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Follow me on Twitter at  noelledeveere Noelle DeVeere
Noelle DeVeere is a retired systems analyst who writes dirty stories in her spare time. She hopes to make your life just a little bit naughtier. So fire up your e-reader, settle back, and let your fingers do the walking while she brings you the newest and hottest in erotic fiction!

Follow me on Twitter at  pdblumer Paul D Blumer
A low moon sat fat over an endless pale horizon. At the edge of her shadow, stars twinkled over long grass undulating like a living thing. Unmarked roads cut through, shining in the moonlight. This was noplace, just a junction north south east and west. Hands in pockets, a man in boots stood with his back to one of the roads, looking at the array of ways. A raccoon snuffled along the shallow ditch. They made eye contact briefly, each sniffing the air, before the raccoon trundled off. The man sighed. No cars for hours. Not even before sunset. Nondescript duffel over his shoulder, the man braved the intersection, swiveling slowly to eye each direction. And then lost track of where he’d come from and where he ... read more
Latest book: Death or Quarter

Follow me on Twitter at  kiyote23 Peter Birk
Peter Birk was born in Oakland, California, but was raised in Decatur, Illinois. He started writing in grade school, and never stopped to look back. He studied fiction writing at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois and at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, where he was privileged to work with Robin Metz, Robert Hellenga, and David Foster Wallace. He emigrated to Iowa, and has worked a variety of odd jobs throughout Iowa City, but he has been writing the entire time, even through the period wherein he claimed he no longer wished to be a writer.
Latest book: The Violin

Follow me on Twitter at  MichMasoch Mich Masoch
Mich Masoch is a writer, fetish and erotica photographer, designer, and lifelong pervert. With her husband and partner, Jimi King, she owns and runs Circus Hooker Smut Regime, an independent erotica production and design studio in Los Angeles, Ca. She has been a managing Board Member of a non-profit BDSM organization, planning educational events as well as leading discussion groups and introducing new members to the kink community. She's recently completed more installments of her Quick and Dirty Spanking and BDSM Fantasies short story series, and is currently editing the first novella in her upcoming vampire erotica collection, as well as a feature-length adult paranormal fantasy script for CHS Regime's Gamep ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  ITisImp Sunil Mithas
Sunil Mithas is an associate professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland in the Decision, Operations and Information Technologies Department. He earned his PhD at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and an engineering degree from IIT, Roorkee. Before pursuing his PhD, he worked for about ten years in engineering, marketing, and general management positions with the Tata Group. He teaches core and elective courses in MBA and Executive MBA programs and a course in the PhD program in the Robert H. Smith School of Business. He was identified as a 2011 MSI Young Scholar by the Marketing Science Institute. The MSI Young Scholar Program selects about 20 of ... read more
Latest book: Digital Intelligence: What Every Smart Manager Must Have for Success in an Information Age

Follow me on Twitter at  lacey_dark Lacey Dark
Lacey Dark is a part-time erotic and romance author and a full-time wife to her fantastic husband. She likes hiking, painting and writing very dirty stories.

Follow me on Twitter at  DawnHernandez Donna Hernandez
Donna Hernandez lives in Az where she loves to read and write stories. She comes from Sonoma California.
Latest book: Catherine- Witches of Tarland Series

Follow me on Twitter at  RoySegal1 Roy Segal
I have a Master's Degree in Math Education, and I have been writing mystery novels for ten years. I also make abstract oil paintings that have been on display in New York galleries. My wife Inessa is a classical music composer and legal secretary.
Latest book: Five New Sherlock Holmes Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  drozhenbane D. Henbane
Upcoming Books: Protocol 1337: Rise Once More Protocol 1337: End Game The Spod Complex Aetherius Hellavirus

Follow me on Twitter at  RodericAnd Roderic Anderson
Roderic Anderson's writing career started in Nigeria in 1978, when with Joyce Dafe he wrote a children's story book which Joyce illustrated. It was later published by African Universities Press as Omaka to the Rescue in the same series as books by Chinua Achebe, Cyprian Ekwenzi and Michael Crowder. AUP also accepted for publishing a series of chemistry text-books he wrote, Understanding Chemistry : a student's book and a teachers' guide for each year, Nine to Eleven, but `due to the political situation and financial constraints' they have never been printed. He is currently working on the last of a series of books. The first, Trailblazer, a novel based on the lives of his great grandparents, has been publishe ... read more
Latest book: Stirring the Shit

Follow me on Twitter at  SJWist S.J. Wist
S.J. Wist is a fantasy author, reviewer, and an artist on the side. Addicted to books, blogs, chocolate mint ice cream, and all things creative. She lives in Toronto, Canada.
Latest book: Dragon Aster Trilogy

Follow me on Twitter at  WingsTheJourney Elizabeth & William Hicks
Elizabeth Emily Hicks and William Raymond Hicks, both natives of Southern California, are a husband and wife team who met through a transformational workshop environment. During much personal growth together, Elizabeth, a.k.a. Elise, and William were inspired to write Wings, The Journey Home. Elise and William are both students of history, psychology, self-empowerment, metaphysics and quantum physics. Their intention is to teach what they have learned in a fun and inspiring way. ‘Wings’ is their first published book, and they are working on several other books, including a book of poems, short stories, and musings.
Latest book: What Most People Don't Know...Why Am I Here?

Follow me on Twitter at  duthel Heinz Duthel
Heinz Duthel, Master in Philosophy Born 1950 in Germany Joint the French Foreign Legion 1966 First book published 1979 (Es ist 5 vor 12) with the assistance of Heinrich Boell, SPK and RH of the German University Bielefeld Served for several Government Services until 1999 From 2000 till today, Consultant EUISS, Member of: Deutschland Germany - another world is possible! International Society for Philosophers Philosophers Today I like to thanks and remember my teacher and best friend I ever had, Dr. Joachim Koch who passed away on 17.9.2008 Publisher and Editor of Heinz Duthel, February 2011 More... http:/ (Heinz Duthel E-Books Shop) http://piv ... read more
Latest book: Illegal Drug Trade The War on Drugs

Follow me on Twitter at  NickSNicholas Nick Nicholas
My name or rather my pen name is Nick Nicholas. I am forty something, happily married to my wife of fourteen years and have two beautiful children and not to mention, 5 energy filled dogs. By day, I am an IT Security professional protecting digital assets from the cyber threats. By night- I jump into my alter-ego and turn into a reality escape artist! This includes becoming immersed in movies, books, and video games. My favorites include aliens, robots, space, elves, drawfs, orcs, ghosts, spirits, demons and just about any other fantasy realm that permits me to mentally escape to another place. This fascination of fantasy realms and the lore and stories behind the games has spilled over into other areas of i ... read more
Latest book: Silver Icon

Follow me on Twitter at  jon_r_jackson Jon Jackson
Ten things about me you may very well not care about: 1. I'm a Christian 2. I'm probably old enough to be your dad 3. I'm married to a wonderful woman who is REALLY HOT 4. I have two wonderful sons ages 6 and 9 5. I hate talking about myself 6. I really want to make it as a professional writer 7. I really appreciate honest feedback on my stories 8. I love superhero and science fiction movies 9. I think Dilbert is the funniest comic strip going today but is a piker compared to Calvin and Hobbes 10. I look nothing like my picture because I don't wear a hat
Latest book: Walking Out

Follow me on Twitter at  crlasater Christina Lasater
Christina Lasater is a freelance writer and photographer. Her articles and photos can be found on websites such as and Yahoo! Contributor Network. The Last Dawn is Christina's debut novel and is self-published at and soon to be released through other outlets. Christina resides in her home state of Texas with her fiancé and two young children.

Follow me on Twitter at  authorjoehart Joe Hart
Joe Hart grew up on a lonely 91 acres of farmland in northern Minnesota and without many playmates or company, began writing when he was 9. His first literary love was Stephen King (and still is) but he has expanded his scope to other influential authors. He published his first poems at age 17 and his first collection of short horror stories at 29. He is currently working on a novel. He lives with his wife and two children in northern Minnesota. Joe loves hearing from readers, feel free to email him at

Follow me on Twitter at  DemetrasKitchen Demetra Nerantzini
To eat in the home of Demetra Nerantzini is to experience her Greek family's history via sight, touch, smell and taste. A Seattle native, Demetra was raised preparing the same recipes that had been passed down generation-to-generation, that her grandparents had brought from their villages in three separate regions of Greece. In a Greek household, the kitchen is the heart of the home, a gathering place, where food is shared along with the family histories and methods that accompany them. Beginning with Demetra's Kitchen: Traditional Greek Recipes Handed Down Generations, Demetra Nerantzini is inviting you into her family's kitchen to share those recipes, learn the methods and hear the stories which share the lov ... read more
Latest book: Demetra's Kitchen: Traditional Greek Recipes Handed Down Generations

Follow me on Twitter at  peace_vision Gary Miller

Latest book: The Amazing Quran

Follow me on Twitter at  rolebycolvin Roleby Colvin
Roleby Colvin was born in North Carolina on a United States Marine Base by the name of Camp Lejeune, on April 3, 1980. He spent his childhood in the foothills of Southern Indiana and upon graduating from Bedford North Lawrence High School he joined the United States Marine Corps. Like his father before him. He has a son and daughter to which he is a devoted father. He found his passion for writing at an early age, by writing mystery short stories about his classmates, and once in high school he began to write poetry to help him overcome the strife and struggles of his family life. After his service to his country he went through a volatile divorce that lead to what he has come to call the year of Hell, ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  KarliRush Karli Rush
Here's ten things about me. - I'm a mother of three, happily married to my best friend. ­ - I ghost ­hunt, love paranormal sci/fi shows. - I write ­(generally) in first person present tense. - I didn't grow up wanting to ­become an ­author, I ­wanted to ­be a Rocke­tte. - I walked to school, up hill,­ both ways. (True story.) - I am cou­lrophobic.­ (Thanks to Stephen ­King,) - I can not function properly ­without caffeine. - I love haunted places, one o­f my favorites is the Crescent Hotel. - I'm a Autism Advocate. - I have a­ goal to become a Zumba guru. ­
Latest book: The House

Follow me on Twitter at  fiercedolan Fierce Dolan
Erotic mezzofiction author, Fierce is imagination shapeshifted as a scribe taunting blank pages and carpal tunnel, neither of which are much use for deadlines. Close allies are impeccable timing and a trusty masseuse. Being a switch I/ENFP doesn't hurt. For kicks Fierce has other personas across several genres, tends to fill in “Other” on surveys without explaining, and chooses the finality of the Japanese Tamagotchi.

Follow me on Twitter at  gregoryakompes Gregory A. Kompes
Las Vegas Psychic Intuitive Gregory A. Kompes is the scribe for The Three Sisters. Learn more about this work at Messages from The Three Sisters. Gregory is the author of Suddenly Psychic: Core Messages to Enhance your Psychic Journey, Message from The Three Sisters, Volume 1, First Dimension, and the bestselling 50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live. Gregory is also the author of the Writer’s Series that includes: Endorsement Quest, Creating Your Online Media Kit, and Should You Write an eBook. Additionally, the author is included in Patchwork Path: Grandma’s Choice, Patchwork Path: Dad’s Bow Tie, Patchwork Path: Christmas Stoking, Patchwork Path: Treasure Box, Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learn ... read more
Latest book: First Dimension

Follow me on Twitter at  lacey_harlow Lacey Harlow
A busy college student by day, Lacey Harlow enjoys relieving some built up tension by writing kinky erotica at night. When not writing about her own exploratory experiences, she incorporates her fantasies into her stories for your sexual pleasure.

Follow me on Twitter at  athenaharvard Athena Harvard
Last night, I dreamed somebody loved me...

Follow me on Twitter at  stevewroche Steve W Roche
Steve W Roche has been calling for parents to wise up to the threats posed by the Internet and tech gadgets since his first book on the subject in 2004. He is a former Internet journalist, consultant and trainer. In 2011 he founded an organisation called Protechtion UK which campaigns for the Internet and technology to be made safer.
Latest book: The Inspired Warrior's Code

Follow me on Twitter at  K_L_Gillespie K L Gillespie
K L Gillespie writes about masturbating surrealists, blind fantacists, sadomasochists - life, death, sex - lost minds, lost love and lost ways... In the dead of night she cultivates orchids... At dawn she talks to birds... Her work has previously been published in 3AM Magazine, TANK, The Erotic Review and several award winning anthologies.

Follow me on Twitter at  Deanna_Cox Deanna Cox
Deanna Cox is a freelance erotica author from the UK. When she has free time from writing naughty stories, she enjoys country walks, playing the guitar, and curling up with a glass of wine and a good book.

Follow me on Twitter at  neilahogan Neil A Hogan
Neil Hogan was born in Sydney in 1971 and from the age of 3 had a strong interest in science fiction, time travel and metaphysics. Lots of boring stuff happened next including some stuff that didn't happen. Then in 2008 he launched the Alien Characters series and has been developing the universe of these characters on and off since then. A 70 story series in the style of Mr Men, Thomas the Tank Engine and Doctor Who. Alien Characters blurb: In the style of Mr Men and Thomas the Tank Engine (with a bit of Douglas Adam's style reality) comes Alien Characters, a monthly series of science fiction short story ebooks for children aged 6-10. Separate titles include Alien Bob the house grower, Alien Hamish the star ... read more
Latest book: Alien Holly

Follow me on Twitter at  joshisushma Sushma Joshi
Sushma Joshi is a writer and filmmaker from Nepal. She received her BA from Brown University, Rhode Island, USA. She also has an MA in English Literature from Middlebury College's Breadloaf School of English.
Latest book: La Scoperta Dell' Alto Lama

Follow me on Twitter at  maighreadmedbh Maighread Medbh
Maighread Medbh was born in Co. Limerick, Ireland, and now lives in Swords, Co. Dublin. Widely known for her experimental approach to text and powerful performance style, she has been described as ‘a unique presence in the Irish literary scene’. Following her debut poetry collection, The Making of a Pagan (Belfast: Blackstaff Press, 1990), the conviction that poetry emerges from one’s body led her to experiment with musical rhythms and moved her towards dramatic poetry. In the nineties, much of her work addressed political and social matters, and was primarily published in dramatic form. During this time, she was also writing novels and other works. Maighread now has five published collections and a CD. H ... read more
Latest book: The 13th Cone

Follow me on Twitter at  FrancieMars Francie Mars
Francie Mars started writing erotica in 2012 after quitting her job as a corporate trainer. She spent years hiding her darkest passions from the corporate world and is now spilling them onto the digital page for your enjoyment.

Follow me on Twitter at  carlray67 Carl Ray
“Cured” is truly a story about the power of forgiveness. In 1962 in Choctaw County, Alabama, Carl Ray an 18-year-old black man was questioned by an older white man; but when responding, he failed to address the man as “sir” as was then customary when speaking to white men. The man severely beat him for being disrespectful. Still enraged, the man later showed up at Ray’s home, and shot his father eight times on his front porch steps; murdered him in cold blood as the terrified youth looked on helplessly. During the farce of a murder trial that followed, the white man’s lawyers blamed Ray for causing his own father's death because he had failed to be respectful. The man was charged with second degree ... read more
Latest book: CURED - The Power of Forgiveness

Follow me on Twitter at  beardeddork Loren Hammer
I'm a reclusive dork, and I'd be just as happy curling up in a hole in the woods and quietly making up stories to amuse myself.
Latest book: Flat

Follow me on Twitter at  Robin_Badillo Tyler Robbins
Robin Badillo and her pseudonym, Tyler Robbins, is a down to earth mother of four, born and raised in a small Texas town where she still resides with her nearly grown kids and a pack of spoiled dogs. After years of being a wife and mom, complete with company picnics and fundraisers for the P.T.A., Robin found herself starting over when her husband of fifteen years suddenly passed away in 2006. With no particular skills to speak of, Robin took the advice of friends and family, and followed her heart and passion for writing into the publishing world. A fan of paranormal and southern romance novels, Robin does her best to offer up a plethora of tasty morsels to satisfy her reader’s appetite. Whether mainstream a ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  casharper Cassandra Harper
Cassandra is currently working her way toward a college degree and loves to spend her free time writing up naughty stories.

Follow me on Twitter at  AdrianaErotica Adriana Rossi
Adriana is a young lady in her 20's who lives in the Bay Area. She enjoys karaoke and pop music. Feel free to email her at

Follow me on Twitter at  Rosered97 Dawn Napier
Thirty-something married mother of three, and lifelong fan of horror and fantasy. Contributing columnist for Writer of short stories and lover of cats and reptiles. My horror describes the world as I see it; my fantasy describes the world as I would like it to be.

Follow me on Twitter at  erocovers Rosa Steel
Rosa Steel is a young erotica writer and artist living in Sydney, Australia with her cricket-loving boyfriend and two rats named Cat and Dog. In between writing her own work she creates steamy erotica covers for other writers through EroCovers, her personal design business.

Follow me on Twitter at  dcurban1 David Urban
A writer, trader, and analyst of the global financial markets. Hello and welcome. My experience comes from 10 years of working in the financial services industry at a variety of levels for a number of firms worldwide. What you will find here is real commentary from a contrarian investor who tends to look beyond the media narrative to the real story. Currently, what am I a contrarian about? Quite simple, that everything is ok. Tail and systemic risk is rising and I believe we are repeating the mistakes from 2007-08. For those looking for past commentary or archives they can be found below. True Contrarian Welcome and feel free to ask any questions.
Latest book: 2012 First Quarter Investment Commentary

Follow me on Twitter at  AdamHaviaras Adam Alexander Haviaras
Adam Alexander Haviaras is a writer, blogger and historian. He is the author of Children of Apollo, the first book in the new historical fantasy series, Eagles and Dragons. Adam has studied ancient and medieval history and archaeology at the University of Toronto and St. Andrews University, Scotland. He lives with his wife and children in Toronto where he is currently writing the third book of the Eagles and Dragons series as well as a trilogy of Alexander the Great. Book II of the Eagles and Dragons series, Killing the Hydra, will be available toward the end of summer 2013. Also to be released in the Fall of 2013 is the second in a series of novellas set in the Roman Empire during the reign of Emperor Augustu ... read more
Latest book: Children of Apollo - Eagles and Dragons Book I (Second Edition)

Follow me on Twitter at  roxywildbrook Roxy Wildbrook
Roxy Wildbrook writes erotic fiction in many different genres. Her first brush with erotica came when she was 16 years old and found found a battered copy of Elizabeth McNeil's Nine and A Half Weeks at a garage sale. Nearly a decade later, she still has the book and considers it the best quarter she ever spent.

Follow me on Twitter at  juliebozza Julie Bozza
I was born in England and lived most of my life in Australia before returning to the UK a few years ago; my dual nationality means that I am often a bit too cheeky, but will always apologize for it. I have been writing fiction for almost thirty years, mostly for the enjoyment of myself and my friends, but writing is my love and my vocation so of course that’s where my dreams and ambitions are. In the meantime, technical writing helps to pay the mortgage, while I also have fun with web design, reading, watching movies and television, knitting, and imbibing espresso.
Latest book: The Fine Point of His Soul

Follow me on Twitter at  peace_vision Khalid Yasin

Latest book: What Is the Purpose of Life?

Follow me on Twitter at  LesaFuchsCarter Lesa Fuchs-Carter
Lesa is a writer of erotic fiction, she has a wide variety including everything from sweet romance novellas to paranormal short stories. She has published various articles, blogs, recipes, and self-help articles around the web, but her true love has always been and will always be fiction. She has several "main-stream" fantasy, science fiction, and romance novels in the works, but erotica is currently her main focus.

Follow me on Twitter at  thelaylafox Layla Fox
Layla Fox is an erotica author located in the UK. She has a passion for writing short erotic stories and spends most of her free time coming up with dirty fantasies to put in her next book.

Follow me on Twitter at  SuziGorse Suzi Gorse
Suzi Gorse is a 32-year-old woman from England who, when she isn't working or being smothered by her two cats, loves to read and write erotica. She worked as a phone sex operative for two years, which has given her imagination a lot of kinky things to work with.

Follow me on Twitter at  JimRakt David Oconner
David Oconner has been writing and publishing books on many of his varied interests. He has books on topics such as Cichlid Fish, How to Grow Tomatoes, Sugar Gliders, Juicing Recipes, Vegetarian Cookbook, How to Play Minecraft, Diablo III, Mass Effect 3, Halo 4, GuildWars 2, Scrolls, Eve Online, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Titanfall, Dark Souls II, and more.
Latest book: Rome II: How to Get Started

Follow me on Twitter at  CurtJeffreys Curt Jeffreys
I write speculative fiction, SF and Horror mostly. I've had stories published in Aoife's Kiss, Darkfire Fiction, Myesterical-e and The Absent Willow Review among others. I've just published a collection of short stories called Walking the Edge and am working on my first novel.
Latest book: Walking the Edge

Follow me on Twitter at  MariaLVictoria Maria de Lourdes Victoria
I am a bilingual writer born and raised in Veracruz, México, currently residing in the state of Washington. I write novels, short stories and children's books. My work has been published internationally in English and Spanish. I wrote my first novel, Los Hijos Del Mar (The children of the sea) because I wanted my sons to know their ancestry and to be proud of their heritage. Los Hijos Del Mar was a finalist for the Mariposa Award (Best First Novel in Spanish) at the 2006 International Latino Book Awards in Washington, D.C. (May 2006). The story, set during the late nineteenth century in México and in Spain, is based on the lives of my ancestors, the Victorias, who made a name for themselves in México's pharm ... read more
Latest book: Birthday in the Woods / Cumpleaños en el Bosque