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Latest book: If this were a bildungsroman

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Well, My name is Marika Leake. I am 22 years old and a full time student in college. I love to write and I also love to dance. I enjoy school and take it very seriously. I am very outgoing, quite the extrovert, and a very happy person. I hope people enjoy my Poetry and Short Fictions as much as I enjoyed writing them.
Latest book: Deadly Ink

Follow me on Twitter at  marksarney Mark Sarney
Mark Sarney began writing as a geeky, contrarian kid in Rochester, NY. He created fantasy worlds while raking leaves, imagined that his elementary school was a Rebel base, and gave the pilots of his Lego spaceships their own backstories. He went on to wear a Chuck E. Cheese costume, become a Washington policy wonk, and practice the craft of arranging letters in an order that entertains others. He has been published at Daily Science You can follow him at and on Mark, his wife, and two children live in Columbia, MD.
Latest book: Crashpoint (Kagent Series: #1)

Follow me on Twitter at  realamandabretz Amanda Bretz
Amanda Bretz is the author of contemporary, historical and erotic romances. Her books and short stories include Finding Justus, Love in Greener Pastures, Love, Simplified, A River Between Them, Tropical Heat, Minding the Boss and Special Delivery. She holds a degree in communication from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida and works as a journalist in both print and online news. When not writing, Amanda can be found whipping up something delectable in her kitchen, spending time in nature or getting lost in a good book. She dreams of living in the Pacific Northwest, but currently resides in historic Saint Charles, Missouri, with her husband, Brandon.
Latest book: A River Between Them

Follow me on Twitter at  KyaAlianaNovels Kya Aliana
A while ago I was asked to write a 5 word memoir. The mere idea of this was mind blowing. After all, how could I wrap up my whole life in 5 words? Granted I'd only lived for 17 years and some months, my life is - Good Lord willing - far from over. But still, 17 years is hard to wrap up in 5 words... not to mention the fact that I'd changed so much in those 17 years. After much struggling - melding 5 different verbs together - trying to think of cool phrases - and banging my head against the top of my desk - I came up with something I was quite pleased with. Who Am I? A Writer. At a glance, it seems rather simple. But, when I look at it, think about it, I see so much more. Think - I am seventeen years old. My ... read more
Latest book: Sly Darkness

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Melissa Stone lives in North Battleford, Saskatchewan with her husband, two kids, two dogs, and a cat. When she’s not writing she enjoys drawing pictures of her characters and making plush dolls. Find her online at
Latest book: Keverynn: Path of the Sorceress

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Myndi Shafer lives in Kansas with her husband, four kids, dog, and bird. She likes walking barefoot in wet grass, drinking coffee with good friends, and listening to vinyl with her hubby.
Latest book: Hanna, Hanna, One-and-Two

Follow me on Twitter at  DyfedWyn Dyfed Wyn Roberts
Dyfed is a trained theologian and church historian from Wales, UK. He is passionate about issues of justice and peace and especially how the church can be positioned to be a world-changing presence within creation. He was trained at Bangor University, north Wales, and has a PhD degree in Welsh revival history. He blogs regularly and has plans to publish more e-books. He lives on the island of Anglesey with his wife Helen who runs the village post office. They have a springer spaniel, Ruth, who loves long walks on the local beaches.
Latest book: An Incarcerated Conscience

Follow me on Twitter at  rvanhornjr Ray Van Horn
Ray Van Horn, Jr. is a seasoned entertainment journalist and concert photographer. He has conducted over 300 interviews with musicians, actors, directors, artists and authors. Ray has been published at, Dee Snider's House of Hair Online,, AMP, Metal Maniacs, The Big, Noisecreep, Hails & Horns, Pit, Unrestrained, Caustic Truths, Impose, DVD Review, Horror, Music Dish and other venues. Ray was the host of AMP’s heavy metal column from 2005-2008. Ray’s website The Metal Minute was awarded Best Personal Blog of 2009 by industry giant, Metal Hammer magazine. Ray has freelanced for Metromix, an affiliate of The Baltimore Sun, Carroll Magazine, The Northern News, ... read more
Latest book: John's Dead

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Hi, I'm Gwen Ellery. I write stories of dark fantasy and comic delight. My romantic comedy and mystery screenplays have been produced and shown in film festivals internationally.
Latest book: Dead Men Don’t Eat Quiche: A Short Humorous Mystery Set in Paris

Follow me on Twitter at  melissafenlon melanie mccarthy
i am a new author i like to think my stories are up-lifting and positive hence have a positive effect on those who read them. i am a single mother who has had a few negative experiences of my own to overcome so i write from personal experience and from the heart.
Latest book: kiara

Follow me on Twitter at  socdf Charles Dalrymple-Fraser
Charles is a student at the University of Toronto, studying the roles of narrative in the construction of personal identity. It is through this framework that Charles approaches storytelling. Through persuasion as much as perseverance, he finally published his first book, 'The Bridge', in January of 2012; it is available in print through his website and in ebook format through
Latest book: The Bridge

Follow me on Twitter at  Dermot Mccabe Dermot McCabe
From Bray, Co. Wicklow (The Garden of Ireland), Ireland. Member of Abraxas Writers, Editor of Bray Arts Journal, ex Head of Broadcast Engineering RTE. Board of Directors, Mermaid Theatre and volunteer with Citizen's Information service. Main interests, apart from his family, are literature (reading and writing), art, music, medieval history, Editing the Bray Arts Journal, having a pint of guinness while chatting with his Abraxas writer friends and walking Tadhg (his pest of a dog) in Djouce Woods overlooking the famous Powerscourt Waterfall.
Latest book: The Reluctant King

Follow me on Twitter at  jendetracey Jen DeTracey
About the Author Jen DeTrac ey is a strategic alchemist and one of Canada’s top marketing experts. She is an author, professional speaker and small business growth consultant. Jen has more than two decades of strategic marketing experience. Jen is also the founder of Lift Strategies Inc. Prior to Lift Strategies, she owned and operated Buzz Marketing and Consultants. Jen developed the LIFFT® Process. LIFFT® is a proven five-step strategic marketing process that helps small businesses accelerate their growth, and manage that growth without overextending their people and their resources. Prior to business ownership, Jen was the VP of Marketing for Sarah McLachlan’s record label Nettwerk Records. She th ... read more
Latest book: Lift Strategies - Quick Tips to Engage Customers and Elevate Profits

Follow me on Twitter at  albertodabull Blake Strong
I write under several personas - Blake Strong being the "dirty minded" one. I d no not see erotica being any different from any other form of writing - but it has been tagged as undesirable for a few reasons: The first is because there are people who don't know the difference between literary pornography and erotica - the difference is the same as the difference between a naked beauty and a closeup of her genitals - if the difference is not obvious to you, I will not be able to explain it to you. The second problem is that almost every idiot with access to a keyboard thinks he or she can write, thinks writing erotica is easy and that whatever he or she has to say will captivate the audience. Unfortunately th ... read more

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Kiki Archer is a British based lesbian author. Homosexuality is found in 450+ species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?
Latest book: When You Know

Follow me on Twitter at  JRobertsAuthor Jessica Roberts
JESSICA ROBERTS grew up in the San Francisco, California Bay Area where she spent most of her time playing sports alongside her six siblings. She was crowned Miss Teen California her senior year of high school, and went on to Brigham Young University where she graduated in Human Development. Her love of family, church, writing, athletics, and singing and dancing keeps her life busy and fulfilled. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and three children.
Latest book: Reaction

Follow me on Twitter at  peeringreality joe a. crawford
Hello. My name is Joe A. Crawford also known as J.C. Stevens in the mystery/crime/suspense genre. I love loud rock n' roll, reading and collecting comics. I also love to write and I hope, in the future, I get to share my work with whoever is interested in reading it. For me, doing good work is the primary goal, the money will follow, as they say. Please leave feedback on my work through this site and Thank you for your time, Joe A. Crawford

Follow me on Twitter at  nickijantzen Nicki Jantzen
Nicki has loved to write about love since she was a little girl. Nothing thrills her more than the thought of readers reading and enjoying her stories and characters. All her characters are a little slice of her, body, soul, psyche, tears, smiles, and everything.
Latest book: An Autumn Kind of Love

Follow me on Twitter at  imarealmother Denise Malloy
After working as a lifeguard, a Peace Corps Volunteer, a middle school teacher, a Hickory Farms girl who had to stand in front of the store dressed in tacky overalls and verbally assault unsuspecting passers-by with, "Would you like to try a sample of our beef stick?” a switchboard operator and finally, an attorney (but don't hold that against her), Denise Malloy is uniquely qualified to do absolutely nothing. That is why she writes. Her columns appear in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Miraculously, A Real Mother: Stumbling Through Motherhood is her third book.
Latest book: A Real Mother: Stumbling Through Motherhood

Follow me on Twitter at  CassandraDeBrow Cassandra DeBrown
Cassandra DeBrown is the author of Legitimate Issues and A Little Bit of Black magic.She has worn many hats during her three decades of life and is currently having a whole lot of fun trying out the author one. She enjoys sharing the stories in her head with people around the world and is looking forward to penning more tales. Readers can connect with her at cassandradebrown at hotmail dot co dot uk
Latest book: A little bit of BLACK MAGIC

Follow me on Twitter at  bathtubhahn Kelly Hahn
Kelly Hahn is a committed follower of Jesus Christ who writes and thinks about the church, the Bible and Christian discipleship. Additionally, he is an admitted college basketball junkie and enjoys writing historical recaps of past NCAA Tournament games under the moniker "Bathtub Hahn". He is currently a staff writer at the University of Kentucky and lives in Wilmore, KY with his wife, Dawn and four children.
Latest book: Bathtub Hahn's Big Book of NCAA Trivia: 1985-2011

Follow me on Twitter at  battista_j Jeanette Battista
Jeanette Battista graduated with an English degree with a concentration in medieval literature which explains her possibly unhealthy fixation on edged weapons and cathedral architecture. She spent a summer in England and Scotland studying the historical King Arthur, which did nothing to curb her obsession. To satisfy her adrenaline cravings—since sword fighting is not widely accepted in these modern times—she rode a motorcycle at ridiculously high speeds, got some tattoos, and took kickboxing and boxing classes. She gave up the bike when her daughter came along, although she still gets pummeled at the gym on a regular basis. When she’s not writing or working, Jeanette spends time with family, hikes, read ... read more
Latest book: Played

Follow me on Twitter at  Desert_Coyote13 Don Martinez
The son of two 20-year Navy vets, Don A. Martinez spent much of his formative years around the Pacific Rim before settling in the continental U.S., first in Michigan and New York before finally reaching Texas. He has been writing all his life, getting his start in elementary school as a two-time Young Authors selection in Oak Harbor, Washington. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing and a Master of Arts degree in English from SUNY-College at Buffalo (Buffalo State College), where his academic focus was mythology and folklore, particularly how it is applied in modern storytelling. Currently, he lives with his wife and four cats in northeast Texas, where he works as a college writing professor.
Latest book: Infernal Eighteen

Follow me on Twitter at  karenaakhavein Karena Akhavein
Christina Desroches’ academic passion stems from my own: I used my research, as well as my own original- and first ever- translation of La Vida de Santa Enimia by Bertran de Marseille, from my PhD thesis "Reman say in aquesta terra": The function of translatio in the Occitan Vita of Saint Enimie, (Columbia University, 2002) to drive the action. I am currently working on my second novel, Lacrima Dyonisi, a thriller exploring the link between wine and the sacred, featuring some of the same characters. I occasionally like to drag my nose out of dusty tomes in order to enjoy my parallel existence as a painter-illustrator and a fashion, food, wine, and travel writer whose work has appeared in SOMA Magazine, BEast ... read more
Latest book: The Life of Saint Enimie. A 13th c text by Bertran de Marseille. Original Translation by Karena Akhavein. A reader's companion for the adventure novel Translatio

Follow me on Twitter at  blackheartmag Black Heart Magazine
Black Heart Magazine publishes new fiction three times a week, plus indie author interview, book reviews and Character Crushes on the hottest literary characters in the world. Check out our site to read the best in independent literature and submit your own.
Latest book: The NOIR Issue

Follow me on Twitter at  naumannbooks Jen Naumann
Growing up in the 80ies, Jen became a huge sci-fi nerd and developed an obsession with movies--E.T., Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Goonies being among a few of her favorites. She is a book, movie and music junkie with a love for anything paranormal and unusual. She is married to a farmer in southern Minnesota and tries to follow the madness of her four active children.
Latest book: Cheating Death

Follow me on Twitter at  Anupamtiwari22 Anupam Tiwari
I am Anupam Tiwari. I was born in India in an ordinary family. I just want to tell you one thing if you need success in your life don't blame to others You don't have enough money, don't have enough time it's a lame excuses of loosers. Choose your path and everyday you decide that you have to do this. Always make a positive attitude and positive thoughts. Your Friend Anupam Tiwari
Latest book: Good Carb Diet Overview plus 350 Recipes

Follow me on Twitter at  birdtreebooks Aaron Mullins
Dr Aaron Mullins is an artist, writer and entrepreneur who lives and works in Coventry, England. Aaron is the CEO of Birdtree Books publishing Aaron has taught academic writing at university level, but has never lost his passion for creative writing. He is an active member of a number of author websites and has edited a number of anthologies resulting from his collaboration with other authors. His academic publications have been well received around the world.

Follow me on Twitter at  capfoodcoach Vianesa Vargas
Vianesa Vargas is the founder of Capital Food Coaching, a wellness company dedicated to the health of busy people. She has used her own work-life experiences as a wife, mom, and Iraq War veteran to develop simple and easy-to-remember strategies that people can use to improve their lifestyles. Vargas has a B.S. in biology, M.A. in communication, and is a certified nutritionist and life skills strategist. She is also a member of the Society of Nutrition Educators. Additionally, Vargas has participated in the Inter-University Program for Latino Research on Obesity at the University of Notre Dame and teaches wellness seminars at Georgetown University and nutrition classes for low-income women in Washington, D.C. ... read more
Latest book: Food Hell: 30 Day Plan to lose weight, feel better, and end dieting forever

Follow me on Twitter at  XimoCerda Ximo Cerdá
Joaquín Cerdà Boluda, conocido como Ximo Cerdà (n. Játiva, Valencia, 3 de mayo de 1975), es un profesor, científico, escritor e ilustrador español. Ingeniero de Telecomunicaciones desde el año 1999, en el año 2000 se incorpora como profesor titular de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, donde alternaría sus obligaciones docentes con su actividad investigadora. Paralelamente, obtiene el título de Doctor en Electrónica por la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia en 2004 y, más tarde, el de Licenciado en Ciencias físicas por la UNED en 2008. En el campo de la investigación, ha realizado aportaciones en la técnica de la Tomograf ... read more
Latest book: Mayne Manor

Follow me on Twitter at  NameisQ Quentin Lucas
Here are the Cliff Notes: I'm a nerd who loves dancing; people-watching; writing; karaoke; being inappropriate; working out; having a deeply mindblowing, greedily soul searching, conversation; spray painting lives with sarcasm; planting non sequiturs in the front lawn of minds; and, only on occasion, moonlighting as a superhero.
Latest book: Bending Barbed Wire into Poems

Follow me on Twitter at  ladyanakina Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Note: please scroll down for the English version. Nata a Carbonia nel 1974, Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli vive a Cagliari dal 1993, dove lavora come scrittrice, traduttrice scientifica e letteraria, e web copywriter freelance. Laureata in Scienze Biologiche nel 1998, ha ricoperto da allora il ruolo di ricercatrice, tutor e assistente di ecologia presso il Dipartimento di Biologia Animale ed Ecologia dell’Università degli Studi di Cagliari fino al 2004, anno in cui ha fondato la sua ditta Anakina Web. Nell’ambito di questa azienda gestisce le sue attuali attività di scrittura creativa e traduzione, oltre a occuparsi di tanto in tanto di web design e management musicale. Amante del cinema, ha mosso i pr ... read more
Latest book: Red Desert - Invisible Enemy

Follow me on Twitter at  msstormieone G Denisce Rodall
Christopher Cherry is a Author, Speaker, Mentor and Internet Radio Host. Christophers’ Message is “ We are living in A New World and A New Economy. The old method of operation just does not work in this New World”. Feel free to reach out to me Check out his radio broadcast at G. Denisce Rodall is a certified life coach and a contributing author to Cheers To Your Success: Removing Fear From Your Vocabulary So You Can Walk Into Your Destiny. She is also the host/producer of Shootin’ The Breeze With MsQuietStorm, Real Talk About Domestic Violence, and The Smooth Groove Café. You can contact Miss Rodall at msquietstorm@msqui ... read more
Latest book: What Is Love: The 5 Essentials Of Love

Follow me on Twitter at  nowwtv Pam Terry
Pam knows firsthand that anyone can overcome whatever challenges they have, become a great speaker and really connect with their audience. A frequent speaker and meeting facilitator for Powerful Women International, Pam was the Executive Director and President of the Galleria Chamber of Commerce in Houston and expertly facilitated over one hundred events. She has made numerous presentations to audiences and is a published co-author. Pam is currently a Speaker Coach and Trainer and the Chief Operating Officer of Powerful Women International. She is committed to assisting others to use their talents and gifts to become great speakers and communicators. Imagine the possibilities! In addition to achieving Com ... read more
Latest book: Public Speaking: How to Easily Develop Your Presentation in 2 Hours or Less

Follow me on Twitter at  darkmonk13 R.J. Maxwell
I live in Western New York and work full time as a Quality Manager. I have been married 29 years and have a beautiful wife and three amazing children . I am an author in my spare time, family first, pen in hand second. My interests range from paranormal research to the writing of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I am about as complex as my writings, as you will see in upcoming books.
Latest book: The Weeping Tree

Follow me on Twitter at  MsReginaMonroe Regina Monroe
Regina Monroe is a full time college student looking for a way to escape from everyday life by publishing her fantasies online. Her desires fuel her imagination and bring the sexy, erotic thoughts in everyone’s minds into the limelight.

Follow me on Twitter at  Nicki_DeLante Nicki DeLante
A simple woman with a less than simple life, and a mind that sometimes runs away with me. Sometimes, when its quiet, and God knows its very rarely quiet where I live, dreams and words meet in my head and need to escape the vacuous cavern of my mind. They aren't always graceful, they aren't always eloquent, but when it works... I find that it works well... as ever I can but aspire to be more than what I am, even if it is only in my head.
Latest book: Dreamer

Follow me on Twitter at  BooksbyNickMay Nicholas May
Nicholas May (1973 - present) was born in Flint, Michigan but moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1986. He has worked a variety of jobs ranging from Bouncer to Formal Wear Store Manager to MMA Instructor and School Owner to Tanning Salon General Manager, all while wishing he was a writer. He has sold numerous short stories, which will be sold in a collection in late 2012, but this is his first novel. While his series "Trouble Meets The May Boys" deals with the fantastical adventures he and his brother Joey are met with, always by Joey's penchant for trouble, Nicholas maintains that they are almost 90% true, and all heroic scenes and signs of bravery from Nicholas himself were all based on true acts of his own am ... read more
Latest book: Ink

Follow me on Twitter at  Angels_Dwell Mia DiDio
I have been a writer since I was a child. I have been recording the voices of the Archangels since 2009. Both my imagination and realities are beautiful and magical! For more about me and to hear voices of the Archangels yourself, visit my blog at and watch some awe-mazing videos!
Latest book: THY KINGDOM COME: Piercing the Sacred Veil

Follow me on Twitter at  lisa_newton1 Lisa Newton
Serial Author & Entrepreneur Lisa enjoys reading, writing books, dancing salsa and learning languages. An avid networker, consultant and trainer, Lisa enjoys working on projects with like-minded people. In her spare time Lisa likes travelling, cosmic ordering and applying the law of attraction.
Latest book: Cosmic Ordering With Vision Boards

Follow me on Twitter at  @CdnZmbiRytr Julianne Snow
Julianne Snow is the author of the Days with the Undead series and the founder of Zombieholics Anonymous. She writes within the realms of speculative fiction, has roots that go deep into horror and is a member of the Horror Writers Association. Julianne has pieces of short fiction in publications from Sirens Call Publications, Open Casket Press, 7DS Books, James Ward Kirk Publishing, Coffin Hop Press and Hazardous Press as well as the forthcoming shorts in anthologies from Phrenic Press, May December Publications and others. Be on the lookout for her contributions to a number of collaborative projects to be announced shortly.
Latest book: Days with the Undead: Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  jsclark5768 J.S. Clark
I was born in Alaska, then before I can remember, we moved to Washington where I grew up. Or started to. Later, I served in the Marine Corps stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina where I met my wife. In a long and dramatic turn of events, we ended up in Southern Ohio where we currently reside, and operate a small healthier fare to-go eatery known as the Happy Turtle in West Union. These days, I spend most of my days working--which I am blessed to labor with my wife, or I'd hardly get to see her! After that, I get a small smidgen of time that divides between writing and learning self-sufficiency.
Latest book: Aiyela finds the Derelict

Follow me on Twitter at  gwadm Girl With A Dirty Mind
Curious and honest, with a child like personality, I first submitted several of my erotic short stories to The Next Big Writer and I received positive feedback. The journey into 'erotica' began from writing short stories for my lovers, for which I received good feedback to keep going, so I did. Freya's Bower, a New York ePublisher offered me a contract, but I experienced a bout of depression and couldn't complete the work. I still have writer's block to this day. I have drafted over 100 short erotic stories, and I hope to complete these before the end of my life. I blog about spirituality, love and forgiveness at, write about fitness and nutrition at, and ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  theknyte C. Michael Carver
C.Michael Carver is a 33 year old author and artist who lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wonderful wife and two children. He enjoys fantasy, science fiction, and has been an avid RPG gamer for many years.
Latest book: Blood & Roses: Book 1

Follow me on Twitter at  WriterRice M. Rice
M. Rice is a long time writer and day dreamer. A former single parent and former military wife; though not at the same time; she has overcome life's obstacles with a inner strength and dry sense of humor that is reflected in her writing. She currently resides with her husband and two cats in Tacoma, WA. In her spare time she rescues homeless or abandoned dragons and works as a para educator.

Follow me on Twitter at  EricFrattini ERIC FRATTINI
Eric Frattini worked as a correspondent in the Middle East and has lived in Beirut (Lebanon), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Jerusalem (Israel). Frattini is the author of around twenty books amongst which are Osama bin Laden, la espada de Alá (2001); Mafia S.A. 100 Años de Cosa Nostra (2002); Secretos Vaticanos (2003); ONU, historia de la corrupción (2005); La Conjura, Matar a Lorenzo de Medici (2006); Mossad, la Ira e Israel (2007), or the tetralogy about the history of the most famous espionage services (CIA, KGB, Mossad and MI6). His works has been published in several countries like in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Brazil, Poland and Russia. Fratti ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  KarissaSpeaks Karissa Thomas
Karissa Thomas – is a contemporary life coach who is not associated with any particular religion or tradition. She teaches nationally through lectures on creating a shift in consciousness. She is passionate about inspiring change within the self. Her philosophy derives from an innate place within her that was accessed through life experiences. She believes that only you can confront yourself to effect lasting change, and that the first step begins with self-honesty. She lives in New York City.
Latest book: Foolproof: A Woman's Guide to Self Love, Strength, and Relationships

Follow me on Twitter at  Ashlee_Craft Ashlee Craft
I’m an author, musician, artist, actress, photographer, filmmaker, and poet. I was born in the Pacific Northwest and have enjoyed writing and music from a young age. I am the author of two fiction novels (Dark Hours; Pressure Point), four YA/Juvenile fiction books (Strange Occurrences; Summer Hayes & the Idol of Neuworth; Samantha; Shipwrecked), two illustrated children’s books (Blossom the Elephant; The Adventures of Sally the Kiwi), thirteen poetry books (Spring; Winter; Autumn; Summer; Four Seasons; New Life, New Day; Four Roads to Freedom; Reflections in the Green Triangle; Dancing in the Sunlight; The Allure of a Summer Evening; Little Bird; A Thousand Cranes – Volume 1; A Thousand Cranes – Volume ... read more
Latest book: Octopus (Wonderful Wildlife, #4)