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Follow me on Twitter at  omom714 Rob Kern
Rob Kern is a freelance music journalist, photographer and video director/editor and is working on adding iron smithing and horse shoeing to his CV. My writing style has been described as Mad Magazine meets Creem Magazine. As a Catholic school student, the nuns never much cared for my influences. I'm also the producer and co-host of the From Out Of Nowhere Podcast and FOON: Special Music Unit, weekly podcasts that feature interviews with musicians, comedians, authors and other people of note. Credits include: Writing - newspaper columnist, contributing writer to Classic Rock Magazine, columnist at From Out Of Nowhere. Photography - multiple album/cd/poster/magazine credits plus ad campaign photography for ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at Estar Holmes
Estar Holmes is a content provider for traditional, digital media, and alternative media. She writes the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes Unofficial Guidebook, now in its seventh printing. Her writing can also be found in Holding Common Ground (a collection of essays), Indian Country Today, and Out There Monthly. Her latest enterprise, Simple Unhooked Living shares her methods of minimalist simple living for a comfortable and secure life. The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living is her first e-book. It is accompanied by pages on Simple Unhooked Living on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Latest book: The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living

Follow me on Twitter at  Kayla Kissler Kayla Kissler
Kayla has been writing ever since she was a little girl, and in all this time only one genre truly called to her above all else: Erotica. She enjoys reading fan mail, getting comfy on the couch and reading her favorite books. And of course much darker things only for the bedroom.

Follow me on Twitter at  njakubowski5 Nicole Jakubowski
I was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and was adopted at the age of five with my brother and sister. I lived there until I was six, then moved to Long Island. Shortly after, my family moved to Simsbury, Connecticut. I attended Plymouth State University (although at the time it was Plymouth State College) and studied both English and Spanish. After spending a semester in Seville, Spain, I decided my talents were with English Literature. In 1998, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in English Literature. I currently reside near Portland, Maine with my significant other and our cat.
Latest book: The Shen Counter

Follow me on Twitter at  sjacobyhale Susanne Jacoby Hale
A former drop-out prevention teacher in a New York City high school, earned a master’s degree from New York University in education and creative writing. Although, when she began teaching in the real ACE program, depicted in Shades of Gray, she had no idea that it would change her life forever. Having been out of the classroom for a few years, Jacoby Hale still felt the need to make a difference in the lives of students. She had a fondness for writing since she was a child, but it wasn’t until many years later that Jacoby Hale felt the need to tell the story of a dedicated teacher. She believes that good teachers are often unappreciated, while students’ needs are frequently misconstrued. Sometimes the on ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  terrylee_author Terry Lee
As a native Houstonian, a rarity these days, Terry holds two licensures in the state of Texas: one in chemical dependency counseling, the other in massage therapy. In 2004, she trained to be a volunteer for Houston Hospice, a life-changing training session she believes would benefit all. -“Hospice, contrary to popular belief, is not about dying but about helping people live until they die.” Although writing has been part of her genetic lineage, the writing bug didn’t officially bite until 2007. From then on, her passion sprouted and came into full bloom. She is an observer by nature… “ask any close friend or family member. I’ve studied movie characters and dialogues for years, which can often beco ... read more
Latest book: Partly Sunny

Follow me on Twitter at JW Farquhar
Education High School: Haddonfield HS, Haddonfield, NJ 1952-1954 High School: Woodrow Wilson HS, Camden, NJ 1956 (GED) Spring Garden Institute, Philadelphia, Pa, 1957 Engineering Drawing Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa, 1959-1960 Accounting Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pa. 1962 Electrical Engineering Work History Williams, Brown, and Earl, 1956-1957, Order Fulfillment- Scientific Instruments ITE Circuit Breaker Corp., 1958-1962, Design Draftsman – Power Plant Generator to Transformer Bus Structure Design 1963-1965, Electrical Engineer – Power Transformer Design (Received US Patents for transformer design inventions) 1966-1968, Electrical Engineer – Automated Transformer Desi ... read more
Latest book: Daniels Secret

Follow me on Twitter at  V.L. Locey V.L. Locey
I spent a long time searching for a way to get those voices out of my head. Who knew it would be as simple as putting pen to paper?! I took a fiction writing course, spent hours penning fan fiction, which I still love, and then decided to take the next step. With my husband of over twenty years, my daughter and my friends and family behind me, I`m now getting ready to release my first novel! And all of this over the age of forty! Life is good!

Follow me on Twitter at  AlexaBourne Alexa Bourne
Alexa Bourne is a teacher by day and a romance writer by nights, weekends, and all school holidays. She also teaches online classes for writers throughout the year. She writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance for Decadent Publishing and is thrilled to have the chance to share her love of Great Britain with readers everywhere. When she's not concocting sinister plots and steamy love scenes or traveling and exploring new cultures, Alexa spends her time reading, watching brainless TV and thinking about exercising. She loves to interact with readers, so visit her web page, hang out at her blog, follow her on Twitter or drop her a note at : or, http://ww ... read more
Latest book: Broken Road

Follow me on Twitter at  Bill_Peschel Bill Peschel
Bill Peschel is a recovering journalist who shares a Pulitzer Prize with the staff of The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa. He also is mystery fan who has run the Wimsey Annotations at for nearly two decades. He is the author of the 223B series of Sherlock Holmes parodies and pastiches, "The Complete, Annotated Mysterious Affair at Styles," "The Complete, Annotated Secret Adversary" and "The Complete, Annotated Whose Body?" as well as "Writers Gone Wild" (Penguin Books). He lives in Hershey, where the air really does smell like chocolate.
Latest book: The Life and Career of Dr. William Palmer of Rugeley

Follow me on Twitter at  lauraleeauthor Laura Lee
Laura Lee is the author of the novel Angel, the children's book A Child's Introduction to Ballet, and more than a dozen non-fiction books including Broke is Beautiful, Blame it on the Rain, The Elvis Impersonation Kit and The Pocket Encyclopedia of Aggravation. She lives in Michigan and divides her time between writing and touring the United States providing classes with a Russian ballet master. Where Souls Grow Warm is her second poetry collection.
Latest book: Where Souls Grow Warm

Follow me on Twitter at  send2perry Tony Perry
Tony’s career has encompassed electronics, furniture, appliances, floor covering, advertising, retail management, multi-unit supervision, and national training responsibilities. Tony gained comprehensive business management and leadership skills while serving as Showroom Manager, Regional Multi-Unit Supervisor, and as the Director of Training for a national retail home furnishing chain. With over 35 years of experience, he has assisted business leaders, sales managers and sales consultants in implementing proven profitable strategies to improve productivity. After winning numerous national sales awards and maintaining a profitable showroom ranked in the top 5% of over 1000 locations, Tony has honed his skill ... read more
Latest book: The 4 Secret Steps of a Sales Master

Follow me on Twitter at  zhane_white Zhané White
Dark fantasy and science-fiction come naturally to Zhané White. She loves the uncanny, the strange, and the eerie, always with an essence of the world we know. If she's not writing, she's thinking about writing. When you find her daydreaming, leave her be. Wait. In time, you'll see what she sees...
Latest book: The Binge Attack

Follow me on Twitter at  zada_green Zada Green
When Zada Green was born, the world didn't stand still. It continued on as normal. Only her parents and older sister really cared, but when she cried too much, even they got a bit fed up. Fast forward only twenty plus years, Zada decided to self-publish. This is her work, one of many to come. Shakespeare rolls in his grave knowing he could never write something so amazing. Alas, he couldn't. Ha ha, hater! Anyway, Zada writes non-fiction and humorous works because she likes to have fun and help others (only nice people) and...Wait. Why am I talking about myself in the third person?
Latest book: How NOT To...Publish

Follow me on Twitter at  Screen_Bug Christopher Vickers
Christopher Vickers was born in Omaha in 1971; and was raised in Colorado Springs. He currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Dorothy. He enjoys spending time with both sides of the family, and occasionally shooting pool with his brothers and his grandfather.
Latest book: TASCOM Book 5 - Declarations

Follow me on Twitter at  72keys James Taggart
James Taggart is an economist and leadership consultant. His strong understanding of globalization, an ageing population and technology, and their effects on organizational performance, provide James a unique ability to assist organizational leaders. He worked for three decades as an economist, conducting applied research into labor market issues and researching topics relating to corporate competitiveness and innovation. Of special interest to James is understanding the interface between competitive global pressures and how leadership and management are practiced at the organization level. In addition to providing research consulting services services to organizations, he has been blogging for over three yea ... read more
Latest book: Leading in a Multipolar World: Four Forces Shaping Society

Follow me on Twitter at  eileensinclair E.M. Sinclair
From as far back as I can remember, I have always had a feeling that Dragons are real. When you look at a wide sky there is a glimpse from the corner of your eye which must surely be a Dragon whisking past. I always regarded the stories of monstrous fierce Dragons as being completely wrong and I detested stories of St George and his dragon killing tendencies. When I was still a small child my grandfather gave me a copy of Kenneth Grahame's The Reluctant Dragon. It made complete sense to me - a Dragon living in a secluded cave, wanting only peace and quiet to write poetry.
Latest book: Perilous Shadows: Book 6 Circles of Light

Follow me on Twitter at  michellegreene Michelle Greene
Michelle Greene is the founder of, a company dedicated to empowering women and men 35 and better to live the freedom-based lifestyle they are worthy of. As a Lifestyle Design Strategist, Michelle shares personal technologies, insight, resources and knowledge to identify and transform limiting beliefs to imagine your possibilities and live life by design and not by default. The process of transforming possibilities into their reality is where most people simply get stuck. Michelle uses life skills she acquired, mostly by trial and error to help others get unstuck and attract their unique version of success. "Nothing makes me more excited than when I see the wheels turning and they finally 'get it ... read more
Latest book: Travel Tips | 223 Insider Tips From a Wanderlust Flight Attendant

Follow me on Twitter at  CEPubdude CE Publishing Group
Mike Rickaby is an artist who does Inking, Coloring, and Lettering artwork for indie publishers like: Surprising Comics, Red Leaf Comics, Fanatic Press, Flashback Universe, Action Age Comics, Comic Enterprise (CE) Publishing Group, Digital Manga Inc. (DMI) and basically anyone with a comic project to do. He is also the publisher for CE Publishing Group. Please check out his portfolio galleries at comicartfans and take the time to check out these great comic publishers. And please check out CE Publishing, our imprint put together with the efforts from some really great people devoted to our craft of comic creation. You can find our books at the following digital distributors: SmashWords - https://www.smashwor ... read more
Latest book: Fritesite #1.2

Follow me on Twitter at T.P. Grish
T.P. Grish devoured fantasy books since he was a kid, particularly liking character-based fantasy novels with exciting sequences, complex stories and a lode of deeper meaning. Although he also loved fantasy movies and hobby gaming, his dream to write his own fantasy novels was always at the forefront. Today, he is a PhD doctoral student and part-time business writer who can't help but daydream about writing novels for you to read.
Latest book: Remus Rothwyn Chronicles Box Set 1: Books 1-3

Follow me on Twitter at  JimLimberDavis Jim Limber Davis
Jim Limber Davis was born to an American woman and a European father. He grew up in the Southern United States. Eventually he moved north, to Indiana, to be with his wife and adopted daughter in 2005. Since then Mr. Davis has become very fond of history, economics, and fixing the terrible conditions that plague humanity. After being struck with a couple of layoffs beginning in 2008, Mr. Davis began rejecting government welfare entirely and set out to understand the problems that were causing his terrible luck. Above everything else, Mr. Davis is a man devoted to the principles of voluntarism and nonaggression. In personal debates he is very passionate. He means what he says and he says what he means. He ... read more
Latest book: Liberty Defined

Follow me on Twitter at Dionne Washington
Born in Los Angeles, CA, I have enjoyed reading since I was a small child. As I grew older my love of books transformed into wanting to write. By that time, I had no formal training in writing stories so I just went from there. As I grew older, I began to take classes to better my writing but I continued to write even then.
Latest book: Eternal Youth: The Big Switch

Follow me on Twitter at  jeanhopkinsblog Jean Hopkins
Jean Hopkins writes stories that range from Science Fiction to Romance. Occasionally some Mystery is thrown in just to confuse the whole mass of words floating through her head. Jean spends her spare time reading Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance and the odd Mystery book. She loves playing Strategy and RPG video games, doodling with her Digitizer (what they called ‘em before they called them Wacoms), and chasing her son and daughter everywhere. Jean Hopkins has a different name in the Real World. She goes by Jean Hopkins as a shout-out to her Grandmother, one of the largest influences in her life. Jean says: Hey guys! I hope you all enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed dissecting plot-lines, cursing ... read more
Latest book: Say Please and Thank You, Moo!

Follow me on Twitter at  JamesWeilAuthor James M. Weil
James Weil is an award-winning writer who has written for newspapers, magazines, and scientific journals. Fresh out of high school, he was accepted into Antioch’s Summer Seminar for Writers at Oxford, England. From there he attended Antioch’s Writer’s Year Abroad in London. Taking a two-year hiatus from school, he moved to Padua, Italy where he made a living working odd jobs and tutoring English to medical students at the University of Padua. During his two-year stay in Italy, he traveled extensively throughout the country, and speaks several dialects of Italian. He received his B.A. in Journalism from Temple University with a minor in business. After several years working for next to nothing in newspape ... read more
Latest book: Swiss Chocolate

Follow me on Twitter at  solitaireparke Solitaire Parke
Solitaire Parke was born in Bakersfield, California in 1952. He has been avidly reading books of all kinds, but especially Science Fiction books, since he was twelve years old. It was the author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose style of writing evoked a passion for the written word and became his inspiration. Throughout his life he has acquired a degree in Music Theory, a Masters in Photography and spent a decade and a half in Graphic and Web Design. He is currently pursuing his dream of being a full-time Author. His books range from Horror/Thriller to Science Fiction as well as Metaphysical and Poetry. He resides in Arizona with his family and is the proud owner of Tairobi...his Manx cat. He has been a huge ... read more
Latest book: The Emerald Dragon

Follow me on Twitter at  chipstreet Chip Street
As a child, Chip wrote terrible poetry and read hundreds of novels. In high school he wrote more poetry, also terrible, and a scifi novel that in retrospect is unreadable. He had clearly learned nothing. Blind to the mounting evidence, in college he studied art, creative writing, and children's literature with the amazing Lucille Clifton. Then he got a job selling paper. 17 years later, he wrote his first screenplay, Rocket Summer, which sold ten years after that. See? Don't ever give up. Since he already had a head start, he turned the screenplay into this novel, which is way better than the stuff he used to write. Promise. Now with other film projects in development, he is working on his next novel, the first ... read more
Latest book: Rocket Summer

Follow me on Twitter at  DrMitchelMD Mitchel Schwindt
As an Emergency Physician, author and entrepreneur Dr. Mitchel has a passion of education and teaching. He has been advising pre-health students for well over a decade and continues to write extensively on the topic. Given his passion for entrepreneurial activities, he has partnered with some amazing and talented individuals to create a wealth of resources related to medicine and dentistry. Dr. Mitchel serves as the medical advisor for a Dental Group and in that capacity has developed a number of learning tools, guides, books and courses related to his collaboration with this thriving dental group. Aviation and flight medicine continue to occupy a good portion of his time. He started his aeromedical career ... read more
Latest book: Test Taking Strategies - Proven Methods For Success

Follow me on Twitter at  @tamworthgrice Tamworth Grice
Tamworth Grice: Author, adventurer, and anarchist. Horror, romance, and suspense writer. Advocate of self-publishing and all things "indie." "My first novel, LISTENING TO IAN MAGICK, is about a Satanic rock star communicating with a fan through his music--and asking her to kill for him. My newest novel, NASTY DISPOSITION, is a mystery about a 23-year-old Goth girl visited by the ghost of her murdered policeman brother. My short story, A TALE OF ZOMBIES IN CZARIST RUSSIA, is about, well, zombies in Czarist Russia!" Her latest work is a paranormal romance, THE LONELINESS OF THE RURAL VAMPIRE. Contact her on Twitter: @TamworthGrice.
Latest book: Basic Formatting & How to Create a Hyperlinked Table of Contents for Smashwords

Follow me on Twitter at  brianmclaren Brian McLaren
Brian D. McLaren is an author, speaker, pastor, and networker among innovative Christian leaders, thinkers, and activists. Born in 1956, he graduated from University of Maryland with degrees in English (BA, summa cum laude, 1978, and MA, in 1981). In 2004, he was awarded a Doctor of Divinity Degree (honoris causa) from Carey Theological Seminary in Vancouver, BC, Canada. From 1978 to 1986, McLaren taught college English, and in 1982, he helped form Cedar Ridge Community Church ( He left higher education in 1986 to serve as the church's founding pastor and served in that capacity until 2006. Brian has been active in networking and mentoring church planters and pastors since the mid 1980's, and has a ... read more
Latest book: The Word of the Lord to Reublicans

Follow me on Twitter at  Evermore_Evil Cory Eadson
Cory Eadson is a writer, part-time radio presenter, tea addict, Doctor Who obsessive, metal head and die-hard horror fan, with a penchant for all the weird and wonderful things in life. He spends his days hiding in the shadows, and his nights wandering graveyards in ghostly torment (usually when he’s run out of tea). His favourite authors are Douglas Adams, Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. His favourite Doctor Who actor is all of them. Cory’s blog can be found here: Join Cory on Twitter under his other name, @Evermore_Evil

Follow me on Twitter at  denisondg07 Lauren Howie
Hello everyone! I've finally published the first part of my book 7 Cities! I started writing this in 1996. Needless to say its been a long time coming. I've loved writing since elementary school and have dreamed of becoming a published author ever since. I am so happy that I am well on my way. I tend to write young adult fiction but a lot of my work leans toward the sci-fi/fantasy spectrum. Now that I've started I will publish work as often as I can so keep checking in. Happy reading!
Latest book: 7 Cities: Roswell

Follow me on Twitter at  GregoryEHaley Gregory E. Haley
Gregory Haley is an author, lecturer, and professor of Rhetoric. He live in Austin, Texas and writes about politics, history, writing, and current events.
Latest book: The Republican Cult of Ignorance

Follow me on Twitter at  AborigenGTS Aborigen
I'm a GTS erotica writer trying to cultivate an interest in my work. I'm into all the usual things (drinking, video games, outdoors) and I support the free press and freedom of speech.

Follow me on Twitter at  roxannecrouse Roxanne Crouse
Roxanne Crouse loves cats, roller coasters, reading, and photography. She owns her own photography company and specializes in weddings. As a young girl she wanted to be a writer and wrote her first novel, A Dream Trip to England, at the age of fourteen. That novel will never see the light of day ever again.
Latest book: Fortune

Follow me on Twitter at  cparker1911 Che Parker
Che Parker is the author of two novels (The Tragic Flaw and The Precious Life, Strebor Books/Simon & Schuster). He works in public relations and lives in Alexandria, VA.
Latest book: Helios

Follow me on Twitter at  rotimikehinde Rotimi Kehinde
Rotimi is called to be a catalyst to this generation, to help people discover their God-given purpose and reach their full potential. He does this by equipping and nurturing individual talents through mentorship and by providing the necessary resources. Through his vision, diverse creative minds are raised to impact their generations. Rotimi is the Chief Executive Officer of Godkulture, a global organization he founded in 2001, which builds creative platforms to engage and empower individuals, organizations and businesses through an integration of creative expression and art. His personal mantra is providing global solutions to global challenges and he is dedicated to Kingdom expansion through diverse media. He ... read more
Latest book: Dealing with the Disconnect

Follow me on Twitter at  EstherLuttrell Esther Luttrell
Born in Daytona Beach, Florida, traveled extensively as a child, and went to over twenty schools. Started writing professionally as a Midwest radio continuity writer, then moved to the west coast and worked for CBS and MGM. It wasn't until my husband walked out that I was trying to think how to murder him - and realized I had a plot for a book - that I ever thought of becoming mystery writer. After the death of my son, I wrote a book after life after death, "Dear Dean...Love, Mom" and give workshops on the subject across the U.S. Author and public speaker, I now live in Topeka, Kansas with my two cats: Kitty and Kitty-Kitty. This smashwords book, "The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell", is my first venture into ebooks ... read more
Latest book: The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell

Follow me on Twitter at  dmaizefield D.E. Maizefield

Follow me on Twitter at  tollykit EJ Hillson

Latest book: Frozen Flash

Follow me on Twitter at  samsmallUK Sam Small
I was born on the island of Portsmouth on the south coast of Hampshire, England. I was brought up on the sprawling council estate called Paulsgrove, on the mainland just north of the island. It was created for World War II refugees from the bombed out Portsmouth. The Germans did a thorough job. Paulsgrove was filled with misfits, dysfunctional families, violent teenagers and I had a view of the Isle of Wight from by bedroom window. I loved Paulsgrove till I was twelve. I worked in the Royal Dockyard, Portsmouth as an electrical fitter. After meeting some teachers in one of the popular sixties folk clubs, I decided to be a teacher. I taught for two years and then became a residential social worker. I followed ... read more
Latest book: Shocking Tales of a Maintenance Man

Follow me on Twitter at  BodhaGuru BodhaGuru Learning
Social enterprise working on a mission to make school education interesting, relevant and affordable to every child on this planet. We strongly believe that quality education must be affordable to ALL, otherwise generations remain poor.
Latest book: The Mighty Adventure - Part 1

Follow me on Twitter at  sinfullymaria Maria Christine
Maria Christine is passionate about dark and medieval fantasy, and loves to write about ominous anti-heroes and empowering heroines. Her favorite things are rainforests, dark castles, thunderstorms, Irish crème, and MOPAR muscle.
Latest book: Her Eternal Love

Follow me on Twitter at  Robin Peacock Robin Peacock
I am a retired airline pilot. I ran an exclusive yacht charter business in my spare time for many years. I am now living and teaching in Thailand. My spare time is busily occupied with writing. Three books so far, more to follow.
Latest book: Life, Interrupted by Death

Follow me on Twitter at  LaVerdaA LaVerda Andres
La-Verda Andres hails from Southern Indiana, where she grew up as the first female child of several generations on both sides of her family, earning her the place of head babysitter and leader of the pack to cousins, brothers and sisters, and the coveted title of Sissy. Andres began writing short stories and poetry around the age of six, sharing the love, laughter, tears and family tales that have forever colored her world with hope and dreams for the future generations. Mother of three, she has nine more children she calls her own, grandmother to eight plus twenty-two more, and she loves sharing that she is a great-grandmother, too. Having several published works of poetry, Andres was recipient of the Edi ... read more
Latest book: Reflections On Nature

Follow me on Twitter at  arielavaughn Ariela Vaughn
Ariela Vaughn is an avid reader with a particular fondness for the romance genre. With an imagination constantly at work, it’s no wonder she became an author. The characters and story ideas demanded an outlet, and Ariela’s love of books made writing the natural choice.
Latest book: Swim Partner

Follow me on Twitter at  BrynnMyers Brynn Myers
Brynn Myers is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance author. After considering writing a hobby for years, she finally turned her passion and talent into a career. She came into the paranormal genre later than most but has always loved fairy-tales and all things magical. Using that love, she creates charmed worlds by writing stories involving passionate, strong willed characters with something to discover. Brynn lives with her family in the Brevard County, Florida area.
Latest book: The Life & Death of Jorja Graham

Follow me on Twitter at  tynchtilek Tynchtykbek Zhanadyl
Тынчтыкбек Жанадыл родился в 1987 году в Караколе. Писать начал очень рано, первый рассказ опубликовал в возрасте 12 лет. С детства увлекается изобразительным искусством, и уже в юном возрасте проводилась персональная выставка его картин. Тынчтыкбек дипломированный специалист в области международных отношений, работает в сфере IT в образовании. Он также является соавтором учебного пособия "С ... read more
Latest book: Увидимся в Вашингтоне

Follow me on Twitter at  KatErotica Kat Abbott
I only write erotica since my greatest joy and experiences relate to sex.

Follow me on Twitter at  TishThawer Tish Thawer
Tish Thawer writes paranormal romances for all ages, including her new adult series' The Rose Trilogy and The Women of Purgatory Trilogy, as well as her adult paranormal romance, The Ovialell Series, and young adult short-stories. Her magickal elements and detailed world-building are a welcome constant in every novel. Before becoming a writer she worked as a computer consultant, a photographer, and a graphic designer. She also operates a custom glass etching business, in addition to being a wife and the mother of 3 wonderful children. She's been a fan of the paranormal for as long as she can remember. Anything to do with superpowers, myth and magic has always held a special place in her heart. From her first ... read more
Latest book: Raven's Breath