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Follow me on Twitter at  haggisnl Jan Jacob Mekes
Jan Jacob Mekes is an English writer born in the body of a native Dutch speaker, in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. He loves reading, writing, cycling, and photography. His favourite book is Don Quixote, he loves chocolate, and is a cat person. Re-reading this, he realizes this sounds like a profile on a dating site. In a way, that’s true, because I (said the inconsistent writer who switches to first person like the Hulk) want you to go on a date… not with me, but with my books. I love my readers!
Latest book: Within

Follow me on Twitter at  EBiediger Eva Biediger
About the Author I grew up in a small town in Maine and loved books and reading from an early age. On the elementary school playground, I could often be found sitting away from the action with a book in my hands. I was also the kid in class who got in trouble for reading a book in my desk instead of paying attention to the lesson being taught. This quickly evolved into gazing longingly out the window, daydreaming, and making up stories about people who didn’t exist. It only stood to reason that I would go on to be an English major and, later, a librarian. I live in a small town near San Antonio, Texas with my husband of nearly sixteen years. I have 2 grown children, two “tween” daughters, four incr ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  LacyNyx Lacy Nyx
Lacy Nyx is that unassuming looking woman you see sat on the bus, or in a cafe, pretending to read a newspaper, with a slightly glazed stare. She's not actually reading at all - she's dreaming up her next erotic adventure.

Follow me on Twitter at  economistdirect Douglas Marchbanks
Douglas Marchbanks is a graduate of Heriot-Watt University and of the University of Edinburgh. He teaches at both universities and also has taught at the Open University. His interests include economic renewal.
Latest book: Economics Simplified

Follow me on Twitter at  ‏SaintGalle Daniel Bernhard
Born in Switzerland and living in Australia. Passionate about the history of the Middle Age and Christian mystics.
Latest book: The Golden Legend

Follow me on Twitter at  srgcssn Serge Cassini
Bonjour à tous et merci d'avoir pris quelques secondes pour consulter mon profil. Si je vous dis que les auteurs que j'affectionne sont Lautréamont, Christophe Fiat, Elfriede Jelinek et Régis Jauffret vous comprendrez que la littérature que je propose n'est pas de tout repos. Attention aux surprises corsées, aux portes qui claquent et aux flash grotesques (c'est aussi ma manière de vivre et d'appréhender la culture). Je crois que le lecteur aujourd'hui a compris qu'il existe un moyen direct de rencontrer de nouvelles expériences de lecture, au-delà de la Norme de l'Industrie du Livre. Des lectures, idéalement, qui correspondent à de précieux moments indie, de noirceur, de délire ou de révolte. Da ... read more
Latest book: Love Hotel

Follow me on Twitter at  jasonjaxx Jason Jaxx
Jason Jaxx is an author of erotica, starting out on the journey of self-publishing. An avid reader and music lover, he is, obviously, a fan of erotica and adult-themed entertainment. He is happily married to a beautiful woman who shares his belief that fantasy is essential to a healthy sex life. Holding a stressful job that offers no creative outlet, he views writing as a welcome release and challenges himself to explore different themes and styles. He does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person. Please follow him on Twitter @JasonJaxx if you like what you read here or want to find out more.....

Follow me on Twitter at  56men Lynn Halsted
Lynn Halsted is a something-something year old woman from Los Angeles. Over the years she’s lived in Chicago, New York and even Iowa City, Iowa. Her job has enabled her to not only travel throughout the entire US, but also have a bunch of fun adventures along the way. She’s messed around with a guy who’s name is from every letter of the alphabet but Q, Y and Z. So if your name is Zachary, Quinton or Yarden and you’re cute, you can reach her at

Follow me on Twitter at  lichencraig Lichen Craig
Lichen Craig lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with four large dogs. She has been writing professionally for over 25 years, in the areas of veterinary medicine, wildlife, and epidemic disease. "Gentlemen's Game" is her first novel.

Follow me on Twitter at  malchamberlin Mallory Chamberlin
Dr. Chamberlin currently wears many hats. He helps job candidates by preparing professional resumes, teaches students as an English professor at Dallas Baptist University and Brookhaven Community College, and is CEO of Corporate Documentation & Training, Inc., a consulting services firm. He brings academic and corporate experience to the challenges he faces. As a former Senior Vice President of another consulting services company, he managed and worked with many people, participated in teams, brainstormed, motivated, and led. For twenty years he taught English, literature, and business writing at North Texas State University, Denton.
Latest book: Resumes That Sizzle Template for MSWord

Follow me on Twitter at  jaytee7 J.T. Vaughan
Born in Barbados West Indies, Ms Vaughan is a graduate of Centenary College,and Columbia University. She holds a Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy and a Masters degree in Special Education/Neuropsychology. Over the past thirty-five years, Ms Vaughan has developed innovative programs for adults and children. As a retention and graduation specialist, Ms. Vaughan is known for her work in the areas of retention and graduation of challenged college students. She has worked both in the United States and abroad and is a regular guest on Trumpet Radio's "Sisters Let's Talk". Ms. Vaughan is also the author of Three Mean Alligators -- a character education curriculum for 4-8 year olds, Powerful People Powerful Liv ... read more
Latest book: Powerful People Powerful Lives

Follow me on Twitter at  ekendall Erin Zarro
Erin Zarro is an indie novelist and poet living in Michigan. She's married to her Prince Charming, and she has a feline child named Hailey who she's convinced is part vampire. She loves all things scary and spooky, and is on a mission to scare herself, as nothing lately has scared her. She writes in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Her first published novel, Fey Touched, is a blend of sci-fi and fantasy. She is currently working on Book 2, Grave Touched, and is trying to stay out of trouble. Mostly. Her website is at

Follow me on Twitter at  stellahayne Stella Hayne
Stella Hayne lives in California and writes whatever kinky things come to mind.

Follow me on Twitter at  jm_guillen JM Guillen
JM Guillen is a part-time super-villain who is no longer homeless. Other than his attempts at attacking St. Louis with a kraken, he is best known for allegations regarding the 2008 Hephaestus Initiative. His identity in the super hero biased media is "The Pen Dragon, although he has also been referred to as "The ink-furor" and "J-funk". Recent escapades include attacking St. Louis with a kraken and unleashing Quantum drones to seek out his many nemeses. Despite his tendency to lie outrageously and steal company supplies, his contract with Irrational Worlds is valid at this time. No allegations regarding the 2008 incident have yet been proven.
Latest book: On the Matter of the Red Hand

Follow me on Twitter at  Author Katrina Vore Katrina Vore
Hi, My name is Katrina Vore. I am a New Adult author. I live in Central Illionis with my husband and our four children plus two dogs. I write from the clutter in my mind from dreams as sometimes they need to excape. You can always find me tracking back and forth from sporting functions with my kids. Or with my Kindle or a good oldfashion book in my hands snuggling in a blanket. My first book is called Betrayed and Marked book one of the Sophie's Series. Check out my sites to take a look at other up coming titles from me.

Follow me on Twitter at  root4underdog Chosen Lyric
Chosen Lyric, Co- Creator of Poemstars ENT & the author of "Root For The Underdog," has been Published 6 times in anthologies in 2012-13 and has graced the stages of the Nuyorican Cafe, the Nexus Lounge, the Street Poets Den, the New Britain Museum of American History, and the Walt Whitman Historical Site. He has also performed at Martin County High School at the 911 First Responsers of FL's 9/11 Memorial in 2012, Zoetry Poetry's "The Heart That Gives" Sickle Cell Anemia Benefit at University of Central Florida, and The Treasure Coast Parrotheads/ Salvation Army of Martin County's "Party With A Purpose: Christmas In The Caribbean" benefit and Toy Drive. He has returned to LI, specializes in poetry related to op ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  romans12designs Michelle Greene Wheeler
Michelle Greene Wheeler is a Christian author, photographer/artist, jewelry maker, ministry leader, and singer who lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Michelle is married to Bro. Adam Wheeler, is the mother of Tiffany and Austin, as well as the grandmother of little Kylie. Saved at the age of eleven, Michelle feels that a good song to sum up her life's testimony would be "A Heart Like Mine" by Bryan Duncan. The journey has had hills and valleys, twists and turns, but as long as she has Jesus Christ by her side, she enjoys the ride! Check out Michelle's art, jewelry and other items at her Romans12 Designs facebook page: Shop tabs are at top ... read more
Latest book: All Things To Enjoy!

Follow me on Twitter at  LanceKStewart Lance Stewart
I'm married to the most beautiful girl in the world (she's making me type this while staring over my shoulder with a knife to my head). But she really is : ) Pablo, the vicious chihuahua, keeps me busy constantly. I've published four books which are all available through Kindle, Nook, Ipad, and all the other electronic devices as well. I have a half dozen other projects I've been writing on for some time now and will find time, at some point in my active duty Naval career, to finish them. So go buy one of them or all so I can do that!
Latest book: Reflections

Follow me on Twitter at  avidebooks Roxane Beaufort

Follow me on Twitter at  tashafiedler Tasha Fiedler
Tasha is an independent author who writes an array of stories from romance, erotica, dramas, poetry, and songs. She is also the author of Seduction of the Nursery Rhyme Killer.

Follow me on Twitter at  CRMoss C.R. Moss
An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic romance markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities. With stories from the light and sweet to the dark and deadly and varying degrees of sexual heat, writing as C.R. Moss gives her and her muses the freedom to explore worlds of possibilities when it comes to love.

Follow me on Twitter at  Makeece Makeece
Makeece was born Omega Makeece Berry in San Diego, CA. She graduated from Rison High School in 1997. She credits her love for poetry to her sister LaKesha and her sister Jequetta Berry. They taught her the love of books, which led her to write her first book Stages of a storm in 2008. Her second book Makeece "Transformation to queen" was just currently released. She currently resides in Rison, Arkansas.

Follow me on Twitter at  XcaliburAnthony Xcalibur Anthony
I am just one of you...
Latest book: More Than Simple Words Pt. II - Versus Reality

Follow me on Twitter at  YHERZTBE Yvonne Hertzberger
Yvonne Hertzberger is a native of the Netherlands who immigrated to Canada in 1950. She is married with two grown children, (one married) and resides quietly in Stratford, Ontario with her spouse, Mark in a 130 year old, tiny, brick cottage, where she plans to live out her retirement. She calls herself a jill-of-all-trades and a late bloomer. Her many past paid jobs included banking, day care, residential care for challenged children, hairdressing (her favourite) retail, and customer service. She enjoys gardening, singing, the theatre, decorating and socializing with friends and family Hertzberger is an alumna of The University of Waterloo, first with a B.A. in psychology, then and Hon. B.A. Sociology and stopp ... read more
Latest book: The Dreamt Child: Earth's Pendulum, Book Three

Follow me on Twitter at  chriscarpny Chris Carpenter

Latest book: She Left You, So Now What?

Follow me on Twitter at  clraven C L Raven
C L Raven are identical twins who write under a joint pseudonym because monsters have more than one head. They've had worked published by Legend Press, The Pages, they have short stories in issues 50 & 52 of Dark Fire, they won Writing Magazine's annual ghost story competition August 2010 and are in issue 6 of Dark Moon Digest and issue 13 of A Siren's Call. They also write ghost hunting articles for Haunted Digital Magazine. Their debut novel Soul Asylum was shortlisted for National Self-publishing Awards and their unpublished novel Bleeding Empire was longlisted for the Exeter Novel Prize. Their favourite band is My Chemical Romance. Their music has inspired them in so many ways. Their biggest claim to fame ... read more
Latest book: Deadly Reflections

Follow me on Twitter at  Shannon_Craig S.S. Craig
Shannon Craig is an aspiring author who enjoys writing on a variety of topics, entering writing contests and has recently launched 3 websites and a blog. In her opinion, writing is an effective form of communication and an excellent source of therapy. Personal gratification, accomplishment, pride and favorable reviews from her readers are only a few of the motivating factors behind her pursuit of a career in writing. Although the issues associated with parenting adult children are the focus of much of her initial publications, her long-term goals include a variety of topics, writing styles and audiences. As she develops a readership, she looks forward to years of publishing at Smashwords. Your continued foll ... read more
Latest book: The Daily Drama of Parenting Adult Children - Vol. 1: You Are Not Alone!

Follow me on Twitter at  summitwahl Victoria Hinshaw
Victoria Hinshaw writes exactly what she loves to read: traditional regency romances. She is a devotee of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer as well as many contemporary writers. Traveling to England is a favorite pastime...along with researching more and more tidbits about the Georgian and Regency periods in England.
Latest book: An Ideal Match

Follow me on Twitter at  dbvirago Darryl Brooks
I am a writer and photographer living in Atlanta Georgia. My personal expertise includes writing, construction, photography, computers, travel, and running. I have excellent research and fact checking skills as well as the following personal experiences. • 16 years experience installing tile, marble, slate and stone. • 30 years experience in information technology, including programming, database management, web design and development, hardware and software. • 6 years experience as a professional photographer with over 30,000 images sold. • 8 years experience as a writer with over 1,000 articles, stories and memoirs written. • 15 years as a runner competing in the top 5% in the U.S. • 15 years worki ... read more
Latest book: One Day

Follow me on Twitter at  avidebooks J-P Spencer

Follow me on Twitter at  JonARigby Jonny Rigby
I worked for many years in a Government Agency but now spend my time writing fiction. You can email me at

Follow me on Twitter at  avidebooks Noel Amos

Follow me on Twitter at  mbunker Michael Bunker
Michael Bunker is a bestselling author, off-gridder, husband, and father of four children. He lives with his family in a "plain" community in Central Texas, where he reads and writes books...and occasionally tilts at windmills. He is the author of several popular and acclaimed works of dystopian sci-fi, including the WICK series, The Silo Archipelago, and the Amish/Sci-Fi thriller Pennsylvania, as well as many nonfiction works, including the bestseller Surviving Off Off-Grid. Michael was commissioned by through their Kindle Worlds program to write a serial in the World of Kurt Vonnegut. That book is entitled Osage Two Diamonds, and it debuted on Dec. 17, 2013. Michael was recently interviewed in a Me ... read more
Latest book: Texocalypse Now (Digger 1.0)

Follow me on Twitter at  gkrusesafford Geoffrey Kruse-Safford
A happily married, kept-man, writer-in-training, Geoffrey has been a hotel clerk and night auditor, an over-the-road truck driver, a convenience store clerk, among many assorted jobs. His wife, Lisa, is a United Methodist minister. Their daughters, Moriah and Miriam, ensure he doesn't take himself too seriously. Along with Dreyfus, the St. Bernard, Buddy and Casper, the cats, and a guinea pig named Cali, he considers his home life quite normal.
Latest book: Never What It's Supposed To Be

Follow me on Twitter at  avidebooks Jennifer Jane Pope

Follow me on Twitter at  robeccaaustin Robecca Austin
About the Author Robecca Austin is the author of fantasy and romance novels since 2012. Her first e-book, The Chase, a paranormal romance short novel was released in February 2012. She is currently working on Summer Heat, a series of short erotic romance novels released during the steamy season of the year. In the fall of 2014, Blacksmith’s Wife will be released, the first in her passionate historical erotic series Behind the Classes. Robecca also writes non-fiction, including articles, and maintains The Literary Hub. Her articles are penned under G. R. Colorado and have appeared a number of times in Vision: A resource for Writers – published by A Conspiracy of Authors. She lives and works in Canada. ... read more
Latest book: Night of Shadows

Follow me on Twitter at  Smeczes Stuart Meczes
Stuart Meczes was born in South London, but now spends his time between Worcester and Birmingham. Obsessed with writing stories from a very young age, everyday life made him slowly forget about his dream and enter the rat race. He rediscovered his passion during the economic decline of 2008, when he began work on The Awakening in his spare time. There was no going back. He is currently taking a degree in English and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. In addition to the on-going HASEA Chronicles series, he has written a fantasy children’s series; Tommy and the Simbots, which will be released this year. The Awakening is his first novel.
Latest book: Hasea Chronicles Books I & II (The Awakening & The Veil: Corruption)

Follow me on Twitter at  karrijustina Karri Justina Shea
Karri Justina Shea is a writer, teacher, and author of the upcoming novella The Con, a tale of love and wizard rock for YA readers. Her geek cred includes authoring the popular Starship fanfic Learning to Dance, though she is definitely not cool enough to be in a wizard rock band. Karri has travelled the world seeking stories and magic and currently lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada with her soon-to-be family of three. Karri’s first full-length novel, Bent, will be released in 2013.
Latest book: The Con

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesbirdguess James Bird Guess
Homeless after high school and at rock bottom of his life, James Bird Guess discovered a success process called Grinding, in which a person creates success using ambition, vision, strategy and perseverance. Starting with only $1,000, poor credit, and a dream to become a millionaire, James single-handedly built a quarter million dollar enterprise selling products from the trunk of his car. Deciding to pursue his passion more than profit, he founded James Bird Guess International Success Academy, a leadership training and research company that trains thousands of managers and business leaders from organizations across the world, with one goal - to inspire the best performance out of people. From homeless to suc ... read more
Latest book: Lead Like Water: Many Can Manage, Few Can Lead

Follow me on Twitter at  inspire_nf Melissa Robertson
There's no way to pinpoint one way to describe me. I'm a jack of all trades and wouldn't have it any other way! My 1st book may have been for small children (I wanted to do somethine special for my 2 kids) but it definately won't be my only genre! Stay tuned! I've just begun! Who knows where this mind of mine will take me? Pretty scary thought... ;-)
Latest book: Which Me Should I Be?

Follow me on Twitter at  CrissJami Criss Jami
Criss Jami is the author of "Killosophy", "Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality", "Venus in Arms", and "Salomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile". Born in 1987, he is the lead singer of the rock band Venus in Arms based in Washington, D.C. He is also a poet, essayist, existentialist philosopher, and the founder and designer of Killosopher Apparel. He studied philosophy at George Mason University.
Latest book: Killosophy

Follow me on Twitter at  claudejohnson Claude Johnson
Claude Johnson is the founder and C.E.O. of Black Fives, Inc., a vintage sports licensing company which strives to be the world’s leading resource and steward for the research, preservation, education, and promotion of the pre-1950 history of African-American basketball teams, as well as a leading advocate for the proper recognition of its pioneers and their contributions. This is his first book. Johnson was born in Vienna, Austria — his father is African American, from the South Side of Chicago, and his mother was German, from the Römerstadt section of Frankfurt am Main. He also lived in Leopoldville in the Republic of the Congo (now Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo) before moving to the Uni ... read more
Latest book: BLACK FIVES: The Alpha Physical Culture Club's Pioneering African American Basketball Team, 1904-1923

Follow me on Twitter at  blondesadie2012 Sadie York
Sadie York is erotica's hottest new indie author. After working in the adult industry for nine months she soon realised that with her love of writing she could develop her work in exciting new directions. Sadie has been an avid fan of erotica for many years and she is delighted to be part of this fast growing section of literature. In her spare time, she enjoys pole-dancing, meeting friends for coffee and wearing fabulous shoes. Sadie York - Writing erotica to turn you on and get you off

Follow me on Twitter at  evelynrae1 Evelyn Rae
Author of erotic short stories with taboos like medical fetish and cast bondage. [Coworker Crush and Lost Lover are mainstream erotica and not fetishistic]

Follow me on Twitter at  francisbennett2 Francis Bennett
Visit Francis' website at
Latest book: Treading Clams

Follow me on Twitter at  paulwunderlich Paul Andreas Wunderlich
"Paul Andreas Wunderlich" es el nombre de pluma de Pablo Andrés Wunderlich Padilla. Pablo nació en Guatemala en 1984, y desde mozuelo escribe con la vehemencia declarada en sus letras emotivas. Incursionó en la carrera de medicina al saber que aquella combinaría perfectamente a la ciencia y la calidez humana, dos hilos del alma que hilvana en cada una de sus obras. Durante los años intensos del estudio científico, el joven se empeñó en seguir explorando la literatura, ejercicio que busca dominar a diario. La medicina le abrió el portal al alma, y la literatura fue el vórtice que le permitió explorar su afán por el mundo fantástico, místico, paranormal, y su pasión innegable por la literatura. ... read more
Latest book: El Rey Nigromante

Follow me on Twitter at  1wasbornthisway Rich Bateman
Rich Bateman--originally from the south--migrated northeast in his late 20s. First published in Science of Mind magazine in the '90s circa, now featuring his works on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and his newly-formed publishing company Bateman is currently working for his A.S.B. and will graduate in April of 2012 with a 4.0 GPA. He has taught at the college he attends, in addition to one-on-one tutoring sessions with many students, as he was the most-requested tutor. While attending college, Bateman also received his certifications in all three Microsoft Office Suite Products: Word, Excel, & Access--this makes him a certified Microsoft Office Specialist©. Bateman is currently working on ... read more
Latest book: I Was Born This Way--The Comprehensive Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  YurikaAndel Yurika Andel
Yurika is a 24 year old professional writer who has delved into the sexy and subtle world of erotic fiction. Yurika's passion for exploration of hot subjects will leave you satisfied with each word you read.

Follow me on Twitter at  lindsweigel Lindsay Weigel
Lindsay Weigel has kept her sanity and social life by living in her own mind and writing what the voices tell her to. Living in New Hampshire with her family, including the dog, she makes her living cooking, cleaning, care taking, and dog walking (also known as a stay at home mom.)She plans to continue writing even when she returns to the world of working adults. This is her first novel.
Latest book: Reacquainted

Follow me on Twitter at  MariusD214 M.R. Dicomites
M.R. Dicomites lives in the UK where he spends most of his free time writing. As well as his own collections of short stories, his work has appeared in various ezines and anthologies.
Latest book: The Dread: Tales of the Dead and the Dying