and so in the summer months I fill planes and helicopters to fight forest fires in situations that are close to war zones - especially when towns are at risk. A lot of my ideas for future and current proj ... read more
Latest book: The Old Man and The Three Kittens

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A St. Louis native and middle school English teacher for the past twenty-one years, Edward Scott Ibur founded and co-teaches the Gifted Writers Project for Middle & High School in which more than 1,600 young writers have participated. In addition to wielding pen and pointer, Ibur’s professional drumming in rock and world music bands has proven invaluable in writing Teacher of the Year, a novel featuring an eclectic array of songs and musical genres. Edward Scott Ibur and his wife, painter Anne Molasky Ibur, have two daughters. Teacher Of The Year is Ibur’s first novel.

Follow me on Twitter at  skelleyh S. Kelley Harrell
Kelley is a author and modern shaman in North Carolina. She has been on a shamanic path since 1988, and since 2000 has served her local community and an international client base. Her bestselling memoir, "Gift of the Dreamtime: Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma," chronicles her pivotal step into the role of modern shaman. To support her shamanic work, she draws on energy work, hypnotherapy, and flower essences. A modern Druid, Kelley is an ordained interfaith minister. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, and a Masters in Religious Studies. Kelley has written for publications such as the Global Goddess Oracle, SageWoman, Indie Shaman Magazine, and The Huffington Post, and many other journals and antholog ... read more
Latest book: Gift of the Dreamtime Reader's Companion

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Amanda Martin was born in Hertfordshire in 1976. After graduating with first class honours from Leeds University she wandered around the world trying to find her place in it. She tried various roles, in England and New Zealand, including Bar Manager, Marketing Manager, Consultant and Artist before deciding that WriterMummy summed her up best. She lives in Northamptonshire with her husband, two children and labradoodle Kara. She can mostly be found at
Latest book: Alfie and the Magic Arch

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A British author bringing a new style of women's fiction novel to the literary world! Part one of a two part series, 'Bombay Mixx' is a fresh, chic tale of vibrant Bombay meets alluring Ireland, in this sexy cultural blend! Including breaking sexual boundaries, experiences of the 'secret' side of the London elite and a major family secret which could destroy the Patel family...this book breaks all the women fiction rules!

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I, Dr.Purushothaman, (Visionary & Director, Centre for Human Perfection, a Centre par Excellence for Mind Programming & Applied Life Themes), M.B.B.S; D.T.M&H; MS; PhD (Psycho) is currently working as a General Surgeon, Spiritual Scientist, Positive Psychologist, Life & Happiness Coach, Positive Health &Well Being Trainer, Mentor, Motivator, Master Mind Programmer, Consultant to various National & International Organizations
Latest book: Precious Pearls of Wisdom (Volume 1)

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Violet Patterson was raised in the Midwest. She graduated from Miami University with a degree in psychology and minor in criminology. After several years in the professional world, she stopped brainstorming and started writing again. Ms. Patterson well known on the convention circuit in large part due to her extravagant, handmade top hats and elaborate Steampunk-inspired costumes. "Ryder on the Storm - Emerald Seer #1" is Ms. Patterson's debut novel. The complete Emerald Seer Series is now available and waiting in the wings is her first Steampunk series, Immortal Machinations.
Latest book: Whiskey, Mystics, and Men ~ an Emerald Seer Novella

Follow me on Twitter at  Madelconsuelo Maria C.G. Cueva
Antropóloga cultural y visual, escritora, investigadora aficionada a la arqueo-astronomía. Nacida un 4 de junio en Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.
Latest book: El fin de las eras y el tiempo

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Becki Tedford is a 23 year old avid writer and mum to an insane 3 year old daughter. She loves to read anything from crime to chick lit and it has always been a dream of hers to write a book that people would want to read. After a few ups and downs in the past few years of her life, a story finally came to her that she felt was different to all the others she had started and then put to one side; a story that she could put herself into fully and hopefully covered topics that the every-day person could relate to in some way. Her first novel Wherever You Will Go is primarily about the struggles a mother may have to face for the sake of her children, no matter how hard the situation might be for her. She hopes t ... read more
Latest book: Wherever You Will Go

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Obsessed with marketing and persuasive communication, Rob Burns is the marketing director for a full service marketing agency based in Exeter, Devon.
Latest book: Branding In Less Than 1000 Words

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Elle J Rossi grew up in rural Indiana surrounded by great people, a huge family and more animals than she could count. But the sites and sounds of the world beckoned, so she left her small town to escape into a creative world full of music. As a full time singer she was able to lose herself in a thousand different songs in a hundred different places. After meeting the love of her life and settling down, she yearned to find a new and fulfilling creative outlet. Overly fond of the happily ever after, she wondered what it would be like to have her own characters lead her down dark and twisted paths. The very first word on the very first page sealed her fate. She’d found a new love. She’d found her escape. N ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  ElleMuslimah Elle Muslimah
Elle Muslimah was born in the city of Philadelphia to parents that instilled the love of reading at an early age. She preferred to read books while her peers played. This love of reading sprouted into a passion for writing. Elle Muslimah began writing short stories,poems and entering essay contests. She won many and now hopes to win the heart of readers worldwide with her writing.
Latest book: Real Muslim Wives Of Philly

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I’m Katie O’Connor. No, that’s not my real name, just in case you wondered! *GRIN* I live in a large city in Western Canada. I am a wife, and the mother of two kids who have finally moved out, and two cats who still live at home. I believe in dragons, fairies, UFOs, ghosts, and house pixies. I have dabbled in writing since just after high school. There is some part of me that drives me to create stories and write them down. It is impossible for me NOT to write. I think my head would explode if I kept all those ideas trapped inside. I even dream story lines. I have thought about keeping a notebook beside my bed so I can start writing the ideas down. But then again, maybe not because some of those dreams ... read more

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Diane's dream of writing a novel was accomplished on June 11, 2012. She attended seminars and workshops to learn and broaden her writing technique. It was also during that time that Diane established her own independent publishing company, HayMarBooks, LLC. Diane would like to apply what she has learned, and through her publishing company, help aspiring writers accomplish their dreams.
Latest book: Love, Greed and Lie$

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A mother with a heart for good old fashioned children's storytelling. Encouraging our children to dream and live GREAT lives through inspirational stories.
Latest book: Tomy the Dreamer

Follow me on Twitter at L. Dee Walker
I like to play the game "what if" and then write it out. I love to create people that you love to hate and hate to love. People that I model from my reality. I'm currently living with two great roommates (Paige and Andrew) in West (By God) Virginia. If I need a solution to a problem that I can't make work - I turn to them. That makes them my advisers. I'm not an editor so if you notice more than a few mistakes in the book... well I'm sorry. Just overlook them and keep reading. Send me an email ( or my FB page ( and let me know what you thought of the book. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad because constructive criticism is what helps us make o ... read more