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I am a girl who loves adventures, art of all kinds and discovering new things!
Latest book: Poems from a Vagabond Heart: French and English Verse

Follow me on Twitter at  quantick David Quantick
"I will go back to reading David Quantick's excellent Sparks now" - Neil Gaiman, Twitter, Sept 25th. David Quantick is a British comedy writer and broadcaster. Sparks is his first novel. To read more about David's broken life, please go here:
Latest book: Sparks

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Simone likes her erotic hot and raunchy. When she's not chewing on a pen, she's reading, taking pictures, or relaxing in the sun.

Follow me on Twitter at  kevcudby Kevin Cudby
Kevin Cudby has written dozens of articles for magazines in New Zealand and elsewhere. He has a solid background as a manufacturing and development engineer in the electronics industry. Deconstructing technology is one of his strongest skills. He has been a professional journalist since 2004, with a special interest in stories about energy, transport, and seafaring. He is best known for his many articles in Boating New Zealand and (published by The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand). He is also an accomplished technical writer who enjoys converting difficult new concepts into simple, straightforward stories. Born in Lower Hutt some decades before the beginning of the twenty-first century, h ... read more
Latest book: From Smoke to Mirrors

Follow me on Twitter at  markdarkstory Mark Dark
Born in Bristol, Mark's favorite books are Rumblefish, Fight Club and Vernon God Little.

Follow me on Twitter at  KittyB78 Catrina Barton
Catrina Barton is a real go-getter, who in 2006 turned her avid reading addiction since she was three, into a vigorous passion for writing. Especially Young Adult Romances. She draws on her knowledge as a Kung-Fu Instructor to make her fight scenes both realistic, and action packed. When not indulging her fertile imagination to craft stories for your reading pleasures, she enjoys hiking with her family, and amateur belly dancing. Her love of writing, and her family, rival her exhilaration from helping fellow writers. She is a proud member of many writing, and marketing groups, and an active participant at Critique Circle, and several other crit groups. Writes reviews for Safari Heat, and Satin Sheets Roman ... read more
Latest book: Never Forget

Follow me on Twitter at  @HeavenOShey Heaven O'Shey
A southern girl born and raised along the bayou. I am a single mother of two grown children. In my novels I create towns filled with suspense, acton, drama, and lots of hot sex, where the men are real and the women are full of passion.

Follow me on Twitter at  NTWProductions Nick Weisenberger
Latest book: Coasters 101: An Engineer's Guide to Roller Coaster Design

Follow me on Twitter at  LoriARamsey L A Ramsey
L.A. Ramsey loves to spin stories, as she has all her life. Her earliest memories are of playing by herself, playing out stories she made up in her mind at the tender young age of 3. As she grew older her dream was to become an author, specifically a novelist. 20 years ago she took the Famous Writer's Course in fiction writing, then wrote her first novel. After that life happened, she started a family, pursued other avenues for her career (as a website designer and coach), then she decided her passion still lies in being a novelist. 20 years after writing her first novel she wrote several more and has decided to share them with the rest of the world. She has written a dozen non-fiction books under "Lori Ramsey" ... read more
Latest book: Living a Virtuous Life A simple devotional Live Like the Proverbs 31 Woman

Follow me on Twitter at  corebizstyle Bruce Hunter
As CEO of Digital Data Resources Inc., one of the Midwest’s largest digital imaging companies, Bruce Hunter established DDR as the fastest growing and most profitable document imaging company in the Midwest. Having taken the company from startup to acquisition by a publicly traded market leader, he saw his vision—creating the largest Midwest firm that transferred images onto CDs from paper and microfilm—to fruition and, more than satisfied with his efforts, went in search of new challenges. In 2003, Bruce co-founded CORE Media and, in less than one year, he established CORE as one of the fastest growing print and electronic media properties in Colorado. CORE provided readers with business and lifestyle i ... read more
Latest book: The 7 Deadly Sins of Resource Management: How to Find and Fix Costly Drains on Your Business and Create a Change-Ready Organization

Follow me on Twitter at  dancer2drummer Morwenna Assaf
Morwenna's background is in the Eastern Arabic countries namely the Levant. But she also has an excellent background with the Mahmoud Reda Egyptian style. As we build our repertoire to perform we will also be building our literature for you to grow to outstanding levels in the dance. We hope you will like our books and leave comments for us as this is the way we grow. I have lived this dance form since 1973 and am still growing and learning. I owe my success to this point to such great as Mahmoud Reda, Egypt, Amani of Lebanon, Yousry Sharif, Egypt, Elena Lentine, NYC. Plus the late Ibrahim (Bobby) Farrah, NYC, and the late La Meri of MA. These are just a few that have molded my career. There are in reality too ... read more
Latest book: ZILLS-ZAGAT Teaching Syllabus

Follow me on Twitter at  #sharkspeak Leonard Peters
Leonard Peters is a writer, theatre director, dramaturg, teacher, acting and presentation coach. He has directed more than 50 productions across the United States including, in New York City, work at Playwrights Horizons, The WPA Theatre, La Mama etc., Circle Repertory Company, St. Clement’s Playhouse, The Joyce Theater, St. Mark’s-in-the-Bowery, and Lincoln Center, and at the renowned Metropolitan Room. In Washington, D.C. he directed at the Kennedy Center and The Folger Theatre and at many of the major League of Regional Theaters, nationwide. Peters continues to bring his curiosity, passion, and keen director’s intelligence to diverse genres including musicals, narrative modern dance, symphony orches ... read more
Latest book: Demystifying the Monologue

Follow me on Twitter at  lenorewolfe Lenore Wolfe
Lenore Wolfe writes dark fantasy, paranormal fantasy, YA paranormal fantasy and romance.
Latest book: The Fallen One (Sons of the Dark Mother saga, part one)

Follow me on Twitter at  mmathia Mark Mathia
I am a Christian blogger, writer, speaker and the co-founder/CEO of Tiburon Financial, LLC. I have always been a student of business obtaining my undergraduate degree in Business Communications from Dana College in Blair, Nebraska and then my Masters of Business Administration degree from Bellevue University. I have over 23 years experience leading others and developing people in a variety of organizations. I have also written a few books, been published New Man Magazine, speak often, and have served in various leadership capacities around the city. I am currently working on several projects about the lessons I have learned as I live my faith out loud while leading others. I have been married to my wife ... read more
Latest book: Confessions of a CEO

Follow me on Twitter at  turbocash10 Barry Mackey

Latest book: My Metabolism MasterClass

Follow me on Twitter at  Patricia K McCarthy CrimsonVampires Patricia K. McCarthy
Patricia K McCarthy is the Canadian author of the wildly imaginative Crimson vampire series, presently consisting of six (6) novels: The Crimson Man, The Crimson Boy, The Crimson Woman, The Crimson Time, The Crimson Crimes and The Crimson Dream. The sixth in her series, The Crimson Dream will be officially released in Oct 2014. Each novel can be devoured as a standalone story, read in sequential order, or consumed in whatever order your heart desires. Patricia has also authored three collections of erotic poetry, as well as numerous short stories. Her work has appeared in publications in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Her Crimson vampire series has been described as sensual, romantic thriller ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  T.E. MacArthur T.E. MacArthur
T. E. MacArthur is an author, artist, and historian living in the San Francisco Bay Area with her constant companion, Mac the cat. Writing is her passion, enough so she'll brave a trek to Iceland to research her facts. She has written for local and specialized publications, and even had an accidental stint as a sports reporter for Reuters News. T.E. has a love for all things Victorian and is having a lifelong affair with the writings of Jules Verne. For fun, facts and giveaways - (
Latest book: The Volcano Lady: Vol. 2 - To the Ending of the World

Follow me on Twitter at  P.J. Cummings PJ Cummings
A lonely, stay-at-home mother with an active imagination, and a lust for sex, P.J. Cummings started writing smut ten years ago. She writes out her own lurid sexual fantasies and shares them with her lucky readers.

Follow me on Twitter at  HananKattanEBS Hanan Kattan
A lifetime entrepreneur of Palestinian background, Hanan Kattan co-founded EBS Digital as an online marketing company that gives small businesses the tools for outstanding growth. It is the latest addition to her Enlightenment group of companies, which include film production, film sales, a record label and publishing arm. Her aim with EBS Digital is to help businesses use digital marketing to drive real sales and growth. Her previous businesses included creating her own hair care brand, Te Tao, which launched an entirely new category of ‘premium mass’ holistic hair products which Marie Claire magazine called ‘beauty with a conscience.’ She is also the producer of two feature films, The World Unseen ... read more
Latest book: Grow Your Profits - Online Marketing Secrets That Really Work

Follow me on Twitter at  cchianti Christine Chianti
Christine was born and raised in Western New York, and continues to make her home there. After high school, she studied physics and earth science at SUNY College at Brockport, as well as earning her NYS Teaching Certificates. Her graduate work was done at the University of Buffalo, where she received a Masters in Science Education. Christine spent 19 years teaching high school science, ranging from physics to forensics, in the Western New York area. Always a voracious reader, Christine began experimenting with her writing by penning several short stories while in high school. She dabbled at her writing until 2008, when she decided to commit to writing a full length novel. Enjoying the experience so much, ... read more
Latest book: Savage Spring

Follow me on Twitter at  f_ghazib F. Ghazi
F. Ghazi was born in the west and raised in the east. He enjoys writing, and hanging out. He resides somewhere in Europe.

Follow me on Twitter at  SrMutante Víctor De Miután
Víctor De Miután (Ciudad real, 1978) es un artista y emprendedor con una amplia experiencia en el campo de la instrospección. Desde mediados de los 2000, ha llevado a cabo diversos proyectos online y offline, todos encaminados a ofrecer técnicas y herramientas para ayudar a ayudarse.
Latest book: Aprendiendo a fracasar: cómo identificar y solucionar la causa de tus fracasos

Follow me on Twitter at  morgansnowe Morgan Snow
Morgan Snow is a kinky erotica writer who isn't afraid to try anything once, and can't wait to share all their hot fantasies with you.

Follow me on Twitter at  William JohnsonGodBloodX William Johnson
My name is William Johnson and this is the first book I've written over 30 pages. I never knew I would be writing for a career but when God talks you listen. This book covers just that, my communication with what I call God and the knowledge that came with it. Maybe you would call it something else. Read and decide.
Latest book: God Blood, Who are we? True history of Civilization

Follow me on Twitter at  Viceroypower Karen E. Black
Karen E. Black, MLS, PLCGS,is a novelist. Writing and publishing her romantic thriller "From the Chrysalis" is a dream come true. She is also a professional researcher and genealogy librarian with twenty years' experience in Canadian and United Kingdom records. She obtained her professional qualifications from the University of Toronto in 2010. She lives with her family in a 99 year old house in Toronto where she is currently working on the sequel to "From the Chrysalis."
Latest book: Descendants of Josiah and Sarah PERRIN (1700-1753) of Over Peover, Cheshire,England and Some of Their Canadian Descendants

Follow me on Twitter at  capicejo Johan Opperman
After completing school Johan Opperman was conscripted into the South African Air Force to complete National Service as a radar station Fighter Controller. After a brief civilian spell he re-joined the South African Air Force to pursue a full time career in the military. Whilst completing under-graduate studies at the SADF Military Academy he transferred to the Air Force Intelligence Branch. He gained extensive experience in air warfare during the 1980s as an Air Intelligence Officer in the South West Africa/Namibia and Southern Angolan theatres of operations. During the period described in this book he held the rank of Major and retired in 1997 with the rank of Colonel to pursue a civilian career. He is marrie ... read more
Latest book: Hindbusters

Follow me on Twitter at  allisonblevine Allison B. Levine
A Demon Love Story is Allison B. Levine’s first full-length novel. She has written many unpublished short stories throughout her 36 years of life, but this is her first honest-to-goodness novel. Allison has always been interested in occult fiction and non-fiction, especially in college during the 90’s when she thought she was a witch. Among numerous projects currently in the works,including Part Two of A Demon Love Story, Allison is also contemplating writing children’s books; but not occult, because apparently that “scares” children. Allison has been to many colleges, all majoring in graphic design, but her talent lies in writing. She lives by the Jersey Shore in a small, one-bedroom apartmen ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  AstridNicholls Astrid Nicholls

Latest book: Blogging for Profits

Follow me on Twitter at  peacebypiecepub Heather Lombardo
I'm a lover, with a lot to say so I teamed up with my best friend to bring you Peace by Piece Publishing! One day we will own a coffee shop that will cater to ebookers and bookers alike, we can all get along. Our dream and intent is to be the catalyst in bringing your work to the masses...we have the power to get it in front of a millions of e-book readers. We of course can not guarantee readership, but we believe that ANYBODY should have the opportunity to share their work with the world.
Latest book: To Walk in Joyful Shoes… Short Poems to Live By With Love Heather Lombardo

Follow me on Twitter at  TheBandBegins Steve Lambley
I was born in 1960, and have been a Beatles fan all my life. One of my earliest memories is of being encouraged to sing a precocious ‘She Loves You’ into my Dad’s reel-to-reel tape recorder. I'm now a freelance designer/writer/translator based in London and The Hague. As such, I've written extensively on a range of subjects for clients from airlines and law firms to the United Nations in New York. But my passion is music, in particular the music of the greatest band of all time. However, I'm interested in most forms of music, and am also fascinated by musical theory and what makes music “work”. Analysing the work of (according to Tony Palmer) “the greatest song writers since Schubert”, who wrote ... read more
Latest book: And the Band Begins to Play. Part Twelve: The Definitive Guide to the Beatles’ Abbey Road

Follow me on Twitter at  russlitten Russ Litten
Typist and layabout. Author of Scream If You Want To Go Faster, out now from William Heinemann.
Latest book: The Line Up

Follow me on Twitter at  paulmoxham Paul Moxham
Paul Moxham hails from Melbourne, Australia. He's best known for his children's mystery series which follows Joe, Amy, Sarah, and Will as they have adventures in 1950's Britain.
Latest book: The Mystery Series Collection (Books 1-3)

Follow me on Twitter at  cotswoldfamilylife Michelle Newbold
Single mum to one son, living in Stroud in the beautiful Cotswolds UK. Joint editor of Cotswold Family Life, a free community magazine for parents with babies and young children living in the Cotswolds. Seller of second hand books.
Latest book: Paleo, Primal & Gluten-Free Shakes, Juices and Drinks Suited for English foods and tastes

Follow me on Twitter at  aileenlf Aileen Friedman
I love my God & Saviour above all. I am married for 30years, have a wonderful family of 3 daughters, 2 son-in-laws, a grandson & another grandchild due any day, and an adopted daughter & son-in-law. The joy & blessings of my family are abundant.
Latest book: Second is Best

Follow me on Twitter at  Juxtaposefantsy Tricia Owens

Latest book: Magic Spells To-Go

Follow me on Twitter at  writerPLowe P. Lowe
P. Lowe is an E. writer. She enjoys writing in the Fantasy Genre. She uses her surroundings to bring her stories to life. She wrote her first E book in 2012 Her Element. She has grown in writing from her first book. P. Lowe is a people watcher and loves to witness the interactions of people who are in love, or lust with each other. You can find her in her community taking pictures of nature that you may see on the covers of her books. She is a mother, wife and comes from a large family. She surrounds herself with books she has read, and written. She spends her spare time either in her retail business or her writing.
Latest book: Learning to Pond Skate

Follow me on Twitter at  Jochen_Hoff Jochen Hoff
Neben der Produktion von Kindern und der Beihilfe an deren Aufzucht, der Realisierung von unmöglichen bis haarsträubenden Geschäften und der ständigen Flucht vor dem Finanzamt und einem Job in einer Konzernschublade, lese ich, nein fresse ich Bücher, schon so lange ich lesen kann. Ob Trivial, Science, Fiction oder Geschichte - nur geschrieben muss es sein. Musikalisch wie ein Stuhlbein, in Skulpturen seh ich meist Garderobenständer, an der Malerei fasziniert mich wie die Leute es schaffen für solch einen Schmarrn Geld zu bekommen. Filme überleben bei mir selten den Vorspann, Shows kommen noch nicht einmal soweit. Nachrichten ja danach bin ich süchtig - und sei es auch nur um mir selbst zu bestätigen d ... read more
Latest book: Die Ermittler - Kunst kommt von Können

Follow me on Twitter at  racquelmcdonnel Racquel McDonnell
In a land far away, with a castle, a Catheral, city walls, created and named by the Romans in 48AD the town of Lindum Colonia drew breath. Eventhough through the years, it has changed hands like a used car. Nothing really exciting happen in Lincoln until the birth of me. One cold christmas eve, a baby girl was born and placed under the christmas tree at 26 Knight street Lincoln. A present that keeps on giving, so forty years later I decided to give you my stories. Written with you in mind!

Follow me on Twitter at Arul Das
Arul Amaladas is shortly called as Arul Das was born in (18.06.1990)Sattur,India. I make things up and write them down.I am always fond of reading newspapers and historical humor books.This made me write short stories.Humor and romance stories are always my favourite. In my spare time I try to keep the maintain my owned website more or less up to date. Among from writing short stories,writing script to short comedy dramas is my hobby.
Latest book: The Broken Time Machine

Follow me on Twitter at  navajobob W. Blake Heitzman
Blake grew up just south of Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he spent his spare time in his World War Two Willys jeep exploring the desert. When he could, he sat with the old timers and listened to their tales of Geronimo, Cochise, Pancho Villa, and Billy the Kid. His love and respect for the desert weaves through his stories. An avid reader, Heitzman is influenced by his favorite writers: Stephen King, H.G. Wells, Bradbury, Vonnegut, Michael Crichton and Tony Hillerman. A licensed Professional Engineer in the State of California with Masters of Science Degrees in Energy Conversion and Urban Planning as well as experience as a college math instructor, Blake includes a dash of science and technology, along with a ... read more
Latest book: Home At Last

Follow me on Twitter at  hywood Kathy Stewart
Kathy Stewart was born in South Africa, and now lives on the Gold Coast, Australia. Her manuscripts, [The] Chameleon [Factor] and Race Against Time, were shortlisted and longlisted respectively for the 2010 CWA Debut Dagger Award in the UK. Another historical mystery, The Mark of the Leopard, is in the pipeline.
Latest book: Star Turn and Other Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  KarolynCairns Karolyn Cairns
Karolyn Cairns is a single mother of 15yr-old twins. She lives in sunny Florida. She spends a lot of time sitting in the sun thinking about that next great book. When she's not making up stories, she spends a lot of time working in the garden. She's back to work writing after some time off. Its been a great year. She just wrapped up The Libertine's Wife, a historical romance. I would warn you right away that the hero in this book lives his life by a philosophy and set of rules most women would find disagreeable. We make NO apologies for Garret. He won't apologize, so why should we? A new historical romance titled A Viking's Love, is also available now. She is currently working on books three to 'The Wicked Ser ... read more
Latest book: Oblivion

Follow me on Twitter at  OpenScripture James Hutton
James Hutton enjoys discussing religious matters with others, and studying his Bible. He enjoys reading other non-fiction books, and listening to the news and classical music.
Latest book: How Do I Obey the Gospel?

Follow me on Twitter at  vinakent vina kent
Vina has been a freelance writer for close to 15 years. Her passion is writing about topics that matter and keep the readers entertained. She has had the opportunity to write featured pieces from topics ranging to movie and music reviews, to interviewing celebrities for various magazines and publications. Having worked as a talent agent and been a part of the entertainment industry, Vina has had much success publishing work that readers want to come back for more for.
Latest book: Supernatural Assassin

Follow me on Twitter at  MooreJLuxe Moore J. Luxe
Moore J. Luxe is a body modification maven turned Biologist with a penchant for hot coffee, bad boys, good girls and great sex. While her days are filled with laboratories and beakers, at night she indulges in her own erotic adventures.

Follow me on Twitter at  hlwampler Alexa Night
Alexa Night is the naughty alter ego of a published, married author. She writes all the awful, naughty things the real her doesn't dare.
Latest book: The Last Grimm: Red's Hood

Follow me on Twitter at  shardsnblazes Winston Crutchfield
Winston is the publisher at Critical Press Media (which sounds better than "freelance writer"), where he builds websites, prints books, and provides other digital archiving and media production services. He lives on the banks of the Ohio River with his wife, two kids, and one cat. The cat has a pet kitten of her own.
Latest book: Water Is Life

Follow me on Twitter at  Rivowriter David Morisset
David Morisset is an Australian author who grew up in Riverstone, which was then a meatworks town in Sydney's semi-rural western districts. He moved to Canberra to study at the Australian National University and chose to roam the world, first as a diplomat and later as an economist. Over recent years he has published a novel about revolutionary Iran as well as collections of short stories and poems. He now lives and works by a quiet beach on the Central Coast of New South Wales.
Latest book: Call of the Caracal

Follow me on Twitter at  1cmhumphries C.M. Humphries
C.M. Humphries has a pen and a degree to battle against everyday norms and obstacles. If he can't afford to drive to the next opportunity, he'll run. If he can't run, he'll crawl. If he can't crawl, he'll dig his own grave and bring down the demons with him. If he survives, he'll tell the story. C.M. Humphries(1989-) was born in Upper Greenwood Lake, New Jersey and currently resides in Coatesville, Indiana. He received his BA in telecommunications - film and television studies from Ball State University (2007-2011) in Muncie, Indiana, where he still appears at readings, literary events, and conferences. On April 17, 2012 he released his first novel 'Excluded' from Wild Child Publishing (Culver City, CA) and ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  gyoung9751 Glynn Young
Glynn Young is an award-winning speechwriter and public relations professional. His speeches have appeared numerous times in Vital Speeches of the Day and other national publications, and he’s published numerous articles on communications in journals and magazines. He received two Gold Quill Awards for speechwriting from the International Association of Business Communicators; seven other national speechwriting awards; and two Silver Anvil Awards from the Public Relations Society of America for community relations and employee communications. Glynn has given hundreds of presentations and speeches on crisis communications, environmental communications, employee communications and speechwriting. He was na ... read more
Latest book: Dancing Priest