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Author Bio: Kyle Adams started out dabbling with writing gay romance stories for fun. He writes what makes him laugh and hopes anyone who reads his work laughs with him. Kyle had three books nominated in the 2013 M/M Romance Group readers choice awards and two books nominated in 2012 for the same event. His free story, Dirty Cop won Best Short Story in 2013. Kyle has a hard time picking a favorite anything (color, book, music, quote, etc.), so trying to write a decent bio was quite the challenge. He is a very quiet person and is used to keeping things to himself. If there is anything you want to know, just ask.
Latest book: Not Microwave Safe (A Halloween Story)

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ADIGI Books is an independent publishing house specializing in expert spiritual and self-help titles.
Latest book: Dismissed: How one woman's intuition ended her addiction and exposed a government cover-up

Follow me on Twitter at  RussKaylin Russ Kaylin
Russ Kaylin currently resides in Murfreesboro, TN with intension to retire in Destin, FL. She is employed full time at the Murfreesboro Veteran's Hospital as a Radiologic Technologist and utilizes her off time to put her creative thoughts into writing. Her hobbies include reading, writing and an occasional trip to the Florida beaches in Destin. Listening to music and watching a good NBA game are high priorities for relaxation. She hopes that her stories will allow readers to drift away into fantasy land and forget their troubles for just a little while.

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Follow me on Twitter at  jj_writes J. J. Collins
Hi there, my name's JJ. I started off exploring and flexing my writing muscle at an early age. I do this for fun, so if you like something, know that I had just as much fun writing it as you do reading it! Please consider leaving me a review on something you purchased and liked! A few minutes out of your day goes a long way to letting me know about the quality of my product! Want proper weekly updates? I have a newsletter! You can subscribe here: (No spam, I promise!) I can also be reached on Twitter at @jj_writes, or by email directly at Thank you so much for supporting an indie author like myself. Great feedback keeps me going, and constructive criticis ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  lanzafbi Jeff Lanza
Jeff Lanza was an FBI Special Agent for over 20 years. He investigated corruption, fraud, organized crime, cyber crime, human trafficking and terrorism. He appears regularly on the Fox News Channel and has informed the public on other national programs including the Today Show, Good Morning America, Dateline and Larry King Live, among others. He is passionate about keeping people and organizations safe from risk and has presented to thousands around the globe. His clients include many Fortune 500 companies. His newest book, “Pistols to Press: Lessons on Communication From an FBI Special Agent and Spokesman”, is now available. Jeff loves talking to audiences the world over, but is most comfortable in his hom ... read more
Latest book: Pistols to Press: Lessons on Communication From an FBI Agent and Spokesman

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Follow me on Twitter at  Angie_Kress Angie Kress

Latest book: Snapshots of Fictionalized Facts

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorCherrera Carla Herrera
Mexican-American literary feminist and author of Pink Eye, Two and Blue Tent. She lives and works in Northwest Arkansas.
Latest book: Nexus

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Latest book: The Incredible Shrinking Bully

Follow me on Twitter at  Demolish2010 Kerry Fowers
Greetings and Salutations! My Name is Kerry Fowers and I was born in Ogden Utah, in 1977. I grew up in a small town called Hooper, and has lived in Utah most of my life. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I am married to the love of my life and we have been married for 3 years. We are currently in the process of getting licensed so we can be foster parents. I’m an avid reader and I love the stories that the great authors have told throughout the ages in the written word. I have also published my first book. It’s a mystery/suspense novel called Divine Help. My second book "Divine Verdict: The Trial of The Butcher" will be published later this year.
Latest book: Divine Verdict: The Trial of The Butcher

Follow me on Twitter at  ulteriorepicure Bonjwing Lee
Bonjwing Lee is a food writer and photographer based in Kansas City, Missouri. Most recently, he photographed and co-authored “bluestem, the cookbook” with Colby Garrelts, a Food & Wine Best New Chef and five-time James Beard Award nominee, and his wife, Megan. Bonjwing’s photographs have also appeared in numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine Magazine, and Scanorama Portfolio, the inflight magazine for Scandinavian Airlines. He has also photographed at culinary events around the world, including the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France and the James Beard Awards in New York City. He is a regular writer and a photographer for KC Magazine and the author of the blog, “the ulteri ... read more
Latest book: Best of 2011: The Restaurant Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  LoriWidmer Lori Widmer
Lori Widmer is a veteran writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in building successful business connections through simple marketing. She has worked as a magazine senior editor, a newspaper correspondent, and a corporate writer and proofreader. Her magazine credits list in the hundreds, and if there’s something to be written about workers compensation or risk management, she’s on it. She has built a successful freelance writing and editing career, working with global corporations as well as individuals to help them communicate their messages better. She has published well over 150 articles in numerous business publications and on websites, including American Express Inside Edge, InformationWee ... read more
Latest book: Marketing 365: Daily Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business

Follow me on Twitter at  lshayden Londa Hayden
Londa Hayden, aka: Suzy is a native Texan, who attended East Texas Baptist University and pursued a major in music. Using her skills in music therapy both in public and private schools, she worked with special needs children of all ages. Her talent carried over into children's worship ministry. After being a stay at home mom for several years, she now works part-time in the medical field. Besides writing, Londa also enjoys arts, crafts, theater, movies and volunteering for humanitarian causes. Londa contributes to a local Christian writer's newsletter and organizes workshops and retreats as the president of Bartlett Christian Writers. She also writes interviews and event reviews as the Memphis Christian Writer ... read more
Latest book: The Writer's Anointing

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Four women on four different continents write a racy novel by email. The Foreplayers have collectively lived in sexteen countries, and enjoyed over 24,000 orgasms with over fifty-four partners of underdetermined sexual orientation.

Follow me on Twitter at  capricedubois Caprice Dubois
Caprice aime autant écrire que lire des histoires chaudes, avec ou sans romance! Tout dépend s'il y a des pirates, du vin rouge, un homme sexy dans son lit ou du chocolat... Vous pouvez la rejoindre à l'adresse

Follow me on Twitter at  dubiousmonk Nathan Dube
I am a musician, artist, social media strategist and managed print services consultant.
Latest book: Music, Mischief And Marketing: A Guerrilla's Guide For The Creative Protagonist

Follow me on Twitter at  iniquename Christine Dias
Christine Dias is my pen name. My real name is Christine Morgan and you can find out more about me on the "about me" link.
Latest book: Turning a Blind Eye to the Sun

Follow me on Twitter at  KeyToTell Lisa Scharkow
I am originally from Michigan, which is where I currently reside. I write poetry and short stories, and I am currently at work on my first novel. My education extends to the graduate level, as I have a Bachelor of Arts and two Master of Arts degrees in education. I have also been in the United States Army and the United States Naval Reserves and have had the opportunity to travel to many places including living in Germany for two years. Welcome to my profile, and I hope you enjoy your reading.
Latest book: Poetry Seas

Follow me on Twitter at  janiedowney Janie Downey Maxwell
Janie lives outside of Portland, Maine and works as a publishing consult to direct marketers. She is originally from Alexandria, Virginia and has a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Virginia. She sings and acts with several theater companies in the Portland area, and has a published one act play through Pioneer Drama, called The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring. She is married and has two daughters.
Latest book: Gunny Malone

Follow me on Twitter at  marcocult Marco Cultrera
My name is Marco Cultrera and I finally figured out what I want to be in life: a writer. In hindsight, I should have known all along. Since I was a small child, I was a ferocious reader and generally obsessed with fiction, especially serial. I remember consuming every type of story I could put my hands on: books, comics, TV shows, and movies. I've always loved to get lost in made up worlds, populated by fictional people. Don't worry, though, I'm not a recluse with no friends and suspicious hygienic habits. Not quite, reality has mostly been good to me. I always had my share of close friends, I just chose them among like minded people, and it was with them that I discovered my passions. I grew up before the c ... read more
Latest book: Nexus of the Unexpected - 15 Short Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  susanneknight Susanne Knight
Award-winning author and seven time EPPIE / EPIC eBook Award Finalist Susanne Marie Knight specializes in Romance Writing with a Twist! She is multi-published with books, short stories, and articles in such diverse genres as Regency, science fiction, mystery, paranormal, suspense, time-travel, fantasy, and contemporary romance. Originally from New York, Susanne lives in the Pacific Northwest, by way of Okinawa, Montana, Alabama, and Florida. Along with her husband and the spirit of her feisty Siamese cat, she enjoys the area's beautiful ponderosa pine trees and wide, open spaces--a perfect environment for writing. For more information about Susanne, visit her website at
Latest book: Xanadu For Aliens

Follow me on Twitter at  shimmertree Robyn Oakes
Robyn was born in the Rocky Mountains, but grew up in southern California. She received the top academic scholarship from Brigham Young University and attended BYU before serving an 18-month mission in Sweden for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After her mission, Robyn graduated magna cum laude from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Business. She married shortly thereafter and gave birth to two sons and a daughter before returning to SDSU and earning a master’s degree in English in 1996. She currently lives with her husband in Riverton, Utah. Robyn has wanted to be a writer since second grade. She dreamed up the Shimmertree while writing her mas ... read more
Latest book: Armed with Power: Shimmertree Chronicles Book 1

Follow me on Twitter at  SashaMerin Sasha Merin
Sasha Merin was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana and lives there today. She attends Tulane University, works part-time, and with her free time writes erotic fiction. Werewolves, Vampires, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Pseudo-Incest, Straight or Gay, she tries not to limit herself and loves a new challenge. Visit her blog to critique her works or find coupons. Email at

Follow me on Twitter at  BVittoriano Vittoriano Borrelli
Vittoriano Borrelli nasce a Portici (Napoli), il 14/09/1961. Fin da ragazzo dimostra uno spiccato interesse per la musica, la letteratura e, in genere, per tutte le cose in grado di ispirargli una forte passione emozionale. Inizia a scrivere alcuni racconti, per lo più autobiografici, ma verso i quattordici anni l’amore per la musica prevale sulle altre passioni tanto da divenire, quasi, il filo conduttore della sua adolescenza. Nel 1980 si iscrive alla SIAE ottenendo prima la qualifica di paroliere e poi quella di compositore. Ha scritto più di 300 canzoni e alcune di esse sono state riportate nel libro “Le parole del mio tempo”, scritto nel 2001. Nel 1988 si laurea in Giurisprudenza all’Università ... read more
Latest book: Le parole del mio tempo

Follow me on Twitter at  deepankarnayak Deepankar
Deepankar was raised in the small town of Rourkela, in Orissa, India. A voracious reader from childhood, he had read most of the novels that the public libraries in town had to offer, while still in school. He did his Chemical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IITR) and in those four years developed a taste for reading literary fiction. Deepankar completed his management studies from IIM Calcutta (IIMC), one of the best management schools in India and the world. Those two years made an indelible impression on his character which resulted in his first novel "Love Lost" which is unpublished. He has been writing poetry since his childhood but only in the past couple of year ... read more
Latest book: Affianced

Follow me on Twitter at  crazymadwriter Gerrard Wllson
I am not Roald Dahl, Darren Shan, J K Rowling or even Derek Landy, I am Gerrard T Wilson, The Crazymad Writer of children's stories. Although my works are primarily aimed at children, adults can and, indeed do, read them with as much interest and excitement. I like to think that my work has a universal appeal, spanning the generations, the sexes and even the continents. I have written so many stories, including 'Tales of the Extraordinary' (short stories with a unique, sometimes chilling appeal), 'Ali-bonkers', 'Fizzy Cherry Cola', and 'The Witches', also 'Forget the Celebrities -Read about My Crazy Life' (weird and bizarre tales from my absolutely crazy-mad life), 'Alice on Top of the World' (a follow on story ... read more
Latest book: Harry Rotter

Follow me on Twitter at  nimrodtwiceborn Lyn J Pickering
Hi, I'm Lyn. In my early twenties my brother and I hitch-hiked from London to Lebanon. The beauty of Lebanon and the hospitality of her people captivated me. The country held an aura of mystery and drama, but I also became aware of a deep sadness just beneath the surface; it was written into the history; reflected in the music of Fairuz and Sabah, and it wound its way through the poetry of Khalil Gibran. It is a land that had seen and experienced much: violence and bloodshed lay only a heartbeat away. Shortly after I returned to South Africa (a three-month adventure from London through Africa by Land Rover) civil war broke out in Lebanon. My first book, The Single Leaf, abandoned many years ago, and its se ... read more
Latest book: Opus Dei

Follow me on Twitter at  LaylaBangs Layla Bangs
I'm an erotica writer based in New Zealand. Be sure to say hi on Twitter :)

Follow me on Twitter at  TwitPublishing Craig Gabrysch
I remember three things growing up: going to church incessantly from a young age (I was in Catholic school, so it made sense), watching Westerns with my dad on Saturdays, and reading The Hobbit. The Jacob Smith stories are my shot at blending those three themes.
Latest book: The Renaissance of Jacob Smith (A Jacob Smith Story #3)

Follow me on Twitter at  LDSstrangite Todd Runnier

Latest book: The Only True God

Follow me on Twitter at  mayberrysarah Sarah Mayberry
Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia and is the middle of three children. Before she was published, she worked as a magazine editor as well as a storyliner/story editor in both Australia and New Zealand. These days she splits her time between writing books and scripts. She has published more than 25 novels with Harlequin and firmly believes she has the best job on earth. She lives by the bay in Melbourne with her husband and a small furry dog called Max, and when she isn't writing enjoys reading, cooking, shoe shopping and spending time with her loved ones.

Follow me on Twitter at  drpvssnraju P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju
Author is pediatrician from Andhra Pradesh,India,born on 12th December 1950.He is working on the subject of self-inquiry for the past 30 years under the living Presence and guidance of Ramana Maharshi which he discovered 30 years ago in Ramanasramam.He is a frequent visitor to Ramanasramam and out of greatfulness to Bhagawan he wrote many books analyzing philosophy and this book is one of them.His other works include "The Art of self-enquiry,Alpha and Omega of self-inquiry,The essence of self-inquiry part 1 & 2, Insights in self-inquiry Part 1 & 2,Theory of self-inquiry,The Practice of self-inquiry,The theory and Practice of self-inquiry,The comprehensive book on self-inquiry,he commented on Upadesa saram,Aksha ... read more
Latest book: Pathless Path-The Golden Path of self-inquiry

Follow me on Twitter at  evelynecrimson Evelyne Crimson
Evelyne Crimson is a schoolteacher by day, steamy erotica writer by night. She discovered smut as a naughty Catholic schoolgirl and is thrilled to be able to share her secret fantasies through erotica.

Follow me on Twitter at  JacquelineHoppe Jacqueline Hopper
Jacqueline Hopper currently resides in New Brunswick, Canada. Always willing to learn new things pertaining to the publishing industry, she's studied to become a proofreader, copy editor, and writer, and has dabbled with ghostwriting. Her books are Christian and/or inspirational in nature. UPDATE FOR CHRISTIAN ROMANCE AND INSPIRATION WRITERS: sometimes features a Christian/Inspirational/G to PG writer on her blog. Find out more by going to:
Latest book: The Gingerbread House

Follow me on Twitter at  LulaLisbon Lula Lisbon
Lula Lisbon is published in editors Rachel Kramer Bussel’s "The Big Book of Orgasms" and D.L. King’s "She Who Must Be Obeyed: Femme Dominant Lesbian Erotica." She was featured on the "Sex With Timaree" and "Wholesome Addiction" podcasts for her work. She also writes CD reviews, band interviews, and show reviews for "The Offering Heavy Metal Webzine." In addition to a lifelong love for writing, Lula has an AA degree in Fine Art as well as a BFA in Fashion Design—both earned magna cum laude. Trained formally in classical and rock voice, Lula has sung in several prestigious choirs, and has also written, recorded, and performed original music for over ten years.  When not hunched over her laptop, L ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  LorelaiPhoenix Lorelai Phoenix
Mild-mannered English teacher by day, raunchy smut-slinger by night, Lorelai Phoenix aims to misbehave. Lorelai lives in the southeast with her husband and their two cats, Chaucer and Captain Nemo.

Follow me on Twitter at  erikaloveley Erika Loveley
I live in Australia, I'm 30, and the only thing I enjoy more than to read good erotica stories is to write them myself!

Follow me on Twitter at  shoshannabrandt Shoshanna Brandt
Librarian turned erotica writer. Let's try it again, a little lower and a lot softer.

Follow me on Twitter at  michaelraysgo Michael Rays
Michael Rays grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He graduated from Northwestern University and served nine years in the Navy, flying the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter. Michael lives in Billings, Montana with his wife and daughter.
Latest book: Headers: Scores & Headlines from Brazil 2014

Follow me on Twitter at!/MarilynBaron Marilyn Baron
About the Authors Coauthors MARILYN BARON and SHARON GOLDMAN are sisters. Marilyn is a public relations consultant in Atlanta. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Georgia Romance Writers (GRW). A native of Miami, Florida, Marilyn graduated from The University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, with a B.S. in Journalism and a minor in Creative Writing. She met her husband at UF and both of her daughters graduated from UF. Go Gators. Marilyn now lives in Roswell, Georgia, with her husband. She blogs at the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog at and the Roswell Patch at Visit her on Facebook at http://www ... read more
Latest book: The Edger

Follow me on Twitter at  horrorzealot Tony Cusumano
Hi, I'm Tony. On the outside, I am a long haired, kid, just searching for a purpose. On the inside, my mind is a twisted, sinister place, where the darkest corners swallow all that is good into oblivion. I spew out the inner depths of my mind onto paper, and through this channel, I weave tales of utter terror.
Latest book: The Darkness

Follow me on Twitter at  PammyPerkins Pammy Perkins
Pammy Perkins is an aspiring writer who has just ventured into the magnificent and wondrous world of textual intercourse. When not writing about random acts of debauchery, she can be found babysitting, tutoring, and workin' her sexy secretary gig.

Follow me on Twitter at  DwayneABearup Dwayne Bearup
If you love books, you should certainly check out my Goodreads page - the link is on this page. It's free, and you can post lists of all the different books you have read, including mine... {*~*}.
Latest book: When Good Fortunes Go Bad

Follow me on Twitter at  rachaelwrite Rachael Long
I live in Somerset, England (UK) with my daughter and write short stories and poetry. My works are offered for anyone and everyone to enjoy! I have a quirky sense of humour - Monty Python: abstract, surreal. English sardonic might sum it up. What do I like? Reading; non fiction, historical. Music: everything from Bach to Beatles to punk. And when I'm not doing anything else, I cook, bake and make preserves too. What I would really like to find is, an illustrator with a similar sense of humour, who would like to draw my creations.
Latest book: The Easter Gang & Sinister Mister Fimister

Follow me on Twitter at  julirew Third Flatiron Publishing
Juli Rew is a former science writer/editor for the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, and is a software engineer by training. She is a believer in the scientific evidence for global warming. She also publishes fantasy and science fiction stories by other authors at Third Flatiron Publishing.
Latest book: Abbreviated Epics

Follow me on Twitter at  Humouroid Dustin Covey
I have done a lot of things and I intend to do a lot more things. I still haven't seen the Earth from above the atmosphere, or priced out a child sized space suit at a flea market, and I would like to live in a world where I could do those things. I want to see people take more chances with themselves, quit living life as if it were so serious, and not not just stop and smell the roses, but fertilize them too. We miss so very much paying attention to all of our little wories and concerns, and really, where does it get us. When I got sick, I realised that what really counts is not whats in the rear view mirror, as that's behind you, and the stuff way up the road, well, you'll get to that soon enough. Pay att ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Devlin Chase Devlin Chase
Devlin Chase lives in Pretoria, South Africa. She recently made the decision to become a full-time writer and has been pounding away at her keyboard ever since. She and her husband live on a farm with their three dogs, two cats and the wonders of nature - which include venomous snakes in the grapevines and a five-foot monitor lizard in the roof. Devlin has been writing novels for the past decade and, with interest in paranormal romance on the increase, she realised that South Africa needed a series of its own - and so The Vengeful Elements series was born. Soon to be released will be A Scent of Stone - the first book in a new series featuring a group of sexy druids and set in the picturesque town of Barber ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Zorki10 Bill Lowenburg
For six years in the early 1980’s, Bill Lowenburg was a sparring partner and assistant to renowned boxing trainer Earnee Butler in Easton, Pennsylvania. Beginning his career in education in 1980, Bill taught history until 1996. Since then he has served as a high school librarian and taught graduate classes in photography. Bill has Master’s degrees in Social Studies and Library Science as well as an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. He researched Norman Mailer’s relationship with boxing for the forthcoming authorized Mailer biography to be published by Simon and Schuster. Lowenburg is also the author of Crash Burn Love: Demolition Derby, a monograph of his black-and-white-photographs and es ... read more
Latest book: Punchdrunk

Follow me on Twitter at  trafficdeliver Nicole Adam
Nicole, has had a long and extremely interesting road to become a bestseller. After completing one year of graduate work Nicole was accepted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Intern Program and moved to the Seattle area. Nicole's focus has been on health and social policy. She is currently program manager of the Asbestos in Schools Program. Nicole received a Bachelor of Science in biology from Albany State University. You can contact Nicole :
Latest book: Best Cookie Recipes