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Follow me on Twitter at  EmilySherwood6 Emily Sherwood
Emily Sherwood lives in Northeast Tennessee, where she rotates between being a traveling ESL teacher, Graduate Student, and Writer.
Latest book: Daughters of the King: The Single Women of the Bible

Follow me on Twitter at  dfmnola Damon Ferrell Marbut
Damon Ferrell Marbut is a novelist and poet living and working in New Orleans, LA.
Latest book: Awake in the Mad World

Follow me on Twitter at  ChrystalMahan Chrystal Mahan
Reader |Copywriter | Blogger Extraordinaire | Book Reviewer | Poet | Social Media Rockstar | Virtual Assistant | Accountant | Internet Marketer | Self Proclaimed Work-A-Holic | MBA | Manic-Depressive | Tea & Coffee Junkie | Self-Published | Thinker | Quoter | Thought Provoker
Latest book: Blogging for Dollars: Bloggers Tax Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  tony alonzi Tony Alonzi
Writer, author, story teller, embedded content marketing applications and social media content creator.
Latest book: 30 Ways to Happier Days

Follow me on Twitter at  meligranalibri Titti Federico
Concetta Federico, nata a Genova nel 1962 da genitori napoletani abita a Carrara dall'età di due anni. Laureata nell'87 in lingue e letterature straniere moderne ad indirizzo europeo, insegna lingua e letteratura francese presso il liceo linguistico di Massa. Ha pubblicato il suo primo romanzo, “Prima che venga sera”, nel 2008 con la casa editrice Graus di Napoli.
Latest book: Negli occhi di mia madre

Follow me on Twitter at  ABS_SoM Russell Smith
Russell Smith is a Driving Tuition Instructor, Driver Training and other eBook Author/Publisher having a number of ebooks currently on sale. I have also developed a Social Media presence, inorder to interact with my clients.
Latest book: How to Drive a Stick Shift -Manual Car in 5 Easy Routines Including Pictures

Follow me on Twitter at  CharmWriter Charm Baker
Charm Baker is a Los Angeles based freelance writer that has been writing online for several years. She resides in Southern California and enjoys spending time with her family and friends when she's not writing. Charm has hundreds of non-fiction articles published on a variety of topics and popular writing websites. She also worked as a ghost writer for online clients. This year (2013), Charm D. Baker launched a new website specifically devoted to new and emerging authors like herself. is a growing network of avid readers and authors . Her newly published title: "Experimenting With Murder" is available now, right here on Smashwords. You can get the whole back story on the inspirati ... read more
Latest book: How to Live Life in a Positive Bubble (A Daily Guide to Positive Thinking)

Follow me on Twitter at  TomBarberBooks Tom Barber
Born in Sydney, Australia and raised in England and Brunei, Tom Barber has always had a passion for writing and story-telling. It took him to Nottingham University, England, where he graduated in 2009 with a 2.1 BA Hons in English Studies. Post-graduation, Tom moved to New York City and completed the 2 Year Meisner Acting training programme at The William Esper Studio, furthering his love of acting and screen-writing. Upon his return to the UK in late 2011, Tom set to work on his debut novel, Nine Lives, which has since become a five-star rated Amazon UK Kindle hit. The following books in the series, The Getaway, Blackout, Silent Night, One Way, Return Fire and Green Light have been equally successful, garneri ... read more
Latest book: Condition Black (A novella)

Follow me on Twitter at  SereneWellness2 Claire Charters
My name is Claire and I live in Sydney, Australia. If you pass me on the sidewalk, you may not look twice as i'm quite an ordinary girl with an inordinate obsession for books. I am a Virgo, an amateur Tarot Card Reader, a romantic and just a thirty something girl trying to find her place in the world. I adore beautiful pictures and inspiring words. I believe that a life lived with love and excitement in your heart is the most fulfilling type. My passions include writing, surfing, yoga, snowboarding, travelling, good music, volunteering and op shopping. Being honest and taking risks is how I live my life. I love gifts and surprises. One day I hope to buy a rescue dog, and when I do I want to call it either Jack ... read more
Latest book: Zenspiration

Follow me on Twitter at  Azrael2112314 Alexander Thorne
Alexander Thorne was born in 1989 and spends most of his time living in western Michigan. His written work has appeared in the e-magazine Phoenix Lore, the short fiction and poetry collection There Are Monsters Everywhere, and in news articles from the Western Herald. Email me at:

Follow me on Twitter at  cocowrites Coco René
Coco René writes dirty things for dirty people. Consummate kinkster and gleeful pervert, Coco can be found with gin in hand and pen in the other.

Follow me on Twitter at  Robert_Cartnal Robert Eugne Cartnal
I been working on a Sci-Fi series. I am a father of a wonderful boy and married to a wonderfu and beautiful Pinay assaw. I am studying to be a Enlish and Literature Teacher.
Latest book: I am an Ancient Free And Accepted Masons; I am not an Illuminati.

Follow me on Twitter at  petercbradbury Peter C Bradbury
Born near Manchester, England, I became a Butler in 1985. After working in many very large homes, I moved to California in 1994 after marrying my wife Debbie who is from San Francisco. I started this book many years ago but didn't finish it until I lost a position due to the economic recession. Now writing full time, I have just finished my fourth book. I write in an entertaining style, whatever the subject, and I hope you enjoy them. I still have family in the UK and in the USA, and I enjoy football (soccer) and golf.

Follow me on Twitter at  @nlowhim Nelson Lowhim
Lowhim served in the US Army as a Green Beret Engineer and graduated from Columbia University. He's been published in LA review of LA, Nine Line Anthology, and Afterwords. Born in the bubbling cauldron of Tanzania, where he picked up his first pen at the age of two and chewed. He's progressed much since then. He wrote his first story at 5, a knockoff of all the prince-saves-princess stories he'd read at the time. Life did not rest. It took him to India, then frigid Michigan. The shock, according to parent-sources, was a character building exercise. Lowhim, however, only remembered clenched fingers trying to write. Shorts about teen angst kept him going. Soon he was hitchhiking the mountainous American West wher ... read more
Latest book: Ministry of Bombs

Follow me on Twitter at  Treffary Jelera Ames
Hmm, what to say, what to say? I'm a mother of three boys, which takes a lot of time and a lot of energy, especially as two of them are teenagers and the younger isn't even into the double digits yet. Although their father and I are not married we've managed to put nineteen years behind us and have walked the hills and mountains of life together with all the laughter, the crying fits and yelling a relationship needs and demands. I've so far only published the one book (which is need of some heavy editing) but I am currently working on two separate series. I'm hoping to have one finished before the end of the year. It's hard finding the time to write, especially during the school months when our lives seem ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  DavidChristie33 David Christie
In progress ....

Follow me on Twitter at  josephmfoster Joseph M Foster
Joseph Michael Foster commonly known as J.Michael, a ministerial and business visionary, kingdom strategist, millennial trailblazer, and prophetic voice to this generation. In a short time, his message of empowerment has impacted the socio-economic climate of several communities in eastern North Carolina and across the globe. His weekly blog, Power Thoughts with J.Michael Foster, reaches an audience of over 2000 subscribers a week! Pastor J.Michael Foster is the visionary behind a global empowerment initiative designed to destroy the spirit of ignorance. Additionally, he has established several ministries within the church and community to serve the people of God.
Latest book: OUTRAGEOUS VISION: How To Unlock Vision, Embrace Purpose, And Live A Fulfilled Life.

Follow me on Twitter at  kaimanawolff Kaimana Wolff
Kaimana Wolff, novelist, poet and playwright, survives in a small community on the coast of British Columbia with her friend, a beautiful soul housed in a wolfish body. Often Lord Tyee and Wolff can be heard devising new howls, songs and dances on the lawns, in the parks, and in glens of the great forests still permitted to stand.
Latest book: La Chiripa

Follow me on Twitter at  AimeeKennell Aimee Kennell
Aimee Kennell is a writer and editor who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Writing about the adventures of women out to get what they want, Aimee writes about what she knows best...the hunting, the stalking and the seduction of men half her age in order to fulfill her desires. Additional Cougar Adventures stories by Aimee will be published soon. Aimee can be reached at
Latest book: Experimental Narrative, Number 1

Follow me on Twitter at  RDPruden R.D. Pruden
I grew up in and around Edmonton, Canada. I enjoy music, and I play two instruments - guitar and mandolin. In my day job, I'm a salesman in a hardware store. I currently live in Calgary. I've been planning on writing for many years now, and have finally started to do something about it.
Latest book: The Immortal

Follow me on Twitter at  BobbiG10 Bobbi G
Bobbi G's been a weekly columnist since 2006. Writing humorous bits, motivational snippets or topical readers a peek at life from Bobbi's endless, and often zany, imagination. Bobbi is also a motivational speaker, changing lives with her witty, yet entertaining words of encouragement. And if that wasn't all, she's an author, award wining artist, cartoonist and all around Jill of all Trades. What doesn't Bobbi G!
Latest book: Washington's Travels: The Buck Starts Here

Follow me on Twitter at  AmyDenim Amy Denim
Amy Denim writes business books for writers and contemporary romance. She loves hot heroes (like chefs and cowboys) and curvy intelligent heroines (like chefs and cowgirls). She's been a franchise sales coordinator, a lifeguard, a personal shopper, and a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. But now she spends her days reading and writing at her local library or in her book cave. Amy started out her writer's life scared out of her wits because she hadn't yet created an online platform, wasn't on Twitter, didn't have a Facebook fanpage and had never even heard of Goodreads. She just wrote books. So she spent a year becoming a social media fiend and now does consulting for creatives on how to use social med ... read more
Latest book: The Coffee Break Guide to Business Plans for Writers: The Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Control of Your Writing Career

Follow me on Twitter at  DougSolter Doug Solter
Growing up in Oklahoma, Doug Solter began writing screenplays in 1998 and became a 2001 semi-finalist in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. His script Father Figure was one of 129 scripts left from 5,489 entries. Doug made the switch to writing young adult novels in 2008. Doug is also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Doug respects cats, loves the mountains, and one time walked the streets of Barcelona with a smile on his face.
Latest book: Rivals

Follow me on Twitter at  PrometheusFlux Kenneth Hanis
The only way I can honestly describe myself, is how I see myself; and you can be sure that this image of myself will differ greatly from how others see me, or how I actually am. How I see myself is as something like an iconoclast. I see myself as a humorist and a very curious fool. Outside of 'ezine' publications, a story that was produced on 'Tales from the Darkside' titled "Bigalow's Last Smoke", some script revisions here and there for a vancouver film company, and my own wiki site (which is primarily poetry), my primary livelihood has been over 25 years in the Film and Television industry in the USA and Canada.
Latest book: My Life after My Death

Follow me on Twitter at  timmmeyer11 Tim Meyer
Tim Meyer is an author working on several upcoming projects. He currently resides in New Jersey, near the shore. When he's not writing, hunting ghoulish entities, or balling hard on the basketball court, he's usually annoying the piss out of his wife, the most amazing person in his life. The two of them live with their cat, Gizmo, a rambunctious monster who destroys almost everything.
Latest book: Sunfall: Episode 6

Follow me on Twitter at  Inclusivismorg Jim Green
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I was employed in our Criminal Justice System for a cumulative 20 years as a probation officer, with 5 of those years as a chief probation officer. I authored the concept of “Shock Incarceration” which became law in Kansas in 1970, and then was adopted in numerous jurisdictions in the U.S. and also spread to Europe—it is currently identified in the U.S. as “Boot Camp” [as the means to “shock” the young offender—and a total distortion of my original intent—like many ideas, once released, they take on a life of their own]. I was the Democrat candidate for Congress, District 21, TX, 2000. I would most define myself as a Social Ecologist-- [albeit my degree is in Psychology]. My ... read more
Latest book: WHY PRESIDENT OBAMA LOST THE 2012 ELECTION: How To End Ubiquitous Unemployment in the 21st Century

Follow me on Twitter at  IDLCoyote David Fanning
David Fanning is a software consultant, author, and part-time wilderness ranger living in Fort Collins, Colorado. His job sometimes takes him to far flung locations around the world, where he tries to fit a bit of adventure into his free time. His idea of a perfect vacation is to end up in some Godforsaken place where no tourist would want to be seen. He speaks two or three languages, all poorly.
Latest book: Standing on the Ocean: A Layman's Arctic Adventure

Follow me on Twitter at  SuneilAngel Suneil Angel
We all have a story that we want to share with people. I too have one or in this case, a lot of stories to tell. My first book with Smashwords is a series called The Chronicles of Sunset Valley. So looking forward to it.
Latest book: The Sacrifice: Chronicles of Sunset Valley

Follow me on Twitter at  arresiur Rui Serra
Sou Alentejano de alma e coração, um ser emocional, que vagueia pelo infinito do imaginário. Cresci a ouvir e a cantar à alentejana e gosto... Choro e rio com facilidade, adoro cães e sou viciado em café e chocolate... Sou espiritual e espirituoso... Amo intensamente e vivo ao sabor dos meus caprichos... Odeio hipocrisia e não suporto a arrogância... Protejo aqueles que amo e busco incessantemente o meu caminho... sinuoso, imprevisível mas muito, muito rico... Vivo numa terriola alentejana e partilho a vida com os meus pais e os meus dois amores: a minha adorada filha "Katydear" e a minha namorada! Gosto do cheiro a terra molhada • Gosto de trovoadas e relâmpagos • Gosto de medronho à lareira e ... read more
Latest book: FRAGMENTOS do meu pensar

Follow me on Twitter at  BediSum Demi Bus
My submissive name is Demi Bus New to the world of BDSM, it took me some time to realize why this name was chosen for me. I hope you enjoy reading my books. I have just started writing my BDSM-story. I hope I will be experiencing and writing a whole lot more. kindest regards Demi Bus

Follow me on Twitter at  WriterTerri Terri Kett
Hi there! In literature-land I'm known as Terri. I've managed to survive 20 years so far, and I currently live in Western Australia. I love writing and reading near future science-fiction and historical fantasy. I also write, gasp, fanfiction as linked in the 'website' section down there somewhere. As you might expect it's erotica, so please use your discretion before viewing. You can check out my Facebook for project updates and... other random things! Hey, we should totally be BFFs~
Latest book: Cascade

Follow me on Twitter at  frankiegrey2 Frankie Grey
Frankie Grey currently lives in Northern England. She started writing ten years ago but until now has not been published. During her career as a PA she worked for many 'Captains of Industry' in a variety of spheres and met many interesting people , parts of whose characters she draws on in her writing.
Latest book: A Skulk of Foxes

Follow me on Twitter at  SLRobards Sharon Robards
I am an Australian author who lives two hundred kilometres north of Sydney, on the beautiful and rugged east coast of Australia, in a place called Port Stephens, a sanctuary for dolphins and a Mecca for tourists who come to see an annual migration of 6,000 whales each year.
Latest book: Redundant, Repetitive and Wordy Phrases

Follow me on Twitter at  KyleSchewe Kyle Schewe
I am an author and tutor who lives in Winnipeg, Canada. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Classics from the University of Winnipeg, a certificate in Applied Accounting from Red River College, and am currently completing the Certificate for Adult Education, also through Red River College. I tutor business to a diverse group of adult learners including international and immigrant students, and students with disabilities. I have a keen sense of imagination, and have been an avid roleplayer for 20 years. I have applied that same imagination and passion to my writing. If you have any questions, you can find me on twitter and elsewhere on the internet!
Latest book: Fax: A Short Tale

Follow me on Twitter at  FitKimTV Kimberly Coventry
Kimberly Coventry, MS, CNC, CPT, is the creator of FitKim, a nutrition and fitness blog that teaches people how easy it is to be healthy. She has completed her Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition, become a Certified Nutritional Consultant & ACE Personal Trainer, Certified NASM dotFIT Coach, marathoner, duathlete and triathlete. She has been consulting clients for over ten years, and has developed a passion for combining nutrition and fitness. Kimberly is the author of The FitKim Lifestyle: Food & Fitness to Get YOU Fit! She has been featured on CBS Minnesota, Yahoo!, YouTube, Houston Woman Magazine, O’Fallon Nutrition Radio and has reached Expert Author status on Ezine Articles. Her upcoming goals are ... read more
Latest book: The FitKim Lifestyle Food & Fitness to get YOU Fit!

Follow me on Twitter at  jacksStanley Jack R. Stanley
Jack R. Stanley is a native Texan born two blocks inside Texas and raised six blocks inside Arkansas in Texarkana, Arkansas/Texas. He received his B.F.A. from Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth in Radio-TV-Film. As an officer in the U.S. Army serving in Vietnam as a TV-Film Director, he was awarded the Bronze Star. He says when you’re in a firefight and you have a camera when everybody else on both side have guns, you get to change your pants a lot. After his military service he earned both his M.A. and his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in Radio-TV-Film. He also received two of Michigan¹s most prestigious creative writing awards, The Hopwood Award, one for a one-act play and the ... read more
Latest book: The Lovecraft Murders

Follow me on Twitter at  _JaneCummings Jane Cummings
Jane Cummings worked in the traditional world until coming to the realization that she had done all that she was suppose to, she sat down, pen in hand (well lap top on table) and started to do what she had always wanted, write romances. Jane couldn’t have been more surprised by the positive response to her stories and the turn life would take. Like her characters, Jane truly believes that passion is a light on our hearts chosen life path, if we have the courage to follow.

Follow me on Twitter at  sarahlazowski Sarah Lazowski
Sarah Lazowski is a mother of a fifteen year old daughter and thirteen year old son. She lives with her boyfriend of thirteen years in Oshkosh, WI. Sarah works part time for a Newspaper and when she is not at work she is at her desk writing, working on the next novel or writing down ideas for novels.

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesomorse James Morse
Jim grew up in Southeastern Oklahoma, attended Texas A & M, then returned to Oklahoma for medical school. He spent eight years as a medical missionary in Colombia, six years as a medical officer in the U.S. Army, and over twenty years as a faculty member in various medical schools, specializing in pulmonary medicine. Over the years a number of cats and dogs (as well as one horse) have contributed to his education.
Latest book: The Legacy of C. S. Lewis' Cat

Follow me on Twitter at  RuthMadison82 Ruth Madison
There isn’t enough fiction out there with characters who have disabilities. Ruth Madison aims to fix that. After years of combing through the dusty back shelves of libraries looking for her elusive, imperfect hero, she started writing her own. Ruth’s romantic tales are full of wounded heroes: men physically challenged by life, but not defeated. These men overcome the difficulties of amputation, paralysis, or cerebral palsy to find acceptance, happiness, and heroines who love them exactly as they are.
Latest book: The Happiness Pact

Follow me on Twitter at  GregPincus Greg Pincus
Greg Pincus is a poet, novelist, screenwriter, and blogger. You can find him sharing children’s poetry (both his own and from special guests) plus children’s literature related goodies at GottaBook ( or visit him at The Happy Accident (, where he talks social media. Look for his novel – The 14 Fabulous Fibs of Gregory K. – coming soon from Arthur A. Levine Books.
Latest book: The Late Bird

Follow me on Twitter at  Sphereshifters Joshua Lemay
The story of a boy who became a man named Josh(actually the boy was named Josh, too). His father, a dreaded Canadian pirate named Pierre, swooped in one day to seduce his mother, Angela the Princess of a long lost country(my grandfather was from Greece, but no one even knows where that is). They did things, but that's for their bio, not mine, so we won't talk about that(also, ew, parents, gross). And then, with stars shining in the sky like a twinkling omen of amazing awesomeness, I was born. I went on to greatness immediately, like learning to walk and speak English. Later, having attended a brutal school where they beat the potatoes into an unrecognizable mash if they looked at the teachers funny(then se ... read more
Latest book: Sphereshifters: Aleph (Story Arcs 1, 2)

Follow me on Twitter at  joduchemin Jo Duchemin
I'm a teenager trapped in the body of a thirty-something! I write the kind of books I like to read - something achingly romantic with twists and turns, topped with a good dose of escapism and individuality. I love reading teen fiction: I adored The Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Sookie Stackhouse novels, The Shiver Series, The Hush Hush Saga. I hope my books (as and when I finish them and publish them here!) have a similar flavour to these great novels. I live in England and work as an English teacher and this is reflected in my work which is as English as a pot of tea and a plate of scones! If people are kind enough to read my work, I truly hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

Follow me on Twitter at  pattersday Patricia Day
Writing has been a passion through my entire life. A Stolen Childhood, Eleanor's Story, is my first full-length book. It takes the reader on a personal journey with Eleanor; from her painful childhood to her adult life. Subjected to many traumas, such as, abuse, rejection, divorce, and others that you will discover along the journey, she nevertheless found the strength to persevere. Determined to never give up, I hope her resourcefulness will inspire you to hang on, whatever your circumstances, and live your own life to the fullest. You never know where that journey might take you. Over the years, I have had poetry and devotionals published too. I also, write book reviews for major publishing companies ... read more
Latest book: A Stolen Childhood, Eleanor's Story

Follow me on Twitter at  simonkeith1 Simon Keith
Simon Keith holds the distinction of being the first athlete in the world to play a professional sport after undergoing a heart transplant. Keith was just 21 when, in July of 1986, he received the heart of a 17 year old boy, who ironically died while playing soccer. Keith, a world class soccer player prior to the operation, was determined to return to "his normal" and after playing at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) for two seasons, Keith was drafted number 1 overall into the Major Indoor Soccer League just three years after his surgery. Now one of the longest living organ transplant recipients in the world and most notable professional athletes of his time, Keith travels cross-country captivating a ... read more
Latest book: Heart For The Game

Follow me on Twitter at  @piggypress Pat Alvarado
Pat es oriunda de Abbeville, Luisiana, donde reinan los pantanos y los bayous; pero es en Panamá, el paraíso tropical, donde vive con su esposo, su gata elegante y su perrito callejero. Pat is a native of Abbeville, Louisiana, where swamps and bayous reign; but it’s in Panama, the tropical paradise, where she lives with her husband, their elegant cat and their little mutt.
Latest book: Convicted at Six

Follow me on Twitter at  EricTheJuggler Eric Miller
Eric Miller is one part teacher, one part juggler, one part writer and er...well, several other parts as well. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada he has been on the move for the past three years working, traveling and sometimes a bit of both at the same time. He originally went to school for five years to get degrees in mathematics and education but decided during this time that as good as math is, writing fictional stories about a fictional character and juggling torches and a chainsaw to boot was much more exciting. Mostly, he writes stories that he enjoys reading but if you're entertained as well, that's even better. Cheers!
Latest book: The Mavrix Anthology: Volume 1

Follow me on Twitter at  carlabonner3 Carla Bonner

Follow me on Twitter at  TriathlonSucces Dan Golding
Many years of experience in triathlon, one of us is even a champion!! However we are here to help to people starting out. We have made all the mistakes so you don't have to. Come and link with us and enjoy the journey...
Latest book: Triathlon for Women: Everything you need to know to get started and succeed

Follow me on Twitter at  piroskavarga Piroska Varga
PIROSKA VARGA conductor/teacher/songwriter/writer Hungarian born Piroska Varga has established herself since her arrival for a position in 1994 as a well-known choral expert, aural specialist and music educator throughout Australia. She graduated from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest in 1984. She has taught and performed extensively in Europe, Asia and Australia. She has been associated with most of the major universities and choirs in Australia. Piroska prepared and conducted many of the large choral works with orchestra and participated in many grand productions including the opera Renard by Stravinsky, the Symphony of a Thousand by Mahler, the 2000 Olympics Arts Festival in Sydney and the Festiva ... read more
Latest book: The Road to a Simple and Good Life