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Born and bred in Sydney Australia. Part time freelancer and entrepreneur who owns a underwear company.
Latest book: Malcolm Naden Ghost Of The Outback

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I am a professional Educator with 12 years teaching experience and have great commitment to the social and academic growth of learners. I reflect as a versatile individual who have the ability to develop inspiring lessons to ensure great academic and social development in learners. I display great ability to remain flexible ensuring that all learners according to their learning ability and style are catered for. I have developed good interpersonal and communication skills to foster meaningful relationships with learners, Staff members and Parents. Areas of Teaching Proficiency: Knowledge: • Knowledge in a particular learning area, subject or phase. • Principles and methods for curriculum design. ... read more
Latest book: The Reading Catch-Up Programme

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Kyoto Tig is an American author, crafter, blogger and aspiring violinist. She finds inspiration in the world around her and the world within her. Her writing style is mainly reactional, i.e. how she perceives and processes the history of the world around her and the history that is created in her dreams.

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Latest book: The Perfect Dictator Manual

Follow me on Twitter at  bulkreoshogun Chris Harris
Real Estate Investor, Marketing Coach, Certified NLP Trainer, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Advanced NLP Sales Specialist, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Studio Drummer.
Latest book: Social Network Marketing With NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Follow me on Twitter at  bjerreandersen Frederik Bjerre Andersen
Danish poet, word-artist and journalist. Born 1979.
Latest book: The Main Character

Follow me on Twitter at  rissa62 Clarissa Burton
Clarissa Burton aka Queen Of The Pen™, International Investigative Journalist and Womanist Media Historian, writes poetry and short stories. She has published in the Charleston Post-Courier, the KC Star, Flourish Magazine, and the KC Small Business Monthly. She has several blogs and is the founder of The BWE Bloggersphere™, Princess Onyx™, and Queen of the Pen Books™ websites; is a contributing writer for Black Women Deserve Better, BlogHer, CNN iReport, and Yahoo. She has published four books: Travel – A Poetry Compilation; Elijah’s Great Race; The Black Family Tree™ -a workbook and facilitator’s manual, Princess Onyx Precious Gems as well as Faces~Samantha, the first of a six-novel series. Cl ... read more
Latest book: Faces~Samantha

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Don Johnson is the CEO of Tech Specs, LLC. Don has over 10 years of IT experience. Don has been an independent contractor for over five years. Don has had many independent contractors work for him across the United States.
Latest book: Make Your Way Successful!

Follow me on Twitter at  leeannlopez Lee Lopez
Lee Lopez is a retired Correctional Officer who decided to pursue writing, a life long dream. She lives in San Francisco, with her husband and two black cats. She Cried Wolf is her first release. Look for her second book, One Shot, One Kill coming the summer of 2012
Latest book: A Reckoning for Alisha

Follow me on Twitter at  sd_stevens S D Stevens
I love loosing myself in a book. Whether it is historical, horror, romance, supernatural or suspense, I get totally absorbed. I enjoy a wide variety of authors from Stephen King and James Herbert to indie authors I have found right here on smashwords, such as Nicky Charles, S C Stephens and Jan Gordon. I have lots of other interest such as; amateur photography, which I'm not very good at, walking with my dogs and I am a member of the English Heritage and like to visit historical sights. I am religious but I reserve the right not to divulge and I give others the same respect. I do find people interesting, how they believe tells a lot about them but I do not judge. I HATE soap operas. I mean really hate them; ... read more

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Born in Reykjavík, Iceland 24th. December 1959. Graduated from Commercial College in Business Management 1978 and from Breiðholt Comprehensive School in Business Administration with Computing 1980. Has worked for Icelandic Government and local government in the UK. Now freelancing as a translator/interpreter/localizer/proofreader and copywriter.
Latest book: Angelica goes narrow boating

Follow me on Twitter at  curlyred817 Trish Doolan
A versatile, accomplished storyteller, Trish Doolan is an acclaimed screenwriter, playwright, director and actor. She wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film April’s Shower, which was released by Regent Films and promptly won four best picture awards, two in the States and two in Europe. The New York Times called April’s Shower highly “enjoyable” and “refreshingly volatile.” The San Francisco Chronicle deemed it “expansive, talky and zany,” and called Trish’s storytelling “impressive.” Raised in Queens, New York and one of six children, Trish’s strong Irish/Italian family provided much of the inspiration for her first novel, Me & Five Guys. The Running with Scissors-like Me an ... read more
Latest book: The Singing Gardener

Follow me on Twitter at  stmpnksweets Jennifer Quail
Jennifer Quail has lived in Virginia, Washington D.C., and New England, and now resides in her native Michigan. When not working for a museum or writing about unusual vampires and reluctant Mages, she owns dogs, manages cats, ballroom dances, collects antique oddities, and is a keeper of a retired racehorse.
Latest book: Number Nine Penwiper Mews

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I have started started three businesses. I am a keen observer of nature and have ventured into agriculture. I am a medical doctor by profession which implies deep familiarity with natural systems and sharpened observational skills. I am male and in my fourth decade of life.
Latest book: Big Speech or Big Bang.

Follow me on Twitter at  @prayersource Grace Dola Balogun
Grace Dola Balogun graduated from Fordham University Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education in the year 2010 with an M.A. in Religion and Religious Education. She has been a prayer mentor and advisor for many Christians of all denominations for many years. Visit her online at: Facebook GSTwitter@prayersource
Latest book: God's Predestination -

Follow me on Twitter at  atticusA Atticus Aristotle
Atticus Aristotle is an entrepreneur, leader, philosopher, motivator and a believer in ethics and morals. is a believer of living your life to the fullest, of being who you want to be and going where you want to go. Atticus Aristotle is who we are on the inside.
Latest book: Startups and Entrepreneurs: Quotes from the World's best

Follow me on Twitter at  MikeWeller1 Mike Weller
Mike Weller is a memory improvement and brain fitness expert. Mike can help you improve your memory skills and overcome absentmindedness.
Latest book: Easy Memory Improvement Tips and Techniques for All Ages

Follow me on Twitter at!/CliveStrutt Clive Strutt
Clive Strutt has worked as a journalist, photographer, and a probation officer. He and his wife Maggie gave up their salaried jobs when in their forties to go on a seven year cruise in their Vancouver 32 sailing boat – Minden Rose – which they fitted out themselves from a bare hull. Both he and Maggie contributed to the yachting press – Clive was the Mediterranean correspondent for Yachting World for most of their cruising life. They live in Suffolk, England, and travel worldwide contributing articles on their experiences.
Latest book: The King's Egg

Follow me on Twitter at  TheADCooper A. D. Cooper
A. D. Cooper, or Addy to her friends and colleagues is an outgoing, caffeine-addicted Canuck and is not afraid to talk about anything that is taboo and strange, especially sex. Addy also writes m/f erotic romance as Adelaide Cooper.

Follow me on Twitter at  bluefernpress Janet Ference
I'm a fiction writer, novelist, and playwright. I love the worlds I can create with words. It's always a surprise to discover the lives of the people in these worlds, and I'm grateful to lose myself in the mystery of their stories. I've started a little self-publishing company, Blue Fern Press, to post my work online. I'm having a great time writing very very short stories for twitter. I'm also publishing novel excerpts, short stories, and flash fiction on my website, Meanwhile, I'm in the midst of writing my third novel, Flying Through The Air With No Particular Ease. This story is drawing me into the hearts of three sisters who manage their tough lives with the aplomb of circus ... read more
Latest book: Between Blinks

Follow me on Twitter at Joey Warner
Joey is a 49-year-old lifetime resident of Mobile and is a 1981 graduate of Shaw High School. He attended Faulkner State Junior College on a baseball scholarship before joining the U.S. Army Reserves. Joey was honored to be employed by Alabama Power Company from 1986 to 2009. He is currently employed by Ingalls Ship Yard in Pascagoula, MS. His love for writing is a life-long passion that has progressed since becoming a sports correspondent for the Mobile Press Register in 2003. Joey is the Founder of Sports Reports, which was a sports publication in local circulation from 2007 to 2010. He produced more than 100 sports shows on Comcast Cable television in 2002-2003, including 43 McGill-Toolen Yellow Ja ... read more
Latest book: 100 Reasons

Follow me on Twitter at  21daystobalance Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
Michael Thomas Sunnarborg is an educator, author, and life coach, whose passion is to help people reclaim their power of choice and find better balance in their work, relationships, and life. Michael lives in Minnesota and enjoys traveling to new destinations, having good conversations over good coffee, and eating peanut butter—not necessarily in that order. Find more about Michael and his adventures at
Latest book: 21 Days, Steps & Keys: The Complete Book Series to Better Balance

Follow me on Twitter at  2fnSexxi Lady R
Hi! I'm 28, from Cincinnati Oh. This is my first book. It certainly won't be the last. I have been writing ever since I was able to hold a pencil. Reading and writing are two of my favorite pass times.

Follow me on Twitter at  ajmurphyerotica A.J. Murphy
Ashley Jane Murphy is a self-published erotica author and avowed pervert. She prefers writing stories with a darker psychological twist, but isn't above indulging in some cotton-candy sweetness every once in awhile either. By day she is an ordinary software developer, and lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three cats.

Follow me on Twitter at  liamodonnell Liam O'Donnell
Liam O'Donnell is an award-winning children's author, gamer and educator. He's created over 30 books for young readers, including the "Max Finder Mystery" and "Graphic Guide Adventures" series of graphic novels. He also wrote "Ganked", a YA gamer geek mystery perfect for reluctant readers. It's got epic loot, gold farmers and lots of PvP action and is available now. He lives in Toronto, where he divides his time between the computer and the coffee maker. Visit him anytime at:
Latest book: Descent into Overworld

Follow me on Twitter at  @FulbrightHawkes Christopher Fulbright
Christopher Fulbright is the author of short stories, novellas, and full-length novels of fantasy and horror. His short stories have appeared in many venues--webzines, magazines, and anthologies--and have received honorable mentions in "The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror" and "Best Horror of the Year." For news on his latest and upcoming works, please visit Christopher also writes with his wife, the Bram Stoker award-nominated author, Angeline Hawkes. For more information on the collaborative work of Fulbright & Hawkes, please visit Follow them on their new Twitter account @FulbrightHawkes.
Latest book: Scavengers

Follow me on Twitter at  rick_talbot Rick Talbot
Rick Talbot was born in Toronto, Canada. He grew up in the Saint James Town public-housing project, the most densely populated neighborhood in Canada. It was a community of contrasts and simultaneous hope and hardship among twenty-five thousand isolated elderly, mentally ill, new immigrants, and blue-collar families who lived side-by-side in a .27 square kilometer city block. He started writing stories in elementary school, when his love of stories was nurtured by his parents. His first story was about a man named “electro” who had the power to control the electroweak force. Other interests were comics, books, movies, and the Commodore 64 computer. He attended a Catholic elementary school, which instilled ... read more
Latest book: Breaking Young Divinities

Follow me on Twitter at  viviadair Vivi Adair
Former stockbroker turned literary vixen, Vivi Adair credits the Wall Street crash with freeing her caged spirit. She revels in writing about wild adventures, passionate sex romps and women on the verge of coming into (and all over) their true and most powerful selves.

Follow me on Twitter at  cydillon C.Y. Dillon
indie author, hopeful romantic, warped sense of humor, skydiver, dancer, photographer, gardener, proud mom of 2 awesome adults, gramma carmels to 3 great kids
Latest book: The Master Lies Dead

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorMadison Madison Louise
Madison loves to write, and since she’s not old enough to do some of the other things s he wanted to do, she decided to write, and when you write, you can be anything, do anything, and enjoy doing it. She lives in Ohio, with her two fish, and messy desk. But, being author doesn’t give you enough time to clean and take care of a normal pet.
Latest book: Our Future (Two Rings #4)

Follow me on Twitter at  Delyteful Sheila R Smith
Sheila R Smith is an Ambassador, Empress and A Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Apostolic (Prophet and Seer), Intercessor, Author; worship leader; counselor; mentor; life coach; Motivational Speaker; A cheerleader and advocate for Woman and their causes. "Most of all a Servant". Lady Smith is a no nonsense straight talking woman of God that is humorous as much as serious about the things of the Kingdom. She is known for straight talk with no chaser being the order of the day. A mother of 4 adult children and 10 grandchildren, Prophetess Smith's life's passion is to see people become all that they are predestined to be.
Latest book: Serving in Excellence: A Guide for Serving in the Body of Christ

Follow me on Twitter at  andrewjluther Andrew J. Luther
Andrew J. Luther lives in Burlington, Ontario with his wife and son. He currently works as a communications professional for a large, multi-national corporation.
Latest book: The Witch's Path

Follow me on Twitter at  meligranalibri Francesca Floccia
Francesca Floccia è nata nel 1973 a Roma dove ha ottenuto il diploma di maturità classica nel 1992 e si è laureata in Scienze Biologiche nel 1997. Ha iniziato a lavorare presso un’agenzia di informazione medico-scientifica e in seguito ha lavorato presso un’azienda farmaceutica nel settore marketing. Attualmente lavora alle dipendenze dell’ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale) nel dipartimento Difesa della Natura. Sposata con due figli: Pietro e Luca, è appassionata di romanzi e di storia. “Pane e margarina” è la sua prima pubblicazione non scientifica.
Latest book: Pane e margarina

Follow me on Twitter at  TamLinsey Tam Linsey
Tam was the kid who took AP Chemistry and AP Biology her Senior year of High School. After winning a scholarship to a DOE camp at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, touring the superconducting supercollider, and karyotyping DNA from the HIV virus, she came to realize if she pursued biomedical engineering, she might never see the outside of a lab again. She got a Bachelor of Science in English, and now writes about characters who have taken biomedical engineering to extremes. She currently lives in Alaska where she can garden, fish, hunt, cook, and thankfully enjoy the light of day. At least in summer. The dark winters are great for writing ...
Latest book: Doomseeds

Follow me on Twitter at  kevinjamesmoore Kevin James Moore
Kevin James Moore is the greatest author of his generation. He has written for over 300 publications. He is a former United Nations correspondent. The man is a legend. Kevin has two books out: a novel The Go-Go Girl and Blue Snow, a YA book for beginning readers. He enjoys writing unique and interesting articles, but writing books is really special to him, and has dreamed for a long time and he began writing books in childhood. The only thing Kevin worries about are The New York Mets. He is a lover of all things pizza, and since 1988 has consumed nearly 65% of all pizza ever created. Twitter: @kevinjamesmoore My articles have been published by: Pulse, MediaGlobal, The Vancouver Sun, ... read more
Latest book: Blue Snow

Follow me on Twitter at  richardwood40 Richard Wood
I am retired and live in West Wales with my long-time partner Petronella. I worked from the age of fifteen and joined the Royal Air Force at sixteen as a boy entrant navigation instrument mechanic. On de-mob I joined the Plessey Company Avionics Division and worked as a Principal Test Engineer, then as a freelance test engineer until retirement.
Latest book: The Celestials

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Latest book: Classic Movie Haiku

Follow me on Twitter at  bosavino Bo Savino
Award-winning author Bo Savino lives in sunny Florida surrounded by a mixed bag of family and friends. She wrote her first novel (never published) at the young age of 18, and is an avid fan of the science fiction & fantasy genre she writes her stories in! Bo uses different pseudonyms to keep her young adult genres separate from her adult ones, which she writes under A. J. Rand. Titles out by Bo Savino: The Reggie & Ryssa Series Reggie & Ryssa and the Summer Camp of Faery (Book 1) Titles out by Bo Savino as A. J. Rand: The Yeshua Star Series: Broken Wings: Genesis (Book 1) Broken Wings: Alpha (Book 2) The Nibiran Series: Sky Gold (Book 1 with co-author Carrassa Sands) The Tapestry Series: Keeper of the Fl ... read more
Latest book: Reggie & Ryssa and the Scavenger Hunt

Follow me on Twitter at  KevinPBarker Kevin Barker
I was born and raised in Michigan, but have since moved to North Carolina. I currently work as a Project Manager and Designer for a general contractor. I also participate in the several local non-profit organizations. In the few spare moments I have, I am writing or thinking about writing.
Latest book: Senior Discounts

Follow me on Twitter at  AngelicText Rachelle Le-Monnier
Rachelle spent her formative years devouring a varied diet of romance and horror novels, whilst dreaming of true love ever after. Then she grew up and realized the happy endings were strictly fictional and hunky heroes were sadly lacking in her corner of the world. Not one to be daunted by cruel twists of fate and disastrous dates a plenty, she writes her own happy endings these days - in between juggling kids, work, fitness training and keeping her psychotic cats happy. When she isn’t running herself ragged, Rachelle enjoys foreign language films, dark chocolate and arguing with her teenage daughter.

Follow me on Twitter at  munsimunsi Christopher Munroe
Christopher Munroe is an actor/author/comedian from Calgary, Canada, where he lives, works, writes and spends too much time on Twitter with his girlfriend Kat and their puppy, Rusty. While he’s a prolific and occasionally podcasted author of short and flash fiction, Broken Escalator is his first novel and, having spent months of his life working on it, he now finds himself mildly nervous every time he’s inside a mall…

Follow me on Twitter at  Ultrastar87 Chung Moon
Born in Korea; moved to Ecuador at age 3; came to the US at age 18, and have been here since. Went to University of Tampa for my Bachelor's in Marketing (2006), and then went back for my MBA (2010). In 2011 I opened a ramen noodle restaurant, but shut down after four months. That last event was the inspiration to finish my book -which I had been putting to the side, it was a project I started back in 2003 as a short film script.

Follow me on Twitter at  debbieweetman08 Deborah Weetman
Debbie was born in the UK, moving to Kenya when she was eight years old. She returned to England and went to the boarding school previously attended by the Bronte sisters, 200 years prior, in the isolated Cumbrian moors. After completing school in England, Debbie moved with her family to Australia where she remained for many years. She has travelled extensively in Africa, Europe and England and likes to draw on her experiences for inspiration. Although Debbie has been a writer of stories her whole life, it is only in more recent years that she started pursuing this professionally. She created, wrote for, edited, published and distributed a community magazine in East Sussex before returning to Western Austr ... read more
Latest book: Travelling Time Plains

Follow me on Twitter at  EMword Euan Mitchell
Euan Mitchell is an author, editor, publisher and lecturer with more than 20 years of experience in the book publishing industry. Since 1999 he has been helping writers from all walks of life launch their books into orbit.
Latest book: How to Make Ebooks for Free: With No Obligations to Online Retailers and Their Conditions on Your Copyright

Follow me on Twitter at  thefictionphile Jason Boyd
Jason Boyd resides in Texas's Dallas-Fort Worth area with his beautiful wife Jessica and their three cats. He likes interacting with readers and eagerly looks forward to getting e-mails from fans. To read his musings on the fiction world, including movies and television, visit and follow him on twitter @thefictionphile.
Latest book: What Eats Us

Follow me on Twitter at  deanrusbooks DeAnrus McCallister
DeAnrus McCallister holds a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. DeAnrus is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Medium, Author, Lecturer, and has had a private practice mentoring hundreds of people, both spiritually and progressively to attune their lives for almost two decades. DeAnrus is intersexed, a vegetarian, and passionate about animal rights, the environment, and equality for all humans!

Follow me on Twitter at  detroitexpress2 Anthony Legins
Just to give you a little background about myself – I am the CEO and Principle Associate Broker for RBS Real Estate, Inc. which is located in Detroit, MI. I am also an award winning realtor, author, consultant and trusted advisor to many friends and clients. I have a degree in Business administration with a major in Marketing and have been a licensed real estate professional since 2004. Over the past few years, I have helped 100s of people on the path to becoming successful real estate investors, as well as, home and business owners. I have brokered 100s of deals and had successful business ventures with millionaires and a celebrity. Along the way, I have sold millions and millions of dollars in real estate ... read more
Latest book: The Science of Getting Rich FOR WOMEN!

Follow me on Twitter at  skribe skribe
skribe was born in Fremantle, Western Australia. For fifteen years he worked as a producer, director and screenwriter before switching to online marketing. When he is not being a dad to his two boys he likes to pretend that he is a capable PC gamer.
Latest book: The Wasps

Follow me on Twitter at  TheRocWeiler Mindy J Kaleta
Mindy Kaleta is a certified professional life coach and author of the parents’ guide, Surviving the Puppy Stage, How to Get Inside Your Dog’s Mind Without Losing Your Own. Mindy is dedicated to bringing a message of kindness, patience and respect for another point of view to adults and children everywhere. Mindy's focus is,"Bringing people and pets together to enrich the lives of both." Don, Mindy and Roc live in Ohio with their three cats Katie, Maggie and Miley.
Latest book: Surviving the Puppy Stage, How to Get Inside Your Dog's Mind Without Losing Your Own!

Follow me on Twitter at  TheRocWeiler Don Kaleta
Don Kaleta is a regular guy who loves kids, animals and helping people. His out-of-the-ordinary sense of humor and his quirky way of looking at life is evident in the writing of Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care. Don is passionate about lessons learned in relationships between kids and pups. Roc’s story is filled with life lessons for every child.
Latest book: Puppy Scents, The Kids' Guide to Puppy Care